Howling Moon by Calli

Meeting First day of junior year in high school. Lola and I were sitting at our usual lunch table talking about boys and gossip. We go to school in Los Angeles, California, the sunny, beautiful place where people are always doing something and the gossip is huge. So we kept on talking when Donny came to sit with us. Donny is Japanese, but is pretty hot with black hair and muscles. Lola is a smallish girl with long brown hair and brown eyes. I have green eyes and dark brown hair. “Hey Don,” I said. “Hey Ali, Lola,” he said. “Did you guys hear about the new kids, the four brothers?” “Yeah but we haven’t seen them yet,” I said. “Well, I heard two are in our grade, one is a senior, and one is a freshman,” said Lola. “I hope we get to meet them,” I said. “Yeah.” Then we got up and headed for class. Lola and I sat in our usual seat in the middle. Don sits in the back. Everyone was getting settled into their seat when a boy I had never seen came in. He was...gorgeous. “O my god, Lola look,” I whispered. “O hottie!” she said as she looked at him. There were only a couple seats left and he came to sit by me. My heart was racing. He smelled so good. He had blonde hair and was very fit. Full lips and blue eyes. Gorgeous. But he looked like he

was holding his breath. Strange. And he didn’t say hi to me even though he was staring at me. I wondered why he was just looking at me. I didn’t hear anything the teacher said because I was so distracted by him. The bell finally rang and class was over. School kept on going and I was bored, but still wondering about him. I saw the rest of his family throughout the day and they were equally gorgeous. But there was something about him that I liked more than the others. Lunch finally came around and he was looking at me again. As I looked at him I noticed his tan was perfectly even. His brothers were cute, but not the same. I heard people talk about them over lunch. Seemed like the whole school was talking about them. Charlie was the senior with short brown hair, and blue eyes like his brothers. The guy I had seen in class earlier was William, but most people called him Will. I wondered if he wanted to be called that. The other one of his brothers in our grade was Ben, who had long brown hair to his shoulders. Then there was the smallest of all of them, the freshmen, Jack. People called him Shrimp. I didn’t think he liked that name. I giggled to myself. Then I caught Will’s eye and he smiled. Will. Smiled. At. Me. I swear I almost melted. I looked down, cheeks blazing. The lunch bell rang and I went to class. Lola and I have all our classes together, except Language at the end of the day. But before grammar I have PE. I love it. We played soccer and I was the captain, as always. Lola is good at sports too. And don’t think just because we are girlie girls we hate sports, because that is dead wrong. Lola and I

are always on the same team. Our gym teacher, Coach Bob, loves Lola and I. His two sports stars. The gym smelled terrible, like sweat, as it always does, but it was clean. Sort of. The floors were red and white, the school colors, and the gym was very big. Today it was boys verses girls, I kicked the winning goal and Couch Bob blew the whistle to hit the showers. It’s a rich school, so you can only imagine what the dressing rooms and showers look like. Think Paris Hilton style. We changed and I headed for Language, as Lola headed for the Language class for people that aren’t so smart. I giggled quietly. “What are you laughing at?” a British accent asked me. It was a really sexy voice, it was so deep and nice. I turned around to see who the voice belonged to. It was Will. “Oh um, just about a friend.” “So, you want to sit by me?” he asked. His voice was so smooth for a British accent. "Sure." I said. I looked around the room, Mrs Lizzy was talking in her usual high pitched voice. She had long blonde hair and was pretty. She was also pregnant, with a baby boy i think. She had posters of everything having to do with language arts. The walls where white but I could tell she did her best to make the room look more fun. I saw people throwing notes around and whispering to each other. Mrs Lizzy didn't seem to notice though.

“Don’t forget class your stories are due next week,” Mrs. Lizzy said when class was over. “So, I guess I will see you tomorrow?” he asked. “Yes I’ll see you tomorrow.” He smiled at that and walked away. Just then Lola walked up. “Was that...” “Will, yes it was.” I finished for her. “O my god, did he ask you out? What happened?” she asked eagerly. “Well he asked if he would see me here tomorrow" I said. “Aw that’s so cute,” Lola said. “But we better go. If I’m late for dinner my mom will kill me.” “Alright let’s go,” I said. We headed to our car. It’s our car because we both payed for it, but Lola got her driver’s license taken away because of reckless driving. So I drive from now on. It is a very nice car. ‘Course our parents pitched in. It’s pretty big, an Escalade, I think. I dropped Lola off at her gigantic house and then went next door to my gigantic house. Yes, we are neighbors. That’s how we met. My dad and her dad golf together and they started talking, found out they were neighbors, and bada bing bada boom we became BFF’s. I unlocked the door and went into the giant house. It has a big front room, the size of a hotel lobby, with tile floors. There are two huge staircases, one on each side of the room leading to the upstairs rooms. To the left is the kitchen and the theater were Lola and I go to watch movies, to the right is the

dance club were Lola and I throw the biggest parties of the year, and in between the two staircases is the bowling alley. After you pass the bowling alley, you go outside and I have a huge pool with a waterfall, and behind that is the tennis court. I headed up the left staircase, because our elevator hasn’t been working lately, to my room. My room is on the left side over the theater, with a gigantic bathroom. My little brother Bryn’s room is across the hall over the club. And my parents, Jennifer and John, are to the back of the house overlooking the pool. I lay on my sofa and turned on my flat screen TV. My dogs Cocoa and Taco jumped up to sit with me. Cocoa is a dark brown Chihuahua and Taco is a light brown Chihuahua. There was nothing on, so I turned the TV off and I was randomly hungry so I went to the giant kitchen. Surprisingly, Bryn was there. He never comes out of his room. He’s always either playing his guitar, talking to his girlfriend, or playing video games in his room. He is 13 years old and in eighth grade. “Hey,” I said. “Hey.” “Is Mom home yet?” I didn’t ask about dad because he is on a business trip. He’s the owner of some big time company that sells everything from cars to clothing. “Nope,” Bryn said. Mom is a big time lawyer so she is never home, just like dad, and when she’s not working at her court house she is answering her phone all the time.

“So what are you doing in the kitchen?” I asked while I was looking through the giant fridge. “Same as you,” he said as I took out a fudge Popsicle, my favorite. I smiled, thinking of the time Lola and I first met and she asked me what was up with me and the fudge pops. “So how are things?” I asked. “Me and Jessica broke up.” “I’m sorry.” “No big. I’m going out with a cute blonde named Tammy.” He grinned. “And you?” “Oh, well, there’s a new kid in school. I think he likes me and I like him,” I said remembering earlier. “Oh you mean that guy Will?” Bryn asked. “Yeah how’d you know?” “All the girls in my school are talking about him,” he said. “But how do you know he likes you?” “A girl just knows,” I said. “Okay,” he said skeptically, grabbed some gushers from the pantry and walked away. I sat at the kitchen bar and smiled to myself. I hope he liked me. He was so hot and he seemed like a nice guy. I heard the door being unlocked and Mom came in. She walked into the kitchen after setting her car keys and purse on the lobby’s table. “O, hey honey,” she said when she saw me sitting there. “Hey mom, what’s up?”

