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Friday Report 2015-06-19

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June 20, 2015

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Administrative Content
Board Meetings & Minutes Drafts
Draft minutes for the June 13 and June 16 special meetings are attached. Please provide necessary changes to Debbie
Vanderwilt by noon on Monday, June 22.
Attachment: Board Meeting Minutes 20150613 Special.pdf (9 KB)
Attachment: Board Meeting Minutes 20150616 Special.pdf (12 KB)
Board Agenda Items
Policy 4320, Prohibition of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones): Proposed new Policy 4320, Prohibition of Unmanned Aerial
Vehicles (Drones), has been reviewed by legal counsel, the Everett Public Schools Policy Review Council and the
superintendent’s cabinet. In May of this year, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) notified the district
of its adoption and implementation of a policy on the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones). In reviewing the WIAA’s
policy, and in further consultation with law enforcement, the district is proposing a similar policy. A corresponding procedure is
under development and will be provided for directors’ information once it is available. Proposed new Policy 4320, Prohibition of
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones), is scheduled for first reading on the June 23, 2015 regular meeting agenda, and second
reading at the July 7, 2015 board meeting. Because this item parallels so closely the WIAA rules accepted by the board, there
is not one-week delay between the Friday Report posting and the first reading.
Attachment: 4320 FR 20150707.pdf (9 KB)
Attachment: WIAA Drones Policy 20150504.pdf (275 KB)
Attachment: Dawn of the Drones-A New Era of Insurance Coverage Issues 20150618.pdf (62 KB)
Board Meeting Follow-Up
Public Opinion Survey: On June 22, a public opinion company will begin making phone calls (to mobile AND land lines) to
residents of the district. The survey is designed to be no longer than 15 minutes, and will poll residents on opinions about
various aspects of district's operation. The polling company’s goal is to gather opinions from 600 residents to give the board a
high level of confidence (statistical reliability) in the results. As discussed at June 9 board meeting, the opinion survey results
will be vectored with the Thoughtexchange and Fishbowl comments to help guide decisions and programs in the next year. As
far back as the late 1990s, the district conducted public opinion polls every other year. The results of those polls provided
valuable information the district used up through 2009 when the polls were discontinued because of deep state budget cuts.
The world and information channels have changed much since 2009, which is a major reason for re-establishing the survey
with regularity.
College Enrollment Patterns: During one of the commencement exercises, Director Wenta asked about the status of college
enrollment by graduates of the district. Student Services prepared a quick summary of the data for Everett's graduates
provided by the National Student Clearinghouse for the most recent three years for which the data is available. This
information was used to determine which local colleges to invite to meet with College Bound qualified members of the Class of
2015 (even if not yet graduated). Over two hundred personal letters individually signed by the superintendent were mailed to
students whose names were provided by the Washington Student Achievement Council (the agency that administers the
College Bound Scholarship program) and matched against active students enrolled in the district (including those graduated on
June 13). The students were invited to come to the Community Resource Center to meet with district and college staff to
ensure they are enrolled in a college and are taking advantage of this four-year tuition award. This effort, while a new activity,
and clearly tied to the commencement announcements made on June 13, fits well within the array of strategies (see the

