Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday  Lunch 11 am - 3:30 pm Dinner 4:30 pm - 12 am Friday - Saturday Lunch 11 am - 3:30 pm Dinner 4:30 pm - 2 am Sunday Breakfast 8 am - 11 am Brunch 11 am - 3 pm Dinner 4:30 pm - 12 am

Downtown Ambience, Neighborhood Prices

YANCY’S! Restaurant, Bar & Event Center 3400 Buddha Ave. Suite 120 Raleigh, NC 27610 (877)-3YANCYS

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(877)3-YANCYS Fax (919) 832-8687 2800 Rock Quarry Rd. Raleigh, NC 27610 www.theyancys.net www.twitter.com/yancyfarmington www.facebook.com/yancysfarmington

The New Orleans Style Restaurant, Bar & Event Center of North Carolina!

TO-GO Menu

(877)3-YANCYS www.theyancys.net 2800 Rock Quarry Rd. Raleigh, NC 27610

Menu To-Go!
SHRIMP BASIC Try our  light and crispy Golden  Popcorn Shrimp  with Fries $ 7 99 CAROLINA CRAB CAKE Hand Pulled Crab Meat blended with our secret seasonings latticed with our very own Remoulade Sauce $ 8.99  

Yancys Favorite Breakfast BLT with an egg  $6.95 (made with Turkey Bacon)  

Steak of the Week Dinner                   $17.95 Cat Fish Dinner                           $13.95 Cajun Crab Dinner                         $12.95 Fried Oyster Dinner                        $12.95 ½ Slab of Ribs                            $12.95 Big Slab of Ribs                           $19.95

Served Over Rice with  Sauteed Vegetables $ 14.99 COASTAL BAYOU  RIVER  BOLT SPECIAL     Shrimp  Oyster  Salmon in a delicious seasoned broth $ 16.99 SPECIALS BIG MAMM’S PLATE Slow cooked red beans & rice with sautéed vegetables and collard greens. Healthy and Baked sweet potato Yummy $13.95 SMOKIN SALMON with Red beans and Rice Grilled salmon filet topped with our shrimp creole sauce and served on a pile  of Cajun red beans and rice $15.00 CAJUN FRIED SALMON                 Chef Yancy had created this special dish for his friends Dusted with Special Spices batter fried to perfection Served with collard grens and Sweet Baked Potato $16.95 BLUE MOON OVER CAROLINA Carolina pulled bbq pork OR bbq turkey served with fries, slaw, red beans and hushpuppies $10.99 VOODOO VEGGIE PASTA Sauteed mushrooms, squash, zucchini and roasted red peppers in wine reduction with a spicy lemon, olive oil and garlic sauce. Served on a bed of piping hot linguini $9.99 Add grilled chicken or sautéed shrimp $13 99

Grilled Cheese Sammich Served On Texas Toast with fries  $3.99 Jammin PB&J served with fries    $ 3.99 Pasta with Red Sauce w/ Fresh Grated Parmesan               $3.99 Kickin Chikin Tenders Served with Fries    $4.99 Get along with little Doggie Served with fries       $3.25

JAZZY WINGS Our famous wings are prepared the right way Slow marinated and tossed in spicy or mild sauce  Served with cool crisp celery/ creamy blue cheese or Ranch dressing 10/ $ 7.99       15/$ 16.99 CREOLE NACHOS ( Shrimp or Turkey) Feel Like Sharing? We pile’em high with our Shrimp or Creole Sauce, melted cheese  And finish with lettuce tomatos and of course Jalapenos.Servd with Guacamole and Salsa $8.99 CAJUN FRIED OYSTERS ( seasonal) A heaping pile of seasoned Oysters on a bed of fries (5 pcs) Served With Our own Remolade Sauce $7.99 THE YANCY’S HOUSE COMBO Yancey had created this for  his friends A Combination of Shrimp or Turkey Creole Nachos and our Four Jazzy wings $ 14.99 VEGETERIAN NACHOS A hearty blend of black beans jalapenos sourcream cheddar  Cheese  scallions  variety of peppers and for your  chips          $ 8.99 CHICKEN TENDERS /FISH TENDERS We have selectively picked your Fave and  breaded Chicken Or   Fish tenders  Served  with Cajun Fries  and        Your choice of  Creole Honey Mustard Ranch or Tartare $ 7.99 SHRIMP AND CRAB DIP Creamy Lump Crab meat from the Gulf Coast blended with North Carolina Shrimp blended with spiced and herbs. Finished with Provolone and Parmesan Cheeses and served with warm pita for dipping $8.99 VEGGIE DIP Our flavorful Mushrooms, Garden Fresh Green Spinach,  Cheese and variety of Tasteful peppers $ 7.99

An all time favorite grilled to perfection, Homemade,  juicy and we serve a variety to have all your tastebuds tingling and come back for more .All served with seasoned fries on the side South of the Border Burger shredded chedder cheese, jalapenos and salsa $6.95 Rocky Mountain Burger BBQ sauce, Bacon $6.95 Raleigh City Burger Blue cheese, Mushrooms $6.95 Club Burger with Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Cheese $7.95 Burger deluxe -lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and pickle $7.95 Plain Burger No Cheese $5.95 Country Burger with fried egg $6.95