“I just got off the phone with my client and I think I may win this case,” she said proudly. “That’s great Mom.” She kissed me on the head and went upstairs. I fed the dogs and went to my room. I talked on the phone with Lola for a while and watched some TV. Then I went to bed on my big king sized bed. “Yo, I got that hit that beat the block, You can get that bass overload, I got the that rock and roll, That future flow...” My alarm clock sounded to the tune of my favorite song, Boom Boom Pow. I stretched, got out of bed and put my dark brown hair in a high pony tail. I went into my walk-in closet and picked out a white tank top with a Chelsea Flower black silk crepe fringe vest on top, and a Antik Denim Jeans skirt with my Sergio Rossio black All-Around-Zip ankle boots. I always dress well because if I wore stuff like a tee and converse my mom would kill me. No, torture me until I had some sense in me, then kill me. I went downstairs to eat some of my favorite cereal, Frosted Flakes which Jeff, our cook, had made a bowl of for me already. “Thanks Jeff,” I said with a smile on my face. “You’re welcome Miss Thompson.” “Jeff, you don’t have to call me by my last name or miss.” I laughed “Just call me Ali” “Yes ma’am.” “Jeff.”

“Sorry, yes Ali,” he said and I laughed. Bryn was eating his bowl of Trix next to me. Then I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from Lola. Lola: Hey girl Ali: Hey Lola Lola: wassup Ali: eating cereal Lola: yummy! Ali: for sho g2g ill b @ ur house in a minute Lola: kk She texts me every morning. I don’t know why. It’s routine for her I guess. I closed my awesome pink slider phone. “Good morning kids. Oh cute shoes Ali, can I borrow them sometime?” Mom asked. “Sure mom.” “Thanks. I’ve got to go, big day today. Have a nice day at school kids.” And before we could say goodbye, the door closed behind her. “Mmm” I sighed. “What?” asked Bryn. “She’s never home.” “Well, she is a lawyer.” “Yeah, I know.” I sighed again. “Well, I’ve got to go. I’m meeting Tammy at the bus stop” “Ok, bye” and he left.

I grabbed my book bag off the back of my chair and left the kitchen, then I grabbed my cute Marc Jacobs sunglasses and Dolce&Gabbana black purse off the lobby table. And my keys of course. I went out the door. I hopped in the car and drove to Lola’s house. She said goodbye to her parents and came running to the car. When she got in she showed me her cute flats. “You are lucky you have a bro,” she said. “Because I was so bored” “Well so was I, brothers aren’t that much fun,” I said. She laughed. We reached the school and went to the front doors, where Will was holding the door open for me. Lola walked with Don while I stayed behind with Will. “So I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?” He asked. “Yeah, how about Saturday?” “Great. I’ll pick you up around eight.” “Sure, can I have your phone number?” We exchanged numbers and then went to our classes. School was boring and the only fun part was when I sat with Will at lunch. His brothers were at a different table. The cafeteria was large, and held all the Juniors and Seniors. Today was caviar and some other food I couldn’t pronounce. The last bell eventually rang and Will walked me to my car. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed my forehead.

FIRST KISS I blushed as he left while I got in the car with Lola. “O someone got a boyfriend!” she squealed. “Yeah I guess I do. He is so funny and sweet.” “And he kissed you!” she yelled in a high pitch voice. “Only on the forehead,” I said as I rolled my eyes at her. “For now.” She giggled. We reached our houses. I dropped her off and unlocked my door. “Jeff!” I yelled. “Yes Ali?” “Can you bring up some food to my room?” I asked. “Fudge pop?” “Yes please,” I said, then went up to my room. When I finished my homework and my fudge pop I saw that I had gotten a text message. Will: Hello wassup? Ali: bordum Will: same here Ali: you want to come over? Will: okay, is it okay? Ali: ya my bros gf comes over all the time Will: okay see you soon I gave him directions, and then told my brother to not come into the theater.

I heard the doorbell ring and I ran as fast as I could to the door, but Jeff already answered it. “It’s okay Jeff, he’s invited,” I said. Jeff let him in and I told Will to follow me. “Wow. How were you bored in this house?” “Well, we have lived here so long it gets boring. So you wanna watch a movie, bowl, swim, play tennis or dance?” I asked. “Gets boring, huh?” he said and we both laughed. “Well,we could watch a movie.” “No problem.” Wow Will Johnson is in my house! I mentally screamed. “Follow me.” We walked past the kitchen to the theater. “Whoa, you have a movie theater?” he asked. “Yep” I laughed at his surprised expression. “What? You didn’t think I was rich?” “Well not this rich.” He laughed. I laughed too. We sat down on the leather reclining chairs and I used the awesome remote to find the movie on the list of hundreds of movies. I finally found it and it started up. Will looked even cuter in the dark. He looked at me and I blushed, and though I knew he couldn’t see it, he let out a little laugh. He cupped my face like he had before, but I knew he wasn’t going to kiss my forehead again. He kissed my lips. His full lips were so soft against mine. Every second we kissed I fell more and more in love with him. His breathing was even, but mine was jagged and rough. Our lips molded

together perfectly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he moved his hands to my waist. I sighed contently, because this was the perfect moment- just him and me. Each time I sighed, he would look me right in the eyes and I knew that by that sideways smile and beaming eyes he was really saying I love you. I melted, I and wanted us to melt together. To where we were so mixed, no one would be able to determine who was who. We would be one melted mass, together forever. All from just one look. Then a flash of light came from the doorway and of course it was Bryn and his girlfriend. I put my head on Will’s chest, sort of embarrassed, and he put his arms around me as I let him do the talking. “Do you guys mind? We are kind of busy,” Will said. “Oh, we’re sorry. Bryn lets go to the bowling alley,” the blonde girl, Tammy I think, said. “Ugh, fine,” Bryn said. They left, but I stayed buried in his chest. “I’m sorry my brother is so annoying,” I mumbled into Will’s chest. He smelled good. “It’s okay. My brothers are the same, so…” he pulled me away and looked into my eyes, “where were we?” He smiled and we were kissing again. The movie ended and he had to go, so I walked him to the door. “Goodnight Ali.”

“Night Will.” I smiled and he kissed me one more time before he left. I shut the door behind him. Wow. I must have the best boyfriend ever. That night I tried not to sleep. I knew that if I did, I would dream of him. Will. His name sounded so perfect on my lips that I almost had to scream. I wanted to lie there forever, soaking in the moment of when his lips pressed against mine. I wanted to relive those precious seconds again and again. As I slipped into sleep, my brain spared me no second. It was all him. As I hoped it would always be. I woke again to Boom Boom Pow, and got up to get dressed. I left my long hair down today. It was wavy and pretty. I put on my dark Diesel jeans and my Free People strapless white shirt. We can wear whatever we want at LA High, in the Hills. I picked out some white Versace high heels and since my bag didn’t match my outfit I picked out a Marc Jacobs Softy Jorie purse. I went downstairs and ate my breakfast. “Have fun last night?” Bryn said. “Look, I told you to stay out, so it’s your fault.” “Good morning everyone.” Mom came in wearing her pink Twenty8Twelve Katalina Strapless Dress and my Sergio Rossi black All-Around-Zip ankle boots. “Mom, you know you have to give those back tomorrow,” I said then laughed.

