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Chap._u._-. Copyright No.
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Twelve Tissue Remedies

Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in the Hahnemann Hospital
College, of
San Francisco, Member of the California State Homoeopathic
Medical Society, American Institute of
Homoeopathy, etc.,

Professor of Materia Medica in the. University of Michigan Homoeopathic
College, Corresponding Member of the British Homoeopathic Medical
Society and of La Societe Francaise d' Homoeopathie,
Member of American Institute of
Homoeopathy, etc.

Fourth Edition, Rewritten and Enlarged.






The steadily increasing demand for this work has exhausted
three large editions and necessitated the preparation of a fourth
edition. What was intended originally as a mere suggestive
guide to the use of a set of valuable remedies has developed by
the demands of the profession into a volume comprising the whole
of our present therapeutic knowledge of the so-called Twelve
Tissue Remedies.
Compilation largely from every available source has to supplement the authors' personal experience and knowledge of these
remedies. All the published data have been made use of but
thoroughly sifted and critically examined. Thus presented, we
believe this fourth edition will be found a reliable guide to the
use of the Tissue Remedies in disease, not only as far as possible,
according to the distinctive theory of Schiissler, as corrected and
modified by him up to the time of his death, but especially according to the finer and more discriminating method of Hahnemann. Seven German editions of Schiissler's " Abgekiirzte
Therapie" have been published since the last edition of this
work was issued, the therapeutic development of these remedies
has made wonderful strides, and our periodical literature during
the past few years has contained many records of cures wrought
by them. All this has been incorporated and this work, in its
present complete and revised form, is the only adequate presentation of the therapeutic possibilities of the Tissue Remedies in our
We trust that the same consideration accorded to previous editions will be extended to this by an indulgent profession.

William Boericke, M. D.,
San Francisco, Cal.
W. A. Dewey, M. D.,
Ann Arbor, Mich,
January i, 18pp.

Preface to First Edition.

The following treatise on the Twelve Tissue Remedies contains all that Schiissler himself wrote on the subject, and embodies as well the whole published experience of the homoeopathic school in their use, besides much original matter from
some of our homoeopathic practitioners now published for the
first time. Our aim has been to give to the profession a complete
work on the subject, because we recognize the great value and
importance of the Tissue Remedies, and in doing this our work
necessarily was one mostly of compilation and arrangement.
Every available source from the whole of our journalistic literature and Society proceedings has been made to pay tribute to us;
and however imperfect, fragmentary and crude the present work
is, we know that it is complete, so far as present circumstances
will permit.
We believe that the only hope for the future development of
these magnificent remedies lies in their study, mainly according to
the method of Homoeopathy; that they should all be as carefully
proved as Natrum mur. and Silicea already are, and that the
results of such provings alone will furnish the most accurate indications for their therapeutic uses. Only by careful provings
will the permanency of these remedies be secured, and they themselves be preserved from the possible fate of so many newly introduced remedies.
Thorough and systematic proving of drugs on the healthy is the
one true method for the development of our Materia Medica: but
this, from its very excellence, is a thing of slow growth, and the
temptation could not be resisted to seek other and shorter methods,
always more or less questionable, but sometimes yielding admirable results. The most important of such deviations from the
strictly classical method of proving on the healthy was the acceptance of Clinical Symptoms; used cautiously, this source can
be of inestimable value, as much of our clinical experience proves.
Why may not the same results follow, by accepting tentatively,

and for the time, Schiissler's theories of the respective spheres of
actions of his remedies and the indications based thereon, which,

to say the least, are bold and often brilliant recommendations for
their employment in disease ?
Here, in the absence of regular provings of them, we can avail
ourselves of this source and enrich our Materia Medica with some
remedies that will compare favorably with many polychrests.
Whatever opposition there may be in our ranks to Schiissler's
methods, because it is not pure homoeopathic practice, we believe
would speedily disappear if all critics could join in proving and
confirming these valuable remedies, introduced first to American
Homoeopathy by our own Hering, who surely could not be accused of fathering and furthering anything absolutely mongrel
and detrimental to the best interests of our school.
We do not sympathize with the attempt of Schiissler and a few
others to look upon the Tissue Remedies as being sufficient for all
purposes — provings alone can verify this. For the present, we
think, with Dr. J. C. Morgan, that Schiissler throws away a great
and necessary complement to his Materia Medica in discarding all
organic drugs, as Bellad., Hyos., Aeon., etc , which really make
the Tissue Remedies more valuable, acting as the opposite blade
of the scissors; without these they would often remain incomplete in curative action and might be blamed for the inevitable.
We, therefore, have included in our study of the Materia Medica
the homoeopathic relationship, at present merely suggestive, but
a department which, we hope, will be greatly enlarged at some
future time.
To those who, by kind encouragement and contributions of
clinical cases and observations, have given us valuable assistance
in the preparation of the present volume, we desire to express
our gratitude and indebtedness, prominent among whom are Prof.
Samuel Lilienthal, who kindly placed his valuable library at
our disposal; Professors J. C. Morgan, S. Powell Burdick, C. B.
Currier, Henry C. Houghton, Wm. E. Leonard, and Drs. Horace
F. Ivins, C. E. Fisher, A. P. Davis, I. E. Nicholson, G. H.
Martin, and many others whose names are mentioned throughout
the work.
William Boericke, M. D.
W. A. Dewey, M. D.
San Francisco, Jan. 2, 1888.

Preface to the Second Edition.

The; present edition has been thoroughly revised and enlarged
by the addition of all the facts relating to the Tissue Remedies
that have accumulated for the past two years. In its present
state, the book represents the complete presentation of the Biochemical Treatment of Disease by means of the Twelve Tissue
Remedies. In order not to increase unnecessarily the bulk of the

volume, a number of the clinical cases of the previous edition
have been omitted, to make room for new matter and fresh clinical
illustrations by the best authorities. The Materia Medica part of
the work has been brought up to date by the incorporation of the
results of late provings, and we feel indebted especially to Dr. H.
C. Allen, of the Medical Advance, Hering's Guiding Symptoms,
and Prof. T. F. Allen's magnificent work, the Handbook of
Materia Medica, which include much of interest about these
remedies. These Tissue Remedies are too precious to be used
only on the pathological indications laid down by Schiissler: they
all merit careful proving in order to obtain the finer and more
distinctive points for their therapeutic application; this has been
done with several, and will undoubtedly be carefully done with
all. Not until then will the Twelve Tissue Remedies take their
rightful position permanently in our Materia Medica, and prove
to be polychrests of the highest order.
We trust that this work, in its present revised form, will meet
with as favorable reception as was accorded to the first edition.
William Boericke, M. D.
W. A. Dewey, M. D.
San Francisco, Jan. 2, 18 go.

kindly and disinterestedly helped the preparation of the present
volume by furnishing us with clinical material and observations.
William Boericke, M. D.
Willis A. Dewey, M. D.
San Francisco, Sept. i, 1892.

Table of Contents.

General Introduction, History, The Theory, Health and Disease,
Preparation, Dose, Biochemic and Homoeopathic Relationship, etc.
Materia Medica of the Twelve Tissue Remedies, Symptoms, Common Name, Chemical Data, Preparation, Physiologico-Chemical Data, General Action, Characteristic Indications,
Homoeopathic Data, Administration, Relationship, etc.


Therapeutic Application of the Twelve Tissue Remedies, comprising INDICATIONS AND CLINICAL CASES, ALPHABETICALLY ARRANGED.
Repertory of the Twelve Tissue Remedies, arranged upon a
Pathologico-Anatomical Basis.


Introduction to the Theory and General Sketch
of the Twelve Tissue Remedies.

Samuel Hahnemann, whose genius divined the great importance of the inorganic cell salts as remedial agents of a
high order, was the first who began thorough investigation
into their pathogenetic effects and therapeutic uses. It was
his provings of Lime and Salt and Potash that prepared the
way for the rest of the Tissue Remedies, that showed what
vast store-houses of medicinal force these inorganic substances are, although wholly inert in their crude state. He
it was who first pointed out how these forces could be unlocked and directed for therapeutic purposes. Later, in 1832,
attention was called in a paper published in Stapf's Archiv
to the great importance as remedies of all the " essential component parts of the human body," and again, in the same
journal, in 1846 : "All constituents of the human body principally act on those organs wherein they have a function.
All fulfill their functions when they are the cause of symptoms." This from the pen of that remarkable genius in the
field of Materia Medica — Constantine Hering.
Later still, we find Grauvogl, in his Text-Book, taking some
notice of these remarks and amplifying them ; but it remained
for Dr. Schiissler, of Oldenburg, Germany, to develop these
suggestions and make the idea foreshadowed in them the basis
of a "new system." In March, 1873, an article, entitled U A
Shortened Homoeopathic Therapeutics" from his pen, was published in a German Homoeopathic journal, in which he says :

"About a year ago I endeavored to discover by experiments on
the sick if it were not possible to heal them, provided their
diseases were curable at all, with those substances that are the
natural, i. e., the physiological function-remedies." Of this
no special notice seems to have been taken, until, five months
subsequently, Dr. Lorbacher, of Leipzig, came out in the same
journal with some critical considerations of it. This was followed by a reply from Schussler, which ran through seven
numbers, giving a more detailed account of this "Abridged
System of Homoeopathic Therapeutics," the important features
of which are incorporated in this work.
The original communication from Schussler to the German
journal was translated into English, and published first in the
Medical Investigator, May, 1873, and soon afterwards in a
small work, by Dr. C. Hering, entitled the " Twelve Tissue
Remedies," "recommended for investigation " by this great
teacher of our school. Several editions were published in
rapid succession, from which this historical sketch is mainly
derived, and following these appeared the translation of the
twelfth German edition, by J. T. O'Connor, M. D., and one
by M. Docetti Walker, considerably enlarged by the addition
of an appendix popularizing the Biochemic Method. Dr.
Schussler, previous to his death, which occurred early in
1898, published the 25th German edition, in which the application of several of the remedies has been greatly enlarged
and considerable new matter added, all of which is incorporated in this work. This edition has just been translated
into English.
Notwithstanding that Dr. Schussler denies in the later editions of his work all connection with Homoeopathy, and insists that his method is not based upon the homoeopathic law
of cure, but upon physiologico-chemical processes that take
place within the organism, it is nevertheless true that the
present wide adoption of the Tissue Remedies in the treatment of disease is the fruit of the seed sown on homcepathic
ground as early as 1832, although its development was slow
until Schussler gave it a wonderful impetus by bringing

physiological chemistry and physiological and pathological
facts to bear on his therapeutic procedure.
The idea upon which Biochemic Therapeutics is based is
the physiological fact that both the structure and vitality of
the organs of the body are dependent upon certain necessary
quantities and proper apportionment of its inorganic constituents. These remain after combustion of the tissues and form

any disturbance in the molecular motion of these cell salts in living tissues. and water constitute its inorganic components. silica. containing the material for every tissue and cell of the body. Blood consists of water. According to Schussler's theory. Blood. while those of potash are found especially in the blood corpuscles. forming sulphates and setting free carbonic acid. Phosphorus is contained in the lecithins and in the nucleins. which can be rectified and the requisite equilibrium re-established by administering the same mineral salts in small quantities. but combined with organic substances. albuminous substances. . The latter are combined with phosphoric. enabling it to perform its individual function . thus it supplies every possible physiological want in the animal economy. furnishes nutriment for every organ. and stress is laid on the fact that it is in supposed harmony with well-known facts and laws in physiological chemistry and allied sciences. and hence this therapeutic procedure is styled by Schiissler the Biochemic method. while the above-named salts 1 6 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. constitutes disease. sugar. forming sulphuric acid which combines with the bases of the carbonates. Sugar and fat are compounds of carbon. fat. Sulphur and carbon are found in the albumen. The salts of soda predominate in the blood plasma. fluoride of lime. These inorganic constituents are. in a very real sense. and the albuminous substances are the so-called organic components of the blood. carbon and phosphorus are not present within the organism in a free state. carbon ii. iron. Sulphur. THE CONSTITUENTS OF THE HUMAN ORGANISM. The sulphur of the albumen is oxidized by the oxygen of the inspired air. the carbo-hydrates like sugar. and are absolutely essential to their integrity of structure and functional activity. starch and in the products incident to metamorphosis of organic substances. magnesia. lime. fat. while the albuminous substances contain in addition sulphur and nitrogen. hydrogen and oxygen. chloride of sodium. TISSUE-BUILDING. Sugar. soda and potash.the ashes. the material basis of the organs and tissues of the body. caused by a deficiency in the requisite amount. chloride of potash. carbonic and sulphuric acids. This is supposed to be brought about by virtue of the operation of chemical affinity in the domain of histology .

1 7 this process of tissue-building. Connective tissue-cells have for their specific substance Silicea. without any influence in the process of cell-formation. again. phos. The inorganic materials of nerve-cells are Magnes. pulpy. and Magnes. This latter is found iu small quantities in the cells of muscle. Cartilage and mucous cells have for their specific inorganic material Natr. however. by which the losses sustained by the cells on account of tissue metamorphosis are made good. while that of the elastic tissue-cells is probably Calc. in sufficient quantity and proper relation. and both are found in the blood — namely. which are believed to determine the particular kind of cell to be built up. The carbonates. serving as the physical basis of the tissues. and a disturbance here causes disturbed function. FORMATION OF TISSUE CELLS. phos. new cells are to be generated and formed. iron. Among the former organic constituents are the sugar. phos. translucent. magnesium and sodium — are the inorganic substances. structureless. there must be present. According to modern biological views. cells develop. called irritable matter or protoplasm. dead matter. . among other inorganic substances.. embrace all which are constantly present. semi-fluid. as such. mur. In its physical character it is nitrogenous. of which it constitutes about one-fifth. fixed and made permanent in their functions. with the addition of Kali mur. lime. Muscle-cells contain the same. the remaining four-fifths being organized and relatively.. fluor. homogeneous. then. and a large proportion of Calc. Wherever. In bone-cells we have Calc. are. Other salts may from time to time be found.. and is the only living matter. both these organic and inorganic substances. which is found also in all solid and fluid parts of the body. all the organs. from which. fluor. viscera and tissues in the body are formed. the organic and the inorganic constituents. and is universally diffused throughout the organism. By their presence in the blood. similar to that of the ganglionic nerves and to the gray. but the foregoing. in the animal organism. while the water and salts — namely. Kali phos. potash. In this transuded fluid appear fine granules.It does this by the transudation of a portion of its plasma into the surrounding tissues through the capillary walls. By the union of these cells are formed the tissue of every kind needed for the upbuilding of the whole organism. Natrum and Ferrum. nerve. which unite to form germs. fat and albuminous substances of the blood. nervous matter. brain and connective tissue. INORGANIC CONSTITUENTS OF CELLS. Hair and the crystalline lens contain. silica. therefore. this pabulum is a material sui generis. according to Moleschott. also Ferrum. Two kinds of substances are needed in FORMATION OF TISSUE CELLS.

This oxidation has. because. 1 9 strated its fertile activity. spinal cord and blood corpuscles. uric. and are thereby removed from the organism with the excretions. upon reaching the tissues through the blood by means of the respiration. The products of this transformation are the organic materials which form the physical basis of muscle. to the gall-bladder. Some intermediate members of the series. etc. The importance and dignity of the function of the connective tissues were established after the researches of Virchow and Von Recklinghausen led to a closer study and demon- HEALTH AND DISEASE.. lactic and carbonic acids. lungs. kidneys. so far as our present knowledge of them extends. That which formerly seemed only intended as a filling in or protective covering appears now as .The oxygen of the air. phosphoric. the inorganic salts form combinations by virtue of chemical affinities. carbonic acid and water. The products of this retrograde tissue change are conveyed through the lymphatics. which in turn finally undergo the same metamorphosis. leave the tissues. as a consequence. perspiration. and also water. etc. and thus new cells are formed. they play a very subordinate role. resulting from the action of oxygen on the organic substances forming the basis of these cells. connective tissue and mucous substance. but are formed within the tissues from the albumen. sulphuric. as. acetic and butyric acids. These. L. Urea. bladder and skin. the connective tissue and the veins. and thereby give place to less fully oxidized organic bodies. The ultimate results of this combustion of the organic substances are the formation of urea. acts upon the organic substances which are to enter in the formation of new cells.actic acid results from the fermentation of milk-sugar. With them. faeces. together with the salts set free. The final products of the oxidation of the organic substances are urea. hypoxanthin. need not be mentioned with this therapeutic method. such as the urine. With the formation of new cells there occurs at the same time a destruction of the old ones. None of these substances are present as such in the blood. while phosphoric acid is produced by the oxidation of lecithin contained in the nervous tissue. for instance. nerve. a breaking down of the cells themselves. 2 1 8 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. brain. and finally breaks down into carbonic acid and water. uric acid and sulphuric acid are the result of the oxidation of the albuminous substances.

for instance. Under these conditions alone will the building of new cells and the destruction of old ones proceed normally. at the same time it serves as one of the most important breeding places of young cells. The cure consists in the restoration of the equilibrium of the molecular motion by furnishing a minimal dose of the same inorganic substance. phosphate of lime or potash. and the elimination of useless materials be furthered. recompense is made to the blood for the losses it sustains by furnishing nutritive material to the tissues. The quantity of phosphate of lime intended for the bones. and hence the normal state of the cell constitutes health. this compensation is made in requisite quantities and in proper places. HEALTH AND DISEASE. same law of supplying a lack applies to biochemical remedies . when by means of digestion of food and drink. The 20 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. which are capable of developing out of the embryonic latent forms to the most differentiated structure of the body. and therefore to cast out every foreign substance or surplus supply of any one constituent. since the molecules of the material thus used remedially fill the gap in the chain of molecules of the affected cell or tissue salt. But three essential substances used as fertilizers are required. but failing to reach its goal.the matrix. for it is the office of the kidneys to maintain the proper composition of the blood. ammonia. Disease is the result of a disturbance of the molecular motion of one of the inorganic tissue salts. Now after the normal molecular motion of the phosphate of lime molecules is again established within the involved nutritive soil by administering small doses of the same salt. Virchow says that disease is an altered state of the cell. the . The other substances needful for plant nutrition are found in sufficient quantities in the soil. in which the minute capillaries carry the plasma from the blood to the tissues and return the same to the blood vessels . Health may be considered to be the state characterized by normal cell metamorphosis . would accumulate within the blood were it not excreted by the urine. take the following example : A child suffering with rickets shows a lack of phosphate of lime in the bones due to a disturbed molecular motion of the molecules of this salt. In agricultural chemistry we add as fertilizer that element most lacking in the soil. The constitution of the cell is determined by the composition of its nutritive environment exactly as a plant thrives according to the quality of soil around its roots. namely. thus. and no disturbance of the motion of the molecules occurs.

when DOSE OR QUANTITY. The growth of animals and plants is the accretion of new atoms or groups of atoms to the existing mass of molecules. itself imponderable. and again the action of light on the photographic plate and retina . that the diseased cells have suffered a physical alteration besides. In view of the fact of the action of light. All other methods of cure reach this goal indirectly. Every normal cell has the faculty of absorbing or rejecting certain substances. or. which precludes the entrance of the required tissue salt. that is. 21 they make use of remedial agents heterogeneous to the constituents of the human organism. and bring about the removal by chemical processes of morbid products. DOSE. and in this way corrects abnormal states of physiological chemistry. that is. But if the supply is not offered spontaneously. it is to be assumed that the needful salt is lacking in quantity. exudations. atoms and groups of atoms or molecules form the basis of her operations. If the altered cells regain their integrity by recovering their loss. a higher trituration. Biochemic remedies are administered in minimal doses. etc. the inorganic cell-salts. they can again perform their normal functions. The aim of biochemistry is to cover a deficiency directly. causing molecular movements in living plants by which carbonic acid is decomposed into carbon and oxygen. As soon as this deficiency is made good by a supply of a homogeneous material from the immediate nutritive soil. The curative virtue of small doses may be deducted from the following facts : Throughout nature. The biochemical therapeutics aids nature in her efforts to cure by supplying the natural remedies lacking in certain parts. on the other hand. In such a case the salt must be offered in a more diluted state.surplus can again enter the general circulation and the cure of the rachitis be brought about. the equilibrium is re-established. This property is diminished or suspended when the cell has suffered a loss in one of its salts in consequence of any irritation. OR QUANTITY OF TISSUE SALT REQUIRED TO RE-ESTABLISH NORMAL CELL EQUILIBRIUM.

633 Natrum 0.132 Kali mur 3.99S Kali sulph 0. corresponding to the third. producing a watery diarrhoea in which the salt is cast out from the organism. and to restore disturbed function wherever present. and an increase of urinary secretion.094 Magnes. phos 0.3. Only the intestinal canal is affected thereby. it seems impossible of contradiction that infinitely small imponderable particles of matter can act upon the living body. Every biochemic remedy must be sufficiently diluted to avoid destroying the function of healthy cells. animal or vegetable.) will enter the blood and intercellular fluids from the mouth and oesophagus .000 grammes of intercellular fluid (plasma) the proportion of inorganic substances is the following : Kali sulph 0. It cannot be done by giving it in a concentrated solution. For instance.44 Calc. phos 0.281 Kali mur 0. and by virtue of its hygrometric property will induce passage of an excess of water in the tissues into the venous blood. The following table of analysis of blood cells in relation to the human organism will show this : In 1.of the eye.060 In 1. In the healthy organism. it is desired to have Glauber's salt reach the blood.359 Natrum mur 5-545 . fourth and fifth decimal dilution of medicines." as follows : Iron 0. the salts are found in solution. The use of small doses in biochemical treatment is a chemico-physiological necessity.343 Natrum phos 0.079 Kali phos 2. But a diluted solution of this salt (Natrum sulph. 22 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.000 grammes of blood cells the amount of inorganic substances are. according to Bunge's " Text-book of Physiological and Pathological Chemistry.

phos 0.000 grammes. Compare with these analyses that of milk. Schmidt.27! Natrum 1-532 Calcar.230 Calcarea 0. (See Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift.000 brings about quite powerful fermentation. and Silica. DOSE OR QUANTITY.060 Iron 0. contains Kali . Fluor. Of this i litre or 1. in a grape sugar solution to which yeast has been added. According to the calculations of C. and Silica.Natrum phos 0.000 to 1-800.29S Magnes. Similarly active in very small doses are some of the remedies used by the old school .) . each blood corpuscle contains about one-billionth part of a gramme of Kali mur.004 Phosphoric acid 0. 1889. Hugo Schulz says that a solution of 1-600. corrosive sublimate. 23 The mineral contents of one cell are infinitely small. phos 0.440 Fluor. Nov. how minute must be the dose of magnesia to be given for a neuralgia which is caused by an inconceivably small deficiency of this salt in a minute portion of the nerve tissue. of which Prof. Now if 6 centigrammes (3. one far above the normal. the physiologist.470 Chlor 0. One litre (a little over a quart) suffices for the daily food of an infant weighing about 6 kilogrammes (13^ pounds).330 Magnesia 0. traces. 0. traces.\ . This corresponds to the twelfth decimal trituration.218 Natrum sulph. 4.780 Natrum 0... for instance.5 of a grain) of magnesia are sufficient to cover the needful daily supply of magnesia for an infant..

in his chemical letters. in the 5th and Silicea in the 6th dilution. those soluble in water may penetrate the epithelial cells in lower dilutions.The inorganic substances which serve plants for nutrition are taken up by them only in minimal quantities. the chloride will be formed. which by its sub-division can be diffused throughout the soil. it must be kept out of the stomach. Behneke. If this is a salt of iron. Each rootlet requires but a small quantity of nourishment where it is in contact with the soil. in his balneological letters. Those substances that are insoluble in water must be triturated to the sixth decimal potency at least . oesophagus and reach the blood through the capillary walls. The insoluble mineral substances found in the soil must be dissolved by the acid juices of the fibres of the root before they can reach the vegetable organism. thus in the waters of Rilchingen Magnesia phosph. whether in homogeneous or heterogeneous aggregations. In some of the mineral waters. and that the best results are frequently obtained from doses usually considered very minute. the mineral salts are present 24 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. only in quantities corresponding to the 6th and 8th decimal dilutions . pharynx. Many of the most famous springs owe their good results to the fact that the curative constituents are present only in greatly diluted states. For this purpose a minimal dose is required — the medicine must be diluted to such a degree that its molecules may penetrate the epithelium of the mouth. correctly observes that the relative proportion and the degree of concentration in which the salt is present in the mineral water is of great importance. a granule of salt that we are hardly able to taste contains myriads of groups of atoms which no sentient . can only be perceived by our relatively obtuse organs of sense when in definite masses. the well-known physiologist : " Nature works everywhere with an infinite number of small magnitudes. Kali mur. Dr. A mineral. is present only in the 8th. when it reaches the human stomach. Now if it is desirable to administer the phosphate of iron for therapeutic purposes. is acted upon by the muriatic acid contained in the gastric juice. as may be seen from the following words of Professor Valentin. Liebig. observes that the strongest manure of earthy phosphates in a coarse powder cannot be compared in its action with a much smaller quantity finely divided. but for its functional activity and existence it is requisite that this minimum be present just at that spot. which. The adaptability of minimal doses to the end in view is in entire harmony with physiological and chemical facts. The smallest picture which our eyes perceive proceeds from millions of waves of light .

not been quantitatively determined . produces. of a salt of iron given to allay a molecular disturbance occurring in a small cell territory. the usual prescribed strength of the Tissue DOSE OR QUANTITY. of a grain of iron at a dose. For this purpose it seems much more reasonable to suppose that the degree of attenuation attained by the triturations is more appropriate to meet the want of the required molecules of salts. even if the crude salt touch the peripheral ends of these nerves. therapeutically considered. which can be distinguished by the unaided eye. therefore. one milligramme of calcium . Modern science gives numerous illustrations of the power of infinitesimal quantities." This fact is also illustrated by the well-known experiments of Professors Kirchoff and Bunsen with common salt by taking three milligrammes (less than ^ of a grain). this impulse exciting movements through an angle of about 180 . and a child nourished upon milk only receives therewith less than one milligramme or g 1 . In his work on Insectivorous Plants he says : " It is an astonishing fact * * * * that so inconceivably minute a quantity as 1—20. according to Reuter. Atropin. dilatation of the pupil in man and the lower warm-blooded animals.eye will ever view. We will refer only to very few : one is by that most excellent observer.000 of a grain " [a much smaller quantity than the 6th decimal trituration. It may be assumed that the amount of fluorine contained in milk is represented by a tenth of a milligramme . still in such a crude and undiluted form it is questionable whether the salt can enter and be taken up by the ducts of the neurilemma. 25 Remedies] " of ammonia phosphate should induce changes in a gland. for instance. sufficient to cause a motor impulse to be sent down the whole length of the tentacle. If four milligrammes represent the daily supply of iron contributed to the nourishment and growth of the child (for it is distributed to all the ironbearing cells of the organism). how small should be the dose. the amount of it in the organism is much less than that of iron. A litre (a little more than a quart) of milk contains about four milligrammes of iron." Now. such a disturbance. even when diluted more than a million-fold.000. which are blown into a room containing 60 cubic metres of air. although the presence of common salt can be perceived by the nerves of taste. as yet. In a few minutes sodium lines appear in a flame standing at a considerable distance. Darwin. as determines the hyperemia of irritation ? The amount of fluorine contained in milk has.

vol. disorder the stomach. The crude. twelfth and even higher preparations. chemically pure article is taken and triturated with sugar of milk. ii. if prescribed as a remedy. SCHUSSLER'S OWN PROCEDURE. 26 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. — Liebig's Chemical Letters. pro dost. one part of the drug to nine parts of sugar of milk. and so this triturating and subdividing process has been kept up to the sixth. too. each grain containing one-hundredth of the triturated cell salt. In the last edition of his " Abgekilrzte Therapie " he says on this point : "In FREQUENCY OF DOSES. The Tissue Remedies are prepared for therapeutic purposes. Lately the lower triturations of Potassium and Sodium salts. and this solvent power does not increase. Large doses of iron. The dose of a remedy prescribed according to chemical therapeutics had better be too small than too large . adopted the sixth decimal preparation as the one most generally useful. the third decimal. but he. would be a large dose. pass off unused with the faeces. have been productive of equally good results. each grain containing one-tenth of a grain of the cell salt triturated. from the illustrations above that even this minute subdivision is too gross for many purposes in the animal economy. At first Schussler began with the sixth centesimal or twelfth decimal trituration . and in most cases leave the disease unaffected. when diluted a thousand-fold with water. for at least one hour. according to the decimal or centesimal scale in trituration or solution. but if too large it will fail to accomplish the purpose in view. This gives the first decimal trituration. which gives the second decimal trituration. dissolves with ease at the temperature of the body fibrin and gluten. but diminishes. and other nine parts of sugar of milk added and again triturated one hour. 27 . One part of this first decimal trituration is then used. like all homoeopathic remedies. as may be seen. for if too small a repetition of it will attain the desired end. Hydrochloric acid. given to cure chlorosis. and is equivalent to the first centesimal trituration. PREPARATION AND DOSE.fluoride. 119. of others the fourth and fifth. But experience has shown. p. very early in his practice. if the proportion of acid in the dilution be increased.

" We. and administering teaspoonful doses every hour or two. a dose every ten to fifteen minutes . The powder may be given dry on the tongue. If liquid solutions are used. molecules. I usually give in the 1 2th trituration. In determining the dose of a biochemic remedy. Silicea and Calcarea finor. half full of water. have had the most satisfactory results from the sixth decimal trituration. in chronic diseases 3 or 4 times daily. In acute diseases. a few drops may be dissolved in water. a dose every hour or two . in chronic affections. For instance. one to four doses daily. Guided by the relative quantities of the cell salts. in the cells of the epithelial layer of a serous sac may give rise to a massive serous exudation .. According to this estimate. and as minute a supply of Natrum mur. FREQUENCY OF DOSES. But this combination cannot take place simply . The latter is especially to be recommended with children. at times lower. It may be urged as an objection that the molecules of a given salt administered as a medicine would unite with their like contained in the blood. corresponding to the deficiency may bring about a complete resorption of the exudation. the amount of the morbid product involved is no important factor. in severe. each practitioner can select the proper dose of the indicated biochemic remedy. painful affections. One milligramme (1-100 grain = to the 2d decimal trituration) of a substance is estimated to contain 16 trillions of 28 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. the 6th decimal trituration of it would contain about 16 billions . or pellets or disks may be saturated and given in that way. should be given every hour or two . and generally we prefer to give the selected remedy in solution by dissolving a good-sized powder in a tumbler. or dissolved in a spoonful of water. this quantity is more than sufficient to restore disturbed molecular motions to the normal. ourselves. size of a practice I employ the sixth decimal trituration generally. For this purpose the second or third and even the sixth trituration may be used. a dose consisting of a powder. a very small deficiency of Natrum mur. In suitable cases the external use of the remedies is indicated and has been found useful. and thus render illusory any curative attempt. Ferrum phos. rarely going higher. In acute cases.

and one that even at this day exposes us to the ridicule of our old-school brethren. seems erroneous . for example. We present the hypothesis that Homoeopathy and Biochemistry are quite similar . since the deficit is a molecular one. so far as analyses have been . Similia Similibus Curantur / The following table shows. can testify. This idea. is one of the most vital for Homoeopathy. taken literally. and were this the case it might be given in quantity with food and drink with the desired effect. mur. as the quantity given is usually too infinitesimal for that purpose. the supply must also be molecular. 29 Von Grauvogl. " Is Schusslerism Homoeopathy ?" and it has as often been answered in the affirmative as in the negative. in a disturbance of the molecules of Natr. embracing as it does that of infinitesimal doses. molecules in the affected tissues as before explained. This idea of the action of remedies is not new. for. BIOCHEMIC TREATMENT. The question. It has always been a matter of dispute as to how our homoeopathic remedies act. and puts Biochemistry forward with an evident desire to become the founder of a new system of medicine. that Biochemistry offers a rational explanation of the homoeopathic action as contained in that law of Hahnemann. Schiissler himself claims that it is not in any way related to Homoeopathy.because the carbonic acid present in the blood forms an isolating medium of the salts. Often the question has been asked. thus causing them to perform their function properly . RELATIONS OF THE BIOCHEMIC TO THE HOMCEOPATHIC TREATMENT. there is not necessarily a deficiency in the amount of Natr. mur. This salt given as a remedy does not supply a lack or deficiency of salt. The deficiency that it does supply in minimal doses is in the arrangement of the equilibrium of the chain of Natr. He claims with others that the Tissue Remedies act by supplying deficiencies. in the body. mur. but rather a lack of continuity in the arrangement of the existing molecules in the body. Many of Schiissler's ideas may be seen foreshadowed in Grauyogl and Hering. as any one who has carefully perused the works of that astute observer.

Ail... phos. Phytol. phos.74). Phytol.. Hamam. Viburn. Graphite. vulg. Berb.. pr.. stel. Cimicif. pr . Gelsem. Arnica. stel.. Secale (..50). that the twelve tissue salts are constituents of many of our well known and proved remedies of the vegetable kingdom Table.. Cactus gr. Coloc. Stramon. Ail. Viburn. Bapt. Veratr. mur.. Phytol. Rhus.25). Ail. Anis.7). (4. Ail. Anis.. China. Graphite (2... Anis... Secale (.. Rheum.. Hamam.. Pulsat. Berb.. . Digit . Hamam. Natr.. Sanguin. Asclep. Kali phos. Natr. pr. Cimicif. Anis.... China.. vulg. fluor. Calc. Ferr. pr. (2. Calc. Ail. stel. stel.. Anis. Asaf. phos. Cimicif..). Pinus c. Kali mur. Xanth.. Arum tr.made. Aeon.... Phytol. Epiphegus. Ail... Viburn. Rhus. Veratr... Viburn... Stilling. Hamam. stel. Cedron. .

sulph... (6. Stramon. (4. Anis. Natr. Myr..Phytol. Calc. Coloc. Equisetum (nearly 18. stel. Pulsat. Cimicif. Silicea.50).. The figures in the above table indicate the percentage.. Hydrast. To do this accurately would entail much time and expense. Apocyn.... Lycop. Kali sulph... op. Anis.... Magnes. 30 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.2 per cent.. Apocyn. Asaf. Ail. Phytol. who deal with infinitesimals.2).. Viburn. is a question of no moment whatever . phos. cer.. Nux vom. to the allopath. Graphite. Hamam. Chelid.. but to us.. Bryon. Ail. Cimicif..2).). of Silicea occur- . Gelsem. Chelidon.. Secale (.. Hamam. Viburn.. Viburn. (3)..). Secale (... not giving their proportions. Of course this. Bellad. Podoph. Lobel . as analyses have only been made of comparatively few of the remedies of the animal and vegetable kingdoms that we use . pr.15). and many of these analyses have been made so crudely as only to note the presence of these salts in them. Chionanthus. Cimicif. Rhus. This table is a very incomplete one. as homoeopaths. Iris v. stel. sulph. pr. Graphite (13. Chamom. such an enormous quantity as 18..

