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Accomplished, assertive executive offering solid history of negotiating and mediating complex, high profile claims. Career marked by consistently achieving high settlements and closings ratio, saving millions of dollars through billing deductions and settlements, and retaining major client accounts. Recognized as self-directed, effective, and efficient leader with exemplary work ethic and proven ability to settle highly complex, difficult cases. Optimistic, personable manager skilled in facilitating best practices training and developing staff to meet corporate objectives and individual career goals. Experienced in zoning, bodily injury, insurance, title search, home inspection, appraiser, employment, architecture, engineers and construction claims. Areas of expertise include:
 Account Management  Structured  Employment / EEOC Claims  Claims Handling Best  Negotiations &

 Executive Presentations  Litigation Management

 Team Leadership

 Management & Staff

Training PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Professional Indemnity Agency; Mount Kisco, New York CLAIMS ASSOCIATE- Professional Liability 01/10 (Temp Assignment) 10/09-

Appointed to manage high and low exposure claims while Senior Claims Attorney and Claims Attorney were out on maternity leave. Managed litigated files and claim files; supervised defense counsel, reviewed counsel billings, retrieved deductible payments, negotiated competitive rates with non-panel firm and investigated coverage, liability, and damage for Architectural, Engineers, Title Insurance and Agricultural Claims. Key Achievements  Successfully obtained contribution from General Liability Insurance Carriers;  Successfully obtained contribution from Insureds for uncovered exposure;  Identified high exposure cases and presented to management the pros and cons of the case on hand;  Provided management recommendation on claims handling procedure in relation to billing and best practices;  Provided high cost to management on files;  Identified problem files and proposed resolution to management to resolve the claims through best practices;  Proposed the use of leakage when auditing files to identify loss opportunity to settle cases on files; Navigators Management Company; Rye Brook, New York Continued on Page 2

Lisa Porcaro Professional Experience Continued… CLAIMS SPECIALIST

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Appointed to manage high exposure complex excess claims through law firms and analyzed defense counsel’s reports and expert reports and determined cost-effective case resolution strategies. Assisted in formatting letters and developing procedures in regard to deductible recoveries. Analyzed coverage on high exposure cases (in excess of $1M). Analyzed exposure of litigated and non-litigated cases for property damage, bodily injury, and construction defect claims under commercial general liability policies. Submitted tenders on behalf of the Insured to various insurance carriers. Key Achievements  Maintained success in having other insurance carriers pick up our tenders.  Maintained highest closing ratio throughout entire department.  Retrieved outstanding deductible payments.  Assisted management in providing claim training procedures for incoming assistant;  Assisted management in providing deductible retrieval procedures;  Reviewed TPA’s claim file to ensure defense counsel and the TPA has complied with Company procedure;  Reviewed documentation provided by TPA and proposed cost benefit analysis of resolving claims;  Made recommendation to management on the use of specific firms and implementing a procedure in the Guidelines that require the Law Firm to obtain other insurance information early on; American International Group; New York, NY 1995 – 2008 CLAIMS ANALYST – Construction Defect (2006 - 2008) Appointed to manage highly complex claims through non-panel law firm management, expert report review, and determination of cost-effective case resolution strategies. Attended mediations for complex claims issues. Key Achievements:  Presented AIG claims handling and reporting procedures, as well as insurance policy coverage during five-day client meeting in Arizona, Colorado, and California.  Defused client issues, retained business, and single-handedly managed major account that previously required three claims analysts to manage.  Maintained highest closing ratio throughout entire department. CLAIMS ANALYST – PPL Department (2004 – 2006) Selected to manage mainstream, highly complex claims for Product Professional Liability. Managed claim files litigation encompassing coverage and defense counsel supervision, counsel billing review, and coverage, liability, and damages investigations. Facilitated new analyst training and professional development. Key Achievements:  Deducted $250K from $500K invoice through identification of defense counsel’s noncompliance with AIG billing policy and procedures.  Deposed as one of star witnesses in coverage action filed against AIG.  Achieved company’s highest ratio of settlements and closings.

