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Messenger photo by Joe Duty

PART OF HISTORY — A 1929 Ford 4-AT-E Tri-Motor airplane landed to refuel in Decatur Municipal Airport on Friday afternoon. The plane, piloted by Jimmy Leeward (bottom) and Dolphin Overton IV, was in route to Chandler, Ariz., from Goldsboro, N.C. The aircraft, previously owned by Overton’s father, was recently purchased at auction for $1.2 million and will be entering a private museum in Chandler. The aircraft averaged 70 mph on Friday during flight. The craft was shot at during the attack on Pearl Harbor and was used to drop smoke jumpers and supplies for firefighters in Montana during the 1960s.




ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 29, 2009

smaller size. You can remove individual leaves, but that really won’t help very much. They have a genetic predisposition to reach a certain size. If you trim them, you’re likely to ruin their form. The photo is of a female flower in the center of your plant. Male flowers are more cone-like. Do a web search for “sago palm flower” and you’ll see photos to verify it. It’s absolutely normal. Dear Neil: We have several long trenches, I suspect from the previous owner’s sprinkler system, that show up in our lawn every time that we mow. They’re not all that deep, but the mower’s wheels drop down into them. What is the best way to level them? If they’re only an inch or so deep, use dry sand to level them. Sprinkle it into the trenches from a shovel, but only after it’s hourglassdry. You may have to spread it out on the driveway to dry in the sun. Late April or May are the best times to do this, since the grass is starting to grow actively by then. Use a garden rake turned upside-down to smooth it into the trenches, then water the area lightly to wash it through the grass runners and onto the soil surface. Dear Neil: Two years ago we built an arbor and planted wisteria at one corner. It has grown all over the arbor, with some drooping to the ground. What is the rule of thumb for pruning? When should we do it? Wisterias should be pruned immediately after they finish blooming and before the new leaf and stem growth begins. Prune it as little as possible. Hopefully your arbor is well-made. Wisterias need 20 to 30 feet or more to run along their supports. Either enlarge your arbor, or transplant the wisteria to another, more spacious, location and replace it on Continued on page 3

Decatur Livestock MARKET 2473 North FM 51 Decatur, Texas Sunday Service 10:30 a.m. 903-227-7369

By NEIL SPERRY Dear Neil: We have a sago palm that has grown too large. Can they be pruned? If so, when and how? Also, what is this growth in the center of our plant? We have friends who have grown sagos for many years, and they say they’ve never seen it. There really isn’t any way to prune a sago palm to a

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 29, 2009


By TANYA DAVIS Wise Co. Extension Agent



A little over half of women know the leading cause of death for women is heart disease. Almost 500,000 women die from cardiovascular diseases, while 270,000 women die from all forms of cancer combined. Because so many studies are reported in the news – some with conflicting findings – about half of women report being confused about how to reduce their risks for heart disease. Experts at the National Institutes of Health agree, however, there are five essential things women can do to reduce their risks, even if they know heart disease runs in their family: 1. Do not smoke, and, if you do, quit. Keep trying even if you have tried many times. Ask your doctor about tobacco cessation medications. Use the counseling offered by the National Cancer Institute at 1-87744U-QUIT. 2. Aim for a healthy weight. 3. Become more physically active. Aim for 30 minutes on

all or almost all days each week. Walking is a great way to be active, whether walking indoors on a treadmill or outside. 4. Eat smart. Choose a diet low in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol, and moderate in total fats. 5. Know your blood pressure, total HDL and LDL cholesterol and blood glucose. Ask your doctor to do these tests and to inform you as to whether or not the numbers are within the recommended limits. Ask what you need to do if your numbers are outside the recommended range. Walking is such an important way to reduce cardiovascular risks for both women and men. Every year, Texas AgriLife Extension in Wise County offers an eight-week program called Walk Across Texas to help people get started and DAVIS establish the habit of physical activity. This program will be starting in early March. Watch this column for specific details. To find out more about Walk Across Texas, go to http:// walkacrosstexas.tamu.edu or call the Extension office at (940) 627-3341. Next week’s article includes information on Heart Smart eating.

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Continued from 2 the arbor with something smaller. It’s among our largest vines, and repeated annual pruning will be a chore as the plant gets older. Dear Neil: What can I use to eliminate ajuga that is invading my St. Augustine lawn without hurting the grass? Any broadleafed weedkiller spray, applied in the spring, while the ajuga is growing actively, will eliminate it without harming your St. Augustine. There may be a warning in its invasion, however. St. Augustine normally would crowd out the ajuga quite easily. If the area is heavily shaded, it may well be that the St. Augustine can’t grow and spread, in which case you might be better served by widening the bed from which the ajuga is escaping. Dear Neil: Can a fig tree be pruned? If so, how much and when? It’s 10 feet tall and 20 feet in diameter at its widest. Fruit specialists with Texas A&M encourage us to prune figs as little as possible. If you have one or two limbs that extend up and away from the plant’s canopy leaving it lopsided, you can trim them off flush with another branch or clear to the ground late in the winter. Severe pruning always reduces the following year’s fig crop. Dear Neil: Do houseplant corn plants bloom? After 20 years, mine put out a long, fragrant spray two weeks ago. They do bloom. The flowers aren’t especially pretty, but, as you mentioned, they’re overwhelmingly fragrant. Don’t be surprised if it blooms again in the future now that it has “come of age.” Dear Neil: Why do my “fiery” nandinas not have the bright red colors that the nursery tags show? Is there something I should be feeding them? Nandinas’ color depends on their vigor, the amount of sun they receive, and, of course, the variety. It is not a factor of nutrition, so long as you kept the plants properly fertilized during the spring and summer portions of their growing seasons. Avoid high-nitrogen lawn-type fertilizers on nandinas in late fall. Given bright light and good growing conditions, nandinas should turn various shades of burgundy, red, yellow and orange. Nana nandina turns the brightest red of them all, although it’s the weakest grower of the bunch. Iron deficiency can be a serious problem, resulting in yellowed leaves and loss of vigor. ! Have a question you’d like Neil to consider? Mail it to him in care of the Wise County Messenger, P.O. Box 149, Decatur, TX 76234 or e-mail him at

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Mon. - Fri., 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Closed Sat.

Ten Tax Tips about Identity Theft
1. If you receive a letter or notice from the IRS which leads you to believe someone may have fraudulently used your Social Security Number, respond immediately to the name and address or phone number printed on the IRS notice.

Fred H. Ray III,
EA*, ABA** 1414 Chico Hwy Bridgeport, TX 76426

Wise County


Tax & Bookkeeping

2. If you receive a letter from the IRS that indicates more than one tax return was filed for you, this may be a sign that your SSN was used fraudulently. 3. Another sign that you may be the target of identity theft is an IRS letter indicating you received wages from an employer unknown to you. 4. The IRS has a department which deals specifically with identity theft issues. The IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit is available if you have been in contact with the IRS about an identity theft issue and have not achieved a resolution. 5. You can contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit by calling the Identity Theft Hotline at 800-9084490 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm local time (Alaska and Hawaii follow Pacific Standard Time). 6. The IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit is also available if you believe your identity may be at risk of being stolen due to a lost or stolen purse or wallet or due to questionable activity on your credit card or your credit report. 7. The IRS never initiates communication with taxpayers about their tax account through emails. If you receive an e-mail or find a Web site you think is pretending to be the IRS, forward the email or Web site URL to the IRS at 8. The IRS has many more resources available to help inform taxpayers about identity theft on the IRS Web site at On you can access information on how to report scams and bogus IRS Web sites. You can also visit the IRS Identity Theft Resource Page, which you can find by typing Identity Theft Resource Page in the search box on the home page. 9. The Federal Trade Commission is also available to assist taxpayers with identity theft issues. You can reach them at 877-ID-THEFT (877-438-4338). 10. Visit for protection tips from the federal government and the technology industry.

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hubbard earns master’s degree Johson receives bachelor’s degree
Chelsea Nicole Johnson, 21, received a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from East Texas Baptist University on Dec. 13. She is the daughter of Ronald and Vickie Johnson of Decatur. She is a 2005 graduate of Decatur High School.

daughter of Donna and Clinton Tackel of Paradise. She is the granddaughter of Marguerite Caraway of Cisco and Faye Tackel of Paradise.

Misti Michelle Hubbard of Euless graduated with a master’s degree in kinesiology from Dallas Baptist University in December. Hubbard is the daughter of James and Liz Hubbard of Decatur.

Huling named to honor roll

Lemaster graduates

Hamby earns master’s degree
Whitnee BreAnn Hamby graduated from Texas Tech University with a master of business administration degree in general business Dec. 12. She received a bachelor of business degree in accounting from Texas Tech in 2007. Hamby was a member of Alpha LambHAMBY da Delta and Phi Eta Sigma national honor societies, the Accounting Leadership Council and was named to the dean’s honor list while attending Tech. She is a 2004 graduate of Paradise High School and the

Haley M. Lemaster graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station Dec. 12 with a bachelor’s in agricultural leadership and development. She is currently completing an internship in Austin. Lemaster is a 2004 graduate of DecaLEMASTER tur High School. She is the daughter of Tom and Dianna Lemaster and sister of Hunter Lemaster, all of Decatur. She is the granddaughter of Bob and Nelda Wadsworth of Decatur and Darrell and Mary Lemaster of Haltom City.

Austin Chase Huling, a 2006 Decatur High School graduate, was named to the Dean’s Honor Roll at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Okla., for the fall 2008 semester. Students who complete 12 or more hours with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher with no grade below a “C” are named to the list.

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 29, 2009


USDA grants available USDA announces deadline
The USDA’s Farm Service Agency in Wise County announced June 1 as the deadline for enrollment for all farms with base acres participating in the 2009 Direct and Counter-cyclical Payment programs. Those eligible for the program may sign up at or visit an USDA Service center to complete the DCP contract. The USDA computed DCP program payments using base acres and payment yields established for each farm. Eligible producers may request to receive advance direct payments based on 22 percent of the direct payment for each commodity associated with the farm. For more information, call the Wise County Farm Service Agency at (940) 627-2268.

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The USDA is accepting applications for grants through the Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) Grant Program to provide access to education, training and healthcare resources in rural areas. Funding for the program is subject to Congressional appropriations. Applications must be received by March 24. For details about eligibility rules and applications procedures, see the Dec. 24, 2008, Federal Register, page 79041. Materials including an application guide and full details about the program can also be obtained at or by calling (202) 720-0413.

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The family of
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Irene Willbanks
Susie Butler and Family Mike Willbanks and Family Danny Willbanks Rebecca Bowers and Family

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Buchanan, Sewell earn degrees

Justin Ray Buchanan and Sue Sewell, both of Decatur, graduated from Midwestern State University in December, 2008. Buchanan graduated with a bachelor of business administration degree. Sewell graduated with a master of science in nursing degree.

Of course every parent strives to feed his or her child the most nutritious foods available. If you haven’t tried sweet potatoes before, why not try them now? Sweet potatoes are naturally high in fiber and low in calories. They contain close to double the daily recommended allowance of vitamin A, which is good for healthy eyes and skin. A serving of sweet potatoes will give your child almost half the daily allowance of healthy vitamin C, which helps the body absorb iron. Interestingly, sweet potatoes also contain iron and calcium, which are respectively good for healthy blood, bones, and teeth. Because of the naturally occurring sugars, these root vegetables taste sweeter than many vegetables, making them more palatable to children. Proper diet is very important in a developing child. Come to LOVETTE PEDIATRICS, 2014 Ben Merritt Drive, Suite B, Decatur, (940) 627-8044. We offer a comprehensive array of health services to ensure healthy growth and development. Our highly trained and caring specialists will evaluate and treat your child based on her or his health needs. Healthy Futures Start Here. Our friendly staff will always go the extra mile to make our patient’s visit most comfortable. We are committed to the special needs of your children in both sickness and health. The body digests sweet potatoes slowly, leaving one satisfied longer.

