WALKING IN MEMPHIS Written by Jake Rains

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FADE IN: EXT. CITY STREETS - DAY A caravan of vehicles driving through stop signs and lights. A HURST is leading the pack with a limousine directly behind. Each car having a purple flag waving as they go through the intersections. EXT. CEMETERY -DAY The line of cars pull up to an already dug up grave site. ALEX WATERS gets out of the limo, walks to the back of the Hurst, and helps carry the casket over to the final resting place. The funeral begins with Twenty or so people are grouped together around the plot, listening to the REVEREND read. REVEREND All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. ALEX is standing at the front of the crowd. Straight faced, looking down at the closed casket. His girlfriend SAM is standing next to him, clutching his hand tightly. REVEREND (CONT’D) He that raised up Jesus from the dead will also quicken our mortal bodies, by his Spirit that dwelleth in us. Chains are heard from afar. ADAM WATERS, wearing a bright orange jump suit and being escorted by police, walk up to the side of the proceedings. ALEX look’s over for a quick glimpse. ADAM locks his eyes onto ALEX’s, causing ALEX to turn quickly. A GROUNDSMEN takes a shovel, inserts it into the pile of dirt next to the grave site, and starts to pour dirt onto the lowered down casket. REVEREND (CONT’D) Unto Almighty God we commend the soul of our sister departed, and we commit her body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. A single tear falls from ALEX’s eye. CAMERA: Tight on ALEX and SAM’s hand.

2. ALEX squeezes SAM’s hand tighter. SAM turns and hugs ALEX. MRS and MR JOHNSON come over to ALEX. MR JOHNSON I’m so sorry for your loss. ALEX Thank you Mr Johnson. ALEX lets loose of his grip on SAM’s hand, and shakes MR JOHNSON’s hand. MR JOHNSON She was a great woman, and she’ll be missed. MRS JOHNSON comes up and hugs ALEX. MRS JOHNSON I loved your mother like a sister. I know this is a hard time for you. If you need anything.. ALEX Thank you, I appreciate it. MRS JOHNSON Of course, dear. MR and MRS JOHNSON walk off. ADAM is still standing off to the side, watching everyone walk away. Once it’s cleared out, he makes his way to the grave. Tears are flowing down his face. He slightly sniffles. ALEX walks up next to him. Hey. Hey. ALEX ADAM

The TWO BROTHERS just stare at the casket for a beat. Alright. ALEX

ALEX turns and walks back over to SAM, who is standing off to the side. ADAM (shouting at ALEX)


3. ALEX keeps walking away. Alex! ADAM (CONT’D)

ALEX, ignoring ADAM, gets inside the limo with SAM. INT. LIMO -DAY ALEX sits there, looking straight ahead at nothing. SAM is sitting next to him. She reaches over, and takes ALEX by the hand. You okay? SAM

ALEX Yeah... I will be. SAM Your brother came. ALEX Yep, he did. SAM What did he say? Nothing. ALEX

SAM What’d you say to him. ALEX Nothing. (turning and snapping.) Can we not talk about Adam! SAM (taken back.) I’m sorry. ALEX Look, I just have a lot on my mind, and this isn’t the best of times. SAM I know, I’m sorry.

4. EXT. CEMETERY -DAY ESTABLISHING SHOT of the LIMOUSINE driving away. CUT TO: INT. ATTORNEY'S OFFICE - DAY ALEX and SAM are sitting down in front of GEORGE SAMILSON, SUSAN’s ATTORNEY. GEORGE is flipping through paperwork on his desk. GEORGE Alex, I know this must be hard for you. ALEX George, please, don’t. GEORGE Fair enough. Well, due to your brother’s incarceration, you are the sole beneficiary of your mother’s belongings. GEORGE hands a few papers over to ALEX. ALEX What’s this? GEORGE A list of everything that’s now yours. It’s not much.. ALEX (Snaps) It’s not much? This isn’t the fucking lottery I just won! We’re talking about my mother here. GEORGE I’m sorry, I didn’t mean.. ALEX Forget about it. Where do I sign? GEORGE (Pointing.) Right there. ALEX signs his name on the line, throws the papers onto GEORGE’s desk.

5. ALEX We done here? GEORGE Yeah, we’re done. I’m sorry again, Alex. INT. SUSAN WATER’S HOUSE -DAY ALEX and SAM are going through SUSAN’s things. Sorting them into various piles. There is quite the collection of Elvis memorabilia. ALEX Can you hand me the tape? SAM Yeah, sure. SAM grabs a tape roller, and hands it to ALEX. He is building boxes. SAM (CONT’D) Your mom sure loved Elvis. ALEX Yep, she sure did. SAM I’ve never seen this much Elvis stuff in one place. ALEX My mom was quite the collector. She loved Elvis. SAM That’s cute ALEX She always used to tell me that there are only two people in this world I can count on. Elvis, and Adam. SAM That’s sort of sweet. ALEX Well, Adam is a druggy, and Elvis is dead. None of these things were in her plan.