The media product that the Avenue Springs group produced developed and challenged real media product

in various ways through the making of the poster, magazine cover and the final product. By researching promos I looked at a variety and was able to understand what makes a soap promo interesting to the audience by looking at a promo of Home and Away and another one for Eastenders I noticed how sound, colours, editing and the scene influences the mood and impact of a promotional advert. By looking at these it made me think about how I could use certain angles and settings (transitions and effects) to intrigue the viewer to watch the promo. I challenged the conventions of a real media product by applying these to the film like changing transitions to make certain scenes darker and having angles low or high to be able to see the different points of view. We used car scenes to really challenge conventions of the a promo by adding more action to the clip like what you would see on big storylines. More in the promo production the use of effect on the titles and other sections challenged other promos that had been previously researched, in the planning stages. Using editing and being able to fade a scene in and out doing this to the titles made the general effect have a stronger impact on the promo. Titles I have noticed are exaggerated so the promo titles were developed to the maximum that could be applied. Speeding up and also cutting the film created a quick promo making the audience only see short bits so not too much is given away. For the poster by analysing a few before from posters from programmes like 90210, and desperate housewives they both portray the connote and denote of their meanings from the aesthetics and the titles or slogans, this is how we decided to move on with the poster. By putting the usual titles on them it already follow other posters. The connote meaning of Avenue Springs poster reveals someone in the boot of a car, while the denote portrays the sense of being trapped. In comparison to the posters mainly more the 90210 as that’s more similar to the storyline with this we used similar styles of having the cast in the shot. The magazine was created on the basis of what previous magazines I had reflected upon and what each one portrayed .By looking at these the covers became most bold using bright colour and text was always outlined of red or black. An exaggerated use of punctuation presents the bold storylines, that are used to promote each soap story. The use of aesthetics attracts the eye to look at the magazine, we used things like circles and other colours to make the consumer want to read the magazine.

Here is a link to a car scene which influence me for this scene.

Real media products use very similar techniques to how the whole Avenue Springs film and ancillary products were created to bring a large storyline to promote the piece as a whole. Eastenders is a soap which has produced many big storylines which have then been promoted by magazines, and adverts on TV. On the right is a Magazine Cover showing Ronnie a member of the Mitchell family with “Dark Secret”. This was a magazine cover I had analysed for my research when producing the Avenue Springs Cover. Noticing that bold fonts and colours are used this was how our magazine cover developed from looking at the micro aspects of it. The magazine cover for our promo was produced using bold colours and fonts, the only issue with this may have been how the vivid colours work in comparison to the forms of other magazine covers. To compare other promos to Avenue Springs there are similarities in the conventions, the linear storyline is cut into brief section showing the consumer the parts of the storyline which would draw there attention into watching the programme. The type of storyline Avenue Springs used was hyper-realistic in which the storyline could relate to a possible situation in real life, but some areas challenge usual forms by adding actions scenes and the body in the bag. But in a sense this would be what differs from the typical storylines in real media products, furthermore the techniques a set will use to make promos like this our very similar by using scripts and storyboards. Also scenes are continuously re-filmed till the right shot, lighting and stances are used. This was how we controlled the set up and made sure that we had all the right shots in order to produce the style intended. The promo open with a fade from black into a dark room like most promos you don’t understand what is happening at the beginning although using titles through and short clips all put together the pace picks up and the viewer remains intrigued with the passive information they have just received. The ideas did come from analysing other clips

Lastly the poster is one of the main ancillaries as it’s something people don’t have to read lots about and using pictures and a slogan its simple. Real media products create special posters using the cast involved in the storyline having a set using the same conventions the group did the same set up. So our media poster had a set in a car park and the characters all set up around the car show on the right. Camera Angles used for the poster was to have a mid shot including all the three main members of the storyline from the promo. This was the best shot used as it was using the same convention like other programmes. Editing of the poster was all created on Photoshop in circumstances for real media products they would as well use editing programmes which also change the image like Photoshop can. Following research of real media products the poster challenges normal conventions in the aesthetics, editing on Photoshop helped to produce a poster like a program called Becker that had a 1990s pencil drawn look.

