Lent: Time to Prepare


The season of Lent is a time to prepare—fr o Wekw e w r e br hi’ w r o t oHl y e hn e e m e C rt ok n h m ss e cross, and to prepare our hearts for the work of Christ in the world. It is a somber season of deep, dark colors (purple, black) and deep thinking and meditation. Historically, this is a time when Christians around the world sedet t ei pae adw r i seicl fcs go C rt sc f efrorl e o t pn x a i n r r n os p pc i l oui n hi’ ari o u i s n h r m y h, f ay n ss ic v e cross. Traditionally, Lent was a time of fasting—giving up food to recall the life Christ gave up for us. That hsund n “o et r as o g i u coo to o e “ dl ne” s a t e i o n m aFi y” r i n p hcle r t r i u ecs a r t d vg a h n g at e ’ e n e o f m a m lw yo “er g t c s s a a f ba n” h r s l i e o .Others actually add something to their lives Ps rJfssr o sr s ui L n “ oi i dr g et Wh s e n : during Lent: an added prayer, service to others, or new ways of worship. o? o e n o s i Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 17th, and we will be celebrat- G d” C m adj nu ing that day with a special service at 6 pm that night. Like last year, this service (and invite your friends!) will be a unique opportunity to meditate on our lives in relationship with God and as we discuss the nature our own sin. The Worship Committee has put a lot of effort into the service and it and character of the one we call God. We talk will truly be a special time. about God in a lot of difIn the weeks following, we will have a variety of events here at the church ferent ways, come hear to guide us through the season. Pastor Jeff will be leading us through a special what the Bible says about L n nsr o sr s “ oiG d” adw wlhv cm ui fr ot fwho our God really is. et e n e e ( e m i Wh s o?) n e i ae o m n n o m so l o the Sundays in this special season. Of course we will also have special worship services to help us prepare throughout Holy Week. Watch the screens, your bulletins, and the church bulletin boards for more information! Take time—make time—this season of Lent to prepare your hearts for the work of Christ and the sacrifice He made for each of us on the cross.

Go Red Sunday, Feb. 7th
Every year heart disease claims the lives of 460,000 women in our country, and one of those women could be sitting in the pew beside you. In f t t t N . k l o A e cn o e,n a , ’ h o1 ie f m r a w m nad c is e lr i t t en t to en’m m an s t o da h m ash sm oe o ,ut ie r er a a s , sr friend will lose her life this year. The American H a A sc t ns Red For Women® er s ii ’Go t o ao movement encourages women to take action to reduce those numbers, and on Sunday, February 7, 2010, we are asking the members and guests of Southern Hills UMC to join with other faiths in the fight against heart disease. We ask that you wear RED that day to show your support.

Soup-er Bowl Sunday

Are you a New Orleans Saints or Indianapolis C lfo a f ?Whee yur cer g o,o e o ot l a t bl n ovr o’ he n frcm e i and enjoy a bowl of soup, crackers or cornbread and dessert immediately following worship on Super Bowl Sunday, February 7, 2010. To create some excitement, everyone will have an opportunity to buy a square on the Football Grid for $1.00 each. When all the squares are sold, there will be a $100 in the pot. The score at the ed fh gm ( h h s’p yd n l udy n o t a e w i i t l e ut S na e c n a i evening) will determine the winner and the winner will sl th “pc l i i ”ht i r e eh $0. e ct sei m s o t wl e i t 10 e e a sn a l cv e You can choose from our local South Tulsa Community House or Restore Hope, state groups like February is American Heart Month. Heart Cookson Hills Ministries, or international relief funds disease continues to be our country's #1 Killer for like Bread for the World or Church World Service. A men and women. Information for heart health will be full list will be available on the office bulletin board. shared in the foyer during the month or you can go Contact Wendy Reeder at 743-7493 to advise online to read more at www.americanheart.org for what you want to bring: soup, cornbread, or dessert. A information. February 5 is the national Go Red for sign-up sheet is on the church office bulletin board. Women and we encourage you to wear RED that day Remember, “ rsl t hv m r pre” We eo eo ae oe ats v i in our community too! See you there.

