Volume 1, Issue 2 Summer 2007 CARE PO Box 3543 Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 Board of Directors: Cheryl Class-Erickson

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Welcome to CARE

Christian Adoption Resources and Encouragement, Inc.

Summer Newsletter
A ministry dedicated to Jesus Christ & expressing His love to parentless children and Christian Families world wide.

 Raise, collect, and distribute funds to assist Christian families with the expenses of adopting (an infant or international adoption can average $20,000)  Educate and encourage Christians within churches (bodies of believers) concerning adoption.  Provide resources for Christians promoting and/or sponsoring adoption.

CARE practices what it preaches! We believe God, our Father, wants His church to be responsible for caring for the fatherless. What better way to do that than to adopt these children into our families! (The very thing God has done for us.) Our Board has been busy doing just that. The Hinger’s now have two toddlers (adoptions finalized!) they’re chasing around the house. The Parker’s have applied to adopt again, and the Hauger’s are starting paperwork to welcome home another child. Our job at CARE involves helping parentless children by enabling Christian Families to embrace them through adoption. Please ask the Lord how you could help a child find a home. much prayer, the Clah’s now work in their ministry “Vessels of Honor.” Their passion is to reach Native Americans with the cleansing power of Christ through teaching and equipping. They not only work with DeNer and the Southern Ute Detention Center, they also foster 7 older Native American children and are in the process of adopting. The simple brochure we designed that expresses needs of parentless children was used by God to draw the Clah’s into their destiny—to care for the fatherless. PRAISE THE LORD!


Sometimes we get so involved with our responsibilities in CARE that we loose sight of what God could be doing beyond our efforts. Three years ago Darrel and Dana Clah were investigating opportunities to be involved with Native American Ministries in Ignacio. Dana received a CARE brochure and the Lord began speaking to her to become involved with children who need families. After

Our Family Bridges Project hosts support groups and various activities that promote healthy adoptive families. If you’d like to be involved, call Lisa Hauger at 264-4293.

Grants Awarded in 2007
A big smile from Charity Tezeta-Noel
Welcome home! With the help of a $3,000 grant from CARE, a wonderful family now holds their beautiful daughter from Ethiopia. A child, from a country of persecution, who had no mom or dad now embraces a new life—a gift from her heavenly Father. Thank you for your help. Psalm 63. The $1,000 grant CARE received from Wells Fargo Bank has been allocated to 2 local families of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, who are in the adoption process. We’ve applied for another grant from this financial institution to help our community’s families welcome home their children. CARE has awarded $8000 in grants for adoptive families in the United States. In partnership with Archuleta County Human Services, CARE received a grant from the National Adoption Exchange to provide support services for local adoptive families.

Are you adopting? CARE accepts applications for financial assistance between May 1st and October 1st of each year. Contact CARE for your application.

CARE is interested in presenting to your organization. Call for details.

Prayer Needs:
  For children who need families For families involved in the adoption process Help in all areas of fundraising Health for Lisa

 

Did you know that over 120,000 children in the USA need families.

Let your City Market or King Sooper’s Value Cards in Colorado work for CARE. There’s no limit to the number of people you can sign up! YOU still receive your discounts, and WE receive a percent of your purchases from City Market as our fundraiser. To date, CARE has received $4,234.00 from the City Market Value Card Program to give to adopting families. Cut out and mail to: CARE, PO Box 3543, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.

A full financial accountability is available upon request.

Christian Adoption Resources and Encouragement, Inc. PO Box 3543, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 (970)264-4293