7/6/2015 12:28 PM

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attached matrix) designed to pave the way to graduation and successful post-secondary enrollment. This broad array of
strategies is key to increasing graduation rates while increasing rigor and challenging options for students in the
era of the more rigorous Common Core State Standards. Please see the December 9, 2014 Progress to Graduation
strategic progress report (esp. pp. 58-68) to the board for more detail on college-going patterns of Everett Public Schools
Attachment: Fall Enrollment in Community Colleges 20150618.pdf (147 KB)
Attachment: EPS College Career Readiness Matrix 2015.pdf (69 KB)
Legislative Update
The WSSDA Legislative Update and WASA's This Week In Olympia (TWIO) keep school directors and school leadership across
the state informed on budget issues and legislation impacting K-12 education. The versions available at the time this edition of
the Friday Report was released are the June 10, 2015 and June 11, 2015 editions of WASA's This Week In Olympia, and the
June 12, 2015 edition of WSSDA's Legislative Update. Directors are encouraged to read these publications.
Elementary Robotics (Strategic Target: 1.1.b)
Elementary schools are gearing up for First Lego League competition for the upcoming school year. Last year seven schools
participated in the club and event. The competition involves programming of a small robot to complete tasks on a 6’ by 8’
board and performance events that emphasize teamwork and innovation. In preparation for next year, each elementary school
has identified a potential coach. The goal is to have every elementary school in the district compete in the December regional
event. In order to support coaches, there will be two summer workshops to support learning of the programming language as
well as competition logistics.
Everett High Student WIAA LEAP Committee Appointee (Strategic Target: 1.1.b)
The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association sponsors a student leadership committee called Leadership through
Education, Activities, and Personal Development (LEAP). The committee is made up of student leaders from across the state
and they serve as the voice of Washington’s nearly 230,000 student participants. Due to his academic success, school
involvement, and participation in multiple sports, Everett High School’s Michael Larson has been selected as one of six new
LEAP committee members. Michael will be a part of the committee through his junior and senior year. This is an honor for
Michael and Everett High School.
Advanced Placement Summer Institute (Strategic Target: 1.2.b)
The district is sending 31 teachers to the AP Summer Institute and four teachers to the AP Capstone Summer Institute this
year. This effort is part of a broader plan to increase the number of AP course offerings and to provide the necessary support to
ensure students’ access and success in these courses. The AP Summer Institutes are subject-specific professional development
opportunities. They provide teachers with the support and training needed to teach AP courses and to utilize teaching
strategies that are designed to create and support equitable achievement and inclusion for all.
English Language Arts Preparations for 2015-16 (Strategic Target: 1.2.b)
As 2014-15 concludes, preparations are underway for the start of the 2015-16 school year. Schools are completing inventory
checks of English Language Arts instructional materials. Orders for replacement and restocking of materials will be placed this
summer for handwriting, spelling, reading, and writing. Checking inventories and replenishing our stock ensures our students
will have equitable access to literacy texts across the district and teachers will have the necessary resources for instruction.
Teachers and administrators express gratefulness for the curricular resources provided by our district.
SpringBoard Implementation Update (Strategic Targets: 1.2.b, 1.2.c)
English Language Arts summer professional development began this week with teachers from every secondary school meeting
together for two days of focused work to refine and enhance unit maps and instructional guides. Teachers worked in grade
level teams to reflect on the work they have done this year, share ideas about what worked well, and analyze embedded
assessment data to develop additional considerations for planning. The team of teachers also provided feedback about
proposed professional development modules for next year, established goals for working together next year, and celebrated
the accomplishments of the first year of teaching English Language Arts Common Core State Standards using the College
Board's SpringBoard instructional materials. Plans are in place for collaboration opportunities next year.
Videos Supports Early Writing Implementation (Strategic Targets: 1.2.c, 5.3.a)
A major focus of the P-2 Early Literacy Gates grant is the creation of a sustainable system of quality early writing instruction
and assessment in all elementary schools and publicly funded preschools within the district. Staff are developing a collection of
videos highlighting the big ideas and important elements of the early writing developmental approach being implemented
through Building Foundations That Last, with consultant David Matteson. On June 17, Matteson worked with the early learning
team and a videographer to tape short vignettes capturing many of these big ideas and important elements in early literacy.
The videos will be edited this summer and made available for professional development and as teacher resources on the
Teaching Channel Teams website in the fall. Additionally, videos of district teachers' modeled writing will be added to this site
to provide examples of aligned instruction.