. of these. while the insoluble remainder. by this means.^*j o . u . a constituent of each drug. As the largest quantity of the inorganic salts therein contained is potash. correspond to the Kalis. iron and silica.4 per cent. we shall find that more symptoms of Phytol.8 per cent. as well as other inorganic constituents in varying quantities. 4 per cent.—-03 C M t. • 3 1 2 a o " •o"2 « cu ~ ^ .ring in Equisetum . of Silicea in Cimicif.Ou) rt mu Mb n > &h . Could we have an exact quantitative and proportionate analysis of any one drug from the animal or vegetable kingdom. phos..~» J0 . which remove the organic constituents. when.3-3 a $> 3 tea" = "M S?* *1 • 71 a •*>•" ^.r ^ B §3 3.. in Coloc. Perhaps the drug of which as complete an analysis has been made as of any is Phytolacca decandra.. of Magnes. while fewer symptoms correspond to the calcium. could easily explain why the symptoms of one drug are so often found under the pathogenesis of another. why one is characteristic in one drug and only generic in another. After evaporation and incineration. of the inorganic . indeed. are soluble and consist mostly of the salts of potash. we shall see a striking and significant analogy. it may not rightly belong to either. and it is highly probable that we. The following table illustrates this : BIOCHEMIC TREATMENT. consists of calcium.5 3 S 3 a u a i-.6 per cent.~ a*r — . of potash and sodium salts occurring in Haviam. If we compare the pathogenesis of Phytol. 6. with the biochemical application of these salts. 1. 3 per cent. 6 per cent. there remain 8. we could then dissect its symptoms and tell which belonged to one tissue salt and which to another . iron and silica. but to an inorganic tissue salt. becomes a matter of vital importance.

.H C3 W :-ob Wai-s iu-c a S^.w 3 ■£ u.9 S CI ^r*"^ . C-2 « H ..Q 2s8 ».a " « h.. ^ .i ■*• — u .

e f «a "> k a cc b£<*. u a o D M: Hi." ■ ? *.1 *-» ^ o ~ W X £ ■o" -S ■^ w *J S a P ca.S u o .■^ w_. as M U .2 = u.5 2 a .* u t.2 ol si J- rt «.2 -*. "> Ojl. & mSC u .u Sea "3 a SB O a. G S ..

Catalysis is contact action. and by this contact action. Examples of catalytic power are. unfortunately. but it still remains a fact. This would explain why we have different sets of symptoms under one homoeopathic drug.. such as Aurum. as chemistry teaches us.&g.S8 p ' . Were' the analysis quantitatively correct. watery discharge from the nose..2 <u 2. etc. substances that can be reduced by analysis to elementary bodies. by trituration a contact action is . The carbonates become transformed into the phosphates . The wherefore of this action is not known.g*"3 i£S§S-5Sj?8g£&g^gf.• co" •£ 'C w lis a 3 » -o . and we triturate them to develop their power. KOKcnfc« 32 -THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. In the crude state they do not appear to be materially changed by any of the organic acids of the body.. In the mineral kingdom the action is somewhat different. this disposes of such drugs as Kali card. When we finally divide these they still remain the same. Argentum... Magnes. as one of the prominent symptoms of Phytol. card.2t!'a-= S 5° . Of the known ones is the following : Platinum in mass produces no change — no combination of oxygen and hydrogen — as it will do. o Mb 3 1. 2 s "3 "5 dS2= E . mineral drugs act inert in the crude state. a catalytic power.2gS! •r bt. Calc. Platinum. appearing to antagonize each other — each is produced by a different tissue salt. wherein one body produces changes in another without itself being changed.. There only remain the minerals.. Nothing need be said of such remedies as are compounds of sulphur and phosphorus. card. This much for the vegetable and animal kingdom. as they derive their medicinal power by combinations which form tissue salts. is acrid. nmr.a. etc. without being changed itself. we should probably find some Natr. This is catalysis. These in a crude state are acknowledged inert. but a new power has been developed in them. very few. when it is finely divided.

8 per cent. BIOCHEMIC TREATMENT. whereas it is rectified by Homoeopathy indirectly by the administration of heterogeneous substances. in several of his editions. determine and embody the inner essence of the drug . were it possible. admits this and says that disturbed molecular motion of inorganic cell salts showing itself as disease is rectified by Biochemistry directly by the administration of homogeneous substances. more or less. CALCAREA FLUOR1CA. which process also potentizes the inorganic salts therein contained — do we not produce a disturbance in the molecular equilibrium of the tissue salts contained in the drug given ? For example : When we give Phytol. with the potentized drug.? This disturbance is only to be corrected when arising from disease by giving Phytol. It seems to us. . Schiissler. and when given to the healthy produces symptoms. This has long been a stumbling-block to allopathic comprehension of Homoeopathy. administer it to the healthy to produce symptoms — and nearly all our homoeopathic provings are made. to prove it. Materia Medica of the Twelve Tissue Remedies. which would not occur were they given in so crude a form as not to be taken up by the ducts of the neurilemma of the nerves of taste. do we not. that the former would be a more elementary Homoeopathy. 33 Do we not when we prove a drug — that is. This view by no means takes away the fact that each drug is an entity. in potency. the potash salts in it being the part which gives it its curative power. But these very salts in certain proportions are its essential substratum. of potash salts it contains. etc. and it is a question to be decided whether we could obtain the same results by giving the inorganic salt constituents of a drug as by giving the drug itself. to be proved as a whole.developed. whose presence is necessary to fix. by virtue of 6. This rationally explains how inert substances acquire by subdivision (trituration) medicinal properties. cause a molecular disturbance of these salts. and this an indirect Biochemistry. PART II. which causes changes.

the molecules of Calc. Preparation. Flastic fibres are found in the skin. relaxation of the abdominal walls. but is decomposed by sulphuric acid generating hydrofluoric acid.) The exudation dries readily and forms an adhering crust.4. Calcarea Fluorata. varicose and enlarged veins and vascular tumors. in the connective tissue. A disturbance of the equilibrium of the molecules of Calc. A relaxation of the elastic fibres. It is also a constituent of the elastic fibres and of epidermis. In regard to the resorption of induration. crystallizing in various colors and in cubical or octahedral form. through labor. hence dilatation of vessels. the absorption of a solid exudation in such a part cannot take place. which make their appearance as hemorrhoidal tumors. Physiologico-chemical Data. fluor. Frequently found in the palms of the hands. form fissures and cracks. all absence of after pains. A hard. 3. Specific gravity of crystals. — Calc. fluor. hair and nails. Loss of Calcar. — Selected pieces of crystal fluorspar are prepared by trituration.. relaxation and displacements of the uterus. such pathological enlargements of blood vessels take place. — Fluorspar. Calcium Fluoride. in the system is thus seen to be followed by : 1. fluor. induration of the parts sets in. is found in the surface of the bones and in the enamel of the teeth. causes a continued dilatation. and in the vascular walls. Ca F 2 . In consequence. Fluoride of Lime. When the elastic fibres of the blood vessels suffer a disturbance of 36 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Common Name. it is beautifully crystalline. It contains 58. It occurs in nature in mineral fluorspar ." hemorrhage of womb . — Formula. two possibilities . 3. hence "hanging belly. or chronically relaxed condition. fiuor.Synonyms. 2. Chemical Properties. which. — Calcii Fluoridum. If the elastic fibres of any portion of the vessels of the connective tissue or of the lymphatic system have arrived at such a condition of relaxation. Exudation of Keratin from the cells of the epidermis. of the implicated fibres. knotty exudation on the surface of a bone. as directed under class VII American Pharmacopoeia.21 parts of calcium. It is practically insoluble in water. (Keratin is contained in the skin. and indurated glands.

indurated glands of stony hardness. {b) By means of the volumetric force of Carbonic acid contained in the blood a part of the Fluorine is split off the fluoride of lime. Thus : all ailments which can be traced to relaxed conditions of any of the elastic fibres. Blurred vision after using eyes. The part played by the Carbonic acid can be assumed by Sulphuric acid as well. eyeballs ache. In a proving by Dr. General Action. varicose and enlarged veins. forming Hydrofluoric acid. whether of the skin. spots on the cornea. Malnutrition of bones. bony base. Headache with faintish nausea in afternoon. enamel of the teeth. on a rough. better closing eyes and pressing lightly. Molecules of Calcar. Smith the following symptom was quite constant : "A sort of creaking. groundless fears of financial ruin. CALCAREA FLUORICA. rough. Cataract. Disposition to set a higher value on money than natural to him. it is possible for Calcar.are to be thought of : (a) The elastic fibres near the induration have lost their functional ability on account of the pressure exerted. similar to the noise made by a cornstalk fiddle and greatly interfering with sleep. — Flickering and sparks before the eyes. Bruises of the bones of the scalp. Pendulous abdomen. administered restore their functional integrity and thus are enabled to throw off the exudation. — Diseases having their seat in the substance forming the surface of bone. . — Great depression. especially of the teeth. In a similar manner. uneven lumps. The latter is formed during the oxidation of albuminoids. $7 or the walls of the blood vessels. Mental Symptoms. which will then be absorbed by the lymphatic vessels. better in the evening. Indecision. Guiding Symptoms and Characteristic Indications. and part of all elastic fibres. Enlarged meibomian glands. this combines with nascent Hydrogen. etc." Eyes. Ulcers of the scalp with callous. etc. Uterine displacements. including dilatation of the blood vessels. arterial and venous blood-tumors and piles. with hard. Indurations. straining and drawing. Exostosis after injuries. Cases of partial blindness. Cephal-hsematoma. Head and Scalp. which gradually dissolves the molecules of the morbid product. the connective tissues. Hard excrescences on the scalp. conjunctivitis. Sarah N. — Blood-tumors on the parietal bones of newborn infants. hard edges. fliwr. as explained under 5. and these are taken up by the lymphatics. to bring about solution of a laryngeal croupous or diphtheritic exudation. fluor.

weakening and recurring during the day. dry coryza. Itching of anus as from pinworms. odor of dead bone disappears after use of the remedy. worse lying on painful side. Burning in throat better by warm drinks. Urinary Organs. mur. — Hard swelling on the cheek with pain or toothache. Unnatural looseness of the teeth with or without pain. Toothache with pain if any food touches the tooth. — Cold in the head. Induration of the tongue. greenish. Uvula relaxed. — Cracked appearance of the tongue with or without pain. Bleeding hemorrhoids. stuffy cold. — Diphtheria when the affection has gone to the windpipe. — Confined bowels. Face. Urine scanty and high colored. Abdomen and Stool. Flatulence. Great dryness of mouth. inability to expel faeces. cold sores rather small. lumpy. Teeth. ozsena. Fissure of the anus. Internal or blind piles. Affections of nasal bones . . Mouth. Mastoid disease when periosteum is affected. Tumors of the eyelids. Piles with pressure of blood to the head. Ears. — Vomiting of undigested food. teeth become loose in their sockets. hard swelling on the jawbone. — Calcareous deposits on the tympani. offensive. Tongue. Copious. thick. generally far down on the sacrum. Hawking of mucus in the morning. not diffused like Natr. Cold sores at corner of mouth. Much wind in lower bowels. tickling and cough. Hiccough from hawking of mucus. — Copious urine. Relaxed throat with tickling in the larynx when caused by elongation of the uvula. — Gumboil with hard swelling on the jaw. hardening after inflammation. Nose. ineffectual desire to sneeze.Dimness of vision from overstraining the eyes. frequent. 38 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. causing irritation. Toothache with a looseness of the teeth. Great dryness of throat Gastric Symptoms. frequently with pain in the back. Adenoid growths in post-nasal space and pharynx. and constipation. and emits a pungent odor. — Enamel of the teeth rough and deficient. hard herpetic sores on lips from cold. Malnutrition of the teeth. and intensely sore crack near the lower end of the bowel. stony hard swelling on the jawbone. Throat. Osseous growths.urging. yellow nasal discharge. Pain in right hypochondrium.

from elongation of the uvula or drop at the back of the throat. indurations of the testicles. Small goitres. Inflammation of kneejoint. Suppressed respiration. down-bearing pain. Chronic cases of lumbago . — Ganglia or encysted tumors at the back of the wrist. Backache simulating spinal irritation. Gouty enlargements of the joints of the fingers. tough mucus . Enlargement. show- . Displacements of the uterus. Tired feeling and pain in the lower part of the back (sacrum). The chief remedy in true croup. In asthma when specks or small lumps of yellowish mucus are brought up after much exertion . — Tickling in larynx. feeble contractions. Dilatation of the heart with palpitation. Circulatory Organs — Aneurism at an early stage may be reduced or kept in check by this remedy and Ferr. enlargement of the blood vessels . Extremities. Excessive catamenia with bearing-down pain. Cracking in the joints. Neck and Back. Dragging pain in the region of the uterus and thighs. Dryness and hoarseness. — Constant dribbling of seminal and prostatic fluid with dwindling of the testes. chronic synovitis. with weak. for the induration. Suppuration of bones. Hydrocele. phos. down-bearing of the uterus. dragging. epiglottis feels closed or as if breathing through a thick substance. with tickling sensation and irritation on lying down. Chief remedy for vascular tumors with dilated blood vessels. Pregnancy.Sexual Organs. with a sensation of fulness or burning pain. crepitation. — Indurated cervical glands of stony hardness. Hard knots in the breast. Lumbago from strains. aggravation on beginning to move and amelioration by continued motion. hypertrophy of the heart. Varicose ulcerations of the veins . Syphilis. Respiratory System. Phalanges easily dislocated. 39 flooding. cough with expectoration of tiny lumps of yellow. it favors easy confinement. provided that the iodide of potash had not been taken. Osseous tumor on spine of scapula. spina ventosa. Hunterian chancre. Swelling of elbow-joint. To tone up the contractile power of the uterus in cases of CALCAREA FLTJORICA. — After-pains if due to weak. also the chief remedy for varicose or enlarged veins. Dilatation. Given during pregnancy. drops)' of the testicles. Cough hacking from tickling in larynx. being the chief remedy to restore the contractility of the elastic fibres. and confined bowels. as from a foreign body..

4-0 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. secreting thick. Varicose ulcers of long standing have been cured by the rernedy. gathered finger. — Chaps and cracks of the skin. Sleep. Tissues. fistulous ulcers. especially in the morning. places. Osseous growths on bones of lower extremities. page 398. lasting a week or more. Modalities. worse in damp weather. Indolent. ing -want of synovial fluid. has been proved by J. which quickly harden and assume a nodular or jagged form. with thickening and cracking of skin. B. brown tongue. Exudation from surface of bones. Fissure of the anus. Skin. "Whitlow. Suppuration with callous. yellow Eczema due to venous hypersemia . Ganglion. but relieved by fomentations and rubbinof. Eczema of anus consequent to hemorrhoids. Dropsy caused by heart disease. Exotoses on fingers. Homeopathic Data — Calc. Bell. Bruises on surface of bone. The drug had been _: -. with thirst . Osseous growths. Anaemia. with hard. Occasional erysipelas. Knots and kernels and tumors in the female breast. Febrile Symptoms. Spina ventosa. fluor. Suppuration of bones. Swellings or indurated enlargements. better at night. — Worse in damp weather. rough and uneven lumps. — Attacks of fever. — Solidified infiltrations . etc. Squamous eczema. iii. especially in tarsal and carpal articulation. from a strain of the elastic fibres. Spavin of horses. dry. of new scenes. The most complete data are to be found in the Guiding Symptoms ^ vol. hard edges. as on shin. bone injected. Whitlow or felons. cystic tumors. with sense of impending danger . thus indurated glands of stony hardness. — Weakness and fatigue all day. x. Ulceration of bone or enamel. and the proving is reported in full in Allen 's Encyclopedia. Elastic fibres relaxed. Nervous Symptoms. . Fissures or cracks in the palms of the hands or hard skin. — Vivid dreams. vol. Indolent ulcers. having their seat in the fasciae and capsular ligaments of joints or in the tendons. ±r :L if i: ifl 1:~ :=■: rr.

:.:! 1 : ifrtr :l\v. . . — Foe fndmations: Cole jfbr.':." : in :ir r r-i r .i.t: 11: intr :r 1 _H: :. acid and other acids.. pi. In inn 1 if-. iadL. :.t : ntr it ~_nn_ s-i.r . amr.i ri 1 --. :-" .LZAr.: iTr-l T~".-. LxL. Comaam. S&ctm... after Stkta and Ferrum :\: :.v.~ -*" ir. Zz.n.:. Grtaps far Stair.--. Carte amimu. . Baryta iod-.ZA ? H 2 5?K C r..-. .A PmoGpfaas Pte c ip i la ta.I.r in ifter Bryomia and Calcarcm in aillniti s .tr .ilf -.".lTlC _ .: liei- rlt ...**.: :. . Suicca.". 2:. : .I'. Phytolacca. Asscriaj.. Calcis Phosphas.. Heda lazx.. . salpk. KaH bidL.l'llli" tl_~tt ~ _:1 _~ :.: r — -1 1 . to a certain extent.\ . :/:l 5": . Amrmmu Hepar.lfST-r. prsL iadL.1:1 . . and.:. mafnm^ Anemic. . Amram agar. :.symtphmms of Phosphor^ Mtrcrnr^ Rata. in carbonic acid water. r ".: if~. Sitric acid. I: corresponds to mar. . - — li -_:it: — 1: i_:i: ri —. .-^ire in swelling of sfcnll of infants. 1 s-. : -•_:: — : :t :f lint. For Qzaena : Coddle.. insnppmatiou of bones.. CaJcar.':.t in nnt 42 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.

is curative in disease depending upon a disturbed action of the lime-molecules in the body. hence is necessary to initiate growth. It is of use during dentition. in the unnatural growth and defective nutrition of bone and other textures found in rickets and similar diseased conditions . — The Phosphate of lime is prepared by trituration. and is required wherever albumen or albuminous substances are found in the secretions. becoming the first remedy in ansemia and chlorosis. This salt is found in the blood-plasma and corpuscles. Another important feature is its restorative power after acute diseases. connective tissue. When from any cause an insufficient amount of Phosphate of Lime is assimilated for the uses of the animal economy. thus corresponding to faulty secondary assimilation and to faulty workings of the excretory organs. It is of the greatest importance to the soft and growing tissues. phos. it acts curatively. thus the sphere of action of this remedy includes all bone diseases depending on a diseased quality of the blood of a dyscrasic taint. recognizing the origin of the red CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA. General Action. stimulating nutrition. is absolutely essential to the proper growth and nutrition of the body. bones. this drug proves itself a real tonic in many cases . involving also the dermoid tissues with the osseous. gastric juice. Calc. either directly or preparing the way for other remedies. by stimulating the system to their action. phos. thus becoming an important intercurrent remedy. in convulsions and spasms occurring in weak. saliva. such as occurs in the tardy formation of callus around the ends of fractured bones. milk. It also supplies new blood-cells. teeth. and crediting this drug with nutritive stimulation of the white globules. which forms the organic basis for this salt in the tissue-cells. scrofulous subjects. — Calc. as in chronic bronchitis. in chronic wasting diseases and hectic. phos. It gives solidity to the bones. In anaemia of young. rapidly growing people . as directed in our Pharmacopoeias. imperfect cell-growth and consequent decay and destruction of tissue. has a special chemical affinity for albumen. Schiissler. prolonged suckling or excessive menstruation or leucorrhoea . tubercular diarrhoea and night-sweats. supplying the first basis for the new tissues. claims it promotes the formation of red globules indirectly by promoting that of the white globules. the vegetative system suffers primarily. in women weakened by rapid child-bearing. especially the osseous and glandular systems. etc. . abscesses and scrofulous sores.Preparation. when the phosphate is found in excess in the urine. in accompanying diseases with exhaustive discharges. causing defective nutrition. through its great power on the secretions. — Calc. promoting cell growth. 43 blood-globules in the white or embryonic ones. Physiologico-chemical Data. Practically. etc.

Minute doses of Calc. the epithelial cells of serous membranes. — Vertigo in old age . Similar albuminous secretions take place on mucous surfaces. phos.). where the regenerative function decreases in the nervous tissue. headache . phos. phos. and gives at the same time Calc. phos. due to anaemic symptoms. worse near the region of the sutures. Calc. Children are peevish and fretful. or Calc. a desquamation of which can be brought about therapeutically by administering Calc. as well as during reconvalescence from severe acute diseases.In old age. will absorb these exudations. Mental Symptoms. Headache with flatulence. in low potencies holds out great promise to ameliorate the severity of the case . and three times a day about 10 grains of the second trituration of Calc. finor. Spasms and pains caused by anaemia are cured by this remedy. a sero-albuminous exudation within the sacs takes place. phos. After grief. Phosphatic diathesis. phos. a cold feeling in the head . Rheu- . hygroma patellae. and we find it useful in senile cutaneous and vaginal itching. phos. — Impaired memory. the head feels cold to the touch. with its emaciation. This is also his favorite treatment in chlorosis (cider-whey. Guiding Symptoms and Characteristic Indications. if their epithelium is diseased through loss of Calc. If the cells of the epidermis have lost Calc. sensation of coldness and numbness. Traeger uses cider internally and externally. In chorea during puberty the salts of lime quiet our patients far better than the remedies usually recommended. Sensations mostly in small spots. albumen will be thrown upon the surface and by drying. haemoptysis and other marked physical symptoms. Headaches before and during the second dentition . slow of comprehension. These pains are accompanied by formication. Calc. after mental exertion and from dampness and change of weather. Pains where bones form sutures or symphyses and numb. night-sweats. is disturbed within 44 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. crawling pains with chilliness. worse from wet. In the osseous expansions of rachitic children. and he prefers it by far to the usual iron treatment. In this way develop hydrops genu. If the molecular motion of Calc. and tendency to perspiration and glandular enlargement. vexation. stupid. equally great is its benefit in pollutions of young married men (and sexual excitement of women) and onanists. In tuberculosis pulmonum. form a crust. phos. General lack of vital heat and aggravation from wet. mental anxiety with all troubles. phos. Head and Scalp. is well indicated. disappointment. etc.

Opacities following CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA. Bitter. Faceache . 45 inflammation of the eyes. Eyes. fluor. — Spasmodic affections of the eyelids if Magnes. Throat. numb. Teeth. Complexion sallow. restless. also to prevent these conditions. Ulcers on cornea. Hoarseness day and night. too rapid decay of teeth. complaints during teething. Burning in larynx and back part of tongue. stiff. — Outer ears feel cold. Ozaena. Cold sweat on face. phos. Congenital amblyopia in children of a rachitic constitution and scrofulous diathesis. with much pain in every direction on swallow- .matic headaches. Scrofulous keratitis. Cranio tabes. Amaurosis and cataract. Cold in head. — External glands painful. Gums painful and inflamed. very large head. Scrofulous ulcers on the top of the head. Swollen. associated with swollen glands in scrofulous children. tense. skull is soft and thin. phos. ulcerated nose in scrofulous children. dirty. Toothache with tearing. tearing in bones of the skull. furred. — Point of nose icy-cold. white. — Face full of pimples. aggravated at night. with diarrhoea. greasy-looking. Chronic catarrh of the ear with throat difficulty at the same time. Mouth. Fontanelles remain open too long. pain in the superior maxillary bone. creeping. with headache. Sore aching in the throat. Nose. Upper lip swollen and painful. itching of scalp in the evening. Photophobia. with pimples on it. boring pain. Convulsions in teething after Magnes. Ophthalmia in scrofulous persons. Lupus. Crawling. Headache of school-girls who are maturing and are nervous. Bald spots on head. Sneezing and sore nostrils. — Tongue swollen. Chronic hydrocephalus . or pale gums. Chronic colds in anaemic and scrofulous patients. with earache. Bleeding in afternoon. numbness . Freckles. with albuminous discharge from the nose. especially with girls. with Calc. All bones around the ear ache and hurt. Scalp sore. fails. Earache with rheumatic complaints. Tongue. Inflammation of the eyes and excessive dryness during dentition. acute or chronic . caused by jellies and sour things. Swelling of parotid and submaxillary glands. — Disgusting taste in the mouth in the morning. Face. A dislike to open mouth on account of pain from swollen tonsils. Uarge pedunculated nasal polypi. Bitter taste in morning with headache. as if ice water were on upper part of occiput. Ears. worse at night. Cannot use eyes by gaslight. Hydrocephalic! conditions. — Teeth develop slowly. bones separated.

vertigo. Clergyman's sore throat. Neuralgia ani. of food. Urine copious with weariness. worse eating. Colic at every attempt to eat. Colic. When fasting. Stool is hoi. ham. — Soreness and burning. 47 . oozing hemorrhoids in ansemic or weakly patients. and empty sinking sensation around navel. with green. Relaxed sore throat. Fistula in ano. salted or smoked meats. with great debility. with itching and CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA. offensive.). smoked Unusual hunger. caused by soreness and pain around navel.. Pain after eating. Abdominal hernise.). every time the child nurses. to prevent re-formation of new ones. Abdomen and Stool. pain goes to the spine. Painless fistulse. Pain in the stomach with debility. and in teething children. Offensive pus with stools. temporarily relieved by eating and by raising wind. Urinary and Sexual Organs — Wetting the bed and general debility. Removes disposition to intestinal worms in anaemic and weakly patients [Natr. headache and chronic cough. associated with depression of mind. Fissures of anus. etc. Much flatulence. Gall-stones. Severe pain in lower part of sacrum. Diabetes mellitus where the lungs are implicated. Chronic gonorrhoea in ansemic subjects. The sufferings from the stomach are aggravated by taking even the smallest quantity 46 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Hernia in ansemic patients. Craves bacon. alternating: with chest symptoms. Crying spells. Infant wants to nurse all the time. Gastric Symptoms. profuse. Costiveness. hard stool with blood. abdomen sunken. Chronic enlargement of the tonsils. Useful in summer complaint and marasmus. coming on after stool and lasting entire day until retiring to bed. Vomiting after cold water and ice cream. phos. Sinking sensation in epigastrium. Frequent urging to urinate. Bright's disease. Chronic. flabby. Abdomen sunken and flabby. Constant hemming and hawking when talking. — Heartburn and flatulence. Mesenteric glands enlarged. especially in old people. Cholera infantum. Enuresis in old people and small children. for the albumen (alternate with Kali phos. watery. Dyspepsia with distress in stomach. slimy. Marasmus. Cutting pains in the urethra and neck of the bladder. or in persons who have pain in all the joints from any change of weather. Diarrhoea aggravated by fruit. Tabes mesenterica. noisy and sputtering. and vomits often and easily. Headache and diarrhoea. great desire for indigestible things — ham. undigested diarrhoea with fetid flatus. with soreness on pressure.

Throbbing in the genitals. increase of urine. Catarrhs in scrofulous or gouty constitutions with anaemia. distress and rheumatic pains. sweat. Violent backache with uterine pains. Weariness in all limbs during pregnancy. — Thin neck in children. Sharp pain around the heart during inspiration. Gravel. particularly of calves. with weak voice.). Menses too early in young girls. Spasm of glottis from retarded dentition. Female Organs. dry throat. preceded by sexual excitement. Spoiled milk of mother . it is salty and bluish. Pregnancy. Prolapsus in debilitated persons (with Kali phos. especially about the head and neck. with voluptuous feelings . accompanied and followed by great weakness. cough and weakness and pain between shoulders. Incipient phthisis in anaemic patients. with contraction of chest and difficult breathing. or in teething children and weakly constitutions. Circulation imperfect. Hydrocele. Stone in the bladder. Circulatory Organs. Cough with expectoration of yellow albuminous mucus. Prolapus uteri with weak. worse after defecation. Swelling of testicles and scrotum. better lying down. as a constitutional tonic. Discharge bright red. Nymphomania worse before menses. worse in morning. In adults menses too late and dark. Iyabor-like pains before and during menses . Neck and Back. followed by a trembling weakness. — Pains. worse from change of weather. Respiratory Symptoms. burning and soreness in the mammae . to prevent reformation of same. with sexual excitement. indicated also in tendency to masturbation in scrofulous children.soreness. returning every two weeks. Decline after puerpera and during pregnancy. After prolonged nursing. sinking feelings. Chronic cough of consumptives who suffer from coldness of the extremities. Sore pain about sternum and clavicle. with flocculent sediment. discharge like white of an egg } creamlike. Rheumatic pain . especially in rheumatic subjects. — Weakness and distress in uterine region. worse mornings. — Palpitation with anxiety. Whooping cough. Hardness of mammae. Soreness of chest to touch. less painful than otherwise. Burning in vagina. Chest difficulties associated with fistula in ano. and child refuses it. in obstinate cases. with sore. sometimes after stool or micturition . Uterine displacements with rheumatic pains. Profuse 48 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Amenorrhcea. Suffocative cough in children . Soreness in the sacro-iliac synchondroses. Menstruation during lactation. not watery. Deucorrhoea. Frequent hawking to clear the voice. — Involuntary sighing. patient being disinclined to move about. phosphatic deposits. Non-closure of foramen ovale. calculus. they feel enlarged.

Freckles are lessened by the use of this remedy. numbness and coldness. Lower limbs feel numb. phos. Buttocks and back "asleep. as if in the bone . commencing at night. Epilepsy. Constant stretching and yawning. scrofulous or gouty constitutions.and stiffness of neck from slightest draught. Cramp in calves. Rheumatism of the joints with cold or numb feeling:. or like electrical shocks. Great debility after weakening. Convulsions from teething. Coxarthrocace. Bow legs in children. Swelling of the epipheses. Spinal curvature. Aching in os coccygis. Vaginal pruritis of . 49 worse from any change of weather. third stage. Pain in shinbones. Lumbar abscess. wrists. especially ascending. Spasms of all kinds after Magnes. Cold sweat appears on the face and coldness of the body. and especially in the thumb. Potts' disease. Syphilitic periostitis and ulcers." Extremities. with great weakness. Fistulous ulcers on the foot joints and on the malleoli. Nervous Symptoms. and along arms . Potts' disease. worse at night and in bad weather. wrinkled. associated with gloomy thoughts. worse walking. acute or chronic. Pain in small spots. especially in old people. Languor. Pruritis . Rheumatic paralysis. Chafed skin. getting well in spring and returning in autumn. Cramp-like pain in forearms. Indisposition to work. acute diseases. CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA. Spinal curvature in young girls especially at puberty. Copious night-sweats in phthisis. Aching in all the limbs. Aching soreness of thighs. small of back. Copper-colored. Gouty pain in toes and ankle joints. Cramp-like pain in neck and around shoulder blades. Backache in the lumbar region in the morning on awaking. — Creeping shivering. itching of the skin. tearing pains. Eupus. Chronic intermittent fever in scrofulous children. Chronic synovitis. Ankle joint feels as if dislocated. Children cry out at night. Gouty nodosities. Pains in knees. when lifting. Herpes. Senile itching of the skin. Skin — Skin dry and cold. Slow in learning to walk. Sleep. — Neuralgias. Rheumatic gout. recurring periodically . — Sore aching in shoulders and shoulder blades. Prurigo. Shooting tinrcmgh elbows. weariness. excoriations. Febrile Symptoms. fingers. or blowing the nose. deep-seated. white scabs or vesicles in anaemic. — Drowsiness. with itching. Soreness around sacro-iliac symphysis. with sensation of crawling. fails. full of pimples. Rheumatic pains flying about. Spina bifida. Trembling of limbs. Ulceration of scars. Rheumatism worse from change of weather. Bursa?. Hard to wake in the morning. cannot lift arm. Numbness of the limbs and coldness or a sensation of ants creeping on the parts affected. Eczema with yellow. Ulcerative pain in roots of finger nails. region of kidneys. Itchiness of the skin.

may be called for preferably for similar symptoms. the patient. phos.. Kali phos. — The symptoms are generally worse from cold. hypophos. phos. follow by Magnes. Albuminous exudations in or on the skin. Natr. Homoeopathic Data. nasal. xx. carb. phos. vol. Prolonged administration has produced nephritic colic and passage of small calculi. In general the phosphate prefers the dark complexion. phos. A history of the different provings is found in the Hahnemannian Monthly. Excess of white corpuscles. collected in 4 50 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Magnes. 187 1. — Anaemia and chlorosis to supply new blood cells.. Rickets. Eeucaemia. Follows China in hydrocephaloid and anaemia.old women. Kali mur. white. vol. — Very similar to Calc. and Allen's Encyclopedia. and Silicea . both have great similarity in chest symptoms. Pancreatic diseases.. Tumor albus. supplementing the latter frequently to great advantage. Bones thin and brittle. Condyles swollen.. have given brilliant clinical results. Schiissler prescribes the 6x trituration. Acne rosacea. Tabes. although the higher potencies. It occupies a ground between Calc. and Phosphor. Calc. by C. in epilepsy. emaciated children. Exostoses. Irregularity in development. Non-union of fractured bones. Emaciations. Relationship. also a Resume by him in the North American Journal of Homoeopathy. Tubercles on the skin. Kali phos. but with Calc. Administration. Many symptoms are ameliorated by lying down. Large doses are useless and even injurious. 3X to 6x. Bursse. Tissues. Complimentary to Carb. change of weather. Polypi. Ferr.. March. Complexion waxy. bone diseases. Phosphatic diathesis. rectal and uterine. greenish. shrunken. the latter also is similar in worm affections. Dropsical affections. while the carbonate acts best in the light-haired and blue-eyed. particularly such as follow surgical operations. goitre. dark eyes and hair. Modalities. accompanying ailments. similar to Fhtor ac. Hering. Broncocele. Scrofulous ulceration also of the bones. from getting wet.. whose complexion is dirty-white or brown. Hering . iii. probably achieving most satisfactory results. Soreness of tendons and of joints. Flabby. phos. is usually emaciated . it corresponds more to the acute affections of the lungs. phos. In neurasthenia Calc. In the copious sweats after weaken- . Boils form ulcers. Defective nutrition. carb. — The lower triturations. Spina bifida. are the potencies usually employed. motion. and Ruta. — Proved by C. and Berberis have both been beneficial in fistula in ano . cysts. 30 to 200. osteophytes. in diabetes. and Silicea . an. In anaemic headaches of schoolgirls. In dental caries. Guiding Symptoms.

thin and puny. Molecular wt. Dyspepsia temporarily relieved by eating is met by Calc. It is found in nature as anhydrite. Preparation. has a similar condition. The Calcarea sulph. etc.* Synonyms — Calcii Sulphas. arteries and elsewhere.. for girls. 5 1 palpitation on lying down.. CALCAREA SULPHURICA. CALCAREA SULPHURICA.. In nonunion of fractures compare Symphytum. and even here not constant. Calcium Sulphate. Zinc. In anaemia and chlorosis compare also Natr. It occurs in flattened prisms (selenite) and in earthy masses (gypsum). Ars. because the lactic acid in them dissolves the phosphate of lime and prevents the ossification in tendons. gypsum. Ca S0 4 . Merc.. contained in the bile comes from the liver. phos. is more frequently useful for boys.. It can be obtained by precipitating a solution of calcium chloride with dilute sulphuric acid. if after Natr. with a tendency to rickets. Chemical Properties — Formula.. acute diseases compare Psorin. In acute articular rheumatism. In consumption Calc. anaemia of infants.. Suiph. iod. alabaster and selenite . soluble in 400 parts of cold water.. as much clinical evidence in favor of this remedy has been . Arsenic. also in various waters constituting one source of permanent hardness. In acne Calc. and often indicated after Phos. In lupus. Compare Helonias in the mental depression. Buttermilk and koumyss are invaluable foods for the aged. Chelidon. leaving only eleven. Schiissler's life this remedy was discarded from his list. but with much oily perspiration on the head . instead of twelve tissue remedies. Iod. where it * In the last years of Dr. debility and phosphatic urine. As a remedy for the aged compare Baryta. It has been thought best to retain the original number contained in the previous editions of this work. also Ferr. earthy complexion. and Kali phos. the Silicea. Common Name — Gypsum. It is a fine. compare Kali mur. as directed in our Pharmacopoeias. insoluble in alcohol and in dilute nitric and hydrochloric acids. Plaster of Paris. mur. and Ruta in joint affections. mur.. Physiologico-chemical Data — Present only in the bile according to Bunge. phos. phos. is followed well by Silicea. — By trituration. there remains a trace of the disease. 172. is complementary in hydrocephaloid. white crystalline powder. but the drug for which this symptom is specific is Anacardium. Tuberc. especially with constipation. Cupr. pier.

in the liver this destruction of unfit corpuscles is delayed. The presence of pus with a vent is the general indication.) Guiding Symptoms and Characteristic Indications. If there is a deficiency of it in any small part of its domains. sulph. — Changeable mood. about the scalp. etc. Such remnants as are not excreted by way of the liver from the circulation. by taking away their water. their elimination will thereby be rendered tardy. General Action. stands in close relation to suppurations. Headache with nausea and with feeling as if eyes were sunken. (J. Morgan. and ulcers of the cornea. — Calc. fulfilled the function of destroying worn-out. Sudden loss of memory . In the later editions of Schiissler's Therapeutics Natrum phos. yellow matter. their remnants are excreted through biliary action from the circulation by the shortest route. hence the blood soon contains an oversupply of useless cells.collected. red blood corpuscles. — Deep-seated abscess of the cornea. 52 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. sulph. All ailments in which the process of discharge continues too long and the suppuration is affecting the epithelial tissues. But if a part of these useless corpuscles must be destroyed by oxidation within the circulation. — Scaldhead of children. Inflammation of the eyes with discharge of thick. worse forehead. It cures purulent discharges from the mucous membranes and purulent exudations in serous sacs. in the liver . and Silicea are substituted for this remedy. of consciousness. Vertigo. suppuration is the result. Under normal conditions all useless blood corpuscles disintegrate by means of Calcar. etc. purulent crusts. Through a deficiency of Calcar. 53 Eyes. Suppurations. sulph. Hypopyon . as well as tubercular ulcers or abscesses of the intestines. Craniotabes. Head and Scalp. It is curative in suppurations at that stage in which matter is discharging or continuing to ooze after the infiltrated places have discharged their contents of pus. C. Acts upon the connective tissue. Pain around whole head. if there be purulent discharge or yellow. . producing there catarrh and eruptions. reach the mucous membranes and skin.. CALCAREA SULPHURICA. Mental Symptoms. nor taken up by the lymphatics. with deadly nausea.

