Anthony Hines Recommendations LinkedIn

Computer Operations Senior Manager at Hachette Book Group
Michael Ganzak
Account Manager/Distributee Liaison, Hachette Book Group (colleague)
(worked with Anthony at HBG)
“Besides being 100% dependable when it came to providing solutions and fixes to keep
data flowing between HBG and our clients, Tony was also a wonderful mentor to me and
several other employees. He always has time for us and continuously gives us pointers
and advice about how to get ahead in our company and in the business world in general.
He truly cares about his coworkers and it really shows.”
Brown, Andre
Senior Computer Operator, Hachette Book Group (colleague)
(Direct report to Anthony at HBG)
“Anthony Hines is one of the most talented and skillful managers, I have worked for. He
leads by example, with honor and pride in his duties. His passion and dedications to the
task at hand, is admirable trait. Anthony encourages you to be more; he inspires you to be
Karen Landry
Senior Copyeditor, Hachette Book Group (colleague)
(worked with Anthony at HBG)
“Anthony Hines is a great asset to the workplace. He cares not just about the quality of
his work but about the company as a whole. He was instrumental in implementing the
mentor program at Hachette Book Group, in which new employees were given guidance
for future success. Anthony is a wellspring for progressive and achievable ideas.”
John Leclerc
EDI Developer, Hachette Book Group (colleague)
(worked with Anthony at HBG)
“Tony is a first-rate IT expert able to strike a perfect balance between dedicated
professionalism and high-spirited, communal enthusiasm. People like Tony made HBG a
wonderful place to work. Onward to better things!”

Anthony Hines Recommendations LinkedIn
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Jay Anton
Senior Network Engineer, Hachette Book Group (colleague)
(worked with Anthony at HBG)
“If you're looking for a dedicated, intelligent, detail oriented individual...Anthony Hines
is your man. I was always impressed with how he could manage the various number of
tasks related to Business Continuity testing. Anthony is a truly valuable asset to any
organization. Sincerely, Jay Anton”
Michael McCoy
VP, Cont. Care, FSLH (business partner)
(Business Partner Contact while at HBG)
RE: Anthony Hines To Whom It May Concern: I have had the honor and pleasure of
knowing Mr. Anthony Hines for over 15 years. My association with Mr. Hines has been
mainly a non-business relationship, and I have always found him to be helpful and
energetic in our dealings. Tony is the kind of friend that always leaves you with more
than he has himself received; it’s his nature to assist where he can and he give freely of
his time and considerable MIS knowledge.
My own skills with information systems are rudimentary at best and Tony has always
volunteered to help me through issues when I have asked him. He has listened as I
describe various health care systems we are using or pursuing and has offered his counsel
on what to look for. He has been a very good (unpaid) consultant when I have asked.
When I described the patients and nursing residents I work with, Tony had the idea of
recycling some of his company’s supplies, that were due to be destroyed, for the good of
our seniors and patients. We have, through Tony’s energy and dedication used these
recycled books and books-on-tape to provide people with the pleasure of reading again.
Many of our dialysis patients and long term care residents hadn’t been able to enjoy a
book in many years and through Tony’s organizational skills and the blessing of his
company, we brought this simple enjoyment back into their lives.
Our thanks have gone to his employer, but it was Tony that organized and facilitated the
program. I would be most pleased to expand on Tony’s skills and character as they have
helped us. He has been a good friend and dedicated advocate for my patients.
Sincerely, Michael S. McCoy VP, Continuing Care Services”

Anthony Hines Recommendations LinkedIn
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Marcy Haggag
Director of Technology, Hachette Book Group (colleague)
(worked with Anthony at HBG)
“Anthony is a dedicated and detailed oriented manager. He is dependable and will always
see a task get done to the end. Anthony would be a great asset to any company and I
highly recommend him to any organization.”
Kellera Born
Desktop Ops Analyst II, Hachette Book Group (colleague)
(worked with Anthony at HBG)
“Tony is an excellent communicator who is proactive in determining requirements for his
own people and addressing communication and deliverable needs both internally and
externally to customers. His management style is both detail-oriented and accessible.”
Jason Green
Accounting & Finance Manager, Hachette Book Group Inc (colleague)
(worked with Anthony at HBG)
“Tony is a passionate and loyal person who places a great deal of emphasis on
communication. As a manager, he knows how to motivate a staff and make all members
feel like they are part of a team. -Jason”
Nilanjan Kar
Lead DBA, Hachette Book Group USA (colleague)
(worked with Anthony at HBG)
“Tony is a very dedicated and hard working and detail oriented. Tony is fun to work with.
He has a great organizational skill and knows well how to motivate team members. He is
a great asset to the workplace.”

Anthony Hines Recommendations LinkedIn
Jeremy Raymondjack
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Distribution Services Manager, Hachette Book Group (colleague)
(worked with Anthony at HBG)
“In my experience interacting with Tony, he is a passionate and dedicated professional.
He has a keen eye for the big picture of the business, and he makes every effort to
facilitate communication and teamwork both internally amongst HBG departments, and
outward-facing to our clients. He can be relied upon for support in the day-to-day issues
and processes of the business, but can also provide flexible solutions to new challenges
that arise.”
Jackie Davis
Human Resources Representative, Hachette Book Group (colleague)
(worked with Anthony at HBG)
“Anthony Hines was a great guy to work with during his time at Hachette Book Group
(TW, Little Brown). He was always extremely friendly and helpful. Anthony was never
afraid to give his two cents and you could count on his opinion and honesty no matter
what the case. I am grateful for the many times Anthony stepped up and helped me out
with the HBG Summer Intern Program.
Every year he would speak to the incoming group of students about HBG, IT, and the
importance of internships and networking. He gave a stellar tour of our Computer
Operations area!
Anthony was also always willing to lend a hand with our company's Mentor Program. He
served as a Mentor numerous times and also spoke at quite a few Mentor Orientations. A
company would be lucky to have Anthony on their team. He always gives 110% and is
one of the most caring and honest people I know.”
Fred Whitehead
Manager, Hachette Book Group (colleague)
(worked with Anthony at HBG)
“Tony is the consummate professional. When you need him, he's always there and I
would vouch for him anytime.”

Anthony Hines Recommendations LinkedIn
Richard Freni
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Management consultant, Hachette Book Group (colleague)
managed Anthony indirectly
“Anthony is a senior computer operations manager with the respect of his staff as well as
other managers within the IT organization. He is detail oriented with a keen business
sense. Anthony is not afraid to be a voice for the team to alert senior management of the
staff’s morale both good and bad.”

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