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Messenger photo by Joe Duty

CELEBRATION — The Razzle Dazzle Damsels of Wise County celebrated their fifth anniversary with a dinner at Verona’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant. Above, Kerry Wilde (standing) models her red and purple attire while Paula Halloway (left) looks on. The group is part of The Red Hat Society.


Sat., January 17 at 10 a.m.
Seminars held at

at Wise Regional Health System

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009

trunk. Also, hopefully he didn’t “top” the trees. That’s never a good practice. Dear Neil: I need a tree to cover a flat-roofed corner room to protect it from the summer sun. The room is 12 by 12 feet. Please advise. Use a mid-sized tree such as a Little Gem southern magnolia, golden raintree or Mexican plum. Of the three, the magnolia tends to grow more upright, so it wouldn’t necessarily hang over the roof very far if you planted it eight or 10 feet out from the house. However, it’s not very fast-growing, so the shade may be several years away. Raintrees and Mexican plums are more rounded, so they would definitely need to be 8 to 12 feet (or farther) away from the house. Tall crape myrtle varieties (20 feet and taller) could also accomplish the same thing more quickly. Many of them grow to 20 feet and taller. You could plant three of them on 15-foot centers. They should be 8 or 10 feet out from the side walls. Dear Neil: Moles and gophers are ruining our yard. The moles are eating the roots off our grass, and then it dies. There are burrows all over. It’s dangerous even to walk across the lawn. The gophers are tearing up what the moles haven’t gotten to. What can we do? I’m going to borrow the answer directly from the Most Asked Questions pages of my own Web site (www. “First, identify the pest accurately. Gophers are rodents and resemble squirrels in their head and facial features. They feed on roots they encounter while digging. They may also feed on above-ground plant parts that are near their tunnels. Gopher mounds are usually kidney-shaped and are made of finely sifted soils. Gopher mounds are usually larger, and they often line up with one another. Place poison baits in the tunnels, then seal up the holes you have made. (Note that ultrasonic devices and plants that are purported to drive gophers away are virtually useless.) “Moles, by comparison, are related to bats. They are insectivores. They have no external ears, and their eyes are located within their ear canals. You will usually find them in cool, moist soils where there are ample supplies of grub worms and earthworms. Moles produce volcano-shaped mounds of soil clods. Control them with traps that are pushed into depressed areas of the surface tunnels. The traps are activated as the moles try to open the tunnels back up again.” Dear Neil: As we get ready for the new gardening season, I’d like your advice on how we can find a really reputable irrigation contractor, arborist and landscape planner. We want to make some big changes, but I don’t want to get ripped off. There are many good ways. Ask friends who have used the services of any of those segments of the horticultural industry. And, ask the service companies for references, and then check them out. Ask for credentials and then check up on them. Deal with independent retail garden centers where you can talk to the owners and managers, and where they’ll be selling plants and answering questions 12 months a year. In fact, your nurseryman can refer you to a good arborist in your area, and he or she will also know the good irrigation companies. The nursery may have a landscape designer, or they can refer you to a good landscape contractor who can design and/or install. ! Have a question you’d like Neil to consider? Mail it to him in care of the Wise County Messenger, P.O. Box 149, Decatur, TX 76234 or email him at Neil regrets that he cannot reply to questions individually.

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BY NEIL SPERRY Dear Neil: We have two huge oaks in our front yard. A tree trimmer was coming through our neighborhood, and we hired him. My biggest concern is that he did not paint or tar the larger branches where he made his cuts. Should I be concerned? Research has shown that pruning paint often slows the healing of cut surfaces. For that reason, it’s usually not recommended. However, my personal feeling is that a light coat of pruning sealant is always a good idea when we’re talking about oaks, particularly in areas where oak wilt is known to be a problem. At least it’s good that he came by in the winter, since that’s the best time to prune oak trees. I can’t go much farther, though, without recommending that you never again let an unknown person do any kind of work on your trees. Texas is blessed with hundreds of skilled, certified arborists whose work is stellar. People who drive down streets soliciting work are suspect. I’d recommend that you take photos of the work he did for you and show them to a Master Certified Nursery Professional. He or she can advise if the cuts were done properly. One of the worst things that can be done in pruning is to leave an elongated stub of the original branch. That kind of pruning leads to decay of the stub, then decay in the


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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009




Haney publishes a book
By DENNY DEADY She has written a children’s book, in honor of her daughters, Amellia Hurtado, 10, and Sarah Hurtado, 9. Her grandmother, Joann Manning, taught her how to tell a story. Haney’s publisher is Publish America, and even though the company misspelled the title on the cover of the book, she is happy with the results. She takes the mishap with the same goodnatured attitude that has carried her through the rough times in her life. Writing has always been Haney’s passion. As a third grader, she received national recognition for her writing. Today, she keeps three HANEY journals – one for her eyes only, one that it would be OK for someone to pick up and read and a third with ideas for other books she wants to write. After growing up in Chico, Haney moved to Austin and graduated from Westlake High School. She later graduated from Weatherford College and is now two semesters away from a bachelor’s degree in journalism at the University of North Texas. In between, she honed her writing skills during two years at the Bridgeport Index. She is already working on two other books, one that she hopes will help people understand bipolar disorder and help them deal with people, like herself, who have the condition. The other book, “Cantina Diaries,” comes from her observations while working at Armondos. With the release of her first book, she is giving up her job at Armondo’s but keeping her day job at B’Grand on the square in Decatur, where the book will be sold. “I never thought I would be able to support myself with my talent but now I see that I can,” Haney said.

Jennifer Haney has accomplished much in her 34 years and Saturday’s book signing party represents one more step in reaching her lofty goals. Haney, a Decatur resident and single mother of two girls, will host a book release party at 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 17, at Armondos Mexican Restaurant on U.S. 81/287 in Decatur, to promote her first published book, “Divorce Handbook, How to Get a Divorce Without Losing Your A**.” Fifteen divorces within her family, including her own, prompted Haney to write the book. She says it’s not a “how to” book, but rather a personal plan, a life plan if you will. “You’ve got to take care of yourself,” when going through a divorce,” Haney said. “You can’t fill anyone else if your cup is dry.” Continuing, she said the book is, “about value – true value, about not losing yourself.” She said when her mom was going through her divorce, she tried to take care of everyone else, neglecting herself. Her mom is the reason she is donating a portion of all book sales to the Wise Hope Shelter and Crisis Center and why the book signing party is a benefit for the shelter. “I didn’t have an abusive relationship but my mom did and at the time, there was no shelter available,” Haney said. Haney is asking that guests bring new items to the party that can be donated to the shelter, like gift cards, toiletries, laundry supplies, date books, makeup, umbrellas, children’s movies and food. Family is important to Haney and they have greatly influenced her writing.

Sales Tax Permits Boyd U-Haul — Boyd; Taxpayer: Patsy A. Pierce; First taxable date: 12-8-08; Truck, utility trailer and RV rental and leasing One Call Telcom Inc. — Alvord; Taxpayer: One-Call Telcom, Inc.; First taxable date: 1-15-09; Direct selling Dedikated Resource — Decatur; Taxpayer: Deborah K. Reynolds; First taxable date: 12-22-08; Document preparation services Rick’s Auto Repair & Towing — Bridgeport; Taxpayer: Ricky D. Morales; First taxable date: 1-1-09; General automotive repair This & That — Decatur; Taxpayer: Jane Schraceo and Kelli Schraceo; First taxable date: 12-20-08; Gift, novelty and sourvenir store Chef Arthur W. Manuel — Bridgeport; Taxpayer: Arthur W. Manuel; First taxContinued on page 8

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009

Junior varsity

Whitesboro 11 Decatur 49 DHS standouts — Andrea Rivera scored a team-high 13 points and Ciara Currin had two in another lopsided win for the Lady Eagles. Chandler Young posted eight points and Kourtney Tompkins added seven. Also scoring for Decatur was Casey Ritter with six points, Dori Hutchins and Carly Robbins with two each and Joey Redwine with one. DHS records: 11-2
Eighth grade

Stats: Not available Paradise 49 Millsap 56 Stats: Not available Paradise 43 Perrin 16 Stats: Not available

Slidell 42 Newcastle 33 SHS standouts — Cord Hankins and Dylan Carnes led the Greyhounds to victory with 13 points each. David Underhill added six points, while Zane Perkins and Daniel McCasland had four each and Charles Lidster had two. SHS record: 3-2

this week. We are playing a lot better as a team and our team is beginning to trust each other. Our defense played a lot better and the offense got in some scoring opportunities. BMS records: 0-4, 0-3
Seventh grade

and Keesha Bolin had two for the Sissies. BMS coach’s comments: We missed a ton of shots and were slow getting back on defense to stop their fast break. BMS records: 0-4, 0-4
Seventh grade

four rebounds and Lucy Carleton had two. Brittni Boling and Carleton led the defense with three steals. CMS coach’s comments: The girls did a good job defensively. We need to work on shooting the ball more. CMS records: 0-4, 0-4

Valley View 47 Slidell 36 SHS standouts — Cord Hankins buried five threepointers and finished with 19 points to lead the Greyhounds. Daniel McCasland and Pablo Garcia finished with six points each and Dylan Carnes added five. SHS record: 3-3

Lake Worth 66 Bridgeport 13 BHS standouts — Mac Whitcomb scored three points and Lane Newby and Brady Boyd had two each to lead the scoring for the Bulls. Skylar Stowe, Dylan Lingo, Drew Miles and Hayden Stringer added one point each. BHS coach’s comments: Lake Worth is very good. Our first-quarter defense was extremely good. We need to build on that. We found out a lot about ourselves after a huge defeat like this one. This started with a good practice the next day. BHS record: 0-4 Paradise 58 Boyd 51 Stats: Not available Henrietta 24 Paradise 40 Stats: Not available Paradise 38 Alvord 37 Stats: Not available Paradise 44 Henrietta 31 Stats: Not available Paradise Graford 37 30

Lake Worth 46 Bridgeport 40 BHS standouts — Cameron King was the leading scorer for the Bulls with 11 points. Blake Thompson put up eight points and Leonel Rios and Trent Schuett had six each. Garrett Mullins pitched in five points and Jacob Garcia had two each. BHS coach’s comments: We were outscored badly tonight. We were not very active on offense or defense, and we turned the ball over entirely too much. We must find better consistency on a nightly basis to be competitive in this sport. BHS record: 5-5
Eighth grade

Kirby A 47 Bridgeport A 8 BMS standouts — Alex Samples did most of the scoring for the Bulls as he finished with five points. Zach Casten had a team-high six rebounds, while Heath Holbrooke added four. BMS coach’s comments: The kids played an extremely skilled Kirby team. We started to get a little more aggressive in the second half. The kids are getting better in their game skills, and it showed in the long run. BMS records: 0-4, 0-4 Kirby B 10 Bridgeport B 36 BMS standouts — The Bulls got a team-high four points from Austin James. Joey Arquette was the leading rebounder with nine, two more than Julias Pendergraft with seven. BMS coach’s comments: The kids played a little better each quarter. They are starting to gain confidence in their defense and offense. BMS records: 0-4, 0-4

