There in the doorway stood Sam Uley and Jacob Black.

Sam had a peaceful expressi on but Jacob he just looked angry but not at me, at Bella? The others followed in behind and they moved things in and out of the room to al low everyone to have a seat. Bella was just looking at me and I whispered in her ear. “That’s the leader of the werewolves Bella and his beta; do you remember Carlisl e mentioning it before hand love?” I asked and she nodded her head minutely and we turned our attention to Carlisle as he cleared his throat. “Well Bella, we’re glad you are awake and everything looks good so I can take ou t all this machinery and we can take you home in a few hours” Carlisle said and I watched as Bella’s face lit up and I chuckled and she turned to me. “What? Forgive me for wanting to get back to our old bed…and room for that matte r” she said cuddling closer and I chuckled as I pulled her closer. Carlisle began taking out the machinery and at last the IV came out but when it did so did a drop of blood and I looked to the others, none of them even flinche d let alone stopped breathing and I turned to Bella and she smiled too and kisse d my cheek. So then came the explanation from Eleazer, but what was bugging me was why on ea rth the wolves were here. When Eleazer finished the explanation Bella didn’t eve n flinch. “So I have to be changed again…I can live with that, I mean sure it’ll be painfu l but what’s a little pain compared to the lifetime I should be having” she said and I almost gasped in shock, how could she want to do this again? I mean I kno w she says it’s what she wants but how can she be sure? The first time was hard enough and we’ve all been through it but how could she want to do it a second ti me knowing the duration will be longer? Before I got a chance to voice any of this Jacob spoke up and I had to resist gr owling. “Hold on a sec. if she was a vampire before you’re now telling us she’s turned h uman again only now to be turned back, why the hell turn yourself human in the f irst place…and you do realise she’ll be a newborn released in FORKS!” he spat an d I tensed and Bella placed her hand on my cheek and I turned to look at her. Edward honey, let me talk to him please, I don’t want any trouble…just try and s tay calm, for me? She asked and I nodded and she smiled before turning to Jacob. “Well, just so you know, I didn’t intentionally turn myself human or were you ju st to ignorant to listen” she said and I held a smile on my face but Jacob looke d furious but before he could say anything Bella cut him off “Also, I never was like our histories newborns in the first place, I’ve never tasted human blood ju st like my father has never, nor do I wish to the smell is just as bad as you tw o so frankly If I don’t have to be near the stench then I stay the hell away” sh e said and by the time she’d finished our siblings were in stitches after Bella put Jacob in his place. He huffed and Sam looked amused slightly, after everything was settled Carlisle went to sort out the paperwork so Bella could come home and Sam and Jacob left t he room as soon as Carlisle did. The others left too to give me and Bella some s pace which I was glad for. I pulled Bella up to sit on my lap, her skin was very cold for a human but she n

ever felt cold, she said I didn’t feel cold to her but I didn’t feel warm to her either but she sat in my lap and cuddled into me as I wrapped my arms around he r waist. She sighed and smiled sadly at me. “I’m so sorry love that you have to go through with this again…” I said and she smiled and placed her hand on my lips. “Edward, I don’t care what I have to go through…I lost you once and I can’t bear for that to happen again but at least this way I’ll be with you forever…guarant eed” she said smiling at me and I smiled back at her. “I love you my love” we said in unison and we both grinned before I lowered my l ips to hers gently. A few hours later we were e was just fine. In a few Bella’s change, so until here near as fragile as a back at home, hours time we then we could human but she Bella and I were tucked up in bed and sh were going to start the preparations for spend a few hours together. She was no w wasn’t as strong as me.

The hours flew as all we did was listen to music and cuddled because for the nex t 3+ days I wouldn’t be able to do any of this or at least we thought so…we were n’t sure. Carlisle called us to the office and Bella was dressed in a tank top and shorts because as soon as the transformation was on the way she needed to be kept as co ol as possible. We ran over a few things and the most important piece was that Bella was going t o know that I was right next to her and I wasn’t going to be leaving her but the n she asked Carlisle for one thing which made my jaw drop. “Carlisle do you think that it would make any difference if…” she broke off look ing at her feet and I squeezed her hand but she didn’t take much notice. Esme wa s in the room also so she asked. “Go on dear…” she said and Bella smiled and rushed it all out of her mouth. “Couldedwardchangemeinstead?” she asked and my jaw dropped and I turned to Carli sle and he just looked amused as did Esme. “Could I ask why dear Bella?” he asked and she looked up at me instead and I saw so much love and trust in my eyes I couldn’t help but smile. “It’s just all the other things that have happened when I was getting my powers and how you just seem to be able to counter acts bits of it…I just thought…I dun no..i..never mind” she said turning her head away from me but I really hated tha t and she knew it. I placed my hand under her chin and turned her head to look at me and I waited u ntil her eyes met mine and I nodded to her signalling I wanted to talk privately and she smiled slightly. Bella, it’s okay I understand what you meant I was just shocked that you’d want me to change you…I’ve never changed anyone so I don’t really know what I’m doing … she broke me off by placing her hand on my lips signalling that she wanted me to stop which I grinned at underneath her slightly warm small hand. Edward, love I trust you and I don’t honestly care…I just…I have a really good f eeling about this…you mean so much to me, why not let me belong to you always an d not just mentally or physically but… this time I cut her off and I had to resi

