Edward meets his Parents.

Chapter 1. New school brawl. Edward p.o.v

My life is so perfect. I got my family and my wife and daughter. Nothing can get sweeter than this. "Daddy I am off for school. Love you. Bye!" Nessie said to me and gave me a hug. I hugged back and she was gone. Time for me to get to school. I went outside to see Bella and the rest waiting for me. "Ready Eddie?" Emmett joked. I was going to hit him but I am in such a good mood I just smiled. I gave Bella a long kiss and then we all got into our cars and drove of to the school. We are new kids here so I knew there are going to be many stares. We just came from Denali, Alaska. Now we live in Forks, Washington. As soon as we got out of our cars everyone stared.

Who are they? The blonde is hot! The dark brown haired girl beautiful. I am so going to own her! The bronze one is hot hot HOT!! I tried to ignore them and it worked. I had homeroom class with Emmett. Great he is going to make this class a living hell. I just know it. We walked in and sat at a one seat desk which is fine with me. I don't have to sit with anyone. Everyone who walked in stared at us and then took their seats. "Hello class I am Mrs.Jones. Why don't we introduce our selves. When I point to a person that person with say their name and one person they love the most."She finished. After a couple people she pointed to this one guy. "Hello I am Mike Newton and I love my mom." He sat back down. One girl whos name was was Jessica Stanley was totally drooling over him. I rolled my eyes. Mrs.Jones pointed at Emmett. He stood up. "YO! I am Emmet Cullen, the fun Cullen. I love my girl Rosie" He stated proudly. I chuckled and he smirked at me.

Then she pointed at me. I stood up. "Hello everyone. I am Edward Cullen. I love my sweet girlfriend Isabella." I said sweetly and sat back down. "So we have two Cullens do we?"the teacher asked. "No, you have a whole family a Cullens." He boomed. I shot a death glare right at Emmett. "Oh come on Eddie! Loosen up!" He whined. "Excuse me for my brothers behavior. Emmett what did Carlisle say? I believe he said if you act up on your first day and I know you know the rest." I reminded him. He snorted. "Please! Like Carlisle would do that to me." He said. "Maybe he won't but would you like me to chase you with a chainsaw again?" He said calmly. His eyes widen. "Sorry for acting a fool" He said quickly. "Wait you chased your brother with a chainsaw?" Mike said in a schoked voice. I nodded and smirked." Its was so awful. Just because me and Rosalie had some fun in the back of his Volvo. He got the nerves to chase me." Emmett whined. The bell rang after 30 minutes. Time for lunch. I heard some people talking so I

listen in. I heard Mike newtons voice. "I am going to ask the dark haired hottie out!." He exclaimed. I snarled too low for humans to hear. " Oh thats Bella swan" One guy said. "I know who her boyfriend is. Boy is he going down. There is noway these new boys are going to take over the school. That girl will be mine" He stated. I have to make myself known" I would love to see you try" But that was not me. It was Alice!! "Whats it to you shorty"Mike said sternly. "Don't talk to my sister like that you idoit" I snarled. No one talks to Alice or anyone in my family like that." And just try to take Bella. I would love to see it. I want to you try and fail." Rosalie chimed in and came out Jasper and Emmett. "Oh so we have the cullen family?" Mike said. "No your missing one." Came out Bella. We all stood there. "Hey beutiful ready for our date tonight?" Mike asked so sure she would say yes. She eyed him and then she burst out laughing. "Like I

would date you. 1 have a boyfriend. 2. I would rather burn in hell than even touch you. And 3. I am taller than you!" He laughed and we all joined in. "Dude you are so whipped! A girl out talked you!" Emmett boomed. " Well your so ugly you look out the window and got arrested for 3rd degree murder." He said. Bella stepped in. "Yo mama so fat she lay on the beach and people run around yelling Free Willy" Bella yelled. Mike had a tear coming down and he ran crying and into the lunch room. We all walked into the lunchroom and saw alot of people glaring at us. Emmett got mad. "Why are all you glaring at us?" He demanded. "Because you msde Mike upset" Jessica. Bella stepped up to her. "Maybe if he wasn't such a jackass then we wouldn't have botherd." Bella snapped. Then she did something that had the whole family growling and snarling. She slapped Bella in her face. It didnt hurt but bella faked hit. Rosalie was furious. She

