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Writers Guide

Thank you for applying as an author on! We have prepared a comprehensive guide for our
authors to describe how best to post your first article.

Your contributor account:

Each author will be sent a user name and password for our backend system which is
handled by WordPress.
You can login here:

After you login, up in the upper right hand corner it says "Howdy, _______" whatever your name is.
Click on your name. IMPORTANT: First, change your password. Second fill out all of the information on
this page. The Bio information is specifically important. Make sure you include your twitter handle in the

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Table of Contents

1. Adding a new post and inserting images

2. Adding Imags cont. and Adding featured Image
3. Adding featured Image continued
4. Galleries
5. Tags and Categories
6. SEO and Excerpt
7. Adding videos, audio, and buttons.
8. Publish and Final Words

Writing your First Post on T3kd!

You can add your post by clicking on Add new and after completion you can publish it.
This is the easiest and ready made method. You dont need to install anything on your

Step 1 - Write your post.

Step 2 - Add Images

Image Process and Requirements

One of the only things we ask is that you take care of your own images. Please
name them something appropriate. This will allow other editors and admins to fifind
the image should it need to be found.
1. Upload any images you have by pressing this button, and following instructions.
The easiest way is to upload the images one at a time, in the order you want to
use them. However, you can also upload multiple fifiles at the same time. They will
all pop up in the same window when uplaoded. To upload simply drag from your
comptuer over the page anywhere. The popup window will close after you insert
your fifirst image. You can inster multiple images by checking each image. (A
checked image will have a blue check box.)

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Page 1

2. Click show, if the page doesn't look like this:

When uploading your

pictures be sure to
name them something
intuitive. Other authors
may search the media
library to locate
previously uploaded
items. It makes it
easier if the picure is
named appropriately.
Also each image
tag or ALT description.

3. Click on the picture you want to insert, Choose you size, Orientation and text alignment,
name, and caption on this page.
4. Fill out the description and ALT Description. The ALT Desc. should be the EXACT same as
your Focus Keyword (SEE the SEO Section below)
5. Then click "Insert into post"
Step 3 - Set Featured Image

All images must have a featured image attatched to it. Images you use for the featured image must be
AT LEAST 420px wide AND 470px high.
To attatch your featured image, Scroll down on the editor page. On the right hand side you will see the

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Page 2

Click on the "Set Featured Image" Link.

An upload box will appear, just like it did
when you inserted pictures into your
post. (see above if you don't know what
it looks like.)


You can either upload your own pic or

browse from the media library. You can
also choose from the images you have
inserted into your post. You can see
these by clicking on "Media Library"
Once you have the pics uploaded or
selected, make sure the picture has a
blue check mark on it, if not just click on

Underneath the size option is

a blue button that says "Set
as Featured Image" click it
and close the popup upload
box if it doesn't auto close.
You are done. The featured
image should be shown in
the place where the "Set
Featured Image" Link was on
the editor page.

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Page 3

A quick word about galleries

Wordpress added an awesome feature in WP 3.5, so we now use their built in gallery
function. First make sure the cursor is where you want to insert the gallery. Then
simply upload your pictures that you want in the gallery, the same way you'd upload
in the image steps above. Then in the window click "Create Gallery"
It will show you all uploaded pictures currently in the media library. You
photos should already be selected if you just uploaded them. If not
simply select each picture you want in the gallery by clicking on the
picture. You will see the images accumulate at the bottom of the
Next, Click the create gallery button at the

Click on each image in the gallery and ensure

that it has an ALT tag and description. The ALT
tag should be the EXACT same as your Focus
Keyword. See the SEO section below.
On this page you can add captions, and reorder
your gallery by dragging the images. Once you
have them in the order you want, click the blue
"Insert Gallery" button at the bottom.

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Page 4

Remember if you have any questions make sure you email or conact me via
twitter @mattaweber. You may also get help from @Ricky_Williams1 on twitter.

Step 4a- Add Tags and Categories

Adding Tags and Categories to your post

Every post must have one category, and at least two tags assoicated with it.