would like to thank our many friends for all of your prayers and caring thoughts, visits, cards, memorials and food during her illness and passing. A special thank you to Alissa Sobieraj for the loving care for our mother and grandmother. To the wonderful ladies with Solaris Hospice for your kindness and support. Thank you to Dr. Kevin Peacock and Dr. Robert Worley for such a sweet service. To Marj, Kay and Bill for the special music. Words will never express our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bridgeport 56 Alvord 51 BHS standouts — Three players scored in double figures to lead the Bulls past the Bulldogs at the Era tournament. Dillon Lingo was the leader of the pack with 15 points, two more than Trent Schuett with 13. Skylar Stowe accounted for 10 points, while Tyler Gardner had six and Leonel Rios had five. Garrett Mullins pitched in three points, and Junior McLaughlin and Blake Thompson had two each. BHS coach’s comments: We still had too many turnovers, but we were able to knock down some shots to get the win. Dillon made eight of 10 free throws in the fourth quarter to get the win. Our press was also effective. Dillon hit a three-pointer to send it to overtime. BHS record: 6-8 Graham 51 Bridgeport 35 BHS standouts — Cameron King scored a game-high 10 points and Luke Plummer added 10 in the loss to the Steers. Blake Thompson and Leonel Rios added five points each, while Jacob Garcia and Trent Schuett had four each, Garrett Mullins had two and Tyler Gardner had one. BHS coach’s comments: We played better team defense in the second half. We did not play well early, but had a lot more hustle in the second half. We did not shoot the particularly well, and that hurt. BHS record: 5-8 Zundy 29 Bridgeport 23 BHS standouts — Blake Arrington scored a team-high nine points for the Bulls in the defensive battle. Jacob Kerr put in four points, one more than Dillon Waldrep and Omar Martinez with three each. Alex Kline and Colby Mahon pitched in two apiece. BHS coach’s comments: The Bulls played a good game, but Zundy was a little quicker and little more physical. We hung in there. We played great defensively all night. BHS records: 2-4, 1-2 Eighth grade Barwise A 31 Decatur A 25 DMS standouts — Taylor Rogers had the hot hand for the Eagles as he racked up a gamehigh 10 points. Mason Clinesmith put up six points and Tyler Story added five. DMS record: 4-8 Boyd A 25 Alvord A 50 AJHS standouts — Cason Baker scorched the Boyd defense and outscored the Yellowjackets by himself with a game-high 29 points. Mark Vaughn added six points, while Jordan Locklear and Luke Freeman had four each and Kayne Rive had three. Peaster A 49 Chico A 10 CMS standouts — Hunter York scored 10 points and Hunter Clarke added two for the Dragons. CMS coach’s comments: We hustled and played hard, but Peaster was just a very talented team. CMS record: 2-3 Decatur A 33 Kirby A 44 DMS standouts — The Eagles got 12 points from Nick Martin in another close defeat. Tyler Story chalked up nine points and Parker Slate added six. DHS record: 4-7 Bridgeport B 16 Marsh B 33 BMS standouts — After a scoreless first-half for the Bulls, Scott Trickel stepped up to lead Bridgeport with five points. Calvin Jones, Eddie Viveros, Shawn James, Brian Bowles and David Lagunas scored two points each, and Fabian Muniz had one. BMS coach’s comments: After a bad first half the Bulls came alive in the second with 16 points. We just ran out of time trying to close the lead. I was proud to see the team never quit. BMS records: 1-6, 0-3 Stripling B 30 Bridgeport B 31 BMS standouts — The Bulls got a game-high 12 points from Scott Trickel in the thrilling victory. Scott was amazing and he had two three-pointers and was also terrific on defense where he had several steals. BMS records: 1-5. 0-3 Zundy B 52 Bridgeport B 20 BMS standouts — The Bulls had another big night from Scott Trickel who put up a team-high 14 points. Tyler Rhine mixed in four points and Justin Cooper had two. Fabian Muniz, David Lagunas, Shawn James and Juan Rivera led the defense. BMS coach’s comments: We scored the first two baskets of the game, but Zundy used its height and speed to shut us down. We had trouble getting open shots anywhere close to the basket. BMS records: 1-7, 0-3 Decatur B 32 Kirby B 14 DMS standouts — Eric Gage scored nine points and Kevin Haferland added eight in the Eagle victory. Nathan Mitchell pitched in four points, while Christian Blaylock and Jansen Alker added three each. DMS record: 4-3 Barwise B 27 Decatur B 44 DMS standouts — The Eagles got a game-high 11 points from Nathan Mitchell and 10 via Ban Blattner in another victory. Eric Gage tacked on six points, while Seth Beavers had five, and Christian Blaylock, Eric Elder and Michael Smyers had two each. DMS record: 5-3 Seventh grade Brock A 55 Chico A 2 CMS standouts — Ivan Segura scored the only basket for the Dragons. CMS coach’s comments: The boys gave a strong effort. They tried hard but in the end they were behind on points. CMS record: 0-6 Boyd A 22 Alvord A 28 AJHS standouts —Chris Steele scored a game-high 12 points to lead the Bulldogs to victory over the Yellowjackets. Garland McCoy was next in scoring with eight points, while Jose Luna had four, and Lane Peace and Jordan Sherwood had two each. Millsap A 51 Paradise A 32 PJHS standouts — Blake Bryant was the offensive leader for the Panthers with 12 points. Corbin Holt pit up another seven points and Jarrett Holt had six. Jacksboro A 47 Chico A 20 CMS standouts — Ivan Segura racked up a district-high 16 points in the Dragons loss. Mauricio Deleo and Julio Rocha pitched in two points each. CMS coach’s comments: It was a good defensive effort from all the boys. Zundy A 32 Bridgeport A 19 BMS standouts — The Bulls got a team-high 10 points from Alex Samples and eight more

Boys Junior varsity Bridgeport 32 Hirschi 65 BHS standouts — Dillon Lingo scored 11 points, and Matt Minix and Skylar Stowe added six each for the Bulls. Drew Miles pitched in four points, while Taylor Story had three and C.J. Rhine had two each. BHS coach’s comments: We played well for three quarters. Hirschi’s defense forced us to do a lot of things we did not want to do. We need to play hard for four quarters to be successful. BHS records: 3-8, 0-1

from Dalton Hudson. Derrick Stanford was tough inside the paint where he had six rebounds, two more than Zach Carsten with four. BMS coach’s comments: The team started out really slow and never recovered. BMS record: 0-6

Decatur A 28 Kirby A 68 DMS standouts — Greyson Muelstein scored a team-best 10 points to lead the Eagles. Austin Poole and Joel Forbis tacked on four points each. DMS record: 4-7 Peaster A Paradise A 42 20

Graham 69 Bridgeport 31 BHS standouts — Nine points from Drew Miles and eight via Skylar Stowe were not enough to save the team against Graham. Also scoring were Dillon Lingo and Matt Minix with seven points each, Taylor Story and Brady Boyd with four each and Rodney Johnson had two. BHS coach’s comments: Graham is a very good team. They exposed our weaknesses and used them to their advantage. Not turning the ball over and rebounding are very important against good teams like them.

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802 W. Bus. Hwy 380
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Cisco 28 Bridgeport 52 BHS standouts — Drew Miles lit up the Lobo defense with a game-high 18 points. Dillon Lingo was next in scoring with nine points, followed by Skylar Stowe and C.J. Rhine with six each. Also scoring were Rodney Johnson and Mat Minix with four points each, and Taylor Story and Mac Whitcomb with two each. BHS coach’s comments: This was our best effort of the season. We are learning what effort it is going to take every time we play.

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Freshmen Decatur 44 Gainesville 22 DHS standouts — Austin Lamirand scored a team-high 14 points and Caleb Hogan added eight in the Eagle victory. DHS coach’s comments: We came out slow to start the game but held Gainesville to nine points in the second half.

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 29, 2009


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Panther standouts — Jarrett Holt was the leader of the pack with eight points. Tanner Valentine put up five points, while Taylor Edwards had four and Corbin Holt had two. Barwise A 20 Decatur A 60 DMS standouts — An 18-point effort from Greyson Muelstein was more than enough to run away with the victory. Austin Givens accumulated 13 points, while Phillip Walker added 10, Tyler White had seven and Leroy Lomas had six. DMS record: 5-7 Millsap B 22 Paradise B 4 PJHS standouts — Chance Dial scored the only points for the Panthers as he finished with four. Hirschi A 34 BHS standouts — Macey Bishop led the balanced scoring attack with seven points. KaShaley Johnson tallied six points, while Katie Cook had five, Madison Keller, Audra Hart, Taylor Henson and Karley Bunker had four each, and Lindsay Walker and Kaleisha Haynes had two each. Cook also finished with five rebounds, one more than Haynes with four. Johnson led the defense with five steal and Bishop had three. BHS coach’s comments: The girls did a great job of adjusting to not having two started in the lineup. The players stepped up and did their jobs to pull out the win. Chico 16 Brock 92 CHS standouts — Molli Umpress scored a team-high for the Lady Dragons, while Lachelle Gregg added six points and four rebounds. Tabitha Moses pitched in two points. CHS coach’s comments: The girls worked hard. They never gave up. CHS records: 2-10, 0-6 Vernon 22 Decatur 35 DHS standouts — Macie Dane scored a team-high 13 points to carry the Lady Eagles to victory. Brooke Fincher, Hanna Galloway, Lynzee Jordan and Rebecca Roose put up four points each, while Kaylea Halford had three, Katherine Williams had two and Jessica Dodd had one. DHS records: 13-5, 3-0 Vernon 34 Bridgeport 52 BHS standouts — The Sissies got 10 points each from Katie Cook and Emily Price to roll on to another victory. Madison Keller recorded eight points, while KaShaley Johnson and Taylor Henson had six each, Kaleisha Haynes had five, Karley Bunker had four and Audra Hart had two. Bunker also had a teamhigh four rebounds and Macy Bishop led the defense with seven steals. Johnson and Price also have five steals each. BMS coach’s comments: This was a solid win against a less talented team. BHS records: 16-2, 2-0 Jacksboro Chico 49 37 CHS standouts — Megan Green beat up the Tiger defense to the tune of 14 points for the Lady Dragons. Cameron Bowyer posted seven points of her own and Molli Umpress had six. Also scoring was Tabitha Moses with four points, and Brooke McCain and Lachelle Gregg with three each. Gregg also dominated the boards as she had 10 rebounds. CHS coach’s comments: I was very proud of how the girls played. We still have some areas that we need to improve, but we get better every game. CHS records: 2-9, 0-5 Burkburnett 28 Decatur 56 DHS standouts — The Lady Eagles got 15 points from Brooke Fincher and 10 courtesy of Kaylea Halford in a win over the Bulldogs. Hanna Galloway added nine points, while Macie Dane had seven, Lynzee Jordan and Katherine WIlliams had four each, Rebecca Roose had three, and Jessica Dodd and Z Ribeiro had two each. DHS records: 12-5, 2-0 Bridgeport 36 Iowa Park 35 BHS standouts — Macie Bishop collected nine points and Madison Keller had eight to lead the Sissies to a thrilling road win over the Hawks. Kaleisha Haynes chalked up six points, and Emily Price and KaShaley Johnson finished with four each. Katie Cook tacked on four points and Audra Hart had two. BhS coach’s comments: This was not a solid win, but it was a win. We have got to get better at taking care of the basketball and capitalizing on other teams’ mistakes. Going 12 of 28 form the free-throw line is not taking advantage. BHS records: 13-2, 1-0 Freshmen Vernon 36 Decatur 40 DHS standouts — Kortney Tompkins had the hot hand for the Lady Eagles with 15 points. Andrea Rivera also helped Decatur hold on for the close win with seven points, two more than Chandler Young and Joey Redwine with five each. Allie Hanlon pitched in four points, and Ciara Currin and Dori Hutchins had two each. DHS records: 15-2, 2-0 Vernon 28 Bridgeport 26 BHS standouts — The Sissies got eight points from Taylor Henson and six via Shelbi McDuffie and Hannah Logan in the tight contest. Shelbi Fry, Kayleigh Admire and Angelica Reyes posted two points each. Hannah Logan also had a team-high six rebounds, while Irene Amador led the defense with six steals. BHS records: 7-8, 0-2 Bridgeport 32 Iowa Park 38 BHS standouts — Hannah Logan hauled in 11 points, seven rebounds and four steals in the physical contest with the Hawks. Irene Amador had another big game as she finished with two points, six rebounds and six steals. Also scoring was Taylor Henson with six points and Shelbi Fry with five. Lindsey Walker, Shelbi McDuffie, Ann Turlington and Kayleigh Admire added two points each. BHS coach’s comments: We did a good job defensively in a full-court press defense, but we struggled to score when we would get the steal. BHS records: 7-7, 0-1 Eighth grade Bridgeport A 5 Zundy A 55 BMS standouts — Haley Denton scored three points, and Kara Demmitt and Mady Manoushagian had one each for the Sissies. BMS coach’s comments: Zundy is a very good team. They were more physical than we were, and very quick. My girls played hard the entire game, but were just not able to match up with the play of Zundy. We need to communicate better on the court as well. BMS records: 1-9, 0-6 Jacksboro A 26 Chico A 18 CMS standouts — Araliza scored 12 points and Charlotte McGuire added six to take care of the scoring for the Lady Dragons. Shaye Schirripa and McGuire were the defensive leaders with six steals each. Brittni Boling, Kodi Walker, Karli Selz and Galino also had steals. CMS coach’s comments: Once again the girls played an awesome game. They were fired up and played great defense. We struggled a little bit making our shots on offense. They are putting their heart into the game and they are doing a great job of representing the Lady Dragons. CMS records: 1-8. 0-7 Decatur A 34 Kirby A 32 DMS coach’s comments: The girls held the game in their favor the entire game but almost

let Kirby back into it when our shooting went flat. Kirby’s fast break earned them 10 points. However, our girls managed to hang on for the win with excellent rebounding and good free shots. Sierra Walker and Hailey Hix were very aggressive on the boards. Walker also added six

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Decatur B 29 Kirby B 32 DMS standouts — Twelve points from Cory Durdon was not quite enough to get past Kirby. Ethan Stallard put up eight points and Paul Walker added five. DMS record: 5-2 Barwise B 15 Decatur B 47 DMS standouts — Robert Wilson had the hot hand for the Eagles as he racked up 10 points. Dustin Short mixed in eight points, two more than Paul Walker, Dallin Billmire and Cory Durdon with six each. Nicholas Trachta and Ethan Stallard recorded six points each. DMS record: 6-2 Zundy B 32 Bridgeport B 6 BMS standouts — Daniel Garcia scored four points for the Bulls. Hunter Gantt had a teamhigh seven rebounds, two more than Williams DeForest with five. BMS coach’s comments: Though the results may not show it, the kids are playing better every game. They are listening and doing their best to get better in all areas of the game, and it is showing. BMS record: 0-6

Weatherford College is proud to announce the Fourth Annual Canis Latran Writing Contest. The Canis Latran Writing Contest will again be held in conjunction with the Books ‘n Authors ‘n All That Jazz event on April 25, 2009, at the Weatherford College Marjorie Black Alkek Fine Arts Building.

