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Background................................................................................................................ 1
Analysis on the Results of Each Interview..................................................................2
Theory of Intelligence Interview Reports....................................................................6
Cognitive Development Interview Reports.................................................................9
Moral Development Interview Reports......................................................................13
Parenting and Discipline Interview Reports..............................................................19

and  Parenting and Discipline For the topic Theory of Intelligence. The requirements of the interview were the following:  Ask them of what they do so that they will learn their lesson.  Cognitive Development. an interview report was created for record keeping purposes. After each interview. Field Study 2: Child and Adolescent Psychology San Isidro College . two parents about their parenting/discipline style or approach.  Are the answers of those you interview similar or different from your ideas. The following were the requirements of the interview:  Interview. The requirements of this interview were the following:  Interview. 4 College students: 2 men and 2 women of their views of untimely pregnancies. The requirements of the interview were the following:  Ask them how they know that a student/pupil is intelligent. One was an elementary teacher and the other was a high school teacher. Write their responses. at least.  Analyze the responses of your interviewees in the light of Kohlberg’s Moral Development Theory. Let them give you maybe 3 ideas of what they do. Ask them about the characteristics of an intelligent pupil/student.  Ask them of their opinion whether the learner’s intelligence could be enhanced or not by means of teaching. only alias. These interviewees were elementary and high school students. there were two teachers that were interviewed. if you were asked of the same question? Comment. The last topic was Parenting and Discipline.Analysis on the Results of Each Interview 5 Background The series of interviews are conducted in order to gather ideas from randomly selected persons about their different views on topics discussed in the course Child and Adolescent Psychology. There were also two interviewees that were interviewed for the topic Cognitive Development.  Analyze and comment on their answers in the light of the Theories of Intelligence.  Analyze their responses in relation to Baumrind’s parenting style. Write their responses one by one but no need to write their real name. The core topics are the following:  Theory of Intelligence. Moral Development was a topic which the author considered to be very interesting. These interview reports are compiled in this document together with the analysis of the author. There were four core topics that were used in the interview.  Moral Development. at least. All questions revolve around them.

In my interview with a public high school teacher. High school teachers also believed in multiple intelligences. there are statements written as if they are true to all population for linguistic purposes only. and spatial intelligences. When she was asked about the characteristics of an intelligent student. He also defined intelligent students with characteristics such as curious. Field Study 2: Child and Adolescent Psychology San Isidro College . A. it can be assumed that these teachers have varied teaching styles and that their pupils may experience more fun during their elementary learning journey. Since there is this strong belief in multiple intelligences among elementary teachers. However. The elementary teacher said that teachers can enhance it through tapping the areas in the brain that are not used through providing stimuli. logical-mathematical. With that focused. high school teacher said that teachers can enhance it through providing a venue for learning and the value of learning and how to learn. I would like to stress that these interviews are not enough to provide a generalization as that the number of interviewees are statistically insufficient to do so. there are nine sets of intelligences. On the other hand. their focus is different. ANALYSIS: Elementary teachers are more focused in developing and discovering the different intelligences that a student may have.Analysis on the Results of Each Interview 5 Analysis on the Results of Each Interview Below are my analysis on the series of interviews I have conducted on the randomly selected respondents. As to the theory of multiple intelligences authored by Howard Gardner. She applies different activities in her classes and through these activities she was able to realize that the classes she handles have students with diverse intelligences. Both teachers believed that teaching can enhance learners’ intelligence. I found out that he gives more weight on the ability of the students to correctly respond to questions and instructions than on performance in determining students’ intelligence. it can also be assumed that their grading system has changed from the traditional grading system which only caters the linguistic. open-minded. She does not rely only to questioning because she believes on the theory of multiple intelligences of Gardner. On Theory of Intelligence 1 In the interview of an elementary teacher coming from a private school. I found out that she gives more weight on performance in gauging the intelligence of her students. however. she just simply replied with the ability to answer questions correctly and the ability to perform tasks with ease and beyond normal for the student’s age. It can even be said that they are more on successful 1 Analyze and comment on their answers in the light of the Theories of Intelligence. and critical thinkers.