Mise-en-scene used was keeping the same sense of character from the promo and the magazine cover to the poster. We used dark outfits for the two male leads in the promo this was due to the convention of a kidnapper wearing black to keep their disguise hidden. The car has a plain registration plate which shows the audience its stolen also having the victims hand hanging out of the back shows he is inside trapped. Titles used are something that our poster follows with the conventions of a poster to tell the times its on and channel just like the One Tree Hills poster above.

In relation to the typical soap page the overall media product followed most of the conventions, the research done related more to how a actual programme set and the conventions used a produced in a programme. When reducing this knowledge to become part of the media product and how the storyline should work with it was good as it followed a typical storyline of someone getting kidnapped, also having the characters of a victim, the kidnappers all in black wondering who they are, and the way the final scene was a woman saying “is it done” with this it all amount up to the typical soap opera. I believe that researching this helped a lot with the planning as it gave a ground piece to how to work with the project.

Titles were an important part to the media product and sounds for the Soap Promo. For an audience it helps people follow a story and it portrays a message. As people watch clips and link it up to the titles you can understand the promo better. Most titles used in promo have rhetorical questions and it leave the audience in suspense when watching. On the right there are three pictures each one from a different soap promo they all use the same convention of having the titles presenting something, the first being one from Eastenders produced by digital technology with the glow behind to make the text seem like its just appearing, beneath it Eastenders using the traditional overhead view of London's Thames and lastly Avenue Springs Promo. Even though Avenue Springs is a real media product in comparison in the production of the piece they all have similar styles create titles for the audience to match the mood of the promo. Magazines and Posters both use titles for general information except the only difference is poster promote using slogans and this was again found do research and analysing different posters for different programs to see how the conventions work and how it could be applied when doing our own poster, thus the same with the magazine. Magazine cover production uses a lot of layers and multiple programmes with it, creating our own by following the ways of having a main picture in the centre then bold titles to stand out on the page.

Sound was the last part of the film that was added on it can be used to set the mood of contrast is using juxtaposition where a violent scene uses happy music. Both films I analysed Home and Away and Eastenders, each one was different Eastenders used iconic music to match the promo exactly, Home and away did use juxtaposition at the start but cut off when the speed of the clip picked up. Avenue Springs used a couple of non copyright soundtracks, the first followed the mood of being dark ad the music carrying on a eerie presence, it then was over laid at the end with more music which was a complete contrast now using juxtaposition to finish off the promo. Having this research was effective for the film as it definitely added to the style as from draft which was simple and didn’t use much power adding the music made it much more effective to watch.

The combination of all the tasks are effective due to the way they all tie in with each other to make the product a whole. The conventions of the product make it apparent to consumer exactly what the genre and storyline that this being portrayed. Having three forms of media presented to people it makes the whole product appeal to a range viewers. The promo, the main product for people to watch, is the basis of the product using dark scenes and different angles and having fast clips engages the viewer this is then backed up further with the ancillary tasks as they use the same effects like the poster which uses the dark scene and uses some of the props and the human hand coming out of the boot. This represents the iconic storyline of kidnapping for a soap opera. Following the poster is the magazine which uses the bold styles to become a eye catching piece. Having the stills of the promo in there gives readers a glimpse at what will happen in the soap and characters. If the overall product had all the three pieces but they were all different but along the same storyline then it wouldn’t have worked, what made the product effect was that all the pieces used the same mood. Each of the pieces explains where the soap would be on and the time. Using the trailer people become engaged in the cliff hanger, then using the poster to show Dave in the boot and following with a magazine based upon this storyline of the trailer works very effective as it accomplishes the purpose of providing a product that consumers can understand.