Pastor Jeff Writes
In only a few days from now, the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints will take the field in Miami for the Super Bowl. The game will see a meeting of two great teams, full of athletes making millions of dollars to play football at the highest level. Each team is led by a great quarterback who has an ability to take the game on their shoulders and prevail. Of course, only one team can prevail but both teams are worthy. That said, as a former resident of the get i o Id npl, n ani broP y nMan g( a…w w r hueii …n e i hh) ra cy fni ao sad e ho t et t a i g o ni y h e ee osst g i g , u?, n e tn c g I pln hr f t by i b e B thy e l i t Si s fr l rh Man gsem t ’ u i ad o h osn l . u t ’ p y g h a ta e a …Aci ni ’ t ,h m lg r e u er an e n t l e n a e “ o a ”f s h seter wt ppr as nt ihas n hifsSpr o l h eh adI Wh D t a w o pn yas i ae bg o h r ed…i t ri t ue B w…o ya, n ? n h e e r have lots of in-law relatives cheering whole-heartedly for the Saints. Yes, only one team can prevail, but both teams are worthy. Mot I hp g o a el go gm (i o l e hn ere w ad ue l ec o e sy ’ oi fr r l od a e k d fi w e G ogt n n D k p y ah t r l m n ay n k o a h… which they do regularly it seems). What I hope is to see football played at its highest level, with each player di t ibs t wnt f a pi .I oet seoet m s e ner c qi l t t o e t m s o g h r eto i h i l r e hp o e n e ’ df s e t u ky o h t re ’ n e e n z a e a c e h a offense, and vice versa. But one thing I do know: none of the responses, the quick reactions to the snap of the football, the audibled plays and deep passes, none of these things will compare to the quick response of this church to those in need. A few weeks ago, tragedy struck Haiti in the form of the worst earthquake that nation had seen in 200 years. Of course, this is on top of the ongoing tragedies in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. The once proud nation which boasted the first slave colony to revolt against its oppressors has been wracked with international debt (which will hopefully be forgiven in the wake of this tragedy), poor (to say the least) government leadership, and seemingly every type of natural disaster. The earthquake was literally injury added to insult, and its devastation left buildings crumbled, bodies buried, and a world in shock. S m w r pr ye b t see t ysw o t Ohr fudw y t m k iH i’ f lo t o e e a l d y h cnsh a n v t s on aso ae t ai a t ro e az e e . e ts u pliz t d at .B tht nt o yu epne.Y u epne b cm n t e e t g e f or o ti h i s r u t ’ o hw o r odd o r odd y o i o t ro i o yu ic e e s e as s s g gh v heart and your resources. You responded by raising nearly $2000 which will be matched by the church and sent to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). UMCOR was already in Haiti when the disaster struck (sadly, the head of the agency as well as the chief Mission leader for United Methodists lost their lives in the devastation), and UMCOR will be there for years to come. And they will do so with our resources and over 100 health kits you created with help from our partners. Now THAT is great teamwork! That is a great response to a situation far more devastating than a 3rd down and long. And the prize we are working toward is far more valuable than the Lombardi trophy or any other. We seek the prize of a world that knows not the tears of mourning or the pain of suffering. We seek the prize of neighbor helping neighbor and of enemies becoming friends. In other words, we seek the prize of the kingdom of God. On February 7th, two teams will get meet for a big game. There will be big tackles, great celebrations, and weeping and gnashing of teeth by many fans (including this one). u t t a w ’ a o ae cac t B th dy e ll hv a hneo a l s respond to the ongoing disaster of poverty in our world, where people are dropped for a loss because they dnt aeeog fo. I yu r pnei ay i l et l t n ( dm n bfr t t Il e o’ hv nuh od f or e os s nt n i h a oe a s hg k e s n ay e e h ) ’ b o a, l celebrating no matter who wins the game. Peace,