Inflamed canthi. Nausea. Burning pain in stomach. Pimples around ear. Ears. discharging pus. stools purulent. — Purulent diarrhoea. Phlyctenular keratitis and phlyctenular conjunctivitis when accompanied by swelling of cervical glands. — Swelling of the cheek if suppuration threatens. Onesided discharge from nose. pus in anterior chamber . with vertigo. Gastric Symptoms. While eating. — Deafness with discharge of matter from the middle ear. Intestinal ulcers with typhus. Diphtheritis of the soft palate . Suppurating stage of tonsillitis when abscess is discharging. F. ulcerated teeth. claret. . after Silicea. — Desire for fruit. followed by weakness. Mouth. Yellowish discharge from posterior nares. Dysentery. Yellow coating at base. — Inside of lips sore. after Silicea. — Rheumatic toothache. tea. Edges of nostrils sore. Toothache with inside of gums swollen and sore . Hemiopia. Painless abscesses about the anus in cases of fistula. after injury to the eye from a splinter. Sour. roof of mouth sore. acrid taste. Clay-colored coating. nausea and pain in stomach. Gums bleed on brushing teeth. " The best remedy in gum boils" (M. — Tongue flabby. has to tie up eye . Pus-like. Gum boils. in right side of pelvis. — Suppurating sore throat. mixed with blood. pus thick and yellow. Twitching of eyelids. Costiveness. yellowish. sanious. Teeth. Prolapsus ani. resembling a layer of dried clay. Hepetic eruptions on the face. Quinsy. sensation as from a foreign body . 54 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. frequently tinged with blood. fauces are much swollen. sometimes mixed with blood. Nosebleed. Pimples and pustules on the face. sour vegetables. Retinitis. slimy discharge from the bowels. Raw sores on lips. Diarrhoea after maple sugar and from change of weather. Cornea steamy. R. Abdomen and Stool. Tender pimples under the beard. Last stage of ulcerated sore throat. Deep ulcers of the cornea. with discharge of yellow matter. Inflammation of the tongue when suppurating. with thick. Great thirst and appetite. Face. purulent secretion.) Throat. Pain in region of absorb the effusion of pus in the eye. soapy. with hectic fever and difficult breathing. Sensitive swellings behind ear with tendency to suppuration. Tongue. Nose. Ophthalmia. and green. — Cold in the head. swollen cheek.

wakeful at night. when matter is discharging. Cuts. Chilblains. when the suppuration is continuing and only superficial. Burning-itching of soles of feet. Abscess of the prostate. pustules. purulent crusts or discharge. Glandular ulcerations. bruises. Circulatory Organs. Many little matterless pimples under the hair. Spermatorrhoea. Burns and scalds. To control the suppuration in cases of bubo alternately with Silicea. severe cough with malaise in the chest. — Red urine with hectic fever. this remedy with Ferr. pus forming in the lungs or pleural cavities. Dreamed she had a convulsion from fright. Chronic suppurating stage of syphilis. Third stage of bronchitis. Hectic fever. and complete rest will cure this disease. 55 Sleep. — Sleepy during the day. Yellow. — Cough with purulent and sanious sputa and hectic fever. caused by formation of pus. Acute and chronic rheumatism. Empyema. suppurating stage. Neuralgia in aged persons. scabs. — Mastitis. Weakness and languor. furuncles. pus forming. sanious discharge. Gonorrhoea with purulent. Purulent sputa. Extravasation of pus within the pelvic tissues unconfined by any pyogenic membrane (Betts). Respiratory System. green stools. Ulcers of lower limbs. twitchings. etc. Herpetic eruptions all over. herpetic eruptions. Croup after Kali mur. Itching of soles. Menses late. Catarrh. CALCAREA SUEPHURICA. Carbuncles on the back. Back and Extremities — Pain in back and coccyx. — Pericarditis. Last stage of gathered finger. bleeding when . Empyema after thoracentesis. discharging pus . Ischias. Fingers stiff. Febrile Symptoms — Typhus when diarrhoea sets in. chronic state. Skin affections with yellowish scabs. Obstinate hoarseness. Purulent exudations in or upon the skin. Cystitis. Smallpox pustules discharging matter. Asthma with hectic fever. Skin. for the discharge of pus . with headache. Carbuncles discharging pus. lumpy. sanious expectoration. pimples. Purulent. wounds. to reduce and control suppurations. great weakness.Urinary and Sexual Organs. white-yellow or pus-like secretions. after Silicea. In children. phos. with burning in soles. Nephritis. — Boils . Consumption. long-lasting. etc. unhealthy. Pregnancy. Pain across the chest. they do not heal readily. with thick. Crusta lactea. second remedy for the purulent stage. Suppurating wounds. Pneumonia. Purulent sores and suppurations. third stage. Nervous Symptoms — Twitchings. Festers.. suppurative stage. Hip-joint disease.

etc. Suppurations. when the latter has but partially relieved. page 410. Apocyuum contains Calc. gonorrhoea. — Calc. Silicea in hard or suppurating glands. Ulcerations of the glands.. Kali sulph. frost-bites. sulph. . yellow thick and lumpy. if puslike or bloody pus. in post-scarlatinal dropsy . ii. if the discharge is lumpy and bloody . page 227. vol. Administration. ulcers of the cornese. to shorten the suppurating process and limit the discharge of pus. is found a complete arrangement of the symptoms of this remedy..scratched. in milk-crust and other skin affections. phos. Kali mur. but acts deeper and more intensely. Effusions when pus forms. Discharges of matter or sanious pus from the skin or mucous linings. — Calc.. Compare Calend. In the Guiding Symptoms. Clarence Conant. The most 56 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. — Aggravation and renewal of the symptoms after working. Cystic tumors.and washing in water. resembles Hepar sulph. mastitis. and other acute remedies. painful. is often useful after Kali mur. Silicea. and is often useful after Hepar has ceased to act. sulph. tonsillitis. sulph..ow potencies are most useful in purulent eye troubles. Excessive granulations. swollen cheek. sulph. ceases to act. Natr. In neuralgia it occupies a ground between the very acute pains of Magnes. leucorrhcea. In the third stage of inflammation (resolution) after Kali mur. (more in aged persons. It is also to be found in Alleys Encyclopedia. articular or anywhere on the body. Tissues. if there is a want of regenerative force for the nervous tissue). and the paralyzing ones of Kali phos. If given after Silicea it will cause the abscess to heal. vol.. Homoeopathic Relationship. 1873. was proved by Dr. but if yellow or mucous. Modalities. iii. dysentery . Nothing especially characteristic appears in this proving. It is also useful when Kali mur. — This remedy is also useful externally in such affections as felons. — Abscesses . Lymphatic glands discharging pus. also after Bellad. Calc. Serous swellings. Anthracine is better. sulph. The proving appeared in the Transactions of the American Institute of Homoeopathy. In carbuncles. Mucous discharge in cough. in suppurations . with lumpy or bloody discharge. common potencies for internal use are the 6x and I2x. L. croup. Third stage of inflammation. ulcers and abscesses. Homoeopathic Data. etc.

it is not found in such considerable quantities in any of the other tissues of the body except in hair. causes a dilatation and accumulation of blood in the blood vessels — congestion — blood-pressure being increased. becomes the first remedy in all cases depending on a relaxed condition of muscular tissue. A disturbance of the equilibrium of the iron molecules in the muscular fibres causes a relaxation. — Phosphate of Iron. Preparation. This. but insoluble in alcohol or water. and consequent hyperaemia. Since albumen contains iron. It is prepared by mixing sodium phosphate with sulphate of iron in certain proportions. American Pharmacopoeia. Chemical Properties. as directed under Class VII. which occurs in the lungs in phthisis in bluish pus and expectorations. also . without odor or taste. occurring in the muscular coats of the vessels.. wherever found . if the muscular walls of the intestinal villi suffer a relaxation from the disturbed equilibrium of the iron molecules diarrhoea results . General Action. Again. Ferri Phosphas. such as an injury. and hemorrhage results. Fe 3 (P0 4 ) 2 . Soluble in acids. The resulting precipitate is filtered. FERRTJM PHOSPHORICUM. washed and dried. — Formula. In a man weighing 65 kilogrammes (165 pounds) there would be 2. Synonyms — Ferroso-ferric Phosphate. and rubbed to a powder. each cell must likewise contain iron. It is probably this phosphate which is capable of turning blue. the walls rupture. phos. This causes tendency to constipation. — The pure phosphate of iron is prepared by trituration. thus strengthening the muscular fibres. Through its power of attracting oxygen iron becomes a useful remedy in such diseases of the blood corpuscles as anaemia. — Iron is found in the haemoglobin or coloring matter of the red blood corpuscles. which is bluish-gray from exposure to the air.FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM. Anything causing a relaxation of the muscular walls of a vessel. chlorosis and leucaemia. as this remedy in minute doses restores the equilibrium to the iron molecules.82 grammes (44 grains) of iron contained in the entire blood of the body. The iron of the blood corpuscles takes up the oxygen from the inspired air. when this occurs in the muscular walls of the intestines themselves the peristaltic action of the bowels is weakened and becomes less active. — From the above it is readily seen that Ferr. Common Name. Iron and its salts have the property of attracting oxygen. This is carried to every cell throughout the organism by means of the mutual reaction of Iron and Kali sulph. finds its remedy in Ferr. The organic basis of every cell is albumen. phos. 57 Physiologico-chemical Data. According to Dalton.

4. annoyed at trifles. swelling and redness. Trifles seem like mountains. all febrile d'Sturbances and inflammations at their onset. Dull. and Bellad. seeming to stand midway between the intensity of Aeon. Headache from a gouty predisposition {Natr. want of red blood. better after sleep. the circular fibres of the vessels contract to normal 58 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Especially useful in debility of children with failing appetite. Ferr. such as pain. etc. especially before exudation commences.). heavy pain on top. very talkative. The first stage of all inflammations. with the usual accompaniments of these conditions. sulph. Guiding Symptoms and Characteristic Indications. their normal tonicity is restored. and the dulness of Gelsem. Anaemia. Fresh wounds caused by mechanical injuries. Its field of action. Mental Symptoms — Indifference to ordinary matters. mania transitoria. in a word. with equalizing of the circulation and abatement of the fever. becoming dull and listless. caused by the lack of iron. Delirium tremens. Iron is the biochemic remedy for : i. but helps to increase the bodily development and regulates the bowels. pressing or stitching pain and soreness to the touch. Hyperemia of the brain. Only when it fails to do any more good should it be relinquished. bounds. then. 2. Hemorrhages caused by hyperemia.for an abnormal condition of the blood corpuscles themselves. Head and Scalp — Rush of blood to the head. Pains that are worse from motion and better from cold. is in all ailments of a hypersemic or congestive nature. loss of weight and strength. 3. Bruising. In many inflammatory and some eruptive fevers. phos. Pain as if a nail . maniacal mood. producing delirium. not only improves the strength. Dizziness from congestion. especially in the young and sensitive. but if adapted to the individual patient it may still be depended upon. If a new supply of iron molecules is given to the relaxed muscle cells. quickened pulse and increased circulation . Doss of courage and hope. from cold. heat. consequences of anger. This drug is by Schussler supposed to be no longer indicated when exudation or even suppuration takes place . during profuse menses.

sore and red-looking:. — Suffused eyes. Mastoid process swollen and sore. Noises in the ears arising through blood-pressure. Dull right-sided headache from vertex to right supra-orbital region. paroxysmal and radiating character of the pain. tension or throbbing. and a tendency to hemorrhage. Stye on lower lid of right eye. noise. Headache with vomiting of undigested food. Tinnitus aurium. Symptoms of meningitis. " Earache after exposure to cold or wet. Conjunctivitis. worse from shaking the head. A marked tendency of the inflammatory process to be diffused instead of circumscribed . Tension. sick headache. top of head sensitive to cold air. Congestive headaches. hammering pain. jar .). with thickening of membrana tympani and probable anchylosis of small bones. inflammatory appearance. Sensation as if grains of sand were under eyelids. dark. Acute conjunctivitis. Neuralgia along inner orbit and nose. every impulse of the heart is felt there. Blind headache. Eyes inflamed. red. stooping and motion. Quick pulse. .FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM. over the eye. Inflammation of the eyes. Circumscribed. 59 were being driven in one side. Inflammation of the external ear. Eyes. red face and suffused eyes . the complete establishment of the discharge is not followed by the relief of the pain. Acute hypersemia of the conjunctiva. pressing a cold object against the spot seems to relieve the pain . It is the chief remedy in headaches of children. Ill effects of sun-heat (follow with Calc. and retinal congestion. radiating pains. stitching pain. with relaxation of conjunctiva and photophobia. First stage of eruptions on the scalp .) Inflammatory earache. Chronic. Pain in the eyeball. should be feeble and compressible. with burning: sensation. indicating marked debility. worse right side . relieved by nosebleed. — Sensitive to noise. mucopurulent discharge. with acute pain. beefy redness of 60 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. throbbing sensation in the head. with burning or throbbing pain. aggravated by moving the eyes. Ears. non-suppurative catarrh of the middle ear. First stag:e of otitis. with rush of blood to the head. Retinitis. throbbing and heat in the ears. soreness of scalp . cannot bear to have the hair touched. with drowsiness and heaviness. with vomiting of undigested food . without secretion of mucus or pus. Encysted tumor of the lids. Deafness from inflammatory action." (Copeland. sensitive to cold and touch. or suppuration when there is cutting pain. fthos. parts. from relaxed condition of the veins not returning the blood properly. vertigo. or sharp. if any. dark. pulsation in the ear .

— Toothache with hot cheek. to relieve congestion. Nasal catarrh. Gastric Symptoms. Epistaxis. with trickling sensations. continues for several hours. epigastrium tender to the touch. First stage of gastritis. Anaemic. swelling and tenderness at the pit of the stomach. Acute catarrhal affections of the Eustachian tubes. Deathly sickness at the stomach. pain after taking food and on pressure. hot face. First stage of diphtheria to lessen the fever. with headache. but its period of usefulness is much longer. Inflammation of the tongue with dark red swelling. trachea and. brandy. ale. Mouth. great soreness of tooth to touch or pressure. pain and throbbing. Sore throats of singers and those who use the voice daily. pale. — First stage of all colds in the head. or clean and red. heat and quickened pulse . and a concomitant of other complaints. perhaps. Cheek sore and hot. earthy. — Gums hot and inflamed. teething troubles with feverishness . Congestive or inflammatory tic douloureux. Redness and pain without exudation. Teeth feel elongated.] Face. "Its indication in beginning of colds or in congestion of the mucous membranes anywhere is similar to Aco?iite. Tongue. sallow. Furred tongue. Indigestion from relaxed condition of blood vessels of the stomach. redness of the mucous membrane of the mouth. — Inflammation of the fauces. flushed face. worse on moving ." [R. Congested nasal mucous membranes. Inflammatory stomach- . especially in the right nasal passage. Desire for some stimulant.Nose. red. but the remedial value of Ferrum phos. Red and inflamed tonsils and swollen glands. Greasy eructation. Nosebleed of bright red blood. vomiting of undigested food. S. Catarrhal fever. flushed face. Unless Aconite be given immediately after exposure in my experience it is useless. — Aversion to meat and milk. predisposition to catch cold. Sore throat. inflamed. with less nerve tension than that of Bellad. with much pain. Faceache. Thirst for cold water. when cold applications are grateful. beating and throbbing pain. bronchi. — A florid complexion. with accompanying sensation of coldness in the nape of the neck . worse on inspiration. with throbbing or pressing pain. Copeland. better with cold liquids or food . Pharyngeal abscess. Throat. Dyspepsia with flushed. 6 1 heat. Teeth. FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM. chlorotic face. Smarting. especially in children. dry. red. fever. with pain. flushed face when a precursor of recurring headaches. worse with hot. — Furred tongue. with flushing. larynx. Hemorrhages from pharynx. Ulcerated throat.

Dysentery (alternately with Kali mur. Seminal emissions. with red face. Urinary Organs. vomited matters are sometimes very sour. Irritation at the neck of the bladder and prostate. after checked perspiration. the chilly stage. Sexual Organs.). also in the first stage of cholera and of peritonitis. Diarrhoea caused by a chill. Intestinal and thread-worms. Disposition to prolapsus recti. First stage of metritis to remove fever. vomiting of undigested food. with pressure in abdomen and small of the back and pain on top of the head. — Varicocele with pain in testicles. profuse. Stool watery. Inflamed and incarcerated hernise. After eating. inflamed or bleeding. Incontinence of urine from weakness of the sphincter. Diabetes when there is a quickened pulse or when there exists pain. Congestive dysmenorrhcea pains before. pain or feverishness. Any inflammatory pain in the kidneys. soft pulse . . but no tenesmus. Menstrual colic with flushing of the face and quickened pulse. dull ovarian pains. nausea and vomiting of food. Stools undigested. Hemorrhoids. pain and heat. associated with trouble in the bladder. Diurnal enuresis depending on irritation of the neck of the bladder. Diarrhoea. Diarrhoea from a relaxed state of the intestinal villi. Vaginismus . cannot take acids. with loose evacuations. Polyuria simplex. excessive secretion of urine. tension. herrings. loss of appetite. First stage of orchitis or of epididymitis and gonorrhoea. full. meat. Vomits sometimes before breakfast. or coffee and cakes. throbbing or feverishness. associated with prolapse and hemorrhoids and aversion to meat diet.ache in children from chill. not taking up the usual amount of moisture. Hsematuria. especially in little children. — Frequent desire to urinate . Abdomen and Stool. blood bright red. sometimes tasting acid. Excessive congestion at the monthly periods. Dysmenorrhcea with frequent urging to urinate. stools watery. urine spurts out with every cough. Bubo with heat. suppression of the urine with heat. First stage of cystitis with heat. Bearing-down sensations and constant. has a close relationship with conditions of irritability of the womb. and during first days of flow. even bloody. before any induration occurs. Menses every three weeks . bright-red blood with a tendency to coagulate. Flatulence bringing back the taste of the food eaten. vaginitis. throbbing or heat or congestion in any part of the system. contains mucus and blood. Constipation with heat in the lower bowel. Ischuria . pain in the vagina on coition or examination. Ferritin phos. Persistent vomiting of food. Bright's disease with febrile disturbances. Vomiting of bright-red blood. 62 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. and also with the lining membrane of the womb. Symptoms are worse the longer the patient stands and better after urinating. vagina dry and hot. urging. distaste for milk. — First stage of all gastric and enteric fevers . Cholera infantum.

Pains in the back. irritation and pain in the larynx. Also in knees and ankles. bronchitis. Congestion of the lungs with debility and oppression. Back and Extremities. Spasmodic cough with involuntary emission of urine. blood-streaked. Respiratory Symptoms. Palpitation of the heart. Pregnancy and Labor. no expectoration. first stage of whitlow. telangiectasi and nsevi. In bronchial affections with heat and burning soreness. Short. Inflamed fingers. In aneurism. not rope-like. Morning sickness of pregnancy. Strains of ligaments and tendons. Hsemoptysis after a concussion or fall. Croup. painful. oppressed breathing and high fever. FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM. Rheumatic pains worse on motion . Whooping cough with vomiting of food . Phthisis florida. and should be continued until free perspiration is established. shooting pains. for the febrile symptoms. first stage. After pains and as a preventive of the fever of lactation. huskiness after singing or exertion of speaking. 63 laryngitis. loins and over kidneys. — Stiff neck from cold. It is the chief and first remedy for the stitches in the side. Lameness. to establish normal circulation and remove complications arising from excessive action of the heart. loss of voice. muscular or siibacute rheumatism. tenalgia crepitans. inflammation and heat of the soft parts. In chronic bronchitis when a fresh aggravation sets in. Bronchitis of young children. Rheumatic pain in right wrist and in shoulder. round. bruised. pains extend to the upper part of the chest. trachitis. soreness. febrile or initiatory stage of all inflammatory affections of the respiratory tract. especially of the shoulder . Articular rheumatism. Hard. pulse rapid and quick. stiffness from cold. catch in the breath. Pulse full. endocarditis and arteritis. pneumonia. Varicose veins. Cough with rattling of mucus in chest. Rhinitis. Dilatation of the heart or of the blood vessels. Hip-joint disease for pain. Expectoration scanty. dry cough with soreness of the lungs. Circulatory Organs. attack one joint after another . tickling cough from an irritation or tickling in the windpipe. with short. with or without acid taste. with vomiting of food as taken. — First stage of mastitis.Spasm of the vagina on account of the increased sensitiveness and dryness. movement sets up and increases the pain. dyspnoea and cough. Rheumatism felt only during motion and better from warmth. creaking in the sinews at the . pleurisy and pleuro-pneumonia. hoarseness. worse at night. — First or congestive stage of carditis. throbbing. — Acute. pericarditis. chest sore. Phlebitis and lymphangitis.

Epistaxis. at the commencement of these affections this remedy reduces heat. from relaxation of muscular fibres of blood vessels. Sprains externally as well as internally. results of kicks. for the fever and pain. — Sleeplessness from a hyperaemic condition of the brain. Rheumatic paralysis. heat. Chill every day at i P. Measles. Tissues. — Malaise. Epilepsy. — All catarrhal and inflammatory fevers during the chilly or initiatory stage. First stage of typhus. for the pain and heat and congestion. debility of children. Hyperemia. especially in children. inflamed and painful. Fractures. Rheumatic. rigors. more exercise and warmth. Simple cases of scarlet fever. heat and feverishness at the beginning of any disease or ailment. face. carbuncles and felons . great prostration. Wounds of the soft parts. Chicken pox. erysipelas and erysipelatous inflammations of the skin.64 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Mechanical injuries. with blood rushing to the head. Feels the need of a stimulant. with no organic lesion. phos. copious night-sweats . High fever. Feeling of indolence. — Hyperemia . . blood-poverty. from mechanical injuries. Hemorrhages from any part of the body . not yet suppurating. Pimples. dry heat of palms. Convulsions with fever in teething children. quickened pulse and pain. blood bright red. 65 the soft parts are red. First stage of ostitis. Abscesses. pain and throbbing. blows. weariness. Nervous Symptoms. Hands swollen and painful. quick pulse and increased temperature . for the inflammatory symptoms. Restless at night. gastric. with a tendency to coagulate rapidly. acne. Crick in the back (Calc. Febrile Symptoms. drowsiness in the afternoon. fresh wounds. Suppurative processes on the skin with febrile symptoms. falls and cuts. M. sulph. Intermittent fever with vomiting of food. To be given in true chlorosis after Calc. — Anaemia. scarlet fever and small-pox. Congestive and inflammatory neuralgias from cold. back of the hand. Bone diseases when FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM. blood-accumulation. Capillary congestion.). throat and chest. Varicose veins in young persons. with inflammatory symptoms. Leucaemia. Dropsy from loss of blood and draining of the system. Sleep. Ulcers with febrile accompaniments. Pre-exudative stage of inflammation. want of red blood. boils. Nsevus. Nervousness at night. with burning of the skin. Palms of hands are hot. especially if soft parts are wounded. Anxious dreams . Glandular ulceration. Skin. enteric and typhoid fevers during the chilly stage.

as it is exceedingly liable to cause sleeplessness. molecules which might have served as substitutes. D. although for anaemia much lower preparations have been used. etc. and in the Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesis. which have reached the seat of the disease. and Gels.. is used for irritation — hypersemia — the basis of the first stage of all inflammations — the practice is indirect 5 66 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Dr. which have ceased to perform their function. gonorrhoea. — Triturations and dilutions from the 6x to the i2x are recommended by Schiissler. was proved by J. Cures with the 200th potency are reported in catarrh. phos. exudation. It stands midway between Aeon. serve as a temporary substitute for iron molecules. or the Aeon. its nearest analogue is Aeon. wounds. Either the Aeon.Modalities. Morgan. Regarding the way and the mode in which Aeon. vol. molecules cause at once the introduction of new iron molecules into the diseased tissue. of Schiissler' s Diphth.) Aconite has a more bounding pulse and the characteristic . — All the pains of this remedy are aggravated by motion and are relieved by cold. Its external application is also recommended by Schiissler in such diseases as sprains. vol. The wide and extensive usefulness of this drug is entirely owing to its introduction by Schiissler. The healing of the irritation — hyperemia — however. in 1876. The provings up to the present time do not give a sufficient basis for the broad clinical applications that have been made of it according to the indications of Schiissler. Relationship. biochemistry. etc. there are two possibilities to be thought of. but only until the functional disturbance has been repaired by means of the vital circulation. so far as they have gone. — Ferr. as the ix or 2x. Competent and trustworthy observers have found it advisable not to use this remedy below the i2x at night. and are themselves ejected as foreign bodies as soon as the integrity of the latter has been restored — a fate which naturally also would be shared by those Aeon. phos. by means of Ferr. support these. Morgan (the prover) uses the 30th potency in water in scarlatina. — Corresponding as it does to the first stage of inflammation without. Each of these possibilities would rest on indirect biochemistry. x. hemorrhages. summer complaint. molecules. Homoeopathic Data. for similar indications : "In the cases in which the vegetable remedy Aeon. Administration. ii. C." {Walker's Ed. hemorrhoids. although the provings. M. can bring about a cure. Acts brilliantly in old people. Schiissler expresses himself as follows in regard to the use of Aeon. is a direct biochemic procedure. The symptomatology is to be found in Alleys Encyclopedia.

Handbook?) Ferr. when the muscles are stiff and weakened.ike Ferr. even when there is considerable fever. Potassii Chloridum. fluor. should be treated by this drug. probably due to the iron soil on which it grows. In the debility.. both of which are extremely marked in Ferr. compare Strych. In ear affections.restlessness and anxiety . hair light and curly .. Natr. with flabby mnscles. but Sulphur KALI MURIATICUM. a more soft.. Kali Chloratum. with a disposition to painful cramps. Synonyms. — This drug must not be confounded with Kali .) Especially in diphtheria. In the rheumatic affections of the aged. California Zinfandel wine. — Chloride of Potash or Chloride of Potassium. In hemorrhoids. especially in acute inflammation of middle ear. Gelsem. It is interesting to note that the tree from which Chi)ia is obtained is always found in a ferruginous locality. virgin soil. flowing pulse and more drowsiness and dulness. Common Names. follow or precede Calc. corresponds in many points also to Bryon. so. is frequently indicated Kali mur. catarrhal deafness. phos. y Bellad. and Phosphor. strongly impregnated with iron. phos. In its action upon the respiratory organs it clearly stands between iron and phosphorus. B. KALI MURIATICUM. in a general way. In diabetes. it is indicated in congestion of the respiratory organs. eynet. etc. possesses virtues in cases of anaemic tendency. it is the remedy if the flesh be firm. sulph. Calendula and Hydrastis. Tart. loss of strength and vitality of children. In broncho-pneumonia. pneumonia. Especially notice that the oppression and dyspnoea. (See therapeutical part. — Potassium Chloride. (Allen. the product of the vine growing in a volcanic. (N. with which it has many symptoms in common. phos. complexion delicate. In chlorosis. symptoms of oppression like Phosphor. etc. and to Hepar and Mercitr. In anaemic conditions compare also China.. and Arnica. croup. L. a pure claret. Kali Chloridum. After Ferr. 67 takes its place in dark-complexioned children. phos. are duplicated in this compound and afford good indications for its use . Calc. long and lank hair and moist skin.

croup. " Guiding Symptoms. and is insoluble in strong alcohol. The principal general characteristic symptoms are a white or gray coating at the base of the tongue. both fibrin and serum will exude. etc. many of the properties of which it shares. This. molecules."} Chemical Properties. Without the presence of this salt no new brain-cell formation would take place. cutaneous eruptions from bad vaccine virus. in drying. whose common name is Chlorate of Potash. disturbances in its molecular action cause fibrinous exudations. and whose formula is K CI 3 . as well as in the inter-cellular fluids. fibrinous exudations in the interstitial connective tissues. stands in a chemical relation to fibrin . Similar processes can take place within and amongst epithelial cells. K CI. In its physiological character it is closely related to the sodium chloride. melt at a low red heat and volatilize at a high temperature without decomposition. 68 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. lose molecules of Kali mur. lymphatic enlargements. Physiologico . in consequence of any irritation. If the cells of the epidermis. — Kali mur. then a reabsorption or throwing off of the exudation occurs. See Vol. according to Schiissler. occasionally in octahedrons. is thrown off. muscles.. Either result is attained probably by the production of hydrochloric acid formed by one part of chlorine from the K CI with hydrogen. It may be prepared by neutralizing pure aqueous hydrochloric acid with pure potassium carbonate or hydrate. becomes a mealy eruption. — This salt. American Pharmacopoeia. nerve and brain-cells. General Action. and the involved part of the skin will be pushed up in the form of blisters. Kali mur. fibrin in the form of a white or whitish-gray exudation. Occurs in nature in mineral carnallite.Chloricum. corresponds to the second stage of inflammations of serous membranes when the exudation is of a plastic character. croupous pneumonia. This salt is found in the blood corpuscles. answers to croupous or diphtheritic exudations. — Formula. dysentery. to incorporate them in their work. whose synonyms are Potassium Chlorate. Natrum phosph. It is soluble in three parts of cold and two of boiling water. The crystals are colorless or white.chemical Data. VI. The action of this hydrochloric acid consists in dissolving the fibrin in the formative (nascent) state. Potassae Chloras and Potash Chloras. infiltrated inflammations. is serviceable. Preparation. If the irritation extends to the tissues beneath the epidermis. and the authors of the " Giciding Symptoms'''' have deemed them sufficiently similar to Schiissler's Kali mur. If the integrity of the affected tissue is again restored by the administration of Kali mur. This has been proved. white . and hence is useful in such diseases as diphtheria. — The pure chloride is prepared by trituration as directed under Class VII. If leucocytes remain after the absorption of the fibrin of a plastic exudation. It crystallizes in cubes.