THREE CATEGORIES FOR SUBMISSION: 1. Poetry (up to 5 pages) 2. Short Fiction (up to 5,000 words) 3. Creative Non-Fiction (up to 5,000 words) PRIZES and AWARDS There will be one Judge’s Award in each category. $100 - Judge’s Awards $150 - to the winner of the Lori Wilde Fiction Award DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Postmarked/e-mailed by Monday, March 2, 2009, 5 p.m.

Junior varsity Bridgeport A 38

For further information or questions about submissions, please contact: Rae Wooten, Canis Latran Contest Coordinator Phone: (817) 598-6456 E-mail:


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06 CHEVY 1500





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*TAX, TITLE, LICENSE, EXTRA. With approved credit. All applicable incentives and dealer discounts apply. Prices do not include dealer adds. 09 Dodge Crewcab: MSRP: $37,100. 09 Dodge Charger: MSRP: $27,610. 09 Dodge Journey: MSRP: $25,295. 09 Jeep Wrangler: MSRP: $31,795. We make every effort to be certain all information is correct and apologize for any error.


ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 29, 2009



addition to gardens and landscapes, especially in the winter. Four-nerve Daisy may be used instead of liriope for borders; it gives more color with similar foliage. ■ Look for the NICE! Plant of the Season signs and information sheets on your next visit to a participating North Texas nursery. And thank you for supporting native plants by using them in your landscapes. ■ Becca Dickstein is a member of the Trinity Forks Chapter, Native Plant Society of Texas, which meets at 6:30 p.m. the fourth Thursday of January, February, March, April, May, September and October on the second floor of the ACT building on the Texas Womans University campus. Dr. Dickstein is also a member of UNT’s Biological Sciences faculty.


Area Churches

This winter, the NICE! (Natives Instead of Common Exotics!) program is highlighting Four-nerve Daisy, also know as Hymenoxys, Stemmy Four-nerve Daisy and Slender-stem Bitterweed. It is native to Texas and surrounding states and has been found as far north as Kansas. It is a short, upright perennial with a woody base that can reach one foot in height. The long narrow leaves of gray-green foliage form a clump from which the flower stems arise. When in full bloom, Four-nerve Daisy can appear covered with flowers; 1inch flower heads are found on each leafless stalk. The individual flowers are long lasting. Four-nerve Daisy’s bright-yellow flowers are mostly found from February through early summer,

William D. Fisher
Attorney at Law • Experienced oil, gas & pipeline lawyer • I ONLY represent landowners/ royalty owners • I DO NOT represent oil companies • Accepting new clients and referrals

FOUR-NERVE DAISY although Four-nerve Daisy has been known to show flowers almost every day of the year even in the northern part of the state. Four-nerve Daisy prefers full-sun or part-shade and must have good drainage, but will grow in almost any soil. Water new plants and once established they shouldn’t need supplemental water. Four-nerve Daisy is very drought tolerant. This is a great plant for use in borders or in rock gardens. Its extended bloom period makes it a welcome

777 Main St., Suite 600 Ft. Worth, TX 76102

Central Baptist Church
4793 FM 1810 • Chico

February 2 - 6

By GARY CLAYTON Wise Co. Extension Agent Over the past 20-30 years trials in Texas beef herds have demonstrated that treating nursing calves and the dams for internal parasites increases weaning weights. Most of the trials were conducted in spring calving herds in Central Texas. Various wormers were used including Dectomax, Safe-Guard and Ivomec and treatments were administered to calves and dams. Treated and unto decide whether treated pairs were to deworm nursing pastured together. calves. They will Treatments were be parasitized and usually given in they will benefit May, June or July from being treatwhen the average ed. weights of groups The bottom line of calves ranged is the relationfrom 200 to 350 ship of benefit to pounds. cost. The average Weaning weights CLAYTON benefit is the inof treated calves come from the 25 averaged 25 pounds over the untreated extra pounds of production and the cost is the sum of calves in the 12 trials. Researchers at Texas the expense of working the A&M agree that there is no cattle plus the wormer. Acneed to perform fecal counts cording to today’s prices, deworming should bring an additional profit of $17-20 per calf at weaning. Deworming nursing beef calves is highly profitable for Texas producers, but fewer than 10 percent currently use the practice. Deciding to deworm or not to deworm nursing calves is easy. Don’t worry about whether your neighbor’s calves are infected with gastrointestinal parasites. They are! Deworming will increase profits. The best approach is the Nike approach. Just do it!

Evangelist Joseph Sturtz
Monday - Friday • 7 p.m.
Central Baptist Church would like to invite all to come for a revival meeting this February. Let’s start off the new year with a new purpose to grow in our personal walk with the Lord. But grow in the grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever. Amen II Peter 3:18.


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By ADRIAN ARREDONDO Wise Co. Extension Agent A successful exhibitor must: 1. Observe all show rules and regulations governing the purchasing and showing of broilers and roasters. Many shows now allow the exhibition of both pullets and cockerels. 2. Purchase PullorumTyphoid clean meat strain chicks. 3. Use top-quality feeds. 4. Follow recommended management practices during the entire brooding and growing period. 5. Keep careful records of all expenses and receipts. 6. Cull birds closely and select the show entry properly. Broiler projects are popular with 4-H and FFA members and are an integral part of most youth livestock shows. Roaster projects (broilers 10 to 14 weeks of age) are also popular. Both projects are especially suitable for youngsters with limited space. Most shows limit the number of chicks ordered to 25 or 50 per exhibitor. When planning to start a project, contact the county Extension office, a 4-H leader or an agricultural science instructor. Birds not shown can be slaughtered for home use or sold locally to special markets. Housing Expensive housing and equipment are not necessary. However, a clean, dry


vide at least 2 square feet of floor space per broiler. Openings on three sides of the Continued on page 13


structure that can be well ventilated, a brooder or heat lamps to warm the chicks, and feeding and watering equipment are needed. Pro-

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In addition to preserving bones, research now shows that boosting vitamin D intake may reduce the risk of breast cancer. The study, which involved more than 1,700 women, showed that breast cancer risk declines steadily with increasing blood levels of vitamin D. The highest levels (in excess of 52 nanograms per milliliter) were associated with a 50 percent reduced risk of breast cancer compared with the lowest amount (12 ng/mL). To reach the higher level, women would have to take several times the recommended intake, which stands at 400 I.U. (International Units) of vitamin D per day for women between ages 50 and 70. Nutrition experts have begun to recommend that adults get 8001000 I.U. of vitamin D daily. WISE OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY P.A. strives to provide the highest quality health care to teens and women of all ages. From gynecologic care, pregnancy, osteoporosis screening, breast cancer education, to treatment for menopause, we will provide you with the most up-to-date care. To schedule an appointment call 940-626-8008. Our office is conveniently located at 1713 South FM 51, Ste. 201, Decatur. New patients are welcome. The tolerable upper limit of vitamin D supplementation remains at 2,000 I.U. daily.

(Left to Right) Melissa Bradley, Dr. Douglas Kyle, Kim Mote, Patricia Ruiz

Randy Bowker, Randy Bowker AAMS® CFP Financial Advisor Financial Advisor 1822 S. FM 51 1822 Hwy 51 South Decatur, 76234 Decatur, TX TX 76234 940-627-1620 940-627-1620


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Me m b er SIPC

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ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 29, 2009


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Peaster A 19 Chico A 8 CMS standouts — Cheyenne Davidson netted six points and Lauren Hart added two to led the offense. Hart also had six steals to pace the defense. Charlye Ann Biggerstaff, Corey Tate and Davidson also racked up steals. CMS coach’s comments: The girls did a good job defensively. Unfortunately, we could not get any good shots. CMS records: 5-3, 3-3 Bridgeport A 40 Alvord A 16 BMS standouts — Leah Guinn led the offense with eight points. The Sissies also got four points from Haley Guinn, and two each from Lacey Erwin and Taylor Emola. AJHS standouts — Not provided Pilot Point A 19 Decatur A 28 DMS standouts — The Lady Eagles got seven points and five rebounds from Katie Isham en route to the victory. Haley Dennard was sold as well with four points, six rebounds and five steals. Murphy Graham have the Birches plenty of problem too as she finished with six points, five steals and three rebounds. Also scoring was Lily Doubrava with four points, and Emily Baker, Madison Phariss and Tracie Hale with two each. DMS records: 6-1, 4-1 Sanger A 30 Decatur A 24 DMS standouts — The Indians had no answer for Haley Dennard as she chalked up eight points, seven rebounds and six steals in the close loss. Murphy Graham was tough once again as she tallied six points, four rebounds and four steals. Morgan Halford and Katie Isham finished with four points each, while Lil Doubrava had two. Traci Hale pitched in seven rounds, while Madison Phariss had four boards and three steals. Strickland A 16 Decatur A 30 DMS standouts — Traci Hale had a huge game as she torched Strickland for 10 points, four rebounds and four steals. Katie Isham finished with seven points, four rebounds, two steals and two blocked shots. Haley Dennard tacked on five points, four rebounds, three blocked shots and two steals. Madison Phariss posted four points and Murphy Graham had two. Bridgeport A 21 Zundy A 19 BMS standouts — The Sissies got 10 points from Haley Guinn to grab the Sissies’ first win. Leah Guinn added seven points and Alex Green had four. BMS records: 3-7, 1-5 Bridgeport B 37 Zundy B 9 BMS standouts — Reagan Hurd recorded a team-high 11 points to lead the Sissies to an easy win. Tamara Lippencott finished with eight points and Brytani Long had seven. Also scoring was Maegan McLaughlin with four points, Jules and Hannah Brown with two each, and Brittany Jones with one. BMS coach’s comments: Everyone on the team scored, and they all played outstanding. The passing, shooting and rebounding all clicked.


points. Karly Reaves was strong off the bench with seven points. Ashtyn Tally got things rolling with five points in the first half. Courtney Cantu added five points with multiple steals. Briana Compton and Paris Walther finished with four points each and Dawn Jensen added three. DMS record: 2-3

Bridgeport A 13 Alvord A 52 BMS standouts — The Sissies got a team-high 10 points from Kara Demmitt in the loss. Haley Denton added two points and Sabrina Garza had one. AJHS standouts — Not provided BMS coach’s comments: Poor defense and slow transition on our part led to easy baskets for a very good Alvord teams. BMS records: 1-7, 0-5

Bridgeport A 18 Paradise A 21 BMS standouts — Kara Demmitt scored five points and Annbra Johnson added four for the Sissies. Mady Manoushagian and Haley Denton posted three points each, while Leah Munroe had two and Jessica Mares had one. PJHS standouts — Not provided BMS coach’s comments: We played a better game against an equal opponent. We missed a lot of shots, but we were getting the open shot. The girls did a better job defensively as well. We still need to do a better job of running our offense.