Here are both of the final ancillary tasks. The one on the top right is the poster. This had to be changed part way through as the type of style wasn’t modern enough, and the title of our Soap was “The Dorm” this wasn’t right as that was our old name so it also got changed to the new Avenue Springs. The styling of this originated by looking at other poster s and when finding one by an American programme Becker, showed a different approach in the design aspect. The poster used a pencil drawn idea this maybe due to the programme made in the 1990s therefore digital technology wasn’t as advanced but the general look was different. So this was then interpreted and made on Photoshop using a variety of filters. Being able to use Photoshop made the products aesthetics a lot more effective to the combination of the product as a whole. Overall I think that the combination of these three products is very effective as they all use similar conventions by using the same theme to promote it. For the magazine having bold titles and clear pictures and the poster showing the cast and having information at the bottom about when its on. I believe that the magazine was a stronger piece with the promo as the poster didn’t use a slogan to make the product as a whole.

Distribution of the product would work well together as they all tie in with each other it would be easy to promote it. If this was promoted to the public the magazine would follow others in being sold at newsagents and supermarket chains, if people did buy the magazine and read about it they may be more influenced to watch the piece. Having a poster it really something to attract the eye, so just seeing when its on and the time would make want to see part of it even if they had never watched it before. Matching the two ancillary tasks with the promo is getting information out in to the mainstream market about Avenue Springs. The promo would ideally be advertised on tv but also available to watch via YouTube. As all these three pieces were created together they can work together to promote for example Rupert Murdoch owns many companies in which he uses different sub companies to promote the product in the industry.

I decided to get audience feedback for the promo as I found that this would help give an unbiased view towards the promo. It can also be seen that if anything about the promo was to change then I could if needed to and I would use the feedback to the advantage of making all aspects of the promo better and more effective.

The first question was the most basic in which did the promo make the audience want to watch the soap. The results showed that 100% of the people watching did want to watch if it became a daily soap which portrays that the type of promo and the storyline was something that caught the audiences attention making them want to watch it. The second question was on the pace of the film, by watching similar promos we found that the more cliff-hanger ending were led by a fast pace promo. From the results on the left it shows that about 90% of people thought the pace of the film was fast. This is good as the promo needed to keep a fast pace all the way through in order to make it overall more effective. The only issue my have been whether even though it was fast people understood the storyline.

Lighting is important every aspect of a programme as it can provide different moods to it. Feedback on the question 3 showed that people thought it was good but the start was quite blurry. This may have been due to an effect of the general darkness of the room. If this could be changed then it would have been a lot more clear or just re-filmed till the lighting was correct.

Effects were important in the making of this promo as it what gave it more action and gave some of the scenes a bit more edge, like some of the scenes use fade to fade back in the text. Out of the four people that answered this survey they believe that the effects were “good” but some people said they could have been better. This is understandable as some clips didn’t move as well as they should have.

With one of the previous questions being on the pace of the film an issue could have been whether people understood the storyline. An from previous trailers I had done this has been an issue. So a question I wanted to find out was whether the audience could understand it, and 100% responded yes therefore it shows that the audience did understand the storyline

Actors were important in the film as they give the audience the mood and style of the promo, from the feedback people showed in the star ratings that 75% gave 2 stars and 25% gave the full 3 stars. This is positive feedback explaining that the actors were good enough in portraying the right character for the promo.

In a way of making a better promo a question was are there any changes you would make in this promo? The responses were based on similar answer that there should have been music this would have made the promo more effective as the promo is very simple and non dietetic sound could have made it better.

The last question was based upon the sounds used, a mix of answers.

