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Lurid details of three more sexual assault victims

of Sarath Abrew - one victim took poison; Who is

the high and mighty animal protecting this

(Lanka-e-News - 12.July.2015, 8.00PM) Mahinda

Rajapakse whom Maithripala Sirisena is toiling to bring back to power after
himself committing a monumental and historic betrayal against the very
people who elected Maithripala to power , is the infamous ex president
whose name by now is synonymous with corruption , murder , mayhem and
vice . A deposed president who was not only associated with all the
cardinal sins on earth but also sadistically enjoyed encouraging those who
practised them.
Here is one such instance : during the Rajapakse brutal corrupt era , judges
were appointed according to Rajapakses whims and fancies , that is his
cronies and lickspittles without considering their antecedence and
character . Consequently, rapists too were elevated to these exalted
positions. One case in point is that of Sarath Abrew a supreme court (SC)
judge. Abrew became infamously famous for committing rape and sexual
molestation on the domestics (women) who were employed in his residence

while holdng the exalted position of a supreme court (SC) judge. Mahinda
gave protection to Abrew in these crimes , and Abrew as a reciprocal
gesture gave unfair judgments in favor of Mahinda. One such recent
judgment was that given in favor of Gotabaya Rajapakse who faced
criminal charges, that the latter shall not be arrested.
By now , a number of rapes committed by Sarath Abrew during the
Rajapakse era have come to light , and Lanka e news inside information
division is in possesion of details supported by copious , concrete and
cogent evidence .Some young women unable to face the world and bear
the injustice has gone so far as to consume poison. Though these crimes
ought to be investigated and such scoundrels of judges duly punished, so
far Abrew has been protected .

Sarath Abrew - rape number one

This was committed in the year 2003, and the name of the victim is Manjula
residing in an estate among laborers , in Chelseawatte , Bandarawela.
Abrew got her down as a domestic to work in his house. To Nilusha
Damayanthi in the latest attempted rape case too , Abrew did what he did
to Manjula forcibly stripping her nude, and when she resisted , he
threatened her if you do not give in to me , I shall file charges against
you (falsely) that you robbed the jewelry in my house, and report to the
police.As I am a judge , the police will not go beyond what I say. The
servant girl was nonplussed and helpless. Next thing was Sarath Abrew the
sex starved animal has raped her.
Since he launched physical assaults on her often, one day this servant
unable to endure the suffering has fled from the house one night, and
somehow gone back to Chelseawatte.
During that period , the DIG in charge of Bandarawela was Thenabadu, a
close friend of Abrew. The latter informed the DIG that Manjula fled from his
home after robbing jewelry from his house, and arranged for her arrest.
Thenabadu has then sent a posse of police officers to the victims house to
arrest her as though to conduct a massive operation to capture a hard core
terrorist .When the police surrounded the poor girls house , the latter in
fear drank poison. This victim was then taken to hospital by the police.
Fortunately or unfortuantely the girl ecaped death.Thereafter when the
actual truth came to light , Thenabadu suppressed the whole episode and
rescued his pal Abrew.
The police report pertaining to this incident is still available , and Manjula is
still living . Therefore a fair and impartial investigation can be conducted ,
and Abrew can be duly punished.

Sarath Abrew rape number two

The other rape crime committed by Abrew as reported to Lanka e news
inside information division
This took place in the year 2010 and the victim in this instance was
Sivalingam Sivanambal residing at 241, Shanthi pura , Nuwara Eliya. Her
I.D. No. is 80 5572175 X .
Sarath Abrew got down this youth to work as a servant in his house. He
then made his lustful advances towards her in the same way as before with
the other domestics., and forced her to remove her clothes , while
brandishing his fireram and threatening her .
This 30 years old young woman having no powers to resist him ran away
from this rapists house after three weeks. Though she tried to stop a three
wheeler no one responded. Ultimately one three wheeler driver had
stopped by. After she entered it , upon inquiries made by the three wheeler
driver she has disgorged the whole tale of her woe, when he had requested
her to make a complaint to the police.
With the asistance of the three wheeler driver , the following day , she had
visited the Mirihana women and children crime division to lodge a
complaint. The police realising ths complaint is against Abrew the SC
judge , they had made attempts to camouflage it, and without recording
her complaint they throw her from pillar to post while postponing the
recording of the complaint . Therafter following death threats , she
withdrew her complaint . It is noteworthy , during that period it was
Deshabandu Tennekoon the notorious bootlicker of Rajapakses who was the
OIC of Mirihana police.
Another servant by the name of Leelawathie in Abrews house had however
come forward to give evidence for this Tamil woman, the rape victim .
Hence in this instance too an impartial investigation can be instituted into
this , and punishment meted out to Abrew the rapist .

Sarath Abrew rape number three

This incident took place in the year 2010
Abrew has a disabled child. He also gets down young girls as servants to his
home under the pretext that he needs the servant to look after her. The
child is 15 years old Nayomi Gayathri Kaveeshwari.She had her education
at Lindsay Girls School , Colombo. Abrew sexually molests her, and when
she resists , she is assaulted .In this connection there are several written
complaints made to the police . Nevertheless using Mahinda Rajapakses
influence Abrew has successfully suppressed all these cases.

The foregoing exposures (evidence available) are just three of the many
sexual assaults committed on young women by this sex starved rapist
Can such a sadistic rapist be allowed to go on making young girls his rape
victims without let or hindrance , and with impunity even if he is enjoying
the patronage and influence of Mahinda Rajapakse ? How could Mt.Lavinia
magistrate Shahabdeen release on personal bail sans any condition such a
notorious rapist ?
Interestingly in England ,a culprit found guilty of sexual assault committed
on a girl 30 years ago when she was in that country was taken up by the
courts of England recently to mete out justice on behalf of the victim.
Finally , the rapist a monk Pahalagama Somarathne of Croyden temple ,
London was sentenced to 8 yers in jail , underlining how cruel, grave and
heinous are rapes considered in law . This victim a Sri Lankan told court
that she waited for 30 long years until her father passed away , as she did
not wish her father to suffer mental agony by instituting legal action while
he was living. This case and judgment delivered illustrate that effluxion of
time is irrelevant in rape crimes , and civilised societies do not hesitate to
mete out punishment to rapists regardless of the time taken to institute
In the circumstances , the police and courts of SrI Lanka irespective of the
influence used (political and otherwise) by the culprit and without paying
heed to his own status are duty bound in a civilised society to take action
against Supreme court judge Sarath Abrew vis a vis the cogent and glaring
evidence corroborating the so many crimes committed by him , no matter
the pressures exerted by erstwhile Rajapakse regime notorious for
protecting rapists including Abrew , murderers , frauds and crooks.
As a news media that always espouses the cause of justice and truth ,
acting on behalf of the oppressed, downtrodden and victimised people , we
hope at least now appropriate steps will be taken to punish this serial sex
starved rapist who thrived criminally under the Rajapakses, despite being a
judge of the SC who should have therefore on the contrary shown much
greater respect to his lofty profession and the laws of the country.
By Sandaruwan Senadheera
Translated by Jeff
(2015-07-12 14:56:47)
Posted by Thavam