“Yeah, yeah,” she said dismissively. Her tan skin made the pale pink actually look good on someone. “So someone has a boyfriend?” she asked. “Yep,” I said proud. “I want to meet him.” “Um, okay.” “How about bringing him to church on Sunday?” “I’ll ask.” PARENTS The same routine went on again on the way to school. Lola complemented my outfit and said that she wished she was tan like me, so she could pull off white like I do. I kissed Will at school and of course people stared. In Language class there was a note on my desk.
Hey, my parents want to meet you do you think you can come over friday night? -Will

Since our date was Saturday I decided I would. Yeah that sounds good, my mom wants to meet you too so will you come to church with me on sunday? -Ali
Yeah, sure -Will

Looked like we had a full weekend in front of us. I crumpled the piece of paper and nodded to him smiling. He was so sweet. School let out and I had to go to with Lola so she could get her license. Again. Lola, Will, and I went to Lola’s and my car. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” Will said after we kissed for a few seconds. “Miss you already,” I teased. “Plus I think I may get a new car and give Lola this one since she’s getting her license and all, so you can come over later and bring me to the car dealer if that’s okay.” “Sure, see you later,” he said and hugged me. We drove to the police station to get Lola’s license. The cops told her to be more careful and I let her drive me home. She dropped me off right when Will pulled up. I got in his black 2010 Camaro. “Nice” I said. “Yeah, it’s alright,” he said and we both laughed. We drove up to the dealership and started looking at cars. Of course I knew my dad had a rare car saved for me. “Hi, I’m Joe. Your dad is the owner of this dealership?” Joe asked. “Yep.” “Your car is ready for you,” he said. “Come with me.” We walked to the back lot and there sat a silver 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago. Oh. My. God. “Here are the keys, and tell your father I said hello. The doors open upwardsyou’ll figure it out,” Joe said. I grabbed the keys and lifted the doors.

“Wow, thank you dad,” I said. “Whoa,” said Will. “I got to go, but I will see you at school.” “Okay.” We kissed and both drove off. It drove like a dream. I mean really. It was a smooth drive home, the engine purring quietly. I got home and dreamt of my car and Will, but mostly Will, the way he walks and talks, everything about him. The days passed and I got compliments on my car. Finally it was Friday, the day to meet Will’s parents. I went home and changed into my black and pink Twenty8Twelve dress. It was so adorable. I had just bought it yesterday with Lola for this occasion. It wasn’t too dressy, so I wouldn’t look like I had tried too hard. I put on my Sergio Rossi black All-Around-Zip ankle boots that my mom had hidden in her closet so I couldn’t get them back. Will pulled into the driveway and I grabbed my Dolce&Gabbana black purse and sunglasses and ran to his car. We headed a couple of subdivisions down and drove up to a one story house, though it was not small. “This is it,” he said. “It’s cute.” “Yeah.” He grabbed my hand and I followed him inside. “Okay my mom is a little...hyper,” he said with a laugh. We walked into his house. It was decorated modern style and smelled like Will.

“Welcome! It’s so nice to meet you! Will talks about you all the time!” Mrs. Johnson said. I understand what he meant by hyper. “Hi, nice to meet you too,” I said and smiled. Their dog came up and licked my hand and I knelt down to pet him. He was a Siberian husky puppy. “Mom, where are the guys?” Will asked. “Oh, they are coming they’re...out,” she said choosing her words carefully. Hmm. I could tell something was off, but I didn’t know what. “Okay well, how about dad?” Will asked. “In the living room, waiting to meet you,” she told me more than Will. We walked into the living room and there were pictures of the guys everywhere. “This must be you as a kid,” I said. In the picture frame was a little boy, maybe three, and he only had a diaper on. “Yep.” He laughed. “Hello.” A husky voice drew my attention away from the picture. It was Will’s dad. He was huge! He had gigantic muscles, a six pack, and short blonde hair. “Hello,” I said back. “We know so much about you, I feel like I practically know you,” he said and gave me a bear hug. Then I heard the door open. “Mom, dad, we’re home,” Charlie said.

“Hey boys, we’re in the living room,” she said. They came in. “Oh, this must be your girlfriend,” said Charlie. “Yep,” Will said proudly. I blushed and they all laughed. For some reason the other guys didn’t look as cute as Will. Charlie was very handsome, lady killer no doubt, but I just couldn’t see how anyone was as gorgeous as Will. We went to the kitchen and ate salad and chicken. After dinner, we went to the living room and Charlie teased Will as we looked at the baby photo albums. They were so nice. “Well, I have to bring Ali home. She’s probably tired,” Will said. They all hugged me goodbye and we got in the car. “I like your family. They’re nice,” I said. “Ya they’re cool.” We drove to my house and he kissed me goodnight. He turned away and I grabbed his hand and kissed him some more. He smiled and hugged me and got in his car. When he drove off I ran inside. I walked up to my room and changed into basket ball shorts and my Aeropostale t-shirt and called Lola. “Hello?” “You want to come over?” I asked. “Yeah. Movie night?” “Yup.” “Can I spend the night?” “Of course.”

“K, see you soon,” she said, then hung up. Lola and I always have a movie night once a week and talk about guys and such. Celebrity’s too. The doorbell rang and Jeff let Lola in. “Hey girl,” I said. “Hey, I brought 27 Dresses and The Pursuit of Happiness.” “Cool.” We walked up to my room and put in 27 Dresses. We played it in my room because we didn’t want anyone to hear us and we didn’t want to fall asleep on the recliners. I did that once when Lola slept over-we were both were so uncomfortable. “So, you met his parents?” she asked. “Yeah, they’re cool” “Oh and guess what!” “What?” “Harry Cobolton asked me out and I said yes!” “Oh my god Lola that’s great!” I lied, sort of. Harry was a nice kid, but he was a gangster want to be. Hot of course, but a little strange. This is normal for us. We always have boyfriends at the same time, or we don’t have them at the same time. We don’t plan this it just happens. “So I saw you guys kiss! Y’all are so cute together!” “Yeah.” We watched the other movies talking about who was dating and who was breaking up. Then we feel asleep.

MILO’S “Ali, there is that boy at the door. He says you were supposed to spend the day together.” That was Jeff waking me up, since I don’t set my alarm on weekends. Will must be here. “Lola wake up, Will’s here.” I shook her awake. God she sleeps like a rock! “Lola!” I said again. “Go tell him to come in I’m coming,” she said sleepily. “Jeff, tell him to wait downstairs. We’ve got to get ready. Oh and can you feed Taco and Cocoa for me?” I said. “Okay,” he said, then left the room. “Come on Lola, let’s get dressed.” “Ugh, fine,” she growled and I laughed at her. I put on my Juicy Couture dark jeans and a pink tank top with a lot of silver bracelets, and didn’t put on any shoes. Lola put on her DKNY Jeans and a yellow Aero shirt, also going barefoot. We went downstairs and talked about how cute each other’s jeans were. We walked into the kitchen to go eat breakfast and that’s where Will was. I ran to him and he hugged me tightly in his strong arms, then kissed me. He was very tall compared to me, especially without my heels on. “Hey Lola,” he said when she walked over to us. “Hey” she said back. “Ali, here are your Frosted Flakes and Lola here are your Cocoa Puffs,” Jeff said. He knew what Lola liked because she had slept over so many times. “Would you like anything?” Jeff asked Will.

