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Guidelines for Preparing the Final Manuscript

Article No.:
It is important to adhere to the following guidelines before we could accept your paper.
( ) I. Use the editing tools Word, to prepare your final manuscript text. Also, please indicate its file
name and format on CD-ROM disk. It may cause typing errors if the format of your paper is
not edited using any of the above editing tools.
1. Save the text (and Tables, if any) in one file with file name being Article No. listed above.
2. Save figures in separate files and make sure there is only ONE figure per file. Each figure
file should contain all parts of the figure. For example, if Figure 1 contains four parts (a,
b, c, d), then all parts should be combined in a single file for Figure 1.
( ) II. Preparation of Electronic Graphics Files:
1. For line arts, avoid thin lines, small open symbols, and small letterings because they tend
to be illegible after reduction. [The font size for letterings should be 10 points or greater.]
2. Acceptable formats: PostScript (.ps), Encapsulated PostScript (.eps), or Tagged Image
File Format (.tif).
3. Save ALL illustration files, including line arts, in one CD-ROM with text file.
4. Settings: Set the graphic for 600 dpi resolution for line art, 264 dpi for halftones, and 600
dpi for combinations (line art + halftone)
5. Save line art as black/white bitmap, not grayscale.
6. Save halftones and combinations as grayscale, not black/white bitmap.
7. Submit color files, if any, at 300 dpi TIFF, PS, or EPS format. If selecting a file mode, use
CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) or RGB (red, green, blue).
[You may use Power Point software to save the graphics into the acceptable formats.]
( ) III. Matrix and vector symbols should be typed in bold and italic form.
( ) IV. SI (Metric) units are required in the text, tables, and figures.
( ) V. References:
1. References should be cited in the text by giving the last name of the author(s) and the
year of publication of the reference such as “The work (Morris and Horward, 1971)…” or
“Morris and Horward (1971) had .…”
2. For three or more names, use the form “Huang et al. (1995)” in the text. When two or
more references have the same text identification, please distinguish them by appending
“a”, “b”, etc, to the year of publication.
3. References should be listed in alphabetical order, according to the last name of first
author, at the end of the paper.
4. References should include the complete title(s), number of volume and page(s) of the
information cited.
Note: To facilitate your preparation, some sample references are listed on the back side of this page.
( ) VI. Key words (no more than 4 words) from the title of the article.
( ) VII. Acknowledgement (to reviewers or financial sponsors)
( ) VIII. Nomenclature: All symbols and units used in the article should be listed in alphabetical order
with indication of their meanings and dimensions.
( ) IX. On the paper, please list full names and affiliations of all authors, contact information (phone,
fax numbers and email address) of corresponding author.
( ) X. Post mail CD-ROM to the Editorial Office promptly before the deadline.
( ) XI. Please provide contact number with the details of manuscript .

If possible, please cite the related papers published in the Journal of the Chinese Institute of
Engineers in order to enhance the citation rate of this journal.
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Note: Page 2 .

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As these do not provide recoverable data. Title of article. Personal communication. Originator. page and column. Corrections to be made for references in your paper due to the following incomplete information: □ All names of authors _________________ ___ □ Year of publication of reference(s) _________ ___ □ Titles of the reference cited __________________ □ Publication information _____________________ □ Volume number ___________________________ □ Page number __________________________ ___ Page 5 . P. Standing Committee Stg Co Deb (1980–81) Co E Finance Bill col. 16. Give initials as well as the surname of the communicator and provide as exact a date as possible. they should not be included in the reference list. Series designation. 6. 1966–1969 (Cmnd. Title of patent. Newspaper. 18. day month. 17. According to J.Author. (or paper title). COM (95)546. C311. Command paper Royal Commission on Local Government. Green (personal communication. Patent. 4040. 1969). European Union publication Proposal for a Council directive establishing a European Fund to promote cinema production. Hansard HC Deb (1990–91) 195 col. Year. 311. p. Parliamentary paper 1st Report of the Select Committee of The House of Lords on Televising the Proceedings of the House HL (213) (1984–85). 19 Jan 2007). 46.11. Official publication. final.93. Official journal OJ No. Cite personal communications in the text only. (name of applicant) Year of publication. 17.