Bridgeport B 4 Zundy B 41 BMS standouts — Nikki Mowery scored all six points for the Sissies. BMS coach’s comments: Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. This group of girls must learn to take care of the ball. The girls work hard, but nobody seems to want to keep the ball in our hands very long. We need to get stronger and more aggressive. BMS record: 0-6


Seventh grade Zundy A 12 Decatur A 39 DMS standouts — Murphy Graham had her way with the Zundy defense with a game-high 10 points, two more than Katie Isham with eight. Lily Doubrava netted seven points, while Haley Dennard, Traci Hale and Madison Phariss had four points each and Morgan Halford had two. Isham controlled the boards with a team-high nine rebounds, while Emily Smith led the defense with three steals. DMS coach’s comments: We were very slow getting started, but we started playing better in the second quarter. This was a good team effort. DMS records: 8-2, 6-1

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Jacksboro A 16 Chico A 15 CMS standouts — Lauren Hart led a spectacular effort by the Lady Dragons with seven points and four steals. Cheyenne Davidson and Corey Tate pitched in four points each. CHS coach’s comments: The girls hustled great on defense. This was a very close game that came down to a made shot by Jacksboro in the last seconds of the game. I was pleased with my girls’ effort tonight. CMS records: 5-4, 3-4

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10-15 WOODED ACRES CR2644, Greenwood area, county road frontage on 2 sides. Boliver water available. (940)389-0582. 15 ACRES on CR4380 between Boyd/Decatur. Fenced, coastal hay. (940)389-2945, (940)389-0530. 31.5 ACRES 3 miles SW of Runaway Bay. Large oak trees, wildlife. (940)748-2772. PARADISE, CR 3451 10 acres, restricted tracts, wooded. Call Nolan, (940)393-1020; or Debbie, (817)925-9208. WOODED 18.82 ACRES south of Bridgeport, $78,000. Please visit: for photos, information and additional properties. SunWest REALTORS, (469)995-9995, 3-BEDROOM, 1-BATH den. 1504 Wooten, Bridgeport. $79,000. (940)389-6787.


NEW BRICK 5 miles SE Decatur, 4/2, 2,062 square feet living on 2 acres. Granite counter tops; wood, tile & carpet. 30x40 garage/shop. Decatur schools. $188,900. (888)283-1919. NORTH RHOME, 2.4 ACRES Custom 3-bedroom, 3-bath, 2-living, 2-dining, safe room, 6” walls. Pool. 30x38’ insulated shop. Covered RV parking. $289,900. Realtor, (972)989-2716. RENT TO OWN $699, 3-bedroom. $729, 4-bedroom. Very EZ qualify. No first, no last. Call (940)627-8700. STOCKING STUFFER!! 4-bedroom, new build, acreage galore. $119/down, $711/month. Move by Christmas, get $5,000/cash. (940)627-8700.

WILLIAMS MOBILE HOME SERV. Best deal on moving, set up & trim outs. Bonded, licensed & insured. (940)433-3117.

Gainesville, 211 N. Weaver, small restaurant. Karl Klement Properties, contact Elaine, (940)627-6362.
“Timeless Elegance”



1/1, living, kitchen, garage apartment. Newly renovated. Kitchen appliances included. Immediate availability. $475/month, $475/deposit, no pets. (940)627-4979.

Condos, town homes
3/2 CONDO For sale or lease in Runaway Bay. Private pool, access to lake. No pets. $68,000 or $750/month. (940)210-9625. 351 EMMA CALL Decatur, 3/2/2, 1,700+ square foot with spa. Excellent condition. Cannon Property Management, (940)393-5317. LAKE FRONT CONDO Great view, pool, balcony, 2/2. No pets, no smoking. $800/month. (817)988-3530. Nice Decatur townhome, 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath, 2-car garage, for lease starting in March, lawn maintenance included. $1,450/month. (940)399-9721.

Are Important To You, Let Us Build Your Next Home.


405 W. Oak, 3/2/2 $995/month, $800/deposit 200 Cyndilu Lane, 3/2/2 $1,600/month, $800/deposit 1505 N. Bus 287 New 2/1, great for roommates. $925/mo., $800/deposit
All homes include lawn care.

BRIDGEWOOD Executive Suites
Bridgeport, TX

Mobile Homes
Barry Stone 940-393-8740 Charlie Plumlee 214-803-2784

1, 2 & 3
Bedroom Apartments

3-bedroom, 2-bath trailer house, nicer Chico neighborhood, $475/month, $200/deposit. Nice residential studio in Chico, water included, $300/month, $200/deposit. No pets. (940)210-9158, (214)926-2613. 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 7 Wires, Decatur. 20 acres, large shop, barn, arena, turn-outs. For sale/rent, $2,000/month, 1st/last, 1-year lease. (940)627-5197, (940)389-7309. 609 W. Shoemaker, Decatur; 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car garage. $1,100/month. (940)627-9981.

4 ACRES with 1 double wide & 1 single wide. Lots of extras. South of Boyd. $150,000. (940)433-8234. BRING THE KIDS! Large 3 & 4-bedroom starter homes on 1+ acres. Homes have new carpet, appliances & fenced yards! Small down, no credit needed, and owner assisted finance. (817)501-8483. OWNER FINANCE We have two cute 2/2’s in Newark mobile home park. Oversized country setting lot. Newly renovated & carpeted. One has fenced dog run. All under $500/month. (682)286-0693, agent #036227. RBMOBILEHOMES.COM Move, set-ups, re-levels. In & out of state. Licensed, bonded, insured. Repos. Free estimates. (940)683-5547. RBI #36191.

Business Property
For sale or lease, 46’x63’ building on 0.090 acre in Rhome, TX. Call (940)389-2693.

Washer & dryer included
Garages available

**NOW IN BRIDGEPORT** Lovely & spacious duplexes, 3-bedroom, 2-bath. $850/month & up with $450/deposit. Vaulted ceilings, covered porch, appliances & washer/dryer connections. (817)270-HOME. 2-BEDROOM, 1-BATH duplex. 710 State St., Alvord. $600/month. Cannon Property Management, (940)368-1811. 2-BEDROOM, 2-BATH duplex. 1101 Turkey Creek, Bridgeport. $760/month. Cannon Property Management, (940)368-1811. 2-bedroom, 2-bath duplexes for rent. Decatur & Bridgeport. $725/month. Koby, (940)389-8506. 3-bedroom, 1-bath brick duplex. CH/A, storage building, utility room, washer/dryer/water included. 13 miles NE Decatur. $725/month. (940)466-9702. Duplex for rent, 3-bedroom, 2-bath. 602-B Crestridge Court, Decatur. $800/month. (940)964-2631. Exceptional duplexes, walk to pool/park in Bridgeport, vaulted ceitlings, washer/dryer connections. No pets. 2-bedroom, $750/month; 3-bedroom, $850/month. (940)433-2161.

Condos/town homes
1/1 CONDO at Runaway Bay. All appliances including washer/dryer. Downstairs, pool privileges. $35,000. (940)393-5558.

4/3/2 6.25 wooded acres. Pool/hot tub, RV shelter, pond, theater, storage shed. Bridgeport ISD. $245,000. Call (940)577-0977 for viewing. BIG HOUSE ON PRAIRIE 4-bedroom, 2-bath, media. Very EZ qualify!! $83/down, $697/month. Hurry, (940)627-8700. NEW CONSTRUCTION Alvord ISD, 3/2/2, kitchen with granite counter tops, Cultured marble bath, much more. Call Agent Cher, (817)874-6510. FANTASTIC VALUE Decatur area, 5/4.5/4, 3-living areas on 3.7 acres. 5,400 square feet living space. Call Agent Cher, (817)874-6510, FSBO 3/2/1 1,367 square feet, custom cabinets, ceramic tile & carpet, CH/A, built 2006. Bridgeport ISD. $125k. (940)577-1315. KOZY KOTTAGE New 3-bedroom, views, gingerbread like, custom kitchen! $99/down, $671/month. (940)627-8700. REINDEER PROPERTY Privacy galore, trees!! New custom 3-bedroom, acres. Perfect for holidays. $109/down, $581/month. (940)627-8700.

Business property
Commercial office space for lease, Decatur. 2,135 square feet. (940)389-5407. COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Office/retail space. 1,000-7,000 square feet for lease. (940)627-2510.

Mobile Homes
2-bedroom, 2-bath, CH/A, fireplace, ceiling fans, stove, washer/dryer connections, 14x80 mobile home in country. $625/month, $500/deposit. References required. (940)627-4441, (940)627-5714. 2003 Palm Harbor, 4-bedroom, 2-bath, with office. 2,300 square feet on 2 fenced acres. No Pets, OK w/deposit. $1,200/month. 1st and last due @ signing. Please call Jim, (940)399-8966. 3/2 double wide, carport, all appliances. Bridgeport ISD. Available Feb. 1. $875/month, $875/deposit. No inside pets, no smoking. (817)996-8508. 4-BEDROOM, 3-BATH manufactured home on 27 acres, fenced 16x20 storage building. 15 miles north of Decatur, off FM 51. $1,200/month. (817)988-7124.

**FOR SALE BY OWNER** HUGE LAKEFRONT HOME 4,900 square foot, lovely custom brick home on 1.5 acres. 5-bedroom, 4-bath, large kitchen with island, custom cabinets, tile floors, office, large workshop & garage. Must see to believe! $425,000. (817)270-4660. 2,100 SQUARE FOOT, 2-STORY log house, 4-bedroom, 2-bath. All electric, water well, on 20 acres, great school district. $260,000. (469)442-5492. 279 PRAIRIE VIEW, DECATUR New home on 1+ acre. 2-story, 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car, bonus room, lots of stained wood. $179,900. (817)360-3627.

All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1-800-669-9777. The toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is EQUAL HOUSING 1-800-927-9275. OPPORTUNITY

Properties Decatur, TX



Brick, total electric, tile & wood flooring ceiling fans in all rooms, 5 phone lines in each room, pre-wired for cable or Dish. Fenced yard, fully landscaped. Decatur city limits - Decatur ISD. PETS WELCOME! We would love for you to LIVE in one of our homes!

CHICO - Very well kept, one owner home. 3 lots totaling 1 acre. 4 bedroom, 1.5 bath. Call Sandra.

**NOW IN RUNAWAY BAY** Beautiful new home for rent. 3-bedroom, 2-bath, w/privacy fence. $1,000/month, $500/deposit. Huge master suite, vaulted ceilings, large covered porch, all appliances & washer/dryer connections. (817)270-4660. 2-BEDROOM, 1-BATH 1660 Old Denton Highway, Decatur. $635/month. Cannon Property Management, (940)368-1811. 2-bedroom, 1-bath. No pets, 1-year lease. 201 S. Trinity, Decatur. Call after noon, (940)575-4556. 2/1, family room, large living/dining. Water, sewer paid. 1502 Halsell, Bridgeport. No pets, no smoking. $675/month, $500/deposit. (940)644-2545. 2/2/1 carport, updated. No Pets, no smoking. $700/month. 504 S. Church, Decatur. (972)983-4333 210 CLEAR FORK TRAIL Rhome, 2,300 square foot 4-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car garage. Excellent condition. $1,690/month. Cannon Property Management, (940)368-1811. 3/2 brick home in Boyd on 2 acres, newly remodeled. $1,200/month. (817)395-2321, (817)395-3001.

Roommate wanted
Roommate wanted. Nice 4-bedroom house in Shale Creek Division off Highway 114 (Rhome). (303)931-4245.

P.O. Box 469 • Chico, TX 76431 940-644-2807 Office • 940-210-3627 Mobile

Spaces & lots
SUNSET RV PARK Centrally located between Decatur, Bridgeport, Bowie on Highway 287. Full hook-ups, free laundry, free wireless internet. (940)845-2007.

Short term leases available upon request
$1,200 - $1,300/month • $1,300/deposit

Please call 817-247-0246

*Christopher Grace Custom Homes is offering 4.5% FIXED Interest Rates on these homes until February 28, 2009.
HIGH MESA ESTATES – From the $170’s – 1.5 Acre Lots/Decatur ISD COPPERFIELD ESTATES – From the $230’s – 2+ Acre Lots/Bridgeport ISD, Horses Allowed. CASTLEBURY ESTATES – From the $140’s – ¼ Acre Lots/Bridgeport ISD CIMMARRON BAY – From the $260’s – Acreage with Lakefront and Golf Course view/Bridgeport ISD OUR FEATURED SUBDIVISION OF THE MONTH IS CASTLEBURY ESTATES FROM THE $140’S! Castlebury Estates is a Gorgeous Subdivision situated two miles from Lake Bridgeport in Runaway Bay/Bridgeport ISD and HAS NO CITY TAXES! Take 380/114 into Runaway Bay. South on JO Castleberry (CR 3701) .25 miles on the left is Castlebury Estates. 1 mile from the golf course and 2 miles from the lake! We are building beautiful homes and are currently building on Golf Course Lots, Lake Lots and Acreage in Decatur, Bridgeport and Runaway Bay!

Wanted to lease
Looking for a deer lease, 200-300acres in Jack/Wise County area for a family of 5. Please call (940)389-3394. TOP DOLLAR PAID for lease land for grazing or hay production. (940)902-9916.

We still offer Financing even with bumps and bruises on your credit!! Want to Build, We can Lock your Rate at today’s LOW rate while we build for you! If the rates go down in the process you get The Lower Rate.