Connect with Connexion! Our young adult group at Southern Hills UMC is growing it seems every month (we meet ee S na a ew r i . huh e e a a vr udy f r os p T og w ’ hd y t h) v lot of our folks traveling to see family and friends, we are certainly moving in the right direction. And t s ot w ’ t i t trwho nwl e h m n e ea n h go tta e e l i h r kg a v with Connexion. Connexion is a ministry of three United Methodist churches: Southern Hills, Trinity, and Christ. The lead pastor for this effort is our very own Pastor Jeff, and our goal is to start a new w r i sri o S na n h .We e seil os p e c n udy i t h ve gs ’ epc l r ay hoping to reach out to young adults who live in midtown and do not currently have a church home. And on February 21st, Connexion will meet for our first worship service at 6pm at Trinity UMC. If you or someone you know is looking for a place to worship, come check out Connexion! The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society? I srw e yu a t nm o t s ’ ue hn o sw h a e fh m e i m n ’bo c b ok o si ot s ok l bo yu a …WH T Whtn h u d A ? ai t w r it t ok bu Iyu i yur i h ol sh bo aot f o d ,o’ n e d a ? d e go cm ay u yulb iee btro pn od o pn…bto’ en vn eecm ay l t if you join us on February 9th to discuss the fascinating novel. The story centers around a letter that writer Juliet Ashton receives from a stranger who happens to be a founding member of the “oiy o t tl I t i S c t fh ie n h r e” e t. e correspondence together (the book is written as a series of letters and telegrams), the history of the Society, of the island of Guernsey (one of the Channel Islands between England and France), of the occupation by the Germans in World War II, and of a shared love for books. This is a fascinating novel with characters we can all relate to in one way or another and is perfect for a book club discussion. So go pick up this great book, kick up your feet to dive into this amazing story, and plan on joining us for the Southern Hills UMC book club on Tuesday, February 9th at 7pm.

United Methodist Women
The UMW meet the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm. All women are invited.

This is the time of the church year that we prepare for the Lenten Season and EASTER. There is a place for you in the choir and we need your voice! Share with others God's message in song. Come be a part of the worship service by sharing your talent of singing. We practice every Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm i t snt r. C m frPs rJfss d a n h ac a e uy o e o at e ’ t y t o f u 6:00pm and stay for choir! Give God your voice and sing in the choir. We would love to have you. Jessie Feather Choir Director

Meals on Wheels There will be a food handlers class Tuesday Feb 2, 1pm for those mow workers who need to renew there card. The class is at the metro office 12620 E. 31st St. Call 627-4103 to reserve a place.

Thank You Notes
Thanks & Praise to God for All Our Blessings My family and I are grateful for the love, friendship and community, and for the presence of God in all during the passing of our beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather and Best Friend. Thank you for all your caring, support, phone calls, cards, food and the reception after Howard's Memorial Service and your contributions to Howard's Hope. A Special Thank You to the ladies for the beautiful Prayer Blanket. I feel the love each time I use it. God's love comforts and restores me with renewed life and energy (a slow process, but making some headway). The more I communicate with God, the more I understand that God is my constant comfort. I can rest in the comfort of God's assurance and support and I know Howard is looking down on me and smiling and saying, "You did listen, sometime, when I was teaching". May God bless each one of you and Thank You, again. Ruby and The Waugh Family F o te h rhMo s… rm h C uc ue Thanks to Project Transformation and all that reading help, I learned how to read last summer...which is a good thing because there have been a couple of cool articles about this church recently (I get to read the papers when they come in the mail slot). One of them was from the Happy Children's Home in China. A man from New Haven UMC went there and took a bunch of scarves from Southern Hills UMC members to the kids in the home. He said this in the article: "The children enjoyed the gifts, especially the scarves made by Southern Hills UMC." The other article was in the Contact, the paper of Oklahoma Methodists...I won't quote it but I hear Linda put it on the bulletin board. It was all about Project Noel and Project Transformation. You should read it too! Above and Beyond This church does an amazing job of going above and beyond in their financial stewardship. Not only did our stewardship campaign garner more pledges for more money than in previous years (this in the midst of a recession), but many of you have gone a second mile as well. In 2009, you gave over $4000 for Project Transformation, over $2000 for Restore Hope Ministries, over $1000 in Memorials, and you showed your fruit by giving nearly $2500 for our Fruit of the Spirit campaign. In 2010, that generosity has continued, with $1850 raised to help the people of Haiti after their devastating earthquake. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your generosity...going above and beyond to help Christ build the kingdom of God. Pastor Jeff

