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Dancing daddies and daughters

Fathers and daughters flocked to the Bridgeport Park and Recreation Department’s Daddy-Daughter Dance on Friday. Above, Anthony Bohot and Sierra Jackson get some cake. At right, Adam and Sara Huitt take a photo to remember the night. One hundred forty-seven people attended the dance.
Messenger photos by Joe Duty



ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, February 12, 2009

follow the label directions carefully. Dear Neil: We had about 10 percent as heavy a pecan crop this past fall as last year. And, those that did form were rotted in their shells. They were covered with black spots, and they had meats that had a very bitter taste. We threw all of them away. What can we do to avoid such problems this year? First, it is absolutely normal for a pecan tree to bear heavily one year and then very lightly the following year (maybe even no pecans at all). That’s called “alternate bearing,” and it’s typical of all nut-producing trees, even including oaks. You can nurture the trees to get somewhat heavier yields, but this is still going to be an issue you have to learn to live with. As for the problems you encountered, it sounds like you had pecan scab (black husks and premature drop), bitter kernels (pecan weevils) and rotted kernels (probably hickory shuckworm damage). Find the Homeowner Fruit and Pecan Spray Schedule online from Texas A&M, and follow its suggested dates. Dear Neil: I am the director of a food pantry, and we’re trying to grow our own vegetables to some degree. Unfortunately, I have johnsongrass and nut grass in the garden. Can I use Round Up to kill it? Does it have any lasting effect in the soil that might be of harm to people? Round Up and other glyphosate herbicides are effective only when they are sprayed on actively growing grass tissues. They do not leave any residue in the soil. While that’s a good thing for starters, it does mean that you can’t use them until the weedy grasses are growing vigorously in the spring and summer. By then, you would need to have your vegetables planted and growing. You should probably consider developing a new garden plot in a nearby area that does not have existing grasses. That would give you produce for this year, plus it would buy you time to eliminate the johnsongrass this spring and summer. As for the nutsedge, the answer is about the same, but the products are different. In spite of the fact that many people call it “nutgrass,” it’s really a sedge (triangular stems). Grass killers, Round Up included, won’t help much with it. You need to use Image or Manage this summer. Read and follow label directions if you want really good control. Dear Neil: The neighbors say I have Japanese hollies. They’re very spiny, and they’ve grown to be about 4 feet tall. Could I cut them back to 1 foot, then keep them more compact by judicious pruning? If so, when should I trim them? That’s too much to remove. You can reduce their height and width by 25 or 30 percent, but any more severe pruning will risk loss of vigor and ability to regrow. Plus, they are genetically programmed to grow right back to the same height. If you need shorter plants, this is a good time to get them set out. For the record, it sounds more like you have dwarf Chinese hollies. Japanese hollies do not have spines. Dear Neil: How can we get really large bell peppers like we see in the stores? Many of those are grown in nearly perfect climates, even in greenhouses. The plants grow vigorously, and their fruit never slows down in its development. In Texas, we’re hit with hot, dry weather even before the first peppers can mature. And, if your plants have heavy fruit loads, that will diminish the ultimate size of each individual fruit, too. Best suggestion: take the best possible care of your plants. You might try removing all but a few of the peppers on each plant as well. ■ Have a question you’d like Neil to consider? Mail it to him in care of the Wise County Messenger, P.O. Box 149, Decatur, TX 76234 or email him at mailbag@sper- Neil regrets that he cannot reply to questions individually.

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Dear Neil: Last year, and again over the winter, we have had small red ants that were so active around our flowers and vegetables that they have stunted them for several weeks. Sevin dust seems to stop them for a few days, but they pop up elsewhere and are just as damaging. What should we use? There are almost as many ant controls as there are types of ants. It always helps to have the proper identification before making recommendations. However, you may have fire ant mounds. The ants are below ground and sedentary much of the winter, but warm, sunny days will generate a lot of activity, particularly when you accidentally disturb their mounds. You can use the long-term fire ant baits around the perimeter of your garden. There are other contact insecticides, both organic and inorganic, that can be applied within an existing garden to eliminate mounds for a short time, but



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By TANYA DAVIS Wise Co. Extension Agent It’s easy to get fat in America. Every day we are confronted with an abundance of delicious food that is easily accessible not only in restaurants and gas stations, but also via drive-thru and home delivery. That’s one reason why the average American gains one to two pounds a year, the equivalent of eating only 100 to 200 extra daily calories, such as a few extra cookies, a second handful of chips or an extra helping at lunch. Following are three weight management strategies from the American College of Sports Medicine that can help minimize fat gain and optimize desired fat loss without feeling denied or deprived of enjoyable food. ■ Strategy No. 1 – Boost your calcium intake. Eating three to four servings of calcium-rich low fat dairy foods per day contributes to the loss of more fat and less muscle compared to dieters who ate less dairy.


the day, an amount that can curb creeping obesity. ■ Strategy No. 3 – Eat more fiber and whole grain foods. Fiber rich foods are satiating (the point that you feel full and choose to stop eating). They also tend to be bulky, which in turn helps Continued on page 9

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Su n s h i n e Sq u a r e
R e g is t e r w i t h u s a n d r e c e i v e a f r e e b a b y g i f t .

■ Strategy No. 2 – Eat breakfast. Although skipping breakfast may seem like a good way to eliminate calories, breakfast skippers tend to be fatter than breakfast eaters. When people eat a largerthan-normal breakfast, they end up eating almost 100 fewer calories by the end of

9 4 0-6 2 7-3 3 9 4
1 0 8 W . W a l n u t • De c a t u r

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, February 12, 2009


Cheyenne Burch, Hannah Cartwright, Jacey Cate, Michael Chandler, Hailey Christian, Abigail Crohan, Cheyenne Dodson, Hailey Dorsett, Taylor Esquivel, Meghan Farrell, Sarah Guynes, Helen Harrison, Brittany Herring, Morgan Lamance, Cordelia Leija, Justin McCarmack, Macey McCune, David Medrano, Jacob Middleton, Cruz Montes, Dawson Moore, Robert Ransom, Kamrii Suggs, Marc Trammel, Estefani Valderrama, Alejandro Vazquez, Racheal Warner and Kristen Whatley. Kostelecky, Dylan Langto, Josue Mancilla, Courtney Metcalf, Mikena Minor, Vanessa Morales Coronado, Jennifer Morehart, Anahi Pacheco, Marcus Pena, Michael Phillips, Morgan Picha, Autumn Powell, Meagan Rhine, Katie Rich, Lauren Richardson, Mitchell Ritter, Alexis Rodriguez Ortega, Antonio Rodriguez, Alejandra Ruiz, Beverly Schooling, Madison Scroggins, Ethan Stalkup, Sarah Taylor-Grimes, Raeli Tucker, Benjamin Waddill and William Wunrow. THIRD GRADE — Buddy Bale, Kallie Boner, Maribel Camacho, Nash Cooper, Carson Cross, Logan Cullop, Charles Doubrava, Jose Fernandez, Hailey Gardner, Jose Gonzalez-Ramirez, Alexis Hanna, Amanda Howland, Sarah Hurtado, Jonathon Johnson, Madison Kyle, Thaine Laaser, Drew Langto, Lauryn Luttrull, Logan McNair, Jonathan Mendez, Leslie Palomo, Victoria Shrull, Joshua Sij, Sara Stephens, Haleigh Taylor, Hannah Thomas, Marcus Thomas, Clara Tolleson, Tayler Urdiales, Tyler Watson, Grace Wooten, Kirsten Wunrow and Nate Haynes. FOURTH GRADE — Samuel Bowker, Luke Cobb, Parker Cullop, Karl Davila, Emily Egle, Bradley Ferris, Jacob Galloway, Cassidy Howland, Ella Lowery, Lyndi Luttrull, Ana Martinez, Trace Reed and Ivan Rivas. A/B Honor Roll SECOND GRADE — Beau Bedford, Leslie Bishop, Jasmine Davila, Cole Davis, Macy Downe, Mallory Downe, Samantha Edgmon, Britney Fernandez, Christopher Fernandez, Cody Foster, Malachi Frecker, Brallan Galvan-Dominguez, Riley Graniczny, Abby Grimes, Ricky Hale, Milton Hardee, Quinn Helm, Camdyn Hering, Mickayla Hopkins, Adrion King, Sergio Loma, Sheadon Lutes, Jacob Maltzman, Tanner Maples, Noah McClure, Brandon Nelson, Nash O’Neal, Aaron Ornelas, Hannah Palomo, Madison Palomo, Carla Parra Sanchez, Hunter Perry, Riley L. Pinkerton, Ashton Powell, Riley Ramirez, Joseph Ramos, Corinne Rodriguez Lopez, Caitlin Sanchez, Cameron Sereika, Sidney Shotwell, Andrew Stapp, Edgar Torres, Bryson Tyler and Trace Tyler. THIRD GRADE — Krystal Aguilar, Edward Anguish, Cody Baker, Elayna Blythe, Barrett Brown, David Carroll, Craig Daniels, Becky Davenport, Colton Denman, Tristan Dennison, Lauren Denny, Beth Douglas, Garrett Douglas, Miranda Gillespie, Ismael Godoy, Valeria Gomez, Madelynn Goss, Dillon Graves, London Grundy, Ernesto Huerta, Isaac Ille, Christian Isaac, Mason Lee, Sydney Jeffrey, Teyton Jenkins, Alec Johnson, Sabrina Leal, Rebecca Marsh, Olivia Martin, Elijah Miller, Nayeli Morales, Joseph Parker, Jesus Perez, Stormi Philpot, Aubree Pittman, Sydney Pyland, Halie Ramos, Alan Rangel Aguilar, Casey Reynolds, Esmi Rodriguez, Jacob Riggs, Braden Snow, Ayita Thacker, Reagan Thomas, Alec Uselton, Jordan White and Caution Young. FOURTH GRADE — Evelyn Aldape, Cody Bell, Hayden Bennett, Logan Bishop, Hunter Boaz, Alexis Boyles, Ivan Cantu, Presley Dailey, Bryce Elder, Riley Erwin, Vista Fullingim, Jesus Gonzalez, Mark Graves, Cody Grimes, Christi Hardee, Abbie Heiens, Yoseli Ibarra Gam, Justin Kellogg, Marc Lara, Christopher Leon, Luis Llanas, Sapphire Love, Steven McGee, Christopher Miles, Maliah Minor, Joseph Moon, Briana Pedroza, Brenden Prentice, Chardonnay Ravenstein, Alvaro Rayas, Anthony Reta, Kaylee Rhine, Juan Rivera, Mercedes Rivera, Pedro Rivera, Fallon Sachse, Emily-Anne Semmelmann, Wyatt Smither and Ramey Walther. Chance Walther and Wesley Young. A/B Honor Roll FIFTH GRADE — Joaquin Aldape, Vanessa Aldape, Jackson Bearden, Brody Beck, Brooklyn Bedford, Zachary Belew, Cash Boespflug, Kevin Brotherton, Rylie Burden, Garrett Busby, Dylan Carter, Sidney Carter, Sean Clemons, Blake Cobb, Brayden Delgado, Brooklen Delgado, Lacey Donald, Mary Doubrava, Ashton Dupree, Ryan Durdon, Reid Edgmon,

Megan Fano, Cristian Fernandez, Brandon Garza, Hannah Giddens, Elliot Gordon, Lillie Harper, Hunter Helm, Cooper Hering, Bryse Hoyt, Mason Hudson, Matthew Hurst, Asa Johnson, Reagan Johnson, William King, Marissa Ledford, Lindsey Lee, Jorje Martinez, Jackee-Lin McCloud, Christopher Moreno, Maci Morton, Cecilia Ochoa, Emily Oxford, Geor-