“No thanks. I ate already,” Will said. “Suit yourself,” Jeff said. I sat beside Will and Lola sat by me. “So, we need to discuss party plans,” Lola told me. “Party plans?” Will asked. “Yeah, every year me and Lola throw the biggest party of the year and it’s supposed to be a surprise because the invites are the best. We like people to be surprised but since you know now...” I looked at Lola and she shrugged. “It’s cool, I hope I'm invited,” Will said. “Of course,” I said. He smiled. “So anyways, we need to get together a date and time, guest list and decorations, oh and I’m going to have to call DJ Unk,” Lola said. “Lola loves parties and party planning,” I explained to Will. “Oh,” Will said and we laughed. Ring. Ring. Ring. That was Lola’s phone. “Hello...Dad...Oh, ok I’ll be there in a sec...sure...bye.” She hung up. “That was my dad. He needs me to help him with some style thing. I’ll see you at school. Bye.” She hugged me, waved to Will, and left. “Finally alone,” Will said, grabbed me by my waist, and kissed me as I started to giggle. “Ughhum.” A coughing noise came from beside us. Jeff. “I think I’ll go tend to the plants,” Jeff said I blushed, then went back to kissing Will.

“So what do you want to do today?” I asked. “Hmm,” he said, still with his arms around my waist. “Whatever you want to do.” “Well, there is this place where you shop and the money goes to charity,” I said “But you probably don’t want to do that.” “That’s fine with me.” “Yay! I’ll go get my shoes on,” I said. I ran upstairs and grabbed my white flip flops. I decided to do simple today. I grabbed my white Marc Jacobs Softy Jorie bag and ran downstairs. “So who’s driving?” Will asked. “You can drive my car.” “You sure?” “Yeah, go ahead. You have to spend an hour with me shopping, so might as well have some fun,” I teased. He laughed. He loved the car and we finally made it to the Shop. I shopped and got some cute purses and hats. Then we went to eat lunch at Milo’s. “I’ve never been here before,” Will said. “People from our school don’t come here,” I said. “Lola and I discovered this place when we first met. I love to come here so I can get away from all the craziness of the city.” The little diner was a place where a person can get a hamburger and no one will stare at you strangely, a place where you can meet friends and chill. No celebrities, no paparazzi, and no people to talk bad about you, just a carefree place.

I remembered when I was little, growing up in this big town, all the places my mom and dad used to take me. I sighed. I missed my parents. “What?” Will asked me. “Well I was just thinking about my parents.” “Are you having problems at home?” he asked me, looking concerned. “No it’s just...they are never around anymore. I miss them.” “Oh, well I know they love you, because I don’t see how anyone can’t.” He smiled at me. Um, crisis. I think he said he loves me but I’m not sure. What should I say, I love you too? He didn’t exactly say I love you out front. “Aw, you’re so sweet.” I reached over the table and gave him a quick kiss. I wanted to smack myself in the head though. Ugh, I’m so dumb! “Would you two like a drink?” the waitress asked. “Yes, I’ll take a sweet tea,” I said. “And you?” the waitress asked Will. “I’ll take a coke, thank you,” he told her politely. She smiled and walked off. The waitress was an African American woman with blue hair, though somehow she pulled it off. She was skinny and very tall with a new orleans accent. The Diner door opened and I heard a familiar voice. “Ali!” Lola screamed. I turned around to see her with her boyfriend Harry. He had long hair that covered his eyes and it was dark brown, almost black. He was on the pale side and he wore a red shirt with baggy jeans. I looked at Will. I didn’t know why

I’d never noticed what he was wearing, but now that I did he looked even hotter. He was wearing an open blue button down shirt over a white T with sort of baggy pants, not as baggy as Harry’s, though, and Nike tennis shoes. Hot. “Yo, wassup,” Harry said. Will and I looked at him weird. “I didn’t know you guys were here!” Lola said. “Ya, well, we went shopping and we needed food, so here we are,” I said. “That’s cool. I bet you want to be alone, so we’ll just go to the Hungry Cat,” Lola said. The Hungry Cat is where lots of celebs eat. Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, and Lauren Conrad all eat there. “Her boyfriend is sort of strange,” he said in his beautiful British accent. I laughed. I didn’t really understand him, but if that’s what Lola likes... “Ya he’s is a little different.” “Well, I know Lola’s dating him but I wanted to tell you something... Ben likes her.” “No way!” “Yeah, the first day of school he liked her. He just doesn’t have the guts to ask her out. But you can’t tell anyone. You have to let him get the courage to ask her out himself.” “Okay,” I agreed. “Okay. Here is your sweet tea and your coke,” the waitress said. “I’m Desera. Are you ready to order?” “Ya I’ll take a cheeseburger with french fries,” Will said. “And I’ll have the Caesar salad.”

“Coming right up,” the waitress said. “You don’t eat hamburgers?” Will asked me. “Well, if I go higher than a size 1 in pants my mom will make me be on the treadmill for a long time. Like 2 hours a day at the least, so I try not to push it,” I said, remembering when I was a size 2. “One bite can’t change that.” “Here is your food,” Desera said. “Thank you,” Will said. “No way. If my mom finds out...” I said. He bit into the juicy hamburger. It looked so good, my mouth started to water. “One bite,” he said. “Fine, one bite. Only one-if I try to take another, steal it away.” He handed me the cheeseburger and I took a bite. It tasted so good, like having ice tea on a hot day or a hot chocolate on a cold day. “That was delicious. I haven’t had a hamburger in a very long time” I said. “Yeah, they are good,” he agreed. “So, tell me more about your family” “Well, my mom is never home, but she’s obsessed with looking great. She is trying to get me to be a model, but I don’t think I want to have to do that. I like being a normal teen. I mean, I already get enough paparazzi, being the

daughter of one of the richest men in the world. And I never see my dad-he’s always on business trips.” I complained. “That must be terrible.” “Yeah, I miss when we weren’t rich and we just had a normal family.” I sighed. “Well, normal isn’t always the best.” “I guess, and Bryn, as you saw, is aggravating most of the time.” “Ya, I remember. My brothers are the same, though not quite as aggravating,” he said and laughed. I smiled “But you’re family tries hard to be home. I can tell from your mom wanting to meet me that she cares,” he said. “Thanks.” “For what?” “Being there for me,” I said and we smiled at each other. We got finished with the food and Desera gave us the check. “I’ll pay” I said. “No, I’ll pay.” “No way.” “Yes way, all you had was a salad. It’s not that expensive,” he said and paid with cash. Of course, I was going to use my triple black card which has enough money to buy, well, lets say more than two beach houses, and now I feel bad. “I don’t want you paying, please let me pay,” I pleaded. “Nope.” The lady took the money. “Ugh” I said. “What?” “I could have paid” I grunted.

