Bella is marrying a Cullen.

Bella p.o.v
Edward and I pulled into the parking lot of Forks highschool. I was so happy that I was marrying Edward. I got out and went to talk to Jessica. "Bella why are you so keyed up?" she asked. I held up y

left hand and her eyes popped open. "OMG! Congrats guys. I am so happy for you." she said in a voice that made me believe her but I would ask Edward what she really thought.

Edward p.o.v

Emmett and I walked into the gym and went to change. Emmett got done fast and went out to everyone. I was still in the locker room when I heard Emmett say " Hey everyone

guess what?" He said. "What?" They all said. He was going to tell them about the wedding. I am going to kill him. Emmett cleard his throat and said "My little bro Edward is getting Married" He anounced. I decided to walk out like I haven't heard anything. When I got out there they all clapped and cheered. "Emmett did you open your big fat mouth?" I demanded. He smirked and nodded. "Edward, who are

you marrying?" Coach Clapp asked. " Isabella Marie Swan Sir" I said proudly.

Why did he have to pick her? Mike thought

Bella p.o.v

Alice, Rosalie and I walked into the Trig room. "I would like everyones attention" Rosalie said. Everyone looked at her. "I would like to make an annoucement" She said in a happy voice. "Rose what are

you doing" I asked her and then I caught on and before I could say anything Alice put her hand over my mouth. "Bella is getting married!" Rosalie screamed. They all clapped. "Who are you marrying?" The teacher asked. Rosalie rolled her eyes." Edward Anthony Masen Cullen" I said. Class went by slowly. the Bell finally rang and went off to meet Edward in the gym. Mike came up to me while Edward was

changing. He glared at me. "Hey Mike" I said. "How could you? Your marrying cullen. After he left you. He is no good for you. Are you that stupid?" He growled. The tears started to fall. "Why would you even say that? Edward is my everything. And yes I am going to marry him! I am not stupid. You are!" I sreamed. Everyone looked at me while I cried. When I saw Edward with his arms open I ran right to him and

he hugged me close. I was still crying. "What happened?" Emmett asked. Emmett loved me as a sister and he was protective of me too. Edward inclined his head towards a glaring Mike. Emmett nodded and ran over to him. "What the hell is wrong with you? Are you dumb? Honeslty, I don't get it. Why are you so jealous? She was never interested in you. So you have to make her cry? You have some issues dude some

real bad issues" Emmett growled. I heard Rosalie and Alice coming. They all hugged me and glared at Mike. Then Edward and I walked past Mike and he said " Stupid bitch" he mutterd. Edward and I stopped dead in our tracks." Excuse me would you like to say that again to my face?" I snapped. I walk away from Edward and got in his face. He slapped me. " I said STUPID BITCH!" He yelled. Edward lunged at him.

He threw him across the floor. "YOU LIKE HITTING PEOPLE DO YOU" Edward snarled. Emmett grabbed Edward and the coach went to check on Mike.

Edward p.o.v

I cant believe he would do that in front of me. "The cullen Family, Mike and Bella you all have detention for 2 weeks. "I don't care about detention. But if you ever and I mean ever talk to her like the again

also if to touch her again so help me god I will kill you." I snarled. That was a promis. The rest of the day went by fast. My family, Bella and I walked in to the detention room. Mike was already there. All of us shot him death glares. we sat at the other end of the room. "I am board!" Em complained. "Lets play would you rather kill" Bella suggested. We all agreed. "Edward would you rather kill lauren or

mike?" She asked. Mike glared at us. "I don't know. I hate them both." I said. "Why do you hate Lauren"Rose asked. "Well you should hear the things she says about you Rose. I would kill Mike. The god damn bastard." I said. "I heard that!" Mike yelled. We turned to him. "Your suppose to you idiot" Bella snapped. "Would you like to get slapped again?" he asked her. "Would you like to die?" I growled.

"You won't touch me you freak." He said. "Oh really" I growled. I got up and I went for the throat. "Do you think I won't kill you now."I snarled.


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