Excessive granulations. Onyx and hypopyon. Deafness or earache from congestion and swelling of the middle ear or Eustachian tubes. Vault of pharynx covered with adherent crusts. whitish-gray tongue. Deafness due to throat troubles. etc. Snapping and noises in the ear. is one of the most useful and positive of all our remedies in the hands of the aurist — chiefly suited to the second or later stages of catarrhal states. Specks of matter on the lids. thick. Iritis. — Discharge of white mucus from the eyes. Parenchymatous keratitis. S. Deafness from swelling of external ear. flat ulcer of the eye arising from a vesicle. Superficial. phlegm white. Granular conditions of external meatus and membrana tympani. glandular swellings. Stuffy cold in the head. stuffy sensation. white. " When Politzer bag fails to open tubes." (R. yellow. milk-like mucus. Dry coryza. white tongue. In meningitis as a second remedy. Kali mur. Guiding Symptoms and Characteristic Indications. fibrinous slime or phlegm from any mucous surface. Eyes. Mental Symptoms — Patient imagines he must starve. after Calc. Walls of external meatus atrophied. redness not excessive. Nose — Catarrh. or cracking noises on blowing the nose or swallowing.or gray exudations. discharges or expectora- KAU MURIATICUM. JO THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Ears. Sick headache with white-coated tongue. or vomiting of white phlegm. Cataract. with swelling of the glands. fluor. hawking up of white. Dandruff. Blisters on cornea. Closed Eustachian tubes. arising from a sluggish liver. Feeling of sand in the eyes. Retinitis when exudation sets in. Ulcers of asthenic type. deafness and naso-pharyngeal obstruction. Glands about the ear swollen. discharge moderate. etc. or yellow. — Headache with vomiting. Proliferous form of middle ear inflammation. or flour-like scaling of the skin. Head and Scalp. Trachoma. Seems to act more on right Eustachian tube. tedious cases. after a few doses of Kali muriaticum they may be inflated easily. Moist exfoliation of epithelial layer of the tympanic membrane. dirty-white. 69 tions of a thick. etc. purulent scabs. . Crusta lactea. Retracted membrana tympani. want of appetite. torpor of the liver. Copeland). greenish matter and yellow. Nosebleed in the afternoon. — Chronic catarrhal conditions of the middle ear.

swelling of the parotid glands. Diarrhoea. opaque mucus . looseness of bowels. Grayish patches or spots in throat. Bitter taste with obstinate constipation. or occurring in consequence of some primary disturbance. — Jaundice if caused by a chill resulting in catarrh of the duodenum. Tongue. ochre or clay-colored . Tonsils spotted gray or white. excoriation and rawness of the mouth. Flatulence. or dark.) Abdomen and Stool. — Cheek swollen and painful.phos. flocculent evacuations. typhlitis and perityphlitis (see clinical case under typhlitis). Pain on swallowing. Gastric Symptoms. — For the swelling in inflammation of the tongue. etc. Faceache from swelling of face or gums. Gargle also with same. pain in right side. Indigestion with vomiting of white. with Ferr. dryish or slimy. vomiting of thick. sick feeling after taking fat. — Aphthae. with constipation.s(Natr. spots or pustules appear with gray or whitish exudation (follicular). Second stage of peritonitis. Fatty or rich food causes indigestion. Mapped tongue. causing itching at the axm. Small white thread worms. Tonsils inflamed. — Gumboil before matter forms. abdominal swelling. thrush.). Jaundice with these symptoms. Pain in the stomach. white ulcers in the mouths of little children or nursing mothers. — The sole remedy in most cases of diphtheria. Syphilitic sore throat. cheesy. KALI MURIATICUM. constipation and furred tongue. Coating of tongue grayish-white. Pharyngitis. clotted. light-colored stools denoting want of bile. (Holbrook. and in typhoid fever. Second remedy in tonsillitis as soon as swelling appears. water gathers in the mouth. Toothache with swelling of the gums and cheeks. J I pale yellow evacuations. white phlegm. White deposits. with pale yellow. with a whitish-gray tongue. with constipation. Canker. small lumps. especially where fat and pastry disagree. — Want of appetite. Teeth. Mouth. Constipation. Gastritis when caused by taking too hot drinks.(Holbrook. viscid blood. enlarged so much can hardly breathe. Sluggish action or complete torpidity of the liver. Typhus. Abdominal tenderness and swelling. Typhoid or enteric fever. Dyspepsia and indigestion. stools light in color. Throat. Hawks up offensive. Adherent crusts in vault of pharynx.) Face. phos. throat swollen. after fatty food. sluggish action of liver. Biliousness with gray or white tongue. Mumps. Swollen glands about jaw and neck. pain and heavy feeling on the right side under the shoulder.

and in soft chancres it is also he chief remedy (3X). Bronchial asthma. Gleet combined with eczema. with the characteristic discharge of thick. Respiratory Symptoms.). fthos. white phlegm forms.stools. Pneumonia. Pleurisy. second stage. second stage (see Calc. Rheumatic pains felt only during motion or increased by it (Ferr. checked or too early. second stage 72 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. visible or latent. purging. in the second stage. Nightly rheu- . hard cough. blood dark and thick. In bubo for the soft swelling. Circulatory Organs. tongue white. which act as plugs. white tongue. Palpitation from excessive flow of blood to the heart in hypertrophic conditions. bleeding piles. Chronic stage of syphilis with characteristic pathological conditions. hypertrophy. — Embolism. when swelling has set in and discharge is thick. deposit of uric acid. Wheezing rales. chief remedy. clotted. resulting from a suppression of the same. bland. fluor). fibrinous. milky sputa. hoarseness from cold. difficult to cough up . non-irritating. thick. black blood. excessive discharge. Cough in phthisis. to control the swelling. Second stage of pericarditis. menses suppressed. Rheumatic fever. harsh and barking. Back and Extremities — Glands of neck swollen. — Acute cases of inflammation of the bladder. noisy stomach cough . Chief remedy in chronic cystitis. mucus white and hard to cough up. Rheumatic gouty pains. Pregnancy. Inflammatory affections of the kidneys. Asthma with gastric derangements. acute and spasmodic. The principal remedy in gonorrhoea and orchitis. if worse on motion and if tongue be coated white.oud. exudation and swelling around the joints. Periods too frequent. thick. Dark colored urine. white. discharge of milky-white mucus. Chronic congestion of the uterus. bland secretions. croupy. Menstruation too late or suppressed. cough short. Ulceration of the os and cervix uteri. In croup the principal remedy for the exudation. Child grasps at throat during a coughing spell. white. tenacious mucus in the bronchi. white mucus. of bronchitis. Protruded appearance of eyes. expectoration thick and white. Hemorrhoids. etc. Leucorrhoea. Urinary and Sexual Organs. when thick. adhesions. blood in a condition favoring formation of clots. Puerperal fever. Acute articular rheumatism. L. Amenorrhcea. white or slimy stools. dark-clotted or tough. Dysentery. white. hard cough. — Doss of voice. Mastitis. viscid expectoration. gathered breast. second stage. like whooping cough. or rattling sounds of air passing through thick. with plastic exudations and adhesions. like tar. plastic exudation. — Morning sickness with vomiting of white phlegm. with slimy stools.

. when interstitial exudation takes place. principal remedy . — The specific or chief remedy in epilepsy. eczema and other eruptions on the skin. also in rheumatic fever. Its use in obstinate eczemas has been repeatedly verified. or other skin disease. bunions. Chronic rheumatism and swelling. Hands get stiff while writing. lightning-like from small of back to feet . Erysipelas vesiculosa. arising from heart. painless. 73 gastric. dark. — Abscess. Ulcers on extremities. itching violently. hoarse cough and glandular swellings. with vesicles containing thick. primary remedy. also for after-effects. cuts and bruises. In puerperal fever. or tough blood. Obstinate eczema. erythema. Catarrhal fever. flour-like scales on the skin. white discharge. — Startled at the least noise. Bunions. lupus. Hemorrhages. neck. boils. or fibrinous. Should be persisted in for some time. Acne. Intermittent fever. Effects of blows. and to cause swelling to disappear before matter forms. Somnolence. chilblains. Febrile Symptoms. Chronic swelling of the legs and feet. Dry. In scarlet fever. Herpes. for the swelling. has to sit close to the fire to keep warm and is chilly. Better covered up in bed. Sycosis. arising after vaccination with bad vaccine lymph.matic pains worse from warmth of bed . Tenalgia crepitans. etc. eruptions connected with stomach or menstrual derangement. Nervous Symptoms. black. great chilliness. Chilblains on hands or feet or any part.) Skin. Pimples on the face. must get out of bed and sit up. Restless sleep. Ingrowing toenail. Burns of all degrees (externally also). Second stage of hipjoint disease. shingles. for the constipation. controls formation of pustules. (Holbrook. Sleep. etc. — Anaemia. fikos. scurfy eruption on the head and face of little children. creaking of the tendons on the back of the hand. flour-like coating. when all movements cause pain. in the second stage. — Congestions and inflammations. with characteristic accompaniments of this drug. carbuncles. Dropsy. especially if occurring with or after suppression of eczema or other eruptions. liver or kidney disease. fibrinous discharges. second stage of any organ or part of the body. Tissues. as preventive. measles. the least cold air chills him through. Warts on hands. etc. Ulcers with whitish. Eczema from suppressed or deranged uterine functions. with Ferr. from obstruction . white contents. the principal remedy. Typhus fever. blisters. Scarlet fever.. Tabes dorsalis. suffices to cure most cases. Smallpox. enteric or typhoid fever. The second remedy in KALI MURIATICUM. Albuminoid eczema. clotted. the chief remedy for the exudation . crusta lactea. _ as an intercurrent if skin affections be present.

— Triturations and dilutions. warts. white mucous sediment in the urine and white tongue. Stilling. Most of these possess many symptoms in common with Kali mur. vegetable and animal. In lupus. Proud flesh. we shall be able to compare the symptoms of each drug with those of its component parts. Bad effects of vaccination. contains a complete resume of symptoms of this drug. is . Ailanth. follicular infiltrations.. Administration. Apis. Cimicif. Hamam. Chief remedy in glandular swellings. Its external application is also recommended in burns. and to prepare the way for other indicated remedies. glands. strumous conditions. from weakness of the heart with palpitation. pastry. etc. In diphtheria he recommends a gargle of the 3x. but unfortunately they are mixed up with symptoms of Kali chloriciim with no distinguishing sign.. Thuja. rendering the collection of symptoms less valuable for purposes of study than would be the case had they been kept separate. Homoeopathic Data. Rhus and Sulphur. Berber. 10 or 15 grains in a tumbler of water.. stell. boils. Vol. Whitish liquid is drawn off .. Scrofulous enlargement of the 74 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. When full chemical analyses shall have been made of the various drugs. its nearest concordants are Bryon.of the bile-ducts. — Corresponding as it does to the second stage of all inflammatory troubles.. carbuncles. In syphilis follow with Kali sulph. Pulsat. Pinus Can. and Silicea. — All the stomach and abdominal symptoms of this drug are worse after taking fatty food. Modalities. Relationship. In Schussler's Therapeutics Kali mur.. skin affections. Compare in Eustachian tube troubles Merc. to be applied on lint dressings. Kali mur. Calc. though latterly he has given lower potencies.. Mercur. Iodine. Syphilis. Asclep.. phos. Anis. as a deep-acting remedy with eradicating tendencies. Sanguin. in quite considerable quantities (homceopathically considered) : Phytol. dulc. Fibrinous and lymph exudations in the interstitial connective tissues not becoming absorbed. Analyses of the following drugs show them to contain Kali mur. or any rich food. virg. assumes a role much like Sulphur in pure Homoeopathy. immediately upon appearance of exudation.. The rheumatic and other pains are increased and aggravated by motion. Second remedy in sprains. VI. useful as an intercurrent. hard infiltrations. Schussler's preference is for the 6x or i2x. Spongia.. exuberant granulations. Scurvy. — Hering's Guiding Symptoms...

Chemical Properties. may be compared with the chlorate. Prepared by mixing aqueous phosphoric acid with a sufficient quantity of potash. (Morgan. is a constituent of all animal fluids and tissues.) Kali mur. muscles and blood-cells. American Pharmacopoeia. notably of the brain. epithelioma and nephritis. Physiologico-chemical Data. See Allen's Handbook. until the reaction is slightly alkaline. It is very deliquescent . phos. a violent irritant of the whole gastro-intestinal mucous membrane. sulph. — Phosphate of Potash.. which latter completes the action of the former. and chiefly by the presence of Kali j6 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. as well as the saponifying of the fat and its further oxidation. mur. when the deeper layers of epithelium. Common Name. KALI PHOSPHORICUM. and other chemical transformations in the blood. We know also that the oxidation processes. — Potassium Phosphate. dysentery. Kali mur. in all the animal fluids which are actually contained in the circulating system. producing gangrenous ulceration. By the diminution of the excretion of .. hydrate or carbonate.KALI PHOSPHORICUM. This alkaline reaction is essential to a large number of vital processes taking place in the interior. nerves. phos. K 2 H P 4 . and even suffer exfoliation. Potassii Phosphas. and is present. Preparation. are involved.) It is found that the nerves retain their vital properties for a long time and very completely in a solution of this salt. — It is prepared by trituration.^ the most poisonous of all the potash salts. Kali chlor. It crystallizes with difficulty. 75 frequently followed by Calc. — Kali phos. as directed under Class VII. All tissue-forming substances retain it with the greatest obstinacy. when the true lymph-exudation of ripening interstitial inflammation sets in. causing a white-coated tongue and an opaque-whitish secretion. (Dal ton. Synonyms. adjoining the connective tissue basement. It also supercedes Natr. or in the closed cavities of the body. it is freely soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol. Compare in aphthae. are brought about by the presence of the alkalies. hence we may well conclude that it is indispensable to the formation of tissues. and evaporating. without exception. all nutritious fluids contain it. the change of gases in the respiration. follows Ferr. — Formula.

fear. homesickness. It is a restorative in muscular debility KAU PHOSPHORICUM. which will act if aroused . 2. offensive. In the vaso-motor nerves : Pulse at first small and frequent. 4. a sluggish condition of mind. Trophic fibres of sympathetic nerve : Retardation of nutrition to complete cessation within a circumscribed cellular domain. loss of mental vigor. (Hering. Depressed . phos. 5. nervous dread without any special cause. myalgia and wasting of muscular tissue. such as hemorrhages of a septic nature. In the mental sphere such conditions as bashfulness. In motor nerves : Muscular and nerve prostration to paralysis.) A disturbance of the Kali. depression. gloomy moods. tearfulness. molecules has for its results : i. exertion. adynamic or typhoid conditions. in which field it has won its greatest laurels. Adynamia and decay are the characteristic states of Kali phos. Indisposition to mix with people. later retardation. The most important discovery of Liebig. depression. Atrophic condition in old people. — Conditions arising from want of nerve power.) Kali phos. dark forebodings. etc. gangrenous angina. In general. fancies. scorbutus. J J following acute diseases. phagedenic chancre. Great despondency about business and pecuniary affairs. looks on the dark side of everything. In sensory nerves : Pains with paralytic sensation. In cases arising from rapid decomposition of the blood corpuscles and muscle juice. all dependent upon impaired innervation. as prostration. G-uiding Symptoms and Characteristic Indications Mental Symptoms. suspicion. Brain-fag from overwork. conditions are produced within the organism which may present many-sided resistance to the typhus-decomposing element. carrion-like diarrhoea. stomatitis. as well as to the extension of the typhus process. Disinclined to converse. weakness of memory. It corresponds to the hosts of conditions known as neurasthenia. — Anxiety. anxiety. (Grauvogl. in the urine. is an antiseptic and hinders the decay of tissues. 3. that phosphate of potash is predominant in the serum of the muscles and chloride of sodium in the circulating blood. General Action.Kali phos. etc. we have often made great use of. particularly with regard to preferring the one or the other nourishment. also an exhausted mental condition after mental exertion or great strain. hence softening and degeneration of involved nerves.

Whining and fretful disposition. better when eating. Very nervous. loss of perceptive power. Asthenic conditions. Dulness. whining. false impressions. with feeling of weariness and exhaustion. Eyelids twitch. Head and Scalp. mania and other mental derangements. Drooping of eyelids. Sensation of sand or sticks in the eyes. Neuralgic headache. Hysterical yawning. Discharges of . — Vertigo on rising. nervous. after diphtheria. Back or head sore as if hair was pulled. Insanity. worse on motion and in open air. empty. Somnambulism. Soreness of eyeballs — sore around edges of lids and burn as though full of smoke. sleeplessness. Strabismus or loss of accommodation after diphtheria. sight blurred. with feeling of inability to remain up. Wakes easily. changeable. Talks while asleep. from exhaustion. Severe pain in the left mastoid . Cerebral anaemia. screaming. inability for thought and characteristic mental symptoms. Dread of and oversensitiveness to noise. Black spots before the eyes. Softening of the brain. Eyes. Excited. on standing up. frightened. humming in the ears. the slightest labor seems a heavy task. omits letters or words in writing. Sighing depression. After-effects of grief. excessive blushing from emotional sensitiveness. fits of laughter and crying. fear. Homesickness. Rambling talk while wide awake {Natr. — Weakness of sight.) 78 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. from lying. Delirium tremens. uses wrong words. Shyness.). Water on the brain. from sitting and when looking upward. confusion. Headaches are relieved by gentle motion. Hysteria from sudden emotions. Inco-ordination of ocular muscles and loss of accommodation for near objects. better while eating:. tearful mood. starts at the slightest sound. mur. confusion of ideas. Itching of scalp. Mental aberrations. on falling asleep. restlessness and suspicion. sensitive to noise. with weakness and exhaustion of the nerves. or great impatience. Headache of students and those worn out by fatigue. Stupor and low delirium. Headache. Pains and weight in the back of the head. Mental symptoms in children : Cross and ill tempered. Puerperal mania. Profound hypochondria and melancholia.spirits. Loss of memory. and across the eyes. want of energy. Menstrual headache with hunger. fretful. rambling talk. (Holbrook. gone feeling at stomach. yet better under cheerful excitement . Undecided. Grasping at imaginary objects. Noises in the ears from nervous exhaustion. Night terrors. Headache with weary. Ears. general irritability. staring appearance of the eyes. starting on being touched. Concussion of the brain. early stage. — Deafness from want of nervous perception. Shyness and excessive blushing. Effects of fright. Wants to be carried while awake from room to room. haunted by visions of the past and longing after them. Hallucinations and illusions of senses. Vertigo and giddiness from nervous exhaustion and weakness. captious.

L. Gums spongy and receding. offensive. red seam on the gums. with easily-bleeding gums . — Iyivid and sunken. thick and salty. syncope and nervous prostration.foul. burning face and forehead . Yellow KALI PHOSPHORICUM. tendency of the tissues to shrivel up and become scaly. — Excessively dry in the morning. ichorous pus from the ears. Toothache of highly nervous. solid deposits like diphtheritic membrane. Itching in the auditory canal. Thick yellow discharge. Throat. predisposition to same. Sneezes from slightest exposure. Pain in maxillary bones. fetid or sanious. Salty mucus raised from throat. Ozsena. Facial paralysis from working in the water. Humming and buzzing in the ears {Magnes.oss of power in facial muscles. relieved by cold applications. Hoarseness and loss of voice. Speech slow and inarticulate. Grinding of teeth. with hollow eyes. Saliva profuse. Severe pain in decayed or filled teeth. breath offensive. Neuralgic stitches from upper teeth to left ear. Paralysis of the vocal cords. ichorous. fetid. delicate or pale.). Hearing supersensitive. Gums spongy and receding. Pimples and sore crusts on lips. causing contortions. edges of tongue red and sore. when discharges are foul. last stage. Throat very dry . phos. Teeth feel sore. offensive yellow crusts. hot. delicate constitutions. nasal speech and paralysis of any part. 79 crusts blown from nose followed by epistaxis. emotional persons. Gangrenous sore throat. After-effects of diphtheria. — Epistaxis in weak. Stomatitis . Inflammation of the tongue when excessive dryness occurs or exhaustion sets in . Tongue white. with great exhaustion after the attack. — Predisposition to bleeding of the gums . cancrum oris . slimy. Noma. Face. brownish like French mustard. Red. Toothache alternates with frontal headache. Tongue. Atrophic conditions in old people. Neuralgic faceache. Weakness of sight. offensive. Right-sided neuralgia. — Tonsils large and sore. Croup. prostrations. pimples. Peeling of skin. Mouth. Itching of face under beard . speaking and touch. Nose. cannot bear any noise. ulcers. at other times pale and yellow. . Malignant gangrenous conditions. Teeth. Feels as if it would cleave to the roof of the mouth. they have a bright red seam or line on them. with white. better from eating. Nervous chattering of the teeth. Offensive odor from mouth. Ulceration of membrana tympani and middle ear suppurations . etc. desire to swallow all the time. Thick mucus hawked from posterior nares. — Hydroa on lips. ashy-gray ulcers.

Gaseous eructations. — Gastric ulcer. almost black. Profuse. from fright or other depressing causes. Intense KALI PHOSPHORICUM. yellowish. livid. priapism in the morning. much of the time entirely dormant. debility and other characteristic symptoms of this drug. Nervousness. Putrid and typhoid dysentery. Hysteria. or left side of stomach. Deep green or blue vomiting from brain troubles. Excessive hungry feeling soon 80 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. dry tongue. etc. watery.Gastric Symptoms. 8 1 pain across the sacrum. Female : Menses premature and profuse in nervous subjects. painful and itching. Bowels constipated. Belching of gas tasting bitter and sour. Paretic condition of rectum and colon. orange-colored. Phagedenic chancres. gnawing sensation relieved by eating. stitching all through pelvis and womb. followed by tenesmus. Leucorrhoea. offensive flatus. scalding. — Diarrhoea . Collapse. acrid. Bearing down pains. Sexual Organs. scanty. Typhoid fever. Impotence and painful emissions at night. Stomach-ache from fright or excitement. followed by unsatisfied urging. Hemorrhoids. and general nervous debility. Noisy. offensive odor. very tired and sleepy. Utter prostration and weak vision after coitus. sensation of a ball rising in throat. Balanitis. lachrymose. Dull headache with menses. without erection. Nausea and vomiting of sour. Intense sexual desire after menses. Sexual instinct depressed. because this is a disturbance of the trophic nerves. A nervous "gone sensation " at the pit of stomach. painless. sore. . Empty. nervous females. Pain in left side and ovaries. — Weakness in the left side under the heart. Abdomen distended with gas. Indigestion with nervous depression. offensive and imperative stool while eating. blistering. stools putrid. after taking food. Abdomen swells. Amenorrhoea with depression of spirits. Stools dark brown. bloody. lassitude. better bending double. bluish countenance and low pulse. Stool and Anus. bitter food and of blood. streaked with yellowish-green mucus. flatulence with distress about the heart. Abdomen. Irregular. Rectum burns and feels sore after movements. Gastritis when treatment has been delayed with asthenic conditions. legs ache. — Intense sexual desire . carrion-like odor. painless. Menstrual colic in pale. Colic in hypogastrium with ineffectual urging to stool . Constant pain at epigastrium in a small spot. Cholera symptoms. Splenic troubles. Very thirsty. with great prostration . like rice water. Watery stool with imperative call. prolapsed.

Itching of legs at night with numbness and weakness. spurious labor-pains. blood poor. fetid. Back and Extremities. Cough from irritation in the trachea. adynamic condition. Acute oedema of lungs. . Whooping cough in the highly nervous. Palpitation from slightest mental 82 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. fatigue. — Threatened miscarriage in nervous subjects. etc. or dizziness from weak action of the heart. Expectoration thick. irregular. Gonorrhoea with discharge of blood. Incontinence of urine from nervous debility. relieved by motion. or on any exertion. Cutting pain in bladder and urethra. Burning of feet — fidgety feeling in feet. Feeble and ineffectual laborpains. yet becoming better by gentle motion. also discoloration. with stiffness after rest. yellow. or below normal. aching between scapulae. dirty-looking. — Spinal anaemia. Mastitis when the pus is brownish. Asthma (large doses and often repeated. grief or care. Frequent urination or passing of much water. emotion or from walking up-stairs. Idiopathic softening of the spinal cord. childbed fever. Pulse intermittent. — Asthma. — Feeling of faintness in nervous people. spasmodic cough with frothy. Bleeding from the urethra. Shortness of breath when going up-stairs. with great exhaustion. Pregnancy. Intermittent action of the heart. Paretic conditions of bladder. Urine quite yellow like saffron. offensive odor. Bright's disease of the kidneys. Acute and chronic rheumatism. Pain in back and extremities. Ciculatory Organs. extreme weakness. depressed condition of nervous system. — Enuresis in larger children. Functional disturbances of the heart with weak. frequent scalding. Faintness from fright. if rheumatic or nervous. Puerperal mania. Pains worse on rising from a sitting posture and by violent exertion. 3X). Chest very sore. Itching of palms and soles. patient has trouble in guiding himself . from emotions. with exhaustion. Palpitation after rheumatic fever. loss of power of movement. anxious. Paralytic or rheumatic lameness. tedious labor from constitutional weakness. he tumbles and trips easily. Hoarseness with exhausted feeling from overexertion of the voice. Anaemia. with palpitation. Croup. voracious appetite. etc. Cystitis in asthenic conditions with prostration. salty. Incontinence from paralysis of the sphincter of the bladder. Respiratory Symptoms. Finger tips as if asleep. Itching in urethra. with nervous sensitiveness. from the least food. palpitation with sleeplessness and restlessness. pale or livid countenance. nervous state.Urinary Organs. serous masses being brought up in excess and threatening suffocation. Eoss of voice from paralysis of vocal cords. Sluggish circulation. which feels sore. Diabetes with nervous weakness. Bruised and painful feelings in parts affected. last stage. Hay asthma.

hemiplegia. Creeping paralysis in which the progress is slow. attacks from sudden emotion. sleeplessness. failure of strength. Somnambulism. Fears burglars. Neuralgic pains occurring: in any organ. rest- KALI PHOSPHORICUM. but manifest on beginning to move. facial. Attacks come from a fright. High temperature. great restlessness and pain. paraplegia. — Intermittent fever. etc. etc. Hysterical yawning. fetid. loss of motor force. with nervousness and irritability. putrid. — The great nervous tissue salt. The chief remedy in typhoid. nervous exhaustion. profuse perspiration. patient sheds tears and makes "mountains out of molehills. Febrile Symptoms. exhaustion. No desire to rise in the morning. for nervous irritability. Atrophic paralysis. Easily startled. nervous or brain fevers." Paralysis of any part of the body. Spinal anaemia from exhausting diseases. Typhus. Nervousness without any reasonable cause . parts feel stiff. camp. malignant. upper lid. with depression. walking in sleep in children. stiffness. of falling. with subsequent exhaustion. . worse while at rest. debilitating. partial. Sciatica. dry tongue. Excessive and exhausting perspirations with fetid odor. petechias. sensitiveness to noise and light. Epilepsy. stupor. All typhoid and malignant symptoms are met by this drug. Scarlet fever. or of the bladder. or stimulating power. sunken countenance. Chilblains on the toes. drawing pain in sole of foot. feeling of a ball rising in the throat. with sensation of emptiness at pit of stomach. General debility. Neurasthenia. — Sleeplessness. Dragging pain down back of thigh to knee. with loss of sense of touch. Awakening from sound sleep screaming with fright. Trembling sensation. Constant dreaming of fire. paralytic tendency. Muscular weakness after severe illness. Yawning. Sleep. severe in the morning after rest and on first rising from a sitting position. with laming pain. nervous. Hay fever . with weakness at stomach. Paralyzing. Exertion and fatigue aggravate. 83 less. etc. putrid conditions of the throat. Paroxysms of pain. ghosts. robbers. on falling asleep. Bodily pains felt too acutely. fidgety feeling. Hysteria. Twitching of muscles. Infantile paralysis. Pain in the hips. especially from sexual excess. etc. Lascivious dreams. Night terrors of children. Nervous Symptoms. delirium. etc. but most felt when quiet or alone. stupor.pains disappear on moving about. coldness and palpitation after the attack. after worry or excitement from nervous causes. facial paralysis. characterized by severe spinal irritation. torpor. and by gentle motion. gastric and enteric fevers with brown. and tendency to wasting of the body. Stiffness. Locomotor paralysis. Paralysis usually comes on suddenly. stretching and weariness. improved during pleasant excitement. Perspiration while eating.

84 the twelve. Tissues. Transactions. with the cm. any one interested in this curiosity can find a report of it in the Proceedings of I. thin and not coagulating. scaly. Smallpox. excess causes soreness and chafing. by exertion and continued exercise and after rest. tingling and itching pain. Scurvy with gangrenous conditions. General debility and exhaustion. chafing exudations. Suppurations with dirty. in a very sensitive young woman. in which number also Dr. B. A carefully prepared differential diagnosis of the phosphates from the imperfect materials. foul. wasting diseases with putrid stools. Atrophy. Another so-called proving has been made for Dr. watery contents. H. can be found in the Transactions of the American Institute of Homoeopathy for 1890. Hemorrhages. under the direction of Dr. Irritating secretions on skin. Chilblains on the toes. Serous. Blood dark. Samuel Lilienthal. offensive discharge of pus. Homoeopathic Data. Allen. H. eating. as we could not conscientiously incorporate it in our treatise. hands or ears. putrid states. typhus. gentle friction agreeable. Pains and itchings worse 2 to 5 A. M. tissue remedies. careful provings with all potencies. Mortification in the early stages. potency held between the fingers ! We must confess that we have not read the account of this heroic proving. Greasy scabs with offensive smell. lack of vitality.Skin. Persons who suffer from suppressed sexual instinct or too much indulgence. Allen's arrangement of his proving can be found. Fincke. the salient features of which are included in the above symptomatology. Septic hemorrhages. Pemphigus malignus. Atrophic condition in old people. Malignant pustule. offensive discharges and discoloration. blisters and blebs over the body. corroding. ichorous. putrid conditions. and also in The Medical Advance. Cold air aggravates all pains. Modalities. Losing flesh all the time. C. ichorous. under excitement and company . Leucaemia lienalis. Cancer . . However. 1892. tissues dry. — Anaemic conditions. Discharges have a carrion-like odor. worse when alone. skin wrinkled and witheredlooking. putrid. The drug merits more extended. Gangrenous conditions. foul and offensive exudations. — The remedy has been proved by the Provers' Union of Chicago. — Eczema if oversensitiveness and nervousness accompany it. Rickets with putrid discharges from the bowels. March. by rising from a sitting posture. then in hand by the late Dr. Itching of the skin with crawling sensation . The characteristic ameliorations are gentle motion. Felons. sanious. for the pains. Itching of the inside of hands and feet where the skin is thickest. — Many symptoms of this remedy are aggravated by noise. Alopecia areata. abscess and carbuncle when the matter becomes fetid. A.

Groups for study with Kali phos. compare Zinc. also has many symptoms in common with Kali phos. In hemorrhages. — Sulphate of Potash. phos. 2. also Nitr. Hyoscy. by Natr. Laches. Compare the sciatica. permanent... Relationship. However. colorless four- . Kali phos..... bright or dark red. Synonyms. seem to depend on the amount of Kali phos. China. KALI SULPHURICUM.. 86 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. In its disordered mental conditions compare Cyclam. — The lower potencies seem to work best . Potassse Sulphas. present. the latter corresponding more to the spasmodic affections. Kali Sulphas. while Kali phos. In the gangrenous conditions compare Kali chlor. Silicea.. — Probably the nearest analogues are Rhus tox. Crystallizes in short. too. with which it has many symptoms in common. etc. 85 Administration. not clotted. — Potassium Sulphate. Cyclamen. The nervous symptoms of Pulsat. Carbo. Kreosote. mental state of the insane. Coffea. Cimicif. Ignat. watery.. Stramon. Gelsem. when nephritic irritation accompanies.. Phytol. In incipient paralysis of the brain. and high potencies have all been employed with success. — Formula. in its actions as a nerve sedative is related to Ignat. phos. Conium.. Ignat. Zinc. Staphisag. restore the muscles more quickly than anything else. ac. After weakening diseases. thin.. Chemical Properties. the French variety of mushrooms. as the hysterical symptoms are nearly identical. more to the paralytic symptoms. and Phosph. in puerpural fever.. often finds a complementary remedy in Magnes. Mur. which contain large quantities of Kali phos. is also found under this remedy. Arsenic. follow Kali phos. K S0 4 . Baptis. probably contains Kali phos. etc. Occurs native in lavas. Blood degeneration.. In menstrual headaches compare Zinc. Common Name.. Anacard..: 1. Hyos. The peculiar mental state of Pulsat. In bladder troubles Kali phos. Chamom. Crotalus.. dreamlike. Compare Kali mur. Caust. Cimicif. mur. thus the 2x or 3X in asthma is recommended by Schiissler. acid. Nervous system.KALI PHOSPHORICUM. which frequently corrects the abnormal. the higher. 6x and i2x. In post-diphtheritic complaints compare Lachesis.

nerves. American Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. occasion the following symptoms : Feeling of heaviness and weariness. Therefore. that is rich in oxygen. under favorable conditions. etc. chilliness. they disintegrate into their constituent elements. probably plays an important role. muscles. slimy. It is soluble in ten parts of cold and three parts of boiling water. If sulphate and iron oxide come in contact simultaneously with an organic substance in a state of decay they give off their oxygen. The sulphates in nature and the oxide of iron serve as oxygen carriers. and better in fresh. Kali sulph. to promote the desquamation of the old ones. The oxygen taken up by the iron contained in the blood corpuscles is carrried to every cell of the organism by the reciprocal action of Kali sulph. thin. — It is applicable to the third stage of inflammation or to its stage of retrogression. toothache. General Action. of the sulphates. Preparation. saline taste. But its continued action oxidizes the organic basis of the cells. which. as directed under Class VII. A deficiency of this cell salt causes a yellow. — Pure sulphate of potash is prepared by trituration. epithelium and in the blood corpuscles. If oxygen is brought to the suffering parts by means of Kali sulph. — This remedy. Kvery cell requires for its growth and development the vital- KALI STJXPHURICUM. melancholy. which intermit and change location. forming sulphuric acid and iron oxide. headache. Epidermis and epithelial cells poorly fed with oxygen loosen and desquamate freely. by their activity. is the function remedy of the epidermis and of the epithelium. Similar processes may occur in the human organism. 87 izing influence of oxygen. may. Physiologico chemical Data.and six-sided prisms. and these hasten. It is insoluble in alcohol. according to location and extent. fear. A deficiency of Kali sulph. the sulphates being characteristic products of the oxidation of tissue and the potas- . warmth and towards evening. because it is found in the cells and in the intercellular fluids. become again carriers of oxygen. bitter. and sulphate of iron is formed thereby . palpitation. this may again be decomposed by the oxygen of the air. and iron. according to Schiissler. the formation of new cells is thereby furthered. slimy deposit on the tongue. vertigo. It is the carrier of oxygen. Hence. or decidedly yellow or greenish discharge and secretions of watery matter from any of the mucous surfaces. pains in the limbs. These pains are worse in closed rooms. The yellowness is probably due to retrograde metamorphosis — fatty degeneration of inflammatory products and of effete epithelium. and epithelial or epidermal desquamation. It has a sharp. open air.

Nose. Secretion of thin. phos. moist and sticky. Eyes. Smell lost. Face. Yellow mucous discharges. ophthalmia neonatorum. Face red. cutting pain. (Thick. Rheumatic headaches. peels off in large flakes . Mouth — Dower lip swollen. Falling out of the hair. Another characteristic indication is amelioration in the cool. Epithelioma. improved in cool or open air. Diseases caused by a retrocession of eruptions. and is better in the cool or open air. Decidedly yellow or yellowish-green discharges from the nose. phos. Copious scaling of scalp. sharp. — Faceache aggravated in a heated room and in the evening.) Pain under the ear. pus-like discharge. Worse in a heated room. Hypopyon. burning . if the latter does not produce free perspiration and the skin remains dry. To produce perspiration if Ferr. Guiding Symptoms and Characteristic Indications. crusts on the eyelids. beginning in the evening and in a heated atmosphere . bright-yellow. stitches and piercing below the mastoid process. whence we can infer its homceopathicity to the same stage. or with catarrh and swelling of Eustachian lining. Ailments accompanied by profuse desquamation of epidermis. worse moving head from side to side or backward. Patient feels generally worse in the evening or in a heated room. Calc. Nose obstructed. bald spots. open air. features distorted. slimy coating on the tongue. Pallid face. which grows worse in a warm room and in the evening. — Deafness from congestion of the tympanic cavity. tension. with discharge of watery or yellow matter. Headache. Dandruff and scaldhead. Polypoid excrescence closes the meatus. — Vertigo. epithelioma. — Colds with yellow.sium having its special sphere in the solids. or greenish fluid after inflammation. fails. Abscess of the cornea. Rise in temperature at night producing an evening aggravation. especially on looking and rising. After Ferr. Head and Scalp. Ozsena. Ears. — Cataract. purulent discharge from the eyes. yellowish or greenish. Dryness and desquamation of the lower lip. Conjunctivitis. viscous secretion. slimy expectorations. Stinking otorrhcea. or discharge of watery matter. Mental Symptoms — Fear of falling. stclph. Old catarrh with yellowish. and the resulting salt becomes a prominent constituent of their ashes. with a yellow. Earache. together with yellowish discharge from the nares. in colds. opacity of the crystalline lens. Yellow 88 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.

