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Request for Proposal

Human Resources Information Management System

June 24, 2015

8 3.4 4. Communication After Issuance of RFP RFP Schedule When and Where to Submit a Proposal Withdrawal or Amendment of Proposal Proposal Irrevocable Addenda Clarification and Verification of Proposal Vendor Inquiries Conflict of Interest Type and Term of Contract for Services RFP TERMS AND CONDITIONS 4.2 3.2 4.1 4.6 3. Description of Services Description of Product Support for Services Reservation of Rights of the Centre Costs Confidentiality Governing Law Requirements for Completion EVALUATION OF PROPOSALS 5.1 3. INTRODUCTION 2. PROPOSAL SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 3.3 3.4 3.3 3.2 2.5 3.5 5.9 3. PRODUCT and SERVICES 2.2 RFP Evaluation Process Selection of Vendor SCHEDULE A SCHEDULE B SCHEDULE C SCHEDULE D - CHC MODEL OF CARE CONFLICT OF INTEREST FORM CHC DATA HRIS SOLUTION REQUIREMENTS .3 4.TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.10 4.1 5.1 2.7 3.

to name just a few. and Children and Family (including an Early Years Centre. partner agencies.and part-time staff located throughout the region. community centres. Background We are a community health centre in the west end of Ottawa. Technical support d. however. employment services and youth programming). Provide all the necessary consulting services required for the implementation of the solution. Mental Health (including an Assertive Community Treatment Team and housing support programs). and specialized preschool programming). offered throughout the Champlain LHIN region with some offered in community settings. hospitals. . PRODUCT AND SERVICES 2. We have two main sites: our main site on Richmond Road in Ottawa and a satellite location in Barrhaven. Programs and services are. Product installation c. We are a funder driven organization and offer a diverse list of programs and services in the areas of Primary Health Care (including medical clinics. and seniors outreach services and seniors falls prevention). We have a staff complement of close to 250 full. health promotion.1 Description of Services The primary responsibility of the selected Vendor will be to supply and implement a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for the Centre. Community Health (including community houses. 4.1. This includes but is not limited to: a. schools. 3. 2. The selected Vendor will be required to: 1. INTRODUCTION Invitation Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre (the ‘Centre’) is inviting Vendors to submit a proposal to supply and implement a Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Create a road map detailing implementation. On-going support 2. Product training b. Propose additional industry best practices and options relevant to project. Provide detailed pricing information.

ON K2B 6R7 E-mail: d. HR and Administration Manager 1365 Richmond Office: (613) 820-4922 (ext. PROPOSAL SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 3. Please note that it is inappropriate for the Vendor to engage in any entertaining of any staff member connected with this RFP. or to demonstrate or justify the Vendor’s services or relay other benefits of doing business with PQCHC. Administrative support to set up a one day meeting with the advisory committee 3.johnston@pqchc.3 Support for Services The selected Vendor will have the support of the Centre in the following manner: 1. Event Date RFP Release Final Date for RFP Inquiries RFP Closing Date Vendor Interviews (approximate) Selection Completed (approximate) June 24. Meet or exceed product requirements as indicated in Schedule D (see Schedule D for details). Provide an HRIS solution that meets the varied needs of the Centre. RFP Process. 3. 3314) Facsimile: (613) 288-3407 Vendors are prohibited from contacting any staff to obtain any information pertaining to this RFP. Assigned Centre lead for the project and additional implementation 2. . It is inappropriate for the Vendor to initiate contact with any member of the RFP Evaluation Committee or any other staff unless specifically requested to do so by the Client Representative. 2015 August/September 2015 August/September 2015 The RFP schedule is tentative and may be changed by PQCHC at its sole discretion. 2015 July 3. Any Vendor who fails to comply with this requirement will be disqualified from the bidding process. Ottawa.2 RFP Schedule The following is a summary of the key dates in the RFP process.2. Centre support with any proposed surveys or information gathering 3. 2.2 Description of Product The selected Vendor will be required to: 1. 2015 July 13.1 Communication After Issuance of RFP The Client Representative is: Debbie Johnston. 2. Identification of an advisory committee 4.