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Boyd Middle School Boyd Elementary School
Third Six Weeks A Honor Roll SEVENTH GRADE — Jake Bryans, Kelcei Dees, Shay Dodson, Chance Herron, River Martin, Sonny McCarmack, Marley McCune, Amber Montgomery, Lindsey Stone, Joseph Tate and Harrison Trantham. EIGHTH GRADE — Holly Brooks, Shane Culver, Brittani Martin, Derek Martin, Ashley Montgomery and Rosie Vang. A/B Honor Roll SEVENTH GRADE — Xavier Benavides, Cole Blackwood, Kayla Boaz, Seferino Cardona, Keith Constant, Austin Cozby, Savanna Deacon, Cody Drake, Hope Flowers, Paije Ford, Brian Hatley, Nicholas Hittle, Delane’e House, Cody Jacobs, Stephanie Jordan, Morgan Kirkland, Tori Lobdell, Bailee Luttrell, Kaylee McAdams, Whitney McCormick, Ryan Reed, Maritza Rodriquez, Gabriella Saldivar, Alena Sambrosky, Cameron Schulte, Caleb Smith, Mackensie Smith, Saffron Smith, Michelle Soky, Julie Taylor, Mireya Uribe, Courtney Wells and James Woodruff. EIGHTH GRADE — German Barcenas, Dakota Caldara, Andrea Cheek, Amy Craig, Emily Earley, Chelsea Elkins, Eric Esquivel, Paige Gittings, Neely Harkness, Briana Marshall, BriAngelia Nelon, Adrian Nelson, Kendall Newby, Madelaine Pack, Cody Petty, Julie Reed, Travis Ruhmann, Courtney Sanders, Dalton Sarlow, Lashanda Simpson, Star Tate, Taylor Truly, Yesenia Valderrama, Jennifer Walker, Brett Wilson and Sheila Wray.

Third Six Weeks A Honor Roll FIRST GRADE — Joshua Armstrong, Alexandra Bracey, Paytin Bullard, Madison Burch, Savannah Burch, Jake Christian, Emma Clark, Jessica Crohan, Nelida Duran, Logen Eaves, Krystal Emshoff, Michael Erwin, Jasmine Frost, Kandace Goff, Katie Holmes, Kenneth Holzer, Agnes Krahn, Jacie Lamance, Marti Luttrell, Nathan Mints, Aubrey Mitchell, Triston Read, Jeremiah Reid, Ashlee Rogers, Samantha Rogers, Ashley Sanderson, Peyton Tavlor, Sarah Troutman, Melvin Warner, Dalton Westray, Thomas Wilson and Luke Woolford. SECOND GRADE — Mandy Crooks, Michael Fahlin, Kaitlyn Goff, Andrew Gray, Jasmine Hammett, Maile Hopkins, Koby Miller, Tyler Reid, Connor Richardson, Kody Risenhoover, Blake Rodgers, Riley Tackett, Meagan Terry and Ashlyn Williams. THIRD GRADE — Joe Bridges, Kali Bunch, Nolan Clark, MaKindsey Cozby, Lee Crohan, Angelica Ginn, Rebecca Jordan, Randall Kelton, Cody Lawson, Chloe Long, Steven Nichols, Kristin Rasbury, Kathleen Soky, Thomas Tilson, Wyatt Walker and Samantha Winder.

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Third six weeks A Honor Roll FIFTH GRADE — Bryson Allen, Lauren Arnold, Sara Baker, Matthew Berryman, Kelsey Blase, Brooklyn Blaylock, Sara Bridges, Idan Caldera, Alexia Cantu, Brandon Clowers, William Davis, Joely Diaczenko, Benjamin Edwards, Brett Edwards, Heather Emrick, Martha Fernandez, Hope Fuller, Charles Galloway, Jesus Gam, Mary Gamboa Martinez, Peyton Garrett, Ethan Gindt, John Gleason, Jacob Goebel, Malcolm Harlan, Michael Hicks, Caysen Hill, Lane Hlad, Leslieann Hoyl, Payden Hudgens, Madison Hudson, Amellia Hurtado, Dylana Hutchins, Tannor Jackson, Ashley Johnson, Riley Keller, Kyndal Klose, Emily Knight, Jessica Kyle, Cade Lamirand, Benjamin Lunday, Ryan Lutes, Robert Lynch, Gabriela Mendez, Bailee Miller, Blane Miller, Bryce Miller, Marissa Muehlstein, Addison Nation, Emilee Newton, Sarah Nicholson, Brandon Palomo, Kourtney Pettigrew, Macee Reed, Madison Reed, Samantha Sanders, Tucker Schuring, Benjamin Shotwell, Ethan Sij, Lucas Smither, Carolyn Spear, Cole Stallard, Luke Thomas, Dawson Thompson, Cameron Trachta, Benjamin Walker, Renae White, Courtney Wilson and Anna Young. SIXTH GRADE — Sarah Alling, Ashtyn Bell, Bailey Berry, Jennifer Bradford, Kyle Carr, Jacob Cobb, Charles Cone, Carla Cook, Brooklynn Crooks, Chelsea Cryer, Meghan Darst, Robert Davila, Kristen Ediger, Clayton Egle, Bonnie Emrick, Angela Ferris, Ethan Fitzgerald, Addison Gage, William Garner, Nancy Grant, Madison Grantham, Zachary Greiner, Alexis Hamm, Mathile Hornback, Claudia Inguanzo, Vivian Inguanzo, Jacob Kevetter, Abigail Knight, Stormi Leonard, Angelica Lopez, Caroline Lowery, Christy Mahaffey, Edgar Mares, Makayla Mayfield, Cody McElhaney, Jeffery Meador, Nicholas Oberle, Carmelo Palacios, Stephanie Perkins, Brock Reaves, Cody Reed, Jennifer Romero, Hayley Sanders-Eubank, Tanner Shields, Eva Stephens, Macen Stripling, Morgan Taylor,

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A/B Honor Roll FIRST GRADE — Trey Appel, Theron Bowman, Isaiah Carmon, Cortney Clamon, Leah Evans, Brannon Farrell, Stephanie Gomez, Elizabeth Guynes, Brooke Harrell, Savannah Honea, Jezlyn Luedtke, Carley Moore, Paden Nations, Haley Owens, LeighAnn Sitzman, Emily Streng, Reese Totty and Trevor Wright. SECOND GRADE — Mia Bounds, Sergio Caldera, Gage Clark Burdell, Kaitlyn Cooksey, Jacklon Cozby, Terry Curtis, Zachary Dykes, Hayley Etter, Angela Flores, Emmanuel Garcia, Braxton Hammon, Randale Hatley, Abby Hays, Samuel Hulsey, David Krahn, Cordelia Lee, Randal Long, William Lumpkin, Michael McCarmack, Blake McElroy, Eduardo Miramontes Flores, Abby Morris, Landyn Orr, Rayleigh Perhacs, Hannah Radke, Chelsea Sager, Jaiden Smith, Trevor Suggs, Braden Waters and Colton Williams. THIRD GRADE — Ernest Barnwell,

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Third six weeks A Honor Roll SECOND GRADE — Yesenia Banuelos, Noah Bowker, Dodge Brown, Payton Browning, Colton Burk, Dylan Butler, Jasmin Carrillo, Aaron Diaczenko, Jay Edwards, Gabriella Gonzalez, Oliver Gordon, Tyler Grantham, Michael Hand, Gavin Haynes, Jake Hodges, Ashlee Hudson, Satasha

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By GARY CLAYTON Wise County Extension Agent Late winter is the time to prune fruit and nut trees. The most rapid wound healing occurs in spring and early summer. Therefore, pruning cuts made now with clean, sharp pruning tools will heal rapidly with the onset of spring growth. I see more fruit trees mispruned, or not pruned at all, than almost any other plant. Fruit trees need good pruning in order to build strong branch structure and produce good crops of quality fruit. Your county Extension office has free information on proper pruning for various fruit and nut tree species. Check your fruit trees for scale insects. With the foliage off of the plant, it is much easier to detect and control scale during the late dormant season. Make sure and apply oil sprays before growth begins in early spring. Plant fruit and nut trees as soon as possible to give them lots of time to settle in and start to establish a root system before the onset of hot weather. When buying plants, the biggest is not always the best, especially when dealing with bare-root fruit trees. The small to medium sizes are usually less expensive and often establish faster, since their relative loss of roots is not as great as the larger sized bare-root plants. Commercial orchardists know this and often choose the small to medium size trees. Complete all bare-root fruit tree planting soon. Container grown trees may be planted later but the success of bare-root planting decreases rapidly with the onset of spring. Three keys to success with fruit are variety selection, sun exposure and soil. Virtually all fruit plants want a full sun location or something close to it. When it comes to soil, good drainage is a must. Get these three right, and you are well on your way to a bountiful harvest! Complete pruning of deciduous fruit trees, vines and bushes. Most fruit trees and vines require a significant degree of pruning, while pears and blueberries need very little pruning. Fruitful plants depend on good sunlight, so remove the unproductive wood (few if any bloom buds), and thin out the remaining branches. Spray fruit trees with dormant oil before they bloom if scale has been a problem in the past. Oils will burn new growth

that has already pushed out of the bud. However, the scale, mites and other pests they help control are most active and susceptible as the weather begins to warm in late winter. So watch those fruit trees and get your spray on before new growth begins. Complete coverage is important. Do not apply oil sprays within 24 hours of a freeze.


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If you changed your home or business address, you’ll want to remember these six tips to ensure you receive any refunds or correspondence from the IRS. 1. You can change your address on file with the IRS in several ways: • Correct the address legibly on the mailing label that comes with you tax package • Write the new address in the appropriate boxes on your tax return; • Use Form 8822, Change of Address, to submit an address or name change any time during the year • Give the IRS written notification of your new address by writing to the IRS center where you file your return. Include your full name, old and new addresses, Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number and signature. If you filed a joint return, be sure to include the information for both taxpayers. If you filed a joint return and have since established separate residences, both taxpayers should notify the IRS of your new addresses • Should an IRS employee contact you about your account, you may be able to verbally provide a change of address 2. Be sure to also notify your employer of your new address so you get your W-2 forms on time. 3. If you change your address after you’ve filed your return, don’t forget to notify the post office at your old address so your mail can be forwarded. 4. Taxpayers who make estimated payments throughout the year should mail a completed Form 8822, Change of Address, or write the IRS center where you file your return. You may continue to use your old pre-printed payment vouchers until the IRS sends you new ones with your new address. However, do not correct the address on the old voucher. 5. The IRS does use the Postal Service’s change of address files to update taxpayer addresses, but it’s still a good idea to notify the IRS directly. 6. Visit for more information about changing your address. You can find the address of the IRS center where you file your tax return or download Form 8822, Change of Address. The form is also available by calling 800-TAX-FORM (800829-3676).