Cough worse in the evening with heat. slimy. cramp and every indication of approaching peritonitis. Habitual constipation. pappy taste. tongue and gums white. caused by great heat. Sensation of faint- KALI SULPHURICUM. with yellow. fails.heat in the mouth. Thirstlessness. Insipid. Mucus slips back and is generally swallowed . Typhoid and enteric fevers. — Coating yellow and slimy. Tympanitic abdomen. with rise of temperature at night and fall in the morning. and headache. with characteristic tongue and secretions. — Gonorrhoea. with characteristic tongue. gleet. Gastric fever with a rise of temperature in the evening and fall in the morning. slimy. greenish. Black. and water gathers in the mouth. Deucorrhoea. Balanitis. Purging and severe colic. discharge of yellow. Colicky pains in stomach. Metrorrhagia. sputa consists of watery matter. Pains resembling colic. slimy or watery secretions. or watery and profuse. Orchitis. Respiratory Organs. with a feeling of weight and fulness in the abdomen. sometimes with whitish edge. or greenish. . Abdomen very tense. Taste lost. — Symptoms are wanting. better in cool. open air. Gastric Symptoms. Dread of hot drinks. Urinary and Sexual Organs. — Toothache worse in warmth and evening. nausea and vomiting. watery. 89 ness in the stomach. Chronic painfulness of the gums. — Bronchial asthma with yellow expectoration. Bronchitis. Deep-seated pain in stomach. Coarse rales but cannot cough up much mucus. Abdomen and Stool. Gas escaping from the bowels has a sulphurous odor. Abdomen feels cold to touch. when Magnes. Syphilis with characteristic evening aggravation. worse in the warm season or in a hot atmosphere. Internal and external hemorrhoids. phos. slimy. — Yellow. Jaundice from gastroduodenal catarrh. Indigestion with sensation of pressure as of a load and fullness at the pit of the stomach. Chronic catarrh of the stomach. Tongue. coated tongue. hard. Symptoms of cholera. Pneumonia. painful. Teeth. expectoration distinctly yellow. Throat. offensive stools. yellow-coated tongue. — No symptoms that are noteworthy. Dips. Menstruation too late and too scanty. after suppressed gonorrhoea. burning thirst. thin. purulent diarrhoea. slimy. yellow or greenish discharge. Pregnancy. Pains similar to flatulent colic. Post-scarlatinal nephritis. hoarse cough like croup. — Burning heat in stomach . from excitement and sudden coldness of the part following.

with free. — Temperature rises in the evening until midnight. Scaly eruptions mostly on arms. loose. gastric. Chorea. then another. Croupy hoarseness. — Neuralgic pains in different parts of the body. yellowish expectoration. In smallpox to promote falling off of crusts and formation of healthy skin. periodical.Weary feeling in the pharynx. slimy. wrapped in blankets). when the discharge is yellow or greenish. Epithelial cancer. — Skin inactive (give in hot drinks while in bed. boring pain over crest of ilium. It assists in promoting perspiration. — Neuralgic or rheumatic pains in the back. papular eruption. etc. etc. watery secretion . itching. Suffocative feeling in a hot atmosphere. Fungoid inflammation of the joints. Desire for cool air. or watery matter. surrounding skin peels off. nape of the neck or in the limbs. {Siliced). in any eruptive disease — measles. 9 1 . scarlet fever. Whooping cough . and decidedly better in a cool atmosphere. slimy expectoration. Effects of ivy poison. Pulse scarcely perceptible. with characteristic modalities. nettlerash. serous matter. Febrile Symptoms. hoarseness from cold. better from hot water. Eczema. eczema. Blistering erysipelas . from a chill or other causes. when the skin is harsh and dry. speaking is fatiguing. scarlet fever. rattling phlegm is coughed up. Third stage of catarrhal cough. and warm coverings at the same time should be applied. Skin scales freely on a sticky base. enteric and typhoid fevers. Burning. Sores on the skin with yellow. Fevers from blood poisoning. Pneumonia with wheezing . interrupted growth. settling in one place. Skin. when of a shifting. or when suddenly suppressed. yellow. Intermittent fever with yellow. Back and Extremities. with tendency to shift in locality. hence it should be given frequently. then falls again. Sleep. Rheumatic pains in the joints or any part of the body. Circulatory Organs. watery. coated tongue. flitting nature. stage of desquamation. Nervous Symptoms. 9° THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Cramps in upper and lower extremities. — Pulse quick with throbbing. rattling of mucus with cough. Sudden retrocession of the rash. Scaly KALI SULPHURICUM. to favor falling off of scabs. Great rattling in the chest. with discharge of thin. with yellow. — Very vivid dreams. cold sweat. Diseased condition of the nails. yellow. wandering.. worse in the evening or in a warm room.

Pains in the limbs. Rhus. Arsen. but. sometimes yellowish-green. shows that one of its constituents is Kali sulph. sticky. vols.. Migratory or shifting and wandering rheumatic pains. Guiding Symptoms. — The nearest analogue to Kali sitlph. of course. Yellow mucous expectoration from the lungs on coughing. Kali sulph.. Tissues. Hoarseness from a simple cold. open air.. yellow. Pressure and feeling of fulness in stomach. Calc. Compare Natr. depressed vitality . — Inflammations with yellow. mur. Sulphur. phos. is found in Alien 's Encyclopedia. Tuberculous ulcers with a continuous oozing of yellow pus and lymph. Amelioration in the cool and open air. Silicea. but these are more watery in . Bpithelioma. this is pure hypothesis. v and x. watery exudations. Gonorrhoea with yellow or yellowishgreen. Serous.tetter in the palms. vi. coarse rales and profuse exudations. Its mucous symptoms probably are due to the presence of Kali sulph. Old tetters. these giving the best results. Dolichos. also the characteristic secretion from mucous membranes. Hepar. as they have many symptoms in common. Discharges from mucous membranes are yellow. — No regular proving. Thus both have : Aggravation of symptoms in a warm room. A chemical analysis of Pulsat.. Coating of tongue yellow and slimy. carb. often follows with advantage Kali mur. It is recommended externally in dandruff and diseases of the scalp. In febrile conditions it must be given frequently. Compatible remedies in itching and redness of skin : Acetic acid. Soft polypi. Torpidity. Often completes a cure commenced by Kali mur. in deafness. purulent in character . Chafing of children. Administration. and only suggested for further study and observation. old school sources. slimy. — Schiissler recommends the i2x and 6x. and its mental and nervous symptoms to Kali phos. Migratory rheumatism of the joints. Sepia. Great aggravation in a heated room . bland discharge. open air. It is interesting to compare these two remedies. — The grand characteristics are the evening: aggravation and the amelioration in the cool. purulent secretions. 92 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. serous. watery. and vol.. Relationship. but a brief collection of symptoms derived from very large doses. Palpitation of the heart. better in cool. appears to be Pulsat. Puis. Modalities. They are included in the above. and disease makes rapid headway. pain in stomach. worse at night and from warmth . Homoeopathic Data. Urtica.. and another is Calc. another is Kali phos.

— The salt is triturated according to Class VII. By functional disturbance of the molecules of the latter the muscular fibres relax . MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA. Mental Symptoms. in the muscles or in the muscular tissue itself. It is purely antispasmodic. teeth and blood corpuscles. It exists in the grains of cereals. nerves. unable to sit up. The crystals resulting are six-sided. They MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA. and are relieved by warmth and pressure. American Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. tired. Synonyms. They have a cooling. needle-like. Preparation. Pains which are darting. Chemical Properties. through the functional disturbances of the magnesium molecules they contract . emaciated persons of a highly nervous organization. 322 parts dissolving one part after standing a long time. paralysis agitans. sweetish taste. They are sparingly soluble in water . Mg HP0 4 . lightning-like. mur. — It is an earthy constituent of muscle. Attacks are often attended with great prostration and sometimes with profuse sweat. A disturbance of its molecular motion causes cramps. patient is languid. and can be detected in considerable quantity in beer. epilepsy. tetanus.Natr. Boiling decomposes it. whether he is suffering from acute or chronic affections. dulness . convulsions and other nervous phenomena. is the reverse of that of iron. accompanied by a constrictive feeling. etc. — Phosphate of Magnesia. exhausted. brain. The Magnes. and prefers light complexion and the right side of the body. phos. forgetful. — Illusions of the senses. spasms of the glottis. It is made by mixing phosphate of soda with sulphate of magnesia. thin. phos. Cold in general favors its action exceedingly. whereas heat and pressure interfere with it. It is best adapted to lean. spasmodic retention of the urine. General Action. and hence is curative in cramps. pains and paralysis. — Formula. boring. — Diseases having their seat in the nervefibre cells or in the terminal bulbs of the nerves. spasmodic in character. 7H 2 0. Guiding Symptoms and General Characteristics. bone. Common Name. Hence the patient is relieved by these. hence it is the remedy for cramps. Schiissler says that the action of Magnes. — Magnesium Phosphoricum. are cured by this remedy. Physiologico-chemical Data. 93 are often changing in locality.

" A remedy to be thought of in all forms of internal ear disease. dullness of vision from involvement of the optic nerve or retina. darting. pains shooting. and in bed. shifting. Talking sitting still in moody silence. Itching of lids. supra. Sobbing with lamenting. lightning-like pains. cold and on right side. alternately dry and loose. much dandruff . place. sparks. spasmodic squinting. Neuralgic pains of right side. From washing or standing in cold water. opening the mouth. Ears. m. Otalgia purely nervous in character. stabbing. gradually radiating over the entire right side of face. Alternate stoppage and profuse gushing discharge. eyelids. intermittent. cold air and when body gets cold. Prosopalgia. paroxysmal and neuralgic. most severe between the shoulders. indisposition to mental effort. with unconsciousness and convulsive symptoms. pressure. worse on the right side and relieved by warmth applied externally. From exposure to a strong north wind. made worse by going into cold air and washing face and neck in cold water. . Headache. Mouth. — Convulsive twitchings of the angles of mouth. C). from infra-orbital foramen to incisor tooth. constant while attending school or after mental labor. and exquisitely sensitive to touch. Headache from occiput. Nystagmus. Nervous headaches with sparks before the eyes. Eyes. Face. — Weakness of the auditory nerve-fibres causing deafness. Dark spots float before the eyes. worse left side. spasmodic. more in young and strong persons. always better from warmth . Nose. — Loss or perversion of the sense of smell. sees colors before the eyes (chromatopsia). — Neuralgia. spreading over whole head with nausea and chilliness. Scalp feels rough . — Brain troubles of children. all the time about the to herself constantly or Carries things from place to Head and Scalp. with hiccoughing. even without catarrhal troubles. Laments pain. ptosis or drooping of the 94 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Increased lachrymation with the pain. or from any injurious stimulus. photophobia. Pain on top and back of head extending down the spine. diplopia. intermittent. better from heat. Orbital and supraorbital neuralgias. — Vision affected. " Retinitis Pigmentosa " (R. always relieved by the application of warmth. worse on touch. pustules." (Copeland). at 2 p. Smarting and rawness. pupils contracted. Twitching of eyelids.and inability to think clearly. S. eyes sensitive to light. Neuralgic pain worse behind right ear.and infra-orbital. worse by touch. Cold in head. Very acute pains in the head.

pain as if a band were tightly laced around the body. Gastric Symptoms. Abdominal pains cause great restlessness. phos. parts seem puffy. rumbling and belching. Obstinate singultus. most severe in rectum and abdomen. spasmodic retention of urine . cutting. accompanied with belching of gas which gives no relief. lightning-like pains in hemorrhoids. better by heat and hot liquids (if cold. Dropping from posterior nares. Must swallow. Flatulent colic of children and the newborn. left side sore. better drinking hot water.Sensation of painful contraction at articulation of lower jaw.. Throat. pressure. Toothache worse after going to bed. so severe as to cause fainting . Abdomen. Severe pains in decayed or filled teeth.. Bry. Spasms without febrile symptoms. worse from cold things. radiate from navel. Trismus . with chilliness and aching all over . Flatulent dyspepsia. throat and neck and swelling of tongue.). with clean tongue. Stools expelled with force. Craves sugar. Spasms or cramps in the stomach. — Diarrhoea. walk about and constantly pass flatus. Pain with pro- . Ferr. with backward jerking. Nausea and vomiting. with sneezing and rough throat. Pain worse from touch at epigastrium and renewed by drinking cold water. smarting like canker-sore. coated white with diarrhoea . Pain in rectum with every stool. lock-jaw. — Sensitive to acids and averse to coffee. cold washing . causing long lasting soreness. especially right side . 95 swelling of glands of face. making eating painful as if scalded. Spasmodic stammering. Tongue. Coff. Stool. has to lie bent over. Dysentery. warmth. Regurgitation of food. watery. changes place rapidly . Hiccough with retching day and night. Cannot brush teeth with cold water. — Generally clean with pain in stomach . Bloated. often accompanied by a watery diarrhoea. bright red. with cramp-like pains. must loosen clothing. Complaints of teething: children. with chilliness and pain in stomach. with vomiting and cramps in calves . — Very sensitive to touch or cold air. Spasm of the glottis. Spasmodic constriction of the throat on attempting to swallow liquids. Teeth. relieved by warmth and bending double. — Soreness and stiffness. Burning. Flatulent colic forcing patient to bend double. relieved by rubbing. with choking sensation. Flatulent distension of stomach with constrictive pain. full sensation in abdomen. tasteless eructations. with rawness in mouth. — Enteralgia. Heartburn. swallowing painful with pain in back of head. Incarcerated flatulence . Gastralgia. Ulceration of teeth with MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA. Cannot lie on back stretched out.

— Spasmodic labor pains. Gravel. Spasm of the bladder . MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA. — Angina pectoris. convulsive fits of nervous cough ending in a whoop . with spasmodic. Darting pains in the chest. Involuntary shaking of the hands. Pregnancy. spasmodic retention . neuralgic spasms (better given in hot water) . — Darting pains in shoulders and arms. Constriction of chest and throat. True spasmodic cough. Deficiency or excess of phosphates. 97 Paralysis agitans. shrill voice. (Has cured a number of cases. nervous character. with cramps in the legs. Dorsal spine very painful and sensitive to touch. neuralgic pains in any part of the back. Respiratory System. pain precedes flow . darting. Ovaritis. nervous palpitation of the heart when spasmodic. much gas and rumbling and flatulent colic. Acute. spasmodic cough at night. Puerperal convulsions (intercurrent). crampy pains. more on right side. worse in right. Retained placenta. — Asthma when flatulence is troublesome. Shifting pains . Extremities. constriction of the chest. shortness of breath. Persistent semi-chronic cough of a pseudo-catarrhal. which radiate from pain in bowels. Circulatory Organs. Swelling of external parts. fibrinous. shrill cry . great relief from heat. Constipation of infants. Oppression of chest. Neuralgia in lower . in neck and small of back. with spasmodic pain at every attempt at stool. Urinary and Sexual Organs. indicated by sharp. Vaginismus. intercostal neuralgia. Sexual desire increased. with sudden. Ovarian neuralgia. stringy flow. Neck and Back. Tingling sensations. Nocturnal enuresis from nervous irritation. with difficulty in lying down. boring. spasmodic urinary complaints . 96 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. dry. — Sore pain in lower part of back. child passes large quantities of urine . — Menstrual Colic . Female. worse on right side. excessive expulsive efforts. whooping cough . Spasmodic closure of the windpipe. spasm of the neck of the bladder .) Menses too early. coming on in paroxysms without expectoration . intermittent. Joints painful. with dark.longed spasm of abdominal muscles. Vesical neuralgia after use of catheter. tickling cough. painful urging. Relaxes contracted uterus. Membranous dysmenorrhoea. — Constant urging to urinate when standing or walking. worse on right side.

Profuse sweat. thus giving us a polychrest of the highest order. W. Cramps in calves. Insomnia from exhaustion or lack of brain nutrition. Bad effects from injurious stimulants. with spasmodic muscular contractions. limbs. — Intermittent fever with cramps in the calves. Febrile Symptoms. Tetanus. — Since its introduction by Schussler this magnificent remedy has been proved by Drs. spasms. pressure. stiffness of limbs. Sleep. lock-jaw (rub it into the gums). They are always relieved by warmth. . Homoeopathic Data. Chilliness after dinner. or shaking of head. — Burning and stinging pain in bunions and corns. m. draught of air. Writer's cramp. fingers clenched. and friction. Boils. bending: double. at night. unable to sit up. by which the main indications of Schussler were verified and others added. Spasm of glottis. P. Gann and other members of the I. Deficiency in locomotive power. Barber's itch . Epilepsy resulting from vicious habits. Alcoholism. Violent pains in acute rheumatism of the joints (as intercurrent during rheumatic fever). tired exhausted. Lightning-like pains. clenched fists and teeth. Languid. Nightly neuralgias. Chills run up and down the back with shivering: . spasmodic pains. Singultus. Paralysis agitans. Chorea. about 7 p. Spasms from idiopathic affections of motor nervous tissues. Bilious fever. — Spasms and neuralgias. Sciatica with excruciating. cold washing and from touch. cold air.limbs. Modalities. heat. followed by muscular soreness.. involuntary movements and contortions of the limbs. Convulsions with stiffness of the limbs or of the body. Wesselhoeft. Nervous asthma. are followed by a suffocating sensation. Tetanic spasms. from cold. Twitchings all over body during waking hours. Skin. Sleep disturbed by troublesome dreams. thumbs drawn in. ankles and elbows. — Nutrition and function remedy for the nerve tissues. M. Tissues. worse about knees. herpetic eruption with white scales. Feet very tender. Convulsive sobbing. Severe chills about 9 A. J. ally worse on the right side. Pains are aggravated by the slightest touch. Nervous Symptoms. — All the pains of this remedy are characteristic7 98 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. — Spasmodic yawning. A. by pain in occiput and back of neck. legs ache after getting in bed. Sensation in limbs like a shock of electricity. A. Rash like insect bites . H. Piano or violin player's cramp. Chorea. mostly with spasmodic muscular contractions . trembling of hands. Drowsiness. in evening. Paralysis of nerve fibres.

The menstrual and labor-pains resemble Viburn. and frequent doses. Another near relative is NATRUM MURIATICUM. The flatulent colic reminds also of Dioscorea. Again. in a general way. unlike this.. Lac can. Podoph. does more to spasmodic affections. and Silicea . would cure.. H. phos.. but its pains are more steady. The violent pains remind of Bellad. In colic. the squeezing. has won its greatest laurels in the treatment of nervous affections. J. and follows it frequently. the lower potencies. A resume of its symptoms is also given in Hering's Guiding Symptoms. while Magnes. Administration. those of Magnes. affections of the right side of the body. The foregoing symptomatology contains all that seemed to us reliable and worthy of preservation. Kali phos. and adds that it acts best when given in hot water. Lycop. also Pulsat. — Schussler recommends the 6x trituration... Morgan advises the 30X in water. Iod. too.. and published in the Medical Advance.. in epilepsy. Relationship..' All the provings have been arranged systematically by Dr. and Nux mosch. we would recommend these should the lower fail. such as the first and second. it finds another tissue remedy with which it shares the honors. Many practitioners have verified this valuable hint. The chill up and down the back are common to both. compare Natrum phos. the shifting. are better by heat. .. and found also that in case of failure with this preparation. Bellad. Stramon. In spasms Magnes. The provings of both show a close correspondence in the mixture of spasmodic and paretic symptoms. in watery secretions. Chelid. C. Cimicif.. which compare especially in the flatulent symptoms of both and the spasmodic of Ignat. Calc.. which is more truly the nutritive brain remedy.. Bryon. constricting sensation of Cactus. diarrhoea. if caused by worms. Natrum mur. staring eyes and starting at slightest noise.. vol. phos. This is Kali phos... and clinically corresponds more to paretic affections. But in view of the really surprising and apparently wholly trustworthy results obtained by the provers with the high and highest potencies.\ and it certainly is a suggestive and interesting fact that Colocynth. The general modality differs. phos. vii. 99 Gelsem. etc. the pains of Magnes. Kali carb. we find the most striking resemblance in the colic and other neuralgic symptoms with Colocynth. contains 3 per cent. phos. of Magnes. more spasmodic. hypochondriasis and spinal irritation. 1889. hence their successful employment in hysteria. C. having amelioration by cold applications. rapidly changing of Puis. phos. phos. December. Naturally enough come into this physiological group Ignat. should it fail and the patient present the dilated pupils. Calc. Here. but. Kali mur. phos. neuralgias especially. and Sulph. In strabismus. Allen. Dr. In studying the action of this drug.. — Magnes. Kali sulph... is like Bellad.. has much similarity here.

giving them the needful degree of moisture. flhos. scarcely more in boiling. Table Salt. Antidotes. This chloride of sodium within the cell thus produced has the property of attracting water . op. — Sodium Chloride. P. — One part by weight of pure chloride of sodium is dissolved in nine parts by weight of distilled water. Dilutions and triturations should be prepared according to Hahnemann's methods. Its function is to regulate the degree of moisture within the cells. and its action on the nervous system generally compare Zinc. Among plants containing Magnes. Every cell contains soda. Preparation. which is formed by the splitting up of the chloride of sodium contained in the intercellular fluids. Chemical Properties. — Formula. — Bellad. combining with nascent chlorine. one-tenth.. Davis. Synonyms. Gelsem. anhydrous cubes . Only in this way does division of cells for purposes of cell multiplication take place. the water destined to supply their moisture is retained in the . Natrium Chloratum Purum. more in the ligamentous (A. NATRUM MURIATICUM. Amount of drug power. It occurs abundantly in nature. may be mentioned Lobelia. it is soluble in three parts of cold water. Calc. Chloride of Sodium. Its watery solutions dissolve several bodies insoluble in water. whence it may finally reach ■ the various cells. transparent.. those of Cimicif. This function of salt to regulate the degree of moisture within the cells is accomplished by virtue of its property of attracting water. Na CI.) In membranous dysmenorrhea remember Borax and Acetic acid and Viburn. Symphytum. In the nightly neuralgic pains relieved by heat compare also Ars. phos. fundus . — Common Salt. g. Sodii Chloridum.. IOO THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. which probably explains the presence of similar symptoms. Lachesis. etc.. — This salt is a constituent of every liquid and solid part of the body. Stramon. It crystallizes from aqueous solutions in colorless. nearly everywhere. If no chloride of sodium is formed within the cells. Chloruretum Sodicum.seem to be more in the deeper structures — ovaries. Physiologico-chemical Data.. Common Karnes. and reaching the blood through the epithelial cells of the mucous membrane. which is imbibed as drink or in the food. and Viburn. It is insoluble in absolute alcohol. e. in consequence of which the cell enlarges and is divided..

IOI An oversupply of salt within the intercellular fluids often occasions a salty taste. The mucin of the mucous cells appears on the surface as a glairy. And if the irritation reaches the mucous cells of the intestines. which is done by means of the secretory fibres of the sympathetic. bloated appearance. especially along the spine and extremities. and it seems to perform an analagous office with regard to the other semi-solids of the body. mucous diarrhoea results. The patient then shows a watery. the water taken with the food into the blood contained in the branches of the portal vein. due to the irritation of the glossopharyngeal and lingual nerves. the cells are enabled to reabsorb the exudation.intercellular fluids. thereby preserving their form and consistence . by means of their salt. lachrymose. The epithelial cells of the intestinal mucous membrane transfer. chilly. the diseased condition is not removed. Although a plentiful supply of salt may be offered in the food. and a watery diarrhoea results in consequence. NATRUM MURIATICUM. A disturbance of the molecular motion of this salt in the epithelium of the tear glands. Serum enters the intestinal canal. or in the salivary glands is followed by lachrymation or ptyalism. drowsy. If the dental branch of the fifth nerve is irritated. we have a toothache accompanied by a profuse flow of saliva.) . It is the sodium chloride particularly which regulates the quantity of water entering into the composition of the blood corpuscles. He craves salt. and a hydremia results. Such a condition also causes acridity of secretions of mucous membranes or of open wounds. A disturbance of the functions of these salt molecules is followed by a watery exudation within the sacs. By the therapeutic application of small doses of Natrum mur. and the disturbance reaches the lachrymal glands. transparent mucus. (Dal ton. is languid. A disturbance of their function through any irritation results in a reverse flow. a watery. Chloride of sodium contained in the healthy epithelial cells of serous membranes regulates the osmosis of water from the arterial blood to the several serous sacs. simply because the cells cannot take up the particles of salt unless offered in a very dilute solution. and which results in a disturbance of the function of the molecules of salt in these cells. The normal secretion of mucus is decreased if the mucous cells contain too little salt and mucin.

Similar blisters. This is also the function remedy of mucin. a gastric catarrh with . just as the hydrochloric acid formed in the epithelial cells of the peptic glands reduces the increased alkaline mucous exudation of the superficial epithelium to the right quantity. and the epidermis rises in blisters. If salt is lacking in a portion of cells (below) the epidermis. a rational cure must be effected by restoring the disturbed motion of the NaCl molecules which are found in the nourishing fluid of the epithelial cells of the peptic glands by means of administering homogeneous molecules. For instance. sodium hydroxyd results. In the former the carbonic acid unites with the sodium which has lost its chlorine. may arise on the conjunctiva. from corresponding disturbances.102 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. which is contained in the epithelial cells of all mucous membranes.\ not only by means of carbonic acid acting upon the salt in a mass. given in order to reduce the secretion of the superficial epithelial cell to the proper quantity. reaches the stomach as hydrochloric acid. molecules contained in the epithelial cells of the peptic glands become split up by the mild action of the carbonic acid of the blood. its chlorine is separated. Diluted hydrochloric acid. which dissolves the mucin and increases the secretion of mucus. and the free soda unites with the carbonic acid. It is a fact that hydrochloric acid is obtained from salt {Natr. their proper amount of water cannot be received. mur. blood serum may transude into the stomach and vomiting of a watery secretion (waterbrash) will result. there arises an increase of the exudated alkaline mucus from the superficial epithelium of the mucous membrane of the stomach. The Natr. 103 salt. This explains the origin of catarrh in damp atmospheres. and this combination reaches the blood . If on account of the want of salt in the epithelial cells of the peptic glands no HC1 can be formed. mur. in the other case. It cures catarrh of such when its characteristic exudation is present . so can the hydrochloric acid that is formed by splitting up of the chloride of sodium within the mucin of all mucous membranes limit the secretion of the mucus in the formative (nascent) stage. though in different places. but a similar result is obtained by the action of water. is but a palliative procedure . In consequence of a marked disturbance of the function of NATRUM MURIATICUM. and this combination reaches the blood while the chlorine. secretions either increased or decreased. with clear. watery contents. In consequence of a disturbed function of salt we may find at the same time. united to the hydrogen and dissolved in water.

together with a constipation. going on to ulcerations and producing distinct dyscrasiae. '96. coarse.. watery. cutaneous affections. which burst and leave a thin scurf. of the body when they are accompanied by salivation. with dryness of the cuticle. 6) Retarded endosmosis and exosmosis. It causes pains in any part 104 THE TWEEVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Vesicles with watery contents. puffy. It acts upon the blood. Diminished secretions of any part of the body. Malnutrition and emaciation. increased aqueousness of any part of the body. General Action — Natr. Anaemia. 2) A pale and waxy color. L. slow circulation and lowered temperature. deposits and abscesses. Mucous membranes everywhere are affected. It also produces. cachexia like that resulting from ague plus quinine. Sept. lymphatic system.eon Rosenbusch. or bubbles of frothy saliva extend along its sides. with a pasty coat. etc. 3) Constipation or chronic diarrhoea. Dr. or by vomiting of water or mucus. bleeding and increased mucous secretion . producing sponginess and swelling with venous hyperemia. — Medical Argus. 5) Plethora and corpulence. 7) Thinning of the blood. pallid. or is broad. Watery vomiting. promotes the activity of tissue change and increases the excretion of urea. leucaemia. with secretions of transparent. 4) Abnormal appetite. hydraemia. A serous discharge is the leader to this drug. It causes a deterioration of the blood and other vital fluids. chlorosis and scorbutus. hence its use in chronic scrofulous ailments affecting the glands. catarrhs of all mucous membranes. of Iyemburg. hydrocephalus. 8) Dandruff. Among the main effects of undue salt-eating we find : 1) A thickening and partial paralysis of the vocal cords and an almost continual sore throat. partaking of a scorbutic nature. the mucous lining of the digestive tract and upon liver and spleen. salty taste. hence. and hence cures. which yet perspires too freely upon exertion. caused by a lessened secretion of mucus in the colon.vomiting of water or mucus may exist. mur. increased lachrymation. reports a most favora- . The tongue has a clean. frothy mucus. bowels and skin. giving rise to inflammation. shiny appearance.

Brain-fag. wandering delirium with frothy appearance of the tongue. Eyes. excessively frolicsome. Melancholia at puberty. Hemorrhage from lungs.Symptoms and Characteristic Indications Mental Symptoms. Grinding. stomach or bowels (five drams. white spots . Blisters on the cornea. Hemicrania. 105 ate outbursts. from torpor and dryness of a portion of the intestinal mucous tract. drowsiness and unrefreshing sleep. Hypochondriacal mood with constipation. Falling off of hair. loss of consciousness and twitching of limbs. 4. The following is a resume by the author of the indications for injection and the amounts to be used : i. most cases will be cured by this remedy. by subcutaneous injections in cases marked by danger of failing circulation. mur. Headache of schoolgirls during menses. Hammering: headache. Dandruff. consolation aggravates . Delirium with starting. when the tongue is clean or covered with bubbles of frothy saliva. Dejection of spirits. phos. 5. Head and Scalp. Head nods forward involuntarily from weakness of muscles of neck. 2.ble experience in the use of Natr. heavy headache. Acute gastro-enteritis. 3. with profusion of tears. great weakness after severe vomiting and diarrhoea (eight to twenty ounces of a tepid solution of six per thousand). — Hopeless feeling about the future. Headaches with constipation. Itching eruption on margin of hair at the nape of neck with glutinous moisture. temporary cerebral congestion. Excitement. Paresis of the heart muscles from any acute disease (five to eight drams at once. with inclination to dance and sing . angry irritability with passion- NATRUM MURIATICUM. then one and a half drams daily). generally worse in the morning. Heart-failure in consequence of chronic disease and cachetic conditions (one and a half drams daily for several days). This is the chief remedy in sunstroke. with burning on the vertex. solution).). fluttering of the heart follows. Engorged venous sinuses with tendency to extravasation. nose or eyes. — Dull. also sick headache with this symptom {Calc. — Dimsightedness. Sudden collapse (five to eight drams of a six per cent. Delirium tremens . Headache with vomiting of transparent phlegm or water. and then one to two drams daily). white scales on scalp sometimes co-existing with watery secretions from the mouth.

Face. tachian tube {Kali sulph. Tarsi much thickened and red. stitches in the ear. — Sallow complexion. periodical. which burst and leave thin scurfs or crusts. humid sores in the commissures. Discharge of clear mucus from the eyes. Tongue. Relaxed uvula. posterior nares feel dry. Roaring in ears. whiskers fall out. General morning aggravation of catarrhs. Sensation of a hair on tongue. Mapped tongue.). — Deafness from swelling of the tympanic cavity. with characteristic tongue or vomiting of clear water. Dryness of tongue and mouth. — Old nasal and pharyngeal catarrhs with loss of smell and taste. Granulated eyelids with or without secretion of tears. and when small bubbles of frothy saliva cover the sides. more a sensation. Conjunctivitis with white mucous secretion and acrid lachrymation. the thick and inflamed lids smart and burn. — Blisters like pearls around the mouth. worse after use of nitrate of silver. Pustular eruption on forehead. Especially in scrofulous or tubercular patients. watery discharge or alternating with dry coryza. Cracks in lips. Ears. Itching and burning in the ear. Influenza. Gauze before the eyes. Useful in blepharitis. Scrofulous ulcers of the cornea with photophobia. Cracking when chewing. Vesicles on the tip of the tongue. Coryza with clear. sero-mucous. Dachrymation with eruption of small vesicles causing scalding of the parts. with flow of tears and reddened conjunctiva. Follicular catarrh of pharynx. Children are slow in learning to talk. Stricture of lachrymal ducts. Nose. Cold commencing with sneezing. Useful for involvement of the vitreous humor. Mouth. burning and painful. Redness of nose with pimples. Epistaxis from stooping and from coughing. Greasy appearance of skin. Scabs in the nose. letters run together when reading. Nose on one side feels numb. with characteristic tongue. Thrush with salivation. Colds causing vesicular eruptions with watery contents. Purulent discharges from ears. or flow of tears with obstruction of tear duct. mucus having a salty taste. Tongue numb . leaden. Catarrh of tympanic cavity and Eus- 106 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Periodical neuralgia after quinine. — Coating slimy. Sweating while eating. Loss of taste. vesicles and painful nodules. clear and watery. with lachrymation. with loss of smell and taste. Lips swollen. Faceache with constipation. Sycosis. with acrid lachrymation. stiff. with much itching.on same. hay fever. vesicles with watery contents. For muscular asthenopia we have no better remedy. Ciliary neuralgia coming and going with the sun. Chronic catarrhs of bloodless patients. . Neuralgic pains in the eyes. Eruptions on chin.

frothy stool. — Constipation when arising. — Neck emaciated. watery vomiting. etc. and great dryness of the throat. Violent thirst. in other parts. Urinary and Sexual Organs. Herpetic eruption around anus. Jaundice with drowsiness. flow of saliva. or NATRUM MURIATICUM. Diphtheria. Mumps with salivation and frequent coughing of mucus. Aversion to Dread. Offensive breath. burning pain in the rectum. Feeling of great weakness and sinking at stomach. with feeling of plug or lump. Ravenous hunger. Inflammation of uvula. Pressure and distension of the stomach. Proctalgia. Stinging hemorrhoids. Goitre with watery secretions (chief remedy. Longing for salty and bitter things. Gumboils with throbbing and boring pains. Torn. not acid. Uvula elongated. Hsema- . difficult and crumbling. knows not whether flatus or faeces escape. Toothache with involuntary flow of tears or salivation. easily bleeding. Dry stool producing fissure. Teething with dribbling of saliva. especially if accompanied with waterbrash and with much emaciation. which is hard. frothy water or stringy saliva. watery eyes. Waterbrash. cervical glands and tonsils. Great torpor but without pain. 107 vomiting of water. Offensive breath. Red spots on pit of stomach. Post-diphtheritic paralysis when food goes the wrong way and only liquids can be swallowed. involuntary. Looseness of teeth. Stomachache with above symptoms. dryness of the mucous linings with watery secretions . Swelling of sub-maxillary glands. chronic sore throat. Excoriating watery diarrhcea. Abdomen and Stool. Heartburn after eating. lips. smarting feeling after stool. Loss of desire for smoking. — Indigestion with vomiting of clear. Relaxed uvula. Sour taste. with longing for salt food. if the face be puffy and pale. Ranula.).Teeth — Sensitive. especially in smokers and after Nitrate of silver treatment. Gastric Symptoms. with drowsiness. water coming up into the throat. Pain in abdominal ring. or with pain and salivation. watery stools. Great weakness of abdominal muscles and viscera. chronic inflammation of the salivary glands. Heaviness and fulness. Diarrhoea alternating with constipation. Hemorrhoidal constipation. bleeding. Calc. with stitches in the rectum. salivation. phos. tasting salty. Pain in region of liver and spleen. Follicular pharyngitis. Constriction and stitches in throat. Constipation accompanied with much weakness of the intestines. Diarrhoea with watery. from want of moisture . — Polyuria. Sore throat with transparent mucus covering the tonsils. Troat. ulcerated gums.