The deadline for inquiries is July 3. The subject line of the email must be clearly noted ‘Proposal for PQCHC HRIS’. proposals will be irrevocable by the Vendor and will remain in effect and open for acceptance by the Centre until July 10.6 Addenda The issuance of addenda will be the only method recognized for revisions to the RFP document.7 Clarification and Verification of Proposal The Centre reserves the right to seek clarification and supplementary information from Vendors after the bid submission deadline. officers. form an integral part of that Vendor’s submission. The response received by the Centre from a Vendor shall. employees and/or clients must disclose such relationship(s). the statement or claim appears unwarranted or not credible.3. Each Vendor will sign and return an original copy of the Conflict of Interest Form attached as Schedule B. . Late proposals will not be accepted and will be and shall not be copied to any other party. if accepted by the Centre.9 Conflict of Interest Any Vendor(s) who has a current or may have had a previous relationship with the Centre or their directors. 2015 (the ‘RFP Closing Date’). The Centre will return a proposal that has been withdrawn. 2015. if in the judgement of the Centre. 3. 3.johnston@pqchc. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to ensure that proposals are submitted on or before the RFP Closing Date. The Centre will issue a summary of questions and answers to all prospective Vendors. agents.5 Proposal Irrevocable Subject to the Vendor’s right to withdraw a proposal prior to the RFP Closing Date. Eastern Standard Time on July 13. The Centre reserves the right to verify any Vendor statement or claim by whatever means the Centre deems appropriate and may reject any Vendor statement or claim.m. 3. The Centre will make its best effort to issue addenda within a reasonable period of time. 3. 3. In order to preserve the integrity of the bid process.8 Vendor Inquiries All inquiries regarding this RFP should be directed via email to the Client Representative.4 Withdrawal or Amendment of Proposal A Vendor may withdraw or amend its proposal any time prior to the RFP Closing Date by written notice to the Client Representative at the email noted in section 3. proposals must be received via email by 4:00 p. Vendors that submit inquiries will not be identified in communication with prospective Vendors.3 When and Where to Submit a Proposal To be eligible for consideration.3. 2015. 3. electronic proposals are to be submitted only to the attention of the Client Representative at d.

Accept or reject a proposal if only one proposal is submitted. h. Any reference to RFP in this document will mean this RFP and all addenda. j. Cancel this RFP and issue a new RFP for the same or similar services. Disqualify a Vendor whose proposal contains misrepresentations or any other inaccurate or misleading information. or changes that may be deemed necessary by the Centre. d. b. and Reject any or all proposals in the absolute discretion of the Centre. 3. f. Further.10 Type and Term of Contract for Services The selected Vendor will be required to enter into an Agreement with the Centre. 4. or negotiate with any Vendor any new requirements or terms. Accept a Vendor’s Proposal as is. Waive irregularities in any Vendor’s proposal.2 Costs The Centre assumes no responsibility for any Vendor costs associated with the preparation and presentation of its proposal. l. k. The total duration of the implementation is not to exceed 6 months from the contract signing date. RFP TERMS & CONDITIONS 4. e. Discuss with any Vendor different or additional terms to those contemplated in this RFP or in any Vendor’s proposal. Cancel this RFP process at any stage. i. determines that the Vendor made a misrepresentation regarding any of the above. shall have the right to rescind any contract awarded to a Vendor if the Centre. . Check references other than those provided by a Vendor. 4. if any. Disqualify a Vendor or the proposal of a Vendor who has engaged in conduct prohibited by this RFP.The proposal of any Vendor may be disqualified where that Vendor fails to provide confirmation of the foregoing or makes misrepresentations regarding any of the above. without liability. in its sole discretion.1 Reservation of Rights of the Centre In addition to any other express rights or any other rights which may be implied in the circumstances. Any amendment or supplement to this RFP will be communicated to interested parties in the same manner in which this RFP was issued. the Centre. Waive formalities and accept proposals that substantially comply with the requirements of this RFP. g. amendments or supplements. c. Select any Vendor other than the Vendor whose proposal reflects the lowest pricing. in addition to any other remedies it may have in law or in equity. the Centre may at any time prior to or after the RFP Closing Date: a. cost or penalty to the Centre.

Any other relevant name under which the Vendor’s organization carries on business. The name and title of a primary contact for all questions and clarifications arising from the RFP. All material and information distributed will remain the property of the Centre to be used at their discretion. All candidates electing not to submit a proposal will dispose of any and all confidential information within in a responsible manner. e-mail. The full legal name of the Vendor’s organization.5. and g. e. the Vendor’s proposal.5 Requirements for Completion 4. The proposed start date for performing the services for the Centre which would not exceed a period of 6 months for implementation. The address. understood and agreed to in their entirety and confirming that the information provided in the proposal is accurate. and every document that will be required to be executed by the parties pursuant to the RFP will be governed by the laws of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein. 4. b.1 Mandatory Requirements The Vendor must deliver one (1) signed electronic copy of the proposal in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format to the Client Representative. The address. and f. website and facsimile numbers for the Vendors’ organization. telephone. and is to be used for the sole purpose of completing submissions and are to be used for no other purpose unless prior written consent has been provided by the Centre.4.4 Governing Law The RFP. The letter must also be signed by an authorized representative from the Vendor’s organization and include a clear statement noting that the individual signing the proposal has the authority to bind the Vendor’s organization. c. d. telephone and facsimile number for the primary contact. A Cover Letter: An introduction to the Vendor’s organization and a clear statement that the Terms and Conditions of this RFP have been read. including: a. 2. The name(s) and title(s) of the proposed individual(s) who will be performing the services for the Centre. without reference to their respective conflict of laws principles. including clear reference of the lead Vendor. The following is a list of items to be included in the proposal: 1. Organization Profile: A description of the business and contact details of the Vendor’s organization. . 4.3 Confidentiality All information distributed in connection with this RFP is confidential.

