032010: SDARM: Escape Confusion

Memory Texts:
From the Bible: “Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you” (2 Corinthians 6:17). From the Spirit of Prophecy: “It is the duty of every child of God to inquire: ‘Wherein am I separate from the world?’ Let us suffer a little inconvenience, and be on the safe side.”—Testimonies, vol. 1, p. 278.

Personal Review Questions
A. Why is separation always the lot of God’s faithful people? B. What is known about Nimrod? C. What warnings should we heed from the builders of the tower of Babel? D. What is the meaning of “Babylon,” and how is this applied to human wisdom? E. What relationship will God’s true people have with Babylon and all that it represents?

Spirit of Prophecy Reading:
Patriarchs and Prophets, pp. 117-124. 1. When wickedness increased to such a degree that God could not tolerate it any longer, what did He send upon this wicked world? Genesis 6:5, 6. What should we learn from this? “To the long-lived, antediluvian race, only a step from paradise, God gave rich gifts, and they possessed a strength of body and mind of which men now have but a faint idea; but they used His bounties, and the strength and skill He gave them, for selfish purposes, to minister to unlawful appetites, and to gratify pride . . . until God could bear with their wickedness no longer, and they were swept away by the flood.”—Fundamentals of Christian Education, pp. 421, 422. 2. After the Flood, the human race multiplied. What inevitably happens so that God’s faithful few preserve the purity of the truth? Genesis 10:1-10. “For a time the descendants of Noah continued to dwell among the mountains where the ark had rested. As their numbers increased, apostasy soon led to division. Those who desired to forget their Creator and to cast off the restraint of His law felt a constant annoyance from the teaching and example of their God-fearing associates, and after a time they decided to separate from the worshipers of God.”—Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 118. 3. How did Nimrod, a mighty one against the Lord, seek to make a name for himself? Genesis 10:9, 10. What command did he totally disregard? Genesis 11:1-9; 1:28; 9:1. “God had directed men to disperse throughout the earth, to replenish and subdue it; but these Babel builders determined to keep their community united in one body, and to found a monarchy that should eventually embrace the whole earth. Thus their city would become the metropolis of a universal empire; its glory would command the admiration and homage of the world and render the founders illustrious.”—Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 119.
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032010: SDARM: Escape Confusion
4. In sharp contrast to those who, like Nimrod, are seeking to make a name for themselves even today, how does Inspiration depict those who seek to establish God’s name in the earth? Deuteronomy 28:9, 10. “The truth should be everything to us. Let those who want to make a name with the world go with the world. The great conflict is right at hand in which all will take sides. In it the whole Christian world will be involved. Daily, hourly, we must be actuated by the principles of the Word of God. Self must be sanctified by the principles of the righteousness, the mercy, and the love of God. “At every point of uncertainty, pray, and earnestly inquire, ‘Is this the way of the Lord?’ With your Bibles before you, consult with God as to what He would have you do. Holy principles are revealed in the Word of God. The source of all true wisdom is found in the cross of Calvary. “Everywhere we see increasing evidence that the message we have from God is to be the last message of warning to the churches of the world.”—The Upward Look, p. 171. “The Lord does not want us to erect large buildings. He wants converted men with converted hearts more than anything else. I urge you to go to the places that have been neglected, and give the message of warning to the people. The Lord is coming soon, and many are unready, unready. Here is territory all around you, where thorough work should be done to interest souls in the truth for this time. Some can take our books and learn what it means to go to the highways and hedges with the message of truth. Use the gift that you have; impart the light you have received.”—Sermons and Talks, vol. 2, p. 311. 5. How did the tower of Babel demonstrate that its builders had no faith in the Word of God, and how is history being repeated in these last days? Genesis 9:8-17; 2 Peter 3:3-7, 10-13. “The dwellers on the plain of Shinar disbelieved God’s covenant that He would not again bring a flood upon the earth. Many of them denied the existence of God and attributed the Flood to the operation of natural causes. Others believed in a Supreme Being, and that it was He who had destroyed the antediluvian world; and their hearts, like that of Cain, rose up in rebellion against Him. One object before them in the erection of the tower was to secure their own safety in case of another deluge. By carrying the structure to a much greater height than was reached by the waters of the Flood, they thought to place themselves beyond all possibility of danger. And as they would be able to ascend to the region of the clouds, they hoped to ascertain the cause of the Flood. The whole undertaking was designed to exalt still further the pride of its projectors and to turn the minds of future generations away from God and lead them into idolatry.”—Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 119. 6. What command of God is often disregarded by modern “Babel builders”? Matthew 5:14-16; Mark 16:15. “Outward splendor, pomp, and ceremony, that only mocks the longings of the sin-sick soul, is an evidence of inward corruption. The religion of Christ needs not such attractions to recommend it. In the light shining from the cross, true Christianity appears so pure and lovely that no external decorations can enhance its true worth. It is the beauty of holiness, a meek and quiet spirit, which is of value with God. Brilliancy of style is not necessarily an index of pure, elevated thought.”—The Great Controversy, pp. 566, 567. “Work is to be carried forward in many lines. New territory is to be annexed. But no Jerusalem centers are to be made. If such centers are made, there will be a scattering of the people out of them, by the Lord God of heaven.
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032010: SDARM: Escape Confusion
“The work of God is to be carried on without outward display. In establishing institutions, we are never to compete with the institutions of the world in size or splendor. We are to enter into no confederacy with those who do not love or fear God.”—The Review and Herald, July 16, 1914. 7. How does the word “Babel” as well as the aftermath at the tower show what is the sure result of disbelieving the Word of God? Genesis 11:9 (margin). “Angels were sent to bring to naught the purpose of the builders. The tower had reached a lofty height, and it was impossible for the workmen at the top to communicate directly with those at the base. . . . The language was confounded, so that material was called for which was not needed, and the directions delivered were often the reverse of those that had been given. Confusion and dismay followed. All work came to a standstill. . . . Their confederacy ended in strife and bloodshed. Lightnings from heaven, as an evidence of God’s displeasure, broke off the upper portion of the tower and cast it to the ground. Men were made to feel that there is a God who ruleth in the heavens.”—Patriarchs and Prophets, pp. 119, 120. 8. Why does God often regard the wisdom of man as “confusion”? 1 Corinthians 1:2529. How are all works of evil to be considered? James 3:13-16. “There are tower builders in our time. Infidels construct their theories from the supposed deductions of sciences, and reject the revealed word of God. They presume to pass sentence upon God’s moral government; they despise His law and boast of the sufficiency of human reason. Then, ‘because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil’ (Ecclesiastes 8:11). “In the professedly Christian world many turn away from the plain teachings of the Bible and build up a creed from human speculations and pleasing fables, and they point to their tower as a way to climb up to heaven. Men hang with admiration upon the lips of eloquence while it teaches that the transgressor shall not die, that salvation may be secured without obedience to the law of God. If the professed followers of Christ would accept God’s standard, it would bring them into unity; but so long as human wisdom is exalted above His Holy Word, there will be divisions and dissension. The existing confusion of conflicting creeds and sects is fitly represented by the term ‘Babylon,’ which prophecy (Revelation 14:8; 18:2) applies to the world-loving churches of the last days.”—Ibid., pp. 123, 124. 9. Since people rise no higher than their highest aim, what happens when a person worships his or her own creation? Psalm 115:4-8; Isaiah 41:28, 29. “Man will rise no higher than his conceptions of truth, purity, and holiness. If the mind is never exalted above the level of humanity, if it is not uplifted by faith to contemplate infinite wisdom and love, the man will be constantly sinking lower and lower. The worshipers of false gods clothed their deities with human attributes and passions, and thus their standard of character was degraded to the likeness of sinful humanity. They were defiled in consequence.”—Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 91. 10. How are God’s people warned to have no part with Babylon? 1 Corinthians 14:33; 2 Corinthians 6:17, 18; Revelation 14:8; 18:4. “Christ’s followers are required to come out from the world, and be separate, and touch not the unclean, and they have the promise of being the sons and daughters of the Most High, members of the royal family. But if the conditions are not complied with on their part, they will not, cannot, realize the fulfillment of the promise. A profession of Christianity is nothing in the sight of God; but true, humble, willing obedience to His requirements designates the
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032010: SDARM: Escape Confusion
children of His adoption, the recipients of His grace, the partakers of His great salvation.”— Testimonies, vol. 2, p. 441.

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