Dear Friends of SHUMC, Thank you so much for all the cards, prayers, calls and for the wonderful lunch after Jhn’fnr . orhuh u ess uh ony ue l Y u t gt l s im c s a o fn appreciated by me and my family. God Bless You, Betty Calhoun

Dear Southern Hills UMC, Thank you for all that you provided to make the Child Share Christmas party so special. The yummy cookies and treats were so amazing. We really appreciate your support of allowing us to use your building to make a winter wonderland of fun for the kids. We also are so grateful for your provision of coloring books and crayons for the stockings. It truly was a blessing! Sincerely, Candace Morton Child SHARE Coordinator

Trustees Report for 2009
At the close of 2009 -Child SHARE averaged 242 foster children in their homes per day. Recently they began full services in Ponca City/Kay County and are delivering welcome baskets to Enid. They celebrated their 134th adoption in a Child SHARE home the last quarter (ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR "FOREVER HOMES"). Residential programs, including Holsinger Home, Transitional Living and Independent Living continued to prosper. They averaged 97.5% utilization rates which included 31 children per day and 57 in Transitional or Independent Living. There are now 16 young adults in college which is something to really praise. Even with all this great news Circle of Care continues to face difficult fiscal stresses. There is more of a need than they have resources to provide. I am posting on the bulletin board, outside the church office, a list of the Top 10 Needs (updated 11/17/09). Please take a look and see what you might have around the house that could be donated to this organization. Bring your donations to the church or call Circle of Care 918 794 3876 to arrange pick-up, ask for Candace and be sure to tell her you are from SHUMC. Thank you for your continue support for this worthwhile organization. Katie Alfred During 2009 the Trustees have carried their responsibilities to Southern Hills C uc o i poi ad a tn gt poe yn hr fm rv g n m i a i is rpr i h n n in ’ t a timely and cost effective manner. Here is a list of improvements made during the year, their costs and some projects we are looking at for 2010. Parsonage Updates Install new kitchen sink and hardware Install new French doors in family room Remodel guest bathroom Install Sentricon Termite Control system Cleaned carpets in November TOTAL Church Updates Repair old shed and add new metal roof Clean carpets in Sanctuary & Parlor TOTAL Grand Total Projects Scheduled for 2010 Repair/ repave drive at the church Remodel master bath at Parsonage $11,000-14,000 $9,000-11,000 ? 0 $210.00 $210.00 $8,141.85 $507.66 $749.72 $5,685.47 $900.00 $ 89.00 $7,931.85