st kissing her madly and as that thought passed through my head she smirked. “Oh you think that’s funny do you?” I asked and she giggled. “Of course!” she said giggling even more. “How about this then for funny?!” I said before pulling her into my lap and tick ling her senseless she was laughing and squirming trying to get out of my grip b ut I wouldn’t let her and Carlisle and Esme just sat letting out chuckles ever s o often. “Alright!” she screamed “you win! Stop! Edward!” she screamed and I stopped stil l laughing and she smacked my shoulder playfully after calming herself. After we both calmed down I turned to look at Carlisle. “I’ll do it, if that’s what she wants” I said and Carlisle nodded. Before long we were in our room and it was time, I admit I was scared but only o f losing my Bella. Carlisle and Esme were next door just in case but I needed Bella to be ready for this again. “Edward, honey, I’m okay, please?” she asked me and I nodded. “I know baby, you know how I am” I said and she giggled before pulling me down t o her lips. I kissed her passionately and she dug her hands into my hair as I wrapped my arm s around her waist. She moaned into my mouth and I pressed her closer to me and peaked my tongue out to run along her bottom lip where she granted me entrance. Our tongues battled fiercely before I had to pull back, Bella’s eyes were glazed over with lust and love so I used it. I trailed kisses down her chin to her neck and she moaned and I licked the spot before plunging my teeth into her neck and spread my venom through her, I tasted a bit of her blood and it was heavenly but as I let my venom spread the constan t thought of I will not lose her again through my head was enough to resist any temptation. I pulled back when I thought there was enough and I looked up to see Carlisle and he nodded to me to continue. I pulled Bella’s wrist up to my mouth and sunk my teeth in again and let the ven om spread I repeated the same action with her leg and hip. Then all that was lef t to do was to sit and wait. I sat right next to Bella, she pulled herself closer to me and I felt my eyes wi den as did Carlisle’s. Carlisle left me to it after a few moments and I was to c all him if I needed him. I wrapped my arm around Bella and placed a kiss on her head and I heard her sigh . (6 days later) All that I could do was wait, the others had returned to school, Carlisle had be en given the next week and a half off as the hospital said to keep a close eye o n his daughter and that the hospital could manage family was more important, Ele azer and Carmen were staying with us, just in case anything happened when she wo ke.

Esme went out and about to do her errands still and obviously people gave her to ns of best wishes for Bella. Nearly everyday the others came home with cards or balloons for Bella, so we stashed them downstairs. Of course the whole town now knew who Bella was but that didn’t mean that everyone had met her yet but they k new. Kids had gone home and told there parents of the new Cullen girl collapsing and being rushed to hospital. The mum’s whenever they saw Esme asked questions and said the usual ‘if you need anything or anyone to talk to we are all here’ b ut Esme was polite, always the doting housewife where as two of the other housew ives of this town were the mother of Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory. There was quiet the amusing story of one of the days when Esme came home, she ha d been speaking with Lauren’s mum; she had mentioned how much Lauren had changed and we all smiled innocently and Esme and Carlisle instantly knew. We were all in mine and Bella’s room explaining to Carlisle and Esme about what happened the day Bella returned. “Okay so let me get this straight…Lauren started rumours about Bella being away from school saying it was because she’d had an abortion?!” Esme almost screamed that last bit and we all winced apart from Carlisle…I was going to ask but I tho ught better of it. “Yeah, so we thought we’d teach her a lesson…I doubt her parents even know half of the things her and Jessica get up to, but she thinks she rules the school and she only gets some form of power because that girl can spread lies like wildfir e” Alice said which really only fuelled Esme’s temper which even we knew was rar e. Carlisle placed his arm around Esme’s waist and she calmed down ever so sligh tly. “Then what?” he asked and the others turned to me. “Jasper and I walked the girls to art where we heard Jessica and Lauren talking about Bella, they thought she’d dyed her hair to match mine…” and I almost growl ed at having to think about what they said again but jasper took over. “They said a few words about that then Alice and Bella came up with a little pla n but Edward and I…we thought best that we didn’t know what they were up to” he chuckled as did I. “Anyway Bella and I thought that we’d try and teach Lauren a lesson but we only thought of something tiny until Lauren came out sucked her teeth at Bella and li terally shoved passed her so that’s when things got a little carried away…Lauren started calling Bella a bitch when Bella asked her if she heard the words ‘excu se me’ and so then we asked her to apologise and she just sneered at us and said VERY… suggestive things to Edward…we called Rose and Em down and by then there was a bit of a crowd…” Carlisle cut Alice off. “Alice what exactly do you mean by suggestive things to Edward?” he asked and I narrowed my eyes at Emmett who was grinning. “She means something to do with her getting on her knees and being at a certain height level with…” Emmett broke off and I growled at him whilst Esme and Carlis le both stood there with horror stricken looks. “Anyway…so Bella and I decided to set an example with Lauren and make her beg Be lla for her forgiveness” Alice said distracting them. “You can’t make people Alice so how’d…” Alice cut Esme off.

