HENNEPIN AVENUE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH FOUNDATION General The Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church sponsors scholarships of a modest amount, typically ($500-$3000), for one year at a time to deserving individuals. Please read the following and apply by the accompanying form. Personal Information Date of birth: While this is not required information, and age is not a factor considered in the award, your age may help us understand your situation and may aid in our interpretation of your written statements. Church Affiliation: Hennepin Church members and those connected to Hennepin through its outreach and other church activities are given the highest priority. College, University or Seminary you plan to attend: Career Choice: The highest priority is given to Hennepin Church members attending seminary (especially women pursuing work as ordained clergy), followed by Hennepin Church members training for religious work (other than ordained clergy) and then to Hennepin members training for careers in other human services fields. Applicants who are not Hennepin Church members will be considered, however, applicants who fit the criteria outlined above will receive the strongest consideration. Education and employment history: GPA or other measure of academic standing: Your academic performance is considered in our deliberations. Current and former employers: We look here for personal responsibility and for indications of career directions in religious or human services fields. Financial Information: We wish to have a sense of the cost of your education and how you plan to cover it. Though you may have outstanding applications for fellowships and scholarships, we want to know only of those, which you have received or have been informed of acceptance. We do not seek family financial information, though you may wish to volunteer it via the usual financial aid data sheets. We offer you the opportunity to inform us of unusual financial circumstances about which you would like us to know. This may influence the amount of the scholarship award. Attachments: Essay An essay is required as a part of this application. Your essay should include the following information: 1. Church, school, community and leadership activities, as well as outstanding achievements 2. Your goals in life and how a college education will assist you in reaching those goals 3. What led you to this choice in career, or course of study 4. Financial information you wish to explain Although this form is largely geared to recent high school graduates, adult learners should use this form to describe their goals and explain how they will be accomplished by attending college or graduate school. Adult learners should describe their current situation, whether it is working in the home or outside the home or in a volunteer situation, whether or not they will be attending school full-time, and whether or not they will continue to work outside the home. References: We need two letters of reference, particularly from persons who are familiar with your interests in religious activities or from persons who can describe your personality and your level of responsibility. If a church career has been chosen, one of the letters must be from your pastor or another religious leader. Reference letters may be sent separately from your application or with your application but must be received at the finance office by the deadline, and must indicate the person for whom the letter is written. Schedule: Applications are due May 3, 2010. Applications received at other times during the year will be considered, subject to the availability of funds.