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How to mount Box.

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How to mount cloud storage on Linux
Posted on February 14, 2013 by Dan Nanni 36 Comments (previously ) is an online cloud st orage provider t arget ing bot h individual users
and ent erprise cust omers. users can access it s cloud st orage via web int erf ace or mult iplat f orm mobile client sof t ware.
As of writ ing, does not of f er a nat ive Linux client . T hankf ully, however, t hey make
available WebDAV servers which export your account as a WebDAV share, so you can
mount your account and access it via WebDAV over HT T P/HT T PS. Here are t wo
dif f erent ways t o mount account on Linux via WebDAV.
Mo unt Bo m sto rage acco unt by Nautilus

You can mount and access your st orage account via Naut ilus -- f ile manager f or t he
GNOME deskt op. Open up Naut ilus, and click on "Connect t o Server" under "File" on it s menu.

T hen t ype in t he f ollowing server and user det ails.

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com cloud storage on Linux .html 2 / 16 . and select "Add Bookmark" account mount ed aut omat ically on Naut account will be accessible on Naut ilus as f ollows. If you want t o have Box. T hat to mount Box. you can use t he "bookmark" f eat ure of Naut's WebDAV server. right -click on t he Box. http://xmodulo.Linux FAQ 7/17/14 Af t er you are successf ully connect ed t o a Box. your mount on Naut ilus.

com cloud storage on Linux . T o inst all davfs2 on Ubunt u.How to mount Box. Debian or Mint : $ sudo apt-get install davfs2 T o inst all davfs2 on Cent OS. simply click on t his account lat er. you will see t he saved bookmark on t he lef t t op corner of Naut ilus. In order t o re-mount your Box.Linux FAQ 7/17/14 Af t er Mo unt Bo x.html 3 / 16 .co m sto rage acco unt via davfs2 T he second met hod is t o use davfs2 (WebDAV Linux File Syst em) which enables you t o access a remot e WebDAV share via t radit ional f ile syst em int erf aces. RHEL or Fedora: http://xmodulo.

T hus you need t o disable f ile locks in t he davf s2 conf igurat ion f ile locat ed at /et c/davf s2/davf as a non-root user on CentOS.conf . if you want t o be able t o mount RHEL or Fedora Simply run t he f ollowing command.How to mount T he WebDAV share export ed by Box.Linux FAQ 7/17/14 $ sudo yum install davfs2 Next . Ubuntu or Mint Reconf igure davfs2 by using dpkg-reconfigure as f's WebDAV share as a non-root regular user.conf use_locks 0 In addit ion. $ sudo vi /etc/davfs2/davfs2.html 4 / 16 . $ sudo usermod -a -G davfs2 xmodulo Mount Box. click on "Yes" but t does not support f ile locks. Mount Box. Ot herwise. add yourself t o a Linux group called "davf s2". Af t er t as a non-root user on Debian. f ollow t he dist ro-specif ic procedure below. you will encount er "Input /out put error" while at t empt ing t o creat e a f cloud storage on Linux . $ mkdir ~/box. $ sudo usermod -a -G davfs2 xmodulo http://xmodulo. creat e a local mount point . $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure davfs2 At t he dpkg-reconfigure screen (as shown below).

run t hese: $ mount Documents lost+found Photos Videos http://xmodulo. Username: 25% /boot 50% /home/xmodulo/ /home/xmodulo/box. Password: If you do not want t o t ype in username/password every t ime you mount .How to mount $ chmod 600 ~/ Please enter the username to authenticate with server https://dav.davfs2/secrets account by running mount command as a regular user. add t he f ollowing t o /et c/f st ab. $ mount box.Linux FAQ 7/17/14 Once you have f ollowed t he above dist ro-specif ic inst ruct $ ls ~/ er=xmodulo) $ df Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root 953024420 131576980 773036612 15% / udev tmpfs none 4008844 1607344 5120 4 908 0 4008840 1606436 5120 1% /dev 1% /run 0% /run/lock none none 4018352 102400 1408 28 4016944 102372 1% /run/shm 1% /run/user 233191 26666664 53518 13333332 167232 13333332 /dev/sda1 with server type davfs (rw. ent er your Box. When asked f or username and my_box_com_password T o verif y t hat mount was successf cloud storage on Linux login credent ial inf ormat ion in t he f ollowing f Please enter the password to authenticate user on /home/xmodulo/box.davfs2/secrets $ vi ~/. T he "user" opt ion allows you t o mount Box. Replace "/home/xmodulo/box. put your or hit enter for none. https://dav.html 5 / 16 .com as an unprivileged non-root or hit enter for davfs rw.noauto 0 0 Now you can go ahead and mount your" wit h your own mount point .com account username/