Aching in testicles. Asthma with profuse watery mucus. smarting discharges. Terrible sadness during menses. in anaemic conditions. corroding leucorrhcea . involuntary micturition. swollen and infiltrated. tears stream down the cheeks. cough causes bursting headache. Inflammation of NATRUM MURIATICUM. Scalding. coughed up with difficulty. causing itching and falling off of the hair on the pubes. (Edema of the lungs with characteristic expectoration. urethra painfully sore to pressure . with headache. Great dryness of the vagina. Bronchitis with cough from tickling behind sternum . sometimes raised with difficulty. delaying catamenia. Hoarseness. pain. has cold hands . etc. loose and rattling. intensely itching . loss of hair from the pubes. on a pillow. pain in abdominal ring and spermatic cord. Pleurisy when serous exudation has taken place. — Pulse rapid and intermittent. Hypertrophy of the heart. watery phlegm. transparent. must sit down to prevent it. felt all over the body. and involuntary urination. Incontinence of urine. watery phlegm. Leucorrhcea watery. coughing." cough with bursting headache. Copious catamenia with slimy. short cough day and night from irritation at pit of stomach. Chronic syphilis. after or between periods. lachrymation and palpitation and stitches in chest. Circulatory Organs. Gonorrhoea with scalding. headache. with clear. Chronic bronchial catarrh. Burning and soreness of vagina after urinating. Violent itching on scrotum. Discharge of prostatic fluid. irritating discharges. frothy. Seminal emissions followed by chilliness and lassitude with increased sexual desires. Involuntary urination while walking. discharge thin. watery. serous and frothy. Pressing and pushing towards genitals in the morning. Dry. — Morning sickness with vomiting of frothy. Loss of hair during childbirth or lactation. bloody . dyspnoea. Prolapsus. Doss of hair from pubes. Pruritus vulvae. turia from scurvy . serous exudation. Before menses sad and melancholic . Impotence. especially in the epigastrium. must lie down frequently. Sense of constriction. dirty look to the skin with palpitation. Palpitation with anxiety and sadness. Chronic gonorrhoea. delayed menstruation. Menstruation. Respiratory System. in hypersemic and scorbutic conditions. Chlorosis. cutting in urethra after urinating. watery slime. " winter cough. cutting and burning after urination Spermatic cord and testicles painful. Catarrh of bladder with characteristic discharge. — Acute inflammation of the windpipe. IO9 the lungs with much rattling phlegm. watery. worse lying on left side. Whooping cough with same conditions. during and after menses.108 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Scrotal oedema. Pregnancy. Fluttering motion of the heart. Uterine troubles relieved by lying: on back.

Nervous Symptoms. Chorea. — Chronic skin diseases. Restlessness and twitching of muscles. dry and cracked. Coxalgia. Involuntary jerkings of legs. Frequent starting during sleep. Periodical attacks of gout.. Paralysis. — Excessive sleep if traced to an excess of moisture in the brain. with flow of saliva or tears. especially about nails. sweat sour and weakening. Cracking of joints on motion. sallow complexion and fever-blisters on the lips. M. great languor. spine and extremities oversensitive. — Emaciated neck in children. Typhoid or malignant symptoms when such accompaniments as twitchings. Skin of hands. containing watery fluid. Constant and excessive desire to sleep. Feeling of coldness in the back. twitching or vomiting of watery fluids. Spine oversensitive to touch or pressure. Intermittent fever after abuse of quinine. living in damp regions.). Blistering festers on the fingers. Pain in hip. Urticaria about joints. Warts in palms of hands. Chill from morning till noon. Eczema. Sleep. Back and Extremities. — Scarlet fever with drowsiness. Paralytic pain in small of back. The natural amount of sleep is unrefreshing. about 10 A. preceded by intense itching. recurring at certain times. Synovitis. Profuse night-sweats. urticarious and miliary eruptions. Frequent falling asleep of the legs and feet. Skin. Hysterical debility. Backache relieved by lying on something. — Sensation of numbness in suffering parts. . HO THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Great weakness and weariness. drowsiness and watery vomiting occur. Typhus fever when stupor and sleepiness are great. and he feels tired in the morning on awaking. worse in the morning. heat with increased headache and thirst. Takes cold easily. Paretic weakness in various muscular groups of the trunk and limbs. Pain in small of back on rising up. Febrile Symptoms. Spinal irritation. or newly turned ground. involuntary jerking of legs. herpes in bend of knees. Neuralgic pains. especially biliary and infra-orbital. Weakness in knees and calves. After the second remedy in rheumatic fever with chilliness and characteristic symptoms. Singultus {Magnes. Sleep very restless and setting in late. Cracks between toes. Sciatica — painful contraction of hamstrings. fine scales or eruptions with water contents. with unusual general animation. Hay fever with watery discharges from the eyes and nose. much backache and throbbing headache. fidgets or jerkings during sleep. Insomnia. hard. emaciation. pltos. Shootings along the nerve-fibre with watery eruptions. gouty pains. Hysterical spasms and debility. with weakness of ankle joints. Hangnails.and numb extremities. Chronic rheumatism of the joints. ankles weak. Easily fatigued. Stiffness and arthritic swellings. Joints crack . Dreams of robbers in the house. rheumatic.

Dropsy or dropsical swelling. puffiness of the tissues. . like boiled starch. Basedow's disease. salivary and mesenteric glands. blebs and watery vesicles on the skin. periodically . chlorosis. with watery symptoms. behind ears. soreness of the skin in children. Addison's disease. intertrigo between thighs and scrotum. Backache is relieved by lying on something hard. blisters. blisters. Cachexia from ague plus quinine. An interesting and suggestive little book on Natrum muriaticum as a test of the doctrine of "Drug Dynamization" by Dr. Eczema of eyebrows. Burnett. at the seaside and in cold weather. emaciation especially of the neck. Published by B. and the pathogenetic effects recorded by Hahnemann and therapeutic results obtained by the use of the 30th potency brilliantly verified. appears after bodily exertion. not pustular eruptions. with acrid and excoriating discharge. beard falls out.Herpetic eruptions occurring in the course of a disease. It is usually the second remedy in herpes zoster. and appears in vol. Ill Warts in palms of hands. chlorotic conditions . accumulation of serum in the areolar tissues. Ansemia due to abuse of salt . Oozing of an acrid substance. hydraemic. Fungus hsmatodes. — Generally worse in the morning. Pemphigus. varices. Acts upon cartilage. Eczema from eating too much salt. All exudations and secretions are transparent. blood thin and watery . Chronic swelling of lymphatic and sebaceous glands. mucous follicles and glands. flaccid. Shingles or herpes zoster with characteristic symptoms. tetter in bends of joints. Colorless. watery blebs. dandruff. Dryness of mucous membranes. Greasy skin. C. Sycosis if watery symptoms correspond. can be found in Hering's Guiding Symptoms. Rupia. torpid skin . together with added clinical experience since that publication. Herpes in bend of knee and elbow. Nettlerash. after abuse of nitrate of silver . — This drug was first proved by Hahnemann. Dondon. Emaciation while living: well. Homoeopathic Data. Gout. emaciation pallor with dirty. Its pathogenesis is found complete in the Chronic Diseases. slimy. Gould & Son. Jas. Complaints after urinating . vol. from quinine. and Allen's Handbook of Materia Medica. White scales on the scalp. Effects of insect-bites. itching violently. watery vesicles forming into thin scabs or crusts which fall off and readily form again. Serous or watery exudations. — Anasarca. vii. Intertrigo. Modalities. Catarrhs of all mucous surfaces. Herpes circinatus. It was also re-proved by the Austrian Society of Provers. iv of the Chronic Diseases. Warts on the palms of the hands. serous secretions. is also worthy of special mention. going on to erosion. Anaemic condition. NATRUM MURIATICUM. Hangnails. adynamic conditions. Nettlerash in intermittent fever. but excellent resumes. Tissues.

but Ferr. transparent. Headache during catamenia. When the menses are scanty. mur. It has a mild. saline taste.. says it will cure more quickly in the attenuations above the 112 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. 1. II3 . In ranula. Allen. Sodse Phosphas. M. especially when from the arterial system. mur. 30th than below. Complementary drugs : Apis and Arg. NATRUM PHOSPHORICUM. For the bad effects of sea-bathing Ars. Chemical Properties. The general experience of the homoeopathic school seems to be in favor of the higher potencies . while Natr. cooling. mur. and Ferr. sulph. Kali sulph. nit. Common Name — Phosphate of Soda. Natri Phosphas. Natr. monoclinic prisms containing twelve molecules of water of crystallization. Synonyms. Bryonia. For the excessive use of salt in food give Phosph. Natr. For the bad results of cauterization of any mucous surface with nitrate of silver. which will often be needed to supplement its action. and Kali mur. phos. Alumina. and is also made from boneash. regulates moisture exudation from the circulation. Sp. C. In headache of young girls during menses compare Calc. phos. Schiissler recommends also its external application in such diseases as the stings of insects. Ambra.55. in chronic diseases. has as a close analogue Lycop. D. In bites of insects Ledum comes nearest. is more indicated when from the venous system. Sodii Phosphas. Relationship. For dryness of mucous membranes compare Graphite. — Sodium Phosphate. and Kali phos. — Formula. mur. when metrorrhagic symptoms preponderate. have also been successfully employed. phos. often precedes Sepia and Sulph. gravity. It is prepared by neutralizing orthophosphoric acid with carbonate of sodium.Administration — Schiissler recommends the 6th potency. thus H. sulph. NATRUM PHOSPHORICUM. It is soluble in two parts of hot and in six of cold water. Phosphas Natricus. Natr. Natrum is the antidote. Na 2 HP0 4 . In gastric and intestinal conditions compare Natr. i2H 2 0. It is insoluble in alcohol. in catarrhs of the Eustachian tubes and tympanum. likewise as a gargle or spray in catarrhal affections. — Compare Kali sulph. Solutions are slightly alkaline.. It crystallizes in large. Natr.

also lying in intimate relation to the blood vessels and to the biliary capillaries. nerve and brain-cells. — This salt is found in the blood. It is useful in podagra. The role of this salt in the normal economy. separate as they are. where the oxygen of the air sets the carbonic acid free in exchange for oxygen. which latter is taken up by the iron contained in the blood corpuscles. muscles. ready for elimination by the kidney. to the renewal and the depuration of the blood. and the new-formed globules perfected. lactic acid is decomposed into carbonic acid and water. gout. This double duty belongs to the large cells of the acini — viz : the formation of glycogen and the formation of uric acid. but in the portal system of veins. and by bile-formation contributes to the intestinal work. this organ falls short of this extensive function . now become capillary in the acini. It is essential to both the nitrogenous and the hydro-carbonaceous transformations. In addition. as well as in the intercellular fluids. It absorbs the carbonic acid. with the vessels of the liver and likewise with the remaining set of functional cells — viz : those of the hepatic acini. largely consists in the catalysis of lactic acid in the blood. and carries it to the lungs. The glycogen is believed to be mainly carried away in the blood-current. and other effete tissue principles. it exceeds it. thus purifying that fluid organ from this effete product of muscular function. to be stored in the . the old red blood-globules are here in the liver. with their glandular epithelium. are finally disintegrated. American Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. in intimate relation 114 TH E TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. and overproductions appear with symptomatic effects. All of these varied functions. taking up two molecules for every molecule of itself. The liver is the prime and master laboratory of the animal body.) Physiologico-chemical Data. Through the presence of this salt. being thus a remedy for the so-called acid diathesis. into urea. furnishing necessary chemical exchanges. When inert. to the production of glycogen and grape sugar from starchy and saccharine food. These functions are principally due to cell-action. when overactive.Preparation. — The pure phosphate of soda is triturated as directed under Class VII. (Should be kept well corked. is the remedy for conditions arising from excess of lactic acid. It prevents inspissation of the bile and mucus with crystallization of cholesterin in the gall duct and will thus remove the cause of many cases of jaundice. and to the higher oxidation of uric acid. hepatic colic. the biliary. There are two classes of functional or parenchymatous cells . bilious headache and imperfect assimilation of fats from lack of bile. etc. Natrum phos. according to Moleschott and Schiissler. spread out as epithelium in the capillary branches of the ducts. which transforms stored glycogen into the acid. undoubtedly assist each other. as well as in acute and chronic articular rheumatism.

which latter are modified albuminoids. An acid state of the system now prevails . and being chemically split into two parts of lactic acid. they are deposited and become material for the growth of young cells which are formed by division. etc. Morgan. The white blood corpuscles. rheumatism. we find that the excretion of uric acid is diminished in proportion to the amount of the deposit of urate of soda around the points. while circulating in the blood. now laden with peptones. D. from the intestinal walls to the blood and thence to the tissues. and is at last transformed into carbonic acid and water. Finally they reach the tissues through the walls of the capillaries. This transformation takes place through the presence in the blood of phosphate of soda — Natr. M. Whenever there is a deficiency of this salt. Here. — and by a catalytic action of this salt. phlegmonous and glandular inflammations. So long as this . skin. This acid aids in later vital functions of the body. through the thoracic duct.. which acts bio-chemically like an acid. 115 fore a remedy for all dyspeptic conditions traceable to fats. They do this by virtue of their active movements. bones or lungs. According to Schiissler. it is there- NATRUM PHOSPHORICUM. and swellings take place as well as tubercular conditions of these organs and tissues. phos. Natrum phosph. C. and the rheumatic and other symptoms subside. During an attack of acute grout. Besides combining with these acids the phosphate of soda appropriates molecules of albumen. Any deficiency in this prevents this chemical change. Since these stagnated leucocytes contain albumen and fat. serves to emulsify fatty acids . or such as are aggravated by their use. is a direct one. furnishing motor energy thereto. dyspepsia. while those carrying the fat molecules reach the goal by an indirect way — namely. uric acid is combined with the soda. forming the urate of soda. (J. If the progress of the leucocytes carrying the fat molecules is stopped in their course through the lymphatic glands. ensue. and the lactic acid remains as such. their fatty degeneration is rendered possible. From the walls of the intestinal tract the passage of the leucocytes.muscular tissues. this catalytic action is at once restored — the acid state ceases. leucocytes or lymph corpuscles carry molecules of fat and peptones. by the administration of molecular doses of this drug.) Uric acid is kept soluble in the blood by the presence of the phosphate of soda and the natural temperature of the blood. after the peptones are retransformed into albuminoids. intestinal troubles. an insoluble salt and deposited near the points producing gout and acute inflammatory rheumatism.

lungs and abdominal organs. frequently itchy. Pain over eyes. cent years. Nervous. Acts also upon the bones and glands. Imagines on waking at night that pieces of furniture are persons . vertigo with gastric derangements. pains. Scrofulous ophthalmia. Hypopyon. Ailments with excess of acidity. discharge of yellow. Burning lachrymation. and fever with acid symptoms. Ears. irritable. Giddiness. Offensive odor before nose. possesses the power to free the leucocytes and thereby again enabling them to carry on their specific function. that he hears footsteps in next room. creamy matter from the eyes. General Action.Symptoms and Characteristic Indications. vexed at trifles. on awaking in the morning. with nausea or some slimy vomiting. when granulations look like small blisters. — Headaches on crown of head . Granular conjunctivitis. — Diseases of infants suffering from excess of lactic acid. creamy matter. the lids are glued together in the morning. Sour eructations. burn and itch. sour vomiting:. hot. creamy look. with creamy appearance at the back part of the palate. Squinting caused by intestinal irritation as from worms. The knowledge of its sphere of action has been much enlarged by Schussler in re- 110 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. . moist coating: on the tongue. greenish diarrhoea. Natrum phosph. The soft palate also has a yellowish. given subcutaneously have been found to antidote the desire for Morphine and thus break up the habit. Intense pressure and heat on the top of the head as if it would open. Dim sight. externally. Nose. Mental. Itching of nose. Eyes. See sparks before eyes. frontal or occipital. accompanied by gastric derangements and acidity. This it does by its two properties — that of emulsifying fats even if but a trace of a fatty acid is present and its capacity to take up peptonic molecules. moist tongue.has not actually taken place. Thin. Small doses of Natrum phos. ejection of sour froth. associated with acidity of the stomach and worms. Guiding. — Ears sore. Sickening headaches. Dull and without ambition. Severe pain in the head as if the skull were too full. — Discharge of golden-yellow. Ophthalmia. One ear red. as if a veil were over eyes. Pricking in the nares. and yellow. resulting from overfeeding with milk and sugar. — Anxious and apprehensive fear as if something would happen. — Picking at the nose. spasms. etc. Head and Scalp.

sour risings. Coppery taste. such as green. Pain through right groin. Sclerosis of liver. in one spot. Teeth. Pain after food. Vomiting of sour fluids or of a dark substance like coffee-grounds. Intestinal. sour risings due to excess of lactic acid. straining. Sensation of a lump in the throat. Imperfect assimilation of fats from lack of bile. 1 17 Tongue. especially at . — Acidity. Naso-pharyngeal catarrh. loss of appetite. Diarrhoea caused by excess of acidity. Acts upon the glandular organs of the intestinal tract. with feeling of weight above the ensiform cartilage. Gastric Symptoms. sour taste in the mouth. worse at night. etc.Face. stools sour-smelling. painful. with characteristic symptoms of acidity or picking of the nose.. scanty and frequent. Soreness of right lower jaw. — The great keynote for this remedy is the moist. It is also usually accompanied by an acid condition of the stomach. florid appearance of face. vomiting of curdled milk. worse swallowing liquids. tonsils and uvula. stitching pain. Dyspepsia with characteristic eructations and tongue. NATRUM PHOSPHORIC UM. Flatulence with sour risings. Inflammation of any part of the throat with this accompaniment calls for Natr. at the back part of the roof of the mouth. — Habitual constipation with occasional attacks of diarrhoea in young children. Colic in children with symptoms of acidity. Throat. Difficult speech. difficulty in retaining stool. sour-smelling stools. yellow mucus from posterior nares. Paleness or bluish. Mouth. creamy coating. gone feeling in stomach. Abdomen and Stool. etc. Blisters and sensation of hairs on tip of tongue. with acidity. white about nose or mouth. yet not feverish. coagulated casein. falsely so called. — Grinding of the teeth in children during sleep. — Red and blotched face. — The same moist. Gastric abrasions and ulcerations. — Yellow. green. occasional squinting. etc. Waterbrash with acidity. Diphtheritic throat. Facial neuralgia . creamy or golden-yellow coating at the back part of the tongue. Stomachache from presence of worms. creamy or golden-yellow coating found at the base of the tongue is also found on the soft palate. Nausea and vomiting of acid fluids and curdled masses (not food). shooting. Dropping of thick. pain in the bowels. etc. Acid taste in the mouth. phos. Sudden urging. sour risings. restless sleep. long or threadworms. Itching at the anus from worms. jelly-like masses of mucus. Empty. Pain sometimes comes on two hours after taking food.

Flatulent colic. flow intermits. Atony of bladder. in hollow and ball of foot. Urinary and Sexual Organs. Sterility with acid secretions from the vagina. Phthisis florida in young subjects. Palpitation. Swelling of glands of neck. Consumption. and great toe. Semen thin. night when warm in bed (injections of same). with diarrhoea and sometimes with jaundice. requires straining. Seminal emissions without dreams. feels pulse in different parts of body. with afternoon headache over eyes.Il8 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. relieving pain in limbs. Arms tired. Drawing in testicles and spermatic cord. ankles and shins. Sore hamstrings. Weakness and distress in the uterine region. Synovial crepitation. Sensation as though shot were rolling through arteries. worse from pressure and deep breathing. Nervous Symptoms. White or green stools. Gait unsteady. Frequent micturition. pale. Goitre. Soreness of intercostal muscles and lower sternum. Pain in knees. Urine dark red with arthritis. — A useful intercurrent in catarrhal troubles associated with acidity. Back and Extremities. Spinal anaemia. Respiratory Symptoms. Incontinence of urine in children with acidity. II9 traction of extensor muscles on back of arm. sometimes causes squinting and twitching of the facial mus- . worse after menses. Pregnancy. Leucorrhcea. Crampy pain in hands while writing. discharge creamy or honey-colored or acid and watery. sore and raw anus. Prolapse. Rheumatic arthritis. Legs give way while walking. Sexual desire gone or increased with erections. Pains about the base of heart. especially during menses. paralytic weakness of lower extremities. — Morning sickness with vomiting of sour masses or fluids. Weak feeling in back and limbs. due to deficiency of bile. Sore feeling in joints. with weak sinking feeling after stool. Con- NATRUM PHOSPHORICUM. pains suddenly go the heart. — Crick in neck. Constant urging. Pains in chest. with sensation in knees. Obstinate constipation. Sour-smelling discharges from the uterus. Itching. Aching wrists. Menses too early. especially of joints of fingers. Uterine displacement with rheumatic pains. watery. — Hepatic form of diabetes. Inside thighs draw. with hereditary tendency to sigh. — Irritation of the intestines by worms. as if cords were shortened. Circulatory Organs. Excitement with sleeplessness before menses. — Trembling about the heart.

In bone diseases. Coccul. x. Wakes easily. Sleepless from itching. Prostration. with goneness of stomach. Hives. 120 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. itching: all over body. falls asleep while sitting. Kali carb.eucocycosis. Dr. Febrile Sympioms. viii. L. — Intermittent fever with vomiting of acid. secretion creamy. It is interesting to note the association of the peculiar Natr. Swelling of lymphatic glands before hardening. Morgan prefers infrequent doses of the 30th potency.." golden-yellow scabs. E. carb. compare Rheum. honey -colored. vol. like insect bites. Secretions yellow. honey-colored. tired feeling. very drowsy. to favor deposit of phosphate of lime. vol. ac. — Sleep restless with worm troubles. burn at night. Erythema. The higher and highest potencies have also been employed with success. It may also be used as an injection in worm troubles. smells sour. — Some of the pains of this remedy were aggravated during a thunderstorm . Feet icy-cold during the day. The record of the proving is found in Allen's Encyclopedia. xii. Heaviness. Marasmus of children. for whom Natr. Carbol. Modalities. Acid. either in trituration or in dilution. — Schiissler recommends the 6x. Sexual dreams. — Chafing of the skin. Eczema with symptoms of acidity. — Exudations and secretions yellow. vol. as if paralyzed. during menstruation many symptoms have an afternoon and evening aggravation. Homoeopathic Data. phos. where these acid conditions of stomach and bowels are frequent. and cause soreness of skin. — Proved under supervision of Dr. — As a remedy for scrofulosis with similar " acid " symptoms compare Calc. is pre-eminently the remedy. Leucaemia. phos. Crusta lactea. trembling and palpitation. its specific action upon glands tends to dissolve the morbidly formed products. As a remedial agent for children. Relationship. Nux. " Rose rash. Much itching at ankle joints with eczematous eruption..cles. exceedingly sour-smelling perspirations. Flashes of heat and headache every afternoon. first published in Hahnemannian Monthly. sour masses. Rheumatic arthritis.. Car bo. In gastric catarrhal affections it is to be compared with Calcar. Skin. gastric symp- . like honey. Administration. but especially the stool of the little patient. crick in neck. An excellent symptomatology of the drug is found in Allen's Handbook and Hering's Guiding Symptoms. Tissues. A. Nervousness. Farrington. Scrofula . where the whole body. Sleep.

It forms large.toms. colorless. Common Name. — Glauber's Salt. therefore. attracts the water due to retrograde metamorphosis and secures its elimination from the organism. is opposite to that of Natrum mur. while Natrum sulph. 121 Physiologico-chemical Data. It is prepared by the action of sulphuric acid on common salt and purified by recrystallization. oblique. Na. Chemical Properties. — Sodium Sulphate. Sulphate of Soda. Urtica. above or below that temperature the solubility decreases. etc. It is. we may have in Natr. Both have the property to attract water. Lycop. phos.. Guaiac. NATRUM SUI^PHURICUM. — Formula. and the symptoms of gout developed in the provings. only in the intercellular fluids. and thereby accomplishes their disintegration. Bens. They melt in their own water of crystallization. as will be seen in the following facts : In consequence of the induced activity by the Natrum sulph. Sulphur. — The sulphuric acid formed by the oxidation of the albuminoids would destroy the tissues were it united in its nascent state with carbonates. transparent. Compare here Colchic. the remedy for leucaemia. Synonyms. cedemas. etc. ioH 2 0. so frequently verified clinically. attracts the water which is to be used in the organism. compare Dolichos. Sodii Sulphas.S0 4 . Remembering the peculiar gouty dyspepsia. Natrum sulph. American Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. ac.. . furthers the division of cells for purposes of increase. Disturbance of the molecular motion of this salt prevents the elimination of such water from the tissues as is produced by oxidation of organic substances. takes away water from worn-out leucocytes. having a cooling. It aids and regulates the excretion of superfluous water — e. saline springs. — The pure sulphate of sodium is triturated as directed under Class VII. It irritates epithelial cells and nerves. rhombic or sixsided prisms. It occurs rather abundantly in nature : sea water. Russian salt lakes. etc. They effloresce in warm air at 30 ° C. bitter. melting also freely at 33 C. saline taste. by which the carbonic acid is set free. In itching all over. NATRUM SULPHURICUM. Sodae Sulphas. Sulphur. This salt does not appear in the cells.g. a most useful remedy. Preparation. that which arises from the decomposition of lactic acid with the phosphate of sodium. but for opposite purposes. The action of Natrum sulph. Natrum mur. Natrum ?nur.

the impulse to urinate sciousness and involuntary urination the motor nerves of the detrusor are of urine results. The hydrsemia and the functional disturbances within the gall secreting apparatus are the conditions for the development of the following diseases : Intermittent and bilious fevers. accumulation of water in the areolar tissues. Natrtim sulph. Natrum sulph. filled with yellow serum . It also has the function to stimulate the nerves of these parts. constipation and flatulent colic result. phosis way of epithelial holding in is sent to the ureter cells lining the uriniferous tubes. we may have an increase or diminution of that secretion.of the water. pancreas and intestinal canal. cellars. yellow. the elimination of superfluous water from the intercellular spaces is rendered tardy. influenza. vomiting of bile. — Like other alkaline sulphates. moist eczema. Persons suffering from hydrsemia are worse in damp weather. F. hydrsemia results. superfluous solution or suspension products of metamorthe kidneys. and is certainly a valuable remedy in combating numerous phases of that polymorphous malady. with yellowish-green or green secretions. bilious diarrhoea. it exhibits a marked similarity to the uric acid diathesis in general. on 122 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. damp dwellings. General Action. in close.. may be the remedy required. This leaves the organism by and bladder as urine. oedema. vesicular eruptions. or yellowish scales forming an eruption . near water. sycotic growths. oedematous erysipelas. furthers the normal secretion of these organs. (T.) Gastric bilious conditions. Allen. by stimulating the epithelial cells of the bile ducts. If the motor nerves of the colon are not influenced sufficiently by Natrum sulph. suppression In consequence of an irregular action of Natrum sulph. If the sensory nerves of the bladder Natrum sulph. If in consequence of disturbed molecular motion of Natrum sulph. If not irritated. etc. catarrhs. an active cathartic. In addition. watery secretions on the skin. are not stimulated by is not reported to con— enuresis — results. however. and are better under opposite conditions.. If a diabetes mellitus is caused by a lessened secretion of pancreatic fluid. the nerves supplying the gall apparatus. herpes.

so largely used for its action on the liver . Guiding Symptoms and Characteristic Indications. sulpk. and of Sulphur in the Western climate as an active malarial agent. (Kent. delirium. Its complaints are those that are brought on by living in damp houses. mur. with a bright red margin of capillaries . By experimental and clinical observation the author determined that this drug should be given by the mouth only. aggravates symptoms . combines in a measure the wonderful effects of Natr. This remedy was used by Kussmaul. 1 23 drogenoid constitution and sycotic dyscrasia. and is apparently popular in the North of Germany in cases of hemophilia. figwarts. diabetes. correspond to the hy- NATRUM SULPHURICUM. basements and cellars. Music. in a paper read before the French Surgical Association. irritability due to biliousness . The same was true of other cases of traumatic origin. Marienbad and Franzensbad. also contained in the cold springs of the Isle of Wight. the mucous membrane between is either pale or shows inconsiderable dentritic injections. Sulphate of Sodium as a Hemostatic. attended with wildness and irritability . and also in cases of menorrhagia. bright red coloring. In the latter the follicles appear swollen. constitutional conditions in children that result in chest catarrhs and asthmatic complaints. sulph. must exercise restraint.of vesicles. — Violent pulsating headache. It is the chief ingredient in the Carlsbad water. Disheartened. The chief characteristic is a dirty greenish-gray or greenish-brown coating on the root of the tongue and aggravation from lying on the left side. it is used in small doses (10 centigrams — gr. worse in morning. begin to be observable near the end of the ileum and in the lower part of the colon. etc. Complaints are worse in wet weather. advocates the employment of the sulphate of sodium as a hemostatic. after the removal of a subcutaneous benign tumor there followed a hemorrhage which resisted all treatment for eight weeks. — Suicidal tendency. as it is ineffectual when used in subcutaneous injections. in dangerous capillary hemorrhage either of spontaneous or traumatic origin. Head and Scalp. liver affections. i}4) every hour. Mental troubles arising from a fall or other injuries to the head. Excessive secretion of bile. worse on top . In the lower part of the ileum the mucous membrane shows a saturated. Mental Symptoms. As an example. sand in the urine. gout. — Reverdin.) The morbid alterations caused by Natr. He has employed it a number of times successfully . mostly equal. gravel. of Piillna. especially melancholic strains. Natr.

Vertigo. brownish-green coating or grayish-green. Nasal catarrh . — In diphtheria when green vomiting occurs as an intercurrent. Pus becomes green on exposure to light. Itching of wings of nose. thick and tenacious. Ozaena syphilitica. Iyightning-like stitches through ears. terrible photophobia. excess of bile.— Bitter taste in the mouth. Ill effects of falls on and injuries to the head. — Yellowness of the conjunctivae. Burning in top of head. with bilious coating on the tongue. dizziness from gastric derangements. Roof of mouth sore to touch. of head. Eyes. Stuffing up of nose. or vomiting of bile. Throat. red tongue." Burning in mouth. Sick headache with bilious diarrhoea. with granular lids. white. Maculae on cornea. Occipital headache. green pus. Chronic conjunctivitis. Teeth. — Dirty. better taking cold things. Palate very sensitive. 125 also better holding cold water in month {Coffea). Brain feels as if loose. NATRUM SULPHURICUM. Ulcerated sore throat. Vesicular eruptions around the mouth and chin. and mental troubles arising: therefrom. Delirium. bitter taste. Blisters on gums. or bitter taste in the mouth. Ringing in ears as of bells. full of slime. pro- . Congestion of blood to head. colicky pain. Burning blisters on the tip . — Nosebleed during menses. as if crushed in a vise or something gnawing there. Great dryness and burning in nose. worse every change from dry to wet weather. Sore throat. as if something were forcing its way out. hair is painful on combing it. throat dry. — Sallow or jaundiced with biliousness. Palate very sensitive . feeling of a lump on swallowing . Scalp sensitive . must hawk it up constantly from oesophagus. Pharyngeal catarrh. burning of the edges of the lids. — Toothache better by tobacco-smoke and cool air. Darge. Vesicles and pimples on face. slimy tongue. — Earache. better on taking cold things. hawks up salty mucus. Gums burn. trachea and stomach. Tongue. Ears. Agglutination of lids in morning with photophobia. Mouth. Face. blister-like granulations with burning lachrymation . Headache with giddiness. "It wells up from the stomach. worse in damp weather. always foul and slimy. Violent pains at base of brain. Bad taste in mouth and always full of slime. Pain in the zygoma.124 TH H TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Nose. Taste bitter .

sandy deposit in the urine. Typhlitis. Loose morning stools. Leucorrhoea. Phlegmasia. — Thirst every evening. pus and mucus with the urine. Gastric Symptoms. worse in the sigmoid flexure . Chief remedy in diabetes. Diarrhoea. Enlarged prostate . nosebleed before menses. — Urine loaded with bile. Vomiting of salty. excessive secretions of urine. tenacious. bilious or of green bile. greenish water. L. Urinary and Sexual Organs. vomiting of bitter fluids. Pregnancy. Gravel. Cannot bear tight clothing around the waist. Wind colic. to jars. ' Tympanites in bilious fevers. Sour risings. Wart-like eruptions on anus and between thighs. Itching of genitals. often associated with gout. Green evacuations. sycosis. white mucus. worse lying on left side. Lithic deposits in the urine. rattling of mucus. fleshy excrescences of syphilitic origin. Stomach feels distended. stools dark. brickdust-like coloring matter in the water. Herpetic vulvitis. Irritable liver. worse before breakfast when the stomach is empty. corrosive . Jaundice arising from vexation. sour taste. especially if diabetic. stitching pains in it. — Hoarseness. Respiratory Symptoms.ead colic (given often and low. excess of bile. greenish-brown or greenish-gray tongue. swollen and covered with vesicles . ix. Hereditary looseness of bowels in old women. Female genitals inflamed. particularly after a spell of wet weather. with colic and constipation. parts inflamed. Pain in left hypochondriac region often accompanied by a cough with purulent expectoration. Condylomata. urethral discharge. Hawking of salt mucus in morning. Chronic nephritis. Gonorrhoea suppressed. 126 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. — Great flatulence with cutting pains in abdomen and congestion of the liver. worse every change to damp weather. acrid. Abdomen and Stool. Biliousness. acrid and corrosive. yellowish-green. alba dolens. Menses are profuse. Stomach feels distended and heavy . Soreness of the liver to touch. or morning diarrhoea and chilliness. Heat in the lower bowels with green bilious discharges. with greenish discharges. thick. constant nausea. Polyuria simplex. Chronic gonorrhoea. heartburn and flatulency. 2x). Humid asthma. Vomiting of bile with bitter. Preputial and scrotal oedema. Liver engorged. Gonorrhoea and sycosis. . with sharp. Burning during micturition. yellow eyeballs. Aching and cutting pains in region of liver. Asthma. soft. Flatulent colic. Bilious colic with the above symptoms and dark stools. sometimes after excessive study or mental work.fuse. — Vomiting in pregnancy with bitter taste. sallow skin. giddiness and headache. often beginning in right groin and spreading over the whole abdomen. Itching of anus.