“Mum, what’s Bella power that matches Jasper’s?” Alice asked and Esme’s eyes wid ened with realisation. “Mary Alice Brandon Cullen are you telling me you allowed Bella to manipulate La uren Mallory in public?!” Esme screeched and we all winced again, the one thing about Esme was you did not want to suffer her wrath, defiantly not and Emmett wa s probably the most frequent see’er of it and yet it still frightened him. “Erm, yes?” Alice said answering more like a question, Esme looked beyond mad sh e hated us using our gifts against humans even though mine couldn’t actually be helped. “But, we did it for a good cause, Lauren apologized and now look how good she is , she’s nice and polite and not getting off with a guy around every street corne r” Alice said finishing off dismissively, which of course settled Esme’s rage bu t brought out the horror. Usually we would get jasper to calm her down but right now Esme would freak at j asper for trying to manipulate her emotions. We told them the rest and Carlisle was reasonable about it all Esme was too alth ough Alice wasn’t allowed to go shopping for a week including the internet. Eleazer and Carmen had joined us upstairs too and they said even though they wer en’t pleased about the whole ‘using your powers in front of humans’ thing they s till supported it. Then Emmett decided to take a crack at me for letting Bella fight for me when it should be the other way around and I growled which made him laugh. “Emmett McCarty Cullen! You don’t leave Edward alone this second and tone down t hat damn laugh of yours; I swear to god that there WILL be trouble Mr.!” Bella s houted and we all turned to her and a smile broke across my face as I looked dow n at Bella. Her eyes were open and looking at me and they were a beautiful gold which was a little odd considering she was a newborn again which meant they shou ld be red but I couldn’t care less Bella was awake. “Bella?” I asked relieved and she smiled at me. “Hi baby, I gather I didn’t miss too much?” she said and the others laughed. “Not too much” I said and she grinned, she was so dazzling, before she was and I never thought she could get more beautiful boy was I wrong. “Awwww, baby you’re too sweet to me y’know that?” she said and I laughed before giving her a chaste kiss. “Well at least I know you still have one gift working perfectly” I said and she laughed. “Hello dear, are you feeling okay?” Carlisle asked as he came over to the other side of Bella. “Not too bad actually, but somehow I feel like something is missing I don’t know why I just do” she said and Carlisle’s eyes flickered to me and back to Bella. “Well first things first I just want to know one thing about the transformation then we’ll get down to your gifts” he said and Bella nodded. “Okay, so with Edward’s venom was anything different pain wise, you never made a

sound, never flinched, nothing not even when Edward bit you” he said astounded. “When you say ‘pain wise’ what context does that come under exactly?” she asked and I looked to Carlisle as he did me. “Well, like your transformation before, did you feel any burning, anything at al l?” he asked and Bella shook her head. “No, nothing, I just felt…numb would be the right word” she said and Carlisle’s eyes widened as did mine. “Wow! I don’t think I know anyone who has gone through the transformation with n o pain” Eleazer said and Bella nodded before turning to me. “See, I told you I had a good feeling about this if you did it” she said smugly and I chuckled and pulled her closer if possible and kissed her head. “I know, I know but I want to know what gifts you have now, as do the others if you don’t mind love” I asked and she nodded and smiled. “Just one thing” she said and Carlisle nodded. “Why can’t I move my body?” she asked and panic ran through me and the others we re worried. “Before you all go over drive with panic, I don’t think your change is done yet Bella, your mind and head maybe but I don’t think anything else is. Give it a fe w hours before you try moving but I shouldn’t see why you can’t try your gifts” Eleazer said and Bella nodded. “Okay, what first?” Bella asked. “Try your magic first love” I said and she nodded. Her body instantly glowed luminescent blue and I watched as she turned my book i nto a vase filled with roses she placed it on the desk by my books, before her g low slowly faded. “Well her magic is still intact, which is good” Eleazer said and we all nodded a nd smiled. “Well done love” I said and she smiled as I kissed her cheek. “Okay, how about we try your telekinesis?” Carlisle asked and we nodded. Bella tried the books, nothing; she tried the shelves, the clothes, the pillows. Nothing and Bella huffed and I rubbed her shoulders. “Don’t worry honey” Esme said and sat down on the bed and took Bella’s hand. “So from the looks of things and what I can feel, you no longer have your teleki nesis Bella” Eleazer said and Bella sighed. “Okay, I can live with that…even though I’ll miss not being able to throw things at Emmett” she said and we all laughed and Emmett gave a little ‘yahoo’. “Okay, let’s try your shield Bella; try stopping Edward from reading my mind” Ca rlisle said and Bella nodded. I tried to read Carlisle’s thoughts but nothing, I tried again and still nothing

