Chapter 6- Tanya and the werewolves

Bella’s p.o.v.

I still couldn’t get over it. If I hadn’t used that move on Edward, we could have been kissing. Why couldn’t have he seen that vision and tried harder to pin me? Grr… It was two days after the wrestling incident. Emmett had gotten over the grudge against me after I had let him pin me down without trying. He was happy all the same. The families had gone back to school today because it was Monday. I wasn’t ready to go out in public for a while so I would have to stay home all the time. But something just occurred to me. Tanya would be there. She would have even more time with Edward. Not that she would need it seeing as she sticks to his side like glue. But all the extra touching and talking. What if she and him were in biology together, arms touching, smiling at each other, sharing flirty glances. The couch I was sitting on in the living room was creaking under protest as my grip on the armrest got tighter. I quickly released it. White, expensive leather was hard to replace. I sighed heavily and stared at the cracks in the ceiling above. Would getting over the fact that he didn’t love me get any easier? The home phone started to ring so I got up and ran into the kitchen.

“Hello?” I picked up the cordless phone. “Bella!” Alice’s voice sounded jubilant on the other end. “Could you come drive the BMW to school? It’s a little crowded in Edward’s Volvo and I think we’ll need it.” The words “Edward’s Volvo” even made my heart clench. “But Alice,” I protested. “I can’t. I don’t know the way there, I have red eyes, and what if I attack someone? You and Rosalie were right next to me at the mall so I didn’t kill anyone, but I can’t do this.” “You can so missy! I’ve already seen a vision and you’ll do great. Just pop in some brown contacts from in the bathroom and you’ll be fine. I promise you won’t attack anyone.” “Okay. When do I pick you up?” “School’s almost over so drive on down now. The directions to the school are in the dashboard.” “You were prepared for this vision weren’t you?” “Yep. Now don’t rain on my parade and come on down here!” “Aye aye captain.”

“Oh and just a heads up. Don’t be alarmed by the attention.” She hung up without a goodbye. I put the phone back in the cradle and shook my head. What was up with Alice these days? She’s seeing the strangest things lately. I had popped in the contacts and was backing out of the garage right now. I left Esme a note incase she came home early from shopping at Home Depot. Carlisle was at the hospital from six in the morning to seven at night so he wasn’t expected back home for four more hours. The directions to the school were easy enough. It only took me one look over to remember the street names to turn at and what roads to stay on. The school was slightly bigger than the one back home in Forks, but not by a large number. Many people didn’t live in this town. The place reeked of human. How does my family just sit around and ignore their blood? But for some reason, the smell didn’t entice me, but it actually was repulsing. There was just too much of it. It was like perfume. The aroma was great when squeezed once on, but too much made you gag. That was exactly how it was like right now. I found the Volvo and parked in an empty space next to it. The car was near the front doors of the school unluckily. Now people will be able to see me. Great.

The ear splitting rang of the bell signaled that school was over. I got out of the car and waited for my family. They weren’t the first out of the building which was also bad. Alice practically left me with the population to fawn over me. I got many whistles and hollers for me to come and join the boys in their cars. I just ignored them. But one had the nerve to come over and actually talk to me. He was probably very good looking to teenage girls, but my heart only belongs to one person. The boy standing in front of me had blonde hair with brown high lights and cream colored skin. His teeth were white, but had a sheen of yellow plaque. Eww. He was wearing a royal blue and gold letterman jacket, so I could only guess he was on some type of sports team. His hazel eyes were looking me up and down, and rested on my chest. The filthy human didn’t even have the nerve to say hello. I coughed and crossed my arms in front of my chest. He looked up at me unashamed and smiled in a way that was supposed to be attractive. “Hey, I’m Chad.” He put out his hand for me to shake. I just stared at it and responded stiffly. “Bella.” “Nice to meet you Bella.” He lowered his hand, a little embarrassed. I nodded.

