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Appendix 6 – Abbreviations/Units Of Measurement



BP Exploration Appendix 6 – Abbreviations/Units Of Measurement .

BP Exploration Appendix 6 – Abbreviations/Units Of Measurement ABBREVIATIONS/UNITS OF MEASUREMENT Abbreviations AA AF AGH API ASV BHA BHP BHT BHFP BHFT BoD BOP BPV BS&W BTU BUR BU CaCl2 CaF2 CAPEX CCL C/L CBL CCL CET CHFP CGR CHGP CO2 cp CPIP CIPS CPM Cr CRA CRINE C/S CT CVP deg DC DE DF Anti-Agglomerates Artificial Lift Advanced Gas Handler American Petroleum Institute Annulus Safety Valve Bottom Hole Assembly Bottom Hole Pressure Bottom Hole temperature Bottom Hole Flowing Pressure Bottom Hole Flowing Temperature Basis of Design Blow Out Preventer Back Pressure Valve Base Sediment & Water British Thermal Unit Build Up Rate Business Unit Calcium Chloride Calcium Fluoride Capital Expenditure Casing Collar Locator Control Line Cement Bond Log Casing Collar Locator Cement Evaluation Tool Cased Hole Frac Pack Condensate Gas Ratio Cased Hole Gravel Pack Carbon Dioxide Centipoise Completion Performance Improvement Project Completion Installation Performance School Contractor Performance Management Chrome Corrosion Resistant Alloy Cost Reduction In A New Era Carbon Steel Coiled Tubing Capital Value Process Degrees Drill Collar Diatomaceous Earth Design Factor DHPG DHSV DP DPU DSS DST ECD ECP EDTA EGMBE E/L ERD ERW ELTSR EMW EoS ERD ESC ESD ESP ESPCP FBHP FBHT FCTA FEPM FFKM FKM FPSO FRA FTHP FTHT FVF GLR GLV GOC GOR GP GPM GPS GR Page 1 Down Hole Pressure Gauge Downhole Safety Valve Drill Pipe Downhole Power Unit Duplex Stainless Steel Drill Stem Test Equivalent Circulation Density External Casing Packer Ethane Diamine Tetra Acid Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether Electric Line Extended Reach Drilling Extended Reach Wells Extra Long Tubing Seal Receptacle Equivalent Mud Weight Equation of State Extended Reach Drilling Environment Sensitive Cracking Emergency Shut-Down System Electrical Submersible Pump Electrical Submersible Progressive Cavity Pump Flowing Bottom Hole Pressure Flowing Bottom Hole Temperature First Crystal to Appear Aflas Type Fluoroelastomers Perfluoroelastomers Viton Type Fluoroelastomers Floating Production Storage and Offloading Friction Reducing Additive Flowing Tubing Head Pressure Flowing Tubing Head Temperature Formation Volume Factor Gas/Liquid Ratio Gas Lift Valve Gas/Oil Contact Gas/Oil Ratio Gravel Pack Gallon (US) per Minute Global Positioning System Gamma Ray .

Temperature Flow Rate Quality Assurance Quality Control Radioactive . Volume.BP Exploration Appendix 6 – Abbreviations/Units Of Measurement GWSI HAZOP HBF4 HCl HF HGI HHP HNBR HOP HP HPHT HPP HS&E HSCP HSP HSPC HWO H2 S IADC ID IGLR IPR ISIP ISO JAM KI KOIV KOP KPI LACS LAT LCM LCTD LDHI LMRP LOT LWD MAASP MD MFS MHF MD MMS MODU MPI Global Well Services Initiative Hazard and Operability Fluoboric Acid Hydrochloric Acid Hydrofluric Acid Hydrate Growth Inhibitor Hydraulic Horsepower Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber Hang Off Point Horsepower High Pressure-High Temperature Hydraulic Piston Pump Health. Safety and Environment Hydraulic Submersible Centrifugal Pump Hydraulic Submersible Pump Hydraulic Submersible Progressive Cavity Pump Hydraulic Workover Hydrogen Sulphide International Association of Drilling Contractors Inside Diameter Injection Gas – Liquid Ratio Inflow Performance Relationship Initial Shut-In Pressure International Standards Organisation Joint Make-up Torque Analyser Kinetic Inhibitor Knock-Out Isolation Valve Kick Off Point Key Performance Indicators Low Alloy Carbon Steel Lowest Astronomical Tide Lost Circulation Materials Last Crystal to Dissolve Low Dose Hydrate Inhibitor Lower Marine Riser Package Leak Off Test Log While Drilling Max Allowable Annular Surface Pressure Measured Depth Mud Flow-Through Screens Massive Hydraulic Fracturing Measured Depth Magnetic Multi Shot Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Magnetic Particle Inspection MSL MSS MSDS MTBF MWD NACE NaOCl NBR NCT NDT NGH NOGLR NPC NPT NPV NSG NTU NUI OBM OCTG OD OGIP OGLV OHGP OIM OOIP OPEX ORP OWC P&A PBR PCP PDC PDM PE PGB pH PI PLONOR PLT PPE PTL PRV PU PVT Q QA QC RA Mean Sea Level Magnetic Single Shot Material Safety Data Sheet Mean Time Between Failures Measurement While Drilling National Association of Corrosion Engineers Bleach Nitrile Rubber Non Completion Time Non Destructive Test Natural Gas Hydrate Near Optimum Gas-Liquid Ratio Non Productive Cost Non Productive Time Net Present Value North Seeking Gyro Nephelometric Turbidinity Unit Normally Unattended Installations Oil Base Mud Oil Country Tubular Goods Outside Diameter Oil & Gas In-Place Operating Gas Lift Valve Open Hole Gravel Pack Offshore Installation Manager Original Oil In Place Operating Expenditure Origin Reference Point Oil/Water Contact Plugged & Abandoned Polished Bore Receptacle Progressive Cavity Pump Polycristalline Diamond Cutter Positive Displacement Motor Petroleum Engineer Permanent Guide Base Acidity Measure Productivity Index Poses Little or No Risk Production Logging Tool Personal Protective Equipment Production Technical Limits Pressure Relief Valve Performance Unit Pressure.