this time I tried my hardest and Bella gasped and her hand flew up to her head and she winced. “Jesus Edward! What the hell were you doing?!” she said and I pulled her close t o me again and kissed her head and watched as she relaxed. “Sorry love, but I have to say even with that force of the last one I still coul dn’t hear Carlisle’s thoughts, that shield of your is incredible” I said and she smiled as did the others. “Okay next, manipulation please Bella” Carlisle asked and Bella turned to look a t Jasper and tried to do something, she tried again and her eyes squinted, she t ried even harder and grunted but still nothing she huffed again and turned her h ead into the pillow and whimpered and I rubbed her shoulders again and her back in comfort. “It’s okay love, we didn’t expect you to keep everything, but we don’t think any less of you at all” I said and she sighed and lifted her head slightly and look ed at me. “Are you sure?” she asked and I nodded. “Positive” I said and she sighed again before turning her head back again and I stroked her head and she smiled. “So last one, elements” Carlisle asked and Bella sighed and nodded and just then Alice came in with a glass of water. Bella looked to the glass and suddenly it smashed and the water just hovered in the air and Bella smiled and suddenly the water turned into a Rose before freezi ng and Bella smiled and floated it over to Rosalie and she held her palm out as Bella dropped the crystallized rose into Rosalie’s hand. I looked to Bella and she smiled back at me and she giggled as I kissed her nose . “So water works, try the trees Bella or the flowers” Carlisle said and Bella nod ded and focused on the trees outside but nothing happened this time. “Okay so nothing to do with earth, what about fire?” Jasper asked and Bella nodd ed as Alice pulled out a lighter, Bella focused in on it but after a few moments still nothing and she sighed and Alice put the lighter away and I was going to ask where she got it from. “Don’t ask” she said to me and I rolled my eyes and she hit my chest and I laugh ed. “Remember what happened last time you did that” I said smugly and she narrowed h er eyes at me. “You wouldn’t dare!” she said and I laughed and raised my eye brow at her. “Wouldn’t I?” I said before I went to launch at her but she sprang up and hid be hind Emmett clinging onto him. “Emmy don’t let him near me, with those devilish ‘let’s tickle Bella’ hand of hi s’” she said and most of us burst out laughing. “Don’t worry bells, I can protect you from him” Emmett said and I chuckled knowi ng what he’s going to say next as Bella let out a sigh of relief “but who’s goin

g to protect you from me?” Emmett said and tried to grab her but she ran behind jasper and he chuckled. “Jasper, you’ve fought with these two for the longest help me please?” she begge d with those puppy dog eyes and I knew it would work, heck it was working on me and she weren’t even looking straight at me. “Alright, but only coz’ you’re my new little sis’ I’ll give you one piece of adv ice” he said and she huffed but looked at him to carry on whilst Emmett and I kn ew just how we were going to get her. The others were only just holding in there laughter even Carlisle and Esme were struggling. “Run, fast” he said and Bella eyed him. “That’s it?!” and Jasper nodded and then me and Emmett growled and Bella’s head turned to look at us, I sprang up and both Emmett and I crouched. “Oh HELL NO!” she shouted before running and jumping out of the window and dashi ng into the woods and Emmett and I ran straight after her whilst we heard the ot hers laughing. We followed Bella’s trail deeper but it just seemed to disappear as we got furth er in and we stopped and sniffed the air, it was if her trail had never existed. We split up and ran around the woods before giving up and heading back home, whe n we got home the others looked up expectantly. “You couldn’t find her?” Alice asked and we shook our heads as we sunk into the sofas. “We searched all the way to Seattle and down to the la push border and back and still nothing, it was if her scent just disappeared” I said and Emmett nodded as he sat next to Rosie. “But how is that possible?” Carmen asked and we heard a little laugh and I turne d to see my Bella sitting on top of my piano legs crossed her hair a little wild from running. “See now, when you decide to chase me to the near by stream and I can control wa ter I just let it follow me…” she said laughing and I stared in shock. “Erasing the trail…genius!” Jasper shouted and she laughed harder as did the oth ers. I took this advantage of her being distracted and leapt over the sofa and g rabbed her off of the piano and slung her over my shoulder and her laughter died short as she began screaming. “EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN! YOU PUT ME DOWN THIS SECOND!” She screamed at me a nd I just laughed as she began hitting my shoulder so I dropped her down lower a nd she screamed as it was only her legs hanging over my shoulder now. I didn’t bother saying goodbye to the others before I gripped tighter onto Bella as she clawed at my back, I ran upstairs to our room and locked the door before throwing Bella onto the bed where she landed on her back and squealed as I poun ced on top of her and I watched as her eyes darkened. She raised her hand and ou t of the corner of my eye I saw the walls glow before disappearing then she clic ked her fingers and the curtains shut. As soon as they did my lips crushed Bella’s and I held her against me as we kiss ed passionately.