¼ Acre Lot with a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Very Open Floor Plan, Huge Kitchen with Island, Stone Fireplace, Jacuzzi Tub, Large Covered Patio, Huge Family Room, Full Sod, 6’ Stained Privacy Fence and Sprinkler System!! Only $1,199 monthly Ready for move in.


¼ Acre Lot with a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Beautiful Front Porch, Extended Covered Patio, Large Kitchen with Island, Jacuzzi Tub, Sante Fe Doors, Full Sod, 6’ Stained Privacy Fence and Sprinkler System. Upgrades Galore! Only $1,299 monthly Ready for move in.

1/3 Acre Lot with a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath with a Study and Large Dining Room, Front Porch, Covered Patio, Butlers Pantry, Full of Custom Cabinets, Stone Fireplace and Jacuzzi Tub, Full Sod, 6’ Stained Privacy Fence, Sprinkler System and MUCH MORE!! Only $1,399 monthly Ready for move in.

Insurance Verifier & Billing And Medical Assistant
Growing/busy Pediatric Office
looking for 2 persons. Must have 2 years Medical office experience. Bi-lingual a plus. Fax resume to Judy at 940-627-8055.

For Information Please Call Juston Wenham 817-733-3444
*4.5 % Fixed Interest rate is for approved buyers through Christopher Grace Custom Homes preferred mortgage company. Must meet qualification requirements.

ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 29, 2009


Business opportunity
Established resale business for sale. Priced to sell. Call now! (817)991-4976. Work while your kids are in school. Come to work after they go to school. Be off before they get home from school. Evening & weekend shifts also available. All positions. Apply 9a.m.-6p.m., Mon.-Sat. Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes, 210 W. Main, Decatur. EOE.

Diamond W Truckstop and Dry Creek Store in Bridgeport, full-time cashiers needed. Apply in person. Serious applicants only. NO DRUGS! STONE WORK & CONCRETE Retaining walls, patios, rock entries, houses, landscaping. Small brick jobs. Decatur references. 20 years experience. Major credit cards accepted. (817)919-4487.

Trinity Care Center

Robbins Isshinryu

Now Hiring
Contact Jessica Reid, Administrator
Please come by Trinity Care Center to complete an application.

Employment information Medical/Dental
!!ATTENTION!! Advertising under this classification is normally not a bona fide opportunity. Typically, companies advertising here offer information about potential employment. Some are selling this information. We suggest that our readers thoroughly investigate these advertisers before investing any money.


Apply in person at 2108 15th St. Bridgeport, TX 940-683-5023

JM Materials, the rock company that cares about you. Your experience is our gain and your opportunity. Home nights, 26% based on experience. Insurance available, multiple bonus programs, holiday pay, vacation and sick pay. Must have good MVR, minimum 23-years-old and have a Class A CDL. Call for details and appointment, (940)427-2033. LPG TRANSPORTER NEEDED Hauling LPG gases to and from refineries in Texas & Oklahoma. HazMat and tanker endorsements a must. Benefits paid. Must have 2-years verifiable experience. Contact Mike Lipham @ (940)626-4895, office; or (940)255-0957, cell. Printing press operator (no film work). Single color Ryobi (polyester plates) and/or Heidelberg Windmill (or Kluge) operator. Die cutting only. Part-time or full-time. Call Jack Hunt, (817)489-5249.

IRS E File Provider

Traditional Okinawan Karate Okinawan Weapons Self-Defense
916 CR 4679, Boyd, TX 76023

Gail’s Pharmacy
has an opening for a

Direct Deposit Available
403 E Sherman St., Chico.
(Inside Austin Realty Group)

Clay Robbins


Food service
Cashier needed in donut store, Fri., Sat. & Sun. Call (214)960-7089 anytime.

Certified Pharmacy Technician
Apply in person Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. 810 W.W. Ray Circle, Bridgeport
Home health agency seeks responsible caring adults to help with daily living tasks. Wise County openings. Please contact Betty, 1(800)866-6705.

LOCAL CLEANING SERVICE Commercial, residential. Make ready, 1-time or repeat. We clean what others miss. Penny Wise Cleaning Service, (940)210-5450.

Tommy Shackelford
Driveway Construction * Gravel Drives * Culverts * Parking Areas * Roads Installed or Resurfaced Best Quality Workmanship


Bored with your job?
Wise County Messenger Classifieds

Radiology Department Director
Full time, excellent benefits and salary New 52 bed Acute Care Hospital
Tom Harrison Human Resources 1905 Doctors’ Hospital Drive Bridgeport, TX 76426 940-683-0327 940-683-0485 Fax
Certified Pharmacy Technician at Gail’s Pharmacy. Apply in person, 810 WW Ray Circle, Bridgeport.

A ordable Pricing 940-482-6578

Let me fix it
A+ HANDYMAN SERVICE General home repair/maintenance, auto tune-ups, lawnmower/tiller tune-ups. Fence, sprinkler maintenance/repair. 30+ years experience. Dependable, trustworthy. Call Karl, (817)995-7960, (940)627-1115.

Work wanted
Retired couple looking for security work. Non-drinkers, references available. Your equipment or ours. 1 day to 1 year. Job site, yard and gate security. Tom, (817)489-1836, (817)550-7715; Ed, (817)550-7716.

Williams’ Hauling & Tractor Works
• Brushhog & Finish Mowing • Blading, Plowing & Tilling • Backhoe work, driveways • Dirt, sand & gravel hauling • Land Clearing • All types cleanup & haul-offs • Quality work, fair pricing

Physical Therapist
We have an immediate opening in our “patient care centered” Acute Rehabilitation Unit. We offer a competitive compensation & benefits package including $1,000 paid continuing education per year & APTA/TPTA Membership dues & licensure renewal for full-time employees. Contact Colleen Walker at 940-626-1308.

• Childcare • Adult/Elderly Care • Business • Housecleaning • Let Me Fix It • Miscellaneous • Tutoring

Up to $7,500 Sign-On Bonus! 2000 S. FM 51 • Decatur, TX 76234 - A not for profit hospital - EOE - Job Line: 940-626-2525

Environmental field technician. Air testing, work outdoors, travel. Degree preferred, but not required. Send resume to 1748 Hlavek Road, Decatur, TX 76234; or email Experienced heating & AC installer. Full-time position w/benefits. Call or come by Mann Refrigeration, 701 Cates, Bridgeport; (940)683-6266. Glamourcraft School Photography needs part-time seasonal school helpers for morning hours. Apply 9a.m.-2p.m., 740 SW Loop 820, Suite 100, Fort Worth, 76115; (817)923-9901. Live-in shop help/security needed for construction company. Background check and references required. Please apply in person at 101 CR4717 South, Rhome, Texas. Location Decatur, office work. Order processing and fulfillment. Basic computer knowledge. Also looking for maintenance helper. Supplemental health care plan. Paid vacation, sick time. Competitive salary. Send resume to, P.O. BOX 855, Rhome, TX, 76078. Now taking applications for housekeepers and some front desk help. Weekends required. Apply in person, Sunset Inn, Highway 287, Decatur.


DAN PROCTOR CUSTOM HOMES Room additions, kitchen/bath remodels, bonus room finish work. 35-years experience. (817)881-9023.

James Williams 940-399-9138


Childcare in my Newark home. Hot meals & snacks provided. Call (817)489-2779.

FIREFIGHTER RESIDENTIAL Services. Trim carpentry, home repairs & real estate make ready. (940)366-9376.

Farm Equipment

• Farm Equipment • Fencing • Lawn & Garden • Livestock • Livestock Care/Training • Livestock Lost & Found • Livestock Stud Service • Livestock Supplies • Miscellaneous • Mowing • Pasture & Feed • Poultry

• RN - CCU * ICU * ER
Med/Surg * Behavioral Inpt Rehab * BHS Nurse Mgr Surgery & Cath Lab (pt)

• Social Worker/Case Manager
• Web Manager Design & administer

• Cooks
Part Time/PRN


MIKE’S RV SERVICE Service calls, insurance work, full repairs, power washing, detailing. Also work on horse & enclosed trailers. Michael, (940)399-7565.

• Nurse Practitioner/PA - Family Certifred • LVN - Dialysis * Med/Surg • Therapy Services: OT * PT * PTA
PT Coordinator

• Clinical Therapist • Security • Xray Tech • C.N.A., PCA, Mental Health Techs

165 Massey Ferguson tractor, diesel with front-end loader. $5,500. (940)389-5997, Marvin. 2000 New Holland tractor, TC 33D. Front-end loader, 5’ brush hog mower, disc, 33 HP, 4WD, mid PTO, 3-point hook up, low hours, hydrostat transmission. (817)614-3205 Massey 481 Cab 2WD w/loader, very nice, $24,500. CaseIH Maxxum 1152WD cab tractor, reduced, $41000. New Holland LS190 skid steer, $18,900. (940)627-5451. OCEAN FREIGHT CONTAINERS New & used. Water tight & rodent proof. Larry Singley, (817)992-9122. PULL-BEHIND for lawn mower or 4-wheeler. Only used 1 time. $800. (940)433-8234. STORAGE CONTAINERS Great storage! The best containers at the best value. (817)726-7669.


2000 S. FM 51 • Decatur, TX. 76234 - A not for profit hospital - EOE - Job Line: 940-626-2525 Up to $7,000 RN Bonus

Phone Service
Sign up & pay monthly payments at Rick’s
Authorized Dealer

RAY & KENNY’S HANDYMAN Service. Specializing: all types home repairs, custom cabinets & counter tops, custom furniture. (940)799-1146, (817)915-2618.


Cellular Phones & Services

Home Improvements & Repair

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NORTHWEST ISD is looking for individuals who are interested in training to become a

We Also Sell A Variety Of Wireless & Long Distance Prepaid Cards!

• Tracfone • AT&T • T-Mobil • Verizon • Virgin Mobile • Alltel
Pay Your Dish, Sprint, AT&T, Alltel and Direct TV Bill Here!

All Types of Remodeling
Repairs Large or Small
Add-ons, Decks And More

School Bus Driver
No experience necessary, free training provided.We offer Competitive Wages, Health and Dental benefit options, 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans and Unemployment Benefits.
FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 940-242-3900 OR JUST APPLY IN PERSON AT 1950 TEXAN DR. • JUSTIN, TEXAS Durham School Services Performs Drug and Alcohol Testing, Motor Vehicle and Background Checks


FULL CHARGE ACCOUNTANT A Decatur company is seeking to fill a part-time position of full charge accountant. This position emphasizes financial statement preparation and balance sheet reconciliation. Responsibilities include the preparation of monthly and non-recurring reports, monthly account analysis, maintenance of fixed asset records, journal entry preparation, balance sheet reconciliation as well as annual audit preparation. Must have CPA certification, must be experienced, and Quickbooks proficiency is desirable. Organizational skills are essential. Competitive pay. Equal opportunity employer. Qualified candidates, please email your resume and cover letter to Full-time accounting position with benefits. Experience required. Versatile position covering AP/AR & HR. Call or come by Mann Refrigeration, 701 Cates, Bridgeport; (940)683-6266.



940-627-6947 or 940-389-4943

405 S. Washburn, Decatur

106 W. Archer, Jacksboro

s r r


BOOKKEEPER AVAILABLE Part-time, your office or ours. Years of experience, many softwares & references, full charge. Call Carol, (817)913-9783.


Pump Sales & Service Complete Water Well Drilling & Repair Storage Tanks & Boosting Equipment & Installation Residential, Municipal & Commercial Office: 940-627-3059 Emergency Service Available PO Box 1504 Cell: 940-393-3964
Fax: 940-626-4996
Lic. #2774AI

A&V Water

John & Mary Haynie

in Boyd

Decatur, TX 76234

Available for Sunday Services, Weddings and Special Events Seats 150, Piano and Organ available

940-433-3922 940-390-9125

• Tree Trimming & Removal • Full Service Lawn & Landscape • Home Upgrade • Weatherproofing • Interior /Exterior Painting • Moving Services • All Types of Odd Jobs

TECL #25306 Master Electrician TX. License #5811 Specializing in small jobs. Residential • Commercial • Consulting

940-433-3177 • Bill Mayes

• Land and Lot Clearing • Driveways and Parking Lots • Roads • Demolition • House Pads

Excavation & Bobcat Services
We Can Haul: • Sand and Gravel • Topsoil • Cushion Sand • Select Fill • Brick Sand • Base


Office: 940-433-3844 M.R. Scherer
817-366-4064 Fax: 940-433-3955

Commercial and Residential “No Job To Small Or Too Big”
9630 FM 730 S. Boyd, Texas Call for free estimates Trey: 940-531-0661 • Julian: 940-627-4383


ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 29, 2009

CATTLEGUARDS Entry ways & pipe fencing, corner posts or H braces. Also do welding repairs. Call for details, (817)319-2989. FARM & RANCH FENCING Pipe & cable, non-climb, barbed wire, entrances, solar gate operators, repairs. Jim at (940)367-7505. C BAR M TACK-FEED-HORSES 143 CR4396, Decatur, TX. Cash, checks, credit cards., (817)929-3612. HORSES WANTED Will remove or possibly buy unwanted horses. (817)360-7617 or (940)210-4052. LLAMAS weanlings (6-months-old), adults, bred females, guardians & pet quality. We provide training & support for new owners. (940)433-5897. MIX 30 liquid feed. 16% protein, 10% veg fat. $265/ton, $1.23/gallon, delivered. Servicing Wise, North Texas. (817)233-3779. Registered Angus bull, 24-months-old, GAD & Bando bloodline. $1,500/OBO. Genetta Enterprises, Gene Fluker, (940)399-9858.

OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGES pups & adults, $300-$800. Male AKC Chihuahua pup, $225. Pictures on website: Decatur, TX; (940)627-6212.

FIREWOOD for sale. (940)389-3413. SPLIT OAK FIREWOOD Stacked & delivered in Wise County. $180/cord; $95/half cord. (940)595-8133.

Recreational vehicles
1998 Jeep Wrangler, 3” lift, 33” tires, soft top, 4-cylinder. $5,900/OBO. (940)389-8917. 2003 33.5 FOOT NEW VISION all season 5th wheel. 3-slides, 2 ACs, new heater, washer/dryer hook-ups, not smoked in. $22,600. (940)627-6762, (940)389-6601. Kawasaki 250 ATV, 2-wheel drive, low hours, never gets ridden. $800. (940)683-0066.

Pasture and feed
12% all stock, $7.35, 50 lbs. Deer corn, $8.75, 50 lbs. AGVantage Farm & Ranch Supply, 1817 N. Highway 287, (1 mile north of Highway 380), Decatur. (940)627-2312. 1ST CHOICE FERTILIZED coastal round bales, $30-$50/bale. Call for details & minimum. (940)433-3981. 1ST QUALITY COASTAL & alfalfa squares or round. (Will trade.) Horse riding, ranch work and delivery available. (940)389-6281 or (940)627-6598. 2007 COW HAY net-wrapped, fertilized Coastal/Johnson mix, 4x5 rolls. $30/each. (940)393-5627. CHRISTIAN COWBOY HAY Fertilized coastal, 4x5 round bales, $45-$55. Delivery available. Square bales. Quantity discounts available. (940)626-4627, (940)577-9629, cell. CLEAN FERTILIZED coastal square bales. Last cutting. $6/each. (940)394-6027. COASTAL HAY 2007 & 2008. Round & square. Call (940)748-2434, C&S Dairy. COASTAL HAY 2008 square bales, fertilized, barn stored. No minimum, you load, $6.50/bale. Boyd, (940)433-2335. COASTAL HORSE HAY 2008 square bales in barn, fertilized, no weeds. No minimum. Between Alvord/Decatur. Delivery available. (817)991-7625, (940)627-2813. COW HAY 2007 round, net-wrapped, Coastal/Johnson mix. $35/bale. Call (940)368-1413. GOOD QUALITY Small squares and round bales. Coastal & Sudan. (940)393-6095. HAY FOR SALE Coastal or prairie hay. Round bales, 4x5.5. $40, 10 bale minimum. $45, delivered inside Wise County. (940)393-5853.

Pets lost and found
$100 Reward, lost Pointer. Last seen in Chico, Dec. 5, 2008. She is White and Tan. (940)644-5625 (No questions asked.) Looking for 2 female Red Nose Pit Bull pups taken from yard, Jan 19 on E Walker, Decatur. Call (940)389-1098. Lost dogs: black female Lab, yellow male Lab. Near CR4360 & CR4472 between Boyd/Decatur. (940)433-5739. Strayed from our home on FM 730 North, 1 male Blood Hound. Approximately 90 lbs, 6-years-old, tatoo in left ear. Dog belongs to 16-year-old grandson. Very gentle, answers to the name of Big Mac. Please call (940)627-2717.

PIPE/ROD 5,500 feet of 2 3/8” pipe, tested at 5,000 lbs., $3/foot. (940)566-5307. USED I-BEAMS 2 3/8” pipe, $1.40/foot, 30’ long. 4” pipe, $4.70/foot, 45’ long. (940)566-5307. WHEELCHAIR LIFTS Ramps, repairs and scooter rentals. New & used portable scooters. Call Matt Sadberry, MedCare Solutions. (940)575-9261.

Lawn and garden
ALL AROUND WINTER handyman. Knowledgeable, experienced, dependable, affordable. Repairs, improvements, yard work, etc. William Osteen, (940)255-2639. LONE OAK LANDSCAPING Personalized landscape plans, 20-years experience. Plants furnished, you plant or we plant. Sod, tree work, decks/patios/walls. (940)389-1778. TREES TRIMMED & REMOVED 36 years in business, insured. (817)444-0861, Teater.

1998 CHEVROLET 2500 3/4 ton pickup with tow package. $4,000. (940)627-1480, (940)577-1182.



Livestock lost and found
Lost: black Angus bull, white spot on forehead, 4-years-old, triangle brand (points down) left hip. Last seen FM 730, 11 miles north Decatur, 12-10-2008. (940)389-1921.


• Boats • Cars • Recreational Vehicles • Trucks • Accessories • Trailers • Wanted to Buy

12% all stock, $7.35, 50 lbs. Deer corn, $8.75, 50 lbs. AGVantage Farm & Ranch Supply, 1817 N. Highway 287, (1 mile north of Highway 380), Decatur. (940)627-2312. 2007 FERTILIZED BMR Sudan hay for (940)210-9185. sale.

• Appliances • Clothing/Jewelry • Furniture • Garage Sales • Firewood • Miscellaneous • Auctions


BOBCAT WORK All types dirt work, drainage, leveling, land clearing, gravel, driveways, clean-up, etc. Reasonable rates. Jeff Case (817)565-5444, (817)929-9805


AQHA RED BAY gelding, 11-years-old, cow working & trail, experienced rider. $3,000. (940)394-6027. BEAUTIFUL RED ANGUS cattle. 10-15 head, females. (940)433-3981. BUY & SELL & TRADE All classes of horses. All riding horses sold, 72 hour unconditional guarantee. (940)224-1470, (940)644-5956.

ANY SIZE ACREAGE MOWED Large acreage, $22/acre. Small acreage, $35-$45/acre. Tommy, (940)482-6578.

Big savings on lease returns. Lamps from $19 per pair. Nice Sofa & Love $389. Computers from $329. Mattress sets from $159. Brand New 60 inch Mitsubishi High Def DLP TV, 2 year warranty, $1,499. Appliances, dinettes and much more. Quantities limited. Cash or Master Card/Visa. 1304 Highway 51 S. Decatur, 940-627-5043, ask for Miles

al 100% Approv

You Are ! Approved

Downs start at $688 +TTL

No Credit Check!

re Buy Hee r Pay He

Cars &Trucks
starting $ at

Se habla español



We also buy cars!

wheel chair accessible van. (940)393-3836. 2001 GMC Yukon, one owner, $5,300. (940)627-2403. 2007 DODGE RAM 2500 (940)427-5644.



• Pets • Pets Lost & Found • Pet Care/Training • Pet Stud Services

107 S. Hwy. 287 • Decatur
Behind Dairy Queen

2002 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN wheel chair accessible van. (940)393-3836.

I’LL BUY THOSE YARD CARS as well as your good used cars. Arvin, (817)925-8768.

Heavy Equipment
1995 TRAVIS Aluminum end dump. $16,000. (940)964-2551.

Rick & Connie jaynes 1231 cr 4380 • decatur


Affordable prices quality feed
Distributor of bryant feed

!!ATTENTION!! We suggest that our readers thoroughly investigate any advertiser before investing any money. AKC Boston Terrier puppies, 8-weeks-old, great markings. $375/each. (940)748-1994, (817)269-8636. COCKER SPANIELS Miniature, CKC, females & males, shots/wormed. $400/each. (817)444-7179, (817)891-0486. Free puppies. Part Blue Heeler/Australian Shepherd, 7-weeks-old. (940)682-5662. FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPIES Champion bloodline. Cell, (817)692-8950. JACK RUSSELL puppies. Shots & wormed. $250/each. (940)433-8174; (979)204-7323, cell.

Garage sales
!!ATTENTION!! Garage sale ads must be called in BEFORE 11a.m. Tuesday to run in the Thursday edition. If you want your garage sale ad in All Around Wise also, it MUST be called in before 11a.m. Friday THE WEEK BEFORE the sale. We do not run garage sales the weekend before the sale. Chico, 304 S. Buffalo, Sat., Jan. 31, 8a.m-? Appliances, furniture, clothing, shoes, baby & miscellaneous items.

The months of January and February are the time to apply pre-emergent herbicides.

Here today... GONE tomorrow.
Wise County Messenger Classifieds

I BUY TRAILERS Horse, livestock, flatbed & utility trailers. Call (940)224-1470 or (940)644-5956.

FIREWOOD FOR SALE Delivery available for additional charge. Wise County, (806)252-7020. FIREWOOD FOR SALE Split oak firewood. Delivery available. (940)433-2678.

Stop stickers & broad leaf weeds Stop stickers & broadleafed weeds by applying pre-emergents on your lawn NOW!
Call for a FREE Lawn Analysis Today

Wise/Chem Safe Pest Control & Lawn Care Your Professional Lawn Care Company

Saturday, Jan. 31 • 6 p.m.
1 mile east of Boyd on Hwy. 114 or 4 miles west of Rhome on Hwy. 114


Limited Time Offer
FREE Lawn Fertilization
when you sign up for a full lawn care program.

Consignments Welcome, Estate Specialist. Antiques, Furniture, Glassware, Collectibles, Jewelry, Tools.

Open 11 a.m. 10% BP. Good Food, Climate Controlled.

Charles Connour, License #7216 Pictures on web • 214-755-4785

❏ One Year In-County $35 ❏ One Year Out-of-County $40 ❏ One Year Out-of-State $45 ❏ One Year Digital Subscription $20 ❏ Two Year In-County $60 ❏ Two Year Out-of-County $70 ❏ Two Year Out-of-State $80 ❏ Two Year Digital Subscription $40
First Name: _______________________________________________ Last Name: _______________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ City: ___________________________ State: ________ Zip: _________ Phone: ___________________________________________________ E-mail: ___________________________________________________

Tree Service and Stump Removal • Tree Removal • Stump Grinding • Storm Damage Experts • Chipper Service • Bucket Truck

(Senior Citizen Discount)

LOCATION: The Old Jacksboro ISD Elementary School, 812 W. Belknap.
We have been commissioned to sell at Public Auction the contents of over 30 rooms. Highlights include Free Standing Basketball Hoops • 20’x40’ Portable Greenhouse • Lg. Poly Water Storage Tanks • Desks • Chairs • Tables and Cabinetry. Don’t miss this Goverment Surplus Auction. Pennies on the Dollar.

LOCATION: 3 Miles West of the Jacksboro, Texas Courthouse on Hwy. 380 West
View both auctions & photos at

❏ Credit Card ❏ Check #: ____________
Credit Card Type: ________________________ Exp.: ______________ Credit Card Number: _______________________________________

Fully Insured

- Toll Free -

Most Credit Cards Accepted
s r r

This sale will consist of, but not limited to, Farm, Ranch, Tools, Estate Guns, Coins, Antiques, Furniture, Collectibles and more. This is a partial list: Thermal Arc Plasma Cutter • Hobart Mig Welder • Antique Morris Drill Press w/Accesssories • Sheet Metal Circle Cutter • Sheet Metal Beater • Sheet Metal Edger • Lots of Knives • W alkie Talkies • Oak Library Desk • Large Oak Entertainment Center • 1890’s Eastlake Settee • 4 Saddles • Duncan Phyfe Drop Leaf Table • Lg. Pine Dresser w/ Mirror • Stereo System • Over 3000 Baseball Cards (even some 1970’s) • Rare & Unique Coins • Western Boots & Belts • Cast Iron Collectibles • Over 100 lbs of Candle Wax • Furniture • Trunks • Graniteware • Coke Machine • Tom’s Snack Vendor• Cast Iron Park Benches • 2 Commercial Water Heaters • Texaco Banks • Lg. Russell Print • Wild Game Camera • 2 3/8” Construction Pipe • Misc. Pipe & Steel • Wood-2x8-2x6-2x4 and More • Kubota Riding Mower • Lg Bandsaw • Small Air Compressor • 2 Upright Hay Feeders • Loader Bucket • Buckets of Brand New Nails • French Doors • New 6” Vice • Bench Grinder • New 30 Gallon Water Heater • Tables & Tables of Great Household & Collectibles • Like New Fooseball Air Hockey Table • Window AC Unit • Handtools • Power Tools • Sm. Mower Trailer • Lots of Vintage Cargo Furniture • 8’ Oak Base Cabinet • Wheel Barrows • Bumper Pull Hay Buggy • Deer Feeder • Antique Iron Bed • Western Decor • and we have been promised an 8 Ton Forklift • 2 Miller Portable Welders • 2 Air Compressors • Dumpbed • Flatbed and more. This is the start of the new year auctions. Don’t miss it. Concession on Premises. Plan to Spend the Day!
Terms: “As Is, Where Is” NO Warranty expressed or implied. Only Cash or Check with Proper ID. 10% Buyer’s Premium. Rain or Shine.