BP Exploration Appendix 6 – Abbreviations/Units Of Measurement RGS RFI RFT RKB ROE ROP ROU ROV RT RTE S/N SAFE SBHP SBHT SC SCC SCM SCSSV SF SG SICP SIDPP SIMOPS SoR SMS SPE SPM SRB SSC SSD SSCSV SSD SSSV STHP STHT SPR SVLN T&C TCP TCT TD TDH TFL TGLR THP THT TOC Rotary Gas Seal Requests for Information Repeat Formation Tester Rotary Kelly Bushing Radius of Exposure Rate Of Penetration Radios Of Uncertainty Remote Operated Vehicle Rotary Table Rotary Table Elevation Serial Number Slapper Activated Firing Equipment Static Bottom Hole Pressure Static Bottom Hole Temperature Sand Control Stress Corrosion Cracking Supply Chain Management Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve Safety Factor Specific Gravity Shut-in Casing Pressure Shut-in Drill Pipe Pressure Simultaneous Operations Statement of Requirements Safety Management System Society of Petroleum Engineers Side Pocket Mandrel Sulphide Reducing Bacteria Sulphide Stress Cracking Sliding Side Door Sub-Surface Controlled Safety Valve Sliding Side Door Valve Sub Surface Safety Valve Static Tubing Head Pressure Static Tubing Head Temperature Shared Technical Resource Safety Valve Landing Nipple Terms and Conditions Tubing Conveyed Perforations True Crystalline Temperature Total Depth Total Dynamic Head Through Flow Line Total Gas-Liquid Ratio Top Hole Pressure Top Hole Temperature Top of Cement TOL Top of Liner TRSCSSSV Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Safety Valve TRSV Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve TSR Tubing Seal Receptacle TTD Through Tubing Drilling TTRD Through Tubing Rotary Drilling TVD True Vertical Depth UHF Ultra High Frequency UC Uniformity Coefficient USA United States of America VDL Variable Density Log VFD Variable Frequency Drive VHF Very High Frequency V/L Free gas/liquid ratio VLP Vertical Lift Performance VME Von Mises Equivalent vs. Versus VSP Velocity Seismic Profile UK United Kingdom UTG Upstream Technology Group WAG Water Alternative Gas WEG Wireline Entry Guide WEM Well Evaluation Module W/L Wire Line WBM Water Base Mud WC Water Cut WHP Well Head Pressure WHSIP Well Head Shut-in Pressure WOR Water/Oil Ratio WOW Wait on Weather WP Working Pressure WRSV Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve WSO Water Shut Off WSPE Well Services Petroleum Engineer WVA Well Value Assurance WVAS Well Value Assurance System YP Yeild Point ZnBr2 Zinc Bromide Page 3 .

BP Exploration Appendix 6 – Abbreviations/Units Of Measurement Units Of Measurement bbl bbl/d bpd bpm cm ft ft2 ft3 gall gpm hr ins ins2 kg ksi lbs lt m min mbd mg mmscf ppb ppg ppm psi psia pptb rpm scf sec spm stb o C o F Barrel Barrels per Day Barrel Per Day Barrels Per Minute Centimetre Feet Square Feet Cubic Feet Gallon (US) Gallons per Minute Hour Inches Square Inches Kilogramme Thousand Pounds per Square Inch Pounds Litre Metre Minute Thousand Barrels/day Milligram’s Million Standard Cubic Feet Pounds per Barrel Pounds per Gallon Parts per Million Pounds per Square Inch Pounds per Square Inch Absolute Parts per Thousand Barrels Revolutions Per Minute Standard Cubic Feet Second Strokes per Minute Standard Stock Barrel Degress Cevtigrade Degress Fahrenheit Page 1 .

BP Exploration Appendix 6 – Abbreviations/Units Of Measurement Page 2 .