Tutorial Lesson 2 – Building Your First Solid Model
** We are about to begin building our first Pro/ENGINEER part! Make sure you have read the above “Terms You Need To Know” and completed the installation instructions that are contained in the readme.txt file. Begin by starting up a new session of Pro/ENGINEER. We are going to use a default template to create our first part. **

FILE Menu: #New or select , Enter: <basic> (make sure “use default template” is checked), #OK

TOOLS Menu: #Environment…, [make sure Datum Planes is checked], #OK Or Toolbar: Make sure the datum plane box is turned on in the datum display buttons.

** By using a “default template” our part has predefined datum planes and views already set up. You can create new parts without using the “default template” method, however using these template parts can be a huge time saver. Your screen should now look similar to the following image. **

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** The next step is to create the first protrusion. One thing to keep in mind when creating models with Pro/ENGINEER is that there are many different ways to do the same thing. So once you complete this tutorial, try building it with other methods that you think might work. There is not necessarily one correct solution. However, you do typically want to create the model in as few features as possible. **

INSERT Menu: #Extrude… or select


** You should now have the dashboard appear in your message area. This looks like the following image. **

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** The first step is to create a sketch which is the first button on the left. Select this button to open the Sketch dialog box. **

Dashboard: #Placement, #Define… Section dialog: select Top datum
** The section dialog is the basis of creation of all sections. The first option in the dialog box is to choose the Sketch Plane, which is the TOP datum plane for this feature. You can see an option of Use Previous which allows you to use the previously used sketch plane if this is available. The second option is the Sketch Orientation which orientates the sketch for your viewpoint. By default for this model it chooses the RIGHT datum, you can then flip the direction for the sketch viewing by selecting the Flip button. The last available option is choosing as to what direction this plane is facing, by default the RIGHT datum is facing right. You can override this with the other available options depending on how you want to orient your sketch. Finally select the Sketch button to start creating the sketch. ** ** Now when creating the sketch notice the first dialog that appears is the References dialog. Since this is your first sketch the system automatically chooses the two datum planes. Pro/E will not easily let you skip to creating a sketch without first defining the references you’d like to use for the sketch. **

SKETCH Dialog: #Sketch
Note: Pro/E always needs a method to define the horizontal and vertical references for sketching. This can involve defining a horizontal and vertical edge or plane, a single datum axis, etc.

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** Once you are sketching the sketch tools will appear on the right hand side of the window. This will show most of the tools available for you to create the sketch. Also note, the majority of the commands that are picked through the SKETCH Pull Down Menu can be accessed from the shortcut icons on the right side of the screen. Take some time to familiarize yourself with these icons because they can make sketching much quicker. **

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