Lisa Porcaro

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Professional Experience Continued…  Effectuated early resolution and settlement through structured settlement and mediations. CLAIMS ANALYST – MPL Department (2002 – 2004) Promoted to manage mainstream, complex, and high profile claims. Managed claim files litigation, supervised coverage and defense counsel, reviewed counsel billings, and investigated coverage, liability, and damage for each claim. Assisted in coverage evaluations, departmental procedures, and incoming analyst training. Key Achievements:  Saved company $6M through settlements and bill deductions.  Managed litigation for high profile case pending hearing before Supreme Court on First Amendment issue.  Settled $142K wage claim through use of structure settlement.  Obtained contribution from city for uncovered exposure by attending multiple City Council meetings.  Contributed to training and development of Analyst 1 in mediation by providing colleague with opportunity to observe mediation and skills required to actively participate in dispute negotiations.  Effectuated early resolution of multiple out-of-state claims through mediation, structured settlements, and life insurance.  Reviewed TPA’s claim file to ensure defense counsel and the TPA has complied with Company procedure;  Reviewed documentation provided by TPA and proposed cost benefit analysis of resolving claims;  Obtained 99% compliance from the CFR team on the majority of my cases; CLAIMS ANALYST – MPL Department (2000 – 2002) Promoted to manage mainstream litigated claims, as well as actual litigation including supervision of coverage and defense counsel. Investigated coverage, liability, and damages; initiated negotiations and cost-effective resolution strategies. Key Achievements:  Resolved multiple out-of-state claims in New Jersey, Florida, Nevada, Kentucky, California, and Washington through active and effective participation in mediations.  Ensured cost-effective legal representation by reviewing counsel billings.  Proposed and implemented structured settlement to settle cases.  Saved over $1M through successful settlements and bill deductions.  Recovered $250K from insured by investigating coverage, liability, and damages, and negotiating settlement.  Obtained 99% compliance from the CFR team on the majority of my cases; CLAIMS ANALYST – MPL Department (1998 – 2000) Promoted to manage high volume, low severity, fast-track, non-litigated and litigated claims. Interfaced with underwriting personnel, broker community, and insureds to investigate coverage, policy review, and issuance of position letters. Assisted Claims Director with complex claims and account issues. Key Achievements:  Settled $500K+ ADA claim for $175K by successfully proposing structure settlement as one of few Analyst 1’s in company allowed to participate in out-ofstate mediation.  Delivered $1M back to company via settlements and bill deductions.

Lisa Porcaro

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Professional Experience Continued…  Played instrumental role in renewing account with City of Gainesville by identifying and communicating counsel’s failure to comply with AIG billing policy and procedures. Retained account for next eight years.  Obtained 99% compliance from the CFR team on the majority of my cases;  Reviewed TPA’s claim file to ensure defense counsel and the TPA has complied with Company procedure;  Reviewed documentation provided by the TPA and proposed cost benefit analysis of resolving claims; PARALEGAL – ENVIRONMENTAL CLAIMS (1995 – 1998) Partnered with supervisors and claims analysts to retrieve policies, process bills, and organize files and accounts. Audited department billing and facilitated billing training for new analysts. Key Achievement:  Saved company $1.5M in legal costs by auditing and identifying over-billing by defense counsel. EDUCATION John Jay College of Criminal Justice – City University of New York Bachelor of Arts, Concentration in Sociology, 1995 LICENSURE P&C Insurance Licenses: New York, Florida, Connecticut, Delaware, Mississippi, Kentucky, Idaho, Texas, Vermont, Oklahoma, Utah, West Virginia and New Hampshire. SELECTED SEMINARS The Art of Negotiation… Ethics… Laws and Regulations for Adjusters… Controversial Claims Analysis… Current Trends in Insurance… Consumer Protection in Claims Adjusting… Supreme Court Update… Structured Settlements: The Defense Perspective… Mediation of Insurance Issues and Ethical Consideration… Full List Available Upon Request