7/6/2015 12:28 PM

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Computer Science Education Becomes Law (Strategic Target: 1.3.a)
More of Washington State's high school students will have access to computer science classes under a new measure signed into
law June 10 by Governor Jay Inslee. This bill calls for the state to (1) adopt computer science learning standards developed by
a nationally recognized computer science education organization, (2) develop standards for a K-12 computer science
endorsement, (3) provide grants for teacher training, program implementation and technology, and (4) provide retooling,
conditional scholarship money for teachers. This bill was supported by founder, Hadi Partovi., although not
named in the bill, is the nationally recognized computer science education organization referenced. This positions our district
well, as we have just entered into a three-year strategic partnership with to help build system, teacher and student
capacity in computer science.
McKinney-Vento 2014-15 Student Numbers (Strategic Target: 1.5.a)
As of June 12, 681 actively enrolled students qualified for support under the McKinney-Vento Act, which supports homeless
students. The cumulative total of McKinney-Vento students served in the district during the 2014-15 school year was 982. This
is an increase from 2013-14, when 865 students were served, but a decrease from 2012-13, during which 942 homeless
students were served. Homeless students were in each grade level from preschool through twelfth grade, and in every school.
Everett High saw the highest number of homeless students, with 133 cumulative students enrolled there at some time during
the year. Cascade had 68, Jackson High 39, and Sequoia 72. North Middle enrolled 62 homeless students, followed by
Evergreen with 49. At the elementary level, Hawthorne had the largest group of McKinney-Vento eligible students, with 105,
followed by Lowell with 83.
New Video Security System Operational (Strategic Target: 2.1.a)
District technology staff recently completed the installation and initial configuration of a new video security system designed to
ensure the safety of school staff, students and visitors; to protect district property; and to aid in the enforcement of district
policies, procedures, and rules. The project was funded by the 2010 Capital Levy and a grant from OSPI. The system consists
of over 700 high-definition video cameras streaming encrypted video via the districts fiber-optic network to a secure and
centralized video recording and storage management platform. The system is designed for prevention as well as for real-time
situational awareness in emergency situations with the ability to share recorded and live video with first responder
representatives. Administrators and campus security staff in each building were trained in the use of the system as well the
protocols for viewing and sharing video content. With the exception of video retained for criminal, safety, or security
investigations or for evidentiary purposes, recordings older than thirty (30) days are automatically deleted.
Special Education Safety Net Success (Strategic Target: 3.5.a)
The special services department was informed by OSPI this month that a major funding compliance requirement was met. The
department received notice that the total maximum amount of Safety Net dollars was approved by OSPI based on the 81
Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) submitted. All 81 IEPs were validated to be 100 percent compliant with no revisions or
corrections required. The funding amount awarded by OSPI is $1,559,601.99. District comparative data will be released in June
to provide context to the amount completed, submitted, and awarded, and the amount of local levy funds expended necessary
to qualify the district for receipt of the Safety Net funding.
Summer Lunch Program
The food and nutrition staff are commencing the 25th year of sponsoring summer meals for kids. Summer meals are a
complement to other existing summer school and youth programs that do not have funds for meals and they are a support to
parents who are living on limited income and need help to feed their children. The program will run from June 29-August 20
and all kids ages 2-18 are welcome to participate. To maximize the number of children served, staff partner with apartment
complexes, churches, community centers and schools. The meals will be prepared by district staff and transported to various
locations throughout the community. Staff and volunteers will serve and supervise the community sites, ensuring that food
services complies with regulations requiring the children to eat the meal on site. Last year, staff served over 23,000 meals.
Public Records Request Updates
Daily Herald: The previously reported request from the Daily Herald staff for various items related to the special education
department was significantly narrowed by the editorial staff at the Daily Herald following discussions with district staff. The
request has been fulfilled.
Jennifer Schumann: Ms. Schumann placed a request to the public records office for genealogy related records on sixteen of her
apparent relatives, born between 1882 and 1914. As the types of student records requested are not public records, Ms.
Schumann will be provided with information as to how best seek information through the Everett Public Library or through
other means. Policy 3600 and its associated procgoverning student records allows only for release of student information to
legitimately interested agencies, parents, or the students themselves.
Roger Lenk: Many school districts around the state received a request from a Pasco-area citizen seeking "Any and all original
emails, instant messages and text messages to or from William Pennell, Saundra Hill and/or Columbia Research and Education

