Harold L.
Sirkin (2013)

A Sustainable Business Model
Pays Off

Jennifer L.

Sustainability: Is it a Good
Choice for small companies?

Retrieved from:

Retrieved from:

 A sudden shift to
sustainable business
practices was forced
upon companies in the
US because of the laws
implemented to protect
the environment.
 Sustainability was
expensive and
companies had no choice
but to comply.
 After 40 years, the impact
of following these laws
can be seen.
 Sustainability became a
trend and a social norm
for consumers. People
are yearning for products
that help and contribute
in taking care of the
 The shift to sustainable
practices and choices,
nowadays, does not
mean more expenses for
companies, but more
 Sustainability efforts are
becoming more and more
economically beneficial.
 Investments on “Going
Green” benefits the
company because of the
consumers being more
and more aware of the
importance of buying and
using products that does
not harm the
 The researcher in this
article believe that
eventually, all companies
will realize the need to
transition into “Going

Selection (deciding what ideas are opportunities) . Creativity is the precursor for innovation. Creativity helps organizations in adapting to the changing environment. Business Education and Training will be a vital role in raising awareness about sustainability. the way business leaders think about sustainability should be changed. The researcher believes that Creativity is the ability to provide novel solutions to relevant problems. The creative process can be divided into three: . but for this to be done. Business Models will eventually realize the need to create a more holistic approach in producing their products and services.Retention (ability to .Variation (generation of many ideas thru brainstorming) . Creativity is not the same as innovation. Innovation is the successful implementation of creative ideas. Creativity can be a source of competitive     Green” no matter what industry or what size their company is.  Tom Duxurby (2012) Technology Innovation Management Review Creativity: Linking Theory and Practices for Entrepreneurs  Retrieved from: http://timreview.

changing the norms and making it better.  Highly creative entrepreneurs are rule breakers. James & Stellingwerf. usefulness. Sangeeta Bhardwaj Ph.aspx perpetuate the idea)  Creativity matters to entrepreneurs because not only must their initial ideas exhibit dimensions of sjournal/174269/greatentrepreneurs-creativethinkers.” They strive in focusing on growth but overlook the organizational flexibility.  Successful entrepreneurs have the ability to imagine the future for their organizations. but the capacity to sustainably create commercial value from ideas must be demonstrated. and appropriateness to justify firm formation. Jelmer Jorke (2012) Sustainable Entrepreneurship: The Motivation & Challenges of Sustainable Entrepreneurs in Renewable Energy Industry.Badal. Retrieved from: http://www.D (2014) Gallup Business Journal Great Entrepreneurs are Creative Thinkers Bell.  Creative thinking entrepreneurs can fall prey to “incumbent inertia.  Entrepreneurs are constantly alert and ready to in seizing opportunities and adapting to changes in the environment.  Social Entrepreneurship encompasses the activities and processes undertaken to discover. .  Entrepreneurs should create organizations with an environment that supports creativity to be able to adapt and

Solar 383/FULLTEXT02     define. the Archimedes. The researchers used 5 companies (Powerhouse wind.  The challenge for these companies are their customer perception and the lack of awareness. and exploit opportunities in order to enhance social wealth by creating new ventures or managing existing organizations in an innovative manner Ecopreneurship is pursuing a business that helps a certain sector in the economy.Jonkoping International Business School Retrieved from: http://www. .  Companies in the Renewable Energy business was motivated to create a sustainable organization because they saw the effects of the current source of power.divaportal. Sustainable Entrepreneurship is the blending of People. Social Entrepreneurship is about creating a solution that can have a social impact and help a social sector. Planet and Profit. Urban Green Energy) to determine the motivation that inspired the creation of sustainable companies. Cleanfiled Energy. It uses green processes and has a life-long commitment in achieving sustainability.

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