Remittent bilious fever. Chafing of the skin in children with bilious symptoms. Hot feeling on top of the head. Vesicles. Tingling ulcerative pain under nails. shifting flatus and tendency to diarrhoea. Erysipelas. Chorea with retarded stools. — Pressure and anxiety in heart region. Panaritium. and exude a watery fluid. gout in the feet. bilious vomiting. which is better by pressure. Circulatory Organs. very important remedy. smooth. Sleep. Fingers swollen and stiff. Itching of toes. tired. Sensation of all-goneness in chest. cough worse in early morning [Kali card. Hands tremble on writing. Is awakened by flatulent pain. Burning in soles and extends to knees. ropy. languor and oedema of the feet. Much dreaming soon after falling asleep. trembling of the hands. watery secretions. chest. assiiming form of severe bilious remittent fever. D. eruptions containing yellow. NATRUM SUWHURICUM. W. — Tendency to warts around eyes. Inflammation and suppuration around roots of nails." (J. Trembling of the whole body. Spinal meningitis. with drawing back of the neck and spasms in the back. Podagra. worse in the forenoon and when reading. Chill with icy coldness towards evening. Cough with thick. starting as if in a fright. awakes at night with attack of asthma. Palms of hands raw and sore. with bilious symptoms. Twitching of hands and feet during sleep.). Rheumatic pains in the limbs if gastric symptoms correspond. anus. Sciatica when getting up from sitting or turning in bed . Arthritis. Exhaustion with colic. scalp. ■ anxious dreams. Febrile Symptoms. Bronchial catarrh. greenish-yellow vomit. must go into open air for relief. Ward.Asthma developing from general bronchial catarrh. 127 acute and chronic cases. especially about the knees. Paronychia. Restless desire to move. M. Pains from hips to knees. Cracking of joints. Swelling and suppuration of axillary glands. Back and Extremities. yellow fever. hence patient holds his chest while coughing. no relief in any position. — Bruised pain in small of back and sacrum. especially in left chest. Eczema. pus-like expectoration . greenish. etc. Locomotor ataxia. Dyspnoea during damp weather. often the precursor of jaundice. Piercing pains. face. Internal coldness. . weary feeling. Stitches in the left hip. Soreness up and down the spine and neck. — Ague. Sweat without thirst. Heavy. — Drowsiness. intermittent fever in all its stages. " Soreness in the hepatic region.) Skin. brown or black. soreness of chest. Nervous Symptoms — Prostration .

sulph. containing a yellow. Symptoms such as arise from living in damp houses. Pemphigus. basements and cellars. yellow. discharging watery pus. — Regulates water capacity of venous system. when cough is more irritable. Pains make him change position often (Rhus). ropy. but Natr. Yellow scales after the breaking of vesicles or blisters on the skin. itching while undressing. (Edematous inflammations of the skin. watery vesicles or blebs over the body. competes with Thuja and Mercur. — In lead colic low. and by Nenning. soreness and need of steadying the chest. hence in later stages. Infiltration. It is painless with Natr. wheals. wet weather. Fistulous abscesses of years' standing. Modalities. Relationship. — Proved first by Schretter in 1832. Bryon. Pyaemia. His observations have been repeatedly verified. corresponds to Natr. Hydrogenoid constitution.. has many symptoms in common both with the Natrums and Sitlphur. — Natr. In gonorrhoea Natr. and often. hence relief by pressure . But the credit of greatly enlarging our philosophical conception and therapeutic application of this drug belongs to Grauvogl. Administration. The best arrangement of symptoms appeared in Hering's Materia Meddca.. sulph. while the 30 and 200 have been used by Hering and others. thick. Grauvogl used mainly the 2x to 6x potency. burrowing. Complaints from eating plants that grow near water. Sciatica. Tissues. more to the earlier. yellowish-green expectoration. has much more the muco-purulent. In the cough. Jaundiced skin. who showed the correspondence of this drug to the so-called hydrogenoid constitution and chronic effects of gonorrhoeal infection. feels best in warm and dry weather and in open air. In the eye symptoms compare Graphit. — Always worse in damp. sulph. in the all-gone sensation in chest. watery secretion. etc. In asthma compare also Silicea as a radical remedy. watery. Simple dropsy invading the areolar tissues of the body. bluish line. Secretions which are 128 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Schiissler recommends the 6x trituration. shiny. sulph. which also has the extreme aggravation from light in chronic eye affections. worse from water in any form. sulph. burning and sensation of tearing in chest. Sycosis and leucaemia. transferred with some additions to Alletfs Encyclopedia. Homoeopathic Data. General aggravation from lying on the left side. with much rawness. constriction. tingling or painful swelling of the skin. etc. Bryon. surrounded by a broad. CEdema. fish. Sycotic excrescences. Moist skin affections with bilious symptoms. ix to 2x.. and the . smooth swelling.

The proper name is Silicic Oxide. This swelling may remain stationary for a time.. . Preparation. Acidium Silicicum.. Silex. P. especially in grasses. Complementary to Thuja for deep-seated sycotic constitutional SIUCEA.") Physiologico-chemical Data. hair and nails. skin and mucous surfaces. of the nerve-fibres. Compare Stillingia in hip disease. Wilde uses preferably the silicate of soda known as " liquid glass. — Silica. involving prominently bones. or where a sycotic condition is engrafted on a hydrogenoid base. In polyuria. Phosph. Disturbance of the function of the Silicea molecules causes a turgescence of the cells of the connective tissues involved. the vertebrae. palms." which is freely soluble in water. and larger quantities (7 per cent. — Formula. — Pure Flint or Quartz. SILICEA. are found in the ashes of blood. General Action. Dr. American Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. — Silicea acts more upon the organic substances of the body. notably so in the higher orders. glands. (See "Administration. and even more in the ashes of the epidermis. it is found comparatively little in the animal kingdom. etc. Fermm phosph.discharge keeps up a yellowish-green. dissolving residue filtered and precipitated by hydrochloric acid. producing malnutrition 9 130 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Traces of Silicea. — Although this inorganic salt is found very abundantly throughout the vegetable kingdom. having neither taste nor smell. Silicious Earth> Chemical Properties. bile or urine. grain. It is a white powder. Synonyms. the connective tissue.) in the white of egg. however. then disappear or occasion suppuration. Common Names. acid precede it. thick discharge. Silicea Tera. Prepared by fusing silica and carbonate of sodium . It is also found in the connective tissue. — Pure Silicea is triturated according to Class VII. 129 affections. joints. brain and nerves must be referred to the investing membrane. Decarbonized white pebble. Si0 2 . and hence its action on the spinal cord.

phos. great general debility. and with anxiety. since it promotes suppuration. Here it often follows Calc. when the symptoms resemble paralysis — e. small or large. Silicea may be used. for instance : Amblyopia. Guiding Symptoms and Characteristic Indications. lasts. peevish. Wherever pus is formed in an inflamed part of connective tissue or skin. as after lying-in — it should always be thought of.. and should be continued until all the infiltrated parts have disappeared. where the general organism is both irritable and weak. can be aroused but tires easily. After suppuration has ceased to be active. he has grit. existing within the tissues by means of the lymphatics. In localized exhaustion. and the nervous system is easily aroused to exhausting agitation (as Dunham says. paralyses. attention difficult to fix. Deep-seated suppurations. and is closely related to all fistulous burrowings. and in this way be an indirect remedy for diseases resulting from suppression SIUCEA. It is especially suited to imperfectly nourished constitutions. Great irrita- . compelling these to throw off the accumulated urates through the lymphatics. sulph. Desponding. 131 of foot-sweat. cataract. it is contraindicated by general nerve torpor). As long as infiltration. sulph. stdph. give Calc.. Silicea corresponds to the process of suppuration. Its action is deep and long-lasting. disgust of life. which can only disappear by suppuration. In general hypersesthesia and exaggerated reflexes. by restraining: the suppurative process. pus thick and yellow . etc. Silicea cures chronic gouty rheumatic affections by means of its stimulating effects of the involved connective tissue cells. Deeply-seated scrofulous cachexia and some forms of septic infections (vaccine) find in it a valuable general remedy. It is the remedy for ailments attended with pus-formation. Silicea is the remedy. fistulous or otherwise . also. If then the wound fails to heal. Ailments affecting the periosteum. Silicea has also the power to reabsorb a bloody or seroalbuminous exudate. but the process lingers and the pus forms chronic depots.and corresponding to the scrofulous diathesis. also in certain reflex affections connected with the nerves. rectal distention. they atrophy in consequence. etc. Oversensitive to noise. Calc. owing to deficient assimilation. Like Calc. heals suppurating wounds. stronger mentally than physically ... £-. Mental Symptoms — Thought difficult. this is a specific remedy. with the following distinguishing features : Silicea ripens abscess. If the cells of any part of the connective tissue show a lack of Silicea molecules. Silicea can restore suppressed foot-sweats. dilated and irritable heart.

excoriation. Itching of nostrils. with constant need for wrapping it up. Corneal scars and opacities after small-pox. pressing asunder and coldness of head. Roaring in ears. Chronic coryza with swelling of the mucous membrane. Nose. Affections appearing in the angles of the eye. Inveterate ulceration producing acrid. Pressive headache from above downward. exertion. Headache from nape to vertex. large. Tarsal tumors. Caries of the nasal bones from syphilis or scrofulosis. itching. Otorrhcea curdy and ichorous. aggravated by noise. preceded by deep-seated stitches in the right parietal region and dull. want to think but are unable to do so. Otitis suppurativa. Headache is throbbing. corroding discharge. Amblyopia after suppressed foot-sweat 132 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. with caries of the mastoid cells. Boils and cystic tumors around eyes and lids. heavy. — A remedy of great importance in diseases of the lachrymal apparatus. Offensive eruption on occiput. Cerebral apoplexy. Headaches with vertigo. with small nodules on scalp. — Tip of nose red. Ears. dryness. especially the small round variety with a tendency to perforate . — Sensitive to loud sound. from overstudy. A peculiar mental abstraction. Muscse volitantes. Inflammation of middle ear. open fontanelles. school girls become confused during recitations because they cannot concentrate their thoughts . crampy pain in arms. Scalp very sensitive and sore . Brain-fag. with fetid offensive discharge when the affection is seated in the submucous connective tissues or in the periosteum. especially over right eye. (Hepar. study. especially chronic suppuration. marked by a propensity to toy by the hour with pins and needles. patient inclines to fall forward or to the left. with crusts and loss of smell. Eyes. Lachrymal fistula. Deafness. from nervous exhaustion. — Vertigo. and relieved by warmth. Intolerable itching of the tip of the nose. nasal catarrh. Pressure and soreness in the orbits. from abdominal irritation. light. Cephalaematoma. Head and Scalp. Nodules on scalp.) Cataract. especially the lachrymal sac. or eruptions. Ciliary neuralgia. coryza. beating. ears open at times with a loud report. Suppurating wounds. with intermittent itching of vulva. Inflammatory swelling of external meatus. Herpetic . from hunger. Dulness of hearing with swelling and catarrh of the Eustachian tubes and tympanic cavity. Ulcers of cornea. Blepharitis. Pustular keratitis. Labyrinthine vertigo. more on right side. Styes. Ozsena. Hair falls out. Inflammation of ear after bathing. Sneezing. Sweat on head of children. also the sloughing ulcer with sticking pains. Caries of the orbit. Painful pustules. Letters run together when reading or writing. like to keep the head wrapped up warm .bility.

— Large abdomen in children. Prostatis. urine loaded with pus and mucus. Intolerance of alcoholic stimulants. Throat. uric acid. Chronic syphilis with suppurations and indurations. Periodical quinsy. — Suppuration of the salivary glands. Diarrhoea. — Enlarged thyroid gland. Teeth. Red sandy deposit.eruption around nostrils and lips. with heartburn and chilliness . Menses are asso- . Induration of cellular tissue of the face following gumboil. Mouth gangrenous. with thick. Chronic dyspepsia with acid eructations. Infantile diarrhoea. Fissura ani and fistula in ano. when neither heat nor cold gives relief. with perforating ulcer of the palate. purulent discharge. vomiting in the A. Intensely painful hemorrhoids. — Child vomits as soon as it nurses. Itching and much sweating about scrotum. Extreme hunger. and when caused by chilling of feet. due to irritable sphincter ani. Abdomen and Stomach. Sexual erethism. Face. often nocturnal emissions. — Faceache with small lumps or nodules on the face. cadaverous-smelling. Tumors on the lips. Gastric Symptoms. Difficult dentition . Urinary and Sexual Organs — Suppuration of kidneys. hot. Mouth. particularly if stools recede after having been partly expelled. Sycosis menti. Tonsillitis when the suppurating gland will not heal. Seminal emissions. Pale. Induration of the pylorus. Chronic pharyngitis with constipation. distended abdomen. due to semi-paralysis of the rectum . Toothache when the pain is deep-seated in the periosteum. cadaverous odor. Hydrocele. gums sensitive and blistered . earthy complexion. with persistent sexual thoughts. M. acne and lupus. with much sour perspiration about head. Enlarged inguinal glands. Disgust for meat and for warm food. also with paralytic disease. gumboils. Tongue. Ulceration of the corners of the mouth. Paralysis of the velum pendulum palati. — Induration of the tongue . sensation of a hair on tongue. Chronic gonorrhoea. Hepatic abscess with induration. — Very violent toothache at night. after vaccination. Enuresis from worms or in chorea. Caries and necrosis of the jaw. ulcer on the tongue . Worm colic. Skin of face cracks. Shifting of flatulence. fetid. with hard. 133 forms (fistula dentalis). Constipation associated with spinal affections. or fibrous membrane covers the root of the teeth and an abscess SIUCEA.

Whitlow. Nails crippled and brittle. Coccyx hurts after riding. Serous cysts of vagina. thick. Arms and hands feel heavy and par- . Cough and sore throat. accompanied with hectic fever . Pains through foot from ankle to sole. Psoas abscess. Suppurative. profuse. spinal irritation. yellow-green pus. yellow matter. but scanty . with fistulous openings. Spinal curvature. Respiratory Symptoms. to control the formation of the pus. rarely profuse. to prevent or control suppuration. old ulcers with burning and lancinating pains. and to absorb the remaining induration. Caries of bone. discharging thin pus and bony fragments. Metrorrhagia due to standing in cold water. Spina bifida. provoked by tickling in throat and suprasternal fossa. Cough of sickly children with nightsweats. Weak ankles. loose. Circulatory Organs. irritative cough. Soreness and lameness of feet from instep to sole during pregnancy. with great swelling and anchylosis. pus-like. as if gathering. Deucorrhoea acrid. Pregnancy. hard lumps in the mammae threatening suppuration. Menses early. mastitis. Burning and itching of pudenda. and the suppuration is deep-seated. with white spots. 134 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Phthisical abscess of lungs. Offensive sweat in the axillae. stage of suppuration. Chronic synovitis of the knee. Habitual fetid perspiration of the feet. Back and Extremities. felon. Nervous affections following injuries to spine. sensation in tips of fingers as if suppurating. with expectoration of little granules smelling bad. Sputa abundant. — Palpitation after violent motion or when sitting quietly. — Breasts very hard and painful.ciated with icy coldness over whole body and constipation and fetid footsweat. rachitis. Empyema. fistulous ulcers of the mammae. itching. smelling horribly. Chronic bronchitis and phthisis. assisting and controlling formation of pus and stimulating growth of new nails. — Pneumonia. Proud flesh and caries . copious expectoration of thick. rattling. Scirrhus. Hoarseness. Pott's disease. Inflammation of the breasts. worse at night when lying down. Chronic heart disease. In-growing toe-nails. with tendency to fistulous openings. Sterility. — Soreness between shoulders. Feel insufferably tender. Suppurating wounds of the extremities discharging thick. profuse night-sweats and great debility. Carbuncles along the spine. In-growing toe-nails. by cold drinks. Menses during lactation. Hip-joint disease. Nymphomania. with weakness and deep-seated pain in chest. Tonic spasm of the hand when writing. suppression causes other ailments. Abscess of labia. with feeling of a hair on tongue. Nipples crack and ulcerate easily.

boils. Suffering parts feel cold. Abscesses and carbuncles and subsequent indurations. Acne. felons and malignant pustules. suppurative form. as if ulcerating. Rhagades. want of animal heat. Limbs and feet feel very tired and as if paralyzed. Febrile Symptoms. Chilliness all day. — Sleeplessness from orgasm of blood. especially for the nasal ulceration. Sensitive to cold air. especially cervical glands. Tumor albus. Lepra. rapid pulse. Pain in shoulder and arm at night. papules. Bursa. Sweat at night.SIUCEA. Pain in various parts of the body. Great tendency to boils in any part of the body. Chilblains. Eczema squamosum. Suppurations of the sebaceous glands. Scrofulous eruptions. Spasms from slight provocation. Offensive sweat of feet. Bad dreams. relieved by warm wrappings. are sensitive to dampness. Exhaustion with erethism. Pustules are extremely painful. Variola. phlegmonous erysipelas. and around nails. Trembling of limbs and paretic symptoms. Tissues. inflammatory swelling. Glandular swellings. Sleep. Enchondroma. . acrid ichor. Talking in sleep. — Skin very sensitive . the aura begins in the solar plexus. Skin heals with difficulty and suppurates eas'ly. Spasmodic closure of the sphincters. with numerous reflex pains. Copious sweat about the head. 135 alyzed. Irritability and sensitiveness of the spine. — Epilepsy occurring at night. Cellular suppuration with slow course and subse- 136 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Painful tonic spasm in the feet and toes during a long walk. Tabes dorsalis. heat. Rachitis. Nervous Symptoms. Ulcers. ulcers. itching. Heat in afternoon and all night with burning in feet. Neglected cases of injury if suppuration threatens. — Hectic fever during long suppurative processes. Impure vaccination. Skin. with loss of appetite and prostration. Palpitation. Discharges and excretions offensive. with proud flesh. fistulous ulcers. Weakness with desire to lie down. — Fungi. carbuncles. ulceration and necrosis of bone. quent induration. putrid. Crusta lactea with an offensive oozing. Jerking of limbs during sleep. Dropsy. Deep-seated. Diseases brought on by exposure of back to draught of air. scrofulous diathesis. nodules. on movement. Hysteria and obstinate neuralgia. Enlarged suppurating glands. Malignant and gangrenous inflammations. burning. easily bleeding abscess with fistulous openings. edges elevated and bluish. nodes and coppery spots.

who introduced this valuable preparation of Silicea. gives three to four drops three times daily. Massive and repeated doses are indicated in scrofulous. Coccul. as it may much complicate the case. or. Part III). in subacute cases. In caries and periostitis compare Asa/. Percy Wilde. whereas Calc.. — This drug was proved by Hahnemann.. better still.. often succeeds. or even less often. — Symptoms are always worse at night and during full moon. Headache relieved by wrapping the head up warm. In whitlow and ingrowing toe-nail. but it should not be given after Mercur. Graphit. one dose daily. high potencies (30th) help in chronic cases. morning and evening — in acute cases from two to three hours. But where there is actual suppuration. heals the process by checking it and promoting the healthy granulation. In fistula lachrymalis compare Natr. — Schiissler recommends the 6x and the i2x potencies. it corresponds to the chronic form of such diseases as Pulsat. For results from impure vaccination we have. Kali mur. Conium. and Petrol.. and probably contains Silicea as one of its constituents. Part III). according to Schiissler. D. etc. ulcers. An effective method of using Silicea locally is to make a strong decoction of hay. which. The first record of it appeared in the Chronic Diseases. iii. and each dose is given in one-third of a tumbler of water. rheumatic pains all relieved by warmth. sulph. (Gilchrist. Picric acid. Gelsem. he says that the ashes . In bone diseases it resembles closely Mercur. RtUa. Platina mur.. in carbuncles. Homoeopathic Data.Modalities. as it is apt to cause active changes in the tumor within forty-eight hours (see Tumors. grows on sandy bottom. besides Silicea and Thuja. glandular swellings without suppurations. Relationship.. ozsena as a spray. but in the homoeopathic school the most brilliant results have followed the use of the higher attenuations (see Clinical Cases. Paris. is the one remedy necessary. in 1828. and Sanguin. Administration. Graphit. Abdominal pains.) In Moleschott's Kreislauf des Lebens. or even a tendency thereto.. Its external application is also recommended by Schiissler and others. The silicate of soda should be given in free solution. — In suppuration compare Calcarea sulph. ulceration of womb. vol. Worse in the open air .. In tabes compare Alumina. cures when acute. Pulsat. cough. the difference being that Silicea promotes suppuration and brings SILICEA. Silicea is a chronic Pulsat. 137 the process to maturity. Amelioration by heat and warm room. worse from suppressed foot-sweat or chilling the feet or from cold. in milk. The effect of the remedy must be watched. abscess.. when Silicea fails. mur. M. The Silicea headache is similar to Spigel.. This contains a large percentage of Silicea.

. D. — This is the first remedy to be given in all cases of boils. etc. — Is indicated in the second stage of boils. Kali mur. Allied remedies : Fluoric acid. throbbing pain and congestion in the parts. especially is it indicated in abscesses of the breast. heat. the fistulous canals dry up. hyem. as in mammary abscess. felons. M. are probably due to the Silicea it contains. and this spa has been singled out by empirical experience as most valuable in the class of cases for which Silicea is homceopathically indicated. contain an unusually large amount of Silicea in a soluble form. Hypericum. applied externally on lint. but as yet no pus formation . If given early. discharging watery pus. A single dose of the 3d trituration gives everything a favorable turn . In ulceration around the nails. or any suppurative process. It may be given in carbuncles. this remedy should be continued as . Burrowing abscesses. this remedy will often abort suppuration.) In labyrinthine vertigo compare Natr. It greatly assists the suppurative process. After the abscess breaks or is opened. Ruta.of Eqtiiset. Psorinum is invaluable. where there is swelling. Mercur. surrounded by a broad bluish border. ABSCESS. abscess. carbuncles. The cures of bladder troubles reported by Equiset. PART Til. It may also be used as a lotion. Paronychia.. inflammation or suppuration around roots of nails. especially if Kali mtir. boils. — When suppuration appears this remedy should be exhibited at once. Natrum sulph. — Fistulous abscesses of years' standing. Ferrum phos. the abscesses collapse. Therapeutical Application of the Twelve Tissue Remedies. etc. causing the tumor rapidly to ripen. It is to follow Kali mur. and other suppurative processes to abort swelling before matter forms. carbuncles. felons. The mineral springs of Bareges. in the Pyrenees. has failed to abort the suppuration. Picric acid. and often to break spontaneously. salicy. in those cases where pus has commenced to form. consist nearly wholly of Silicea. Silicea. where there are present fever. (Percy Wilde. with the above characteristics.

The distinguishing features between this remedy and Silicea. with some relief. "for gumboils of the teeth it is the only remedy I ever use. Ward.) The presence of pus with a vent is an indication for its use. This remedy is similar to Hepar sulph. dirty and foul. The pus is ichorous. since it restrains the suppurative process. W. After reading an article on Calc. and a gumboil began to develop just back of the upper in- 140 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.) "In old cases of fistulous sinuses of the mammae I have found this remedy especially valuable. (A. bloody. Calcarea fluor. since it promotes suppuration . In whitlow Silicea assists and controls the formation of pus and stimulates the growth of new nails. but the boil seemed determined to suppurate. It continued to swell and grew very painful. in abscesses. M. when. Calcarea sulph. 139 long. "It is an invaluable remedy in pelvic abscess proceeding from caries of some bone. A most useful remedy in gumboils. In felons a lotion on lint externally has been found to do good. The use of Silicea in all cases of commencing whitlow cannot be overestimated. and ac- . It will abort felons and furuncles in the i2x. Kali phos.) CLINICAL CASES. Silicea is also useful in blind boils. heals suppurating wounds. offensive and dirtylooking. Patient had taken a slight cold which settled in the gums and the hard and soft palate. Gave Ferritin phos. then this remedy will be found effective." (J. — When the suppurative process affects the bone. but it acts more deeply and infiltration remains. E. callous edges to the wound. or where there are hard. when they are discharging. Painful abscess about anus.) Calcarea sulph. It is useful in boils. D. P. Iy. gathered breasts. are these : Silicea ripens abscesses." (Southwick. (W. notwithstanding the absence of infiltration. Davis. the suppuration continues. felons and other suppurative processes when there are adynamic symptoms and the suppurative process becomes unhealthy." I concluded to try it. sulph. A dose every two hours will usually cure the felon in twenty-four hours. owing to the torpidity of the affected tissues. It lacks the fetor of Silicea. D. cisors. — This remedy is indicated in abscesses. carbuncles. whitlow or felon. M.. — This remedy follows Silicea well in suppurative processes. In mastitis when the pus is brownish. wherein the writer stated.

Mrs. she could not resist. almost twice its usual size. and had opened it with a lancet. His mother became alarmed. got a felon on the right thumb. sulph. developed a boil on the seat. This discharged freely. a young man. ( Dr. but there was no discharge. Some parts were blue-looking on removing the bandage. pain grew less. Goullon. but they were sweet and. R. ) In August. and looked as if ready to burst. Jr.. the patient took cold. promptly relieved and she supposed cured it. who had poulticed it. and so the box full was gone in three days. R.cordingly took the 3X in five grain doses. and this time the discharge was excessive. the boil absorbed and disappeared. taken internally and applied externally. cured the leg in three weeks. B. childlike. F. Ferrum phos}' 1 in water. who had suffered from sciatica some years ago. It felt cold and very hard. They should have lasted her ten days or more. and wishing to see what the Tissue Salts would do for it I gave her a box containing about 125 tablets of Calc. to her dismay. and the shivery. After one week the mother was able to furnish the very favorable report: "The discharge of matter has been reduced so much that at one time it seemed gone altogether. Gumboil would not go away. and he felt a constant thirst. and would not heal. 1877. under occasional doses of Calc. Suppuration began again. I prescribed Silicea — a dose every morning on an empty stomach. chilly feeling he had has completely gone. and his appetite has returned. three or four times a day for two days. There was immediate improvement. Warm fomentations and Kali mur. She was unable to walk. and within three days it reappeared with greatly increased pain and hard swelling. suffering from swelling of the leg below the knee. F. (From Schiissler. his sleep is sound. aged 6.. with its characteristic accompanying symptoms. His sleep was disturbed. 3X. (M. in her busiest season. The great thirst has left him. She used it vigorously. and. ) A dressmaker. daughter of the above lady. every three hours. It was then painted with iodine without effect. had an ulcerated tooth with a well developed gumboil as an accessory." Silicea has here furnished a brilliant demonstration of its power over suppuration. Kali . ) A lady. (M. ) Lilly. And so also was the gumboil and ulcerated tooth. and had been in the habit of having subcutaneous injections of morphia. sulph. and cold water poured over it thrice a day. as he was very weak and had no appetite. had been attended some months by her doctor. When at last it seemed to be healed and was comparatively well. then bandaged to reduce the excessively hard swelling.

M. had been sore for three months. and caused the patient severe pain day and night. M. and could absolutely not be stretched out. Within the last month I was able to cure a young lady. yellow pus. walking without any assistance. I advised her to give up all internal as well as external remedies. This case was also cured with Silicea. and it permeated the whole finger and up into the hand. 16.mur}' 1 finished the cure at once. nothing else was given him. Three months later the patient came herself. The mother came to me and told me her daughter had been suffering for the past few months from her right foot. Her leg was almost bent to a right angle at the kneejoint. Morgan. and prescribed Silicea. His physician being out ADDISON'S DISEASE. however. aet. that although the flexors were all rotten — eaten off — and the periosteum inflamed. but the flexors being all destroyed he could not flex the fingers. D. I did not see her myself. to be taken once daily. P. and the man was well satisfied with the cure. sleep was a stranger to him. the Eucalyptus dressing was continued every day. ) . yet the finger could be cured. D. I injected Eucalyptus into the orifice. ( J. until the physicians (allopathic) had decided to remove the finger — in fact he came to town for that purpose. lanced and morphined. Thus I succeeded in a case of discharge of matter from the ear. he had been poulticed.) Silicea has proved an excellent remedy. It was fearfully swollen. which had been treated for a long time ineffectually. restored all the connective tissue-elements. After cleansing the sores I wrapped it up comfortably tight and put him on Silicea 6 . a dose every three hours. a single drop of pus appearing beneath the cuticle and escaped when snipped with the scissors. The foot was almost completely healed. 141 of the city he came into my office to have me look at it. The Silicea. I told him to let the finger remain on the hand. (A. ) An old gentleman came into my office with tenonitis of the second phalanges. Davis. The medical men treating her declared that the foot must be amputated. the discharge of matter was excessive. and in four weeks the finger was restored to its natural size and shape. (From Schiissler. The whole hand was full of thick. with only a slight discharge of matter. C.

with constant headache . Aversion to motion and labor . — Sluggish liver . brown spots upon the back of the hands. Waxy appearance of the skin due to anaemia. cold extremities. Kali phos. and caused head and eye troubles. Case of a young girl whose menses had not appeared for several months. greenish-white. CLINICAL C&SES. and in four weeks she had no more chest pains. 18S7. who always had scanty menses. or when scanty and at long intervals. earthy complexion. constipation.. (Monabsblatter. dose night and morning. tension and heat in the region of the kidneys . — When nutrition is greatly impaired. which during the past year had completely ceased. loathing of meat. want of appetite. i . 142 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. May 12. ) AFjEMIA. and her other troubles gradualh' disappeared. — Amenorrhoea in anaemic patients. Kali phos. — This remedy acts by supplying new bloodcells. with weight and fulness in abdomen. white coated tongue. Natrum mur. vomiting. AMENORRHEA. After using it six days the menses. dim vision. complexion waxy. A girl. when the menses do not appear. trembling of legs. Calcarea phos. Chlorosis. where chest difficulties appear as a result of suppression. Calcarea phos. and glandular inactivity. received. 22. Suppression of the Menses. set. depression of mind with irritability . Pains and cramps dependent on anaemic conditions. — In young girls. Kali sulph. vertigo on rising or on trying to walk. — Suppression of flow with depressed spirits. Kali phos.. six powders. frequent yawning and stretching .ADDISON'S DISEASE. reappeared with violent headache and lasted seven days. lassitude and debility.' M . Kali mur. excessive mental and physical prostration . 2. and who began to have chest difficulties as a consequence thereof. The menses soon reappeared. nausea. — Scanty or suppressed menses. Natrum mur.

epistaxis. but' most manifest on beginning to move about. menorrhagia. oppression and anxiety in the chest. sinking sensation at the epigastrium . sallow. which is induced by long-continued disorders. Poverty of the blood from influences which continually depress the mind and nervous system. This remedy. " A fine constitutional remedy in old cases of cerebral anaemia where nutrition is manifestly defective. particularly of the calves. — Cerebral anaemia." (Arndt. in chlorotic conditions. cold sweat on the face . with an almost habitual feeling of coldness in the back . chlorosis in young girls. pressure and distension of the stomach. as soon as improvement of the general health sets in.) Natrum mur. Schiissler in a recent letter says : " Iron. palpitation with anxiety. — In anaemic conditions. constipation . which I recommended in the first editions of my Therapeutics for chlorosis and other ansemic conditions. pale face. Therefore I have lately abandoned iron. Kali phos.. blood either bright-red or too dark. sallow complexion or very pale. with urging after stools day or night . such as diphtheria. if such symptoms as eczema or eruptions of the skin coexist." (Arndt. ANAEMIA. foul taste and smell . as a secondary remedy or intercurrent. vertigo when getting up or on rising from sitting . easily fatigued and prostrated. yellowish. Schiissler gives this remedy alone for chlorosis. furred at the root most in the morning . or excess of white corpuscles in the blood after exhausting diseases. with aching pains aggravated by rest. empty. nausea and vomiturition . malarious cachexia.) " Pernicious anaemia. colors the new blood-cells red and enriches them after they have been supplied by Calcarea phos.and ringing in ears. This remedy also cures the leucaemia. where the blood is thin and watery . anaemic conditions of the brain. earthy . " Spinal anaemia. — This remedy may have to be given in anaemia. weariness and the greatest weakness. eyes misty . urine with flocculent sediment . body cold . etc. from exhausting diseases. — Follows Calcarea phos. point of the nose cold . frequent palpitation. dirty skin. is never absent in the blood-serum of chlorotics. from ague and Quinine. causing undue nervousness." (Arndt. morning cough. with the characteristic tongue. by its power of attracting oxygen. There is a want of red blood in the system. watery looseness of the bowels. which enters into the formation of young blood-cells. followed by trembling weakness. with dead.) This remedy is also useful in leucaemia. 143 Ferrumphos." Kali mur. reflex paraplegia. tongue white.

Young lady. and desired only to lie about the house. then returning to the Calcarea phos. as principal remedy. had no appetite. great exhaustion. All their symptoms were promptly relieved. Powell Burdick furnished us with two cases of anaemia. The eldest had also been anaemic for several years. and received treatment from several physicians. The remedies employed were first Calcarea phos. attacks of momentary blindness or obscuration of vision. so as to be unable to progress farther. 17. her menses were irregular. S. sycosis and hydraemia. terrible sadness. The youngest had suffered from this condition for six or seven years. which were formerly pale and almost translucent. vl . heaviness and sensation of fatigue. after long continuance at school. — Spinal anaemia. aet. then a flow varying in quantity. receiving from the latter large quantities of iron. followed by Ferrum phos. Her study made her head ache. again. Dr. Both presented the following characteristic symptoms: Pale. Natrum sulph. for two weeks.) 144 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. became reddish and natural in color. and she had to give it up entirely. with tendency to rickets. sycosis. 6 . About six months sufficed to cure permanently in each case. having no ambition to go anywhere or do anything. paralytic weakness of the lower extremities. CLINICAL CASES. Anaemia in infants. Silicea. delicate and puny. — Hydraemia. absent for months. giving . violent attacks of frontal headache extending to the occiput. thin. (I^ilienthal. anaemic countenance. — L. aet. became anaemic and chlorotic. Natrum phos. for ten days or two weeks. with general prostration. becoming so debilitated that she could attend no longer. the color returning even to rosy cheeks : the ears. 19 and 21. I gave her Calcarea phos.eucorrhcea instead of menses . legs give way. especially after a short walk or ascending steps . 1 ' 2 . without any benefit whatever. homoeopathic and allopathic. both in young ladies. hydrogenoid constitution of the body. depending upon dampness of weather or dwelling in damp houses .with contraction of the anus. depression of spirits.

