Miller’s Class Newsletter January 29, 2010 ____________________________
Wee Deliver and The Valley View School Post Office
Valley View School began their letter writing this week as we started Wee Deliver. First and second graders have the opportunity to write letters to students and staff through this school Post Office system. This week, we learned how to address an envelope and write a friendly letter. Each classroom has their own street sign and mailbox outside of their classroom. The second graders have an opportunity to work in the Valley View School Post Office. Four students were chosen from each second grade class. Here are the job descriptions for Wee Deliver: * Carriers: These students deliver the mail. * Nixie Clerks: These students check the envelopes to make sure that the addresses are spelled correctly. They also make sure that the envelopes have a stamp and the proper capitalization for names and street addresses. * Sorters: These students sort the mail so that it is delivered to the correct mailbox. * Inspectors: These students count the number of letters that have been mailed. They write a math sentence and graph the number of letters that were mailed each week.

This week, we used our STARS books as we focused on the following reading comprehension strategies: Making Predictions and Identifying Sequence. When we make predictions it is important to think about what we have read and what we already know. When we are identifying sequence it is important to look for clue words in a passage such as first, next, then, after, and finally. When answering comprehension questions, it is important to look for proof in the story. Students are learning that it is important to look back in the story to make sure that their answer is correct. By reading carefully and taking our time, we are able to answer reading comprehension questions with success.

STARS – Strategies to Achieve Reading Success

Beginning next week, I will be sending home can tabs with those children whose families volunteered to count can tabs for our class. There will be a math activity that families will complete together as they count the can tabs. Thanks for your help! We have a lot of can tabs to count.

Collecting Can Tabs for Shriners Hospitals for Children

** If you are interested in volunteering to count the can tabs for our class and have not already notified me, please write me a note or e-mail me at

The students and staff at Valley View School began collecting donations for the people who suffered from the recent earthquake in Haiti. This is an example of caring for others and showing a responsibility towards helping those in need of food, clothing, and shelter. There is a donation jar in the office for your donations. We will continue to collect donations until February 3rd. Remember – any amount of money will help! Thank you for your generosity.

Our class is excited about Wee Deliver! ____________________________________ Helping People in Need – Donations to Haiti

Just a few reminders…
**Report cards were sent home today!
Please review the report card with your child. The report card should be kept at home for your records. ** Please sign and return the empty envelope sometime next week. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. * Tonight is PTO Bingo at 6:00-6:45 and 7:15-8:00. * February 11th Our class Valentine’s Day party! (An updated class list will be sent home on Monday for students to begin writing their valentines.) * February 12th – 16th Winter Break