Kirby A 32 Bridgeport A 23 BMS standouts — The Bulls got six points from Blake Arrington and four each from Brannon Huff, Colby Mahon and Gentry Funk. Jacob Kerr tallied three points and Alex Kline put in two. BMS coach’s comments: The team played a good game. The boys played hard and kept fighting until the final whistle. We just have to knock down shots in the first and fourth quarters. Our defense played great at the end and was led by Brannon Huff. BMS records: 1-3, 1-2 Kirby B 11 Bridgeport B 18 BMS standouts — Tyler Rhine, Diego Barbosa, Juan Rivera, Scott Trickel and David Lagunas scored two points each. Fabian Muniz added one free throw. BMS coach’s comments: The boys played a lot better

Bridgeport A 20 Kirby A 48 BMS standouts — Haley Denton scored eight points and Sabrina Garza and Madison Manoushagian had four each to lead the Sissies. Kara Demmitt pitched in three points and Jessica Mares had one. BMS coach’s comments: We worked the ball pretty well and got the ball to the open girl, but we missed a lot of shots from the field. We didn’t do well with our free shots either. BMS records: 1-6, 0-4 Decatur B 25 McNeil B 26 DMS standouts — Trinity Homuth had the hot hand for the Lady Eagles as she racked up a team-high 14 points. She also led the defense with eight steals, while Sam Clark and Mackey Dailey had seven and six steals, respectively. Alex Carroll dominated inside the paint with nine rebounds. DMS coach’s comments: The girls did great. Even though we lost, we fought hard and we are improving our skills in every game we play. We have a few things that we still need to improve on. DMS records: 3-4, 2-2 Bridgeport B 8 Kirby B 32 BMS standouts — Kendra Mendoza scored six points

Paradise A 30 Chico A 25 CMS standouts — The Lady Dragons got a teamhigh 12 points from Lauren Hart in the close loss. Cheyenne Davidson put up another six points, while Corey Tate had three, and Charlye-Ann Biggerstaff had two. Biggerstaff also had seven rebounds, two more than Ashley Patterson and Davidson with five each. Hart was the defensive leader with five steals, one more than Patterson and Davidson with four each. PJHS standouts — Not provided CMS coach’s comments: I was very pleased with the way we played tonight. Paradise is a tough team and my girls did an excellent job in rising to the challenge. We got into some foul trouble that caused us to finish the game with only four players on the court. We adjusted and where still able to keep the score close. CMS records: 5-2, 3-2 Bridgeport A 5 Kirby A 43 BMS standouts — The Sissies got three points from Leah Guinn and two from Hailey Guinn. BMS coach’s comments: The score does not reflect how hard the girls worked on blocking out, running the offense and fighting for loose balls. BMS records: 1-6, 0-4 Paradise B 8 Chico B 2 CMS standouts — Cayte Gammage scored the only basket for the Lady Dragons. Brittany Byers added

Bridgeport B 12 Kirby B 12 BMS — Tamara Lippen-

Continued on page 5

Presented by Amanda P Lovette, M.D. and Staff .
Board Certified in General Pediatrics

Breastfeeding is a natural way to feed a baby. Beside nourishment, breastfeeding also provides a baby with immunity against infections caused by many viruses. Breastfeeding gives mother and baby a chance to bond. A genuine desire to breastfeed is important for success. However, if a mother is unable to breastfeed or is opposed to breastfeeding, formula is perfectly acceptable. Formula should be mixed carefully as directed. In many communities, using tap water to prepare formula may ensure the baby receives fluoride to help prevent future cavities. Before changing a child’s formula, the baby’s pediatrician should be consulted. Breastfed or formula-fed, a baby should be burped during and after each feeding. Pediatricians and healthcare providers are available for advice and support. If you have any questions about today’s column or are having difficulty breast feeding your child, call LOVETTE PEDIATRICS, 2014 Ben Merritt Drive, Suite B, Decatur at (940) 6278044. Our caring staff will answer any concerns and offer careful instruction on proper procedures. Get the help you need from a doctor who cares. For your convenience, we’re open M -Th 8am to 5pm and F 8am to noon. Healthy Futures Start Here. Our most important responsibility is taking care of your child.


Lindsay 11 Decatur 49 DHS standouts — Kourtney Tompkins outscored Lindsay by herself with a game-high 20 points. Andrea Rivera tacked on eight points, while Ciara Currin had six, Allie Handlon had five, Joey Redwine and Chandler Young had four each, and Carly Robbins and Dori Hutchins had two each. DHS record: 10-2

Happy New Year from our family to yours.
Breastfed babies generally just take what they need; bottle-fed babies can sometimes be overfed.


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Handle bars bent down a little on right side where Ethan looped out. Did have #644 with Ethan Davis above #. Please help Ethan find his dirt bike, taken from his home in Decatur shortly after Christmas. This bike was Ethan’s dream and most prized possession.

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009


Seventh grade Bridgeport A 29 Barwsie A 30 Bull standouts — Alex Samples chalked up a gamehigh 14 points and six rebounds in the exciting district game. Dalton Hudson finished with eight points and Blake Mahon had four along with his eight rebounds. Joey Arquette hauled in five rebounds. Bridgeport coach’s comments: The team played its best game of the season. They played tough defense and ran their offense better than they have al season. Bridgeport records: 0-5, 0-5 Bridgeport B 2 Barwise B 31 Bull standouts — Daniel Garcia scored the only basket for the Bulls. Julias Pendergraft pulled down a game-high 12 rebounds. Bridgeport coach’s comments: Julias kept the lane clear and had a seasonhigh 12 rebounds. The team played well at time on defense. The boys ran their offense better, but they could not get any shots to fall. Bridgeport records: 0-5, 0-5 BHS record: 12-0 Sanger 25 Decatur 28 DHS standouts — Lynzee Jordan scored seven points and Brooke Fincher and Mci Dane had six each in the thrilling victory. Kaylea Halford tacked up four points, while Katherine Williams had three and Jessica Dodd had two. DHS record: 10-5 Freshman Sanger 27 Decatur 38 DHS standouts — The Lady Eagles got a gamehigh 14 points from Kortney Tompkins and 10 via Chandler Young in a way of the Indians. Joey Redwine put up six points, while Allie Handlon, Ciara Currin, Andrea Rivera and Dori Hutchins had two each. DHS record: 11-2 Eighth grade Chico A 13 Peaster A 28 CMS standouts — The Lady Dragons got eight points from Charlotte McGuire, three by Aralinza Galindo and two courtesy of Shaye Schirripa in the loss. The trio, along with Kodi Walker, Martina Cantu and Karli Selz all had rebounds. Galindo led the defense with six steals, one more than Schirripa with five. CMS coach’s comments: I was pleased with the way the girls played tonight. They all hustled throughout the entire game both on offense and defense. They girls did an outstanding job on defense. This was one of their best games of the season. CMS records: 1-7, 0-6

Barwsie A 36 Bridgeport A 18 Sissie standouts — Sabrina Garza and Kara Demmitt scored eight points each to lead the offense. Madison Manoushagian pitched in two points. Bridgeport coach’s comments: I wish the girls would have played aggressive in the first half of the game like they did in the second. We are still missing too many shots once we work the ball up to the open girl. I was proud of the effort tin the second half. The girls need to start every game with that same fire, and build upon it throughout the game. Bridgeport records: 1-6, 0-5 Chico A 14 Ponder 18 CMS standouts — The Lady Dragons were led by seven points from Araliza Galindo. Kodi Walker was next in scoring with five points and Elizabeth Carleton had two. Chico A 25 Boyd 11 CMS standouts — Araliza Galindo was the leader of the scoring pack with nine points, three more than Elizabeth Carleton and Charlotte with six each. Brooke Younger, Kodi Walker and Martina Cantu finished with two points each. CMS coach’s comments: I was extremely happy with how the girls played throughout this tournament. They did a great job with defense and their press. We also did a good job hustling both on offense and defense. Barwise B 48 Bridgeport B 5 Sissies standouts — Skylar Shawn and Kendra Mendoza scored two points each and Karen Sarafin had one for the Sissies. BMS records: 0-5, 0-5 Kirby B 23 Decatur B 27 DMS standouts — Alex Carroll and Presley Murdock controlled the paint where they finished with eight and seven rebounds, respectively. Machey Dailey led the defense with four steals. DMS coach’s comments: We had a great night offensively. Same Clark came on really strong for us in the second half. We really showed our determination throughout this game. We fought hard and came up with the win. The girls did great. DMS records: 4-4, 3-2 Seventh grade Barwise A 49 Bridgeport A 16 Sissie standouts — Leah Guinn was the offensive leader with 10 points. Kayla Henson, Lacey Erwin and Haley Guinn added two points each. Bridgeport coach’s comments: Lacey played outstanding defense. We played great in the first half. We were taking a lot of good shots and played pretty good defense. The second half was more of a race up and down the court. Kirby A 31 Decatur A 39 DMS standouts — Murphy Graham torched the Kirby

Continued from 4 cott and Rylie Garcia scored four points each, and Olivia Casillas and Clarissa Ramirez had two. BMS coach’s comments: We are improving each game. BMS records: 0-4, 0-4 Boys junior varsity Bowie 61 Bridgeport 43 Bull standouts — Skylar Stowe racked up a gamehigh 17 points but it was not enough to save his team. Drew Miles put up nine points and C.J. Rhine recorded six. Also scoring were Rodney Johnson and Matt Minix with four points each, Taylor Story with two and Mac Whitcomb with one. Bridgeport coach’s comments: We really got after them in the fourth quarter. Skylar really got after it on the boards and that gave us a big boost. This is the type of effort we all need for the full for quarters. As we head into district play, we need to do the little things right and play with a great passion. Bridgeport record: 0-6 Eighth grade Bridgeport A 41 Barwise A 24 Bull standouts — Brannon Huff finished with 18 points and Colby Mahon answered with 10 to lead the Bulls to their first district win. Blake Arrington and Dillon Waldrep tacked up four point each, while Omar Martinez and Reese Read had two each and Jacob Kerr had one. Bridgeport coach’s comments: We played a great game. We had lots of energy and we played a very physical game. We outhustled them all night and I was very proud of their effort. Bridgeport records: 2-3, 1-2 Bridgeport B 12 Barwise B 29 Bull standouts — The Bulls scoring was spread evenly with Fabian Muniz leading the way. Tyler Rhine, Diego Barbosa, Eddie Viveros and Shawn Jones pitched in two points each. Bridgeport coach’s comments: We did a lot better job of running our offense last night, we just could not get out shots to fall. We also played very good on defense. Bridgeport records: 0-5, 0-3

defense with a game-high 12 points and four steals. Katie Isham was solid as well as she flirted with a doubledouble with 10 points and nine rebounds. Haley Dennard put up nine points, while Traci Hale had four, and Madison Phariss and Emily Baker had two each. DMS coach’s comments: Good shooting in the first half gave us enough of a lead to hold on for the victory. In the second half our defense was slow and we gave up too many easy baskets. We need to improve on our rebounding. DMS record: 4-1

Barwise B 13 Bridgeport B 31 Sissie standouts — Bridgeport got six points from Maegan McLaughlin, three via Olivia Casillas, and two by Shelby Haggart and Taylor Emola.

Girls Junior varsity Hirschi 12 Decatur 47 DHS standouts — Lynzee Jordan torched the defense with a game-high 14 points to lead the Lady Eagles to their first district win. Kayla Halford and Katherine Williams were second in scoring with eight points each, two more than Hanna Galloway with six. Brooke Fincher and Jessica Dodd followed with four points each, and Maci Dane and Zyanya Riberio had two each. DHS records: 11-5, 1-0 Bridgeport 39 Farmersville 25 BHS standouts —Madison Keller and Katie Cook scored 10 points each to lead the Sissies to victory. Sarah Joiner collected eight points, while Emily Price finished with five and Macey Bishop and Sarah Joiner had four each. Cook also dominated in the paint where she grabbed nine rebounds. BHS coach’s comments: As a coach I am very glad that we were able to play this game before district play. It was obvious that we had not played in a while. The girls played hard and got a win.

