We've read the articles; we've seen the news shows and heard the many commentari es relating to luxury drug

rehab treatment centers, often termed "Malibu-Style" recovery. The advent of song artists and actors/actresses - names like Brittney Spears, Tiger Woods, Daniel Baldwin, Nicole Richie, etc. - entering luxury subs tance abuse rehabilitation centers, fueled by the up-to-the-minute tweeting, blo gging and reporting by often opinionated pseudo-journalists has given substantia l rise to concern over the legitimacy of such high-end recovery facilities locat ed in areas like Malibu, California; Los Angeles, Orange County, Arizona, Florid a, etc. Interestingly, however, a facility by the name of "Cliffside Malibu" ne ar Zuma Beach & Santa Monica, CA has in large part averted the mentioning of its addiction treatment services within all this hype, and while the facility itsel f embodies true luxury at first glance, underneath it all their lies a far great er luxury manifesting in the form of care, dedication, depth in services, indivi dual client program structure, staff experience and ultimately, a higher than av erage rate of success leading to a strong & prominent alumni association. Cliff side Malibu actually boasts an unusually broad array of treatment services inclu ding; adolescent and adult programs, chemical dependency/drug abuse/alcoholism, gambling addiction, sex and relationship addictions, eating disorders such as bu limia & anorexia, mental health issues such as co-occurring disorders/dual-diagn osis issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief & loss, etc. To learn more as to how they are able to provide this type of an array of services, visit their "Sta ff" page for greater clarity at: http://www.cliffsidemalibu.com/cliffside-malibu -staff/ One could be sold based simply on their list of credentials and affiliations, am ong which include; ADP, CAMFT, APA, CPA, LACPA, ISTDP and EMDR, most of which ar e foreign to the lay person but sure sound impressive. In trying to understand what sets Cliffside apart from the slew of other high-end treatment centers nati onwide, they state that "...over half of our residents who admit into our drug r ehab center are referred by therapists around the country who swear by our reput ation and results-based therapy that promotes what everyone wants...long term so briety!" It was interesting to learn that while they have 3 levels of care whic h maintain certain core consistencies, they then mold the treatment plan around each client's specific needs deriving from a number of variables such as; behavi oral patterns, family history, drug of choice, mental health or co-occurring iss ues that may exist, history of physical and/or emotional trauma, etc. Within th at framework, however, they take a multi-disciplinary approach which inter-twine s various methods and modalities stemming from; Cognitive-Behavioral, Analytic a nd Reflective Therapy, to acupuncture, equine therapy, individual & group sessio ns, 12 step meeting attendance, custom-tailored physical fitness programs with p ersonal trainers in a private gym, therapeutic massage, holistic regimens, "fun" outings, and much more. As stated by Cliffside, â Our long history of success is due in part to using cutting-edge, evidence-based drug and alcohol rehabilitatio n protocols." They continue on in stating, "Our drug treatment philosophy incor porates a variety of clinical components to create a comprehensive, personalized and highly effective addiction treatment program, fine-tuned by our in-house ex perts to meet the needs of each individual patient." Going back to the question of how it is that Cliffside Malibu has been able to s et itself apart from the many other luxury rehab centers, one key element - amon g many others - is that they are fully equipped to intervene, arrange, coordinat e, oversee and map out the client's recovery from day-one, all the way through o ngoing aftercare and therapeutic support for their program graduates. Their ser vices include: intervention coordinating, travel companionship, full-scale medic al detox, 3 levels of residential inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient trea tment, aftercare planning, sober living arrangements, outside specialized therap y treatments and even long-term telephone, email & in-person support for the pro gram graduates with their originally assigned personal staff treatment specialis ts and therapist. Logic would dictate that with this type of coordination in ma pping out the patient's treatment regimen, rather than having to switch care pro

viders from stage to stage, that one's likelihood for maintaining long-term sobr iety would be greatly increased. Keeping all this in mind, however, donâ t lose si te of the fact that Cliffside is most definitely a luxury, high-end addiction tr eatment facility boasting ocean and mountain views, gourmet chefs, elegant 5 sta r accommodations, sun decks, maid & laundry services and much more, all of which is used to enhance and bolster oneâ s recovery process, rather than become the ver y foundation of it. They do work with some insurance companies in addition to a ccepting private-pay clientele, and for more information and a confidential asse ssment you may reach their admissions staff 24/7 at (800) 501-1988. One thing th ey seem to stress ad nauseam is their commitment to privacy, confidentiality & p rofessionalism, which probably accounts for one more reason why we donâ t hear too much about them in the tabloids. They have recently issued a brief video which can be seen above. Cliffside has also recently become involved with Sober Nexus , a new type of marketing & search platform dedicated entirely to the world of a ddiction treatment, and you will find Cliffside on the Sober Nexus site at: http ://cliffsidemalibu.sobernexus.com. Again, you may reach their admissions staff for a confidential assessment at (800) 501-1988 and are likewise invited to visi t their company homepage at: http://www.cliffsidemalibu.com