Tractor Trailer Accident Victims Aided in Small Towns and Rural Areas National Truck Attorney LLC represents

the victims of truck accidents, tractor t railer accidents, semi-truck accidents, auto truck accidents and other auto acci dents involving trucks and commercial vehicles. They concentrate on truck accide nt claims, 18-wheeler lawsuits as well as commercial truck settlements on a nati onal basis. They operate a 24 hour hotline for truck accident victims in small t owns and rural areas. Raleigh, NC - February 19, 2010 -- National Truck Attorney LLC offers informatio n about finding a truck injury attorney and securing free legal assistance after an accident with a commercial truck anywhere in the continental United States. For truck accidents in rural areas, tractor trailer accident victims and their f amilies are encouraged to utilize the co-operative national law center National Truck Injury Hotline. By phoning 1-800-373-0202, consumers can obtain informatio n, a free case review, obtain consultation without cost and even receive instant suggestions on preserving their claim --such as the report, 7 Mistakes to Avoid After A Truck Accident. Accidents that involve large trucks come with a set of problems and questions la rger than those involving cars or other personal injury accidents. Choosing the right law center can make or break a truck case involving disability, disfigurem ent or wrongful death. This choice accounts for the difference in compensation t hat victims and their families receive from the trucking company or the insuranc e carrier. Accidents involving large semi-trucks are usually life threatening, a nd can affect the standard of living for years to come. There is no question a victim or their family would contact a Truck Accident law yer, but rather how to choose one. Often, truck accident victims assume that the trucking industry s lawyer or insurance company is looking out for their best int erest. This proves false in most of the cases. The trucking industry representat ives are clearly working for the trucking industry and not the victim. Without independent legal representation, truck accident victims are encouraged to settle the claim quicker and at much less than what they might need for a ful l recovery. Most of the injured do not fully understand their rights, the full e xtent of their damages and or how much compensation they actually need in the lo ng run. Once a final settlement is signed, victims are often stuck with a short fall. If something vital about the truck accident surfaces at a later time, vic tims are very unlikely to get further help and will be out of luck. Yet, the med ical bills will stack up for the victim to pay instead of the trucking company. People usually turn to a regular lawyer after any accident. But, a personal inju ry lawyer specializing in accident injury claims will help you get justice and c ompensation for your truck accident injury claim. An accident which involves lar ge trucks usually results in catastrophic injury or maybe even death. A personal injury lawyer specializing in accident cases involving truck accident knows wha t kind of medical tests are standard and, also know how to proceed with a case i f your accident caused serious injuries. A truck accident lawyer also knows the ins and outs of trucking legislation and will be in a better position to help in deciding and proving the cause of your accident. For those who need a Truck Accident/Injury Lawyer visit http://www.NationalTruck or phone the National Truck Injury Hotline at for help 24/7 - Admi tted in North Carolina, National Truck Attorney LLC operates as Hardison & Cochr an, PLLC whose principle office is Six Forks Road, Suite 220 Raleigh, NC 27609 W hile this firm maintains joint responsibility, cases of this type may be referre d to local counsel for principal responsibility.

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