Efficiency study of heating and a/c units

Bricks and Pathways...
After the exile in Babylon, Nehemiah lead his people back to Jerusalem to rebuild. More Fish in the Sea As they worked on the wall of the city, hostile forces They say Oklahoma is slow to come into threatened their work (and the city). In Nehemiah 4:10aees n n s wt l v i It t r s o ad l oe et fh ’ 14, Nehemiah encourages his people to work in families c i o a . as t cs i 21 w ’ gi t se l h aen 00 e e o g o e ao ts n i t gp it w lt “o p t t w l e r n t o t d n h asn h a o cm le h a. a e e l e” e l more neighbors come in for our FISH Here at SHUMC, we are not building an actual (Furnishing Individuals Support and Hope) wall but over the years many families have filled the por .A t ol oem n , e ea ed rga m f r n n ot w ’ l ay e y h v r gaps to give us strength in good times and bad. In order seen more traffic in need of help with rent, c z o mi e e u li , rut a adfo. I yudl et t r on ehs f ie ad o pv t w y frh tie o j gs n od f o’ i o o e gi t e a ls n t “aeh a” o t its s k future, we are selling bricks to celebrate our 50th help our program financially, simply mark FISH anniversary. Bricks will be $25 each and can be in the memo of your check. But we also need personalized (with certain limitations) to honor or help with welcoming our neighbors when they a i .Iyudl e ohl wt t sm ot t remember family or special loved ones. Order forms are rv f o’ i t e i h i pr n re k p h i a program, call Pastor Jeff today! available in the church office or in the foyer after worship.

“E T L T HE L T L C L I T E HI DRE C N OME T ME Ma t1 :4 O ” t. 91
Rejoice! Southern Hills United Methodist Church has been selected to be a Project Transformation site for the fourth year. Once again our halls will be filled with those smiling faces from around our neighborhood eager to learn and experience time with volunteers from many walks of life. Project Transformation is a summer literacy camp for underserved children in urban areas of Oklahoma. The camp provides children one-on-one time with mentors and leadership in reading, computers, arts and crafts, music and theater, field trips and enrichment activities. The program is sponsored by the Oklahoma United Methodist Conference, AmeriCorps, and community individuals and organizations. This year we submitted our application for PT without procuring a Site Supervisor and, praying we would be led to someone qualified and eager to work with our campers. A seed was planted with one of our previous members at SHUMC 50th anniversary. The seed became a vibrant plant –Jill Hoffman. Jill was Youth Director at SHUMC several years ago and was our FIRST Pumpkin Patch Coordinator. She is so excited and already has magnificent ideas. There will be many opportunities for everyone to participate in this special local mission outreach; however, the greatest need will be the first week of camp, June 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th, as this is the four days SHUMC provides reading volunteers each day and lunch for the interns. This requires about 15 persons each day, so please plan to be in town and available this week – WE NEED YOU and in return your heart will be touched by a child. The Wishing Tree for supplies and funds needed this summer will be showing up in the foyer in April. If you want more information about Project Transformation or want to know how you can help please contact Wendy Reeder, 743-7493, or Pastor Jeff , 743-2013.

Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Begins Anew
I am honored to be selected as chairperson of the Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC). I look forward to working with the following talented committee members: Katie Alfred, Richard Berschauer, Nicky Layfield, Tom Shannon, and Judy Skiastis. Our team looks forward to serving SHUMC, a small church with dynamic community members and a big-as-the-Oklahoma plains-sky mission: “ a d c l sri G dbi i a o m n y f r e n l e We r i i e e n o,u d g cm ui o ga ad o . e sp s v g ln t c v” The SPRC functions in both a leadership and management function. In a leadership capacity, SPRC m m e ke a ee n h b p t eesr g H MCs i i iflld i i t cnt co t e br ep n y o t i iu ,nui S U ’m s o su ie wt n h osutfh s e g cr n sn fl h e r e larger body of Christ. In a management capacity, the SPRC tends to function in a similar manner to a personnel office of a company, being responsible for oversight of the pastor and all hired staff. The committee acts as communicator and liaison between pastor, staff, and the congregation. The SPRC welcomes open communication and sharing as tools to growing in faith, and essential to serving God. If you have any feedback, opportunities for growth, and praises please contact me or one of the other SPRC team members. May God be at front and center to all that we do and say. Deb Stone 760-8116