Kirby B 18 Decatur B 27 DMS standouts — The Lady Eagles got a gamehigh 11 points by Darci Billmire to get the win and stay undefeated. Guirnalda Lopez, Serena Estrada and Alex Fernandez scored four points each, and Haylea McDaniel and Jaclyn Hicks had two. Lopez was the defensive leader with five steals, while Madison Minor added four rebounds and three steals. Briana Carter blocked two shots, and Kendall Childers and Estrada had three rebounds each. DMS coach’s comments: The team played tough from the beginning. Great job hustling, too. DMS records: 8-0, 5-0

During difficult times, it’s easy to feel like things are out of your control. So it’s essential to consider every financial decision carefully, especially when it comes to your retirement savings. Edward Jones can help. We’ll start by getting to know your goals. Then we’ll sort through your current situation and work with you face-to-face to develop a strategy that can help you keep your retirement on track. To make sense of your retirement savings alternatives, call your Edward Jones financial advisor today. Randy Bowker Randy Bowker, AAMS® CFP® Financial Advisor Financial Advisor 1822 Hwy 51 South 1822 S. FM 51 Decatur, TX 76234 Decatur, TX 940-627-1620 76234 940-627-1620


In 2002, a clinical trial was halted after it found that postmenopausal women who took combination hormone replacement therapy (estrogen and progestin) had a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, blood clots, and cancer. Much more recently, women are being warned that an increased risk of breast cancer lingers after women stop taking combination hormone replacement therapy. Within a few years, the increased risk for stroke, serious blood clots, and heart disease associated with taking combination HRT disappears (as does the benefits to bones). However, the risk of breast cancer remains significantly elevated. Thus, women who have taken combination HRT in the past should discuss this fact with their doctors and have mammograms at suggested intervals. Hormone therapy is complex and there are many factors for you and your doctor to consider. The specific hormone replacement therapy you choose, how much of it you take, when you take it, and the form in which you take it - all have an impact on how it will work for you. It is best for you to discuss these factors with your health care provider. To schedule an appointment for gynecological care, call WISE OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY P.A at 940-626-8008. The office is conveniently located at 1713 South FM 51, Ste. 201, Decatur. New patients are welcome.

Bored with your job?
Wise County Messenger Classifieds

Member SIPC

P.S. When used at a minimum effective dose for the shortest possible time, HRT is an effective treatment for the short-term relief of menopausal symptoms.


ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009

By GARY CLAYTON Wise Co. Extension Agent Many times we would like to have some sort of a gauge to tell us when, how much and of what we should supplement beef cow herds. One method in order to decide what to put in the front end of the cow is to just look at what is coming out the back end. Manure characteristics can certainly tell us something about the nutritional status of a cow. This assumes, of course, that she is not wormy or otherwise unhealthy. It’s all based on nutrient content, digestibility and rate of passage of the diet. When everything is right, manure patties will be moist and relatively flat. When things deteriorate, manure starts becoming drier and stacks. Basically, as forage digestibility decreases, typically in late fall and winter but also often in late summer, the rate of passage through the gut slows dramatically. More moisture is absorbed and manure becomes drier, sometimes containing almost no moisture when digestibility drops below 30 to 35 percent and crude protein falls below 4 to 5 percent. When this happens the cow is not getting much nutrition even if she has plenty of this low quality hay or standing grass available. She simply can’t eat much if what she’s eating is staying in the gut a long time and she’s not getting much out of what she does eat. Under these conditions, supplemental protein can have a significant effect by allowing rumen bacteria to function effectively. When we first start seeing these manure effects, about a pound of 30 to 40 percent protein supplement a day will improve intake and digestibility. (This doesn’t have to be fed every day. You could feed 2 - 2 1/2 pounds three times a week). As forage quality goes down, but is still present in adequate amounts, it will be necessary to increase the level of feeding. Generally, about three pounds a day of a high protein feed is about as high as we would ever go. If this amount doesn’t do the job we’ll have to go to even higher levels of a combination protein-energy feed like 20 percent breeder cubes, whole cottonseed, meal-grain mixes, etc. and/ or provide supplemental forage, usually as hay. While not completely scientific, manure monitoring can be a useful tool to gauge supplemental feeding requirements. ■ A Beef Cattle Program “Controlling Trich” is scheduled for 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009 at Decatur Livestock Market (Farm Road 51 North of Decatur). Trich infection can cause early embryonic death of fetus, abortions later in pregnancy, infertility and extended calving

season. Speakers include Dr. Thomas B. Hairgrove, DVM and Dr. Dee B. Ellis, DVM. Please call the Extension office at (940) 627-3341 to reserve your spot. Free to the public.

Get Your Smile Back!
Extractions • Replacement Dentures • Crowns • Partials • Bridges • Implants GENERAL DENTAL CLINIC/ IN-HOUSE LABORATORY



Ex tr action s • Replacemen t Den tur es Cr ow n s • Par tials • Br idges • Implan ts

& Dental Services


Thomas John Kennedy of Texas, DDS, P.L.L.C. and Associates Thomas John Kennedy ofThomas John Kennedy of Texas, DDS, P.L.L.C. and Associates Texas, DDS, P.L.L.C. and Associates General Dentistry John F. Bell, DDS • G. A. Ladd, DDS • LaShaun Shaw, DDS


Toll Toll Free 866-940-0127 Toll Free 866-940-0127Free 866-940-0127 Toll Free 866-940-0127

2317 W. University • 2317 W. University••Denton, TX Denton, TX Denton, TX 2317 W. University

2317 W. University • Available TX Insurance Accepted • Financing Denton,(W.A.C.)

Complete the Sudoku grid so that each row, each column, and each 3 by 3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9. Numbers cannot be duplicated in a row or a column.

Friday, Jan. 16
Movies & Times Subject To Change!!! Movie Line 940-627-5522


Gran Torino
Fri ....................................................................................... ......... 7:00..........9:30 Sat ......................................................2:00 .............4:30 ............. 7:00..........9:30 Sun .....................................................2:00 .............4:30 ............. 7:00 Mon......MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY....2:00...............4:30 ............ 7:00 Tue - Thur .................................................................................... 7:00

Hotel For Dogs
Fri ....................................................................................... ......... 7:10..........9:30 Sat ......................................................2:10 .............4:40 ............. 7:10..........9:30 Sun .....................................................2:10 .............4:40 ............. 7:10 Mon......MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY....2:10...............4:40 ............ 7:10 Tue - Thur ................................................................................... 7:10

Mall Cop
Fri ....................................................................................... ......... 7:15..........9:30 Sat ......................................................2:15 .............4:45 ............. 7:15..........9:30 Sun .....................................................2:15 .............4:45 ............. 7:15 Mon......MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY....2:15...............4:45 ............ 7:15 Tue - Thur ................................................................................... 7:15 FM 51 South, Decatur • 940-627-5522 • Box Office Opens at 1:30 p.m.
$7 Adults ~ $5 Seniors, Children 11 & under & Matinee •

Every financed vehicle carries our exclusive

Excludes LG®, Electrolux, compact refrigeration, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, sewing machines, water heaters, Great Price items and closeouts. Offer good thru 1/21/2009.

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“Service Contract”
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Offer applies to any appliance over $399 after discounts and coupons when you use a qualifying Sears card and if paid in full within 12 months and account is kept in good standing. Offer not valid with Sears Commercial One® and Sears Home Improvement AccountsSM accounts. Offer good thru 1/21/2009. See our Important Customer Information below for Important Deferred Interest details. Excludes Outlet Stores.

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Come See What

Owned and operated by Larry & Ida Kirby
Bus. • Store Decatur, TX Owned and Operated by Name • Store address380 • hours • Phone number Owned and Operated -by Name a.m. - address • Store hours • Phonep.m. • Sun. 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Hours: Mon. Fri., 9 • Store 7 p.m.• Sat. 9 a.m. - 6 number Phone: 940-627-6466

940-627-9577 fax

“ We’ve got you covered!”

CAN-DO-FOR-YOU US Highway 287 North, Decatur US Hwy. 287 North, Decatur



Open 8 - 6 Monday - Friday & 9 - 3 Saturday

DEFERRED INTEREST PROMOTIONAL OFFER DETAILS: FINANCE CHARGES accrue on a promotional purchase from the date of the purchase at the regular purchase rate in effect from time to time and all FINANCE CHARGES accrued for the entire promotional period will be added to your account if the purchase is not paid in full by the end of the promotional period or if you default under your card agreement. Making the minimum monthly payment will not pay off your promotional purchase in time to avoid FINANCE CHARGES. With credit approval, for qualifying purchases made on a Sears card (Sears Commercial One® accounts excluded). Sears Home Improvement Account valid on installed sales only. Offer is valid for consumer accounts in good standing and is subject to change without notice. May not be combined with any other credit promotional offer. Promotional offers of 14 months or more require minimum monthly payments as disclosed in the offer. See card agreement for details including when the default rate applies. Sears cards: APR up to 26.49%, but if your account has a variable APR, the APR is up to 27.99% as of 12/1/08 and may vary. SEARS HOME IMPROVEMENT ACCOUNT: APR is up to 18.90%, but if your account has a variable APR, the APR is up to 26.15% but never lower than 14.40% as of 12/1/08 and may vary. MINIMUM MONTHLY FINANCE CHARGES: $1. Sears cards are issued by Citibank (South Dakota) N.A. Sears Solutions cards are issued by HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. See card agreement for details including description of the minimum payment calculation and when the default rate applies. Offer is only valid for consumer accounts in good standing. See card agreement for rates and minimum payment information applicable to your account. The Sears Card is issued by Citibank (South Dakota) N.A. Sears Solutions Cards are issued by HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. For New Sears Card accounts: As of 12/1/08, APR for purchases 21.15%; Default APR 26.15% (rates may vary). Minimum FINANCE CHARGE: $1. See card agreement for details including description of the minimum payment calculation and when the default rate applies. Offer is only valid for consumer accounts in good standing. See card agreement for rates and minimum payment information applicable to your account. The Sears Card is issued by Citibank (South Dakota) N.A. Sears Solutions Cards are issued by HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A.


ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009



Resolving to make better New Year’s resolutions
By THE AMERICAN COUNSELING ASSOCIATION some people it actually can be. From a mental health perspective, broken resolutions are sometimes harmful because they can have us seeing ourselves as failures, falling short of our goals. A broken New Year’s resolution is another example of how weak we are, helping to erode self-confidence and self-esteem. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make New Year’s resolutions. They offer a wonderful opportunity to examine where you are and to set goals for the things you’d like to change. The most important element for good resolutions is to make them realistic. You’re not going to lose 25 pounds by the end of January or immediately look like an Olympic athlete if it’s been years since you’ve been near the gym. One way to make successful resolutions is to set realistic mileposts. That means breaking big tasks into smaller, more manageable units. If you’re resolving to lose weight, forget the number of pounds you want to shed and instead focus on moving to a healthier diet that will naturally lead to weight loss. Maybe your first mini-goal is to cut out one high calorie food each day or week and to replace it with a healthier fruit or vegetable. If your resolution is to exercise more, start slowly with an initial goal, say walking 15 minutes each day, that you know you can achieve. Similarly, if it’s smoking that you want to stop, maybe your first goal is to cut by 10 percent the number of cigarettes you smoke each day, or to contact your doctor or local hospital to learn about smoking cessation programs and stop-smoking aids. When you create realistic resolutions with attainable mini-goals, what you’re really doing is developing a plan to reach your final goal. Attainable mini-goals toward that bigger overall target are a way to ensure success, to focus on positive behavioral changes and to feel good about the suc-

Want to make some New Year’s resolutions this year that you actually might keep? It really isn’t that difficult and it pays benefits. Resolutions usually mean positive changes, and wellmade resolutions help avoid the problems that come with poor resolutions quickly broken. While a broken New Year’s resolution might not seem very important, for

cesses you’re achieving. This all adds up to positive reinforcement that will help keep you going and increase your chances for successfully fulfilling that resolution. ■ “The Counseling Corner” is provided as a public service by the American Counseling Association, the nation’s largest organization of counseling professionals. Learn more about the counseling profession at the ACA Web site,

By TANYA DAVIS Wise Co. Extension Agent The Wise County Texas Extension Education Association (TEEA) met recently to install officers for the coming year. The title of the installation ceremony was “American Flags Reflecting our Standards.” Representing Wise County as County TEEA Chairman for the 2009 year is Patti Mahaffey of Oak Grove EE. Kerry Wilde of Oak Grove EE will serve as vice president and Marilynn Collins of Greenwood EE will serve as treasurer, Gerry Galloway of Greenwood EE, secretary and Marie Burchard of Greenwood EE, parliamentarian. Local club officers were also installed. Greenwood Club officers are: Bobbie Ashley, president; May Haubold, vice president; Gerry Galloway, secretary; Marilynn Collins, treasurer; Miranda Florida, county delegate and Bennie Pannell, telephone committee chairman.


Medical Center Pharmacy

Oak Grove Club officers are: Tammy Henry and Patti Mahaffey, co-presidents; Kerry Wilde, vice president; Patti Mahaffey, county delegate; Penny Holt, secretary/ treasurer; and Marguarette Roberts, telephone committee chairman. Extension Education Association members learn leadership skills, new ways to network together to strengthen family life, provide community service in their communities, and support the 4-H youth program by providing scholarship(s) and support funds for 4Hers competing in county, district and state events. At their monthly meeting, the Greenwood Extension Education Club awarded 2008 scholarship funds to Syndi VanHoose of Chico, who will be a student at North Central Texas College, Bowie Campus. She was chosen for the scholarship last spring after submitting her 4-H record book and an application. The deadline for submission for

• Prescriptions • Compounding • Drive-Thru • Delivery Ask us about our $7.50/$15 drug list
1101 Eagle Dr. • Suite C • Decatur SCHOLARSHIP WINNER — The Greenwood Extension Education Club recently presented Syndi Van Hoose of Chico with a $500 scholarship. She will be attending North Texas Central Texas College in Bowie. On hand for the presentation are, from left, Miranda Florida, Bobbie Ashley, Van Hoose, Gerry Galloway and Marilynn Collins.

Mon. - Fri., 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. • Sat., 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
115 E. Bypass 287. • Suite B • Alvord

Mon. - Fri., 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. • Closed Sat.

this year’s EE scholarship is Feb. 10. 4-Hers may obtain an application at the Extension office located at 206 S. Street in Decatur. For additional information about joining one of our TEEA clubs, or how to start one in your community, please call the Extension office at (940) 627-3341.

Dump Trucks
for Hire

Terry Vaughan Concrete
• • • • • House Foundations Driveways Basements Retaining Walls All Concrete Work

By GARY CLAYTON Wise Co. Extension Agent



We Can Haul • Gravel D&T Excavation 817-832-1484 • Topsoil • Land and Lot Clearing 940-393-2544 • Cushion Sand • House Pads 940-683-4200 • Select Fill • Driveways and Parking Lots • Brick Sand • Roads Commercial and Residential Serving all of Wise County and Surrounding Areas • Demolition
Terry and Derrick Vaughan

This year all entries for the Wise County Youth Fair will have to be entered online. There will not be any paper entries. It will be the responsibility of each 4-H’er to enter their projects on the Wise County Youth Fair Web site at There will be trainings on how to register online and you will need to be a part of those trainings in order to learn how to properly enter your projects. The Wise County Youth

Fair Web site will start accepting entries on Jan. 12 through Feb. 14. Entry clinic will be held at the Decatur Middle School computer lab on Friday, Feb. 13 from 4-6:30 p.m. and Saturday, Feb. 14 from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Late entry deadline is Feb. 20th. All general rules, schedule of events and information can also be found on the Wise County Youth Fair Web site. If you have any questions regarding entries for the Wise County Youth Fair, please contact me at the Extension office at (940) 627-3341.

The Messenger Classifieds... up to your expectations one ad at a time. Measuring


Camp is a ves baby boy who lo e! He to show his smil hing loves baths, watcuddling c his friends and s. Come with his teacher friends join Camp & his at D.A.C.
701 Deer Park, Decatur • 940-626-4444

p on Cabmutiful ea


ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009

Continued from 3 September 2008 Greystone Inn — Bridgeport; (24); $24,586 Best Western Decatur Inn — Decatur; (46); $96,280 Comfort Inn — Decatur; (40); $82,348 Days Inn & Suites — Decatur; (75); $110,143 Ramada Limited — Decatur; (22); $12,372 Super 8 — Decatur; (50); $162,244 Garrett Creek Ranch — Paradise; (50); $263,120 MD Resort — Aurora; (12); $45,000 Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax Out On A Limb — Azle; Nov.: $1,364 Double KK Bar-B-Que — Boyd; Oct.: $1,009; Nov.: $706 Bridgeport Country Club Inc. — Bridgeport; Oct.: $961; Nov.: $825 Gala’s Good Times — Bridgeport; Nov.: $4,303 Red’s Take 5 Bar & Grill — Bridgeport; Oct.: $691 Armondos Private Club — Decatur; Oct.: $382 Casa Torres Mexican Restaurant — Decatur; Oct.: $1,440; Nov.: $1,384 Chili’s Grill & Bar — Decatur; Sept.: $5,442 Cow Camp Steakhouse — Decatur; Oct.: $374 Decatur Golf Private Club — Decatur; Oct.: $245; Nov.: $195 Fat Daddy’s Sports & Spirits — Decatur; Oct.: $4,392; Nov.: $6,712 Frilly’s — Decatur; Sept.: $6,933; Oct.: $7,673 Ruben’s Ballroom — Decatur; Oct.: $713; Nov.: $838 Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes — Decatur; Oct.: $441 Verona Pizza Italian Restaurant — Decatur; Oct.: $91 Garrett Creek Ranch — Paradise; Oct.: $1,657 Runaway Bay Private Club — Runaway Bay; Oct.: $484 The Club at Runaway Bay — Runaway Bay; Oct.: $1,224 Franchise Tax Permits RGA Healthcare, LLC — Bridgeport; Taxpayer: Ronald G. Ammons; First taxable date: 11-25-08 Decatur Wireless, LLC — Decatur; Taxpayer: Larry D. Kirby; First taxable date: 1-1-09 Fresh Produce Market Decatur, LLC — Decatur; Taxpayer: Lisa D. Simon; First taxable date: 12-1-08 Earp Steel Buildings & Boat Docks, LLC — Chico; Taxpayer: Jason Earp; First taxable date: 11-26-08 Jaymar Investments Inc. — Decatur; Taxpayer: Jeffrey Jay Davidson; First taxable date: 12-3-08 Double Impact Ministries — Alvord; Taxpayer: Todd Hasty; First taxable date: 12-2-08 Gardner Oilfield Services Inc. — Decatur; Taxpayer: Mark Allen Gardner; First taxable date: 12-2-08 Jim Dunnagan Multi Cultural Arts Foundation — Newark; Taxpayer: Kimatra R. Taylor; First taxable date: 12-3-08 RML Consulting Services, LLC — Rhome; Taxpayer: Robert Lewis; First taxable date: 12-10-08 Wise Windpower and Solar LLC — Decatur; Taxpayer: James Walther; First taxable date: 12-12-08 CR4 Production Equipment Inc. — Bridgeport; Taxpayer: Steven C. Cockrum; First taxable date: 1211-08 CJ Black Gold Resources LLC — Alvord; Taxpayer: Curtis Glen Jones; First taxable date: 12-12-08 PZ Services, LLC — Runaway Bay; Taxpayer: Christopher A. Payson; First taxable date: 12-19-08 Kadac Construction LLC — Rhome; Taxpayer: Lisa Reid; First taxable date: 1219-08 The Auto Brokerage Team LLC — Decatur; Taxpayer: Thomas K. Cone IV; First taxable date: 12-15-08 B&T Reed and Sons, Inc. — Runaway Bay; Taxpayer: Michael Todd Reed; First taxable date: 1-1-09

Decatur Livestock MARKET 2473 North FM 51 Decatur, Texas Sunday Service 10:30 a.m. 903-227-7369

able date: 1-1-09; Caterer Willow Creek Computer Systems, LLC — Bridgeport; Taxpayer: Willow Creek Computer Systems, LLC; First taxable date: 12-1-08; Custom computer programming services Wupas Down Hole Inc. — Bridegport; Taxpayer: Wupas Down Hole Inc.; First taxable date: 12-8-08; Crude petroleum and natural gas extraction Mimi’s Style — Chico; Taxpayer: Cynthia Sparks; First taxable date: 12-8-08; Apparel accessories Hotel Occupancy Tax (Number of Rooms) Total Room Receipts 3rd Quarter 2008 Grasslands Bed & Barn — Alvord; (3); $9,000 Greystone Inn — Bridgeport; (24); $53,630 Best Western Decatur Inn — Decatur; (46); $264,287 Bluebonnet Highway Inc. — Decatur; (2); $2,539 Comfort Inn — Decatur; (40); $227,451 Days Inn & Suites — Decatur; (75); $173,205 Deluxe Inn Express — Decatur; (22); $36,165 HeavenLeigh Escape — Greenwood; (4); $6,890 Ramada Limited — Decatur; (50); $469,514 Sand Hill Ranch — Decatur; (10); $14,370 Super 8 — Decatur; (56); $226,703 Garrett Creek Ranch — Paradise; (50); $567,057 Harbor Inn — Runaway Bay; (14); 31,358

Wise Windpower
& Solar, LLC

Serving Wise & Surrounding Counties
Owners: John Schedcik • 940-393-0491 & Jamie Walther • 940-389-3891

Digital Photography Class
Saturday, January 17 • 10 a.m. in the Parlor
1204 12th St., Bridgeport
Bring your camera, charged batteries, memory card and owners manual


Learn How To Use Your Digital Camera

Subscribe Online.

How can I get my pictures into my computer? What is the best way to print them? How can I resize them? (why are they so big when I e-mail them?) How does my camera work? Why are my pictures fuzzy, grainy or out of focus? What do jpeg, tiff and raw mean?