He laughed at me. THE SECRET Since it was only lunch time we decided to go hangout at his place. We got out of the car and he opened the door for me. Charlie and Ben were wrestling on the floor and their mom was telling them not to break her good china. Shrimp was sitting on the couch using his white Mac laptop and their dad was watching tv with a beer in his hand. “Oh hello there, you come to chill here?” their mom asked. “Mom, stop trying to be cool,” Will said. “Hey look, the girlfriend is here,” Charlie said while holding Ben down to the ground. “Hi,” I said. “Ouch! Dude get off, Hey Ali” Ben said. “Die Die! No!” Shrimp screamed. “What is it?” I asked as I went to sit by him on the red and white sofa. He was playing Warrior. Your supposed to be like this mid evil warrior and fight against other players on horses. I watched the family settle down. His mom was dusting and his dad had a beer and was watching football with Charlie and Ben. Will was sitting next to me watching me as I watched Shrimp kill another warrior. When it got dark Will told me we were going somewhere. We went for a walk, it was a roud that wound through the park. The moon was shinning down on Will’s face and he looked perfect. We sat down on a bench

and I leaned to kiss Will when someone had touched my shoulder. I turned around. I had seen this guy before...plenty of times... His short silver hair glistening in the moonlight. His dark brown eyes looked crazed. He was an older man. I went cold and still. “Hello. You must be Ali...” He said in a husky voice. He. Knew. My. Name. All of a sudden I was very freaked out. This guy must have been following us. That’s how he knew my name...But what if that wasn’t? What if he really had been following me... for real? “God, you’re gorgeous...” The stranger started to say while twirling a lock of my hair in his fingers, but the next thing I knew, Will jumped up, slamming him against the wall and I heard a cracking noise. I couldn’t think. I started fading. What was going on?! Everything was getting blurry. The next thing I knew, there was blood. Everywhere. I couldn’t breathe. Why was there blood? “Will!” I screamed. “Something doesn’t feel...” Then everything went black. The next thing I knew, there was shouting. I hadn’t opened my eyes yet, I just listened. “No, you have to understand. I have to protect her. I can’t lie to her, I can’t!” That must be Will. I’d recognize his voice anywhere.  “Why dude? Why can’t you just let her be? You are the danger!” someone said, must be Charlie. “No I can’t just leave her Charlie!” Will said. Leave me? I started to hyperventilate.

“Why not Will? Huh? You want to put our whole family in danger? Why?” Charlie yelled angrily. “Because...because I love her alright? I love Ali and if anything happened to her...” he said. He loves me! He LOVES me! “Oh so, your love is more important than the family,” Charlie asked. Then I heard a big crash. It sounded like they were fighting, but this was not play fighting. “Boys!” their mom yelled. “She’s awake.” Will ran to where I was. Speaking of... Where was I? I knew I was on a bed... smelled like Will, must be his bed. I opened my eyes. I saw Will run up and slam the door. There was an “Ouch”-must be Charlie. I giggled. Will smiled at me. I started to panic again. “Why was he after me? Who was he...?” I started. “I’m so sorry. I should have seen what was happening,” he said. “But you couldn’t have, I mean I didn’t even...” I started again. “Ali, I have to tell you the truth.” “Will” Charlie warned banging on the door. He knelt by the bed. “I’m not human. Well I am, but only half, maybe 75%, but the point is that I’m a werewolf, if only a little bit. My powers haven’t come fully like my brothers, because my mom is human. Anyway, I couldn’t sense him, but when he said that to you... I knew so I...I couldn’t let him keep stalking you Ali.” He bent his head down and sat on the end of the bed. I sat up. Wow. My boyfriend was a werewolf. Did not see that coming, but I still loved him, he was my

world and if I lost him I didn’t know what I would do. I loved him. More than words could describe. I lifted his chin. “Will, its okay. I understand...” I started. “But I...” “I don’t care what you are Will. You mean everything to me. You saved me Will, and that’s all that matters.” I smiled. “Will, she had a long day. Let her rest,” his mom said as she walked into the room. I lay down after Will kissed my forehead. “Oh Will?” “Yes?” “I love you too,” I said, then smiled. He smiled at me too. The next day I woke with a huge headache. The kind that pierces your temples. “Hey,” Will said when he saw that I was awake. “Hey. I have a major headache,” I told him. “Come to the kitchen. We have breakfast ready and I will get you some Tylenol. I got up and walked into the kitchen. Eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, bread, and all of that good stuff was on the table and everyone was eating. “Come sit,” their mom said. “You can sit next to Will, over there by the window.” If I ate this... Oh well. It tasted good. I mean Jeff cooked okay, but next to Will’s mom his food tasted like crap. “Here is your Tylenol,” Will said as he came to sit by me. “Thanks.” I took it with orange juice.

“You want jelly on your bread?” their mom asked. “No thanks, I don’t like jelly.” “How can you not like jelly?” Shrimp asked I shrugged. “We are going to have to tell your mom you fell and bumped your head,” Will said. “Okay.” “Well, I have to go to work. I’m a psychic ya know,” she informed me. “Cool,” I said. She left and then Charlie spoke. “So you know you can’t tell anyone.” “I wasn’t going to tell. As long as it keeps Will safe I won’t tell,” I said. “Good,” Charlie practically growled. “Dude chill,” Shrimp said as he looked up from his PS2 thing. “She won’t tell.” “Thanks,” I mouthed to him. Shrimp and I had started to get closer since we had talked about his laptop game. He was like a nice version of Bryn. “One more problem,” Will said. “What?” Charlie said. “What if that guy had friends?” “No dude, that was a freak thing, a one in a million chance,” Ben said. “Yeah I guess you’re right,” Will agreed. There was a short silence. “Well, I am full,” I said, then I remembered.

MOM “Mom.” “What?” Will asked. “Church! Today is Sunday!” I said. “Oh I was supposed to meet your mom,” he remembered. “What time is it?” “Nine thirty.” “We are half an hour late, but we can still make the last half.” Will went to go get ready and since I had slept in my clothes, I just put my shoes on and waited for Will. “Okay, let’s go,” he said. We made it to church right at the communion part, where they give the bread and wine. We sat in the back and when church let out we found my mom outside. “Bout time,” she said. Bryn was with her. “We are sorry Mrs. Thompson. Ali fell, but we took care of her. ” Oh my god is she okay? Are you okay sweetie?” she asked. “Yes mom, I’m fine,” I assured her. “Well good, thank you for taking care of my daughter um…” “Will,” he said. “Yes, thank you Will, I must say you are a handsome young boy. I hope you take care of Ali.” “Yes ma’am.” “Okay, should we go eat?” Mom asked.

“Um, we fed Ali already.” “Oh.” She looked at me to see if I still fit in my pants. “Mom, it was one meal,” I said. “Okay…” “Well, I guess I should take Ali home,” Will said. “That would be great.” Mom walked off and I looked down. He lifted my chin. “You are a beautiful girl. You don’t have to worry what your mom says,” he said and hugged me tight. We walked to his car, since had I left mine at his house, and drove to my house. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow from school and in the afternoon you can come over and get your car,” he said. “Do you want to stay over for a while?” “If you want me to.” “Yeah.” We walked up the pathway to my house and went in when Jeff opened the door. “How long have you not taken a shower?” Jeff asked and walked away. “Werewolf thing.” Will shrugged. I guess you stink like a dog when you’re a werewolf. But I hadn’t noticed. I don’t even notice what he is wearing, I guess because I was always staring into his beautiful blue eyes. “You know you have no living room?” he said. “Well the fam never eats together, so there is no need,” I said. “I know weird huh?”