D nt i U E uai fr et o ’G v p d ct n o L n! e o As we approach the season of Lent (which runs from Ash Wednesday on Feb. 17th through E s r h hs pi4 )m n o yu a ak H wwlIe ba ad be eh se at w i iA r t , ay f o m y s “ o i cl r e n osr t s pe c lh l e t v i c li e fh ya ”Here are some opportunities for you from our Education Committee. i t o t er a m e ? Sunday Mornings: Friendship Class—will read and study The Passion of Christ as told in Scripture. Starts Feb. 21st. Rock and Roll Class—wlue C l r eh Rsn hi”hto o sh l t nr ad e t t t i s “ e ba t i C rtt fl w t e i a n r a soh l e t e e s a l e co y le e worship emphasis each Sunday. Starts Feb. 21st. Wesleyan Class—hs e c d Bed n h Wi e es b K ne C r r During the Lenten season a sl t “ r I T e l r s y ent a e ee a dn ” h t. w r e brh s r o G dsahu esn h wl resw a g e bed o ee m et t y f o’f t l s it i e s e r i n r fr m eo if n e dn ; e v a le j re. i ’ o ny Starts Feb. 21st. fs u Young Adults—meet after Sunday worship and are continuing the Nooma DVD series which helps us understand and live out our faith in our daily lives. Other Groups Coming Soon: On Wednesdays at 6:00pm Pastor Jeff will lead “ w ny o r o r T a C a gdT e r ,a T et-fu H us h t h n e h Wol ” d video Bible Study by Adam Hamilton. This is a visit to the holy Land that will help you experience and udradh s n i ne feu’i l ori w y yu eehv bfr Pastor Jeff will add his ne t t i ic c o Jssf ahusn as o nvr ae e e s n e g fa n o. discussion and hopes you will too! Starts Feb. 24th. Grief Support Group—if you are interested please contact Deb Stone Scrap Booking—if you are interested contact Becky Hamby Pastor Jeff has encouraged us to read more Scripture. And most of us know that John Calhoun read the Bible daily. Iyudi tt “ ed gh C m le i en n Y a , e ae gi fr o. f o’ l eor R ai t o p tBb i O e er w hv a u e o yu Contact the k y n e e l ” d church office, 918-743-2013, or Betty Tam for the one year outline.

Grief Group Offering
Our church family has experienced a series of significant losses over the past year. The loss of such dynamic leaders has led to a natural and necessary reaction, grief. We have also had other transitions, both stressful and joy-filled including the physical relocation of church members, birth of Benjamin Jaynes, death of nonmembers, and change in health status and family structures. Each loss or change regardless of how we label the event, negative or positive, creates a similar grief reaction. One effective way to cope with grief is to be a part of a support group. Although grief will be a painful process regardless of group affiliation, the act of sharing and listening can be a healing process. Whether you have recently lost someone close to you, or have other events that have led to your grief, please come and be a member of healing, support, and growth oriented support group. Upcoming Grief Support Group Specifics: Group: A Place of Healing and Support; all conversations are to be kept confidential Participants: SHUMC members, visitors, plus anyone who feels they would benefit from a support group focused on moving to acceptance after a loss of any type Time: To be established by group member consensus Length of time: one time per week for 6 weeks, 2 hours a night Place: SHUMC Please contact me if you have any questions. Deb Stone 760-8116

Non-profit Org U.S. Postage PAID
6160 S. Lewis Ave. Tulsa, OK 74136 Voice: 918-743-2013 Fax: 918-743-3151 email: shumchurch@shumc-tulsa.com website: www.shumc-tulsa.com Rev. Jeff Jaynes - pastor@shumc-tulsa.com Linda Sisemore, Editor - linda.sisemore@shumctulsa.com Church School Classes 9:45 a.m. Worship Celebration Monday Prayer Time 11:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m.

Tulsa, OK Permit #72

Our Mission We are disciples serving God, Building a community of grace and love

Caring for Creation
Everyone hates junk mail; including Mother Earth! Go to www.privacyrights.org and click "How do I get off?" and learn how to get yourself off of junk mail lists. If everyone in the country did this, we could save 100 million trees a year!

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