Learn this and more!
Taught by John Bell (Degreed Professional Photographer in Dallas for 27 years) A More “Flexible”
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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009



Enjoy one-year ‘holiday’ from required minimum distributions
which you turn 70-1/2, or no later than April 1 of the following year. For example, if you turn 70-1/2 in 2009, you would normally be required to take your first RMD by April 1, 2010. You must also think about RMDs if you are a beneficiary of someone else’s IRA, 401(k) or other retirement account, because when the account owner dies, regardless of age, you must generally begin taking RMDs. And this is also true if you are the beneficiary of a Roth IRA, even though Roth IRA owners are never required to take RMDs. But thanks to the new legislation, you can skip the required 2009 distribution if you reach 70-1/2 in 2009 or if you’re a beneficiary currently required to take RMDs. You also have until Dec. 31, 2010, to accept the 2010 RMD, which will be based on your retirement account balance at the end of 2009. Why did Congress decide to provide this RMD “holiday” for 2009? For the answer, you need look no farther than your IRA or 401(k) account balance. As you are well aware, 2008 was not a stellar year for the stock market. Consequently, as 2008 drew to a close, the market value of your IRA or 401(k) was probably considerably lower than it was in earlier years. This could have been a problem for you if you had to start taking RMDs in 2009, because these distributions are based, in part, on your account balance at the close of the previous year — which means you may well have had to sell some stocks or other investments in your retirement plan when their price was down. To help people avoid having to “sell low,” Congress acted. Ultimately, you will have to end up taking distributions again. But before that happens, take some time to decide how large a distribution you should accept each year. If you need the money, you might have to take out more than the RMD. But if you can get by on just the minimum distribution, you may want to do so, thereby keeping as much of your retirement account as possible in a tax-deferred account. ■

Although it sounds strange, you may encounter situations in which you have to accept money even if you’d rather not. Such is the case with required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your traditional IRA, 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan. But thanks to recent legislation, you can ignore the “required” part of RMDs — at least for a year. Specifically, lawmakers recently placed a oneyear moratorium on taking (RMDs) for 2009. If you’re not familiar with the rules governing RMDs, here’s a little background: Generally, the IRS requires you to begin taking RMDs in the year in

Financial Focus is provided by Edward Jones Investments, represented in Wise County by Randy Bowker and Jeremy House in Decatur and Jay Craddock in Bridgeport.

• Mobile and Stationary Auto Detail Service • Personal, Business, Oil Field... • Autos, Trucks, Semi’s, Trailers... • Gift Certificates Available


Contact Joey @ 940-366-2162 or

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and get the rest of the story.

City:_________________________ State:_________ Zip Code:_______ Clip and mail to: Wise County Messenger P.O. Box 149 • 115 South Trinity Decatur, Texas 76234


B ger C c I en Sw.wRmuebssscribe UB s

! INE NcLm/ EO . o

Bride Groom
Bridal Guide 2009
If you have a service or product that is obvious to the planning of a wedding, such as tuxedo rental, gown sales, gift registry, florist, bakery, jeweler or travel agency, you’ll want to be in the Bridal Guide. But think past the ceremony and honeymoon. The couple will need a car, a bank, a doctor, a financial planner, furniture, appliances, cell phones, televisions, a home or apartment...the list goes on and on. Whatever your product or service, think how it can be of use to a couple just beginning their lives together.


You’ve got until Jan. 14 to say ‘I will’.
Any of our unofficial ’wedding planners’, Lori, Michelle, Denise or Lisa will help you put together the perfect ad for the Bridal Guide. Give them a call today at

Publication Date: Thursday, January 29 Advertising Deadline: Wednesday, January 14



ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009

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PARADISE, CR 3451 10 acres, restricted tracts, wooded. Call Nolan, (940)393-1020; or Debbie, (817)925-9208. ENERGY EFFICIENT Alvord ISD, 3/2/2, kitchen with granite counter tops, open concept, a money saver. Call Agent Cher, (817)874-6510. FANTASTIC VALUE Decatur area, 5/4.5/4, 3-living areas on 3.7 acres. 5,400 square feet living space. Call Agent Cher, (817)874-6510, FSBO 3/2/1 1,367 square feet, custom cabinets, ceramic tile & carpet, CH/A, built 2006. Bridgeport ISD. $125k. (940)577-1315. FSBO BOONSVILLE 4-bedroom, 2-bath, large den, CH/A, stucco house on 2 acres with lots of pecan & fruit trees. Carport, barn & shed. $139,000. Bridgeport ISD. (940)393-3705. NO MONEY DOWN Loans available. 3 & 4-bedroom double wides on 1+ acres. New carpet & appliances. Easy qualify. (817)253-7042. OWNER FINANCE 14x80, $2,000/down $250/month, or $10,000/cash, in Bridgeport park. 28x50, 3/2 double wide, $5,000/down $350/month, will move & set-up. RBI36191. Robert, (940)683-5547. OWNER FINANCE We have two cute 2/2’s in Newark mobile home park. Oversized country setting lot. Newly renovated & carpeted. One has fenced dog run. All under $500/month. (682)286-0693, agent #036227. RBMOBILEHOMES.COM Move, set-ups, re-levels. In & out of state. Licensed, bonded, insured. Repos. Free estimates. (940)683-5547. RBI #36191. WILLIAMS MOBILE HOME SERV. Best deal on moving, set up & trim outs. Bonded, licensed & insured. (940)433-3117.

BRIDGEWOOD Executive Suites
Bridgeport, TX

2-BEDROOM, 2-BATH duplex. 1101 Turkey Creek, Bridgeport. $760/month. Cannon Property Management, (940)368-1811. 2-bedroom, 2-bath duplexes for rent. Decatur & Bridgeport. $725/month. Koby, (940)389-8506. 2/1 DUPLEX 1.6 acre, waterfront on Eagle Mountain Lake, 45 minutes from DFW Airport & downtown Fort Worth. $850/month. (817)903-5976. Duplex for rent, 3-bedroom, 2-bath. 602-B Crestridge Court, Decatur. $800/month. (940)964-2631.

Business Property
For sale or lease, 46’x63’ building on 0.090 acre in Rhome, TX. Call (940)389-2693.

1, 2 & 3
Bedroom Apartments

NEAR DECATUR SQUARE 501 N. Church. Slate, hardwood floors, stainless steel kitchen appliances, 2 large living areas, 2-large bedrooms w/oversized closets, 2-bath. Fenced yard, maintenance included. $1,500/month., (682)551-5000.

Mobile Homes
4-BEDROOM, 3-BATH manufactured home on 27 acres, fenced 16x20 storage building. 15 miles north of Decatur, off FM 51. $1,200/month. (817)988-7124. LAND & HOME Like new, large 5-bedroom, 3-bath on 2.5 acres w/mineral rights. Small down & $700 P&I. (940)367-8072, (940)465-0011. Manufactured homes in Decatur ISD. 3-bedroom and 2-bedroom, 2-bath. Apply in person at Xtreme Homes, 4320 US Highway 380 (between Decatur/Bridgeport, off Highway 380).

Condos/town homes
1/1 CONDO at Runaway Bay. All appliances including washer/dryer. Downstairs, pool privileges. $35,000. (940)393-5558.

Washer & dryer included
Garages available

**NOW IN RUNAWAY BAY** Beautiful new home for rent. 3-bedroom, 2-bath, w/privacy fence. $1,000/month, $500/deposit. Huge master suite, vaulted ceilings, large covered porch, all appliances & washer/dryer connections. (817)270-4660. 1-BEDROOM 1-bath, Decatur. Cannon Property Management, (940)368-1811. 2-BEDROOM, 1-BATH 1660 Old Denton Highway, Decatur. $635/month. Cannon Property Management, (940)368-1811. 2-bedroom, 1-bath, detached garage, Chico ISD. No inside pets/smoking. $600/month, $400/deposit. References required. Call for appointment, (817)753-6811.

PROPERTY Lot 2, Block 5, Eagle Addition (Sparrow Street), Decatur. Adjacent Middle School & Hospital. $40,000/OBO. (940)255-1283.

Business property
Commercial office space for lease, Decatur. 2,135 square feet. (940)389-5407. COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Office/retail space. 1,000-7,000 square feet for lease. (940)627-2510.

**FOR SALE BY OWNER** HUGE LAKEFRONT HOME 4,900 square foot, lovely custom brick home on 1.5 acres. 5-bedroom, 4-bath, large kitchen with island, custom cabinets, tile floors, office, large workshop & garage. Must see to believe! $425,000. (817)270-4660. 2,100 SQUARE FOOT, 2-STORY log house, 4-bedroom, 2-bath. All electric, water well, on 20 acres, great school district. $260,000. (469)442-5492. 279 PRAIRIE VIEW, DECATUR New home on 1+ acre. 2-story, 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car, bonus room, lots of stained wood. $179,900. (817)360-3627. 3-BEDROOM, 1-BATH den. 1504 Wooten, Bridgeport. $79,000. (940)389-6787.

Mobile Homes
3/2 DOUBLE WIDE on 2.5 acres, Rhome are. Owner finance, 5% down. $71,000. Call anytime, (817)233-5799. 4 ACRES with 1 double wide & 1 single wide. Lots of extras. South of Boyd. $150,000. (940)433-8234. BEAUTIFUL 3, 4 & 5-bedroom homes set up on two acres of COUNTRY PLEASURE. All credit accepted. Only a few left, call now for appointment. (817)986-5836. BRING THE KIDS! Large 3 & 4-bedroom starter homes on 1+ acres. Homes have new carpet, appliances & fenced yards! Small down, no credit needed, and owner assisted finance. (817)501-8483.

Spaces & lots
SUNSET RV PARK Centrally located between Decatur, Bridgeport, Bowie on Highway 287. Full hook-ups, free laundry, free wireless internet. (940)845-2007.

Condos, town homes
3/2 CONDO For sale or lease in Runaway Bay. Private pool, access to lake. No pets. $68,000 or $750/month. (940)210-9625. LAKE FRONT CONDO Great view, pool, balcony, 2/2. No pets, no smoking. $800/month. (817)988-3530. Runaway Bay townhouse, 2-bedroom (study), 2-bath, 2 fireplaces, hot tub. $800/month. Swimming pool, golf shed storage available. Available Feb. 1. (940)210-3126.

“Timeless Elegance”


• Business Opportunity • Employment Information • Adult/Elderly Care • Childcare • Food Service • Medical/ Dental • Miscellaneous • Office • Retail/Sales • Trades • Work Wanted

• Apartments • Business Property • Condos/Town Homes • Duplex Housing • Homes • Mobile Homes • Rooms • Roommate Wanted • Spaces & Lots • For Lease • Wanted to Rent • Wanted to Lease • Facilities • Storage Buildings

405 W. Oak, 3/2/2 $995/month, $800/deposit 200 Cyndilu Lane, 3/2/2 $1,600/month, $800/deposit 1505 N. Bus 287 New 2/1, great for roommates. $925/mo., $800/deposit
All homes include lawn care.

Employment information
!!ATTENTION!! Advertising under this classification is normally not a bona fide opportunity. Typically, companies advertising here offer information about potential employment. Some are selling this information. We suggest that our readers thoroughly investigate these advertisers before investing any money. Local moms needed. Work from home like we do! Call (940)594-2888 or

All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1-800-669-9777. The toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is EQUAL HOUSING 1-800-927-9275. OPPORTUNITY

**NOW IN BRIDGEPORT** Lovely & spacious duplexes, 3-bedroom, 2-bath. $850/month & up with $450/deposit. Vaulted ceilings, covered porch, appliances & washer/dryer connections. (817)270-HOME. 2-BEDROOM, 1-BATH duplex. 710 State St., Alvord. $600/month. Cannon Property Management, (940)368-1811.