share t his art icle on your social net work.Linux FAQ 7/17/14 T o umount Box.input /out put and permission errors while copying mult ile f iles t o t he mount ed box. 2013 at 1:43 pm said: Reply I've got a problem wit h t he solut ion described -.davfs (pid 6824) synchronizes the cache . t hanks f or a good art icle. (See ht t p://www. and we will deliver our Linux post s st raight t o your email box. 2013 at 3:17 pm said: Reply T hanks f or point ing t hat out ! Post has been updat ed t o add t his inf o. detailed tutorials and tips published at Xmodulo? Ent er your email address icles/538-resolve-input out put -error-when-t rying-t o-writ e-t owebdav-davf s2-mount -like-boxnet -on-linux ) T hus.. Delivery powered by Google Feedburner. cloud storage on Linux . Andrea Grandi on May /sbin/umount. Dan Nanni on April 22. Anyway I've your http://xmodulo.html 6 / 16 .t het echrepo. f or f ree. Your email address Subscribe Share this FAQ: Like 74 T weet 20 Share 4 No relat ed FAQ. I've f ollowed t hese inst ruct ions and everyt hing is working f doesn't support f ile account : $ umount box. 2013 at 3:04 pm said: Reply cloud storage on Linux” Andrii on April 22. use_locks 0 line should be added int o /et c/davf s2.How to mount Box. OK If you f ind t his art icle usef ul.davfs: waiting while mount. Catego ries: Clo ud Services Tags: bo x 36 thoughts on “How to mount Box.conf . It t urns out t hat box. Subscribe to Xmo dulo Do you want t o receive Linux f ilesyst

com dashboard I st ill have all 25Gb available.198:443 ESTABLISHED 2861/mount Boriscat on July 14.184. 2013 at 3:33 am said: Reply It is because df is get t ing f ake space inf o f rom davf WebDAV server probably does not implement t hat f eat ure. WebDAV server must export "used byt es" and "available byt es" propert ies (e.How to mount 26666664 13333332 13333332 50% /home/andrea/box.html 7 / 16 . In order f or davf s2 t o report available space correct ly. But some applicat ions ( cloud storage on Linux . davf s2 cannot calculat e t he f ree disk space on t he server. and it worked f ine unt ill I reboot ed. Can you at least browse t he mount ed f older? Also please check if t he f ollowing command give you somet hing like t he f ollowing. Do I need t o remount it everyt ime I reboot ? I really do NOT have 50% space t aken :) If I go on my Box." Robert on May 24. 2013 at 4:15 pm said: Reply's WebDAV server properly. 2013 at 4:16 am said: Reply I used your 1st met hod t o access my box account .168.davfs 0 0 192. However I cannot open any f iles or copy any f ile f rom t he mount ed f older. see RFC4331). How can I gain f ull access? Might be on boxes end? Rob Dan Nanni on May 24. I t ried t o make t he numbers look f unny.3:52776 74. t hen it was gone. Eit her get a no such f ile or direct ory or permission denied $ sudo net st at -nap | grep davf s tcp . So davf s can't help but lie. So I have f ollowed your inst ruct ions.112.. How can I f ix t hat ? Dan Nanni on May 17.Linux FAQ 7/17/14 same problem when I execut e df : ht t ps://www. so you will not ice t hey are f aked. 2013 at 5:25 pm said: Reply You might not be connect ed t o Box. From davf s2 README: "If t he server does not support RFC 4331 (most servers don't ). naut ilus) insist on t his.

