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Tài Liệu Ôn Thi Vào Lớp 10 Chuyên Tiếng Anh 2012 | © blogchuyenanh.wordpress.

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1. Reactionware, the name given to some special vessels in which chemical reactions take
place, could be safely used outside of lab because the whole reaction is _____. (CONTAIN)
2. The (A) _____ of a report or testimony becomes important when the judge tries to relate the
information presented to the regulations, which means a (B) _____ report can give one side an
advantage. (WORD)
3. French glaciologists used data from _____ instruments to investigate glacier changes in a
mountain range straddling in the borders of China. (SPACE)
4. Professor Barry Marshall talked about his _____ when struggled to convince other medics that a
bacterium, Helicobacter pylori, not stress – causes stomach ulcers. He swallowed some of it,
and his resulting discovery won him a Nobel Prize. (EXPERIENCE)
5. Gammaproteobacteria, an important class of bacteria that helps maintaining the immune
system, influences the production of _____ proteins called cytokines. (FLAME)
6. Failing to catch his friends and falling over a stone, the boy, who was (A) _____, threw away
the (B) _____ then burst into tears. (BLIND)
7. Every evening some quarrel would break out as if the spouse were looking for an opportunity
to let off steam and unwind _____ nerves. (TENSE)
8. Some snakes are (A) _____ in the natural world but actually they aren’t (B) _____ predators, and
are harmless to humans. (FRIGHT, FEAR)
9. _____ competition proper occurs only when the sale price of any quantity of commodity
stands below the short-period supply price of that quantity. (THROAT)
10. An anonymous _____ is assessed as being insufficient for establishing a reasonable suspicion; it
should be possible to use sit upon ‘indications of a terrorist crime.’ (TIP)

1. self-contained 2. A. wording B. well-worded 3. space-based 4. self-experimentation 5. anti-inflammatory
6. A. blindfolded B. blindfold 7. tensed-up 8. A. frightening-looking B. fearsome 9. Cut-throat 10. tip-off

ring-like 7. the energy of the impact would leave a faint (6) _____ (RING) pattern in the Cosmic Microwave Background. so-called . with (5) _____ (DETECTION) consequences. For millennia. observatory 8. PASSAGE 1. astronomers believed there must be a final (4) _____ (FRONT). and inflating after their own Big Bang. polarization 9. philosophers have insisted that everything we see is part of the (3) _____ (COMPASS) totality called the Universe. Theory predicts that if our Universe is stuck by one of its cosmic neighbor.Tài Liệu Ôn Thi Vào Lớp 10 Chuyên Tiếng Anh 2012 | © blogchuyenanh. frontier 5. they may be able to affect our Universe. Since the discovery of cosmic expansion around a century ago. detectable 6. According to the latest theories of the forces that rule the cosmos. The orbiting space (7) _____ (OBSERVE) Planck maps the intensity and (8) _____ (POLAR) of the CMB radiation left over from the Big Bang.wordpress. Even so. mind-boggling 3. an ultimate barrier beyond which objects were receding so fast their light would simply never reach us. all-encompassing 4. what has been regarded as the Universe may in fact just be one of an infinite number making up something far grander: the true universe – or Multiverse. tell-tale 10. galaxies on the edge of the known Universe. Theorists speculate that different bubbles universes may be also connected by (10) _____ (CALL) “space-time wormholes”. looking for (9) _____ (TELL) signs of a collision between our Universe and others. But now they are on the trail of most (2) _____ (BOGGLE) finding of all: evidence for a whole new universe beyond your own. awe-inspiring 2. exploding stars. The theories state that our Universe is just one of the “bubble universes” constantly budding off one 2012 PASSAGE Astronomers have a reputation for bringing us (1) _____ (INSPIRE) discoveries: new planets. Each bubble universe could be radically different from our own with its own set of fundamental forces and types of sub-atomic particles.