“Sort of. You think there would be one in as big of house as this.” “I guess, but no one is ever home.” We walked up to my room where we sat on the sofa. “So is it okay if I ask about this werewolf stuff?” “Yeah.” I decided to start with the question I was most curious about. “So can you bite someone, and like turn them into a werewolf?” “Yes, It’s called the werewolf bite, but most werewolves are genetic” “Why were you staring at me the first day we met?” “You were just so...beautiful...tantalizingly beautiful. If I chose to be with you I had to be careful. I didn’t know what kind of danger I could be. So I was searching for answers in my head and I knew I couldn’t stay away from you.” “When you...change...what do you look like?” “Well, like a normal wolf with wolf teeth and such.” “So you could kill someone?” “Yeah I can kill.” “You said you didn’t have your complete powers. What do you mean?” I asked. “I don’t have as good hearing as my brothers or dad, my sense of smell isn’t the best thing either, and I can detect things like stuff out of the ordinary, but not as good as my dad or bros either, so I was mad at myself when I let him get that

close to you. I should have...” I put my hand on his shoulder and he looked at me. “I’m sorry Ali.” “It’s not your fault Will, you did what you could. The past is the past.” “But...” I put my finger on his lips. Then I kissed him. It was a more passionate kiss than usualan I love you kiss. He slid his hands down my sides and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He stunk a little bit, but not much. I loved him so much, more than the earth and the skies. I would give it all up to be with Will and I knew he felt the same, from the way he was kissing me, slow and passionate, from his steady breath, and the way his lips moved. I loved him. “Your mom is here,” he said, pulling away. But I didn’t want that, all I wanted was him. Forever. “” “Hey honey. What are you up to?...” She walked into my room. “Um mom? Knock?” I was tired of being interrupted. “Oh sorry, but you have yoga today. Your instructor is here.” “Okay mom I’ll be down in a second. Want to watch some yoga?” I asked Will. “Sure.” Will laughed. “Hey how did you know my mom...?”

“Her heels make the loudest noise ever,” he said and smiled. “Oh,” I said and smiled too. Yoga was boring as usual. It was at the pool side in the grass. Will sat on a yoga mat and watched as the instructor showed me the moves. I fell a lot and so did the instructor, which made Will laugh. The instructor glared at Will. “Okay center yourself” She said then fell. Will bursted out laughing, again. “Maybe we should pick this up another day” I said laughing while trying to help her out. Yoga ended and Will and I walked back to my room. Will had to go because his mom wanted him home by a certain time. I didn’t understand why though. “Bye Will,” I said at the door. “Bye Ali. I love you,” he said as he kissed me softly on the lips. “I love you too.” It sounded perfect because I meant it. He left and I went up to my room to watch some TV. THE STRANGER The next day I put on some Juicy Couture dark jeans and a yellow Aero T-shirt with flip flops. Jeff asked if I wanted any cereal and I said yes. I ate my Frosted Fakes quickly and rushed outside when I heard a car door shut. I opened the large doors and saw Will.

I jumped into his arms. He hugged me tight and we got in the car. “Ugh another Monday.” I sighed. Will laughed. We walked into the large building and went to our first classes. After those five exciting, not really, classes, it was lunchtime. I went to sit with Will. We sat at our own table with Lola, Harry, Charlie, Ben, and some other friends like Don. I shoved my fork in my salad and prepared for that first bite. “Wait, don’t eat that. It smells off,” Will said. “Okay if you say so…” “Here, eat this.” He gave me his apple. “Thanks,” I said sarcastically. “For real, it smell’s...poison...” “But how? Why?” I asked. “I don’t know” He said. “Strange” I said. “Why would someone want to poison me?” “I don’t know.” The bell rang for class and I headed for gym. Lola and I were the red team, but I didn’t feel up for playing basketball today. Why did someone try to poison me? Who was this person? This was creepy... “Um, Ali are you going to play or just sit there?” Lola asked. I got up and went to go play. Gym let out and I went to go change. “You looked distracted,” Lola said. “Yeah, I was just thinking,” I said to make up an excuse. I walked into grammar class ready to see Will, to see his perfect face, to hear his angel voice, and to kiss his soft lips. I met him at the door and we went into Mrs. Lizzie’s class

together. We sat towards the back of the class and took notes. Just a regular boring day...sorta... When class ended, I went to Will’s car. We drove through the traffic of LA and went to his house to get my car, then Will and I headed to my house to hang out. “Let’s go to my room.” Will smiled and followed me. We entered my room. “Wait, someone was here. It’s that same feeling I had at lunch” Will said. “Someone was in my house!?” “Well in your room. They were looking for something, but I don’t think they found it.” “What if he or she was looking for me?” I asked quietly. “We can’t let them find you. I can’t leave you alone.” “But you can’t sleep at my house, my mom will freak.” “I guess you can stay with me, but how do we explain that to your mom?” “Will, I don’t know.” “Ali, I will not let that that person get close to you, not like last time.” “Okay, so what do I tell her?” I asked. “You’ll write a note saying that you and I had a fight and you need to clear your mind, so you are going to live with a family member for a while.” “Okay you pack my stuff. I’ll go write the note.” I got a piece of computer paper and wrote quickly.

Mom,  Will and I had a fight. I’m so angry I just need to clear my head. I am going to live with Nana for a while. I love you. Please I just need to be alone don’t call please I will come back when I am ready. Love, Ali As I wrote this I started to cry a little. I would miss my family. And being in danger was so scary, being stalked freaked me out. But I knew Will was here with me, everything would be okay...I hoped. “I got your clothes...” Will started, but he saw me crying and came over to hug me. Being in his strong arms felt good, it let me feel that everything was okay, that he would be there for me and protect me. “I promise to keep you safe, no matter what, even if I have to sacrifice my...” “No! Will don’t think like that. If you were gone I don’t know what I would do.” “I love you,” I said then I reached up and kissed him. I placed the note on the top of my bed. “Let’s go” Will said. We walked out the front door with my clothes. Jeff wasn’t there since it was his day off. We got into his car. The night was still, black, as we drove through the busy streets. You would think that with so much traffic and the big city surrounding you, it wouldn’t be so silent, so black. But all I

could think about was what if something happened to Will or his family. That fear was worse then the stalker trying to get me. at least I would be dead, unlike if Will died, I would have nothingness in me, just black, like the night. We finally reached Will’s house, grabbed my things, and went inside. “What’s going on?” their mom asked. “I thought you were psychic,” I said. “Not that kind dear,” she said still looking at Will. “Someone is after her. I have to keep her safe.” “Okay sweetie,” Mrs. Johnson said. “She can stay in my room,” Will said. “Oh, really?” Charlie cut in. “Shut up Charlie. You’re not being helpful,” Will said. Charlie barked a laugh. “And I will sleep on the sofa in my room,” Will said. “Alright,” their mom said. We walked into Will’s room. For the first time I actually took in my surroundings. His room had blue walls and his bed was blue with some white added to it. I bet his mom had decorated it. It was simple, not too fancy, but not undone either. Like Will. Will was easy to talk to and be around, but he always did those little things like hold the door for me. I went to sit on his bed cross-legged. “I wonder if he or she was really after me or maybe he or she was after something else,” I wondered out loud. “We still can’t take any chances, but what I can’t figure out is why,” Will said. “Well, my dad is one of the richest men in the world.”

