February 19, 2010 Richard Cordray Ohio Attorney General 30 East Broad Street Columbus, Ohio 43215 Dear Attorney

General Cordray, We are writing to you in regard to the federal healthcare debate that continues in Washington D.C. As more details emerge from the debate and closed-door discussions, we grow more concerned for the state of Ohio and the hardworking taxpayers of our state. One concern that we have involves the provision that exempts the state of Nebraska from paying what all other states will be forced to pay for this mandated healthcare coverage. From what we understand, a deal was arranged in order for the senate leadership to garner the Nebraska senator’s vote for this healthcare proposal. How is it fair to taxpayers in other states if these backdoor deals say if you vote for this legislation, your taxpayers back home in Nebraska do not have to pay their share of this healthcare mandate? This deal is an unfair way to handle the healthcare debate and Ohio’s taxpayers are being placed at a financial disadvantage. We also have concerns with the proposal that allows Florida citizens to keep their Medicare Advantage plan at no additional cost to the state. Why should Florida’s Medicare recipients have an advantage over Ohio’s and receive better coverage? We believe that Ohio taxpayers are being placed at a disadvantage during the discussions that are occurring at the federal level. Though the outcome of the final legislative product remains to be seen, we question the constitutionality of the deals that were reached for the states of Nebraska and Florida. We respectfully urge you to join other Attorney Generals from across the United States to file a lawsuit on behalf of the hardworking tax payers of Ohio and challenge these “exclusive” behind-the-scene deals should they become a part of the final legislation. We are encouraged that you have written to the Ohio Congressional delegation to express your concern with the Nebraska language that is currently being discussed. We invite you to sign onto a letter that our caucus will be sending to the Ohio delegation to convey our concerns. As Ohio’s economy and tax dollars are critical, this should be a non-partisan issue that we can unite together to show the federal government that Ohio’s hardworking citizens will not foot the expanded Medicaid program for other state’s citizens. We look forward to you joining us to convey this message.

Respectfully Submitted,

_________________________ Representative Randy Gardner Ohio House District 6

______________________ Representative Kris Jordan Ohio House District 2

________________________ Representative Jarrod Martin Ohio House District 70

_____________________ Representative Terry Blair Ohio House District 38

________________________ Representative Tim Derickson Ohio House District 53

_________________________ Representative Jeffrey McClain Ohio House District 82

________________________ Representative Matt Huffman Ohio House District 4

______________________ Representative Jeff Wagner Ohio House District 81

__________________________ Representative Cheryl Grossman Ohio House District 23

______________________ Representative Ron Maag Ohio House District 35

__________________________ Representative Courtney Combs Ohio House District 54

__________________________ Representative Gerald Stebelton Ohio House District 5

_______________________ Representative Seth Morgan Ohio House District 36

_____________________ Representative Bill Coley Ohio House District 55

_____________________ Representative Peter Beck Ohio House District 67

_________________________ Representative Richard Adams Ohio House District 79

______________________ Representative Dave Burke Ohio House District 83

______________________ Representative Danny Bubp Ohio House District 88

____________________________ Representative Margaret Ann Ruhl Ohio House District 90

_______________________ Representative Jay Hottinger Ohio House District 71

____________________________ Representative John Adams Ohio House District 78

________________________ Representative Barbara Sears Ohio House District 46

____________________________ Representative Louis Blessing Ohio House District 29

_________________________ Representative Lynn Wachtmann Ohio House District 75

____________________________ Representative Joe Uecker Ohio House District 66

__________________________ Representative Peter J. Stautberg Ohio House District 34

____________________________ Representative Troy Balderson Ohio House District 94

__________________________ Representative Robert Hackett Ohio House District 84

________________________ Representative Peggy Lehner Ohio House District 37

__________________________ Representative Jim Zehringer Ohio House District 77

______________________ Representative Ron Amstutz Ohio House District 3

_________________________ Representative Clyde Evans Ohio House District 87

__________________________________ Republican Leader William G. Batchelder Ohio House District 69