Linux FAQ Dan Nanni on July 16. Elvis (@elvispm83) on August SC on Oct ober 18. at worst I'll do a rsync -delet e on t he t wo direct ories. Well. 2013 at 12:22 am said: Reply I do t his as easily via t he".davf s2/secret s cat /et c/init /box. CJ on Sept ember mount on Naut ilus. except I use konqueror.How to mount Box. Fletch Hasues on August 17.04 t hat will aut omount t he above conf ig if password and username saved in ~/. as on Oct ober 31. I'll t est how sync works as I have a copy of all t he f iles locally.davf s2/secret s I'm get t ing t his: No such f ile or direct ory http://xmodulo.html 8 / 16 . in gnome-3 t he "connect t o server" screen changed a lot . I manged t o writ e a f ile inside. 2013 at 4:57 am said: Reply Cont ent s of new upst art st yle init f ile f or ubunt u Please ref er t o t he updat ed post above f or more det ail. 2013 at 2:48 pm said: Reply at f irst glance it works like a charm. so t hat you can re-mount Box. and how long t o cache t hem. 2013 at 8:24 am said: Reply on t his command chmod 600 ~/. 2013 at 12:23 am said: Reply Good t o know webdav is support ed by konqueror. you will be prompt ed f or credent ials. use "davs:// cloud storage on Linux . Dan Nanni on August 17. 2013 at 12:26 am said: 7/17/14 Reply What you can do is t o "bookmark" t he Box.conf ---------------------Cont ent s Below--------------------------st art on runlevel [2345] st op on shut down respawn exec sudo -H -n -u xmodulo /bin/mount /home/xmodulo/box. 2013 at 6:53 pm said: Reply FYI.

davf s2/secret s. 2013 at 10:09 pm said: Reply It seems t hat f rom November 22nd but I am reluct ant t o change (as I'm not sure where t hey came f rom): http://xmodulo. So f irst t ry mount ing wit hout set t ing username/password.davf s2/secret s is generat ed.davf s2 may not exist yet . Any idea? T IA.How to mount only ret urns a blank f or t he f irst t ime. t hen go ahead and modif y ~/. When I t ry t o mount ( mount box. Now in t rying t o look at somet hing on my box.html 9 / 16 . Post has been updat ed. 2013 at 6:13 pm said: Reply Ubunt u 12. 2013 at 7:02 pm said: Reply Can anyone log int o cloud storage on Linux . I have re-t raced t he st inst ead Dan Nanni on November 27. aladin on November 23. 2013 at 3:30 am said: Reply T hanks f or t he heads up. and f ound 2 t hings t hat appear t o be dif f erent . I f ind it will not mount af t er ent ering I get : /sbin/mount .04 64-bit I had f ollowed t hese direct ions several mont hs ago.davf s: Mount ing f t o ht t ps:// Chuck on November 2013 at 3:31 am said: Reply T hey changed t he DAV endpoint f rom ht t ps://www.Linux FAQ 7/17/14 any suggest ions? Dan Nanni on Oct ober mount . ~/. Dan Nanni on November 27. ht t ps://www. 2013 at 10:27 pm said: Reply Use: ht t ps://dav. Is t here anot her solut ion or workaround? aladin on November 23. 404 not f ound. Once ~/. Naut ilus just t hrows error "Unhandled error message: HT T P Error: Not Found". t his is not working anymore. 2013 at 2:40 pm said: Reply If you are t rying t o mount box. and was able t o get t his t o work f using dav in Naut ilus? I can't . jangkrik on November 24.

user-level).php?id=23946 t hanks in advance (I will f ollow up if I f ind an answer elsewhere) Adam on December 19. See t he above reply and updat ed art] use_locks 0 # f rom ht t p://xmodulo..10. Sorry f or t he 'f alse alarm' and t hanks f or t he quick and kind response! Graeme Donaldson on December 11. Do you know if it is possible t o use t his wit h a "single sign-on" account .com/dav 50G 17M 50G 1% /home/graeme/box.html Reply 10 / 16 . T hanks in advance! Dan Nanni on November ml So I'm not sure why/where it is f . syst em-wide).t hat was User Error 101 (t he User being me!). I see t hat t he set t ing f or user_locks has been placed in a 'sect ion' apparent ly specif ic t o box. Working perf ect ly on Ubunt u 13.davf s2/davf s2. and it had a syst em-wide set t ing (user_locks) t hat I had t o comment out due t o a dif f erent error (syst em-wide set t ing in user conf ig f ile) 2.I may have done t his but I don't see it in t he inst ruct ions here. t his is very usef ul. and I doubt I was ent erprising enough t o look specif ically f or how t o limit t his t o a specif ic mount point .conf f ile (e.Linux FAQ 7/17/14 1. 2013 at 5:58 am said: Circumvent ing SSO is simple Filesyst em Size Used Avail Use% Mount ed on ht t ps://dav.. 2013 at 6:33 pm said: Reply T hanks.. FWIW it seems like t hey are now report ing usage properly: graeme@graeme-lapt op:~$ df -h box.conf ( 's been a f ew mont hs since I've t ried t o access anyt hing t hrough it (t hough I did verif y t hat my account creds w/box. 2013 at 3:33 am said: Reply You are not Chuck on November 27. I don't see t hat ref erenced here.How to mount cloud storage on Linux .com/2013/02/how-t o-mount -box-com-cloud-st orage-onlinux. T hey changed t heir DAV endpoint are t he same). 2013 at 9:29 pm said: Reply I JUST now saw t hat . 2013 at 2:57 pm said: Reply T hanks f or t he inst ruct ions. T he sect ion is: [~/ Adam on December in t he /et c/davf s2/davf s2. just go under your account and http://xmodulo. or what changed t o make it not work . such as when your employer provides access t hrough t heir own syst em? f or example: ht t ps:// I have a ~/.