Her hands wove into my hair and she tugged slightly earning a moan from me and I bit her lips causing her to gasp. Our tongues were instant and insistent but ev entually I won out. I ran my hands under Bella’s tank top and up to her breasts and kneaded them thr ough the fabric and she moaned before running her hands down the back of my neck and down my back only to bring them forwards and under my shirt. I then pulled off her top followed by her bra and she gasped as I instantly took her nipple into my mouth whilst teasing the other with my fingers. She moaned a nd her back arched as I began trailing kisses down her stomach and suddenly I wa s shirtless. Bella used her magic to remove my shirt, literally making it vanish . I continued down her body until I reached the edge of her shorts where I could a lready smell her arousal seeping through at which I growled before tearing them and her panties from her body. She gasped as I began running my fingers over her thighs and down her knees and across her hips again and again always avoiding w here I know she wanted me. “Edward, I swear to god if you don’t…” she said breaking off as I rubbed her thi ghs. “What love?” I asked and she shuddered. “if you don’t…this second…” she said gasping trying to get air into her lungs th at wasn’t really needed. “Tell me love, other wise I won’t know will I?” I said teasing her a little. “You god damn well know what…” she said growling and I liked the feisty side of Bella because it was so rarely seen. “I won’t do anything Bella unless you tell me what you want” I said smugly and s he groaned, I felt my trousers becoming a little too tight for comfort. “God…Edward…please…I need you to touch me…” she said whimpering and as soon as s he whimpered I knew that feisty Bella wasn’t going to be winning, which was fun because it meant that I would be, always. “I am touching you love” I said and she whimpered more and her scent became stro nger. “No…I need your fingers…there…” she said and I pretended to miss the implication . “Where Bella?” I asked growling and she whimpered and in a soft quiet voice she spoke. “My…my pussy needs you Edward…I need you to…make me…cum!” she said and I growled loudly, thank god for Bella’s magic that’s all I was thinking about…well not fo r long… I thrusted two fingers inside of Bella and she screamed and her back arched off the bed and she groaned as I pumped in and out of her. “OH! God! Yes, Edward…oh baby…make me cum for you” she said and I growled louder and pumped faster and she cried out and I knew she wouldn’t be long now. I star ted rubbing her nub and she cried out louder, her head thrashing and her back ar ched completely off the bed as she cried out my name as she came.

After I rode her out of her orgasm I began licking my fingers, she tasted to hea venly, it should seriously be illegal to taste that good. Suddenly I was pinned against the bed as Bella straddled me and I growled and sh e returned it which made me smirk. She leant down to whisper in my ear. “I wouldn’t be so smug Mr. Cullen” she said and I growled as I flipped her over so she was underneath, but she used it to rip my pants and boxers from me in one go before flipping us back so that she straddled me and I growled and flipped h er back. “Playing? Are we miss Whitlock?” I asked and she growled before flipping us over again and pinned my arms. “Yes, let the games begin Mr. Cullen” she said and I smirked. “With pleasure” I said and I meant every word truly let the games begin! (10 days later) Bella was still being kept off of school just for now, her thirst was the same a nd she was as controlled as ever. Unfortunately Carlisle made me go back with th e others for today and both I and Bella whined. We couldn’t help it we are teena gers after all. “But daddy, why can’t he stay? Or at least let me go back, I’m perfectly fine- r ight Eleazer?” Bella asked roping Eleazer in and Carmen just laughed as she knew what Bella was trying to do and apparently so did Eleazer. “I’m not getting involved, this is between you and your father, but yes you are more than fine to be going back to school, but you are Carlisle’s daughter not m ine” he said chuckling and she scowled at him. “That’s right, and I say you are staying at home for at least another 2 days the n I’ll think about sending you back and Edward is not staying, I think you two h ave had enough ‘together time’ as it is” he said and I couldn’t help but chuckle while Bella pouted. “But dad….” Bella said before Carlisle cut her off. “No but’s Isabella- now get back to bed you still need your rest” he said and sh e sighed and turned to me and I hugged her and kissed her head. “It’s alright love, I’ll be home soon” I told her and she sighed and nodded, she kissed my cheek before running upstairs and I heard the door close and with it a little thought followed. I’m going to make Carlisle’s day hell for this, just you wait daddy dearest… she thought and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and the others turned to look at me weird like and then Alice went into a vision and both her and I saw what Bel la had planned for Carlisle. When she came out of the vision we were both on the floor in stitches whilst the others helped us up. We said goodbye to Carlisle a nd Esme and headed to the cars. Alice and Jasper came with me and Rose and Em went in the BMW. “That girl of ours can be serious trouble y’know that?” she asked and I smirked.

