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com Work History Nov 06, 2000 - Aug 07, 2009 OFFICE WORK,DELIVERY F W SERVICES INC

Education El Central Jr. College Education Level: 1 year college, technical or vocational school Graduated: No U.S. Army Education Level: High School Diploma/GED Graduated: No Occupational Experience Rehabilitation Counselors ( 24 yrs 0 mos ) Social and Human Service Assistants ( 24 yrs 0 mos ) Couriers and Messengers ( 5 yrs 0 mos ) 1. Calls by telephone to deliver verbal messages.

5 to 9 years

2. Delivers messages and items, such as documents, packages, and food, b etween establishment departments, and to other establishments and private homes. 5 to 9 years 3. Monitors fluid levels and replenishes fuel to maintain delivery vehic le. 5 to 9 years 4. Obtains signature, receipt, or payment from recipient for articles de livered. 5 to 9 years 5. Receives message or materials to be delivered, and information on rec ipient, such as name, address, and telephone number. 5 to 9 years 6. Records information, such as items received and delivered, and recipi ent's replies to message. 5 to 9 years 7. Walks, rides bicycle, drives vehicle, or uses public conveyance to re ach destination to deliver message or materials, in person. 5 to 9 years Production Laborers ( 24 yrs 0 mos ) Production Workers, All Other ( 24 yrs 0 mos ) Driver/Sales Workers ( 5 yrs 0 mos ) 1. Arranges merchandise and sales promotion displays or issues sales pro motion materials to customers. 5 to 9 years 2. Calls on prospective customers to explain company services and to sol icit new business. 5 to 9 years 3. Collects coins from vending machines, refills machine, and removes ag ed merchandise. 5 to 9 years 4. Collects money from customers, makes change, and records transactions on customer receipt. 5 to 9 years 5. Drives truck to deliver such items as food, medical supplies, or news papers. 5 to 9 years 6. Informs regular customers of new products or services and price chang es. 5 to 9 years 7. Listens to and resolves customers' complaints regarding product or se rvices. 5 to 9 years 8. Maintains truck and food-dispensing equipment and cleans inside of ma chines that dispense food or beverages. 5 to 9 years 9. Records sales or deliveries information on daily sales or delivery re cord. 5 to 9 years 10. Reviews list of dealers, customers, or station drops and loads truck


5 to 9 years 11. Sells food specialties, such as sandwiches and beverages, to office workers and patrons of sports events. 5 to 9 years 12. Writes customer order and sales contracts according to company guide lines. 5 to 9 years Truck Drivers, Light or Delivery Services ( 5 yrs 0 mos ) 1. Communicates with base or other vehicles using telephone or radio. 3 to 4 years 2. Drives truck, van or automobile with capacity under 3 tons to transpo rt materials, products, or people. 5 to 9 years 3. Inspects and maintains vehicle equipment and supplies. 3 to 4 y ears 4. Loads and unloads truck, van, or automobile. 5 to 9 years 5. Maintains records such as vehicle log, record of cargo, or billing st atements in accordance with regulations. 5 to 9 years 6. Presents billing invoice and collects receipt or payment. 1 to 2 y ears Transportation Workers, All Other ( 5 yrs 0 mos ) Computer Skills EMail Software (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) Peripheral Devices (Scanners, Printers, etc) Personal Computers Language Skills English - Excellent ( Read Write Speak ) Additional Skills Drive a truck or van with a capacity of under 26,000 GVW, primarily to d eliver or pick up merchandise or to deliver packages within a specified area. Ma y require use of automatic routing or location software. May load and unload tru ck. Driver's License Class C - Standard Driver's License Texas Endorsement - P - Passenger