“Umm, I know I just met you, but what are you doing Friday night?” He was really going to try that on me? If he only knew what I was, he would be running away, screaming his head off. “No thank you.” “Oh c’mon. How about next Friday?” “She said no Chad.” Someone answered for me and slung their arm over my shoulders. I looked up to see Edward shooting daggers at him. He pulled me more into his side in a protective way. Chad was clearly afraid and backed off. “Is he giving you trouble sweetheart?” Edward acted perfectly and to top it off, he kissed me on my temple. The gaping hole in my chest got bigger. This was just lying, this was just lying. His kissed still left a burning sensation on my head and I wondered how it would feel on my lips. “I’m okay.” My voice was a little strained. It was noticeable to vampires, but not to the boy in front of us. Chad gritted his teeth and mumbled before he walked off.

“Cullen can get any girl he wanted, and he just had to have the hottest one.” “Are you really okay?” Edward asked me once he was out of hearing range. “Yes. It was just a human,” I looked up into his eyes. “No, I meant are you actually okay.” I shook my head and bit my bottom lip. He sighed. “Don’t feel sad Bella. I won’t leave you. Never again.” That isn’t what I’m sad about! I’m depressed you have another love! Gosh, I thought you were smart for someone who is over one hundred years old. Guess I was wrong. He moved closer so our foreheads were touching. “Please see that I love you,” He begged quietly. “I…” I choked. “Eddykins!” “Interrupted once again.” I sighed. Edward cleared his throat and we pulled away. Tanya was of course sauntering over to us with the rest of the family. Her family wasn’t with her so I guess she abandoned them. Alice looked pissed at her. So this was a

plan of hers! What did she see? Ooh I was going to strangle that pixie if she didn’t give me any explanations. Tanya gave Edward a tight hug with her arms around his neck. He left his arms limp against his sides and looked at anything except for her. So he was embarrassed to be intimate with her in public. That’s understandable. I would be embarrassed to kiss Edward in front of Charlie when I was human. He’s just shy to show affection for Tanya in front of his family. “Thanks again for letting me catch a ride in your car Alice.” Tanya smiled warmly at her. “My sisters wanted to go to the mall and I didn’t.” Oh, so the rest of the family was getting close to Tanya. Well it does make sense. If Tanya and Edward got…married….I suppressed a growl. NO way in hell was she marrying him. Anyways, if they were to get married, they she would become a sister in law. Whatever was ours was hers. Maybe I should try and get closer to Tanya? Over my pile of ashes, my mind thought viciously. “Its fine,” Alice was still a little upset from earlier. “The boys will all take the Volvo and we girls will take the BMW.” I handed Rosalie over the keys and we all got into our cars. Unfortunately for me, I got stuck in the backseat with the wicked witch of the west. She giggled and waved flirtatiously at the guys as the drove off. They didn’t wave back.

The car ride as I hoped would be a quiet ride, but she just had to open that big mouth of hers. “I miss Edward already,” She sighed. “But for some reason he doesn’t look alright.” You just noticed? Wow…… “He’s seemed down all the time. I think it was that human who he was lusting after a year ago.” She quirked her lips for a second. “I told him she was bad news. I mean, how could you have a relationship with someone who can’t even repay you back sexually?” I was grinding my teeth together by now. Who gave her the authority to talk like that about me? Alice and Rosalie looked at me warily from the back. I just smiled back at them and lifted my eyebrows before looking back out the window. “And honestly, humans aren’t that pretty. He probably just went for her to get rid of some release.” “Actually,” Rosalie cut in. “She was very beautiful and Edward still loves her to this day.” I gave Rose a thankful glance and she gave me a half smile. Tanya didn’t notice our exchange. “Then where is she? Did you meet her Bella?” Tanya turned to me.