“That’s my girl” I said and Alice laughed. When we pulled up at school we told jasper, Rose and Em what we’d seen and they were laughing hard too. I couldn’t wait to get home to see this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------BPOV: As soon as I had said goodbye to Edward and the others I started planning reveng e on my father whilst planning a little surprise for my Edward too. But I needed the laptop so I snuck into Alice’s room and went straight to her sa ved favourite website and got my order to be with me in two hours. I had two hou rs to play with and I was going to get my father back. He was downstairs with Es me so I decided to sneak into his office, I knew there was two books in here tha t were precious but I wasn’t that mean. However I knew my father had a secret st ash of diary entries that he hid from my mother and a whole collection of the ro lling stones memorabilia and my mother loathed them. So I entered the code all the while sound proofing the room so my father didn’t hear. I grabbed the diary entries and the rolling stones items and fled to my ro om where I cut the carpet with my nail and lifted the floorboards and placed the m underneath before covering the carpet back and hiding the cut secretively. I k new next that I wanted a little pay back so I grabbed a mini science kit for kid s from Emmett’s room that Rose brought him but Esme band him from using it. I kn ew what I was doing and I wanted to make a timed colour bomb so I set to work gr abbing a spare alarm clock and trigger wires and snuck back into Carlisle’s offi ce. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came up to sneak into his closet to put on the concert film for rolling stones which was in his desk draw which I’d rem oved so then he would have to go to his secret stash closet and there’d be a lit tle note and a surprise waiting for him. Before I knew it I heard the doorbell go and I rushed down to answer it before E sme or Carlisle could. I forgot however that I was in my nighty and robe but luc kily it was a long length one. When I opened the door I watched as the guys jaw dropped and the bags in his han ds began to shake but sadly my father came to the door and Carlisle cleared his throat and the man tore his eyes away from me to look at Carlisle where he strai ghtened up. “Oh…sorry sir…I have…a de-delivery for…a…um…Miss. Isabella Whitlock at this…addr ess” he stuttered and ever so often the side of his eye would drift back to me. “Oh that’s me!” I said feigning innocence and the guy looked back to me and held the clip board to me where I signed and he passed the bags through. I placed th em down at the side and Esme came over to grab them and take them upstairs for m e whilst Carlisle had his stern stare fixated on the delivery guy. Once all 12 bags were in I gave the guy $50 tip and told him ‘thanks’ and I knew that he was going to say something else so I quickly shut the door before he co uld. Filthy human minds. Once inside my father raised his eyebrow and I shrugged. “I just fancied buying some new clothes to go back to school with” I said innoce ntly and I heard my mother giggle.

Before Carlisle could say another word I ran upstairs and mum was sorting my sho es out of the bag for me. “Thanks mum, it’s alright I can sort the rest” I told her and she nodded and kis sed my cheek before leaving and I let out a sigh of relief as mum hadn’t reached the bags with the lingerie in yet. I placed the shoes In the closet and turned to my secret draws and stashed the l ingerie ready for later. I however took out the manicure kit I’d brought and got changed into a top and s horts and went downstairs. Esme and Carlisle were there and I knew how to start, I began humming whilst rem oving the nail polish I had on before and placed a clear cote on my nails all th e while humming louder and louder and it wasn’t to long before he huffed- annoye d. “Bella dear, could you keep it down please?” he asked and I smiled innocently. “But dad I’m bored” I said quietly because truly I was. “I know Hun…” he sighed and I looked to Esme and winked and she smiled, I’d told her the plan this morning so she knew when to keep out of the way. “Dad…” I said drawing it out and he looked at me sceptically. “I know what would be really fun! Let me give you a make over! Please, please, p lease, I promise to not whine anymore for the night and I’ll stay in my room and just read or listen to my music but PLEASE!” I said and he sighed. “All right….” He said and I squealed and sat down next to him and brought the ma ke up box from behind the chair out and placed cucumber on his eyes so he couldn ’t see and Esme decided she wanted to help. We put a mango scrub on his face before cleaning it off and applied the make up. Foundation, lip gloss, lips stain, blush, lip liner all went on and we lifted a cucumber at a time to place on the mascara and eye liner. When we were done I b egan to paint his nails as mum massaged his head and we were finished. I could hear the Volvo about 7 minutes ago so I scurried into the kitchen allowi ng Esme to show Carlisle as I kept my head peaked around the corner and watched as he stared in horror about his look and he ran upstairs and I came into the li ving room and was almost on the floor laughing the same as Esme when the others walked in. I stopped laughing to run over to Edward and kiss him and pulled back grinning l ike a Cheshire cat and the others were just watching as Esme laughed. “All right! What’d you do?” Emmett said and Esme and I were about to tell them w hen I heard a bang upstairs and Carlisle shout actually it was more like a screa m and I began laughing again and the Esme just looked at me before we all turned to see Carlisle coming down the stairs- his blond hair now ghoul green and his face covered in splatted make up like a clown and he had now multi coloured clot hing on. We all were on the floor in stitches at this and it was just too funny! “ISABELLA MARIE WHITLOCK! YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE YOUNG LADY!” He shouted at me a nd I bit my lip to stop laughing while the regained themselves and Esme didn’t k now wither to laugh or cry.

