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Lance Thomas French

42a Mansel Street, Swansea, SA1 5SW


Lecturer in Humanities and Academic Writing
Lambton College, Changchun, Jilin, PR China.

Developed and conducted a syllabus of lectures and seminars in Academic
Reading, Writing and Research Methods using Lambton College - approved
Developed a series of lectures, seminars and class discussions on Essay Writing
skills, using Lambton College - approved resources.
Responsible for one-on-one and group tutorials and academic progress meetings.

Lecturer in Academic Skills, Computing and English Literature
Beijing 2nd High School, Beijing, PR China.

Summer 2013 –
Winter 2013

Autumn 211 –
Summer 2012

Responsible for the delivery of GAC - certified classes in Academic Reading,
Writing and Listening Comprehension skills.
Responsible for the delivery of GAC - certified classes in intermediate and upper
intermediate computing courses.
Developed and conducted series of lectures and study groups in English Literature
and Dramatic Poetry.
Co-developed and organised seminars, presentations and performances in Public
Speaking and Debate classes.
Organised, adjudicated and marked examinations according to GAC guidelines.
Responsible for conducting one-on-one and group tutorials with students.
Spring 2011

Local Teacher
SUL Language Schools, Taunton, United Kingdom.

Responsible for the construction of ESL and cultural studies syllabus for young
learners based on SUL - approved resources and learning materials.
Organised and conducted field trips and student activities for large numbers of
Responsible for adjudication of examinations.
Responsible for development and delivery of extra-curricular drama classes,
including organisation of performances for large groups of young learners.

Local Teacher
Embassy CES, Bedford, United Kingdom.

Delivered ESL and cultural studies classes according to Embassy CES - approved
course curriculum.
Conducted student examination preparation and invigilation services
Responsible for class activities and pastoral care for students living on-site.

Local Teacher
EF Language Schools, Winchester, United Kingdom.

Responsible for the organisation and delivery of ESL classes, according to English
First - approved curriculum, marking and student feedback.
Conducted examination preparation and invigilation services.

Summer 2010

Summer 2008

Organised, supervised and supported large groups of students during activities and
Performed pastoral services to students living on-site.

Lecturer in ESL and Western Cultural Dynamics
Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, Shandong, PR China.


Developed an inclusive class syllabus containing a series of lectures, discussions
and student activities focused on ESL language learning and central aspects of
western culture.
Delivered lectures and seminars on language learning, history, cultural dynamics
and literature.
Responsible for essential student services, such as one-on-one tutorials and
development and invigilation of examinations.

Master's Degree in English Literature and Teaching English as a Foreign language
University of Wales Trinity St. David
Lampeter Campus, Ceredigion, Wales
Bachelor's Degree with Honours in English Literature
University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Lampeter Campus, Ceredigion, Wales


Autumn 2008 Autumn 2010
Autumn 2004 Autumn 2007

Involved in student services, student counseling and academic study groups
Developed and delivered seminars and discussion groups on Academic Reading,
Writing and Essay Preparation skills.

Staff Editor
WASD UK, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom.

Summer 2007 –
Summer 2008

Responsible for proof-reading, editing and formatting promotional materials for
Responsible for social media integration, organisation and adaptation of press

References available on request

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