Getting Started with FileMaker

Session 1
Created a file and added the following fields to the People table. Feel free to name develop your own naming convention style; just be consistent. Fields names should contain only the characters: • • • • • Upper & Lower Case: a-z or A-Z Numeric: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Single underscore No math operation or punctuation characters Use spaces carefully • • • • zc Name Full (first & “ “ & last) zg Find Field (global) zm TS Create (timestamp) zm TS Modify (timestamp)

At a minimum, create a People Form View (you may modify the default view that is created).

Session II
To take Session I’s flat file format and turn it into a relational system, it will be necessary to add a table to the file, create appropriate fields and then link the foreign key of the new table to the primary key of the original table. The new table will be named Jobs. Field names for my “starter solution” are as follows. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • _k Job ID _kf Person ID Appt Date (date) Appt Time (time) Description Work Fee (number) Work Hours (number) Work Charge calc (fee x hours) Total Charges sum (work charges) zc Name Full (first & “ “ & last from People) zm TS Create (timestamp) zm TS Modify (timestamp) Appt Date Appt Time Work Fee Work Hours Total Charges sum

The table name uses a plural noun. The ID field has a singular noun with the field name beginning with “underscore-k” so that it sorts to the top in an alphabetical presentation (dialogue boxes). The primary key is always designated as _k. A foreign key field should be titled _kf. Other fields are named using subject modifier format. This, too, groups similar types of fields together in an alphabetical manner. I place the calc (for calculation) and sum (for summary) after the subject and modifier of the field name if I want that field to appear on a printed report. For other “housekeeping” fields most developers preface the field name with z (to sort to the bottom), c for calculation, g for global, m for timestamp, etc. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • _k Person ID Addr City Addr State Addr Street Addr ZIP Appt Date (date) Appt Time (time) Name First Name Last Phone Phone Type Photo (container) Status Active Work Fee (number) Work Hours (number) Work Charge calc (fee x hours) Total Charges sum (work charge)

Delete the following fields from the People table.

Change the name of Work Charge calc in People to Work Charges calc. It will be used to display the total of the charges in the portal on the appropriate layout. After the fields are created it is time to define the relationship between People and Jobs. In the Relationships view, draw a link between _k Person ID in the People table to _kf Person ID in the Jobs table. Set the. Be sure to check “Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship” on the Jobs side.

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Getting Started with FileMaker
Redo the People Form View Since the Jobs table was added, a Jobs form view will be created by default. By deleting the fields from People, the fields will also be deleted from People Form View. This view is the more critical view to modify. In the place vacated by the deleted fields, use the Portal Tool to create a portal wide enough to handle most of the fields such as: • • • • • Appt Date Appt Time Description Work Fee Work Hours Job Done Now you’ve created a simple yet powerful relationship. In the People Form View you may now enter a transaction in the portal. Since “Allow creation of records…” was checked, the portal will always be ready for you to enter a new record in the Jobs table via this view. Design Hints and Tips • FileMaker, by default, uses a grid spacing of three pixels. • In Layout mode I always have Object Info, Arrange Pallet and Align Pallet displayable. • Set the measurement system to be pixels instead of inches or centimeters. Do this by clicking in or cm in the Object Info display. • Keep in mind that strong colors make viewing over time difficult. Therefore, use colors with gray tone or some cool color such as blue. The eyes will tire less. Also, keep a high contrast in the fields (dark type, light background). Also, try to keep backgrounds as light as possible to reduce eye fatigue.

The portal that is created should be based on the Jobs table. It’s a good idea to make room for at least three rows of information. Set the portal to show the scroll bar. If you want to set a sort order for the display, make that selection now.

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