1/1, living, kitchen, garage apartment. Newly renovated. Kitchen appliances included. Immediate availability. $475/month, $475/deposit, no pets. (940)627-4979.

3-bedroom, 2-bath, 7 Wires, Decatur. 20 acres, large shop, barn, arena, turn-outs. For sale/rent, $2,000/month, 1st/last, 1-year lease. (940)627-5197, (940)389-7309. 609 W. Shoemaker, Decatur; 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car garage. $1,100/month. (940)627-9981. 7 Wires, Decatur, 4-bedroom, 3-bath, 2-car garage. $1,900/month. Available Nov. (940)399-9052. 802 S. HILL, DECATUR 2-bedroom, 1-bath, updated. $650/month. Cannon Property Management, Jack, (940)368-1811.

Sunday, January 18 1-5 p.m.

Adult/Elderly Care
Governor’s Ridge hiring 7a.m.-3p.m. & 3-11p.m. full-time resident attendants. Benefits available. Apply in person, 300 Devereaux, Decatur. (940)627-1104.

Joe Ryan Wilson office 817-636-5687 cell 817-475-8990 fax 817-887-5253 325 W. BC Avenue • Rhome 410 W. Aurora Vista
BEAUTIFUL, WELL- DESIGNED, REMARKABLY PRICED HOME ON OVER AN ACRE. Enter to hand scraped wood floors, elegant wood & iron railing and magnificent floor to ceiling craftsmanship. Large kitchen (perfect flow for entertaining), granite of course, stain grade wood study, plenty of extras and a separate garage for tons of storage! Walk into your own paradise with a beach entry pool and very large backyard!

Decatur, 3-bedroom, 1-bath house. No pets, no smoking. References required. $600/month, $600/deposit. (940)433-2651. For sale or rent, 2-bedroom, 1-bath home, Decatur, well kept, clean, CH/A. Large lot. $750/month; or sell $70,000. For information, (940)399-7106. Paradise, 3/1 frame house on approximately 1.5 acre, large kitchen, living room, huge fenced yard, pets OK. 3-car garage w/storage room. $800/month, 1st & last plus $200/deposit. (940)433-8687 or (940)393-1914, ask for Renee.

Food service
Experienced only breakfast cook, 5-11a.m., Mon.-Fri., $9/hour. Great work environment. Must be self-motivated, work in busy atmosphere. Apply in person after 10:30a.m. 904 S. Business Highway 81/287, Decatur. Line cook needed, days & nights, experience required. Apply in person at The Club at Runaway Bay, 400 Halfmoon Way.

*Christopher Grace Custom Homes is offering 4.5% FIXED Interest Rates on these homes until January 31, 2009.
HIGH MESA ESTATES – From the $170’s – 1.5 Acre Lots/Decatur ISD COPPERFIELD ESTATES – From the $230’s – 2+ Acre Lots/Bridgeport ISD CASTLEBURY ESTATES – From the $140’s – ¼ Acre Lots/Bridgeport ISD CIMMARRON BAY – From the $260’s – Acreage with Lakefront and Golf Course view/Bridgeport ISD OUR FEATURED SUBDIVISION OF THE MONTH IS CASTLEBURY ESTATES FROM THE $140’S! Castlebury Estates is a Gorgeous Subdivision situated two miles from Lake Bridgeport in Runaway Bay/Bridgeport ISD and HAS NO CITY TAXES! Take 380/114 into Runaway Bay. South on JO Castleberry (CR 3701) .25 miles on the left is Castlebury Estates. 1 mile from the golf course and 2 miles from the lake! We are building beautiful homes and are currently building on Golf Course Lots, Lake Lots and Acreage in Decatur, Bridgeport and Runaway Bay!

We still offer Financing even with bumps and bruises on your credit!! Want to Build, We can Lock your Rate at today’s LOW rate while we build for you! If the rates go down in the process you get The Lower Rate.

• RN - CCU * ICU * ER
¼ Acre Lot with a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Very Open Floor Plan, Huge Kitchen with Island, Stone Fireplace, Jacuzzi Tub, Large Covered Patio, Huge Family Room, Full Sod, 6’ Stained Privacy Fence and Sprinkler System!! Only $169,990 January Completion

¼ Acre Lot with a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Beautiful Front Porch, Extended Covered Patio, Large Kitchen with Island, Jacuzzi Tub, Sante Fe Doors, Full Sod, 6’ Stained Privacy Fence and Sprinkler System. Upgrades Galore! Only $189,990 January Completion

1/3 Acre Lot with a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath with a Study and Large Dining Room, Front Porch, Covered Patio, Butlers Pantry, Full of Custom Cabinets, Stone Fireplace and Jacuzzi Tub, Full Sod, 6’ Stained Privacy Fence, Sprinkler System and MUCH MORE!! Only $199,990 January Completion

Med/Surg * Behavioral * Rehab Surgery * Nurse Mgr - BHS Cath Lab (pt)

• Social Worker • HR Generalist Position Control; FMLA; WK Comp • Cooks
Part Time/PRN

• Nurse Practitioner/PA

• Clinical Therapist • Therapy Services: OT * PT * PTA • Mental Health Tech/Driver PT Coordinator • Security

For Information Please Call Juston Wenham 817-733-3444
*4.5 % Fixed Interest rate is for approved buyers through Christopher Grace Custom Homes preferred mortgage company. Must meet qualification requirements.

2000 S. FM 51 • Decatur, TX. 76234 - A not for profit hospital - EOE - Job Line: 940-626-2525 Up to $7,000 RN Bonus

ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009



Printing press operator (no film work). Single color Ryobi (polyester plates) and/or Heidelberg Windmill (or Kluge) operator. Die cutting only. Part-time or full-time. Call Jack Hunt, (817)489-5249.




Home Improvements & Repair



HR Generalist
Must have experience in position control, workers comp & FML. Strong written & verbal communication skills. Skilled in Word, Excel, MS4.
Wise Regional Health System
2000 S. FM 51 Decatur, TX 76234
EOE • a not for profit hospital

Evenings & Weekends Waitstaff All Shifts
2-3 Positions Available

Chief Nursing Officer, RN Case Manager, RN
Registered Nurses - Nights Full Time/All Units PRN RN’s at $35 per hour Registered Nurses Call me and let’s talk about our new pay rates

All Types of Remodeling
Repairs Large or Small
Add-ons, Decks And More

For all your concrete needs!
Insist on Quality

Wanted: owner/operators, 18-wheelers, mini-floats, hot shots. (817)596-8877.


Work wanted
Retired couple looking for security work. Non-drinkers, references available. Your equipment or ours. 1 day to 1 year. Job site, yard and gate security. Tom, (817)489-1836, (817)550-7715; Ed, (817)550-7716.

940-627-6947 or 940-389-4943

• Dependable • Strong Work Ethic • Drug Screening Apply in person
See Manager for Details


Concrete, Inc.
Ty Kennedy 940-627-SLAB

401 N. Hwy 287, Decatur


Trinity Care Center

Tom Harrison Human Resources 1905 Doctors’ Hospital Drive Bridgeport, TX 76426 940-683-0327 940-683-0485 Fax

Seeking qualified office receptionist and administrative assistant. Bilingual a plus. Must be computer literate, energetic, reliable and able to multitask. Pay $1-$10/hour. Deliver resume in person to 101 CR4717 South, Rhome, Texas.


Robbins Isshinryu

Diamond W Truckstop and Dry Creek Store in Bridgeport, full-time cashiers needed. Apply in person. Serious applicants only. NO DRUGS!


• Childcare • Adult/Elderly Care • Business • Housecleaning • Let Me Fix It • Miscellaneous • Tutoring


Williams’ Hauling & Tractor Works
• Brushhog & Finish Mowing • Blading, Plowing & Tilling • Backhoe work, driveways • Dirt, sand & gravel hauling • Land Clearing • All types cleanup & haul-offs • Quality work, fair pricing

Traditional Okinawan Karate Okinawan Weapons Self-Defense
916 CR 4679, Boyd, TX 76023

**HOME CONSTRUCTION** NOW HIRING Framers & finish carpenters; electricians & plumbers. All levels of experience. Must pass drug test. (817)270-4660. General Manager/Supervisor needed for truck manufacturing plant. Must have prior experience. Send resume to or fax to (940)683-5477. Help wanted for Llama farm. Fence work, feeding, cleaning. Weekends only. Call after 7p.m., (940)433-5897. JRobs Performance Training is looking to hire certified personal trainers. Call John, (940)389-0056 or visit us on the web Location Decatur, office work. Order processing and fulfillment. Basic computer knowledge. Also looking for maintenance helper. Supplemental health care plan. Paid vacation, sick time. Competitive salary. Send resume to, P.O. BOX 855, Rhome, TX, 76078. Lone Star Super Wash now hiring cashiers & detailers. Apply in person, 949 W. Business 380, Decatur. Model for on-line vintage clothing. At least 5’ 6”, in slim. 4+ hours weekly at $10/hour. (940)393-1064. Satellite installers needed. Top pay. Can train. Must have own truck & tools, pass background & drug screening. Call Mon.-Fri., 10am.-4p.m., (817)825-5907. Service guy needed for manufactured homes. Experience a must with a clean driving record. Apply in person at Xtreme Homes, 4320 US Highway 380 (between Decatur/Bridgeport, off Highway 380). Shipping/Receiving clerk needed for manufacturing plant. Computer experience required. Pay range $8-$10/hour. Email resume to; fax to (940)683-5475; or apply in person, 500 FM 1658, Bridgeport. Team leader to work full-time. Ordering & supervisory skills necessary. Minimum 21-years of age. Management experience a plus. Send resume to P.O. Box 149, atten: L, Decatur, TX 76234. Yard helper needed with clean driving record. Apply in person at Xtreme Homes, 4320 US Highway 380 (between Decatur/Bridgeport, off Highway 380).

Now Hiring
Contact Jessica Reid, Administrator
Please come by Trinity Care Center to complete an application.

BOOKKEEPER AVAILABLE Part-time, your office or ours. Years of experience, many softwares & references, full charge. Call Carol, (817)913-9783.

Apply in person at 2108 15th St. Bridgeport, TX 940-683-5023

Clay Robbins

Two Full Time Positions Available


James Williams 940-399-9138

• Clerk • Coffee Bar Specialist
Must be customer service oriented and a self-motivated team player. Apply in person.


in Boyd

Available for Sunday Services, Weddings and Special Events Seats 150, Piano and Organ available

TECL #25306 Master Electrician TX. License #5811 Specializing in small jobs. Residential • Commercial • Consulting


940-433-3922 940-390-9125

940-433-3177 • Bill Mayes

Staff Physical Therapist, COTA, LPTA,
Full time and PRN positions available for Nursing Home/ Hospital

Valu-Rite Pharmacy
709 W.W. Ray Circle Bridgeport 940-683-2950 Trades
Busy salon with clientele, looking for a nail tech. Contact (940)433-3030. CHANEY TRUCKING Looking for safe, dependable, Class A CDL drivers with 1-year verifiable experience. Peterbilt trucks, paid health insurance, matching 401k, vacation, home every night. Call 1(800)448-6323, Mon.-Fri., 8a.m.-5p.m. CNC Programmer/set up. Versatile in Master Cam software. Competitive wages. Call (940)433-2652 for appointment. Hiring experienced flow back operators and hands. Must have clean driving record, pass drug test. Con tact Misti, SCS @(940)627-4416. Looking for EXPERIENCED OIL PRODUCTION/FLOWBACK OPERATORS to work for an innovative fast-growing company.Great working environment and compensation is EXCELLENT, above the rest. Company offers full benefits. Travel required. To apply go to: www.manekenergy.comand click on "Careers". LPG TRANSPORTER NEEDED Hauling LPG gases to and from refineries in Texas & Oklahoma. HazMat and tanker endorsements a must. Benefits paid. Must have 2-years verifiable experience. Contact Mike Lipham @ (940)626-4895, office; or (940)255-0957, cell.