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, February 12, 2009


By CLAIRE CURRY It’s always fun to take a drive through the countryside. It’s even better when you have time to stop and look at all the birds. Often, you can see birds that would not normally visit your feeders or that might be too shy to approach on foot. Mom, our friend, Judy, and I did this just a few weeks ago and enjoyed a wide variety of winter birds. We started out around 10 a.m. on a cold, but sunny day. Sparrows were flying up as we drove slowly along. White-crowned and Harris’s Sparrows perched in brush alongside the roads. Fence lines are always a good spot to look for birds for two reasons. First, the fence provides a convenient perch for the bird, allowing you to get a good look at it instead of it landing in the grass. Second, birds poop along the fence regularly and create a brushy fencerow habitat that attracts more birds. Near a pond, we saw an Eastern Phoebe sitting on a branch over the water. These small flycatchers are the only flycatcher that we have here during the winter, but they do stay to breed. This is not the case for many of the sparrows around; all but a few depart for the north in the summer. The only one we saw that does is the Field Sparrow. Several were feeding in grass along with Savannah Sparrows, Vesper Sparrows, Dark-eyed Juncos (a type of sparrow, despite their dapper gray and white plumage), and the aforementioned White-crowned and Harris’s Sparrows. Meadowlarks were everywhere. We discussed whether they were Eastern or Western, but never did decide. The two species are notoriously difficult to identify. Eastern is usually more common here and stays year-round, while Westerns are only winter visitors. The best way to distinguish the two is by their vocalizations. Eastern has a clear, whistled song, while Western’s clear, whistled song ends in a cascade of bubbling notes. Call notes also differ: Eastern is “drrzt” or a series of “drrzt” notes; Western says “quip.” We didn’t identify our meadowlarks because none of them were talking that day. We saw lots of blackbirds in plowed fields and with the cows. Now, when you first see a flock of blackbirds swirling over the fields among the cows, they all look the same. Once they settle down, you can start to see the different species. Brown-headed Cowbirds are a very common species. Males have black bodies with shiny brown heads, while females are dull brown all over. Both are chunky with conical beaks. Red-winged Blackbirds are quite familiar



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NORTHERN HARRIER to most with males having a red patch (edged with yellow; this is not always visible) at the bend of the wing. Females can be a bit more confusing; they look like large dark streaky sparrows with very sharp beaks. The final species we saw that day was Brewer’s Blackbirds. They are one of my favorites. They are like dainty grackles. Males sport shiny blue-black plumage and a yellow eye. Their beak is thin compared to a grackle or the other blackbirds. Females are dapper gray-brown, somewhat like the female cowbird but with a slender beak. The big highlights of our day were the hawks. First, a cheeky Northern Harrier was dive-bombing an innocent Turkey Vulture that was perched in a tree. Next, we saw a beautiful Cooper’s Hawk perching in a wooded patch. It sat there for several minutes, allowing us to admire its fierce red eyes, bright yellow feet and the crisp striping in its wings and tail as it stretched. Too soon, it flew away. Later in the morning, we began to notice how many Red-tailed Hawks were out. We stopped at a lake to scan for ducks. There were no ducks, but an Eared Grebe caught our attention, way off in the distance. Soon we were admiring the many Redtailed Hawks. One, however, seemed a little different. We began watching as this mystery hawk started soaring toward us. It was very pale on both the wings and tail compared to a Red-tailed Hawk. Finally, we thought it might be a Ferruginous Hawk due to its extremely pale plumage. Of course, then it just had to land out of sight on the ground. We couldn’t see it anymore, but Ferruginous Hawks do like to perch on the ground quite often. We decided that it probably was that species, which is a rare winter visitor in our area, but we weren’t able to get any photos. Luckily for us, it reappeared later on the other side of the same field. It soared right over us, and we were able to photograph it and get good enough looks to identify it as a Ferruginous Hawk for sure. We thoroughly enjoyed our drive with excellent views of birds, both common and rare, from big hawks to tiny sparrows. Keep your eyes peeled as you drive around this winter; you never know what you will find. ■ The next monthly field trips on the Lyndon B. Johnson National Grasslands will be March 4. We will depart at 9 a.m. from the Forest Service District Office in DeVoted Best Cakes in Wise County!

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, February 12, 2009

By ADRIAN ARREDONDO Wise Co. Extension Agent



Producing and rearing broilers and roasters for show is an intricate process. After birds reach 4 weeks of age, their ideal temperature range is 60 to 75 degrees. When winter temperatures permit, the house should be partially opened to improve airflow and remove moisture. Supplemental heat may be needed when the outside temperature is low. In hot weather, fans or evaporative coolers are used to cool birds more than 4 weeks old. Lighting Provide all-night light for broilers and roasters. Twentyfour-hour lighting (natural and artificial) improves feathering and increases weight, especially during the summer months. Hang a 40-watt bulb at least 6 feet above the birds after removing heat lamps. Feeding Optimum performance is dependent on proper nutrition. The feed dealer should be informed of the type of feed required at least two weeks before chicks arrive so that fresh feed can be ordered. It is absolutely essential that birds receive a highquality poultry feed containing at least 20 percent protein. Lower protein feeds will not do the job. Some exhibitors start

chicks on a high-protein (26 percent to 30 percent) turkey or game bird starter to stimulate additional growth. Feed the higher protein feed for two weeks, and switch to a broiler feed for the remaining feeding period. Small amounts of broiler feed lightly moistened with cooking oil and fed several times during the day will stimulate older birds to eat more and increase growth. This supplemental feeding practice can be particularly helpful in hot weather with birds more than 4 weeks of age. Caution: Do not put out more moistened feed than the birds can eat in 10 to 15 minutes, and do not moisten the feed until feeding time. Be certain all birds can eat at the same time. An adequate level of vitamins in the diet is required to prevent leg weakness. Adequate vitamin intake can be ensured and leg problems minimized by adding water soluble poultry vitamins to drinking water at the manufacturer’s recommended level for the first seven days. Do not add vitamins past this period. Continued high levels can create health problems. All birds should be able to eat at once. One pie or cookie pan for feed and one chick waterer per 25 chicks are needed the first seven days. For the first four weeks, one tube-type feeder per 25 birds is required. After four weeks, one tube-type feeder is needed for every 15 birds. Clean, fresh water must be available at all times. One 2-gallon waterer per 50 chicks is required for the first four weeks.

One 2-gallon waterer per pen is required after birds are culled at the end of the fourth week. Waterers should be rinsed

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, February 12, 2009


Kemp inducted into honor fraternity
Sue Kemp of Chico was inducted into the Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Weatherford College Nov. 16, 2008. Kemp is majoring in business. Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society serving two-year colleges. Students must rank in the top 20 percent of their class to be invited into the organization.

Morse makes dean’s list
Emily G. Morse of Decatur was named to the fall 2008 dean’s list at Texas State University-San Marcos. Students must earn a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average while taking at least 12 hours to make the dean’s list.

Findley, Smith named to honor rolls
Matt D. Findley, Bridgeport High School graduate, was named to the President’s Honor Roll list and Lauren R. Smith, a Decatur High School graduate, was named to the Dean’s Honor Roll list at Southwestern Oklahoma State University for the fall 2008 semester. The President’s Honor Roll requires a student to earn all “A’s” in 12 or more hours during a semester. The Dean’s Honor Roll requires a student to earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher with no grade lower than a “C” in 12 or more hours during a semester.

Decatur Livestock MARKET 2473 North FM 51 Decatur, Texas Sunday Service 10:30 a.m. 903-227-7369

Williams earns degree
Brennan Kyle Williams of Decatur received a master of science degree in agriculture from Sam Houston State University during the winter commencement ceremony.

Students named to WC dean’s list
Several Wise County students were named to the Weatherford College dean’s list for the fall 2008 semester. To be eligible for the dean’s list, students must be enrolled in 12 or more hours, have no grade lower than a C and meet the minimum grade point average. Wise County residents included: John Roberts of Aurora; Alicia James, Ashton Walling and Matthew Watkins of Bridgeport; Katrina George of Boyd; Ashley Little, Leanne Shepard and Michelle Slonaker of Chico; Britney Bale, Amy Drew, Brandi Hardy, Kimberly Hughes, Alexandria Ryees, Karina Verdugo and Mark Wirtz of Decatur; Thomas Bryan, Teresa Exner, Seth Foster, Johan Muller and Felicia Simpson of Paradise; and Laura Tidwell of Rhome.

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Thompson makes dean’s list
Mark Allen Thompson II of Rising Star, formerly of Paradise, has been named to the dean’s honor roll at Texas Tech University for earning a grade point average of 3.5 or better for the fall of 2008. Allen will be inducted into the Texas Tech University honor society Phi Eta Sigma on March 1. Thompson is the son of Dr. Max and Kerry Thompson of Rising Star and grandson of Allene Thompson of Paradise.

Claborn named to president’s honor roll
Lillian Bess Claborn, a kinesiology major from Decatur, was named to the president’s honor roll at Stephen F. Austin State University for the fall 2008 semester. To make the list, students must maintain a grade point average of 4.0 while enrolled in 12 more hours.


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Parasites are seldom a problem where birds are properly managed and sanitary conditions maintained. Culling Birds should be rigidly culled to optimize performance. Small, sick, stunted or deformed birds should be removed when detected. Reduce flock size at four weeks of age by removing the smaller and poorer fleshed birds. Keep two or three birds for each one to be shown. Fleshing, uniformity and finish will be improved by the increase in floor and feeder space and the reduction in social pressure. Trim nails to help prevent carcass damage. Leg band the birds kept for easy identification when selecting the show pen.

Continued from 6 Feather picking and cannibalism daily and scrubbed twice weekly. Snub the top beaks of birds if feather Feed must be kept before birds at all times if maximum growth is to be at- picking or cannibalism starts. Trim onetained. Tube feeders are recommended third of the upper beak with an electric beak snubber. Vicks® salve or because they hold an ample an anti-peck compound applied supply of feed, can be adjusted to the bloody pecked spots will easily as birds grow and are usually stop cannibalism if less likely to cause bruises snubbing is not feasible. than horizontal trough feeders. Bird health Feeders and waterers should Keep all other poultry away be kept adjusted so that the from broilers and roasters. trough portion is level with the Medication should not be back height of the birds. given unless birds are sick or Broilers and roasters restressed. spond to attention. Walk among Chicks purchased from late birds and stir feed three to five ARREDONDO August to early November times per day. This will provide should be vaccinated for fowl exercise and increase feed conpox by 14 days of age. sumption and growth.

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, February 12, 2009

Junior varsity
Chico 15 Paradise 28 CHS standouts — The Lady Dragons got six points from both Megan Green and Molli Umphress. Cameron Bowyer put up two points and Marissa Herrera had one. Umphress also pulled down four rebounds. PHS standouts — Not provided CHS records: 2-13, 0-9 Hirschi 9 Bridgeport 37 BHS standouts — Sarah Joiner scored 10 points and Karley Bunker added seven in leading the Sissies to victory. Macy Bishop and Audra Hart tacked up four points each, while Madison Keller and KaShaley Johnson had three each, and Raven Sessums, Katie Cook and Kaleisha Haynes had two each. Haynes also had seven rebounds, and Bishop collected five steals. BHS coach’s comments: A win is a win. We played out of control and shot the ball poorly the entire game. BHS records: 18-3, 6-1 Bridgeport 47 Vernon 26 BHS standouts — The Sissies got a game-high 18 points and six rebounds from Sarah Joiner en route to another victory. Kaleisha Haynes chalked up a team-best nine rebounds and three points, while KaShaley Johnson added eight steals and six points. Also scoring were Madison Keller and Macy Bishop with six points each, Katie Cook with three and Audra Hart with two. BHS coach’s comments: The girls did a good job of going on the road and getting a win. BHS records: 17-3, 5-1 McGuire with four. McGuire also had a team-high four steals. BMS standouts — Not provided CMS coach’s comments: The girls did an outstanding job putting pressure on Boyd with our defense. The game was close throughout the first three quarters. CMS records: 2-13, 0-9 Bridgeport A 19 Burkburnett A 49 Sissie standouts — Kara Demmitt scored 12 of her team’s 19 points. Sabrina Garza and Mady Maoushagian had two points each, and Leah Munroe, Tiffany Hawkins and Mariah Clayton had one each. Decatur B 21 Iowa Park B 25 DMS coach’s comments: The Lady Eagles played great but came up a little short. We missed some crucial free throws toward the end of the game that could have helped us take the lead. All in all, I think the girls worked hard and played awesome of defense. DMS records: 4-7, 3-5 one. Boyd B 13 Chico B 0 CMS standouts — Jaicea Thompson and Cayte Gammage led the defense with three steals each. Brittany Byers and Aimie Cole also had several rebounds. BMS standouts — Not provided Bridgeport 27 Vernon 35 BHS standouts — The Bulls got 10 points from Cameron King and eight courtesy of Tyler Garner in the loss. Garrett Mullins finished with four points, while Blake Thompson had three and Trent Schuett had two. BHS coach’s comments: We played well at the start of each half, but struggled to score late. We continue to miss a lot of shots. BHS records: 5-12, 0-4 Iowa Park A 27 Decatur A 35 DMS standouts — The Eagles got a team-high 10 points from Cain Lowe and eight via Taylor Clayton in the win. Tyler White contributed six points, while Leroy Lomas had four, Phillip Walker, Drew Edwards and Austin Poole had two each, and Joel Forbis added one. DMS record: 10-7

Iowa Park B 20 Decatur B 49 DMS standouts — Cory Durdon torched the Hawk defense with a game-high 18 points to lead the Eagles to another victory. Dallin Billmore had a big night as well with 16 points. Dustin Short finished with six points, two more than Ethan Stallard with four. Nicholas Tracta had three points and Cody Fischer had two. DMS record: 8-2

Bridgeport B 10 Burkburnett B 32 Sissie standouts — Nikki Mowery had eight points and Kendra Mendoza added two for Bridgeport.

