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(Ex 23: 13, Ps 16:4)
The Ankh is eternal life, the Origin Testament

Teachable Moment –People’s Righteous Kill Defense (PRKD) is the solution for American Holocaust Perpetrators. No Redress and Sovereign Immunity is UNACCEPTABLE. Citizen’s Rule Book. Sleepers begin to wake up. When Martin Luther King Jr. was not dreaming. He was blowing the whistle “my injustice today is your injustice tomorrow.” Unfornatunely his belief in G O D (Governing Oppressive Device) left not only his children, but also other no grows delusional and deceived. Those who haven’t, make the change. Message for the Conscious. The Children of Generation Y (YHVH). Genesis 4:9 YHVH (You Have Victory Hallelujah!) NOTE (Not Of This Earth). UnitY Tetragrammaton On February 4, 2010, YHVH’s Messenger (YM), the National Whistleblower Allen Carlton petitioner in United States Supreme Court case 99-565 & supplement The case filed under the Federal Torture Victims Protection Act, which provides evidence that employees of the Corporation (United States Government) and employees of its subsidiaries (Congressional, State, Federal and local agencies) are using Collusion. The Collusion is responsible for the American Holocaust (Terrorism involving extortion, murder, abuse of power and obstruction of justice) for personal gain. YHVH’s Messager, a product of University High School Newark, New Jersey. Where the youth can be found wearing T –shirts that say “STOP KILLING PEOPLE”. YHVH’s Messenger (YM) residing in racist Texas received a check for $17,523.00 from Social Security for Insurance. To YM the $17,523.00 does not even come close to the domestic terrorism damages of the American Holocaust. How many people are being terrorized to death by being denied justice by the Corporation (United States Government); or one of its subsidiaries (Congressional, State, Federal and local agencies). Being denied life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, in the refusal of some type of employee benefit, entitlement i.e. food stamps, veteran’s award, social security etc. in order to reach the National Goal set in Executive Order 12871 (reduce government (we the people) and government spending).

Terrorism to help the federal, state or municipal deficit. Placing economics over justice is Terrorism. Terrorism begets terrorism. This is systematic, bureaucratic, government sponsored persecution and genocide. The American Holocaust. In May of 2009, YM wrote both Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and Commissioner of Social Security Commissioner Michael J. Astrue a certified letter, under Title 18 section 4, complaining about Ms. Butler (Holocaust Perpetrator), and the continual terror it was causing the Carlton family, which included evidence of the American (Postal) Holocaust and a copy of the Jerry Springer Show Violence at the Post Office. Under the Federal Whistleblower Act or the Federal Torture Victims Protection Act YM still received extreme reprisal terrorism. YHVH sends Vanguard Johnny Lee Wicks and Joseph Stack to seek redress against other American Holocaust Perpetrator. Smoking gun or plane victims are not the blame. On January 26, 2010, YM went to the Social Security Administration (SSA) Office in Cleburne, racist Texas and again complained about the torture and the American Holocaust. Mr. Miller a SSA employee told YM he needed to fill out a form to release his medical records. The SSA is suppose to have YM’s file which includes not only medical, but in YM’s case legal. YM’s has in his file a release letter stating that if anyone wants a copy of his medical or legal they have his permission, you see he’s a whistleblower, it’s a holocaust, and it’s all a Nexus. Ms. Butler (American Holocaust Perpetrator) at the Cleburne, racist Texas Office had been handling YM’s case and was made aware of the criminal activity of the United State Postal Service. The criminal activity involving Collusion responsible for murder. Evidence on the United States Postal Service (USPS), Office of Inspector General (USPS –OIG), Fort Worth Postal Credit Union, USPS Human Resource Group, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), American Postal Worker’s Union (APWU), US Office of Worker’s Compensation Program (OWCP), US Merit System Protection Board (MSPB), National Labor Relation Board (NLRB), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) etc. No one is innocent, everyone is a victim when perpetrators in positions entrusted with enforcing the laws of the United States Constitution abuse power and obstruct justice for personal gain the result is the American Hellacaust (Domestic Terrorism). The Reason is Treason. T – (Toubob or Tea) Party. Who dat? Dat isn’t Al Qaida! Jesus / Justice wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.

CooN by YA (YHVH) Allen Carlton National Whistleblower – Revelation receiver of the Peoples Righteous Kill Defense (PRKD) Peoples Army

A copy of this letter has been sent to list below Mrs. Joseph Stack 7499 Chevy Chase Dr Austin,Texas 78752 The National Museum of African American History and Culture PO Box 37012, MRC 509, Washington, DC 20013-7012 United States Department of Justice - Marshals Service US Marshals Service Office of Public Affairs Washington, DC 20530 SSA – Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services Disability Determination Services Austin Texas S49 TX DDS Austin PO Box 9022 MT. Vernon, IL 62864-0122 US POSTAL SERVICE OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL HOTLINE 1735 N LYNN ST 10TH FL ARLINGTON VA 22209-2020