5. iv.5 (3). ii. Implementation Plan: Describe how the Vendor plans to perform and complete the requested services. organization. 5. 8. 2. Demonstrated experience working with an advisory committee. telephone number and e-mail for each reference. Extensive Knowledge/Experience with community health centres and/or similar organizations (i. References should be from clients that are currently using the proposed solution and have used the services of the vendor to meet their HRIS needs.e. actions. Implementation cost (including installation. healthcare. 4. Submission Length: should not exceed 30 pages in length using 11 font. Software cost (including upgrades and updates). Below is the recommended number of pages for each section: . not-for-profit.3. Pricing information should include but is not limited to the following: i. Other costs – vendor should indicate any other costs required to meet project requirements. etc. resources). Provide the name. Support cost (help desk and/or any other related cost. Knowledge/Experience Profile: Demonstrate the Vendor’s ability to deliver the relevant skills and experience by responding to a defined set of criteria for the provision of services required by the Centre (see section 4. 3. Pricing Information: Identify hourly rates for each proposed Vendor resource and a total cost for the delivery of services outlined in the Implementation Plans.e. 4. 4. References: Identify three (3) client references. Vendor Résumé: Submit a résumé(s) for the resource(s) proposed by the Vendor proposed for the delivery of services to the Centre.5. Provide an implementation plan with respect to the requested services (i. Extensive experience in providing Human Resources Information Systems solutions to small and medium size organizations . iii. support.3 Knowledge/Experience Profile As set out in section 4. each proposal will demonstrate their knowledge and/or experience to support the services required by the Centre by providing a response to each of the following: 1. training and project management services). 9. Arial. training. approaches. 7.3). single space and letter size. time frames.). 6. title. Conflict of Interest Form: Complete and attach the Conflict of Interest Form included in Schedule B for each proposed Vendor resource.2 Product requirements Vendors must indicate clearly how the proposed solution meets the requirements listed in Schedule D.5.

Vendors should meet all the ‘Critical’ elements of the requirements at a minimum. Vendor résumé.Mandatory Requirements.3.3 (2) Experience in providing this type of solution 2 pages (5) Implementation plan 1-2 pages 4. based on the evaluation criteria stated in section 4.5.1 (6) Conflict of interest form 1 page (See Schedule B) 4.5.1 (4) Vendor Resume No more than 3 resumes (2 pages in length maximum per resume) Stage 4 consists of evaluating an oral presentation and a demonstration of the proposal by short listed Vendors and responding to questions by the evaluation team. A proposal must meet the requirements of each applicable stage in order to proceed to the next stage.1 (2) Organizational Profile 1 page 4.3 (1) Experience with sector 1 page 4. EVALUATION OF PROPOSALS 5.3 (3) Experience working with Advisory Committee 5. Stage 1 consists of validating that all proposal requirements are included and complete according to section 4.1 (7) References 1-2 pages for three references 4.1 RFP Evaluation Process 1 page The evaluation of the proposals will be conducted by the Centre in six (6) stages.MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS 4. and implementation plan. Stage 3 consists of evaluating the following components of the proposal: knowledge/experience profile.5. .1 (3) Knowledge experience profile 2-3 pages 4. Stage 2 consists of evaluating that the product meets requirements indicated in Schedule D.5.1 (8) Pricing 1 pages for all CHC’s PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS 10-15 pages KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE PROFILE 4.1 (1) Cover letter 1 page .