“Isabella, right now I don’t care what I look like but I want to know WHAT THE H ELL HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY ROLLING STONES COLLECTION!” he said just as Carmen and Eleazer walked in the door and they looked shocked before turning to me and I j ust shrugged. “Carlisle Cullen what are you on about a ‘rolling stone collection’ we have no s uch thing in this house” Esme said and Carlisle shifted uncomfortably. “I wouldn’t be so sure mother” I said before pulling out 3 rolling stone bobble heads from my shirt and my mothers eyes widened in horror. “CARLISLE CULLEN GET THOSE DISGUSTING THINGS OUT OF THIS HOUSE THIS SECOND!” She screamed and I laughed as did the others and Carlisle looked at her with an apo logetic glance. “I would dear, if I knew where our daughter has taken them…” he said and Esme lo oked at me and I nodded. “I’ll go get them…” I sighed and she nodded but I couldn’t resist the chuckle as I walked passed my father and Edward followed but I stopped him and winked at h im and he looked confused before going to sit with the others. I snuck into the room and to get the rest of the collection whilst changing my u nderwear to something Edward will defiantly enjoy later on tonight. Punished BPOV: Okay, to say I was in trouble was a complete understatement. I got grounded for a month, yes you heard right a month, a whole frigin 30 days. I m not usually t he person to swear wither it s in my mind or not but that just took the piss, th en to top that off I wasn t allowed to go back to school for another 2 days! Ugh I was bored beyond belief. However there were good prospects that came out of this, Esme had made Carlisle get rid of his Rolling stones collection and I mean allof it no matter how much he pouted and still Carlisle is yet to find the missing journals...oh well, he l l find out sooner or later he he. My plan however for Edward later was horribly ruined when Esme decided that my f un and games were over and decided to add to my punishment, she made me clean an d re-paint the walls to carlisle s office where the paint from the colourful che mical explosion had covered the walls as well as Carlisle, so that took up the r est of my evening. When I finally got to my room I had to change because of my now paint splattered clothes, Edward smiled sadly when I came in and I nodded to him before heading to the bathroom.

"What the...?" Edward broke off as I flung his book onto our bed, he turned arou nd and I watched as his jaw dropped when he saw me and I smiled innocently befor e walking over to him so that i now stood right in front of him.




I cleaned up .sorry I had me come out w black baby so I used my

and went to find Edward, we may not be able to do everything we d.. plans for but that didn t mean we couldn t do some. He hadn t heard of the bathroom yet so I whipped the towel away leaving me in my ne doll and heels, he was reading on the sofa and facing away from me magic to get rid of the book.