Submit payment to: Wise County Messenger PO Box 149 • 115 South Trinity • Decatur, TX 76234

Loyal Readers.

MESSENGER Local Paper. Local News.

Cell (940)507-1433 •


Wise and Cooke County

Auctioneers: Russ Hess • TX Auction Lic #11610 Richard Collins • TX Auction Lic # 16166

ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 29, 2009


Emola, Jessica Estrada, Celeste Fraga, Giovani Garcia, Sarahi Garcia, Ashley Gomez, Leah Gregg, Toby Hamblin, Julia Hancock, Demetri Hendrick, Azucena Hernandez, Leslie Hill, Martin Huerta, Jamie Isenberg, Marcellus Johnson, Daniel Juarez, Ananda Kates, Taylor Laxton, Matthew Marlett, Jacobe Martinez, Jennifer Martinez, Karina Martinez, Vanesa Martinez, Grayson Mathes, Kallen McCauley, Isaac Medina Ruvalcaba, Alexandra Mindieta, Melissa Monjaraz, Brian Munn, Jennifer Nelson, Ian Ogle, Lisvet Ortiz, Scott Parrish, Rachel Peterson, Dakota Potter, Adriana Ramirez, Nathan Ramirez, Richard Rice, Zachery Richards, Brittany Roberts, Francisco Rojas, Ryan Sanders, Jorge Sandoval, Jacob Slimp, Jared Smith, Haden Snodgrass, Brett Stuart, Katelyn Torres, Alexander Ureste, Keaton Walton, Hailey White, Kassi York. FIFTH GRADE — Kristin Baker, Mason Baker, Hayden Barkley, Blake Boyd, Kenneth Bueto, Hayden Bunce, Constance Caraway, Dalton Castle, Ryan Castle, Iris Castro, Lilia Cervantes, Lance Coe, Corbin Coleman, Felicia Coleman, Brittany Cooke, Luis Cruz, Marissa Edwards, Johnny Fletcher, Alden Fournier, Mercedes Freeman, Mavrick Fronterhouse, Rogelio Galcia, Yesica Gonzalez, Cody Hollingsworth, Phillip Jacobs, Vanity Johnson, Justin Kennedy, Colton Klyce, Maria Lara, Chloe Laxton, Alexis Martinez, Graciela Martinez, Jessica Martinez Ruvalcaba, Chelsea Mast, Roger Mastin, Elliott Mercer, Gabrielle Mindieta, Darby Moak, Jeffrey Moncada, Cristian Munoz, Melissa Ortiz, Jesse Pena, Hermenegildo Perez, Noah Peterson, Chance Pierce, Luis Prado, Claudia Ramirez, Esmeralda Rangel, Alexis Read, William Reed, Jennifer Reyes, Angel Reyna, Mariah Rodriguez, Adrian Ruiz, Rosa Salazar, Melissa Sanchez, Ustav Shrestha, Hayden Smith, McKenzie Smith, Richard Splawn, Taylor Stone, Britney Wilson.


Bridgeport Intermediate School Third Six Weeks A Honor Roll THIRD GRADE — Jacquelyn Bailey, Cole Barton, Alyssa Casper, Courtney Cathey, Courtney Cline, Giselle Garcia, Elizabeth Gardner, Angela Guerrero, Ethan Herschler, Amanda Hewitt, Hayden Holbrook, Andrew Horton, Katie Hudson, Hanna Huya, Clifton James, Shelbie Jones, Madison Lenhardt, Jason Mannin Schwartz, Nicholas Masias, Seth Mitchell, Austin Morrow, Tayor Oneal, Nathanael Phillips, Shelby Preston, Will Reeves, Angel Reyna, Dustin Riggs, Karina Rivera, Ryan Roberts, Hunter Rogers, Martin Ruvalcaba, Sheridan Shallene, Easton Skelton, Dawson Smith, Noah Smith, Grace Story, Maddison Strine, Joshua Thomas, Mary Trammell, Michael Young, Travis Young. FOURTH GRADE — Jensen Adair, Maria Amador, Shelby Barclay, Zoe Bennett, Lexie Chapman, Michaela Clarke, Camron Cortez, Chloe Cyr, Joseph Davis, Harley Dearing, Javier Diaz, Mariaisabel Duran, Katherine Edwards, Ivy Fagan, Kaetlyn Flavin, Gabriel Frazier, Alyssa Fry, Laikyn Fry, Julia Garcia, Jenna Grace, Brooke Hager, Kaitlin Hancock, Dominic Head, Hailey Hollingsworth, Abraham Huerta, Jonathon Lambert, Reginald Lane, Alexis Mahon, Meagan McGuire, Justin Meyers, Eloisa Munoz, Joshua Pinon, Bryce Powers, Allison Raby, Shelby Rooker, Julie Salazar, Natalie Smith, Andrew Sutherland, Jacob Tibbels, Erika Trujillo, Ashton VanHoose, Shaya Vardas, Duy Vo, Holden Walker, Delaina Weaver, Victoria Wiedemann, Charles Williams, Devon Wilson, Anival Zuniga. FIFTH GRADE — Anna Arquette, Nikki Barbour, Adrian Bocanegra, Madeline Brown, Zane Brown, Christopher Casey, Gustavo Cervantes, Christina DeForest, Jacob DelAngel, Jose DeLuna, Spencer Forsyth, Kaitlynn Godwin, Klaryssa Gonzalez, Collin Hicks, Hannah Horton, Connor Hurd, William Ince, Chance Lockhart, Joshua Martz, Tyler Melton, Autumn Milner, Aaron Morrow, Gaitlin Neeper, Stormy Nelson, Victoria O’Neal, Elaina Peyton, Brianna Polk, Dakota Riggs, Maegen Rivera, Jacob Roberts, Deizy Ruvalcaba, Cole Shawn, Nandita Shrestha, Nicholas Stauffer, Megan Sturdivant, Matthew Sullivan-Green, Kensley Turner, Allie Whitsell, Elizabeth Wiedemann, Alexander Winter.

Karl Green, LLC
Repair, Remodel, Some New Construction, Mobile Homes, Houses, Commercial Room Additions Fences Skirting Decks Porches Painting Tape, Bed & Texture CHINA PROGRAM — Pi Kappa Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi International met Jan. 8 in the home of Carolyn Dent, left. Dent presented a program on her trip to China with slides and narrative. Also pictured is Carolyn Moody.

We Do It All Give Us a Call 940-626-4806
If it’s not on this list call and ask.


Paradise Elementary
Third six weeks A Honor Roll FIRST GRADE — Kyndel Beck, Tristen Chandler, Summer Cobb, Canyon Collins, Megan Cornett, Kathryn Davis, Hunter Doughty, Matthew Eisen, Payton Ellis, Jace Essig, Addyson Ford, Kazin Gomez, Jenna Goodger, Paizlee Henry, Mariah Kirbie, Madison Lowery, Taylor Mayes Brumfield, Danae Meadows, Jayden Moody, Gracie Oates, Alexis Penny, Riley Penny, Isac Perkins, Noah Pitman, Hayden Proffitt, Cortney Ramsey, Kyle Riggs, Cordell Scarlett, Kennedy Schneck, Michael Summers, Jace Swindell, Cheyanne Upton and Kobe Wakefield. SECOND GRADE — Hadleigh Anthony, Johanna Barnett, Katelyn Blackstock, Kendall Candioto, Mercedes Carrillo, Irene Chasteen, Amanda Cherryhomes, Bryson Clark, Madelyn Cross, Rustyn Fuller, Ray Fultz, Caysen Gosney, Sargent Graham, Ethan Herrera, Trent Horner, Savannah Kott, Keegan Loggins, Mariah Lopez, Kaycee Martin, Damon McBride, Madison Mitschke, Jacob Myers, Payton Nesby, Hawkins Nessler, Kiara Owens, Aubrey Pearson, Hannah Proffitt, Davin Riley, Ryan Scott, Susan Silvey, Shaelyn Spidle, James Stapleton, Maddilyn Terry, Christina Tipton, Maecy Williams, Morgan Wilmoth, Savannah Wilson and Alexis Wright. THRID GRADE — Jordan Babcock, Gracie Barnett, Jimmy Barnett, Jakob Beck, Brandon Bowling, Cayden Candioto, Savanna Cleveland, Siclaly Delgadillo, Allison Foster, Kaylen Kott, Meagan Lee, Emily Love, Caitlin

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A/B Honor Roll THIRD GRADE — Lorell Aguilar, Terence Akard, Kacy Beck, Jayson Bentley, Jared Brazier, Juan Cano-Gamino, Selena Cervantes, Calvin Colburn, Hunter Coleman, Stephen Cooley, Caleb Cornelison, Alexis Cox, Jessica DeLaCerda, Shelby Edwards, Bailey Escobedo, Deanna Ford, Megan Ford, Moriah Alexis Fraga, Shaye Freed, Manuel Garcia, Salvador Garcia, Krysstal Gonzalez, Joseph Gregg, Jayce Hardee, Samantha Hernandez, Sadyee Herndon, Abigail Hill, Jennifer Huerta, Sara Huitt, Zoey James, Estefani Lopez, Meagan Lopez, Efrain Martinez, Kasi Martinez, John Mauk, Coalten McGuire, Melissa Mendoza, Miguel Olmos, Jose Ortiz, Yanet Ortiz, Mallory Owen, Austin Peck, Ashleigh Phelps, Chyna Presley, Jeremiah Puebla, Jacqueline Quezada, Jaqueline Ramirez, Jett Reynolds, Rolando Rios, Jose Rosas-Fraga, Sidney Simmons, Carli Smith, Shane Smith, Trevor South, Zackery Sparks, Timothy Tamplen, Jacob Taylor, Colton Waters, Aden Wells, Shannan White, Gunner Woods. FOURTH GRADE — Jordan Adair, Katie Aguillon, Naomi Baca, Brianna Brown, Keeli Burchman, Alessandro Cervantes, April Coursey, Dylan Craig, Alexandro DeHoyos, Rachel DeLay, Efrain DeLuna, Marcos DeLuna, Parker

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Dare to Compare the New Tractor Lineup from John Deere!
Experience the power and versatility of the newest additions to the John Deere tractor lineup at the 2009 Drive Green Utility Tractor Show. Discover the tractors with the quality and capability you expect from a John Deere, at a surprisingly affordable price.




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are 7 days old, remove the guard and allow them full freedom of the pen. Electric heat lamps (infrared bulbs) are building provide plenty of fresh air for the birds. Plastic sheeting can be used to close good heat sources for brooding chicks. Two sides during brooding and in cold weather. 125-watt bulbs per 50 chicks are recommended. Make sure lamps are Make certain the concrete or dirt secured so they cannot fall to the floor is at least 6 inches above litter and create a fire hazard. The ground level to prevent flooding. lamps should hang so that the botThe roof overhang should be suffitoms are 18 to 24 inches from the cient to effectively protect against litter. Lamps can be raised or lowblowing rain. ered depending on temperature Preparation and Brooding conditions. Place waterers a good Clean and disinfect the poultry distance from the lamps to prevent house, feeders and waterers at splashing water from cracking the least two weeks before the chicks hot bulbs. arrive. Wash the house down with If a gas or an electric hover-type soap and water. Then spray a comARREDONDO brooder is used, it should operate mercial disinfectant labeled for use at a temperature of approximately in poultry houses. Be prepared for the chicks two days in 92 degrees to 95 degrees F. Gradually reduce advance. Put at least 4 inches of litter on the temperature five degrees each week unthe floor of the cleaned, disinfected house. til the birds are 3 to 4 weeks old or until the Wood shavings, cane fiber, coarse dry saw- house temperature reaches 70 degrees F. When chicks are comfortable, they will bed dust, peanut hulls or rice hulls make good litter. Hay makes very poor litter. Keep all down in a semicircle around the perimeter of sticks, boards and sharp objects away from the heat zone. If cold, chicks will crowd near the heat source. If too warm, they will move the broiler house. Construct a cardboard brooder guard to the outer limits of the brooder guard. Chilling can stunt chicks. In cold weath(brooder circle) to keep chicks near heat, water and feed. The brooder guard should be 14 er the heat source should be turned on 48 to 18 inches high and must be a minimum of hours before chicks arrive to adequately 5 feet in diameter for 50 chicks. When chicks heat the litter.