2013 at 4:15 am said: Reply I t hink you can simply repeat t he process f or every user on t he host . My quest ion is how can I connect more t han one /home/user1/box. Indeed t he new point is import ant : ht t ps://dav. 2013 at 6:03 am said: Reply Here are t he relevant inst ruct ions on t he Box help pages: ht t ps://support .html 11 / 16 ..noauto 0 0 t he ent erprise account can be accessed wit hout icles/200519748-Does-Box-support -WebDAVmarcnz on December 30. and if I can't get it t o work I'll probably t ry a FT P account s t o t he *same* Ubunt u user? For each of my box.davf s2/secret s and a "ht t ps://dav. How t o have mult iple ent ries in /et c/f st ab and /et c/davf s2/secret s t o perf orm t his act ion? Great t hread :) T hank my_box_com_password" line t o ~/. 2013 at 3:59 am said: Reply I am glad I f ound t his post .box. Dan Nanni on December 30.noauto 0 0 T hen have each user st ore t heir Box password in his/her own home direct ory: $ vi ~/. 2014 at 10:59 pm said: Reply Any idea how t o connect mult iple davfs rw. Allow t hem t o mount : $ sudo usermod -a -G davfs2 user1 $ sudo usermod -a -G davfs2 user2 Edit /et c/f st ab: which lead t o t he 404 Not f ound acct s I've added a "ht t ps://dav.user. Af t er t hat . Unf ort unat cloud storage on Linux .com/dav davf s account s in t he same comput er? I would like t o provide t he box. t ech support (bot h at Box and our in-house t echnicians) did not t ell me about t his solut ion.How to mount account f or every user.davfs2/secrets Jack on April 6. I don't know a way t o t ell davf s2 which mount ed f older f rom f st ab corresponds t o which line in inst ead of t he previous ht t ps:// davfs rw.user. t hey just said "box does not support sync on linux". I'll t ry t his WebDAV approach. Adam on December /home/user1/box.noaut o 0 0" line t o f st ab.Linux FAQ 7/17/14 "creat e ext ernal password".

f irst t e. 2014 at 11:36 am said: Reply Excellent descript ion t hat worked seamlessly. davf s2 just mount s it t o t he box acct whose login inf o is t he last (f urt hest down) ent ry on t he secret s list . ht t ps://dav. For every mount ed f 2014 at 3:28 am said: Reply T hanks f or t he account . 2014 at 4:05 am said: Reply How do you do met hod # 1. e. Does it wait f or t he sync t o complet e whilst unmount ing t he pat h (which would be in about t wo days f or me). 2014 at 6:46 pm said: Reply I just want ed t o say t hanks f or writ ing t his guide.I don't want t o t ry it on t his sync! aaron on March 30. tink on May 8. (connect t o server) when using Dolphin (KDE users)? riban on January 26. I not ice t hat you can mount subdirect ories of your Box.g. I also not iced t hat copying large amount s of dat a appears t o complet e (much) sooner t han it act ually does. I don't know what happens if t he local host is t urned of f part way t hrough. I managed t o connect my box account in KDE over kubunt u 12. Usef ul but somet hing t o be aware of . cp ~/pict ures/* ~/box.How to mount ures ret urned t o a command line prompt in a f ew minut es but t he 12GB of f iles are cont inuing t o be copied (sync'd) in t he background. 2014 at 7:58 am said: Reply T hanks f or post ing t his. T his allows you t o mount dif f erent f olders on you Box.Linux FAQ 7/17/14 secret s. it made set t ing up t he command-line version a ures. maybe t o allow dif f erent users t o access dif f erent f olders or t o limit access t o t he f iles st ored on Box. I f ollowed your f irst solut ion and conf igured my box account in dolphin f ile manager wit hout any issues! Dave on January 24.g. T hanks in advance f or any ideas you might have T ushar on January 9. While it mount s like a charm and I can happily open/read f iles I have an odd issue http://xmodulo. hence delaying power-of f ? Does it st op copying (syncing)? Does it leave t runcat ed (part ially copied) f iles? Who knows .04 wit hout any I got it working wit h davf s2 wit hout a account by adding t heir pat h t o t he mount source pat h. t hough.html 12 / 16 .com cloud storage on Linux .

