Draft job description

Title: Network Engagement Director Based: Media House, Peterborough (UK) Reports to Group MD, Emap Specialist Media. Scope: Emap Job Purpose Summary: Thought lead with the following purposes: 1. Evangelise the (revenue and idea generating) power of the network with the emerging effect that the company functions in a more networked way leading to the delivery of more product launches, reinventions and acquisitions which are fit for the future. 2. Seek, see and share future business opportunities. 3. Quality assure big ideas across the business - Operating at the What (strategic) level. Heavier involvement defined/driven ONLY by the benefits to Job Purpose Summary 1. Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities 1. Offers Thought Leadership internally and externally 2. Thought leads by example (breaking out of and across silos): 3. Offers strategic overview and tactical analysis to MDs and project management teams against known, emerging and predicted macro trends. 4. Acquires and shares future business intelligence for/with senior team. 5. Enables self-forming adhoc teams 6. Works to close internal disconnect caused by hierarchical structures (idea flow). 7. Acts to fill structural holes 8. Supports examples of new emap culture and thinking: 9. Organises and stimulates disruption workshops.

Personal Skills and Abilities
A visionary Fascinated by future possibilities and able to consistently draw compelling conclusions which people will want to follow. Understands the socio-economic impact of world2.0 Believes in the power of the network, the value of putting the community first and of taking the narrow-cast, two-way-flow approach to information exchange; niche not mass. Scores engagement over interruption and understands that none of us is as clever as all of us. A strategic and creative thinker Acknowledges seismic change and defines clear paths to new goals. Able to make the complex simple. Confident in ability and intellect to challenge the status quo and shape the best possible future in an evolving world. Hungry and flexible enough to learn Enjoys the process of learning and the discovery of emerging solutions. Prepared to be wrong. Prepared to change. Non-dogmatic, non adversarial approach. A savvy entrepreneurial operator Able to seek out opportunities, prioritise options and make things happen. An entrepreneurial instinct for creating value. Action orientated person who gets things done Able to juggle multiple projects and priorities to deliver lasting, value-creating change. This role is about advocating and delivering a significant shift in culture. A strong communicator, negotiator and influencer Able to clearly articulate a vision, excite others, build relationships and work across the organisation to break down silos and flatten hierarchies. A passionate self starter Wants to change the world and over deliver (vs targets). Self-motivated, hungry and able to infuse others with similar enthusiasm.

Knowledge (Factual or procedural information needed to perform in the role) • • • • • • Deep knowledge of the internet and developing trends of user behaviour; Understands the power of the network, the value of an holistic approach and of systems thinking. Strong insight into where future opportunities will arrise Solid understanding of emerging business models/ecologies; Visionary understanding of what is coming next. Understands technology and how it will be used by communities to deliver new value

Experience (The minimum amount of experience required to perform in the role) • • • • • Strong and proven track record in digital media/communities Clear ability to analyse markets, identify opportunities and develop insight at a global strategic level Experienced in working with teams (internal and third party) to launch initiatives; Management experience in working with teams to deliver success Deep experience of corporate culture.