Eighth grade
Iowa Park A 27 Decatur A 38 DMS standouts — Tyler Story and Jared Durdon scored 10 points each to lead the Eagles to victory. Tyler Rodgers finished with six points, while Parker Slate had five, Nick Martin had four and Mason Clinesmith had three. DMS record: 7-10 Burkburnett A 49 Bridgeport A 37 Bull standouts — Blake Arrington had the hot hand for Bridgeport as he posted 13 points. Branon Huff pitched in eight points, while Dillon Waldrep had seven, Omar Martinez had four, Reese Read had three and Colby Mahon had two. Bridgeport coach’s comments: We played a great game, we just could not keep up with the threepoint shooting of Burk. Burk has a tall team that gave us a lot of problems. Bridgeport records: 4-6, 1-4 Iowa Park B 25 Decatur B 28 DMS standouts — The Eagles got eight points from Erik Elder and Christian Blaylock to hold off the Hawks for a win. Nathan Mitchell recorded five points, Michael Smyers had three, and Graham McCain and Cameron Harrison had two each. DMS record: 6-4 Burkburnett B 23 Bridgeport B 24 Bull standouts — Eight points from Scott Trickel and five via Fabian Muniz was not enough to save the day for Bridgeport. Kyle Meyer finished with four, Juan Rivera and Anthony Viveros had two each, and Justin Cooper and Calvin Jones had one each. Tyler Rhine and David Lagunas led the defense. Bridgeport coach’s comments: We played a good game. We had open looks at the basket, we rebounded well and we hustled all night. We had a slight lead at halftime but we could not quite pull away.

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Junior varsity
Hirschi 48 Bridgeport 26 BHS standouts — Skylar Stowe recorded seven points and Matt Minix had five to lead the Bulls. Dustin Green and Taylor Story pitched in four points each, and Mac Whitcomb and Dillon Lingo had three each. BHS coach’s comments: Hirschi is a very athletic team. We improved from where we were last time against them. BHS records: 4-11, 1-5 Slidell 32 Forestburg 49 SHS standouts — The Greyhounds got eight points from David Underhill and Dylan Carnes in the loss. Tommy Repogle put up seven points, while Cord Hankins had five, Daniel McCasland had three and Charles Lidster had one. SHS records: 4-6. 1-3 Bridgeport 37 Vernon 31 BHS standouts — Mac Whitcomb netted 10 points and Dylan Lingo finished with nine to lead the Bulls to victory. Skylar Stowe tacked up eight points, and Dustin Green, Taylor Story, Brady Boyd, Rodney Johnson and Matt Minix had two each. BHS coach’s comments: It feels great for the guys to get a win. I appreciate them coming to practice every day ready to improve. BHS records: 4-10, 1-4

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Seventh grade
Decatur A 34 Iowa Park A 22 DMS standouts — Katie Isham ripped the Hawk defense for a gamehigh 18 points and four rebounds. Haley Dennard chalked up four points, five rebounds and four steals, while Murphy Graham finished with four points, three steals and three rebounds. Lil Doubrava added three points, while Madison Phariss had two each, and Morgan Halford had one. DMS coach’s comments: We had a very slow start to the game. Our shooting was off for everyone except Katie. Free throws in the fourth quarter gave us a bigger lead. DMS records: 11-3, 7-1 Boyd A 18 Chico A 15 CMS standouts — Cheyenne Davidson sizzled offensively with a game-high 12 pints. Lauren Hart added two points and Corey Tate had one. Hart was the top defender with seven steals, two more than Davidson with five. BMS standouts — Not provided CMS coach’s comments: We had a hard time getting our shots to fall. The girls played great defensively. CMS records: 6-7, 3-6 Bridgeport A 12 Burkburnett A 39 Sissie standouts — Leah Guinn scored all 12 points for Bridgeport. Bridgeport B 8 Burkburnett B 20 Sissie standouts — The top scoring Sissie was Maegan McLaughlin with five points. Tamara Lippincott added two and Olivia Casillas had

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Bridgeport 25 Vernon 39 BHS standouts — Shelbi McDuffie and Lindsey Walker had three steals each but it was not enough to pull off a win. McDuffie also led the Sissies offensively with eight points, two more than Kayleigh Admire and Walker with six each. Hannah Logan finished with three points and Shelbi Fry had two. Logan also posted a team-high 11 rebounds. BHS coach’s comments: Unfortunately, we struggled again to score. The girls work hard to get open, we just can’t get our shots to fall. BHS records: 8-10, 1-4

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Hirschi 40 Bridgeport 34 BHS standouts — A game-high 11 points from via Leonel Rios was not enough to save the day for the Bulls. Trent Schuett tallied seven points, while Cameron King had six, Garrett Mullins had four and Junior McLaughlin, Tyler Garner and Luke Plummer had two each. BHS coach’s comments: Our team defense was much better tonight. We extended the pressure well, and were able to provide good help defense. We also executed much better on offense.

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Eighth grade
Boyd A 18 Chico A 8 CMS standouts — Araliza Galingo had the hot hand for the Lady Dragons as she put up seven points. Shaye Schirripa pitched in one point. Karli Selz finished with five rebounds, one more than Charlotte

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Seventh grade

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, February 12, 2009


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Presented by Amanda P Lovette, M.D. and Staff .
Board Certified in General Pediatrics

I have over 20 years of experience representing good people, like you, who find themselves overwhelmed by taxes, rising interest rates, mortgage delinquencies or credit card debt. Let me put my experience and dedication to personal service to work in representing you in the intricate Chapter 13 debt restructure or in a Chapter 7 debt liquidation.


STOP foreclosure of your home REDUCE your car payment PREVENT IRS garnishments ELIMINATE credit card debt FREE CONSULTATION

817-332-2600 • 214-428-2600
Para una consulta gratis de bancarrota sin compromiso, llamar 817-707-9272. Principle office located in Ft. Worth, Texas

Your child’s first dental exam should depend upon his or her cavity risk level. Children who sleep with a cup or a bottle or have mothers who have a lot of cavities are more likely to develop cavities themselves. Many children have cavities before they enter kindergarten, so seeing a pediatric dentist earlier rather than later is a good idea. Many experts agree that age one is the standard age for the first dental exam. You can ask your child’s pediatrician to check his or her teeth at well visits and also to recommend a good pediatric dentist. If you notice any staining, crowding, or dental trauma, make an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible. If you would like further information on today’s topic, contact LOVETTE PEDIATRICS at (940) 627-8044. Come in and discuss any concerns with our doctor, a Board Certified Pediatrician. We’re conveniently located at 2014 Ben Merritt Drive, Suite B, Decatur. We offer a comprehensive array of health services to ensure healthy growth and development. Healthy Futures Start Here. Our most important responsibility is taking care of your child.

Continued from 2 you reduce the calorie content of a casserole by 30 percent by adding bulky vegetables (mushrooms, celery, peppers), and people will consume fewer calories without noticing the difference.


agement is exercise. Walk Across Texas teams are forming right now with the start date set for Thursday, March 15. Call the Extension office at (940) 627-3341 for more information about weight management strategies and Walk Across Texas.

Given the abundance of food in our society, we all need skills to manage the food environment. This means eating breakfast and consuming more calcium, fiber and whole grains. And don’t forget another great method for weight man-

A child’s first few teeth can be washed with a soft washcloth.

P.O. Box 604 • Decatur
The Wise County Historical Society is currently involved in an effort to raise funds. An 8.5” x 11” journal will be printed concerning the history of the Wise County Heritage Museum. This journal is financed by donations and advertising space from our local businesses and residents here in Wise County and the surrounding area. The museum houses artifacts from the prehistoric age, pioneer era, etc. We have much work to do before the exhibits are as we want them since the walls and windows are in need of much attention. The museum has the archive where much research material is found. THE LOST BATTALION ROOM on the second floor is dedicated to those men who were held prisoners of the Japanese three and one-half years during WWII. YOU MAY RECEIVE A TELEPHONE CALL SEEKING YOUR SUPPORT IN THIS COMMUNITY EFFORT. ANY AND ALL CONTRIBUTIONS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Rosalie Gregg, Executive Director

The American Heart Association (AHA) recently declared that women may underestimate their risk for heart disease. The AHA also proposed new, far-reaching guidelines that are intended to encourage women to take steps to prevent heart attack and stroke. The foundation of the association’s warning is the fact that 34 percent of American women are currently living with heart disease. In addition, although many women may be at low short-term risk, during the course of her lifetime the average woman has a 1-in-3 chance of dying of heart disease. With these sobering statistics in mind, the AHA encourages all women to eat a balanced diet, exercise, control their weight and blood pressure, limit salt intake, and quit smoking. At my practice, our goal is to provide the highest quality obstetrical and gynecological services to women throughout our community. We believe in compassionate and personalized care and are proud to be a source of health and well being to our patients at all stages of their lives. For more information, call WISE OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY P.A at 940-626-8008. The office is conveniently located at 1713 South FM 51, Ste. 201, Decatur. New patients are welcome. P.S. Because women tend to suffer heart attacks later in life than men, many tend to downplay their risk of having a heart attack.

D - Dughte Dnce
Create a memory that will last a lifetime!
Decatur ISD Multipurpose Building
1201 W. Thompson St.

Decatur Junior Woman’s Club


racy's PrePiper is in Ms. T ss. She Kindergarten cla y games, loves to draw, pla ings with and learn new th Piper iends. Come join her fr enture fun learning adv for a at D.A.C.
701 Deer Park, Decatur • 940-626-4444

Saturday, February 21 6 - 8:30 p.m.

on Piper

Admission: $25 a couple

($5 for each additional sibling) Pre-Register online and save money

Photographer: Artistic Creations by Maria
Attire: Denim to Diamonds
Raffle Table - $1 per ticket Complimentary drinks and snacks Fun for all ages!
A fundraiser hosted by the Decatur Junior Woman’s Club benefiting local charities Wise Kid Care, CASA, Mary’s Gift, Wise Choices Pregnancy Resource Center, Spirit of Christmas, Email Margaret Lowe or by phone 940-393-3676 Save time and money, pre-register at Check our website and be a sponsor!


ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Business Hours Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Deadlines Classifieds: Thursday Issue: 11:30 a.m. Tuesday Sunday Issue: 11:30 a.m. Friday Classified Gold: 11:30 a.m. Friday Real Estate and Classified Display: Thursday Issue: 3 p.m. Thursday Sunday Issue: 3 p.m. Tuesday Classified Gold: 3 p.m. Wednesday Special Offers Business Services: Place a paid ad for four weeks in the Business Services classification of the Wise County Messenger for $50. Receive a bold heading and the fifth week is FREE. Run the same ad in Classified Gold for an additional $32 for five weeks (price based on 20 word or less ad). For Sale: Place a paid ad with a bold headline for two weeks for $25, and if you don’t sell your item at the end of two weeks, you’ll receive the next two weeks FREE. Run the same ad in Classified Gold for an additional $16 for four weeks (price based on 20 word or less ad). Classified Advertising Policy Classified ads for the Sunday/Thursday edition are $12 per week for 20 words or less (each additional word is 60¢). Run the same ad in Classified Gold for an additional $8 per week (20 words or less; each additional word is 40¢). Error Responsibility Customers are asked to check their ad immediately after it appears in the paper and report at once any error found. Claims for adjustment should be made at that time. The Wise County Messenger is responsible for an incorrect ad only the first time it runs, so check your ads carefully. Classified Gold goes into 21,000 additional homes. Payments In person: 115 S. Trinity St., Decatur By Mail: Wise County Messenger P.O. Box 149 Decatur, TX 76234-0149

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10-15 WOODED ACRES CR2644, Greenwood area, county road frontage on 2 sides. Boliver water available. (940)389-0582. 15 ACRES on CR4380 between Boyd/Decatur. Fenced, coastal hay. (940)389-2945, (940)389-0530. 31.5 ACRES 3 miles SW of Runaway Bay. Large oak trees, wildlife. (940)748-2772. 40 ACRES 7.5 miles north of Decatur, adjacent to Grasslands. Electricity (940)395-9164. FSBO 160 ACRES $1,000/acre. Baylor County, west of Megargel, TX. FM road frontage. Owner will finance, 25% down., (817)614-1412. WOODED 18.82 ACRES south of Bridgeport, $78,000. Please visit: for photos, information and additional properties. SunWest REALTORS, (469)995-9995, 4/3/2 6.25 wooded acres. Pool/hot tub, RV shelter, pond, theater, storage shed. Bridgeport ISD. $245,000. Call (940)577-0977 for viewing. BIG HOUSE ON PRAIRIE 4-bedroom, 2-bath, media. Very EZ qualify!! $83/down, $697/month. Hurry, (940)627-8700. KOZY KOTTAGE New 3-bedroom, views, gingerbread like, custom kitchen! $99/down, $671/month. (940)627-8700. NEW BRICK 5 miles SE Decatur, 4/2, 2,062 square feet living on 2 acres. Granite counter tops; wood, tile & carpet. 30x40 garage/shop. Decatur schools. $188,900. (888)283-1919. NORTH RHOME, 2.4 ACRES Custom 3-bedroom, 3-bath, 2-living, 2-dining, safe room, 6” walls. Pool. 30x38’ insulated shop. Covered RV parking. $289,900. Realtor, (972)989-2716. REINDEER PROPERTY Privacy galore, trees!! New custom 3-bedroom, acres. Perfect for holidays. $109/down, $581/month. (940)627-8700. RENT TO OWN $699, 3-bedroom. $729, 4-bedroom. Very EZ qualify. No first, no last. Call (940)627-8700. STOCKING STUFFER!! 4-bedroom, new build, acreage galore. $119/down, $711/month. Move by Christmas, get $5,000/cash. (940)627-8700. RBMOBILEHOMES.COM Move, set-ups, re-levels. In & out of state. Licensed, bonded, insured. Repos. Free estimates. (940)683-5547. RBI #36191.

Business property
COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Office/retail space. 1,000-7,000 square feet for lease. (940)627-2510. Finished, commercial office space for lease, Business Highway 380 frontage, Decatur. 2,135 square feet. $2,500/month plus electric. (940)389-5407.

• Apartments • Business Property • Condos/Town Homes • Duplex Housing • Homes • Mobile Homes • Rooms • Roommate Wanted • Spaces & Lots • For Lease • Wanted to Rent • Wanted to Lease • Facilities • Storage Buildings

1/1/2-carport in country near Bridgeport. Newly remodeled, fenced yard, 12x24 storage, washer/dryer connections. No smoking/pets. $600/month, $500/deposit. (940)683-5656, (940)389-2717. 210 CLEAR FORK TRAIL Rhome, 2,300 square foot 4-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car garage. Excellent condition. $1,690/month. Cannon Property Management, (940)368-1811.

Decatur, 3-bedroom, 1-bath house. No pets, no smoking. References required. $600/month, $600/deposit. (940)433-2651.

Mobile Homes
2-bedroom, 1-bath mobile home. 160 CR4191, Decatur. No smoking/pets. Includes washer/dryer, stove, refrigerator. All electric. $700/month, $700/deposit. (940)399-3646. 2003 Palm Harbor, 4-bedroom, 2-bath, with office. 2,300 square feet on 2 fenced acres. No Pets, OK w/deposit. $1,200/month. 1st and last due @ signing. Please call Jim, (940)399-8966. 3-bedroom, 2-bath double wide, fully furnished, 7 acres & horse barn. 8 miles south of Bridgeport, FM 920. $1,100/month. (940)210-2522, (940)210-9102.


Condos, town homes
351 EMMA CALL Decatur, 3/2/2, 1,700+ square foot with spa. Excellent condition. Cannon Property Management, (940)393-5317.
“Timeless Elegance”

BRIDGEWOOD Executive Suites
Bridgeport, TX

**NOW IN BRIDGEPORT** Lovely & spacious duplexes, 3-bedroom, 2-bath. $850/month & up with $450/deposit. Vaulted ceilings, covered porch, appliances & washer/dryer connections. (817)270-HOME. 2-bedroom, 2-bath duplexes for rent. Decatur & Bridgeport. $725/month. Koby, (940)389-8506. Duplex for rent, 3-bedroom, 2-bath. 602-B Crestridge Court, Decatur. $800/month. (940)964-2631. 202 S. Stratlon 3/2/2 $1,190/month, $300/deposit 405 W. Oak, 3/2 $850/month, $300/deposit 200 Cyndilu Lane, 3/2/2 $1,600/month, $300/deposit 1505 N. Bus 287 New 2/1, great for roommates. $850/mo., $300/deposit
All homes include lawn care.

1, 2 & 3
Bedroom Apartments

3-bedroom, 2-bath double wide. Available March 1. Large lot near Chico. Deposit plus 1st & last month’s rent. (940)393-6763, (940)389-5553. 3/2 double wide, carport, all appliances. Bridgeport ISD. Available Feb. 1. $875/month, $875/deposit. No inside pets, no smoking. (817)996-8508. Economical 2 & 3-bedrooms available, all Decatur ISD. No pets. For more information, call (940)626-8117 or apply in person at Xtreme.

Condos/town homes
1/1 CONDO at Runaway Bay. All appliances including washer/dryer. Downstairs, pool privileges. $35,000. (940)393-5558. 3/2 CONDO For sale in Runaway Bay. Private pool, access to lake. No pets. $68,000. (940)210-9625. Runaway Bay, 2-bedroom condo for sale on golf course. Lake Bridgeport. Low $60’s. (817)416-1751.

Washer & dryer included
Garages available

3-bedroom, 2-bath, 7 Wires, Decatur. 20 acres, large shop, barn, arena, turn-outs. For sale/rent, $2,000/month, 1st/last, 1-year lease. (940)627-5197, (940)389-7309. 3/2 brick, Rhome area. Ask for Beki, (817)636-2555. 3/2/2, clean, brick, large yard, in Decatur. $1,100/month. (800)377-9713.

Efficiency apartment for rent. Furnished, covered parking. 2 miles south of Rhome. No smoking, no pets. $500/month. (817)891-0847, (817)891-0965.

Mobile Homes
28X50, 3/2 DOUBLE WIDE $5,000/down, $350/month, will move & set-up. 16x60, 2/2 with appliances, $3,000/down, $300/month, will deliver and set up. RBI36191. Robert, (940)683-5547. BRING THE KIDS! Large 3 & 4-bedroom starter homes on 1+ acres. Homes have new carpet, appliances & fenced yards! Small down, no credit needed, and owner assisted finance. (817)501-8483. Double wide. Repo hot list. Must sell, cash or financed. Best prices anywhere. Call for locations. 1(817)894-2935. FOR SALE OR RENT Alvord triple wide, 3/2, 2-living areas, fireplace, kitchen appliances included. .33 fenced acre. $59,000 or $750/month. Available Feb. 2. (940)389-2181. WILLIAMS MOBILE HOME SERV. Best deal on moving, set up & trim outs. Bonded, licensed & insured. (940)433-3117.

**NOW IN RUNAWAY BAY** Beautiful new home for rent. 3-bedroom, 2-bath, w/privacy fence. $1,000/month, $500/deposit. Huge master suite, vaulted ceilings, large covered porch, all appliances & washer/dryer connections. (817)270-4660.

Roommate wanted
Roommate wanted. Very nice, quiet, clean & spacious. 4-bedroom house in rural Rhome. Includes garage parking. Call (817)637-8822.

**FOR SALE BY OWNER** HUGE LAKEFRONT HOME 4,900 square foot, lovely custom brick home on 1.5 acres. 5-bedroom, 4-bath, large kitchen with island, custom cabinets, tile floors, office, large workshop & garage. Must see to believe! $425,000. (817)270-4660. 2,100 SQUARE FOOT, 2-STORY log house, 4-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car garage. All electric, well water, 20 acres, Slidell or Decatur ISD. $260,000. (469)442-5492. 2/2/1 CARPORT updated. $65,000. 504 S. Church, Decatur. (972)983-4333

All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1-800-669-9777. The toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is EQUAL HOUSING 1-800-927-9275. OPPORTUNITY

Properties Decatur, TX



Brick, total electric, tile & wood flooring ceiling fans in all rooms, 5 phone lines in each room, pre-wired for cable or Dish. Fenced yard, fully landscaped. Decatur city limits - Decatur ISD. PETS WELCOME! We would love for you to LIVE in one of our homes!

Short term leases available upon request
$1,200 - $1,300/month • $1,300/deposit

Please call 817-247-0246
Just Completed, Never Lived In !!!

Owner Must Sell New Home
• 3/2, 2,000 sq. ft. on 5 acres • Huge Oak trees, plenty of room for horses • Brick and rock exterior • Covered porches front and back • Large patio with firepit • New stock pond for fishing & swimming • Massive vaulted ceiling with dormers for natural lighting • Corner fireplace with rock hearth • Oversized master bedroom with 10 foot ceilings and computer nook • Master bath has marble shower and separate large marble tub • His and her lavatories and closets • Paved County Road • Maximum privacy with great neighbors close by

Owner may be able to help you with financing.