I placed my hand under his chin and pushed it up to close his mouth and i smiled as I noticed his eyes had visibly darkened. "What do you think honey? I just brought it earlier..." I didn t even get to fin ish the sentence before he d pulled me up bridal style and slung me on the bed b efore crawling up so that he now hovered over me. "I like it a lot but what I d really like is for you to soundproof this room imm ediately love" he said as his lips hovered close to mine. I quickly raised my ha nd to soundproof the room and my blue glow once again surrounded the room, as so on as it wore off Edward s lips crashed against mine..... That was how we spent last night and the early hours of this morning till that b lasted alarm went off and here is where i now sat bored out of my brains just st aring at the window. No one was home as Esme had gone out to the children s charity fund raiser and C arlisle was at the hospital, Carmen and Eleazar had gone back to Denali promisin g to visit soon and the others were at school. I knew that they would be home so on but I couldn t find something to do, I tried relaxing by reading, listening t o music, cooking, watching T.V nothing helped. For some reason I was on constant edge all day, something was off but I couldn t for the life of me figure out wh at. I put my magic feelers out to see if any one was near by that I should know about, I was still nervous it had been almost a month since Victoria was last he re and I wouldn t put it past her to try something and soon. Thinking about her now set me on even higher alert and I began walking around the house spreading m y feelers out like wild fire, pushing them to their limits. The feelers were som ething knew i d picked up a few days ago but I spent now pushing them as far as they could go, I had to make sure. With Edward not here I couldn t reach that 5 mile barrier to see if anyone was t here, because my feelers would only allow me to go up to a mile and a half. So h ere I was walking around the house checking to see if i could get them to go any further from higher up, when I felt this sting...someone had landed on my feele r trigger...someone was a mile and a half away and closing in but slowly. I stop ped breathing and stopped moving around...I could fight if need be or I could ru n but then if the others came back and whoever this is was still here...they wou ld get hurt because they would be attacked unexpectedly and it would be my fault . I had to stay but i kept my shield up from Alice, if she knew that would mean Edward would too and if this person was here to attack I couldn t allow either o f them to get hurt. The person was moving closer whoever they were but they remained in the shadows, I needed to get out of the house and find them so I used my magic and located t o one of the outside trees. I looked down and around but couldn t see anyone but I could still feel them moving forward and they were only a mile out now. I cou ldn t let them get near the house let alone in it, if this person was for Victor ia she would then know where to attack and where to approach and I couldn t allo w that to happen. I jumped using my magic which took me to the 3/4 mark where there was a clearing beneath me, the person was coming from the north so i hovered behind the tree a t the opposite end of the clearing which would allow me to see whoever it was be cause they had to come through there. I could still hear them approaching so I jumped even closer, the person was now only seconds away from entering the clearing and I could feel my magic flowing t hrough me like adrenaline as I waited. The trees rustled and I knew what this me ant. I crouched in the tree waiting to attack but I kept my feelers out in case of a surprise attack from someone else, I began running through all the defense














and offence techniques I had learned over the years; with Maria the offense skil ls that had the magic and venom singing through my veins in anticipation. The defense and more offensive skills that I learned with the Volturri; This had me humming with excitement at the prospect of a fight, it also had my brain wor king as fast as it could with the ways I learnt how to use my legs to hurt a vam pire as much as my arms, how to defend myself from the behind and the sides. I s till reeled from the thought of having to kill a vampire but what I didn t real from was the reality that my family was in danger until Victoria was gone and th at was enough to set aside those feelings of disgust. I didn t care who they wer e if they caused a threat to me and my family, they would not be living much lon ger. I came out from my thoughts as I heard the branches being broken from under said persons feet as they trudged forward. This was it that last step was all they needed to take and they would be in my l ine of sight to take down, I heard the last tree branch snap and I kept a tighte r grip on my breath when suddenly....Nothing? I listened carefully to everything around me, I couldn t smell because that woul d involve breathing, my eyes were roaming everywhere as well as my feelers but I couldn t pick up anything. This was bad, it didn t take a genius to figure that out, I couldn t see or hear my opposition; that was all it took for alarm bells to be ringing in my head. Snap. I heard to me? I turned in shock and jumped up into the higher branch as something dark lunged at me, I back flipped up onto the branch above me to take a look at what had wen t for me when I was thrown to the ground suddenly. I felt my body falling and I couldn t use my magic to stop because if whoever this was found out then they wo uld take flight quickly before i got the chance to attack. I turned my body as I came in contact with the ground. I landed straight on my feet and I looked arou nd quickly. I crouched ready to attack whoever this person was when I heard a ch uckle...I span and saw the last person I ever thought would be in this area anyt ime soon. "Hello Bella..." he said as he walked forward from behind the trees and stood ab out 100 yards in front of me, I slowly raised out of my crouch in shock and happ iness and I smiled at him. "I bet you re surprised to see me" he chuckled and I nodded and folded my arms o ver my chest, It was nice to see him but something wasn t right...I wasn t picki ng up the same aura I did last time. "You could say that" I said softly, I ran my unsure gaze over him something was defiantly off...what was he doing here for starters. "I thought you were supposed to be up in Denali..." I said and that was when I l ooked into his eyes they were...Red? The last time I d saw him his eyes were red and that was a few months back, he w as supposed to be up in Denali and that meant his eyes should be gold, right? I suddenly found myself held up against the tree by my neck whilst he chuckled, I tried to kick and punch but he would block me every time. "Don t waist your time Bella...Yes, I was supposed to be up in Denali and I was. ..but I found the animal diet was not quite to my liking...and then Victoria fou nd me and put out an offer I just couldn t refuse. You should be thank full it w as me that found you and not Victoria...she would ve made your death much more p













ainful, me on the other hand will be very quick. You won t feel a thing I promis e. Oh and I ll wreck the house a little bit making it look like someone sprung a n attack before washing away my scent...don t worry dear Bella this will all be over soon" he said before his lips ghosted over my arm...... "Laurent...."




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