THE SWANIGIN CITY COMBO Half a slab of ribs, half a smoked chicken, fries, Carolina slaw and Collard Greens $16.99 THE SMOKIES COMBO Carolina P ulled Pork or Turkey BBQ paired up with Texas Beef Brisket Fries  Slaw  Collard Greens and Hush Puppies $ 16.99 THE BODACIOUS FEAST A full slab of Ribs a whole Smoked Chicken, Beef Brisket Pulled Pork Or Turkey BBQ. Served with Fries  Red Beans and  Rice Hush Puppies and Slaw! $59.95 YANCYMAN’S COMBO PLATTER This one’s up to you Fried Fishes from the

HOUSE SIDE SALAD Mixed greens Tomatos Cucumbers, Eggs, Cheese tossed with a zesty house vinaigrete or your choice of dressing $5.95 BIG HOUSE  SALAD A  Huge mixed Green Salad, tomatos, Cucmbers, Eggs, Cheese, Croutons and tossed with a Zesty House Vinaigrette or your choice of dressing $9.95 add Chicken Grilled or Fried  $ 12.95 add Cajun Salmon Grilled or Fried  $14.95 BIG BAYOU SALAD The BIG HOUSE SALAD topped with Cajun Chicken Breast, Cajun Blackened Fish, Grilled Shrimp and Fried Oysters (seasonal) $ 17.95 BIG CEASER SALAD $10.95 add Chicken, Shrimp or Fish $2.99 each WAY DOWN YONDER GUMBO OR COASTAL OYSTER STEW Have our Don Yancy’s Famous Gumbo or Barneys Fave Oyster stew         a cup $3.95     a Bowl $7.95 CAJUN RED BEANS & RICE Our famous Cajun Red Beans And Rice with Chicken or Sausage  $8.99     both  $10 99

Cheese Fries $5.25 Chilli Cheese Fries $6 .25

Each of our generous sides are priced under $3.99 each Southern Blues Collard Greens Memphis Mashed Potatoes & Gravy - Red Beans and Rice - Mississippi Dirty Rice & Rice Baked Sweet Potato - Cajun Red Beans Steamed Veggies  - Maw Maws Macaroni N Cheese - Loaded Baked Potatoes - Side of Caesar Salad - Cajun Fries - Carolina Cole Saw - Side House Salad/Side Spinach Salad

Cheese cake of the week A yummy dessert exclusively made for you $ 5 95                                       Delicious Cobbler of the week Yancy will be making this delicacy from scratch everyday just for you

ALL ENTREES ACCOMPANIED WITH  2 SIDES OF YOUR CHOICE               Rice          Baked Sweet Potatoes     Mashed Potatoes          Collard Greens         Baked Potato Sauted Veggies          Mac and Cheese        Seasoned Fries          Potato Salad   Fish of the Week Dinner                    $9.95 ½ Fried Chicken                         $9.95    ½ Roasted Chicken                        $9.95 Country Style smothered in chicken gravy      $9.95 Turkey Chops                           $9.95 Fried Pork Chops                      $9.95 Chicken Liver Dinner                  $9.95  Chicken Gizzard dinner                 $9.95

gulf and the Louisiana Oysters and Shrimp from the Carolina coast and Our Signature Crab Cake all of them served with fries and slaw and all the sauces for Dipping   2 for $ 17.99       3 for $ 19.99       Pick all 4 for  $ 22 99 PAPPY’S FAMOUS JAMBALAYA A secret blend of Cajun goodness and spices blended together by  Chef Yancy served over rice $12.99 AUSTIN CITY LIMITS TEXAS BEEF BRISKET Get down and Get dirty !   Served with collard greens  mashed potatoes and gravy $12.99 COASTAL FRIED SHRIMP PLATTER Cajun battered deep fried  with French fries with coleslaw Red beans and Yancys Special Hush Puppies $14 99 SAUTEED SHRIMP A Health alternative  Sauteed in Olive oil  Garlic Lemon Juice and White wine  Fresh Green Peppers and Onions

ALL our French sytle fluffy cloud like omlettes are served with country potatos  grits, fresh fruit and Toast Creole Omlette Sautéed peppers, onions, sausage & shrimp, finished with melted mozzarella and our spicy creole sauce $8.99 Voodoo Omlette sausage, onions, jalapeno peppers and Cheddar Jack Cheese. $ 8 99                                 Garden Omlette Sauteed  mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and melted mozzarella. $ 8.99 MEXICAN OMLETTE Onions  Bell Peppers and sausage served with sour cream and salsa KEEP THE KIDS HAPPY SO I CAN EAT Children 10 and Under Mac n Cheese  served with fries             $ 3.99

$5.95      A la mode  $6.95 Old fashioned ice cream sundae Dripping with chocolate sauce $ 6.95 Mommas Sweet Potato  Pie                Hot and smells amazing  just Like Mommas $5.95     Ala mode  $6.95   Bread Pudding Yancy swears you will never forget this home made bread pudding $ 5 95     A la Mode  $6 95

The New Orleans style Po Boys We will dress’em up if you want  (with options of lettuce tomato mayonnaise , spicy mustard pickles  and onions) Fried Chicken  $6.95     Roasted Chicken  $6.95     Texas Briskett  $6.95 Kickin Chicken (Grilled Onion, Country Gravy, Rice and Collard Greens) $6.95 Shrimp and Oyster  $8.95 Shrimp or Oyster  $8.95

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