Call me right now: 940-210-2303

Melaina Middleton Joins Austin Group Realty
Austin Group Realty, Bowie, Texas, is excited to announce the addition of Realtor® Melaina Middleton to its staff! Melaina Middleton brings several years work experience from the Cutting Horse industry, and working with Non-Profit Organizations, and Account Manager for several Global Corporations. Melaina was raised in the Aledo area, developing a passion for showing performance American Quarter Horses. She has a degree in Business Administration conferred by Tarleton State University. In 2007, newlyweds Melaina and husband Bert Middleton, purchased property in Decatur to pursue the abundant opportunities Wise County has to offer. Melaina is excited to be working with You and Your family. Start your New Year with a New Face for all of your Real Estate Opportunities and remember: All Real Estate Companies are NOT Created Equal! Experience The Difference! Call on Melaina at Austin Group Realty 6930 Hwy 287 North, Bowie, Texas. Telephone: 940-USA-LAND (940-872-5263). Look for an Austin Group Realty office opening soon in Decatur.
HIGH MESA ESTATES – From the $170’s – 1.5 Acre Lots/Decatur ISD COPPERFIELD ESTATES – From the $230’s – 2+ Acre Lots/Bridgeport ISD, Horses Allowed. CASTLEBURY ESTATES – From the $140’s – ¼ Acre Lots/Bridgeport ISD CIMMARRON BAY – From the $260’s – Acreage with Lakefront and Golf Course view/Bridgeport ISD OUR FEATURED SUBDIVISION OF THE MONTH IS CASTLEBURY ESTATES FROM THE $140’S! Castlebury Estates is a Gorgeous Subdivision situated two miles from Lake Bridgeport in Runaway Bay/Bridgeport ISD and HAS NO CITY TAXES! Take 380/114 into Runaway Bay. South on JO Castleberry (CR 3701) .25 miles on the left is Castlebury Estates. 1 mile from the golf course and 2 miles from the lake! We are building beautiful homes and are currently building on Golf Course Lots, Lake Lots and Acreage in Decatur, Bridgeport and Runaway Bay!

*Christopher Grace Custom Homes is offering 4.5% FIXED Interest Rates on these homes until February 28, 2009.
We still offer Financing even with bumps and bruises on your credit!! Want to Build, We can Lock your Rate at today’s LOW rate while we build for you! If the rates go down in the process you get The Lower Rate.


¼ Acre Lot with a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Very Open Floor Plan, Huge Kitchen with Island, Stone Fireplace, Jacuzzi Tub, Large Covered Patio, Huge Family Room, Full Sod, 6’ Stained Privacy Fence and Sprinkler System!! Only $1,199 monthly Ready for move in.


¼ Acre Lot with a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Beautiful Front Porch, Extended Covered Patio, Large Kitchen with Island, Jacuzzi Tub, Sante Fe Doors, Full Sod, 6’ Stained Privacy Fence and Sprinkler System. Upgrades Galore! Only $1,299 monthly Ready for move in.

1/3 Acre Lot with a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath with a Study and Large Dining Room, Front Porch, Covered Patio, Butlers Pantry, Full of Custom Cabinets, Stone Fireplace and Jacuzzi Tub, Full Sod, 6’ Stained Privacy Fence, Sprinkler System and MUCH MORE!! Only $1,399 monthly Ready for move in.

For Information Please Call Juston Wenham 817-733-3444
*4.5 % Fixed Interest rate is for approved buyers through Christopher Grace Custom Homes preferred mortgage company. Must meet qualification requirements.

ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, February 12, 2009


Spaces & lots
Country Oaks RV spaces for rent. 30 amp, $285/month. 50 amp $300/month. Hwy 101, Sunset, across from Assembly of God Church, 142 W. Boone St. (940)845-4755, (940)613-8852.

Gail’s Pharmacy
has an opening for a
Opening for customer service and inside sales, requires basic computer skills, pleasant personality and multitasking abilities. Please apply at Healthline, 1101 Eagle Dr., Suite D, Decatur; or fax resume to (866)903-5772. STONE WORK & CONCRETE Retaining walls, patios, rock entries, houses, landscaping. Small brick jobs. Decatur references. 20 years experience. Major credit cards accepted. (817)919-4487.

Robbins Isshinryu



Lab MT’s
Medical Technologists needed on evening and night shifts. Full time with excellent salary and benefits

SUNSET RV PARK Centrally located between Decatur, Bridgeport, Bowie on Highway 287. Full hook-ups, free laundry, free wireless internet. (940)845-2007.

Certified Pharmacy Technician
Apply in person Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. 810 W.W. Ray Circle, Bridgeport

LOCAL CLEANING SERVICE Commercial, residential. Make ready, 1-time or repeat. We clean what others miss. Penny Wise Cleaning Service, (940)210-5450.

Traditional Okinawan Karate Okinawan Weapons Self-Defense
916 CR 4679, Boyd, TX 76023


Clay Robbins

Pharmacy Techs
Weekend Pharmacy tech positions 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Part time and PRN available

Wanted to lease
Looking for a deer lease, 200-300acres in Jack/Wise County area for a family of 5. Please call (940)389-3394.

Safety Experience Required
Send Resume to &


Let me fix it
A+ HANDYMAN SERVICE General home repair/maintenance, auto tune-ups, lawnmower/tiller tune-ups. Fence, sprinkler maintenance/repair. 30+ years experience. Dependable, trustworthy. Call Karl, (817)995-7960, (940)627-1115. AUTO PAINTING Complete paint jobs, $1,000. Color changes, $1,000-$1,300. Classic car painting, priced by estimate. In Bridgeport, call cell, (972)832-4442 for details. BARRINGTON CONSTRUCTION All types remodeling, home repairs, foundation work & privacy fences. All work guaranteed. (940)389-9276. DAN PROCTOR CUSTOM HOMES Room additions, kitchen/bath remodels, bonus room finish work. 35-years experience. (817)881-9023. FIREFIGHTER RESIDENTIAL Services. Trim carpentry, home repairs & real estate make ready. (940)366-9376. MIKE’S RV SERVICE Service calls, insurance work, full repairs, power washing, detailing. Also work on horse & enclosed trailers. Michael, (940)399-7565. RAY & KENNY’S HANDYMAN Service. Specializing: all types home repairs, custom cabinets & counter tops, custom furniture. (940)627-6399, (940)799-1146, (817)915-2618.

Tommy Shackelford
Driveway Construction * Gravel Drives * Culverts * Parking Areas * Roads Installed or Resurfaced Best Quality Workmanship

Registered Nurses
Full Time and PRN, ICU, ER, L&D, Supervisors, Case Manager, Nurse Educator and MS positions available
Tom Harrison Human Resources 1905 Doctors’ Hospital Drive Bridgeport, TX 76426 940-683-0327 940-683-0485 Fax

TOP DOLLAR PAID for lease land for grazing or hay production. (940)902-9916.

Trinity Care Center

Now Hiring
Contact Jessica Reid, Administrator
Please come by Trinity Care Center to complete an application.

A ordable Pricing 940-482-6578



• Business Opportunity • Employment Information • Adult/Elderly Care • Childcare • Food Service • Medical/ Dental • Miscellaneous • Office • Retail/Sales • Trades • Work Wanted

Apply in person at 2108 15th St. Bridgeport, TX 940-683-5023

Drivers needed OTR. Must be minimum 25-years-old with clean driving record. Call (940)389-6558. Gas Measurement Tech. Hiring experienced natural gas measurement technician. Ability to install, test, repair, and maintain measurement equipment and interpret measurement data. (817)439-0140. JM Materials, the rock company that cares about you. Your experience is our gain and your opportunity. Home nights, 26% based on experience. Insurance available, multiple bonus programs, holiday pay, vacation and sick pay. Must have good MVR, minimum 23-years-old and have a Class A CDL. Call for details and appointment, (940)427-2033. Property Management firm seeking maintenance technician for 33 town home complex. Applicant must have general knowledge in all aspects of town home maintenance such as plumbing, electrical, drywall repairs, etc. HVAC knowledge a plus. Compensation based on skill levels with excellent benefit package. We support a safe, healthy and drug free workplace through criminal background checks and random drug testing. Call Diane at (940)575-4913 to schedule an interview. ROUTE DRIVER Need a dependable person with a good driving record & a great attitude. For consideration, please apply to Jodi Dusek, at 605 N. Business Highway 287, Suite 102, Decatur.

Williams’ Hauling & Tractor Works
• Brushhog & Finish Mowing • Blading, Plowing & Tilling • Backhoe work, driveways • Dirt, sand & gravel hauling • Land Clearing • All types cleanup & haul-offs • Quality work, fair pricing


Employment information
!!ATTENTION!! Advertising under this classification is normally not a bona fide opportunity. Typically, companies advertising here offer information about potential employment. Some are selling this information. We suggest that our readers thoroughly investigate these advertisers before investing any money.


James Williams 940-399-9138

LVNs / CNAs Weekend RN Immediately Need LVNs
10 a.m. - 6 p.m. M-F

PT Position
Must be available as needed, all shifts 24/7. Must pass background check and physical. Will train. $9/hr.
Email resumes to or apply at
407 S. Washburn in Decatur


Farm Equipment

• Farm Equipment • Fencing • Lawn & Garden • Livestock • Livestock Care/Training • Livestock Lost & Found • Livestock Stud Service • Livestock Supplies • Miscellaneous • Mowing • Pasture & Feed • Poultry

Food service
Accepting applications for restaurant managers & shift managers for Alvord area restaurant. Fax resume to (817)442-1160.

Apply in person

Bridgeport Health Care Center
102 W. Cates • Bridgeport

165 MASSEY FERGUSON diesel with front-end loader, hay spike & bucket. $5,500. (940)210-1474. JOHN DEERE manure spreader, $1,000. Two Priefert round bale hay rings, $75/each. One round bale hay carrier, $150. Miscellaneous horse halters/blankets. (940)210-8847. Just in! New PJ trailers, all makes, call for pricing. Used CaseIH Maxxum 115 2-WD, reduced, $41,000, low hours. Used Case 450 skid, low hours, $24500. (940)627-5451. OCEAN FREIGHT CONTAINERS New & used. Water tight & rodent proof. Larry Singley, (817)992-9122. STORAGE CONTAINERS Great storage! The best containers at the best value. (817)726-7669.

Home Improvements & Repair

Wait staff & short order cook needed, evening shift. KT’s Cafe, Alvord; ask for Katie; (940)427-9108.

Location Decatur, office work. Order processing and fulfillment. Basic computer knowledge. Also looking for maintenance helper. Supplemental health care plan. Paid vacation, sick time. Competitive salary. Send resume to, P.O. BOX 855, Rhome, TX, 76078.

All Types of Remodeling
Repairs Large or Small
Add-ons, Decks And More

Home health agency seeks responsible caring adults to help with daily living tasks. Wise County openings. Please contact Betty, 1(800)866-6705.

Full-time receptionist needed for medical office. Mail resume to 1710 Highway 51 South, #130, Decatur, TX 76234. State Farm Agency looking to add bilingual member to our team. High paced sales/service enviroment. Contact Will, (817)528-4749.



940-627-6947 or 940-389-4943
FREE to join Bridgeport Country Club. Initiation fees waived for limited time. 1 month ($80 + tax), enjoy all amenities.. 250 FM 2123, Bridgeport. (940)683-9438. JUNK & TRASH REMOVAL Garage, shed, yard clean-ups. Garage sale leftovers picked up. Call Jason, (940)577-3368.


• Childcare • Adult/Elderly Care • Business • Housecleaning • Let Me Fix It • Miscellaneous • Tutoring

FARM & RANCH FENCING Pipe & cable, non-climb, barbed wire, entrances, solar gate operators, repairs. Jim at (940)367-7505. FARM & RANCH SERVICES All types of fencing. (940)210-1242.

• RN - CCU * ER * L&D
Med/Surg * Behavioral Health Inpt Rehab * BHS Nurse Mgr Surgery & Cath Lab (pt)

• Social Worker/Case Manager
• Web Manager Design & administer Part Time/PRN

Diamond W Truckstop and Dry Creek Store in Bridgeport, full-time cashiers needed. Apply in person. Serious applicants only. NO DRUGS!

BOOKKEEPER AVAILABLE Part-time, your office or ours. Years of experience, many softwares & references, full charge. Call Carol, (817)913-9783.