 Overall value for services. primary care and community health issues and drivers.2.Critical/Must Have . but not be limited to.  Experience implementing HRIS solutions  Proven track record of providing training and support services post implementation  Alignment of business philosophy with the Centre and community health objectives  Strong analytical skills and ability to take complex topics in a changing environment  Proven ability to work with an advisory committee. experience and outcomes listed below: Clear understanding of Community Health Centres.Knowledge/Experience Profile . The points allocated to each stage of the evaluation process are as follows: Stage Evaluation Process Points Minimum Score 1 2 Mandatory Requirements Product Requirement . Stage 6 consists of verifying reference information for the selected Vendor.Should Have . a number of criteria. Final selection of a Vendor may be based on.Nice to Have Service Requirements .2 Selection of Vendor 5.Vendor résumé .  Professionalism. Three (3) eligible Vendors with the highest combined score in Stage 2 and 3 will be invited to participate in Stage 4. Eligible Vendors must achieve a score higher than the minimum score in each stage to participate in the next stage.Stage 5 consists of evaluating pricing information according to the evaluation criteria set out on the next page. 5. This number may vary in case of a tie score between Vendors.  Service availability. and.1 Evaluation Criteria PQCHC will make the award to the successful Vendor. . More points will be given to proposals that demonstrate the knowledge.Implementation plan Interview Demonstration Pricing Information Reference Verification Pass/Fail 25 points 17 5 3 15 points 5 2 8 20 points 25 points 15 points Pass/Fail Pass 18 points 3 4 5 6 7 10 points 15 points 20 points 10 points Pass Each stage is evaluated separately and in sequential order.

Notice of selection to the Vendor will be in writing. Points will be provided to the eligible Vendor based on the formula set out identified below: ‘Lowest Cost’ ÷ ‘Proposed Total Fee’ x 20 = Points Awarded For example if.000. The score is based on the proximity of the proposed total fee for the delivery of the Implementation Plan (Proposed Total Fee) to the lowest proposed fee for all eligible Vendors (Lowest Cost). the other Vendors will be notified by the Centre in writing of the award of the contract to the successful Vendor.2.5. . in its sole and absolute discretion and without incurring any liability. the Vendor would receive 16 points out of 20 for pricing information (4000 ÷ 5000 x 20). rescind the selection of that Vendor.5 Notification to Other Vendors Once an Agreement is executed by the successful Vendor.3 Contract Award The Centre will make the award to the successful Vendor that can provide the relevant solution.2.4 Failure to Enter into Agreement If a selected Vendor fails to execute the Agreement within a period of 30 days of notice of selection. if the total fee proposed is $5. 5. 5. the Centre may. The successful Vendor will be invited to enter into an Agreement with the Centre.2.000 and the Lowest Cost is $4.2. Numbers used in examples are for illustration purposes only.2 Pricing Information Stage 5 – Pricing Information is eligible for a maximum of 20 points out of a total possible score of 100 points for each proposal. The selected Vendor’s entire proposal will be evaluated on the basis of the response to all information requested in this RFP. 5.

counsellors. ableism and other harmful forms of social exclusion including issues such as complex mental health that can lead to an increased burden or risk of ill health. economic. dietitians. heterosexism. CHCs are designed to improve access. primary health care for their communities. Integration also leads to system efficiencies. encompassing primary care. racism. sexism.CHC MODEL OF CARE CHCs offer a range of comprehensive primary health care and health promotion programs in diverse communities across Ontario. language discrimination. This would include the provision of culturally appropriate programs and services. Services within CHCs are structured and designed to eliminate system wide barriers to accessing healthcare such as poverty. optimal location and design of facilities. physiotherapists. salaried professionals work together in a coordinated approach to address the health needs of their clients. In these teams. Depending on the actual programs and services offered.SCHEDULE A . CHCs are continuously adapting and refining their ability to reach and to serve their clients and communities. coordinated. The CHC model of care focuses on five service areas:      Primary care Illness prevention Health promotion Community capacity building Service integration The CHC model of care is:      Comprehensive. illness prevention. appropriate referrals. transphobia. and community level interventions. community development workers. CHC interdisciplinary teams may include physicians. personal development groups. CHCs develop strong connections with health system partners and community partners to ensure the integration of CHC services with the delivery of other health and social services. CHCs have expertise in ensuring access for people who encounter a diverse range of social. in one to one service. nurse practitioners. legal or geographic barriers which contribute to the risk of developing health problems. Accessible. Aboriginal traditional healers. chiropodists. and administrative staff. CHCs provide comprehensive. programs for the non-insured. CHCs build interdisciplinary teams working in collaborative practice. equity. social workers. Integration improves client care through the provision of timely services. participation. inclusiveness and social justice by eliminating systemic barriers to full participation. health promoters. geographic isolation. and health promotion. CHCs strive to provide client centred care. Integrated.and culture centrism. CHCs plan based on population health needs and develop best practices for serving those needs. occupational therapists. oppression-free environments and 24 hour on-call services. nurses. and the delivery of seamless care. ageism. . ethno. Client and community centred. Interdisciplinary. cultural.

