Voyage of e Seas on e First Coast

t h e J a m e s B e a r d F o u n d at i o n February 11, 2010
a lw ay s i n y o u r e l e m e n t ™

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e nJoy Fr esh Flavors and First Coast inspired Cuisine at a z u r e a since its young inception, azurea, one ocean resort hotel & spa’s signature restaurant, has established its own food and wine personality, creating a culture of passion and seeking perfection. located in atlantic Beach, Florida, azurea remains true to its coastal surroundings, providing an elegant, artfully inspired atmosphere. under the direction of highly acclaimed executive Chef ted peters, the restaurant has quickly become a “must experience” destination for discerning diners. located on the beach, azurea showcases Florida’s First Coast cuisine with an eclectic tribute to the flavors of europe, the Caribbean, and the americas. the menu changes with each season, representing the latest trends and the finest ingredients. also available at azurea is the “adventurous palate” – a culinary journey customized to each guest’s preferences and personally prepared by Chef peters and his team of sous chefs. the “adventurous palate” experience includes perfectly paired wine selections for each course.

exeCutive CheF ted peters azurea’s highly acclaimed executive Chef ted peters has achieved a distinguished career working at some of the finest restaurants in europe and the united states. with 17 years of experience in the fine dining industry, Chef peters is a gourmet-cuisine veteran of international repute. he has made a name for himself hosting renowned wine festivals, appearing on distinguished committees and judging panels, as well as immersing himself in local charities. Chef peters' culinary expertise is now on display at one ocean resort hotel & spa in atlantic Beach, Florida, where he creates an intuitive dining experience for his guests that explores the north Florida region and offers innovative, well-balanced and flavorful choices.

a lw ay s i n y o u r e l e m e n t ™

wild mushroom Crisp with preserved meyer lemon aioli vanilla enrobed lobster medallion with tarragon vinaigrette natural lamb medallion with tupelo honey and Fresh Fern leaf lavender smoked eden Farms Berkshire pork Belly, sweet potato Brioche, Black Berry preserve Schramsberg Brut Rosé, Napa Valley, California 2005

Reception Dinne

coUrSe one Exploration of the Sea Scallop BBQ scallop with smoked Bacon and Caramelized onion Bread pudding Crisp tobacco onions marinated scallop with Florida Citrus Juice and datil peppers pan roasted scallop with hudson valley Foie Gras Custard Domaine Weinbach Pinot Gris Cuvée Sainte Catherine, Alsace 2007

coUrSe tWo Fennel pollen dusted pacific mero deep water lobster and mango Fricassee Coriander sea Foam Château Beaucastel Châteuneuf-du-Pape Blanc, Southern Rhone 2004

coUrSe three sparkling wild Florida strawberry water and indian river Citrus sorbet

coUrSe FoUr Crispy skinned red snapper english pea and okra succotash, Baby Corn Flan, micro Celery and affilia Cress salad north Florida wild Boar Bacon vinaigrette Domaine Serene “Côte Sud” Chardonnay, Willamette Valley, Oregon 2006

coUrSe FiVe Flight of Florida Citrus meyer lemon meringue tower, valencia orange Flan warm Key lime soufflé Cake, strawberry marmalade Center Grgich Hills Estate Violetta, Napa Valley, California 2006

selection of humane Certified organic artisan sweets


We would like to thank the following staff for making this evening possible: the culinary team of azUrea restaurant hans ritten, director of Food and Beverage, one ocean resort hotel & Spa executive Sous chef James King, one ocean resort hotel & Spa pastry chef nancy Slatsky, one ocean resort hotel & Spa

We would also like to thank the following vendors for providing their wonderful products & services: Foley Fish company hawaiian Fresh Seafood hudson yards catering – executive chef robb Garceau newchef Fashion pastry Smart premier Beverage company the chef’s Garden

a lw ay s i n y o u r e l e m e n t ™

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one ocean resort hotel & spa is a designated member of Florida’s Green lodging program and is committed to innovative and imaginative methods for conserving natural resources, reducing waste, and minimizing pollution while maximizing sustainability.