if you were asked of the same question? Comment. Programming. Elementary teachers believe more on multiple intelligences while the high school teachers give more weight on successful intelligence theory. these type of students will not excel in high school.. 3 Analyze the responses of your interviewees in the light of Kohlberg’s Moral Development Theory. while the females are more on Stage 4 which is Authority and Morality that Maintain the Social Order.E. It is true that I would listen very carefully to my teachers during class discussions. Their focus is more on developing the analytical thinking skills of the students. Lastly. and visual spatial. I only want to read those paragraphs or lines in the paragraphs which I perceived to be the most important to read. I usually do this for subjects like Math. and Democratically Accepted Law. especially those students who are having no or minor intelligences on linguistic. logical-mathematical. and Electronics. Based on the answers of the respondent.Analysis on the Results of Each Interview 5 intelligence theory supporters. Most likely. there is a difference in belief on students’ intelligences. I guess there would be problem for pupils who will go in high school. On Moral Development ANALYSIS: 3 Based on the data that I gathered. Their grading system is traditional. I want to practice what I learned in order to remember them. The answers coming from an interview who is living in USA for several years already suggest that her moral development stage is in Stage 5 or Morality of Contract: Individual Rights. would allow me to think critically about the lessons and ask questions to my teachers for more knowledge and clarifications. for me. C. B. I also like to take notes on the discussions because I don’t like to read books. Chemistry. Field Study 2: Child and Adolescent Psychology San Isidro College . On Cognitive Development 2 I found some of the answers of those students whom I had interviewed similar to my own answers if I will be asked of the same questions. If this is really true to all teachers in elementary and high school. P. I can say that those students who are members of religious organizations like Youth for Christ and Catechists are more likely in the Level 2 of Moral Development by Kohlberg. high school teachers have only limited teaching styles since the intelligence they want to develop is very limited. She believes that untimely pregnancy is not immoral because it is only the result of an act 2 Question/Requirement: Are the answers of those you interview similar or different from your ideas. The males are more on the Stage 3 which is the Good boy morality. C OMMENT :  In my analysis. Listening carefully.

However. Her son is heavily influenced by his peers and has witnessed the negative attitudes of his father. She defined support in to two. I could say that she raised her children following mostly the authoritative way of parenting and discipline. She does not even think that premarital sex is an issue which gives an impression that it is a right for every people to engage it or not. Field Study 2: Child and Adolescent Psychology San Isidro College . According to her. In terms of control. However. she does everything in order to provide her children with their needs. When it comes to training her children to become independent. Even though she was able to set standards in their home. they can survive. it is hard to raise her children because of poverty and irresponsible husband. She also set house rules in their home like no vices (smoking and drinking) and never to come home very late. She had even left her job when she learned that her son has a problem in school. monetary support and nonmonetary support. she always make sure that she explains to them why they are punished. she said that she really trains them to become independent so that when the time comes that they have to live on their own. When it comes to monetary support. she would do anything just to be always there to her children in times of need. she gives emphasis on developing the independence and self-reliance attitudes to her children. She also keeps an open communication to her children and practices the giving of reasons when inculcating discipline to her children. I was able to say this since. All that she can really give is the nonmonetary support. On Parenting and Discipline O N THE FIRST PARENT 4 The first parent who was interviewed is a working mom with an unstable married life. According to her. based on facts. She applies corporal punishments to her children if ever they violate her rules. The most important thing that I learned in this interview is the experience coming from a real person that says that there is no absolute 4 Analyze their responses in relation to Baumrind’s parenting style. she said that she has more control to her daughter than to her son.Analysis on the Results of Each Interview 5 which could either be moral or immoral. The last reason could be the real reason to the rebellious attitude of her son. ANALYSIS: Based on the facts gathered from the first parent. She was also consistent to her standards as she thinks that these could help her children to have a better life. What she thinks that is immoral is the killing of an unborn child. D. especially on scholastic performance. she barely has it as that they are really poor.

warm. she has also a good flowing relationship with her partner who has also a more stable source of income as an LGU 5 worker. she has a more stable job compared to the parent mentioned earlier. She left her son under the care of her partner in Quezon. She and her partner is in “Live-In” for about five years already. However. However. In terms of support. the second parent is not married. and nurturing. and it shows in the hardly manageable behavior of her son in spite of a sound parenting style. however. she admits that they. When I knew about authoritative parenting. she said that the disciplinarian is her partner. in the case of the first parent. She said that she is usually the lenient parent in disciplining the child between them. However. I thought it is really the best parenting style. O N THE SECOND PARENT The second parent whom I interviewed was a working mom also. ANALYSIS: With the data gathered from the second parents. Aside from that. She has only one child who is mostly under the care of a hired nanny for she and her partner are working. loving. they only have little supervision to their son. it shows that there are some things which parents really have little control of and perhaps cannot control. have really less control over their child. The set rules in their house which she believes that her partner is very consistent of when she is not around at home. especially her. 5 Local Government Unit Field Study 2: Child and Adolescent Psychology San Isidro College .Analysis on the Results of Each Interview 5 correct parenting style in raising children. Based on her answers to my questions. she said that they are really going to provide it as much as they can as a couple. while she works most of the days in a week in Cagayan de Oro City. Bukidnon. due to their job. In raising their son. They are affectionate. I can say that they are practicing indulgent type of parenting and discipline. however. I can say that she and her partner are loving parents to their child. They are also at time inconsistent with the disciplining because of the idea of “making up” with the lost time with him.