• Clinical Therapist • Security • Xray Tech • C.N.A., PCA, Mental Health Techs

• Nurse Practitioner/PA - Family Certifred • LVN - Dialysis • Therapy Services: OT * PT * PTA
PT Coordinator

2000 S. FM 51 • Decatur, TX. 76234 - A not for profit hospital - EOE - Job Line: 940-626-2525 Up to $7,000 RN Bonus

TECL #25306 Master Electrician TX. License #5811 Specializing in small jobs. Residential • Commercial • Consulting

940-433-3177 • Bill Mayes Heritage Creek Construction
• Custom Homes • Kitchen Remodel • Bathroom Remodel • Additions • Tile • Flooring • Doors & Windows • Cabinetry • Wood Floors • Carpet • Countertops

Pump Sales & Service Complete Water Well Drilling & Repair Storage Tanks & Boosting Equipment & Installation Residential, Municipal & Commercial Office: 940-627-3059 Emergency Service Available PO Box 1504 Cell: 940-393-3964
Fax: 940-626-4996
Lic. #2774AI

A&V Water

John & Mary Haynie

Decatur, TX 76234

- Residential & Commercial Bonded


• FREE Estimates •


Tree Service and Stump Removal • Tree Removal • Stump Grinding • Storm Damage Experts • Chipper Service • Bucket Truck

(Senior Citizen Discount)

• Land and Lot Clearing • Driveways and Parking Lots • Roads • Demolition • House Pads

Excavation & Bobcat Services
We Can Haul: • Sand and Gravel • Topsoil • Cushion Sand • Select Fill • Brick Sand • Base

Fully Insured

- Toll Free -

Most Credit Cards Accepted
s r r

Commercial and Residential “No Job To Small Or Too Big”
Call for free estimates Trey: 940-531-0661 • Julian: 940-627-4383

Wise and Cooke County


ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lawn and garden
Clean-up, dirt work & garden tilling. (817)304-4374, (940)567-1014. LONE OAK LANDSCAPING Personalized landscape plans, 20-years experience. Plants furnished, you plant or we plant. Sod, tree work, decks/patios/walls. (940)389-1778. TREES TRIMMED & REMOVED 36 years in business, insured. (817)444-0861, Teater. MIX 30 liquid feed. 16% protein, 10% veg fat. $265/ton, $1.23/gallon, delivered. Servicing Wise, North Texas. (817)233-3779. 2007 COW HAY net-wrapped, fertilized Coastal/Johnson mix, 4x5 rolls. $30/each. (940)393-5627. CHRISTIAN COWBOY HAY Fertilized coastal, 4x5 round bales, $45-$55. Delivery available. Square bales. Quantity discounts available. (940)626-4627, (940)577-9629, cell. CLEAN FERTILIZED coastal square bales. Last cutting. $6/each. (940)394-6027. COASTAL HAY 2007 & 2008. Round & square. Call (940)748-2434, C&S Dairy. COASTAL HORSE HAY 2008 square bales in barn, fertilized, no weeds. No minimum. Between Alvord/Decatur. Delivery available. (817)991-7625, (940)627-2813. COW HAY 2007 round, net-wrapped, Coastal/Johnson mix. $35/bale. Call (940)368-1413. ECONOMICAL MIX 30 liquid feed distributor. Feeders & minerals. Call Sterling Champion, LLC, (817)675-6545, (940)748-2785, (817)771-4217. GOOD QUALITY Small squares and round bales. Coastal & Sudan. 3x3 big squares Alphalfa. (940)393-6095. HAY FOR SALE 5x5 round bales. $50, $40 & $35. (940)393-5429. HAY FOR SALE Coastal or prairie hay. Round bales, 4x5.5. $40, 10 bale minimum. $45, delivered inside Wise County. (940)393-5853.

!!ATTENTION!! We suggest that our readers thoroughly investigate any advertiser before investing any money. Border collie pups, registered, $125/each. 4 females, 1 male. 1st shots/wormed. Working parents on site. Born Dec. 31. (940)389-0830. COCKER SPANIELS Miniature, CKC, females & males, shots/wormed. $400/each. (817)444-7179, (817)891-0486. FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPIES Champion bloodline. Cell, (817)692-8950.

Decatur, 2909 James St., Sat., Feb. 14, Fri.-Sat., Feb. 20-21. Estate sale, appliances, household furnishings. Everything must go!

1998 CHEVROLET 2500 3/4 ton pickup with tow package. $4,000. (940)627-1480, (940)577-1182.

Livestock lost and found
Lost: black Angus bull, white spot on forehead, 4-years-old, triangle brand (points down) left hip. Last seen FM 730, 11 miles north Decatur, 12-10-2008. (940)389-1921.

FIREWOOD FOR SALE Well seasoned. 1/2 cord, $125. (940)433-2683. FIREWOOD for sale. (940)389-3413.


wheel chair accessible van. (940)393-3836.

BOBCAT WORK All types dirt work, drainage, leveling, land clearing, gravel, driveways, clean-up, etc. Reasonable rates. Jeff Case (817)565-5444, (817)929-9805 RANCH DISPERSAL SALE 3 horses, 2 ATVs, 1 pull-along pasture mower & office furniture. (817)401-1600.

PIPE/ROD 5,500 feet of 2 3/8” pipe, tested at 5,000 lbs., $3/foot. (940)566-5307. USED I-BEAMS 2 3/8” pipe, $1.40/foot, 30’ long. 4” pipe, $4.70/foot, 45’ long. (940)566-5307. WHEELCHAIR LIFTS Ramps, repairs and scooter rentals. New & used portable scooters. Call Matt Sadberry, MedCare Solutions. (940)575-9261.

12% all stock, $7.35, 50 lbs. Deer corn, $8.75, 50 lbs. AGVantage Farm & Ranch Supply, 1817 N. Highway 287, (1 mile north of Highway 380), Decatur. (940)627-2312. 2007 FERTILIZED BMR Sudan hay for (940)210-9185.

al No 100% Approv Credit

You Are ! Approved


Pets lost and found
Found: Jan. 22 on Eagle Drive, Decatur (in front of clinic). Black/white, male rat terrier. Call to describe. (940)389-1742.

Cars &Trucks
starting at $





We also buy cars!

Merchandise for Sale

• Appliances • Clothing/Jewelry • Furniture • Garage Sales • Firewood • Miscellaneous • Auctions

• Boats • Cars • Recreational Vehicles • Trucks • Accessories • Trailers • Wanted to Buy

AQHA RED BAY gelding, 11-years-old, cow working & trail, experienced rider. $3,000. (940)394-6027.

Cars Garage sales
!!ATTENTION!! Garage sale ads must be called in BEFORE 11a.m. Tuesday to run in the Thursday edition. If you want your garage sale ad in All Around Wise also, it MUST be called in before 11a.m. Friday THE WEEK BEFORE the sale. We do not run garage sales the weekend before the sale. IF YOU NEED a good, dependable car or truck for $3,500 or less, come by Cowgirl Auto Sales, 804 Business Highway 287, Decatu, TX; (940)626-0070. Ask about our inventory. Let’s do business! I’LL BUY THOSE YARD CARS as well as your good used cars. Arvin, (817)925-8768.

Bring Your Tax Refund
Here - Everyones Approved

107 S. Hwy. 287 • Decatur
Behind Dairy Queen

BEAUTIFUL RED ANGUS cattle. 10-15 head, females. (940)433-3981. BLACK ANGUS bulls & heifers, registered, 11-16 months, easy calving, good growth, out of A.I. sires. (940)964-2273.

Visit our website
1972 CHEVROLET PICKUP Is in the process of restoration. Many new parts included. Includes rebuilt 350 motor. $1,600/OBO. (940)389-3067. 1993 GMC SONOMA V-6, small truck, good gas mileage, standard shift, high miles, needs a little work, but runs good. $500/cash. (940)466-7400.

BUY & SELL & TRADE All classes of horses. All riding horses sold, 72 hour unconditional guarantee. (940)224-1470, (940)644-5956.

ANY SIZE ACREAGE MOWED Large acreage, $22/acre. Small acreage, $35-$45/acre. Tommy, (940)482-6578.

Pasture and feed
12% all stock, $7.35, 50 lbs. Deer corn, $8.75, 50 lbs. AGVantage Farm & Ranch Supply, 1817 N. Highway 287, (1 mile north of Highway 380), Decatur. (940)627-2312. 1ST CHOICE FERTILIZED coastal round bales, $30-$50/bale. Call for details & minimum. (940)433-3981. 1ST QUALITY COASTAL & alfalfa squares or round. (Will trade.) Horse riding, ranch work and delivery available. (940)389-6281 or (940)627-6598.

C BAR M TACK-FEED-HORSES 143 CR4396, Decatur, TX. Cash, checks, credit cards., (817)929-3612.

AUCTION Saturday, Feb. 14 • 6 p.m.
1 mile east of Boyd on Hwy. 114 or 4 miles west of Rhome on Hwy. 114
Consignments Welcome, Estate Specialist. Antiques, Furniture, Glassware, Collectibles, Jewelry, Tools, Estate Stamp Collection, Thousands of Sport Cards.

Recreational vehicles
1998 Jeep Wrangler, 3” lift, 33” tires, soft top, 4-cylinder. $5,900/OBO. (940)389-8917. 2005 Honda 350 ATV, low mileage, only 600 hours. $2,750. (940)399-9101.

Heavy Equipment
1995 TRAVIS Aluminum end dump. $16,000. (940)964-2551.

HORSES WANTED Will remove or possibly buy unwanted horses. (817)360-7617 or (940)210-4052. LLAMAS weanlings (6-months-old), adults, bred females, guardians & pet quality. We provide training & support for new owners. (940)433-5897.

Open 11 a.m. 10% BP. Good Food, Climate Controlled.

Charles Connour, License #7216 Pictures on web • 214-755-4785
35 Years Experience

2002 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN wheel chair accessible van. (940)393-3836.

I BUY TRAILERS Horse, livestock, flatbed & utility trailers. Call (940)224-1470 or (940)644-5956.


ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, February 12, 2009


Main Street will host contest
Decatur merchants hope shoppers will “Fall in Love With Downtown” during February. Decatur Main Street is sponsoring a window decorating contest with the theme “Love.” Out-of-town judges will select a winner during the week of Feb. 16-20. Winners will be announced in the Wise County Messenger and will be given a special feature on the Main Street Web site. In making their decision, judges will consider theme, merchandising, lighting, creativity and visibility. than 4 percent from the same quarter last year. Basic earnings per share were 63 cents for the fourth quarter, up 5 percent from this time last year. Net interest income for the fourth quarter of 2008 increased more than 11 percent to $33 million compared with $29 million in the same quarter last year. First Financial has three locations in Wise County – Decatur, Bridgeport and Boyd.