Alice and Rosalie were giving her shocked looks. “No. I lived in Phoenix. The family told me the girl was from Forks.” I played along. “See, even the town must have been as boring as she was!” One more word Blondie and I will kill you. “And if he did sleep with her, she must have been a slut. Edward wouldn’t go for someone without practice. He must have met her in a strip club, giving head to some drunk guy.” Oh that’s it bitch! My hands were curling into claws and were lifting slowly off my lap. Just a short distance from her neck…. “Oh look we’re here!” Alice interrupted loudly. As soon as Rosalie parked in the garage I zipped out of the car and into the house. “What’s her problem?” I heard Tanya sneer. “Must have been the humans,” Rosalie mumbled. I tore the contacts out of my eyes, but instead of the perfect vision I saw, everything around me was in a red haze. I could smell Jasper along with the

boys in the living room. He looked at me perplexed when I stalked into the room. “Jasper,” I hissed urgently. He catapulted so many calm waves at me I collapsed in the open seat on the couch. I am never going in another car ride with Tanya. And if I am ever alone with her again, she is not coming out alive. “I can see the car ride went well,” Emmett joked. I glared at him and bared my teeth. He pretended to look scared and put a cushion in front of him as a shield. Edward looked concerned. “What happened?” I ignored him and tried to focus on the weatherman on the TV screen. Hmm, we were expecting another four inches of snow tonight. “Was it Tanya?” He tried again. My eyes flickered to him for a second and then back to the TV. “I’d rather not talk about it,” I said through clenched teeth. “What did she say?”

Alice and Rosalie along with Esme joined the room. “It’s not every day you get called a slut,” Alice answered Edward’s question. My hands gripped the arm rests too tightly and there was a rip of the fabric. Oops. Edward looked furious and got up to leave the room. I knew his intentions before even trying to exit the room. I simply put my foot out and he tripped. Emmett of course, pointed and laughed. Edward looked up at me like “what the hell?” “It’s not worth it.” I explained and moved my foot back in. “When she gets me angry, I’ll hurt her.” “Where is she anyway?” Asked Esme. “She went home.” Rosalie told her. “Hallelujah!” I exclaimed. Emmett and Jasper snickered at me. “What? How would you like it if someone practically called you a whore?” I asked. Emmett and Jasper snapped to their senses and got protective.

“No one says that about my baby sister,” Emmett tried to get up. I pushed him down with a flick of my finger. “Do I have to trip you too?” I gestured to Edward who was still on the floor. “Why can’t you let us defend you Bella?” Jasper whined. “Because I can do it myself. Besides, chivalry is dead anyway.” I explained. “It’s not dead! The Cullen boys keep it alive!” Alice disagreed. “And we never get repaid for holding open all those doors,” Emmett muttered. Edward got off the floor and sat back down on the couch. He was still mad. I didn’t have to be Jasper to tell that seeing how he kept eyeing the back door. “Don’t even think about it.” I said to him and he scowled. What was his problem anyway? He didn’t get mad at me when I did something wrong. Well, I’m not as mean as her mind you. When you were in love, couldn’t you never stay mad at your significant other? That was weird. But eh, couples do have arguments once in a while. The family and I watched TV while waiting for Carlisle to come home. It was five minutes till he was expected home when I heard a noise that triggered something in the back of my brain. The howl of a wolf.

“Ooh, looks like a new pack is in tonight,” Emmett said excitedly. He was always excited for more hunting game. But this howl was different. It wasn’t regular like most. It was…mournful? I got off the couch and started to walk towards the sound outside. “No,” I disagreed. “It’s not a regular wolf.” “Bella!” The family called after me. But I didn’t go back. The howl was from in our backyard. Animals are usually smart enough to stay far from the house. Our scent wasn’t appetizing to them. When I finally saw it, I gasped. The wolf was defiantly not an ordinary wolf. It was horse sized with russet colored fur. Next to it was another of its brethren. The other was bigger and had black fur. The wolf with russet fur locked its black eye on me and then I instantly knew. “Jake.” I breathed. He whined back at me and his ears folded down. “Oh Jake. I’ve missed you so much.” I took a hesitant step forward. The wolf next to him growled at me and I stepped back.