IRS E File Provider

Tom Harrison Human Resources 1905 Doctors’ Hospital Drive Bridgeport, TX 76426 940-683-0327 940-683-0485 Fax

Direct Deposit Available
403 E Sherman St., Chico.
(Inside Austin Realty Group)

• Tree Trimming & Removal • Full Service Lawn & Landscape • Home Upgrade • Weatherproofing • Interior /Exterior Painting • Moving Services • All Types of Odd Jobs

HOUSE CLEANING All types cleaning. Thorough, dependable. Call for appointment, (940)210-9222.

• Roads • Demolition • House Pads

Custom Homes, Remodels, Commercial Constructions


Seeking Experienced Weekend and PRN

24 years experience Great References


Tom Harrison Human Resources 1905 Doctors’ Hospital Drive Bridgeport, TX 76426 940-683-0327 940-683-0485 Fax

AMY'S CLEANING SERVICE Residential or commercial. Cleaned your way. Priced to fit your budget. Day or night. Decatur/Bridgeport area. (817)995-7961

• Land and Lot Clearing • Driveways and Parking Lots

Excavation & Bobcat Services
We Can Haul: • Sand and Gravel • Topsoil • Cushion Sand • Select Fill • Brick Sand • Base

LOCAL CLEANING SERVICE Commercial, residential. Make ready, 1-time or repeat. We clean what others miss. Penny Wise Cleaning Service, (940)210-5450.

Home health agency seeks responsible caring adults to help with daily living tasks. Wise County openings. Please contact Betty, 1(800)866-6705. Certified Pharmacy Technician at Gail’s Pharmacy. Apply in person, 810 WW Ray Circle, Bridgeport.

Let me fix it
MIKE’S RV SERVICE Service calls, insurance work, full repairs, power washing, detailing. Also work on horse & enclosed trailers. Michael, (940)399-7565.

Commercial and Residential “No Job To Small Or Too Big”
Call for free estimates Trey: 940-531-0661 • Julian: 940-627-4383

Insurance Verifier & Billing And Medical Assistant
Growing/busy Pediatric Office
looking for 2 persons. Must have 2 years Medical office experience. Bi-lingual a plus. Fax resume to Judy at 940-627-8055.

Southwest International Trucks
Parts Manager
Bridgeport location
Motivated Heavy Duty Professional needed for growing truck dealer. Responsible for all functions of parts department. Previous experience in automotive or truck parts sales is required.
Applicant will be required to take parts orders from customers at the counter and via phone, fax, and email; handle customer returns, assist in stocking parts shipments on shelves, pull parts orders from inventory, and maintain a professional appearance. Apply within.

Tree Service and Stump Removal • Tree Removal • Stump Grinding • Storm Damage Experts • Chipper Service • Bucket Truck

(Senior Citizen Discount)

3187 S. Hwy 101, Bridgeport



Dove Transp esome orts on

Preschool Director/ Lead Teacher
Decatur First United Methodist Church is seeking a Preschool Director/Lead Teacher. This is a small preschool program that was established in 2005. As a result of the success of this program the church is considering future expansion. The Director is responsible for maintaining a safe, positive, and nurturing environment for the benefit of the children, families and staff. We are looking for someone with strong skills, both in developing relationships with students, parents and staff, as well as strong organizational skills to maintain state licensing requirements and for curriculum development. Basic knowledge and understanding of the Methodist Church preferred but not necessary. Please submit resumes to: 104 South Miller, Decatur, TX 76234, Attn: Dana Clinesmith. This position will remain open until filled.

Rapidly growing tank truck company is seeking Experienced Vacuum Truck Drivers
Day Positions Open Immediately
• Must have Class A CDL + Tanker Endorsement • Must be 25 years old + Good driving record • Starting Pay - Commensurate with experience • Night Shift Differential Pay • Health, Dental and Life Insurance Benefits • 90 Day Merit Review • Quarterly Merit and Attendance Awards Program • Safety Award Program • Paid Vacation after one year Call or apply in person at: 4566 N. US Hwy. 287, Alvord, TX 940-626-8248 or 888-800-0950

Fully Insured

- Toll Free -

Most Credit Cards Accepted
s r r

Wise and Cooke County


ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009

Farm Equipment
Nice used farm equipment. NH LS190 skid Steer, $18,500. NH 1431 disc/mo/co, $9950. 35 HP CaseIH tractor w/loader, $14,500. (940)627-5451. OCEAN FREIGHT CONTAINERS New & used. Water tight & rodent proof. Larry Singley, (817)992-9122. Paying cash for late model, low hour, John Deere tractors, 50-100 HP. Simple platforms preferred. (940)627-5947, (432)2388-3221. PULL-BEHIND for lawn mower or 4-wheeler. Only used 1 time. $800. (940)433-8234.

Lost puppy on Sunday, Jan. 4, south of Decatur, Highway 51 by Polaris. Male, sandy brown with black spots on face, big feet, no tail, 4-months-old, answers to Speckles. Call anytime, Linda, (940)389-7244; Curt, (940)389-5944. Strayed from our home on FM 730 North, 1 male Blood Hound. Approximately 90 lbs, 6-years-old, tatoo in left ear. Dog belongs to 16-year-old grandson. Very gentle, answers to the name of Big Mac. Please call (940)627-2717.

I’LL BUY THOSE YARD CARS as well as your good used cars. Arvin, (817)925-8768.

ANY SIZE ACREAGE MOWED Large acreage, $22/acre. Small acreage, $35-$45/acre. Tommy, (940)482-6578.

Pasture and feed
1ST CHOICE FERTILIZED coastal round bales, $30-$50/bale. Call for details & minimum. (940)433-3981. 4X5 NET-WRAPPED coastal hay, fertilized to soil test. $35/bale. Will load. Sunset area. (940)845-4791, (940)210-3825. CHRISTIAN COWBOY HAY Fertilized coastal, 4x5 round bales, $45-$55. Delivery available. Square bales. Quantity discounts available. (940)626-4627, (940)577-9629, cell. COASTAL HAY 2007 & 2008. Round & square. Call (940)748-2434, C&S Dairy. COASTAL HAY 2008 square bales, fertilized, barn stored. No minimum, you load, $6.50/bale. Boyd, (940)433-2335. COASTAL HORSE HAY 2008 square bales in barn, fertilized, no weeds. No minimum. Between Alvord/Decatur. Delivery available. (817)991-7625, (940)627-2813.

• Appliances • Clothing/Jewelry • Furniture • Garage Sales • Firewood • Miscellaneous • Auctions

100% Approv

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CATTLEGUARDS Entry ways & pipe fencing, corner posts or H braces. Also do welding repairs. Call for details, (817)319-2989.

MERCHANDISE FOR SALE Cars &Trucks starting $ at 699 dn.
We also buy cars!

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FARM & RANCH FENCING Pipe & cable, non-climb, barbed wire, entrances, solar gate operators, repairs. Jim at (940)367-7505.

Big savings on lease returns. Lamps from $19 per pair. Nice Sofa & Love $389. Computers from $329. Mattress sets from $159. Brand New 60 inch Mitsubishi High Def DLP TV, 2 year warranty, $1,499. Appliances, dinettes and much more. Quantities limited. Cash or Master Card/Visa. 1304 Highway 51 S. Decatur, 940-627-5043, ask for Miles

107 S. Hwy. 287 • Decatur
Behind Dairy Queen

Lawn and garden
LONE OAK LANDSCAPING Personalized landscape plans, 20-years experience. Plants furnished, you plant or we plant. Sod, tree work, decks/patios/walls. (940)389-1778. TREES TRIMMED & REMOVED 36 years in business, insured. (817)444-0861, Teater.

Hay, good hay, cow/horse hay. Have questions? Call. Heavy, large, 5x5, 2008, net-wrapped. $60. 7 Wires area. (940)627-5185.

Recreational vehicles
1998 Jeep Wrangler, 3” lift, 33” tires, soft top, 4-cylinder. $7,000/OBO. (940)389-8917. 2000 YZ Yamaha 125, 2-stroke, in good shape, great buy. $1,300/OBO. Call Brad, (940)399-7473. 2003 33.5 FOOT NEW VISION all season 5th wheel. 3-slides, 2 ACs, new heater, washer/dryer hook-ups, not smoked in. $22,600. (940)627-6762, (940)389-6601.

• Pets • Pets Lost & Found • Pet Care/Training • Pet Stud Services


BEAUTIFUL RED ANGUS cattle. 10-15 head, females. (940)433-3981. BUY & SELL & TRADE All classes of horses. All riding horses sold, 72 hour unconditional guarantee. (940)224-1470, (940)644-5956.

GE DOUBLE OVEN works great. $15. (940)627-5657.

!!ATTENTION!! We suggest that our readers thoroughly investigate any advertiser before investing any money. CHRISTMAS PUPPIES Australian Shepherd Puppies, $150/each, parents on sight. Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix, $25/each. Call (940)389-0632 or (940)374-9933 after 6p.m. GORGEOUS PUPPIES Chocolate labs, green eyes, all shots given, $100/each. 5 males, 1 female. Call (940)210-2977, (940)374-3366. JACK RUSSELL puppies. Shots & wormed. $250/each. (940)433-8174; (979)204-7323, cell. OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGES pups & adults, $300-$800. Male AKC Chihuahua pup, $225. Pictures on website: Decatur, TX; (940)627-6212. Pekingese/Shih Tzu mix puppies. Born 11-21-08. $150/each. (940)399-8616.

Garage sales
!!ATTENTION!! Garage sale ads must be called in BEFORE 11a.m. Tuesday to run in the Thursday edition. If you want your garage sale ad in All Around Wise also, it MUST be called in before 11a.m. Friday THE WEEK BEFORE the sale. We do not run garage sales the weekend before the sale. Chico, FM 1810 towards Jacksboro, 8.5 miles to Grace Ranch Road, Fri. only, Jan. 16. Inside sale. Call for information, (940)567-3003. Runaway Way, 618 Half Moon Way, (exit 7, follow signs), Sat., Jan. 17, 9a.m.-5p.m. Inside estate sale, must empty house. Furniture, pictures, books, dishes, patio furniture, new & used golf clubs, large dining set (seats 8 w/side table). (940)393-1765.

2007 DODGE RAM 2500 (940)427-5644.

C BAR M TACK-FEED-HORSES 143 CR4396, Decatur, TX. Cash, checks, credit cards., (817)929-3612. LLAMAS weanlings (6-months-old), adults, bred females, guardians & pet quality. We provide training & support for new owners. (940)433-5897. MIX 30 liquid feed. 16% protein, 10% veg fat. $265/ton, $1.23/gallon, delivered. Servicing Wise, North Texas. (817)233-3779.