7/6/2015 12:28 PM

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Associates" along with correspondence or contracts with these same persons/entity. Staff are reviewing assorted email
messages that may include Saundra Hill, superintendent of Pasco School District. We have no other known responsive
documents at this time. In response to a clarification request, Mr. Lenk narrowed his request to include instant or text
messages between the identified parties and Everett Public Schools administrators only. Communication has been sent to staff
endeavoring to determine if any additional responsive records exist.
Schoolie, Inc.: A request has been received from general counsel for a California-based company seeking records and
information regarding student demographic and academic achievement, college preparation and placement, technology in
classrooms, special education and Section 504 enrollment/graduation data, and extracurricular activities. This request has also
been made of numerous districts in the area. Staff are reviewing documents and reports that may be responsive to portions of
this request. Additional components of the inquiry may not relate to a known identifiable record but may be better classified as
an information request.
Enrollment Update
Finance staff concluded their headcount and FTE reporting for June, and the headcount and FTE enrollment reports are
attached for director background. Staff report overall, headcount decreased by 45 since the May count, a smaller decline than
in the previous two years. Since September, overall enrollment has declined by only 18 students, significantly better than the
past 5 years average decline of 239. Also attached is a history of June enrollment, by region, since 2007 highlighting
enrollment changes over this 8 year time frame.
Attachment: June 2014-15 HC.pdf (100 KB)
Attachment: June 2014-15 FTE.pdf (118 KB)
Attachment: June Headcount History.pdf (160 KB)
Field Trip Requests
Attachment: Jackson HS Cheer Camp FT 20150619.pdf (2,450 KB)
Attachment: Sequoia HS Leadership Camp FT Cancellation 20150619.pdf (220 KB)
Attachment: Cascade HS Marching Band FT to CHS 20150619.pdf (2,960 KB)
Attachment: Update Cascade HS Football Team FT to Ellensburg 20150619.pdf (4,109 KB)
Attachment: Jackson HS Football Camp FT 20150619.pdf (3,280 KB)
Miscellaneous Attachments, News Releases & Articles
News Releases
Points of Pride
Budget Articles
Directors' Dates to Remember
Friday, July 3 - Independence Day Holiday - District Closed
Thursday, July 23 - Special Board Meeting - Community Resource Center
Thursday, August 20 - Annual Planning Workshop - Community Resource Center
Thursday, August 20 - Summer Commencement - Jackson High School
Thursday, August 21 - Annual Planning Workshop - Port of Everett
Monday, September 7 - Labor Day Holiday - District Closed

Sequoia HS Leadership Camp FT Cancellation 20150619.pdf (220 KB)
Jackson HS Cheer Camp FT 20150619.pdf (2,450 KB)
June 2014-15 FTE.pdf (118 KB)

June 2014-15 HC.pdf (100 KB)

June Headcount History.pdf (160 KB)

Cascade HS Marching Band FT to CHS 20150619.pdf (2,960 KB)

4320 FR 20150707.pdf (9 KB)

WIAA Drones Policy 20150504.pdf (275 KB)
Update Cascade HS Football Team FT to Ellensburg 20150619.pdf (4,109 KB)
Dawn of the Drones-A New Era of Insurance Coverage Issues 20150618.pdf (62 KB)
Jackson HS Football Camp FT 20150619.pdf (3,280 KB)
Board Meeting Minutes 20150616 Special.pdf (12 KB)

Board Meeting Minutes 20150613 Special.pdf (9 KB)
EPS College Career Readiness Matrix 2015.pdf (69 KB)

Fall Enrollment in Community Colleges 20150618.pdf (147 KB)

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