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Discover The Unknown with SatFile Renamer v1.23
- SatFile Renamer helps in renaming files downloaded from satellite
by programs like skynet.
It can be used also as a general tool for batch renaming.
- Supports exe, zip, rar, ace, cab, sfx archives, mp3, html,
rm, avi, pdf, asf , ogg
- Previews Archives and swf movies.
New in this version:
- Fix crash on password protected zip files.
- Minor changes/fixes.
ver 1.22
- Addes support for Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor.
- Added text Preview Customized fonts and Word Wrap.
- TAB Switch between file list and text preview.
- fixes
ver 1.21:
- Added preview for archives.
- Added option confirm ShiftDelete.
- Resizable previews.
- fixes.
ver 1.19:
- If there is an exe setup file that has no info you can still
get a good name. Just double click the program and take
the appropriate steps until the program name appears in
the window title. Now switch back to SFR.This also happens
if run any exe file that contains empty fields by filling
them with the titles of the opened windows until no empty
fields remain (watch status bar).Also you can clear any field.
for example:
"Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor" files contain an empty field
"Comments (7)". By running the program this field will be
filled with the program's title.
- enhanced Move/Copy To. For example you can create a folder
for games.
- Drag and drop a file to open it's folder.
ver 1.18:
- Added archives textual info.
ver 1.17:
- Added swf movies preview.
- Grouping 1 file in 1` folder bug fixed.
- Zip folder fixed.
ver 1.16:
- Added grouping by search.
- Added ogg.
ver 1.15:
- Added Grouping.
- Added Remove duplicates.

.your system must have Msvcp60. .. asf.Scan All: Scans all files regardless of their extension (slower if there are unsupported/wrong file extensions). . creator. details: . .ace.executable: exe.asf files require media player 9 codecs . Producer .rar. ogg : form title. 2: Select the files you want to rename. . to SatFileRenamer@gmail. . . author. . . Bugs/Suggestions/Requests: .latest Flash player for swf preview How: 1: Open the folder containing files..MaxCol Width: Sets the maximum width of columns. . keywords.1: . options: .if you right click a file it will be scanned regardless of it's extension. version resource. wma.Hold down Ctrl key while right click if you want the shell context menu.Ctrl + Enter/double click a folder opens it outside SFR. . mohdbc and all the people who supported this thanks: xdvb.html: title. subject.dll for this program to work . . rm. Amr . wmv.. files names. 3: right click and choose the names column (eg: FileDescreption or the name directly if only one file selected). modification and creation dates.Numbered only: Shows only file names that contain hex numbers (by skynet) //.dll and mfc42.Added pdf. mp3...Added asf. author.avi.Hold down Shift key while right click to append to file name. .cab: internal textual info.pdf : title.dll. requirments: .First release. . Tips/Tricks: .Alt + Enter/double click displays properties for selected items.Drag and Drop a file to preview window previews that file.Drag and Drop a file opens it's ver 1.