First Financial continues growth
First Financial Bankshares Inc. has reported earnings for the fourth quarter of 2008 of $13 million, up more

Hotel Occupancy Tax (Number of Rooms) Total Room Receipts October 2008 Greystone Inn — Bridgeport; (24); $24,586 Best Western Decatur Inn — Decatur; (46); $96,280 Comfort Inn — Decatur; (40); $82,384 Days Inn & Suites — Decatur; (75); $110,143 Deluxe Inn Express — Decatur; (22); $12,372 Ramada Limited — Decatur; (50); $162,244 Super 8 — Decatur; (56); $85,741 Garrett Creek Ranch — Paradise; (50); $263,120 MD Resort — Aurora; (12); $45,000 November 2008 Best Western Decatur Inn — Decatur; (46); $82,390 Comfort Inn — Decatur; (40); $75,165 Deluxe Inn Express — Decatur; (22); $12,832 Garrett Creek Ranch — Paradise; (50); $106,681 Greystone Inn — Bridgeport; (24); 0 LaQuinta Inn & Suites — Bridgeport; (56); $52,722 MD Resort — Aurora; (12); $17,275 Ramada Limited — Decatur; (50); $111,613 Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax Double K Bar-B-Que — Boyd; Dec.: $1,030 Red’s Take 5 Bar & Grill — Bridgeport; Nov.: $599 Armondo’s Private Club — Decatur; Nov.: $294 Casa Torres Mexican Restaurant — Decatur; Dec.: $1,101 Catfish O’Harlies Cantina — Decatur; Dec.: 0 Cow Camp Steakhouse — Decatur; Nov.: $279; Dec.: $477 Decatur Civic Center — Decatur; Nov.: $212 Decatur Golf Private Club — Decatur; Dec.: $141 Fat Daddy’s Sports & Spirits — Decatur; Dec.: $6,543 Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes — Decatur; Nov.: $420 Verona Pizza Italian Restaurant — Decatur; Nov.: $115; Dec.: $127 Garrett Creek Ranch — Paradise; Nov.: $1,133 The Club at Runaway Bay — Runaway Bay; Nov.: $1,246 Franchise Tax Permits PZ Services LLC — Runaway Bay; Taxpayer: Christopher A. Payson; First taxable date: 12-19-08 Kadac Construction LLC — Rhome; Taxpayer: Lisa Reid; First taxable date: 12-19-09 Elenburg Ventures, LLC — Bridgeport; Taxpayer: Bryan Elenburg; First taxable date: 12-22-08 CB Tools Inc. — Bridgeport; Taxpayer: Bryan Elenburg; First taxable date: 12-22-08 Bold Land & Cattle LLC — Bridgeport; Taxpayer: Loren Liner; First taxable date: 12-22-08 Belote Quality Products LLC — Decatur; Taxpayer: Fred Belote; First taxable date: 12-27-08 4 Minute Fitness LP — Bridgeport; Taxpayer: William H. Joiner Jr.; First taxable date: 12-30-08

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Give your Valentine
the gift of TEXAS Wine
We locally grow 36 different grape varieties in our very own Cross Timbers Soil, which makes for a large variety of wines to choose from. Stop by our little neighborhood winery and taste what everyone’s talking about.

1817 N. Hwy. 287 • Decatur
1 mile N. of Hwy 380 on Hwy 287

HOURS: Mon - Sat., 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Show your Love This Valentines!
Montana Silversmith - 20% OFF
Men & Women • Jewelry • Buckles • Etc...

Mooremaker Knives - 20% OFF

20% - 40% OFF All Jeans 20% OFF Gift Items
Experience the Dif ference a

With GAS Prices Way Down,
DEMAND for TEXAS-size Vehicles Is WAY UP at Our Pre-owned Lots. So...

Servicing Dealer Makes.
Your local STIHL Dealer for over 15 years

For a short time only, GM has brought back 0% financing for 60 months or Big Cash Rebates on most 2009 vehicles.* We have Special Buyers to assure you of TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR TRADE-IN. So bring us your vehicle for a No-Charge, NO-PRESSURE Evaluation immediately!

14” bar


$ $

179.99 000 00

cutting tasks around the hom e design features of our professional models



$ $

149.99 000 00

149 00 000.99

consum er trim m er head
© 2008 STIHL

at an affordable price retainer cap



940-627-2177 940-627-2177

US Hwy. 287 South, Decatur • 940-627-2198
*60 payments of $16.67 per $1000 financed. GMAC financing with approved credit.

Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m, Sat., 8 a.m. - Noon




ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, February 12, 2009


The Messenger Classifieds...
Measuring up to your expectations one ad at a time.

Car sales continue downward spiral
Wise County’s three new vehicle dealerships sold 149 new cars and trucks in January, compared to 360 in January a year ago and 206 in December 2008. James Wood Motors, Karl Klement Ford and Karl Klement Chrysler Dodge Jeep combined for 207 used car sales. Chevrolet was the leader in new truck sales with 54 registered in the county, followed by GMC with 38 and Dodge with nine. James Wood registered 118 new vehicles, while Klement Chrysler sold 17, followed by Klement Ford with 14. Wood was the runaway leader in used sales with 184. Buick and Pontiac tied for the lead in car sales, with 10 each, followed by Chevrolet with seven. First State Banks in Bridgeport, Runaway Bay and Chico financed 30 of the vehicles registered, and DATCU Credit Union loaned money for 23 vehicles.

Se habla español
Come see Ron Your friend in the car business

WE FINANCE 940-683-1999
1110 Hovey, Bridgeport

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Keely Harris Inc. — Newark; Taxpayer: Keely Harris; First taxable date: 12-31-08 Txafford LLC — Decatur; Taxpayer: Doug Taft; First taxable date: 1-21-09 Lifestyle Evolution LLC — Decatur; Taxpayer: Robert H. Spaulding; First taxable date: 1-20-09 Amen X-Press — Decatur; Taxpayer: David Saling; First taxable date: 1-21-09 Decatur Wireless LLC — Decatur; Taxpayer: Larry D. Kirby; First taxable date: 1-1-09 B&T Reed and Sons Inc. — Runaway Bay; Taxpayer: Michael Todd Reed; First taxable date: 11-09 The Dane LLC — Decatur; Taxpayer: Charlie G. Dane; First taxable date: 12-31-08 Douglas and Kemper Transportation and Logistics LLC — Paradise; Taxpayer: David Lester Douglas; First taxable date: 1-1-09 Coastline Transportation Inc. — Decatur; Taxpayer: R. Blake Sandford; First taxable date: 16-09 DS Investment Properties LLC — Chico; Taxpayer: David E. Strine; First taxable date: 1-8-09 Sales Tax Permits Don Schluter — Quinlan; Taxpayer: Don J. Schluter, Rhome; First taxable date: 1-10-09; General merchandise store D&V Pest Control — Newark; Taxpayer: Debbie Johnson and Vernon Johnson; First taxable date: 12-4-08; Exterminating and pest control services Newark Tire Shop — Newark; Taxpayer: Pallynn E. Gilbert; First taxable date: 1-19-09; Tire dealer Shredderz Skate & Sport — Decatur; Taxpayer: Phillip N. Reicheneker Jr.; First taxable date: 2-109; Sporting goods store T&D Holdings — Decatur; Taxpayer: Kenneth Thorton; First taxable date: 2-1-09; Personal and household goods repair and maintenance Botanic Chameleon — Bridgeport; Taxpayer: Dawn D. Blevins; First taxable date: 1-1-09; Floriculture production The Lady and the Rose — Decatur; Taxpayer: Patricia E. Burn, Decatur; First taxable date: 1-909; Commercial bakery Provo Investments Inc. — Ponder; Taxpayer: Provo Investments Inc., Runaway Bay; First taxable date: 1-1-08; Vending machine operator Bee Man’s Fireworks — Denison; Taxpayer: Herbert P. Taylor, Decatur; First taxable date: 7-108; Miscellaneous store retailer S&J Enterprise — Newark; Taxpayer: Sheryl Ann Jensen; First taxable date: 11-5-08; Direct selling establishment Boatspeed Marine — Paradise; Taxpayer: Kelly Holmes and Monty Moon; First taxable date: 71-07; Sporting and recreational goods merchant wholesaler DJ Johnson & Co. — New Fairview; Taxpayer: Darrel J. Johnson; First taxable date: 2-2-09; Electronic auction Tag Team Ventures — Rhome; Taxpayer: Joyce Soles; First taxable date: 1-2-09; Electronic auction Perry & Perry Landscaping — Rhome; Taxpayer: Cleon Perry and Alicia Perry; First taxable date: 1-7-09; Commercial and institutional building construction Workhorse — Alvord; Taxpayer: Jesse Lee Outlaw Sr.; First taxable date: 1-1-09; Family clothing store Decatur Wireless LLC — Decatur; Taxpayer: Decatur Wireless LLC; First taxable date: 3-1-09; Radio, television and other electronics store McGee Electric — Decatur; Taxpayer: Colby McGee; First taxable date: 1-1-09; Electrical contractor Twisted Sisters — Justin; Taxpayer: James D. Richey; First taxable date: 2-1-09; Used merchandise store Tackett Surplus — Sunset; Taxpayer: Jefferson Paul Tackett; First taxable date: 1-12-09; Direct selling establishment Furniture Supercenter — Bridgeport; Taxpayer: Corey David Lane; First taxable date: 12-1-08; Furniture store Michelle’s Rhinestone Divas — Runaway Bay; Taxpayer: Michelle Bowen; First taxable date: 11-09; Jewelry store Lacy’s Closet — Chico; Taxpayer: Donald Maddux; First taxable date: 1-1-09; Gift, novelty and souvenir store
On the Decatur Square 115 State Street 940-626-3727

We Have Great Valentine’s Day Gifts

• Little girls parties include tea parties, dress-up parties, make-up parties, rock star parties, princess parties, karaoke parties, runway or fashion show parties, dance parties, or any party a parent or child can think up. • Little boys parties can be action hero, sports theme, cars & trucks, rock star, cowboys or whatever he and his parents can think up. • Parties at our location or yours.

• Weddings • Showers • Teen or Adult Parties

FEB. 14
Stop by and register for a party for eight ($200 Value) Serving cookies & drinks!

Valentine Balloon Bouquets At Affordable Prices A Specialty!

T-Storms, some severe; partly sunny

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Mostly sunny and breezy

Partly sunny and breezy

Mostly sunny, a t-storm possible

Partly sunny and cooler


Mostly sunny















RF: 70° RF: 38°

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RF: 52° RF: 25°

RF: 52° RF: 29°

RF: 63° RF: 36°

RF: The exclusive RealFeel Temperature® is an index that combines the effects of temperature, wind, humidity, sunshine intensity, cloudiness, precipitation, pressure and elevation on the human body — everything that affects how warm or cold a person really feels. Shown are the highest and lowest values for each day.

Hometown Handling Hometown Financing g
661 W. Thompson at Hwy. 51 South in Decatur

Daily Highest Forecast









ARDMORE 70/47 DURANT 71/48


Wed. Thu.

Sun. Mon.

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0-2 Low 3-5 Moderate 6-7 High 8-10 Very High 11+ Extreme


Denton through Sunday, February 8

Last week’s high/low Normal high/low Average temperature Normal average temperature 77°/23° 57°/34° 53.5° 45.6° trace trace 0.80” 0.64” 2.58” GRAHAM 74/41 RHOME 72/46



72/48 DENTON 72/48 MCKINNEY 72/49

Precipitation (in inches)
Total for the week Total for the month Total for the year Normal for the month Normal for the year


As of 7 a.m. Sunday (in feet) Lake Full Pool Elevation Change Possum King L. 1000 997.38 none L. Bridgeport 836 827.35 -0.03



DALLAS 72/49 KAUFMAN 74/48


As of 7 a.m. Sunday (in feet) River Flood stage Level Change West Fork of the Trinity Jacksboro 20 3.73 none near Boyd 16 6.76 -0.01 Big Sandy Creek Bridgeport 12 2.06 -0.59 STEPHENVILLE 74/40 GLEN ROSE 74/48 CLEBURNE 74/45 WAXAHACHIE 74/46


ATHENS 74/50

esp R

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FAIRFIELD 74/49 WACO 73/54

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Carrier Route Presort BULK RATE U.S. POSTAGE PAID Decatur, TX Permit No. 88




A last hurrah
It was senior night last Friday at Northwest High School where several talented Lady Texans played the final home game of their career. The senior class, which includes Ashley Morgan, Dee Dee Jones, Gen Zulueta, Shauntal Nobles, Kaela Nagle, Erica Terneus and Jocelyn made it a night to remember as they went out winners after betting Keller 51-47.
Messenger photo by Mack Thweatt