CHC services and programs are responsive to local community initiatives and needs. a stable eco-system. social justice.   Community governed. education. CHCs are not-for-profit organizations. food. The health of individuals and populations are impacted by the social determinants of health including shelter. Inclusive of the social determinants of health. and for communities to develop a sense of ownership over “their” centres. knowledge and life experiences of community members and partners to contribute to the health of their community. anti-oppression. The community development approach builds on community leadership. Community governance ensures that the health of a community is enhanced by providing leadership that is reflective of its diverse communities. and the development of healthy public policy. inclusion. income. equity and peace. within a population health framework. . Community boards and committees provide a mechanism for centres to be responsive to the needs of their respective communities. CHCs increase the capacity of communities to improve community and individual health outcomes. Grounded in a community development approach. through participation in multi-sector partnerships. CHCs strive for improvements in social supports and conditions that affect the long term health of their clients and community. governed by community boards. sustainable resources.

the Vendor must set out below details of the actual or potential Conflict of Interest: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Officer of the Company ___________________________________________ Date .CONFLICT OF INTEREST FORM If the box below is left blank. Otherwise.SCHEDULE B . the Vendor will be deemed to declare that: (1) there was no Conflict of Interest in preparing its submission. If the Vendor declares an actual or potential Conflict of Interest by marking the box above. if the statement below applies. □ The Vendor declares that there is an actual or potential Conflict of Interest relating to the preparation of its submission. and/or the Vendor foresees an actual or potential Conflict of Interest in performing the contractual obligations contemplated in the Request for Services. and (2) there is no foreseeable Conflict of Interest in performing the contractual obligations contemplated in the Request for Proposal. check the box.

SCHEDULE C – CHC DATA Main Office Address: Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre 1365 Richmond Road.and part-time staff (including short term contract staff as well as casual/on-call positions) . Ottawa.Approximately 250 full. going on an unpaid leave of absence. ON K2B 6R7 (613) 820-4922 Fax: 613-288-3407 Employees: .Employee scenarios which occur frequently include changing FTE during the year. or changing positions within the organization Accounting and Payroll Software: AccPac Official Language Designation: English/French Operating System: Microsoft Windows Current HRIS: ASL .

) 3 8 Integration to payroll  Capacity to export data to Excel to manipulate and import to payroll 3 9 Ability to track salary scales. forecasting and trend analysis capabilities Examples:  Overtime liability report  Sick leave report  Forecasting 3 4 Self-serve portal for employees Administrator rights for designated personnel   Capacity to add attachments Tracking staff development 3 5 Adaptable architecture which allow us to make changes in the features (configurability and customization)  Adaptable to different financial reporting software. and any property used by staff 10 Bilingual software WEIGHT Limited number of “clicks” Not too crowded visually # of days for administrator training Labelled tabs for ease of navigation 3 System automatically re-calculates leave entitlements 3 2  Must at least possess the capacity to enter information in French 11 Capacity to establish ‘rules’ (CHC policy 1 3 compliant) 12 Ability to deal with staff with multiple jobs or changes in hours  One staff may have multiple positions at different pay scale. etc. positions. 2 6 User support during/beyond regular business hours  8am to 5pm EST 2 7 Audit capability  Capacity to generate user reports (entries. different benefits and different cost centre 3 .SCHEDULE D – HRIS SOLUTION REQUIREMENTS HRIS REQUIREMENTS Comments 1 User friendly/intuitive interface     2 Ability to track unpaid leave. or changes  to employee FTE status 3 Reporting. dependents. pulling out different types of statistics reports etc. emergency contacts. modifications.

e.) 15 Forms and workflow capable 16 Archiving capacity 3  Document templates 1 18 Staff development tracking/management  Skills inventory (i.HRIS REQUIREMENTS Comments WEIGHT 13 Leave benefits tracking Examples:  Vacation  Sick  Bereavement  Overtime earned  Lieu time  Personal time  Statutory holidays 3 14 E-mail notification for supervisors (pay  Capacity to link to Outlook 2  Moving all paper to electronic form 1 increase. leave requests. Bill 168. etc. license renewal. WHMIS.) 2 19 Support for salary scale  Entering position provides appropriate salary scale 1 20 Unified login/Active directory integration  Single sign-on 1 21 Access rights  Capacity to set different levels of access/administrator rights 3 22 IT Considerations    Cloud-based service Browser agnostic Ability for mobile app 3 23 Data Transfer  Ability to migrate existing data 3 17 Capacity to generate contract from information entered . etc.