“True, but he wasn’t in your brother’s room. He could have held either one of you for ransom.” “Maybe it was a friend of the stalker at the park.” “Maybe.” “Dinner!” their mom screamed. Will rolled his eyes. “You hungry?” he asked, smiling. I nodded then we headed for the kitchen. “We have red beans and rice tonight. Is that okay? I can make you a salad,” Will’s mom said. “No this looks good. Thank you Mrs. Johnson.” “Oh sweetie, you can call me Mom. You’re already considered part of the family,” Mom said. Part of the family...I let that sink in. I liked it especially since that family was Will’s family. Mom put plates of food in front of all of us. The boys’ plates were a lot bigger than mine. “Thank you,” I mouthed to Mom as she smiled at me. She knew my fear of gaining wait. When we finished our food I asked “How can you guys eat all that?” I was full already and they had more than me. “Well as werewolves we grow fast and one day we will look like Dad,” Will explained. I looked at their dad. He was very buff, six pack, strong arms, all that. Then I looked at Will. He had abs and muscles, not like his dad, but he was fit. Charlie was the closest to his dad, Ben was like Will, and Shrimp... I started to laugh at Shrimp. He glared at me. “Well you all look done,” Mom said as she took our plates into the kitchen to wash. We went to the living room. Shrimp

brought out his laptop from his room and showed me a new game he had gotten. Charlie and Will were having an arm wrestling match on the living room table, Mom looking scared that they would break it. Their dad was trying to watch TV over all the noise. “So what you do is press the spacebar to shoot aliens” Shrimp was telling me. He started playing and died. “Let me try,” I said. I shot down aliens for about twenty minutes and got bored. “I’m bored Shrimp, this it too easy.” “What!? You got the new high score!” “Awesome,” I said sarcastically. “Fine, I bet I can beat your high score.” “Ten bucks you can’t” I said. “Deal” Shrimp said then we shook hands and I grinned at him. “Ow!” I heard Will say. I looked to see what was going on. Charlie had Will pinned to the floor. “Boys that’s enough, let’s go to bed,” Mom said. I got up off the sofa and went with Will to his room. “Night,” I said to Will while getting in bed. “Goodnight Ali,” Will whispered in my ear and he kissed my cheek. I heard him get under the covers on the sofa. I fell asleep then, but as soon as I did, I woke to a nightmare about Will leaving me. It was a cold night and I was at the same place where the stalker had talked to me. Will was standing there not meeting my eyes, but then he said “I’m leaving you.” Then he was

gone and it was just me, standing there alone. I felt the night grabbing me and I couldn’t breathe. The darkness was taking over me. That’s when I woke up. I was so happy to see Will lying there on the sofa in such a peaceful sleep. I wanted to be with him, to feel his skin against mine, to know that he was there. I got out of bed quietly and got on the sofa. My body fit perfectly, like we were made to be together. He lay on his back so I put my head on his chest, breathing in deeply, taking in this moment. I fell asleep with good dreams of Will and me together. My Will. My. It sounded good, like assurance that he would be there with me forever. Morning came and I felt for Will, but he was already up. He didn’t have his shirt on and his pants were sagging just a little bit so you could see his underwear. Perfect. “I’m sorry,” I said. “It’s okay.” He laughed. “I just... I had a nightmare...that you left me,” I confessed. “Ali, I would never leave you,” he said as he came to hug me. I could tell that he had just taken a shower because his hair was wet. “What about school?” I asked. “We can’t go for a few days. We’ll have Ben bring us our homework.” The day was long and slightly boring, but at least I was with Will. He and I sat around talking about things. “So, there is different packs?” I asked. “Yeah”

“And most of them?” “Live in the U.S. but they are all across the world” “So you, your brothers and your dad are a pack?” “Yes, there is a pack close to us that we are friendds with, we got to see them often” After we talked for a while we watched some TV. We couldn’t go out and we had to be careful that no one knew where we were. LOLA That night we decided to watch the news. “This just in...” the news woman said. I looked up from Shrimp’s laptop. “Lola Marie Scott was kidnapped this morning. Police are investigating the crime as we speak,” the news woman said, again showing a picture of Lola. Lola... my best friend... Oh. My. God. was all I could think. Then the phone rang. “Hello?” I said. “Hello Alison, I guess you saw the news,” a woman's voice said. I put the phone on speaker. “I am the kidnapper. I have Lola with me. You see, the man who was stalking you was my mate, and now, William, I’m going to kill your mate. You know who I am William. If you want this Lola, then have Alison come to the alley on North St. You will see a old warehouse. See you there.” The woman laughed, then hung up. “We have to call the cops,” I said.

“No, too risky on both our sides,” Will said. “Who is she?” Charlie asked. “Maya,” Will told him. “You mean the werecat?” Charlie asked. “The crazy cat lady?” Ben asked. “Yes,” Will said. “I thought we killed her?”Shrimp said. “So did I” Will said. “Well, I’m going,” I said. “No Ali,” Will said. “We have to do something Will!” I screamed. “Like what huh? Let you go? Not an option,” Will said. “She’s my best friend,” I said with angry tears. “And what about you? Me?” “You’re being so selfish! I will not let Lola die!” I screamed, then ran to Will’s room and slammed the door. I sat on his bed, angry tears rolling down my cheeks. No, I would not sit there and be helpless, while Lola was in danger. No, I will save her. There was a nock at the door. “Ali, please...” I ignored Will for the first time ever. I waited for everyone to go to sleep. When it was about midnight I started writing my letter to Will. Will, I guess this is goodbye. Lola can’t die and I won’t let her. Please don’t be mad this is good Lola will be alive. And I’m not scared. I love you so much Will.

-Ali I grabbed my car keys and laid the note on the kitchen table. Everyone was asleep. On the way, I was thinking how happy Lola’s family would be. Lola would be alive. I would do this for anyone I cared about-my family, my friends, Will... definitely Will. I pulled up onto the alley and parked in front of the warehouse. This is where Lola would be freed. I heard a cat meow and I looked to my left to see a black cat with big green eyes. I shivered. Something about the cat was off. I remembered Will saying something about cat, but I hadn’t really been paying attention because I was too stunned about Lola. I walked inside and saw Lola tied to a post. It was hard to see her though; it was dark inside and very torn down. It looked like the whole place was going to collapse. Every time I took a step there was a creaking noise and there was faint meowing. “Lola” I said as I started toward her. “Ali? Ali! Be careful the cats are...” she started, but before she could finish, two men grabbed me and held me still. “Hello there, Alison Victoria Thompson. What does William call you? Ali? Yes that’s it. Ali.” The black cat I had seen earlier had changed into a person. She had straight black hair and had leather pants and a skin tight jacket on. She was about twenty. She was very pretty, supermodel pretty. But she looked crazy too, as the stalker had. I remembered now, what Will was saying. “Maya,” I growled.

“You know my name!” Maya said, sounding happy. “I guess Will told you.” “Well, are you going to let Lola go?” I asked. She looked shocked. “Why no, I’m going to kill you both just to get under Will’s skin,” she said laughing. This lady was crazy. I saw now why Ben had called her the crazy cat lady. “You can’t! You said...”I started. “I know what I said, and well, I changed my mind.” She grinned. “Now tie her to a post.” I tried to struggle, but they were too strong. I should have listened to Will. Maybe he would have come to save Lola. But it was too late now... “Lola?” I said. I looked over at her. She looked beat up. She didn’t answer me; it looked like she was planning to attack or something. Her body was perfectly still. Then someone smacked me. Maya. I glared at her. “Give me the knife,” Maya told one of the men and looked at me. “I will start with you, since you are the most important to him,” Maya said as she was taking the knife out from a red pouch. I couldn’t really see what the knife looked like, but I knew it was big. She raised it up over her head. I was about to scream when I heard the most beautiful thing ever. “Don’t do it Maya,” Will said. There were five dark figures in the doorway. I saw the people standing around me and Lola change into cats. Maya looked at me with so much hate. She started down with the knife as the cats ran for Will and his family. All in

