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Second Quarter Exam in Civic 1

I. Multiple choice. Write in complete word/s.
1. Who is the head of the family?
a. Father
b. Mother

c. Sister

2. The smallest unit of the society.
a. City
b. Family

c. Municipality

3. What is called the number of members of a community?
a. People
b. Population
c. Family
4. Another unit of a Filipino society.
a. Club
b. Group
c. Barangay
5. The number of people living in a barangay is called__________.
a. City
b. Population
c. Town
6. Who gave us the natural resources as sources of our needs.
a. God
b. People
c. Mother
7. They teach us about god and his plan for each one of us.
a. Farmer
b. Pastor
c. Fishermen
8. They are the second parents of the children.
a. Friends
b. Classmates
c. Teachers
9. Helps the community in taking care of our health.
a. Doctor
b. Baker
c. Fishermen
10. He plants the food we eat.
a. Farmer

c. Metro aide

11. She sews our clothes.
a. Dressmaker
b. Sewer

c. All of the above

12. He makes the plans in constructing houses and building.
a. Professors
b. Engineers
c. Carpenters
13. She teaches the children how to read, count and write.
a. Teacher
b. Father
c. Brother
14. One of the most religious countries in world.
a. Japan
b. Korea
c. Philippines
15. The foundation of most the county’s morals and values.
a. Islam
b. Religion
c. People

hardworking and religious to our country. Asia b. Tarlac c.They have the right to play.She teaches the children how to read.They catches our food that we eat. Tarlac. Benguet b . __________14. The three main geographical division of the Philippines.They are known as hospitable. __________15. Manila b. __________12. Malabon c. Mindanao 20. Marikina. Pangasinan 17.It composed of many Filipino families.His job is to announce the word of god.One of the most religious countries in the world.16. count and write. __________10.They bakes the bread that we eat. __________4. The western hub of the trans-pacific galleon trade. Choose the correct answer from the list and write complete word/s to complete the statement. The sovereign country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean. Manila Fill in the blanks. South china 19.She helps the homework of her children and admirable woman. __________2. __________13.They are responsible for instilling into their grandchildren the values and morals they taught to their own children. a. __________7. a. __________9. Ferdinand Magellan 18. __________6. a.They maintains the safety and peacefulness of our country. go out and enjoy the company of their parents. Luzon. The first explorer who named the archipelago as Las Islas Filipinas.They teach their children to love god and read his word. Visayas.Manila. a. __________3.They are sweep up roads to maintain the cleanliness of our surroundings. Police Baker Mother Po and Opo Parents Barangay Metro aides Philippines Grandparent’s Filipinos Children Teacher Fishermen Vendor Pastor __________1.She sells different products we need. a. Ruy Lopez de Villalobos c. Miguel Lopes de Legazpi b. Republic of the Philippines b. __________5. Vietnam c. The capital city of the Philippines is_________. honest. and friends. .The children answered this to obey their parents. __________11. __________8. Vietnam c. Pangasinan.

__________ 20. The eldest child takes care of the youngest in order to help their mother. Respect the flag. The father is the head of the family. We have a small home which is clean and quiet. Sarah Geronimo 4. The whole family studies the word of god at home. Maintain the destroyed roads._________ 7._________ 18. 12. Families help each other to meet their needs.__________ 10.__________ 14. 1. Children do not want to fall line in school. 1. Write ten (10) characteristics of Filipinos that can be proud of? B. Filipinos are highly-emotional people. Write true if the statement is correct and write false if the statement is wrong. We should always pray at night before bed time. Jose Rizal 3.True or False. Don’t use uniforms in school____________. Children have no right to study. Nobody goes to the health center when they teach about the right nutrition.___________ 5.________ 3. Children should follow their parents.____________ 16._________ 11.___________ 17.___________ 19. Enumeration._________ 6.__________ 15. The child first learns his lesson at home. Every child born should have a name. Cory Aquino 2. efficient in emotionally and socially connecting with people. Rey velasco Gloria arroyo Andres Bonifacio Lea Salonga Timothy Bradley Efren Peñaflorida .__________ 8. Each child has a gift or talent from god._________ 2. Encircle the correct answer. Husbands should not submit to their wives. Work becomes lighter if we help each other.____________ A.__________ 9.__________ 13. Children do not answer their elder with “po” and “opo”. Identify the most celebrated icons of the Philippines.__________ 4. Many Pacquiao 5.

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