The feedback from the survey was very useful when reviewing the soap promo, I believe getting this really helped to understand people opinions. I found that a lot of people thought the start could have been clearer, this was true but in the sense of the type of equipment compared to what is used in a real media set they have lighting, fake sets. In comparison the first shot used natural lighting with the curtains shut, also the camera didn’t have things like night mode therefore the film quality didn’t come out as well as it could have done if say it had be used in the media industry. Feedback on the pace was good as from the research created by the group it was a way that the pace would be quick to reflect the sense of urgency when the kidnapping scenes are taking place. Maybe if this could have been improved at all a few more scenes added to make the promo have shorter clips but keep up with the pace in more locations. What people thought about the effects was that they did work to their full potential this is really positive feedback as trying to make this of same quality and keep the conventions following other promos like Eastenders Max’s Judgment Day. Overall I believe that if there were changes to be made in the promo and the ancillary tasks, maybe the promo to try and use clearer picture so changing the set maybe to something more open then using digital technology to change the brightness and contrast and it may have been easy to film in, also the costume for the kidnappers was fine except maybe if they were wearing masks could have helped follow the stereotypical styles of a person in disguise. With the magazine with its vivid blue and red they could have been toned down and used more shapes and more special aspects to get the audience wanting to read the consumers reading the piece. Lastly the poster didn’t have too many issues just a slogan to be added or a rhetorical question like one used during the promo.
New media technologies were used throughout the making of each stage. For the research I looked into a variety of areas for the product and for the ancillary tasks, looking into how promos work. For the website we used this was easier to create as all the research could be added on and other work embedded onto the site from as a widget. Through the research we had to produce research upon promos with this to analyse, the videos had to be embedded into the website. Therefore making it easier to look at. Monitoring our time was essential to keep up with the deadlines, using excel a Gantt chart was created and how each person has contributed throughout the work had been colour coded this way it was easier to tell who had done what.

The filming was the next stage of using our media skills to provide a film to challenge the form and conventions of other promos. Creating storyboards and shot lists made it clearer to how the filming would work. At the filming sessions we used a range of angles by in one bringing the camera to behind the grass in which I filming a car scene, this use of angles presented a angle making the viewer seem like they are hiding. Other shots were from different points of view these were to represent the viewer as being the victim.

The editing was the next stage in the media production this was used using Premier Elements 7. All of the movie was put into the program and the project was saved each time. The first rough cut was getting rid of the basic scenes which I didn’t need . These were cut at the right times using formative testing I went through the film constantly to make sure the film was cut and edited. Some of the scenes used fade which meant dipping a line on the storyboard timeline for that scene which if it was higher or lower would change how quick it would fade in or out to black. The titles were one of the main components to the product that made it more effective, having the titles appear slowly rather that use some other quick method of editing it in.

The production of the other tasks like the poster and the magazine used software like Photoshop. The poster cover used layers consisting of a still that was then simply covered by the titles and the logo for the channel “DBZS” based upon the initial of the name of each person in the group. The still was edited due to the day that we used to shoot wasn’t dark enough. Changing the contrast and the darkness created the way the photo looked. Onto of this it was then filtered to create a slightly more animated effect and pencilled effect. The magazine was also created on Photoshop by multiple layers to, created the right look for it and to stop other object overlaying each other. To create the magazine I research some different ones for TV soaps. Using Photoshop meant that I could create a bold magazine cover, using circles for the pictures to go into and then other sections like the title placed at the top. A barcode was placed a the bottom but had to be resized to fit into it, furthermore on the pictures as the edges weren’t cropped to the exact size using the blur tool I was able to change the blunt edges to make them blend in the corresponding background. Once all the tasks were finished the trailer for our promo was then uploaded onto you tube via Premier Elements. After this using a online site called Kwik Surveys I could create a survey to get feedback upon the trailer. Using a variety of question type I could change to make them open or closed but also to use multiple choice boxes.

Media technologies helped a great deal from planning the piece to producing and editing it to the finishing results. Using software like Photoshop, premier elements, and other smaller programs like paint assisted me greatly as with Photoshop was able to edit camera shots for both the magazine cover and the poster, for the picture below it was a great help for storyboarding in how lighting and the stances would be used when filming. Using filters made it easier to create a certain style and you can change the levels i.e. the simplicity of the layer. Premier elements was the best for the filming as you were able to slow down or speed up scenes also add the titles, which was definitely something the group wanted to follow like other soap promos we had researched. Fade was something that was used quite a lot when moving from scene to scene especially at the beginning or at the end. As it stopped the clips seeming blunt and also added to the creepy, scary theme the promo was going for. Being able to edit the sounds was great as when you don’t want to use a full length song you would have to find another nondiegetic sound but it was easy to cut the music and then nearer the end overlay it with a different piece of music to change the mood as the clip ended.