one motion, the five figures in the doorway changed into wolves. The dark wolf shadows were attacking the cats and one of them had bitten Maya’s arm before she could stab me. I heard a lot of growling in the background, and ripping. When the wolf on Maya’s arm wouldn’t let go, she grabbed his neck and threw him against a post. When he hit the post he fell to the ground, his head facing toward me. I looked into those wolf eyes and knew right away from the brilliant blue to the way the wolf looked at me. “Will,” I whispered. Maya was about to stab me again, but Will got up and shook off. He headed for Maya again, this time heading for her neck. I saw his teeth go into her neck, like teeth to a apple. Maya fell to the ground, blood everywhere. Will changed into a human and put on his clothes, as did the others, and came to untie me. As soon as I was cut loose, I ran to him and hugged him tight. “I will never leave you again. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me,” I said. “I love you Ali,” he said, hugging me tight, too. He let go and looked at me like I was the only person in the world. “I’m sorry,” I said. “It’s not your fault, I should have been more helpful to you.” He kissed me, arms wrapping around my body. I put my hands in his pockets and kissed him slowly. He was the only person in the world for me. The one I loved the most. I wanted to be with him. Forever. I hugged him tight after the

kiss and I breathed in taking in this moment. Charlie cut open Lola’s rope that tied her to the post. “Oh wait, there’s still one left!” Lola said. Then she kicked one man’s head while he was trying to get up. Will and I laughed. “Come on Lola, let’s get out of here,” I said. We all walked out of the old warehouse. Lola was walking beside me; talking about how she could kick all their butts with her crazy ninja pirate skills-don’t ask. Charlie was showing off his muscles and punched Ben in the arm. I rolled my eyes. Their dad was being quiet, just walking. Will had his hand in my back pocket and looked down at me smiling, saying with his eyes that he loved me more than anything, just the way I loved him. We got in the cars and drove to Will’s house. As soon as we opened the door Mom was there. “Are you alright?” she asked. “Yes we’re okay, thanks to Will and everyone else,” I said. Will was hurt a little from being thrown so hard, but everyone else seemed fine to me. I knew that I meant every word, that he could have left me, but he came and I knew that the nightmares of him leaving me would vanish, just the way I wanted it to be. PHYSIC

“Ali, I need to talk to you,” Will said. We went to stand in the hallway facing the living room as everyone else went into the living room. “What?” I asked. “We have to erase Lola’s memory of the kidnapping. We can’t have her knowing; it puts our family in to much danger,” he said. “Okay as long as it keeps you safe” I said. We walked into the living room. “Lola can you close your eyes for me please?” Mom said. Lola was sitting on the sofa, Mom standing up with her hand on Lola’s head. I remembered that Mom was physic and that’s why she could do all this. I stood there quietly, just watching, standing next to Will and Charlie. Mom was mumbling something I couldn’t hear, and then Lola fainted. I took a step forward, but Will grabbed my shoulder and I looked up at him. “It’s okay, she has just fainted. Charlie will bring her home and when she wakes up it will be like nothing even happened.” I saw Charlie walk over to Lola and carry her out the front door. At least Lola didn’t have to worry about keeping the secret. What if it accidently slipped out, I would let everyone down... especially Will. Then my nightmare would come true. I couldn’t let that happen. I would never tell.

CONFRONTING MOM “Now we have one thing left to do,” Will said. I looked at him strangely. What was he talking about? Then I remembered. “Mom.” I sighed. “Yes, we have to go to your mom now.” We got all my clothes and headed for the door. Will’s mom gave me an encouraging smile. When we got to my house I was freaking out. Going up the steps to my house I started shaking. What if she hates me now? I thought to myself. “How is it that you are so scared to face your mom, but you have no fear going into an old warehouse where a crazy lady is fixing to kill you?” He laughed. I didn’t answer; I was too scared. We entered the house through the huge glass front doors. Will put his arm around me for support. I went into the kitchen. There my mom was crying on my dad’s shoulder. “Honey, we’ve missed you!” my dad said. My mom turned around to see. “Ali!” She ran over to me. “I missed you.” “I told you she was fine,” my dad said. “It’s all your fault.” My mom looked at Will with hate. “No mom, it was my fault. I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have just left like that,” I said. My mom hugged me. “Oh sweetie, just never leave me like that again,” my mom said. I hugged her back.

“I love you mom.” “I love you too, Ali,” my mom said. “And who is this?” my dad asked. My dad was really tall and muscular, still good looking at 35. He had black short hair and a little beard. I let go of mom. “This is my boyfriend, Will,” I said proudly. My dad shook Will’s hand. “Firm handshake young man. Better take care of my daughter and make sure no harm comes to her,” my dad said. “Yes sir,” Will said looking at me. I smiled at him. He was right, they did care about me. ONE MORE KISS The night was peaceful as I thought of the future; my days I would get to spend with Will. The days knowing that Lola was safe. I fell into a deep sleep with nothing but good dreams all night. The next day I woke up and changed into my jean skirt and my Aero t-shirt. I went down stairs and ate breakfast like I do every day. But there was one change. Today Will picked me up from my house. School was long and boring. Everyone was glad to see I was back though. There was a lot of “I missed you” and “where were you”, but besides that it was just a plain old normal day. We sat at our usual table and I caught up on all the gossip. When school ended, Will and I got in his car. We were not headed for my house so I asked where we were going.

“To a place we can be alone,” Will said. We drove off the main highway to a place that had a lot of trees and looked like a forest. “Where is this?” I asked. “This is where the people come to change into werewolves and hunt. But not tonight because it’s cloudy, which means no moon, so we can’t change,” Will said after he saw my shocked face. It was different here, quiet and still. Probably the only forest in LA. He grabbed my hand and brought me toward the woods. There was a little pond with rocks around it. I sat down on the soft grass next to the pond. The wind was blowing in my hair, a fresh wind I hadn’t felt in forever. Will came to sit beside me. “I come to this place sometimes just to get all the craziness of being a werewolf off my mind for a while.”. “Do you ever get scared; I mean like that you will lose control?” “All the time. I am worried about that most when I am with you. I don’t want to hurt you. Being a werewolf means that we have bad tempers. Sometimes we are angry or vicious, other times we are calm and relaxed.” I looked at him for a while. He was looking up at the sky, wearing a white t-shirt with his usual jeans. I felt a raindrop on my cheek, then another and another. It started raining harder and we walked to the car. His hot hand in mine.

“Wait,” I said. I pulled him close to me, my arms wrapped around his neck. It was raining heavy now, soaking us. Will’s hair was drenched and looked darker. It was shaggy and looked hot wet. I reached up to kiss him, the rain pouring down on us. I sat on the hood of the car and kissed Will slowly, wrapping my legs around him. I wanted this moment to last forever. Our kissing sped up, as did my breathing. Will’s breathing did, too. I slid back on the hood and cupped Will’s face. He came onto the hood with me, his body hot on top of mine. My wet hair was wrapped around my face and neck. I felt Will’s hands slide up and down my sides, my hands on his face and in his hair. I wanted this moment forever, the fire, and the passion. Will’s lips moved to my neck; they were so soft. He moaned every time I touched his skin. When he touched my skin I shivered, sighed, and moaned too. His hands ran through my hair and slid down my sides. The rain was cold, but all I felt were his lips and his hands. He was perfect. I knew that there would be a strange future ahead of us and the struggle in keeping the secret, but right now I didn’t care. It was just me and Will...