stepped up to Jessica and yanked her hair. "Don't you ever put your hand on a family member of mine you little bitch!" Rosalie yelled. Then a guy got up to hit Rosalie but I got in his way." What do your doing? You would hit a girl." I growled. I grabbed his arm and he winced. " Let go of me you pale freak!" He whimpered. I laughed. "Like I would let you go when your about to hit girl. Have your mother teach you some manners." I laughed. But I let go and he ran. Some people got up in our faces. Clearly wanting to start a fight. We all laughed. "You do know you will get hurt" Alice chimed in. "How about you freaks go back where you came from!" Some one shouted at us. "How about you make us." Emmett boomed. "Children Stop!" I heard Esme cry. Then her and Carlise walked in. Carlisle looked mad but he was proud of us for standing up for one another. "What is going on here? Edward cullen front and center" Carlisle decides to pick on me

first. " Well I heard this guy named Mike talking about trying to take Bella away from me. So family and I made ourselves known" I finished. He motioned for me to go back to the rest of the family. " Since you made a fool of this family. You are all grounded. That means you have to go shopping with Alice for 3 weeks" He stated. Em, Jazz, Bells and I dropped to our knees. "Please Carlisle! Have mercy on us! She is evil." Emmett yelled and made a X with his fingers. Alice was jumping up and down. "Hold it Alice. They go shopping but you don't buy one thing. You do what they want. But Alice gets to choose where you guys go. Agreed?" Carlisle said. We all nodded. "Stupid docter" Emmett muttered. "I heard that Em. That makes a month for you and no video games." Carlisle smirked. Emmett groaned. "Now you will say sorry to all of the students. Now" Esme said.

Chapter 2. Apology and broken nose

We turned to everyone. I stepped. " I am

sorry for acting like an idiot" I stepped back. The rest of the family went. We were about to walk away when some one said something. " Dr. Cullen can you take some parenting classes because I mean you don't know how to parent and by the way your idiot children act we can see they are mentally challenged" Jessica said. Carlisle turned and he was out raged. Esme got in her face. "Don't you talk about my family like that" Esme snarled. " Get out of way you whore" And then she pushed Esme down. Alice was pissed off. She went up and socked the bitch in her face. "Don't you ever push my mother again" Alice growled. Thats when everything got out of hand and a lot of people ended up in the nurses room. None of us did. Then we got suspended. "I can't believe this" The principle yelled. "You hurt 30 students" She kept yelling. "Serves them right" Rosalie muttered. "Shup up" She yelled at Rose. "You shup up" This time it was Carlisle. "My children

stand up for on another! Your students just started to mess with them ever since they stepped in the school. Planning to break them apart. If anyone needs therapy its you. You can't seem to run the school. So why the hell are you hear when they don't even listen to you? Chilren come on" Carlisle thundered and we left. " Your all off punishment. How dare they talk about my family" He muttered. We all smirked at the staring and scare students. We got home and thats when the peace started.

Chapter 3. The meet.

We all got home and went back to doing what we always do. Nessie wasn't do home until another 4 hours. I was with my Bella. She pressed her lips to mine thats when things got wild. She tore my shirt off right when I got hers off. Then Emmett walked in. "Take it off! Take it off" He joked. We glared him. "What do you want?" I growled. " I just wanted to tell you that

Tanya is here jeez" He said. Bella and I groaned and got dresses. We went down stairs. Tanya was wearing booty shorts, a tank top and heels. It had know affect on me. She came and gave me a hug. " Edward! I missed you" She said. I said nothing. She glared at Bella and I hissed. Bella and I went back up stairs and started where we left off. We heard a knock. "What?!" I growled. "Edward its Tanya" She said seductive voice. Bella got her clothes on and she opened the door and went down stairs to tell Alice somthing. I glared at Tanya. "Oh stop! You know you love me more than that skank!" She yelled. I growled. " I will never love you the way I love bella. Will you grasp that. I have no interest in you. Get that through your head already"I growled. I walked past her and wnet down stairs. I heard tanya running. " Don't you walk away from me! And don't you ever talk to me like that" She yelled

Bella got in Tanya's face. " Why can't you leave him alone? You are that jelouse of me that you have to constantly show up here looking like a slut? Will you just leave him alone. He doesn't love you that way!" Bella screamed. Then a fight started. Bella won. Tanya finally left. Then there was a knock at the door. I went to open it. "Hi we are looking for Edward cullen" the woman said. "I am Edward cullen. How may I help you?" I said sweetly. "Edward. Its us your mom and dad." The man said. I was frozen. To Be Conetinued

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