Volume 1, Issue 4 Spring 2008 CARE PO Box 3543 Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 (970)264-4293 Board of Directors

: Lisa Hauger Robbie Parker Ellen Schmidt Anita Hinger
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Spring Newsletter What has CARE been up to?

Christian Adoption Resources and Encouragement, Inc.

A ministry dedicated to Jesus Christ & expressing His love to parentless children and Christian Families world wide.

 Raise, collect, and distribute funds to assist Christian families with the expenses of adopting (an infant or international adoption can average $20,000)  Educate and encourage Christians within churches (bodies of believers) concerning adoption.  Provide resources for Christians promoting and/or sponsoring adoption.

Currently, we’ve received an abundance of calls from families who are interested in adopting. We’ve answered questions, offered options, made referrals and then we pray their interests grow into desires that are pursued and fulfilled. Adoption is not just an event, it’s a process. CARE’s goals include walking with families through that process—from sending information packages, educating, hosting trainings, maintaining a support group, to providing grants and building a lending library. We believe families who open their hearts to welcome home waiting children deserve resources to help them on their journey. If you believe parentless children deserve to be in families that are equipped for this unique parenting adventure, please see our prayer list on back and ask God if you have a part in helping form healthy adoptive families.
“The Lord has told us that He is the Father to the Fatherless; so, if we truly want to experience God we must go where He is— in the fields of the fatherless. God has called us to work together in bringing His love to this world. Right now there are millions of children around the world in need of a loving home. How are we—the church— going to respond to the heart of God to care for the orphans?” Fighting for the Fatherless

Are you adopting? CARE accepts applications for financial assistance between May 1st and October 1st of each year. Contact CARE for your application.

CARE’s friend, Cheryl Class-Erickson will not continue to serve as board President. Her family’s goals are taking more time and energy, and after much prayer, she has decided to resign this position; although she plans to continue praying, supporting and volunteering for CARE. Cheryl’s wisdom and service over the years has truly blessed CARE, children and families. We thank God for her assistance of leadership. Until the board reconvenes for voting purposes, Vice President, Lisa Hauger, will fill in temporarily.

Steven Curtis Chapman
Recording Artist

CARE is interested in presenting to your organization. Call for details.

Family Bridges Project working under CARE’s supervision in partnership with the National Adoption Exchange is providing postadoptive support services to families. Please call Lisa Hauger (970)264-4293 for more information..

Welcome Home
TUCKER Texas “In celebration of our two precious boys, we wanted to send a donation to CARE, both as a thank you for helping us when we needed it and to hopefully help another couple to know the joys of family.”

CARE’s biggest joy is receiving pictures and letters from families who have

welcomed home their children. Rejoice with us for God has set these little ones in families. MASON Texas “Thank You for your gift! We pray continued blessings on your ministry and look forward to the day when we can contribute monthly to your organization to help other couples carry out God’s will for their lives!” MERCI Kenya “Every day she seems to come more alive as she feels the security of our home. Thanks for your continued prayer for us as we take on this new and exciting challenge.”

Prayer Needs:
 Donations toward grants awarded to Christian families expressing financial need For children who need families For families involved in the adoption process Help in all areas of fundraising including Coordinator Volunteers Office Supplies Call Ellen Schmidt (970)731-9505
A full financial accountability is available upon request.

 

Let your City Market or King Sooper’s Value Cards in Colorado work for CARE. There’s no limit to the number of people you can sign up! YOU still receive your discounts, and WE receive a percent of your purchases from City Market as our fundraiser. To date, CARE has received $5,088.00 from the City Market Value Card Program to give to adopting families. Cut out and mail to: CARE, PO Box 3543, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.

Christian Adoption Resources and Encouragement, Inc. PO Box 3543, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 (970)264-4293