ENGLISH LESSON PLAN Level/Class/Semester Focused skill Integrated skill Topic Time Technique’s Name Behavioral

objective Media Procedures/Steps I. Pre-Activities 1. Teacher shows two pictures that related to the material (Cinta Laura’s and Valentino Rossi’s pictures). 2. Teacher asks students some question.  Examples of teacher questions : 1. Do you know him/her? 2. What kind of face does he/she have? 3. What about his/her hair, nose and eyes? 4. Does he/she have any distinguishing marks? 3. Students answer the questions pertaining to the pictures. (Students describe the face of the person in the picture) II. Main Activities 1. Teacher explains the teaching materials based on teaching objective.  The material is “Describing Face”  The explanation included:  Shape of Face: oblong, oval, round, rectangular, triangular, square, diamond, inverted triangle, and heart.  Complexion: yellow or transparent, beige or flesh, light brown, medium brown, dark brown.  Eyes: round, narrow, small, black, brown, green, blue, grey, honey. : Senior High School/X/I : Speaking : Listening and Vocabulary : What a face does he/she have? : 45 minutes : Listen and Guess! : By the end of the lesson, students should be able to bhdescribe any face of people. : Using Slides Presentation (Pictures) :

 Nose: flat nose and pointed nose.  Cheek: low and high check bones.  Hair: short, long straight, curly, wavy, white, brown, black, red, grey. 2. Exercise  Teacher asks some students to describe some face of people and then others student guess who the person is.  The student describes the face, hair, complexion, nose, eyes of the person and also adds some information about his or her. Examples of the way of describing the person: She is a beautiful actress. She has a round face, light brown complexion, round black eyes, pointed nose, and long straight hair. She is one of the models in Ungu Band’s hits which the title is Hampa Hatiku. So, who is she?  Others students guess the person that is described by their friend. III. Post Activities 1. Teacher and student conclude the moral value from the lesson.  Examples of teacher questions : What moral value that we can obtain from the lesson? The moral value that students can learn are being thankful having good looking face and say thankfulness for God, and also do not underestimate for those who have imperfect face.

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