Edition 05 January 2010

Index rebounds in solid trade volume

anuary’s index value increased by almost 8 points thanks in large part to some heavy trading in “more liquid” issues - funds that were not gated or impaired, but which investors found themselves still within the lock-up period. Dispersion widened again to more than 64 points with meaningful volume transacting towards the lower end of the range. For the second month in a row activity in private equity related issues was substantial. As the quarter progresses and year end statements are delivered to investors there should be an even greater focus on this asset class. Credit is still and should continue to be heavily traded this year. While some stability has returned to these markets, most believe the underlying fundamentals have not changed all that much and that the “concept” of credit is still quite fragile. As a result, prices have been muted in what is expected to be a longer work-out time frame.




Average discount or premium (to NAV) since 1999

!" Date

Average price of trades
Average % of NAV 87.93% 79.78% 86.10% 86.73% 82.90% 88.40% 88.69% 90.35% 92.26% 89.33% 80.31% 84.36% Monthly % change 9.27% -7.34% -0.72% 4.41% -6.22% -0.33% -1.84% -2.07% 3.28% 11.23% -4.80% 1.28%

01-Aug-99 01-Nov-99 01-Feb-00 01-May-00 01-Aug-00 01-Nov-00 01-Feb-01 01-May-01 01-Aug-01 01-Nov-01 01-Feb-02 01-May-02 01-Aug-02 01-Nov-02 01-Feb-03 01-May-03 01-Aug-03 01-Nov-03 01-Feb-04 01-May-04 01-Aug-04 01-Nov-04 01-Feb-05 01-May-05 01-Aug-05 01-Nov-05 01-Feb-06 01-May-06 01-Aug-06 01-Nov-06 01-Feb-07 01-May-07 01-Aug-07 01-Nov-07 01-Feb-08 01-May-08 01-Aug-08 01-Nov-08 01-Feb-09 01-May-09 01-Aug-09 01-Nov-09

108.00 106.00 104.00 102.00 100.00 (at NAV) 98.00 96.00 94.00 92.00 90.00 88.00 86.00 84.00 82.00 80.00 78.00

Hedgebay SMI (ex-distressed)

31-Jan-10 31-Dec-09 30-Nov-09 30-Oct-09 30-Sep-09 31-Aug-09 31-Jul-09 30-Jun-09 31-May-09 30-Apr-09 31-Mar-09 28-Feb-09


Top traded strategy
1st Relative Value 2nd Credit


Highest & lowest trades (relative to NAV)
Highest trade 93.50% Lowest trade 29.00%

Date Jan-10

Date Jan-10

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