f ound a way t o get around t he issue? jay on July 7.but t hat 's so t edious. « How t o uninst all and remove Apache2 on Ubunt u or Debian How t o add or remove a st at ic ARP ent ry on Linux » http://xmodulo. so is losing t he f ile.html 13 / 16 . Notify me of new posts by email. If I edit it . which kind of makes it point less :( Download via web-int erf ace f ollowed by uploading a new version works as expect ed . :) Has anyone experienced similar issues.Linux FAQ 7/17/14 wit h a keepass DB f ile. I can reproduce t he behaviour. even bet t cloud storage on Linux . And pressing ent er does not hing. Required f ields are marked * Name * Email * Website Comment Post Comment Notify me of follow-up comments by email. and ends up in my "T rash" in t he web-int erf ace. So I am st uck and can't get t o where I can edit my f st ab f ile t o remove t hat line. Unf ort unat ely. now when I rest art t he server I am prompt ed t o ent er my box username on t he server t erminal at st art up but it won't let me ent er anyt hing. Mind you. and t he work t hat went int o it . but can't st op it f rom happening. 2014 at 2:13 am said: Reply I went t hrough t hese direct ions and made t he changes t o my server. and save it it disappears af t er a while. What can I do? Leave a co mment Your email address will not be published.How to mount Box.

How to mount cloud storage on Linux .Linux FAQ 7/17/14 Linux FAQ cat egories Amazon AWS (3) Android (14) Audio (8) Cent OS (33) Chromium OS (1) Cisco (1) Cloud Services (7) CloudSt ack (2) Dat abases (15) Debian (18) Deskt op (24) Development (25) Edit ors (11) Fedora (10) Filesyst em (23) Games (5) Google (9) Graphics (21) Hadoop (2) Hardware (9) Java (13) Kernel (9) KVM (3) Light weight Linux (1) Mat h (2) Net working (111) Open vSwit ch (2) OpenSt ack (4) OpenWRT (1) Perl (6) Product ivit y (4) Publishing (2) Pyt hon (2) Raspberry Pi (10) Securit y (45) Shells (15) Syst em (30) Ubunt u (36) Ut ilit ies (24) Video (16) Virt ualBox (11) Virt ualizat ion (8) VMware (21) Vyat t a (6) 14 / 16 .

html 15 / 16 .How to mount cloud storage on Linux .com/2013/02/how-to-mount-box-com-cloud-storage-on-linux.Linux FAQ 7/17/14 Web (27) Windows Azure (1) Xen (2) XenServer (10) Ent er your email address t o subscribe Your email address Like Subscribe 74 Search Relat ed Linux FAQs How t o upload How t o sync phot os t o Flickr on Google Drive f rom Linux t he command line on Linux How t o mount Google Drive on Linux What is a good GUI-based Flickr upload t ool in Linux? How t o access Dropbox f rom t he command line in Linux How t o sync Microsof t OneDrive on Linux http://xmodulo.

com cloud storage on Linux .st y not f ound” Lat ex error on Linux Xmodulo List Seahorse BleachBit Unison Nginx noVNC shellinabox wxHexEdit or Kdenlive Meld Phot oRec T weet 20 About Advertise 56 to mount Box.html Write for Us Contact Share 56 Share 4 16 / 16 .Linux FAQ 7/17/14 Ask Xmodulo How t o How t o How t o How t o How t o How t o How t o How t o How t o How t o def ine PAT H environment variable f or sudo commands upgrade Ruby on Cent OS convert a t ext f ile int o a Word document on Linux inst all RubyGems on Linux upgrade aut oconf on Cent OS f ix “f ailed t o run libt oolize: No such f ile or direct ory” error inst all VMware T ools on ESXi Linux guest VM inst all Google Aut hent icat or on Linux check t he number of MySQL connect ions on Linux f ix “lineno.