Just check the category you need, if it is not available, email

the Editor, and he will add it to the list.
Only the Editor has access to the featured category.
On Tags, enter as many as you like, seperated by commas.
Then click Add.

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Page 5

Step 4b - SEO
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important steps you take when writing a
post. This allows search engines to fifind and rank your post better, so more people fifind it. On
each post publish page there is a section for SEO. Here's how you should fifill it out!
The Box will look likt this.
1- You may have to make this
(obviously it won't have text
visible the fifirst time you visit. To do
in it to begin with)
this go to "Screen Options in the
upper right hand corner, and then
make sure the check box labled "All
In One SEO Pack" is checked. This
will make a box appear at the
bottom of the page. You may have
to scroll down.
To fifill this out, Choose one
keyword that you use in your
post. Should be short and
concise and actually relevant.
Then paste the title of your
article in the SEO title spot.
Then a short description of
your article. Both the Title and
the description should have
the Focus keyword in them
Exactly as you typed it.
If you have done these boxes
right, all the words to the left
will be GREEN. If you've
missed something it will be
Once you've written your post and fifilled out the SEO boxes
above, click SAVE DRAFT. You will then see your SEO score.
It will be either RED. The SEO score is in the same section as
the save draft box.

Now click on the Page Analysis tab on the SEO section. This
will help you make your SEO status green.

SEO continues on NEXT page --->

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Page 6

Your goal here is to make each dot green by doing what it says is missing. For example if one of your
Images is missing the alt tag, it'll come up red or brown. Go back and make sure all images have alt tags
that are exactly the same as your focus keyword and it'll turn green when you press SAVE DRAFT again.
WARNING: Even if you have no images it will say you need to add alt tags. Don't worry about this if you
images aren't in the post itself.
Go through step by step and fifix the problems. Once you've done a few posts for T3KD, you will start writing
your articles with these requirments in mind.
I have created a poor video that expalns this intire process. See here:
As always, email Matt or Ricky if you have problems, or you can friend Matt on Facebook and message him
through there.

Email inquires to

Page 7

How to Add Video, Buttons and App boxes

Add a YouTube Video to your post

If you want to add a YouTube video to your post, use the shortcode like this

[youtube id="Enter video ID (eg. USHZZ5bwASU)" width="620" height="360"]

This is posted in the regular WYSIWYG editor not the HTML side.
Add a button to your post
To add a button use this shortcode:

[button color="eg. black, blue, green, grey, orange, red" link=""]Text here[/button]
Add a App download box to your post

To add a box like this, get the URL from either the iTunes Appstore or from Google Play (email Matt
if you have questions on this) and enter this short code
For iOS or Mac apps:

[app url="URL HERE"]

For Android Apps

[googleplay url="URL here"]

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Page 8

Step 5 - Publish
Thats it, your're ready to publish! Make sure you have proof read your post!
Depending on your current position at
T3KD, you may or may not be able to
publish posts on your own. If you can't
publsh on your own, instead of seeing
Publisih, you will see "Submit for Review".
Click this only when you are done. Matt or
Ricky will then go over your post and
make sure everything is awesome, and
will publish it ASAP.

A few words about Our article requirements/suggestions1 - We don't care about what tech topic you write about. Write whatever you like. If you think it is going to
be a popular topic amongst the writers to, email me and I will make sure only one copy is
written. This is usally not a problem. So write fifirst, ask later!
2. Post as offen as you can. The more content the site has, the better. If you had agreed previously with
Matt about a posting requirement follow that.
3. Remember that images are important. Add your featured and Thumbnail images according to the
requirments, but also add other pictures if it is appropirate
4. There is no length restructions or minimums. Write what you think is appropriate (unless of course, you
have an arrangement with Matt). Use good judgement and you will be fifine! IMPORTANT: Remember to
Spell check and Grammer check. If you can't read it neither can anybody else.
5.- If you need help with anything in Wordpress either email me, of if you are a self-learner, go here:
6- Remember that I am always available for questions. I might not get back right away, but usually within
a few hours, you will have help.
7- Have Fun! If it ain't fun, you should stop. If there are problems with the way things work, point them out
I will fifix them, and I take criticism well

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