Downs start at $688 +TTL

Livestock lost and found
REWARD For information leading to recovery of stolen cattle from Bellevue area of Clay County. Contact: Ken Miniard, (940)378-2600; Clay County Sheriff, (940)538-5611; Montague County Sheriff, (940)894-2871; or Jake Klein, (940)733-7086.

Pets lost and found
$100 Reward, lost Pointer. Last seen in Chico, Dec. 5, 2008. She is White and Tan. (940)644-5625 (No questions asked.)

FIREWOOD FOR SALE Delivery available for additional charge. Wise County, (806)252-7020. FIREWOOD FOR SALE Split oak firewood. Delivery available. (940)433-2678. FIREWOOD for sale. (940)389-3413. OAK FIREWOOD for sale. Call for details. (940)748-2138.

re Buy Hee r Pay He

1993 FORD F350 4-door, heat, a/c, toolbox, gas engine. Runs great. $3,000. Call (940)626-9520 or see at 313 S. Hovey St., Chico. 1995 FORD F250 Flatbed, 7.3, 5-speed. $3,000. (817)614-6730

Pump Sales & Service Complete Water Well Drilling & Repair Storage Tanks & Boosting Equipment & Installation Residential, Municipal & Commercial Office: 940-627-3059 Emergency Service Available PO Box 1504 Cell: 940-393-3964
Fax: 940-626-4996
Lic. #2774AI

A&V Water

John & Mary Haynie

Decatur, TX 76234

WHEELCHAIR LIFTS Ramps, repairs and scooter rentals. New & used portable scooters. Call Matt Sadberry, MedCare Solutions. (940)575-9261.

I BUY TRAILERS Horse, livestock, flatbed & utility trailers. Call (940)224-1470 or (940)644-5956.

The months of January and February are the time to apply pre-emergent herbicides.

Saturday, Jan. 17 • 6 p.m.
1 mile east of Boyd on Hwy. 114 or 4 miles west of Rhome on Hwy. 114


Stop stickers & broad leaf weeds Stop stickers & broadleafed weeds by applying pre-emergents on your lawn NOW!
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Consignments Welcome, Estate Specialist. Antiques, Furniture, Glassware, Collectibles, Jewelry, Tools.

Open 11 a.m. 10% BP. Good Food, Climate Controlled.

Charles Connour, License #7216 Pictures on web • 214-755-4785

PinkThemed... • Organizers • Calendars • Pens & Pencils • Staplers & MORE!
115 S. Trinity • Decatur 940-627-5987 • FAX 940-627-1004

Wise/Chem Safe Pest Control & Lawn Care Your Professional Lawn Care Company

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Sell it quick in the classifieds!
Call 940-627-5987 to find out just how well Classified Ads work!

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FREE Lawn Fertilization
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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009


By CLAIRE CURRY It’s a cardinal time of year. Cardinals are everywhere outside: in the woods, in the brush and in our yards. Plus, they are a popular bird on greeting cards this time of year. There’s nothing like a bright red cardinal on a snowy landscape. Only the adult male cardinal is bright red. There is a black area around the brown eyes and large, bright orange beak. Females have the same crest and massive seed-cracking beak, but are colored in modest but lovely shades of brown with red accents on the wings and tail. In summer and early fall you will also see juvenile cardinals begging from their parents. They have the same brown coloration as females, but have dark gray beaks that gradually turn orange. If you see a bald cardinal, don’t be alarmed. In late summer this happens quite a bit. It is not known for sure why this happens, but it mostly likely that they just molted all their head feathers at once. It is also possible that they have an infestation of mites and this is their way of getting rid of them from their hard-toscratch head feathers. This can happen to other birds too, such as grackles or jays. Another funny thing that cardinals do is attack their reflection in windows and car mirrors. Both males and females will attack what looks to them like an intruder on their territory. They never seem to figure out that the bird in the mirror never quits. You can try covering up the reflection or scaring them away, but usually they just keep coming back. Eventually they lose the urge to fight their untir-


amount of black around the beak and shape are slight. Songs also vary by region. I have noticed this even in other parts of Texas; their cardinals have an accent! A closely related bird in the same genus (Cardinalis), the Pyrrhuloxia, lives in desert and arid habitats in the southwestern United States. It has similar vocalizations, but where their ranges overlap, cardinals prefer less arid habitats. Both male and female Pyrrhuloxias are similar to female and juvenile cardinals, but have a more parrot-like, rounded yellow beak, and they lack the black around the beak. This species does not occur in our area, but you might see them in south and west Texas, southern New Mexico, southern Arizona or Mexico. So, keep your eyes peeled for cardinals, whether bald or fully-feathered, in Texas or elsewhere. You are sure to see many of these beauties this winter and through the coming year. May your New Year be filled with cardinals and our many other wonders of nature! ■ The next monthly field trips on the Lyndon B. Johnson National Grasslands will be Jan. 7, 2009, and Feb. 4, 2009. We will depart at 9 a.m. from the Forest Service District Office in Decatur. For more information, contact Mary Curry (see below) or the Forest Service District Office, (940) 627-5475. ■ Claire and Mary Curry are nature enthusiasts based in Greenwood. If you would like to contact them, please email them at larksparrow@, or call them at (940) 466-3299.

Here today... GONE tomorrow.
Wise County Messenger Classifieds •


• • • • • • Criminal Law Family Law Personal Injury & Accidents Civil Litigation Oil & Gas Law On the Job Injuries

802 W. Bus. Hwy 380
(Between Dairy Queen and Taco Bell)

Decatur, TX 76234

“We’ll Fight For Your Rights”
28 Years Experience - State Bar of Texas Member


Concealed Handgun Classes
Class Begins January 25

NORTHERN CARDINAL ing rivals. A pair of cardinals can have up to four successful broods per season. Sometimes the pair stays together through the winter, while others pair up in winter flocks. Some may keep the same mate over the whole season or find a new partner between nesting attempts. You may have seen the cardinals’ cute courtship display. The male cracks a seed and then feeds it to the female of his choice. Once the birds are paired, they build a nest of twigs, leaves, and grasses. The female incubates up to five speckled eggs for less than two weeks. Both parents feed the young for one or two weeks before fledging and then for several weeks after fledging. The male brings food to the female during incubation and after the nestlings hatch. Apparently, parents with brighter colors are better providers for their young. Our cardinal is called the Northern Cardinal because it is the only cardinal species in the northern hemisphere. In southern hemisphere there are several more species, such as the Vermilion Cardinal. Cardinals are found over most of the eastern United States and Mexico and in the southwest. Out west you won’t find any cardinals. Cardinals have also been introduced into California, Hawaii, and Bermuda. There are many subspecies of the cardinal, but the differences in the shade of red,

All in-stock rifles & shotguns for the month of January

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1691 W. US Hwy. 380 • Bridgeport • 940-683-1777

Custom Wrought Iron Gates and Fencing

Gate Operators and Entry Systems Entrance Access Control for Ranch, Residential and Commercial Properties

w w w. s w i n g e r g a t e . c o m 12775 Bus. 287 N., Ft. Worth, TX 76179

Drive Green and Save Green at Saginaw Implement!
Alexandra Rodarte has been working as an English as a Second Language assistant in Decatur’s Carson Elementary for some time now, and she’s working just as hard now at the WC Education Center at Decatur, taking classes full time. “I want to become an elementary school bilingual teacher to help further educate the Hispanic community,” she said. “And everyone here at WC is so helpful. If they don’t know the answers, they find someone who can. That’s the kind of teacher I want to be.” Buena suerte y mucho éxito, Alexandra!

Employee Pricing on 5103 4WD Tractor with Loader as low as $332 a month!«

“Providing premier, preschool & school-age services for children 6 weeks – 12 years.”
3032E with Loader Camo Gator™ XUV 4x4

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The Early Learners make cornbread with Miss Beth when learning about pilgrims & Native Americans!

Grady reviews the “fruits of the spirit” while making his fruit kabob!

Come learn & grow with us as we discover WINTER’S WONDERS in January! For more information on our premier program & themed curriculum visit!

Rhett had a great time at our birthday party for Jesus!

940-627-8393 Decatur • 817-489-2318 Aurora



ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 15, 2009

OPEN AGAIN — Diamond Supermarket manager Mike Winters shows off the company’s grand opening circular in front of one of the store’s newly stocked coolers in preparaton for its grand reopening at 7 a.m. Wednesday. The Bridgeport store has been closed for repairs and upgrading since a fire broke out in the electrical/mechanical room in September causing smoke damage throughout the building. Winters, who began his career with Diamond 20 years ago said, “Everything is fresh and new. There’s not a corner in this store that has not been touched. I’m really proud of all our staff for their hard work getting the store clean and restocked. We’re very excited to be open and start serving our customers again.”
Messenger photo by Mark Jordan


Who should you trust with your OB/GYN care?
Decatur Women’s Health Center
offers a full range of obstetrical and gynecological care for women at every stage of life.

Smith graduates training school Garland graduates, is commissined
Joshua J. Garland graduated cum laude from Texas State University in San Marcos on Dec. 19. On Dec. 20, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant into the United States Marine Corps on the steps of the GARLAND Texas State Capitol. He will report for training in Quantico, Va., June 2. Garland is a 2004 graduate of Boyd High School. He is the son of Billy Garland of Boyd and Shannon Lyon-Ashford of Newark. He is the grandson of Bill and Mona Garland of Boyd and Ronald Lyon of Paradise and the greatgrandson of Willie Hatley of Boyd.

Johnny C. Smith graduated from U.S. Air Force Officers Training School as a second lieutenant in Montgomery, Ala., on Dec. 19. He and his wife, Carolyn, will be stationed at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. He will specialize in computer systems. He is the son of Jerry and Judy Bartlett of Decatur and the brother of Chris Noble and Laura Noble of Decatur and Rebecca Cortez of Carrollton.

Carvell graduates basic training
Army Pvt. Justin Carvell of Rusk graduated from basic combat training in October 2008 at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. He is the son of Robert Carvell of Rusk and Alice Lynch of Alvord. He is a 2007 graduate of Rusk High School.

(Left to Right) Melissa Bradley, Dr. Douglas Kyle, Kim Mote, Patricia Ruiz

“Friendly, professional and confidential.”
Your health and well-being as a woman are our concern. We offer a full range of obstetrical and gynecological care. Our emphasis is on making you feel comfortable, confident and reassured.

Call today to schedule your next appointment.

1713 S. FM 51 • Suite 201 • Decatur

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Hometown Handling Hometown Financing g
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DENTON 52/23 53/28

MCKINNEY 53/24 49/26


As of 7 a.m. Sunday (in feet) Lake Full Pool Elevation Change Possum King L. 1000 997.55 -0.07 L. Bridgeport 836 828.10 -0.03



DALLAS 54/31 52/31 KAUFMAN 52/30 51/30


As of 7 a.m. Sunday (in feet) River Flood stage Level Change West Fork of the Trinity Jacksboro 20 3.74 +0.01 near Boyd 16 6.08 none Big Sandy Creek Bridgeport 12 2.02 -0.12




WAXAHACHIE 54/32 52/32

HILLSBORO 56/29 55/31

ATHENS ATHENS 53/30 50/30

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Messenger photo by Joe Duty

HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION — Northwest High School midfielder Alberto Munoz (10) heads the ball downfield against Lewisville while teammate Gio Vazquez provides back up. Munoz helped limit the Farmers to one goal and Vazquez scored once to lead the Texans to a 2-1 victory.


Sat., January 17 at 10 a.m.
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