“That’s no way to think about a lady Sam.” Edward’s voice came from behind me. I looked to see my family along with Carlisle. I didn’t know they had joined us. Jacob and Sam snarled at Edward viciously. “Nice to see you again too,” He challenged. Sam looked at Jacob and barked at him. They jumped into a bush and then there was the sound of growling and ripping. A few seconds later, Jacob and Sam came back in human form with shorts on. “Bella,” Jacob sadly looked at me. “I’m sorry Jake.” I quietly looked down. “And you,” Jake turned to Edward. “What gives you the right to come back into my best friend’s life after breaking her heart you bloodsucker!” Edward remained silent. “You Cullen’s have broken the treaty. You bit Bella and I’m sure you’re all aware of the consequences.” Sam said with his voice full of authority. “You have to know why I bit her,” Carlisle pleaded. Sam nodded. “She was dying in her own room. Someone had come into her home and had beaten

her. Stitches in the back of Bella’s head were bleeding swiftly and I only had two seconds to change her when Alice, Emmett, and I arrived.” “Is this true?” Sam turned to me. “Yes,” I nodded. “My old boyfriend from Phoenix decided for a ‘surprise’ visit.” “We did smell a different human scent in the house,” Jake told us. “I can’t believe we let him get away.” “Oh don’t worry,” Emmett grinned. “I took care of him.” I shuddered. I did not want to know what he did to him. “You drank his blood,” Sam was appalled. “No,” Emmett wrinkled his nose. “And let his contaminated blood inside me? Disgusting.” Well so much for not wanting to know what happened. “But there is still the consequences,” Sam looked at me and took a step forward. There were hisses of protest from my family. Edward put himself in front of me in a protective stance.

“Sam, Jake please!” I begged. “They were just trying to save my life. Would you have let me die?” Jake faltered. He stood on the spot, like he couldn’t move. His eyes flickered between me and Sam rapidly. “Jacob! Come!” Sam barked. It seemed like it was an eternity before Jake made his decision. I was holding my breath. Please Jake please! Jake locked his jaw and stood up straighter. He gave me one long look. Oh no, he’s going to help him. “Sam, I will not do as you ask. I’m the original alpha and will not do your bidding. I refuse to hurt my best friend. She may not be human, but why can’t we get along? I agree I would have never chosen this…life style for her, but as long as she is happy then I am okay with her being a…vampire.” Jake’s voice rang with the authority of a true leader. The breath I had been holding released. My eyes shined with the tears that could not shed. There’s my best buddy. “Jacob Black!” Sam gasped. “Now, I am going to leave. You can try and take the Cullen’s, but I don’t think you’ll come out alive. I know we wouldn’t if we had tried. Oh and

when you’re ready Bella, come back to Forks for a visit. Everyone else misses you.” Jake waved farewell to me before running off into the forest. Sam looked at the eight of us. He couldn’t take us now even if he tried. There was a pause of silence and then he zipped away from the area. The family was still tense and on guard, ready for a surprise attack. And naturally, Emmett was the first to break the silence. Oh yeah that’s right! Take that you little pups!” We all laughed at Emmett. We all straightened out of our defensive crouches. “How did you know about the werewolves’ secret?” Carlisle asked me. “I was getting angry at Jake for not visiting me for over two weeks. It got so annoying that I just drove down to La Push one day and knocked on his door. Jake answered the door, but I got him mad. And he sort of phased right in front of me. Luckily Sam was nearby so he didn’t hurt me, but I now know not to anger a werewolf.” I explained. “You out of all people Bella are the only one to get in trouble with two mythical creatures.” Alice shook her head in disbelief. “Come on family, let’s all go inside.” Esme ushered us in.

Edward caught my arm and pulled me back towards him. Esme noticed and closed the glass sliding door behind her to give us some privacy. “Yes?” I asked him. “You told me you didn’t have a boyfriend before Forks. You said there was no one else you wanted before me. Why did you lie?” He asked so many questions. “Because he wasn’t a good boyfriend. And I didn’t want him anyway. I actually tried to get rid of him as soon as he and I started dating. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to go inside.” I left him in the snow. I could sense he was still looking at me with a confused emotion. Of course I never wanted Nick. He was abusive and cruel. He could never measure up to how good Edward was to me. And no girl will love Edward the same way I love him.