Win Great Prizes!
February 4TH 6 PM –7PM
FT. WORTH STOCK SHOW, WATT ARENA 3301 W. Lancaster Ave. Ft. Worth, TX 76107


John Deere’s green and yellow color scheme, the leaping deer symbol and JOHN DEERE are trademarks of Deere & Company.

Go to

for the complete Drive Green schedule


Friday, Jan. 30
Movies & Times Subject To Change!!! Movie Line 940-627-5522


Come check out the newest technology for testing your blood sugar and…

All Diabetics who attend are eligible to receive the new Prodigy Blood Glucose Monitoring System to be paid for by your Part B Medicare. Also, Diabetics with Medicare qualify to be fitted for Diabetic shoes and 3 sets of Custom Molded Inserts – Even if you received shoes ANY time in 2008. In the past year, Medicare has approved many new styles of shoes… like dress shoes, casual topsiders and tennis shoes that are great for walking. These shoes come in all leather and are designed to be light-weight and provide extra support and cushioning to keep your feet comfortable. Everyone fitted for shoes will be given a Pair of Socks made Especially for Diabetics… FREE!!! Medical Solutions of Arkansas is sponsoring a special “DIABETIC DAY” at the HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS THURSDAY, JANUARY 29. Stop by anytime from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. We’ll do our best to have you in and out in less than 30 minutes. If you know someone who has Diabetes and Medicare, please be a good neighbor and let them know about it. They won’t want to miss this special event.

Hotel For Dogs
Fri ....................................................................................... ......... 7:00..........9:30 Sat ......................................................2:00 .............4:30 ............. 7:00..........9:30 Sun .....................................................2:00 .............4:30 ............. 7:00 Mon - Thur ................................................................................... 7:00

Mall Cop
Fri ....................................................................................... ......... 7:10..........9:30 Sat ......................................................2:10 .............4:40 ............. 7:10..........9:30 Sun .....................................................2:10 .............4:40 ............. 7:10 Mon - Thur .................................................................................. 7:10

Fri ....................................................................................... ......... 7:15..........9:30 Sat ......................................................2:15 .............4:45 ............. 7:15..........9:30 Sun .....................................................2:15 .............4:45 ............. 7:15 Mon - Thur .................................................................................. 7:15 FM 51 South, Decatur • 940-627-5522 • Box Office Opens at 1:30 p.m.
$7 Adults ~ $5 Seniors, Children 11 & under & Matinee •



ALL AROUND WISE, Decatur, Texas, Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Madden, Saylea Mayfield, Tatum Miller, Hannah Pearson, Stormie Pilcher, Rose Powers, Kaitlynn Smith, Carson Tucker, Ryan Upton, Logan Waggoner, Garrett Walsh, Tryston Webb and Kayli White. A/B Honor Roll FIRST GRADE — Raygan Adair, Tommy Armstrong, Monty Bennet, Nathan Calvery, Jason Cobb, Dakota Dillard, Julissa Enriquez, Rayawna Harper, Makenna Hudson, Timothy Hutton, Jack Ishmael, Diego Luna, Tiffany Mayes Brumfield, Harley Mayfield, Audrey McDuff, Lynsey Medlin, Cade Montgomery, Kara Munn, Hailey Paschall, Andre Pineda, Damion Poteet, Jagr Royse, Kaitlin Rydman, Karen Santos, William Schroeder, Sandra Wallace, Haylee Wilson and Ashlyn Winters. SECOND GRADE — Nichole Anderson, Morgan Baker, Briar Choate, Jonathan Christensen, Colby Cox, Matthew Doughty, Thomas Edwards, Zaida Galaviz, River Gibson, Nevan Graves, Jonathan Heinsen, Kelan Jenkins, Heather Karg, Sergio Licea, Erin McGee, Dakota Moon, Holden Murphy, Katia Perez Zamarripa, Eain Perkins, Terry Pressley, Jaci Reynolds, Kaela Roberds, Cal Robinson, Coltyn Strickland, Matthew Taylor and Christina Thomas. THIRD GRADE — Marshall Boykin, Mireya Carrillo, Elise Cobb, Rebecca Cornett, Martin Crawford, Blake Cummings, Tucker Edwards, Kenya Gomez, Nolan Graves, Corbin Harris, Kaylyn Henderson, Coleton Horner, Johnny Hothouse, Samantha Huckabee, Halie Ivey, Kyah Knox, Sara Lowry, Lacey Mantooth, Corbin McBride, Mariah McKinley, Angus Pace, Marshall Payton, Bryan Pewitt, Kenzi Potteiger, Jacob Reid, Lorenzo Romo, Gage Schneck, Kyle Schomburg, Joey Skidmore, Michael Swan, Kailey Thomas, Brandon Thompson, Hannah Tilghman, Judson Wilkening, Bailey Williams, Madison Williams, Garrett Winters and Kendale Young. Paradise Intermediate School A Honor Roll FOURTH GRADE — Andrew Alexander, Ashley Angell, Heather Barnett, Brysen Broussard, Balin Bryant, Alanna Burnett, Haley Butler, Jacob Carmichael, Camron Chasteen, Kodie Christensen, Logan Cook, Austin Coon, Brooklynn Davis, Patricio Derado, Ashton Ferguson, Dylan Finley, Jessica Greer, Alic Herrera, Ella Hutton, Michael Kennedy, Heather McDuff, Austin Medlin, Bryson Meyers, Ryan Norwood, Mykenzie Presley, Brenton Read, Casey Riggs, Kaitlyn Robinson, Karina Rodriguez, Jrake Russell, Colt Ryle, Dalton Sanders, Landon Sharp, Tristan Sims, Alexis Spidle, Mary Stapleton, Jamie Talley, Madyson Taylor, Trace Thigpen, Ty Valentine, Makaya Wakefield, Mattew Whalen, Sarah Wilson-Fleitman, Bradley Young FIFTH GRADE — Hunter Anthony, Cody Baker, Kyle Baker, Kyndal Baker, Jordon Blackstock, John Bridgeman, Emily Brinson, Carlos Carrillo, Grayson Cobb, Kylie Davis, Tanner Edwards, Joseph Eisen, Charles Ford, Alexandria Fowler, Amber French, Morgan Heinsen, Kaycie Howerton, Hailey Kennedy, Meagan Kennedy, Stormi Lamb, Zackery Loney, Christian McCormick, Logan McPherson, Colton Meadows, Dylan Noble, Joshua Pitman, Carlos Powers, Jessica Presley, Aliyah Read, Ian Remmele, Brice Richardson, Cora Roman, Garrett Schneck, Trenton Sims, Darian Sotomi, Casey Steinhauer, Christian Steinhauer, Makinzee Thomas, Anthony Walton, Kalli Winters, Makenna Wise. SIXTH GRADE — Danny Adair, Megan Armstrong, Joshua Barnes, Mikeala Beck, Caiden Berry, Skylar Black, Jacklyn Blevins, Shelby Boyers, Shelby Bradshaw, Zildjian Brooks, Andrew Carter, Skyler Clawson, Lyndon Cook, Emily Corbin, Raney Cortez, Hope Dennie, Stacy Fernandez, Johnna Headley, Christopher Hill, Austin Hogan, Sage Huggins, Shawnia Jones, Nicholas Loney, Brandon McCormick, Jada McCoy-Reynolds, Brandon McCutchen, Brandy McDaniel, Janae McMurry, Dilon Meadows, David pearson, Autumn Prince, Samuel Robinson, Taylor Rose, Allison Rutledge, Taylor Sheppard, Julianna Smith. A/B Honor Roll FOURTH GRADE — John Anderson, Logan Burrows, Hayden Casson, Zian Chamberlain, Brayden Chatham, Jessica Clark, Mychelynn Covey, James Cox, Kylan Deaton, Jessie Dugan, Tiffany French, Jacob Goodger, Timothy Horner, Madison Ivey, Whitney Jackson, Tanner Lambert, Mason Largent, Ruben Luevano, Carson Martin, Alexis Maydahl, Collin McBride, Carrie McGee, Kelsey Perkins, Hayden Pressley, Sean Randell, Haley Roberds, Connor Snell, Jerrell Thomas, Chloe Wallen, Dylan Wise. FIFTH GRADE — Summer Childress, Bailey Choate, Mabell Dianna, Rabecca Downing, Peyton Fishbeck, Kenneth Galvan, John Channing Hamilton, Kash Helton, Kolby Little, Ryder McConnell, Madison Moore, Dayshannette Noble, Abigail Pace, Gabrielle Pineda, Jacob Posey, Halie Poteet, Taylor Richards, Cody Strickland, Alexander Tipton, Mackinlie Tucker, Thomas Young, Turner Young. SIXTH GRADE — Kelsey Archer, MaKenna Bates, William Brown, Chelbey Buratovich, Shawn Carter, Michael Counts, Alexis Darter, Marissa Hall, Shelby Hamilton, Haley Home, Colton Horton, Courtney Kerr, Cassidy Kirkland, Joseph Lopez, Randall Luevano, Tessa Luster, Kaylee McConnell, Jessica Meeks, Landry Norwood, Nancy Ortiz, Anna Preather, Haley Rector, Marki Rutledge, Matti Rutledge, Trever Shuker.


Blogging: A great pastime for Web savvy seniors
By JIM MILLER Dear Savvy Senior, I recently read an article about seniors who share their talents, experiences and thoughts with others through their own personal Internet blog. I have always been pretty good in the kitchen and think it would be fun to start a cooking and recipe blog but don’t know where to start. What can you tell me? Granny Blogger Dear Granny, Starting a blog is a fun and stimulating pastime for seniors, not to mention a great way to share wisdoms and make new friends. Here’s what you should know. A growing trend Blogging has never been so popular among boomers and seniors! Today there are literally thousands of bloggers over age 55. In fact, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 5 percent of online U.S. seniors have created a blog, and 20 percent have read someone else’s blog. But before I go any further, a blog (short for Web log) is a personal online journal where you can write about anything or everything that interests you, and you can post pictures, too. (The newest blog entry is always at the top of the page.) Readers can comment on each post, often creating a rich and enlightening conversation. How to start Fortunately, you don’t need to know much about technology to get started. If you have a home computer and Internet access you can start your own blog in a matter of minutes, and in many cases it’s free. Here are some tips to help you get started. ■ Pick a theme: If you already know you want to blog about cooking, you’re ahead of the game. Topic driven blogs (writing on something specific) attracts more readers than personal blogs – which are online diaries for people who want to write about whatever interest them at the time. Personal blogs are fun outlets for seniors who want to keep family and friends informed of what’s going on in their lives. ■ Choose a name: Pick a short name for your blog that encompasses your theme or identifies with you. ■ Select a blog hosting service: While there are lots of options to choose from, two good ones are (which is free) and (which charges a minimal fee). Both of these sites are incredibly easy to use and offer a variety of pre-made templates, color schemes and more that allow you to personalize your blog. If you want more hosting options, check out,,,,, Mindsay. com,,,,, and

■ Test it out: After you’ve set up your blog, write a few posts to test it out, and make any adjustments to the layout or style that you see fit. ■ Promote your blog: After you get up and running, send your friends and family your blogging address so they can visit. And when you visit other blogs of similar interest, build a blogging circle by leaving comments along with your blog address so they can visit you too. Savvy Tips: When you blog, avoid giving out too much personal information such as your last name, address, phone number, etc. While the Internet can be a wonderful window to the world it can also be a dangerous place. Also, don’t feel bad or rejected if no one visits your blog for the first few months. As with anything new on the Internet, it will take some time for your blog to get noticed. But keep in mind that frequent blogging (several times a week) helps attract visitors. And to find other blogs you may be interested in, go to blog search sites like www.blogsearch. or and click on “Blogs.” ■ Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book.

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34/21 DENTON 33/22 MCKINNEY 35/25

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As of 7 a.m. Sunday (in feet) Lake Full Pool Elevation Change Possum King L. 1000 997.41 -0.01 L. Bridgeport 836 827.73 -0.04



DALLAS 35/27 KAUFMAN 39/25


As of 7 a.m. Sunday (in feet) River Flood stage Level Change West Fork of the Trinity Jacksboro 20 3.74 +0.01 near Boyd 16 6.12 none Big Sandy Creek Bridgeport 12 2.00 -0.59 STEPHENVILLE 36/24 GLEN ROSE 36/24 CLEBURNE 36/27 WAXAHACHIE 39/28


ATHENS 41/30

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REACHING NEW HEIGHTS — Northwest post Shantal Nobles battles a Keller Central player in the tip-off during Friday night’s basketball action at Northwest High School. The Lady Texans used a stingy defensive effort to knock off the Chargers 44-24. The win also keeps Northwest in sole possession of second place going into the second round of district play.