T. — This remedy should be used early to establish normal circulation and remove those complications due to excessive action of the heart . Kali phos. It is also a remedy for " false " Angina. which was followed by general improvement. with general pallor. at times. Ferrum phos . — This disease at an early stage may be kept in check or reduced with the use of this. Ferrum phos.) NaTrum mur. as well. the chief remedy. See also Hoarseness. and could walk anywhere she desired to go. Ferrum phos. the menstrual flow never properly established. 1 45 the preceding with good effect. Rowley reports a case of anaemia due to the abuse of salt. and her color improved. — This remedy may be given for the neuralgic spasms of this disease. M.also. this remedy may be alternated with the preceding. (C. — W. It should be given in hot water. Calcarea fluor. . can also be alternated with ANGINA PECTORIS. Neuralgic constrictive pains in chest. the menstrual flow assuming its regular condition and strength. APHONIA. 200 given. ANGINA PECTORIS. After a few months she became well enough to resume her studies. — If the heart's action be weak or intermittent and if there be tendency to fainting this remedy should be used alternately with Magnesia phos. with soreness in the larynx. in alternation with Ferrum phos n provided that the iodide of potash has not been taken. sensibility exalted. weakness. In treating the case the use of salt was restricted. — If accompanied by flushed face. and general health being restored. Magnesia phos. Ferrum phos. The patient was emaciated. In small aneurisms with a great deal of throbbing. burning or diffused heat. ANEURISM. Has been in the habit of using salt to excess. Bowels inclined to constipation. — Huskiness after singing or speaking in singers or public speakers. and one dose of Nat. mur.

espe10 146 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Shifting and wandering rheumatic pains in the joints. Pains go suddenly to heart . It may be alternated with Ferrum phos. The keynote is excruciating pains. aggravated by heat. sour-smelling sweat. — Chronic arthritis. cially of finger joints. Magnesia phos. — Useful as an intercurrent remedy for the pains (violent). — Acute gout (after Ferr. — In rheumatic arthritis where the pains shift from one joint to another. Hydrops genu. Natrum phos. acute and chronic. and . Tumor albus. — Rheumatic gout worse at night and in bad weather. Calcarea sulph.). Urine dark red. Kali sulph. — In acute arthritis. sore hamstrings. Calcarea phos. urine dark-red. Calcarea fluor. In chronic gout it alone suffices. Rheumatic arthritis. Rheumatic pains in joints of the feet. Chronic gout. Rheumatic arthritis. It is useful especially after Ferrum phos. This remedy should be alternated with Ferrum phos. spasmodic in character. Synovitis. CLINICAL CASES. Tenalgia crepitans. Hygroma patellae. — Suppurative process in the joints. Silicea. for the swelling or when the tongue is coated white. especially in joints of fingers. and later on in the disease it may be given as an intercurrent. Tenalgia crepitans. Gout in the feet. — In acute cases (attacks) of gout. phos. — At the commencement this remedy should be given in repeated doses when there are febrile symptoms present. Bryon. — Suppuration of the joints. acts probably by increasing the eliminations of the urate of sodium). Katrum sulph. profuse. Movement aggravates the pains. Kali mur. motion sets up and increases the pain. pains suddenly go to heart. Ferrum phos. aggravated by motions. Natrum mur. joints crack (if tongue and other symptoms correspond. Fungoid arthritis. gout.ARTHRITIS. The joints are painful on moving. white swelling. — Gouty enlargements of the finger-joints. sore hamstrings (verified).

Magnesia phos.. Spasmodic jerking with each inspiration. and mucus white. — Bronchial asthma intercurrently. During the night the patient was able to sleep. supported with cushions. In alternation with Kali phos. as much as would cover a sixpenny piece. This was dissolved in a large glassful of water. Oppressed respiration. Calcarea fluor.. — From Schiissler. Natrum mur. Hay asthma and hay fever. Tongue coated whitish or greenish. Improvement was felt even after a few hours. In alternation with Kali phos. alternate with Kali phos. thirst and loss of appetite. 10th dil. These lumps being of yellowish mucus. so that the shoulder should be free from pressure. Zeitschrift. He was not able to lie in his bed. ) ASTHMA. Calcarea phos. in three days he was able to move the arm pretty freely. Ferrum phos. furred. There was fever with violent pain in the right shoulder. I gave my patient Ferrum phos. Epiglottis feels closed. pulse full and quick. — When specks or small lumps are brought up after much exertion.Kali iod.. or as if breathing through a thick substance. — Asthma with profuse frothy mucus. cured. A shoemaker of Berlin was taken ill after catching cold. and a teaspoonful of the solution given every hour. having failed. Child gets a suffocative attack on being lifted up from cradle. as the pressure of the pillows was unbearable. 1886. In large and oft-repeated doses is the chief remedy for the breathing and depressed con- ASTHMA. — Nervous asthma. Asthma from the least food. when this occurs with depression of breathing. Kali mur. 147 dition of the nervous system. — With gastric derangements. Cardiac asthma with sensation as if heart and lungs were constricted. ■ also when the tears stream down the face whenever he coughs. — In asthma where flatulence is trouble- . secretion clear and tough.. temperature high. and hard to cough up . The right shoulder was very red and sensitive to the touch. Berlin. He was lying on the sofa. Kali phos. The first visit I paid was on the third day after he had been taken ill. — Pop. In a few days longer he was entirely well. (Sulzer. and on the following day the fever abated.

Douglass. rainy weather. especially in the morning about 4 or 5 o'clock. can hardly talk. expectoration becoming paler and less abundant. lasting ten days. with much labored breathing. married. for eradication of the disease. Asthmatic breathing in young 148 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. with cough and raising of glairy slime. Attacks. and his color becomes bad. always during a thunderstorm. every three hours. whereas under remedies given in pre- . respiration and cough much improved and expectoration easier. As a constitutional remedy with Natrum sulph. — Asthma with thick yellow expectoration. Kali sulph. always worse in damp. attack violent. Rapp recommends the Kali preparations. Silicea. aet. bronchial. worse in the warm season or in hot atmosphere. 3X relieved at once.some. Natrum sulph. — Breathing so difficult that the eyes protrude from their sockets . Asthma from digestive disturbances. Natrum sulph. Dr. In asthma. Asthma in children. a loose evacuation immediately on rising for past two days . with yellow expectoration. of which asthma is often a manifestation. expectoration greenish and remarkably copious. expectoration greenish and copious. people from a general bronchial catarrh. With paroxysmal dry tic tickling cough and difficulty in lying down. — Asthma. has felt better since than for years. E. Much rattling of mucus. Next day practically well. Improvement began after a few doses. Spasmodic nervous asthma. Natrum sulph. L. doors and windows must be opened. D.) Natrum phos. asthma.oose evacuations on rising in morning. A gentleman in whom attacks of asthma were frequent. ) Female. Female. married. greenish. M. Was enabled to lie down that night. when the patient's attacks come on after taking food. and vomiting after eating . 42. from living in basements or cellars. always worse from every change to damp weather. and one noteworthy fact is that the expectoration stopped in a few doses. purulent expectoration. 500 every two hours. thick yellow expectoration with much rattling on chest — Kali sulph. 36. set. (M. (Schiissler. Asthma on a cachectic base. CLINICAL CASES. or when there is rapid emaciation. or sunken eyes. — Very important as a remedy for the sycotic taint. subject to attacks for years.

) Mrs. I had found Natrum mur. and ATROPHY. 1887. — Minn. Monthly. or hay asthma. 2x. her breathing was aggravated upon the least motion and accompanied by arching out between the scapulse.vious attacks it had continued for weeks.. and in a few days all signs of asthma were gone. so marked as to herald his approach at some distance. D. Leonard. I learned from him that she could not lie down. brought on by severe physical exertion. Eighteen months had passed at time of writing without an attack. H. C. Hall. On July 18th no signs of asthmatic breathing could be heard over her lungs. an especially severe attack. She had formerly been entirely prostrated and forced to bed by these seizures. He is a tall. . except coarse rales along the larger bronchi. M. and so gave Natrum sulph. of Zumbrota. 1886. D. O. (Wm. whereas her former attacks had made her wholly miserable for weeks.) Dr. and occasional doses since have caused the attacks to disappear almost entirely for the first time in many summers. all these had been tried by other physicians in former attacks. albeit rather narrow-chested. to relieve her troubles greatly. (Wm. as you please — having contracted the same in Florida. Nor were we disappointed. No other point could be elicited that would lead to the more ordinary medicines. with strong promise of relief. Guernsey. E.. reports a remarkable case of asthma having passed ' ' through the hands of all the physicians of whom he had ever heard. 149 begged of me to check it if possible. and coming on after any unusual exertion. D. Med. a few hours after the sneezing and harsh breathing began.™. Mr. (Wm. E. M. indeed. a lad}' under my care the past year for chronic bronchitis and other troubles. with no family history of lung trouble. has for years had attacks of asthmatic breathing. J. had gotten at the root of the evil. was promptly relieved by Natrum sulph. ." cured by Kali phos. Nov.) ATROPHY. In April. ' ' the worst spell " he has ever had. and dreads them much. Examination of the lungs during a period of remission disclosed no lesion or abnormal sounds. she fell asleep in an hour or so after beginning her half-hour doses. M. E. strong man. Leonard. was seized on July 9th with her third annual attack Of hay fever — rose cold.™ . thus indicating that the Natrum sulph. Minn. Her husband came to me in the evening.

Watery diarrhoea. is nervous and irritable . bloated ab* domen. has been very frail all her life. Abdomen swollen . liver large. earthy complexion and constipation. aged 5 years. in non-assimilation of food.. Her eyes are sensitive to light. not stand any punishment without being sick for a few days. Stools contain undigested food. Natrum mur. She is very anaemic and has a dirty looking face. Colic after eating. yellow. Aversion to the mother's milk. the children are very slow to learn to talk. She had suffered much with costiveness. Abdomen flabby and shrunken. Stools offensive and watery. with flatulence. Silicea. She has no hair and during early life could not hold up her head. — Scrofulous diseases of children affecting the bones (Calc. vomited if taken. Great prostration upon any change of weather. — Body wasted while the head is exceedingly large.\ General debility from mal-assimilation of food . Atrophy of bones. Natrum sulph. — Rapid emaciation of the throat and neck of children . She complains of a bad taste in the mouth and I noticed retarded dentition and chronic enlargement of the tonsils. and would not eat much because it always caused distress. irritability . face emaciated. Has always been fretful at times and very nervous. — Wasting disease when putrid-smelling stools occur.Marasmus. — Marasmus of children who are bottle fed. decrepit looking. CLINICAL CASES. Natrum phos. Chilliness. stools watery. Calcarea phos. Urine highly colored and frequent urging to urinate. Very sensitive and can- 150 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. She had pain in the stomach after eating. with much rumbling of wind . delayed dentition." Miss R. — Inherited sycotic constitution . Child perspires easily. worse on commencing to move in the morning. Had more or less . and the food seems to lie like a lump in it. Complexion sallow and child has an old and anxious look. Kali phos. fluor. and does not appear to be long for this world. gushing. " Calcarea phos.

— Pains which are worse in warm rooms and in the evening.. coldness. D. Tired feeling and pains in the lower part of the back. relieved by warmth. boring. Palmer. Shifting and changing about. shooting. but improved after continuous motion. She had a constant leucorrhea. and confined bowels. which was very offensive. M. worse in the night and during rest. intermittent. 151 Magnesia phos. A. — Pains vivid. Her general condition has remained permanently improved and it certainly is a great victory for the remedy. Calcarea fluor. — Pains with a feeling of numbness. — Useful after Ferrum phos. Ferrum phos. — Pains in the back and loins and over kidney. Rheumatic pains felt only on moving. She got tired and exhausted very easily and could not stand cold weather. (O. yet too much exertion increasing the pain (such as walking too far). Kali sulph. Her bones were very small and weak and could have been easily broken. and plenty of fresh air. It is needless to say that she improved from the first dose almost.pain in the limbs and felt restless and wanted to be moving all the time when she felt better. shifting and neuralgic . — Backache simulating spinal irritation. Kali mur. Calcarea phos. Lumbago aggravated on beginning to move. gentle movement gradually lessening the pain and stiffness. BITES OF INSECTS. ) BACKACHE. — Pains which are laming. Constant aching in centre of spine. — Spasmodic drawing in back compelling to lie still. I gave her two cones of the 3X tablets every two hours. This kind of pain is always worse after rising from a sitting posture and at the commencement of motion. The child was ordered bathed on going to bed three times a week. Can also be given alternately with Ferrum phos. if the latter fails to relieve. Kali phos. with a sensation of fulness and burning pain. Backache in the lumbar region in the morning when awaking. I considered her case nearly a complete picture of Calcarea phos. better in the open air (cool). Silicea. . After exhausting disease. or with a creeping sensation . The parts affected feel powerless.

Ulceration of bone. bowlegs in children. Rachitis. as it may much complicate the case. Hip joint disease. and. etc. (Schiissler. All excretions offensive. pus. periosteal ulceration. 6th trituration. ichor putrid. Ferrum phos. periostitis. When the bones are weak and soft.. bubbles of frothy saliva. It is more suitable for chronic cases. edges callous. care must be taken not to administer it after Mercur. swollen. necrosis and in enchondroma of the . due to want of phosphate of lime molecules. especially of the knee. caused by soft sponginess. Kali mur. Calcarea phos. — Pain in the back. with characteristic tongue. Neck stiff and emaciated. Pains along sutures and symphyses of bone. while closely resembling Mercur. Pain after prolonged stooping. for ulceration of bone and wasting of skull-bones. It is a deeply penetrating remedy. worse in the morning. can lie only on the right side. Natrum sulph. rubbing it in. Silicea is oftener indicated and has cured more cases of caries and necrosis than any other remedy. discharge offensive. BITES OF INSECTS. as if bruised. Natrum phos.Natrum mur. Silicea. Moisten the painful spot and apply thereto Natrum mitr. or after the first stage is past. — Pains in small of back relieved by lying on something hard. Parts around hard. — Second stage of ostitis. In many forms of caries. Soreness up and down spine and neck. — Indication in nearly all diseases of bones.) BONES. Pain ceases at once. Weak back.. Fistulous ulcers on the ankles . all night . as if ulcerating. — Useful to aid the process of repair in fractures. in its sphere of action. inflamed. — Cures rapidly. Natrum mur. hot and painful. Ostitis. Kali phos. inflamed. lous openings. fibrous parts of joints. sweat. Hip joint disease. Great weakness and weariness.) No other drug so hastens the elimination of the dead bony particles to the largest piece of sequestrum so necessary to the cure of scrofulous diseases of the bones. — Pains across loins on awaking in morning. Also. stool. Spine very sensitive. — Atrophy of bones with foul diarrhoea. when the soft parts are red. Fistu- 152 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. (Gilchrist. DISEASES OF. — In bone diseases. bluish-red .

Patient was very nervous and depressed. — Hard. knees stiff.. DISEASES OF. Spina ventosa. received the injury several months before I saw him. Malnutrition of bones. but no union of the bones. on the parietal bones of new born infants.bones. rough. Hence the usefulness of this local measure in diseases of the bone is apparent. and of about the size of a small split walnut. fluor. who was an anaemic and frail man. This was diagnosed as an osteo-sarcoma by a promi- . which has been found as a chemical constituent in a state of solution in hay-baths — three drams of hay containing about one-half grain of Silicea. especially in the carpal and tarsal articulations. which had been there for eighteen months. Calcarea fluor.) Enchondroma Indicis. caries leading to formation of pelvic abscesses. BONES. — A maiden lady of 60 had a shiny swelling on her left index finger. Magnesia phos. cracking of joints. (O. Natrum sulph. Calcarea sulph. Osseous growths. the ends freshened. Burnett. six grains four times a day. — Sycosis. ( J. Craniotabes. C. — Spina ventosa alternately with Calc. Useful in cephal-haematoma (so-called blood-tumor). Caries in consequence of syphilis or abuse of mercury. 1 53 CLINICAL CASES. and Calcarea phos. osteo-sarcoma. and when the splints were removed the soreness was gone. Grauvogl recommends. Exostoses after injuries. with a very fine result. Bruises of bones. The parts were cut down upon. Their efficacy depends on the presence of Silicea. Palmer. as a popular and very effective remedy. brought together and supported. corrugated elevations on the surface of the bones. aged 23 years. D. — Ulceration of bone. especially the teeth. Affections of the nasal bones. Calcarea fluor. Nodes and hard bone swellings. A. — Mr. and swelling became softer and smaller and disappeared entirely within three months. 3X. The lump was hard and painful. Pain in bones. After two weeks the cartilaginous nature had clearly left. Suppuration of bones. D. Diseases of bones . given three or four times daily. but rather natter. No change was made in diet or place of abode. a painful growth appeared on the seat of the injury. Non-union of a Broken Radius and Udna. M. hay-baths. ) ' Injury to the tibia of some years' standing . M. D. causing bad odor to disappear.

a case of caries of the tibia of three years' standing . appetite returned. discharge from a minute opening. drowsiness during the day. since only the little finger and its metacarpal bone seemed free from the disease. April. metacarpal bones of ring and index and middle fingers and thumb of right hand were swollen to such a degree that oval. 3. of Copenhagen. According to the doctrines of surgery. boy was lively and of good cheer. through which splinters of dead bone were being discharged constantly. Horn. set. 1887. 14. aet. the secretion therefrom being thick and yellow. and the flesh was much swollen and discolored at the place. joints obliterated and immovable for the past six months. accompanied by boring nightly pains.) Dr. who advised an operation. though the mobility was very much restricted. 44. Bell. fistulous openings led down to the bone. with a loss of the right hand. (L. reports in the Allg. ( From Grauvogl's Text-book. knobby masses of uniform surface were formed. These parts were. In eight days the superficial ulcers began to cicatrize and the tuberous formations had manifestly decreased in extent. Hahnemannian Monthly. The boy had no appetite. lassitude and depression. there was no other help but disarticulation at the wrist. There was a slight whitish 154 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Calcarea fluor.. midway between the knuckle and next joint. Hansen. M. . had disease of the bone of the forefinger of the left hand. and others again which offered resistance. Silicea s . A. ) Boy. p. 5 cured completely in five months. and discharged cured. D. Great pain in the suffering parts. and was kept at work by a potter. After fourteen days more the joints were already movable.. 1886. five drops every two hours. Zeit. causing the finger to present a very unpleasant appear- . under which the bones gave a rough sound to the probe. relieved the pain and reduced the growth. A child. hard. Calcarea fluor. Enchondroma cured by Siucea. carrying clay. After another fortnight all the concomitant symptoms which had been present disappeared. at various points. divested of their skin by ulcerated surfaces.nent surgeon. and places were found here and there which could easily be penetrated.

C. Her medical man saw no alternative. but the family. except a slight scar. but to make arrangements with the infirmary surgeon to have it taken off. D. W. at first every night. decided to try other remedies. after treating it unsuccessfull}'. D. give also Calcarea phos. M. Her friends were greatly distressed and applied for the new remedies. Silicea. T. ( C. She had been under treatment a long time for bone disease. if with hydrocephalus. C. It remained movable. aet. but from the beginning. Silicea saved her from having her foot amputated. See also Meningitis.) Slow Union of Fracture. Gave her Silicea^. 14. and in a few weeks cured the disease in the bone.) In the case of a poor orphan girl. (J. early state . advised amputation of the finger. Concussion of . Kali phos. — Man. Nichols reports a number of cases of osseous growths cured and benefited by Calcarea fluor? 1 {Organon. — Softening of the brain. 1880. — First stages of all inflammatory troubles. 6 was given. She continued the treatment for a short time longer. dose every hour. The drug was given in like manner as before. the same femur sustained another fracture in its lower portion. Morgan. from Scbiissler. not desiring this result of the trouble. M. 60. set.. in spite of great care. F. had a fracture of the shaft of the femur. in solution. At once the fracture grew firm and was soon well. ) Dr. Calcarea phos. a. A physician had. and the finger resumed its natural appearance.ance. It was well in two months. later every second night. Eighteen months later. (M. six days before removing her. as the evil only grew worse. This is certainly better than instrumental interference.) BRAIN. and lotion on lint externally applied. Ferrum phos. insidious in its approach. Softening as a result of inflammation. and her case was pronounced perfectly cured. was steadily taken. This was agreed on. On the fifth day the ankle-bone and surrounding tissues presented such a healthy appearance that all cause for amputation was removed. after two months. which produced improvement at once.

172. 1882. He recovered slowly. — Nervous prostration. but symptoms of softening of the brain set in. Mr. habitual coldness and venous congestion of the extremities from debility. benefited and cured by Magnesia phos. Fontanelles remain too long open.. become confused during recitations. He was anxious to give the new remedies a trial.. and could not be trusted out alone: " I think it is time I were again informing you that I still continue to improve. Silicea. wan and emaciated countenance . C. pale." (M. Brainfag in school girls. The following is from an elderl}. D. . His speech was affected. though he saw himself in great danger of being run over. loss of virile power . Yielding and anxious mood. Mental troubles following. Reading and writing fatigue. p. Natrum sulph. J. difficulty of fixing attention. — After injuries to the head. or stop walking when dangerously close to the quay. — When convulsive symptoms are present. Chronic hydrocephalus. ) BRAIN-FAG. but are unable to do so. BRAIN-FAG. Sense of great debility. which you recommended to me. I have little to complain of except occasionally — only occasionally — a feeling of mental stupor. Sleeplessness and stupor. W. Putrid stools. — Cephal-hsematoma. Morgan. could not hurry.brain. numb sensations. — Confusion. profuse night-sweats . Magnesia phos. but soon tires and is compelled to rest. Troubles of sight remaining after cerebral concussion. Calcarea fluor. — Hydrocephalic conditions. Craniotabes. he seemed to lose momentary consciousness. with depression of spirits . the best remedy for which I have found to be Kali phos. but patient can arouse himself. . cannot bear to think. reports some cases of brain troubles in children in which convulsive symptoms were prominent. m . M. because they cannot concentrate their thoughts. Intense pain in occipital region. in the Transactions Pennsylvania Homceopathic Medical Society. Want to think. has grit. who had suffered from a prolonged attack of acute and subacute inflammation of the brain. from Schiissler. J. Calcarea phos. indeed. Calcarea phos.gentleman. sleeplessness and loss of appetite . 1 55 CLINICAL CASES.

Kali phos.. and the Sulph. happy occupation. D . Ferrum phos or Natr. D. Dayton. twitching of eyelids. is a good remedy to start with. sulph as soon as the Phos. exhaustion after talking. change of air. 1893. A regular method should be established — regular exercise. and aided by Calc. (F. Natrum mur. These are important. The great variety of causes and the 156 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. J . dependent on condition. In order to supply the proper nourishment it may be necessary for the patient to have change of surroundings. embarrassment of the brain. regular sleep and regular evacuations of the bowels and bladder. Mrs. aged nineteen. is needed to finish up the work which may take from three months to two years or more. Cases which have been treated with various other methods and then changed on to the Tissue Remedies soon show the marked change for the better and take on a more rapid improvement. phos.) The following two cases are taken from my note book at a dispensary: January 23. Ohio. the "Tissue Remedies" have been of the greatest service and the most rapid in their curative action. worse . but the prime and allimportant condition to establish is proper nourishment to every part and tissue. and then to apply by the use of tissue remedies the most necessary demands. Bittinger. has built up the nerve cells.. — With sleeplessness. regular meals. In treating a number of cases of this trouble. Then follow with the Calc. Usually Kali phos. CLINICAL CASES. soon begins the improvement. gloomy forebodings. overworked or under nourished and more or less exhausted. different styles and conditions in which you first find the patients precludes any set rule in treatment. Covers the whole field of neurasthenia. but can be done as positively with these remedies and the proper application of hygiene as it is possible to cure any disease in the domain of curative measures. phos. scenery and food and then to build up with the Tissue Remedies the tissues or forces that have been overtaxed. — To restore lost nervous energy. it gets the mind in goo<l condition. M.

aged twelve. worse in the morning. 1 5 7 A Japanese laborer complained that he could not see after 4 p. pain in right leg. every day. four times 5 p. May nth. she thinks. Remedy repeated. and he was kept on that remedy with continued improvement. at treatment for two years he had benefited him. constipated. dread and difficulty in walking passed away during the second week of treatment and had not returned. had chorea when twelve years old. Did not return June 4th I went to her home and she told me that the twitching. is then relieved of the nervousness. Been nervous which time he was kicked in the back. Prescribed Kali phosphoricum 4x. but could not tell whether he was hoeing out sugar cane or weeds. lasting two years. always at his best at noon. M. reported better every way. irritable. can write with more ease. holds things with less difficulty. but that measure was discontinued over five weeks ago. has none of the above symptoms. as a tree or a man. Has dread of an accident until a shudder passes over the body. Jas. May 4th. one grain tablet. At seventeen had sense of dread at intervals for some months. right arm and back. restless. C . In walking on the street steers for the gutter. He could see large objects. due. Salt water bath down spine attack one month ago. Drops things. since seven years of age. June 8th. Difficult speech. is often dizzy. I concluded that fatigue was the cause of . especially if startled. after lamp is lighted Eyes water with the twitching. 30th mental state and dizziness improved. Learning that he did not notice such a condition on Sundays or holidays. gets better about noon. She was also relieved of the dizziness but has some now. ( T. March 30th. Last Kali phosphoricum 4x was prescribed. except occasional inability to hold things in right hand. Wiggins. Jan. sleep poor. to pregnancy. Despondent. After was much better. Feels weak. either to right or left. the spine was bathed with salt water at first. C.) BRAIN-FAG. m.

at irregular intervals. and presenting marked evidence of nervous exhaustion. He said. This finally was attended by more or less mental weakness at times. about three months ago. he became very despondent. C. Soon he ceased to call. despondent. we found the case an unpromising one. without improvement. but. Anxiety. shortness of breath. he concluded to try an eclectic physician. in company with his wife. 1893. This lasted several hours.his trouble. but was still dizzy and confused. while on the local train going home." The patient came to California with a modest fortune. as his physician informed him that he was suffering from an organic affection of the brain. having been under heavy financial strain for months. with most gratifying improvement in two or three days. he experienced a severe spasmodic pain in the cardiac region. S . After three or four weeks he improved somewhat. ) Mr. and coldness of the extremities. of careworn appearance. business cares and overwork had been telling upon him for months. and. and asked the conductor to assist him from the train when he arrived at the station. and continued thereafter to return for two weeks or more. I saw him the next day and he was evidently on the verge of prostration. He could only leave the city for the rest of the week but that. till he could go away for a longer stay. After arriving at home. helped him to go on with his business. When the patient came. Wiggins. which was accompanied by faintness. which was some weeks later. the result of apoplexy. over sixty years of age. was suddenly s'ricken the afternoon of August 14. with Kali phosphoricum 6x. as his physician insisted that his days were few. but in a few minutes recovered. Finally. He became unconscious in a store where he had gone for help. and had the presence of mind to remember a bundle which lay on the seat at his side. in performing some trivial manual labor about his home. he suddenly experienced a peculiar cerebral sensation. There . " The medicine braced me up wonderfully. as he employed one in the East formerly as his family adviser. he experienced a relapse . I advised him to give up business and go away for at least a month. sometimes several times a day. and became unconscious. and. and put him on Kali phosphoricum 6x. He was past sixty years of age. ( T. which he has lost in unfortunate speculations — a common occurrence.

and until bedtime. Any inflammatory irritation of the bronchi. when thick white phlegm forms. Add five grains to a tumbler half full of water. and slept well all night. Breathing short. viscid. — Editor California Medical Journal. Acute. when sputum is transparent. to restore lost nervous energy. The careworn. accompanied with dyspnoea. Kali mur. " winter cough. fibrinous in character. each agent to be dissolved in a separate glass. Secretion causes soreness and excoriation. spasmodic and very painful cough. He complained of sleepless nights from lancinating pains in the left chest and left side of the face. BRONCHITIS AND BRONCHIAL CATARRH. In the stage of resolution. Patient is worse near the seashore. Kali sulph. and marked improvement was observable." with any of the above symptoms. or burning soreness. fluttering of heart. short. — In the second stage. for the spasmodic pains. Clear. and no evidence of any loss of motor or sensory function. 3X. . slimy and watery. — Acute inflammation of the windpipe. watery. — Takes the place of Aeon. oppressed and hurried. bronchial catarrh. The prescription was Kali phos. but one spasmodic attack since beginning the medicine. Chronic bronchitis. or where it is greenish. Capillary bronchitis of young children. sometimes coughed up with difficulty. weak voice. Ferrum phos.was no paralysis. Natrum mur. in the acute inflammatory stage. Calcarea phos. or in chronic bronchitis when a fresh aggravation sets in. and could now go about and do light chores without becoming exhausted. — In anaemic persons where expectoration is albuminous. heat. and Magnesia phos. however. It should be given in alternation with the remedy indicated by the expectoration. Chronic forms. — When the expectoration is distinctly yellow. like the white of an egg. He said he was better. had felt 158 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. starch-like sputa. and alternating give a teaspoonful every hour during the day. In about a week the patient returned for more medicine. watery and profuse. despondent appearance of countenance had more of an expression of comfort and hope. loose and rattling. and upon making the effort we found he could call into use all his reasoning faculties. with frothy and clear watery phlegm. In another week his wife reported him as well as ever.

or yellowish green. alternately with Calcarea phos. Can be applied externally. of Cleveland. catarrhal fever. — Where exudation causes soreness and chafing. with characteristic white. Third stage of bronchitis. also externally. Kali mur. Natrum mur. Frawley. broncho-pneumonia and allied affections of the chest. — Burns when suppurating." (W. CLINICAL CASES.. — Cough worse from cold and better from warm BURNS. followed by or in alternation with Kali mur. especially in children. or mixed with blood. Bronchial affections of rachitic children. have been treated successfully with Ferritin phos. CATARRHAL TROUBLES. stage of resolution.) . — Where expectoration is yellow. worse inspiration . 2x as a powder to dust over burns in which there is much heat and redness. BURNS. damp. Patient must hold his chest on coughing. J. with circulatory disturbances. T. rainy weather. Worse in cold. also scalds from boiling water. White or grayish exudation over wound.. falls to bottom of vessel containing water and spreads out like sediment. Smarting in nasal passages. Asthmatic spells worse towards morning. Laryngeal morning cough. Blisters form. Calcarea sulph. has never disappointed me. also those of the second. Dr. R. Numerous cases of bronchitis. " Ferrum phos. — Burns of the first degree. — When blister has been formed. uses Ferrum phos. — Burns with suppuration . O. congestion of nasal mucous membranes. Pus-like expectoration. Ordinary catarrhal colds and in cases similar to those benefited by Hepar sulph. Ferrum phos.. Silicea. excellent for a predisposition to take cold. no other treatment having been found necessary. Natrum sulph. has been found an excellent alternating remedy with Ferrum phos. 159 drinks. Sometimes Bryon. Natrum phos. — First stage of cold in the head. CLINICAL CASES.Calcarea sulph. 3X in pharyngeal catarrh. King. frothy expectoration.

— Catarrhs and colds with watery. with thick. Fever blisters. with a whitish-gray tongue. and influences the conditions of the membranes for good. ulcerated nose in scrofulous children. thick. Dry coryza. Syphilitic ozaena. I find that it has quite a decided tonic action. Ozaena. not transparent. L. Dr. Dr. — Yellow. The mucus has sometimes a salty taste. — Cold in the head." Darge pedunculated nasal polypi. Posterior nares dry. Stuffy cold in the head (alternately with Kali mur." with watery. which burst and leave thin crusts or scabs.) Hawking of mucus from posterior nares. small lumps. Loss of sense of smell. as though the mucous membrane were solidly infiltrated. Bull says : "I frequently began the treatment of chronic catarrhal conditions of the air-passages with Calcarea phos. Colds in the head with an albuminous discharge from nose. — Chronic catarrhs and colds in adynamic persons (as an intercurrent remedy). Influenza. yellow. Sneezing and sore nostrils. . Kali -mur. Epistaxis from stooping and from coughing. Calcarea phos. with ineffectual desire to sneeze. Sneezing worse undressing at night and in morning. has proved to me the most satisfactory remedy in acute inflammations of the nasopharynx in which there is a decided burning dryness.). In many places it quite takes the place of the Cinchona preparations. transparent. Coryza. clear. Swollen. The appearance is that of redness with marked thickening. Calcarea sulph. Kali sulph. Yellow or yellowish discharge from the nose. Adherent crusts in the vault of the pharynx. Calcarea fluor. Osseous growths and diseases of nasal bones. slimy secretions. or expectorations of watery matter. — Catarrh with expectoration of yellowish. Natrum mur. Geo. Herring finds the i trit." (Ivins. with offensive odor of dead bone. Dry coryza. frothy discharges. "running cold. Cold causing vesicular eruptions with watery contents. Colds with dry skin when perspiration does not set in freely under use of Ferrum phos. worse on going into the cold and on exertion. " I use it often with profit in the purulent stage of acute nasal catarrh.Kali mur. Stuffy cold in the head. are conditions calling for this remedy. Patient feels generally worse in the evening or in a heated room. almost infallible for stopping a cold commencing with sneezing. frothy discharge. — Catarrh when there is white phlegm. Chronic catarrhs of bloodless patients. A. Point of nose icycold. almost 160 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.

left nostril worse. CLINICAL CASES. — Nosebleed during menses. (Syringe also with a solution of the same remedy. offensive discharge from nose. herpetic eruption around nostrils and lips. especially in the scrofulous oza^na. Zeitschrift) praises Natrum phos. offensive ozsena. has regained much of the lost senses of smell and taste. Epistaxis and predisposition to same. Wesselhceft. such as acid risings and yellow base of tongue. in chronic postnasal catarrh. Nosebleed. Gave three doses of Kali sulph. Silicea. Case of thick. sneezes from slightest exposure. yellow mucus. foul breath. as well as everything else. Gushing flow from nostrils. and the patient had become hypochondriacal. or inveterate ulceration. foul. It clears up the condition of the mucous glands. with offensive discharge from nose. u in water. Goullon {Pop. Naso-pharyngeal catarrh. Catarrhs of mucous membranes in general. Yellow crusts blown from nose. Takes cold very easily. Dr. Ozaena syphilitica. yellow discharge . Kali phos. characterized by a tendency to profuse secretion of greenish mucus. has lost taste and smell. to be taken once a week. l6l opaque. etc. Thick mucus hawked from posterior nares. Magnesia phos. and where secondary nervous troubles arise.) . b after Kali bich. yellow. chronic dryness of the nose. Thick. H. had failed. Natrum sulph. worse every change from dry to wet weather. when the affection is seated in the submucous connective tissue or periosteum. giving as indications the golden-yellow exudation and yellow tongue. and relates a case cured by Natrum phos. Itching of tip of nose. — As an intercurrent. Stillborn child three years ago. ( W. D. Natrum phos. — Loss or perversion of sense of smell. In one month reported catarrh entirely well. with thick. corroding discharge . M. alternating with watery discharge. purulent secretions. has been affected with it for eighteen months.CATARRHAL TROUBLES. Offensive odor before nose.) Painful. when gastric symptoms appear. Catamenia occur every three weeks. frequently tinged with blood. — Ozsena. P.. since the disease is caused by an excess of water in the cellular fluids. Picking at nose. — Ozaena. Alternate dry and loose coryza. producing acrid. This is the tissue remedy for la grippe.

. Breuer. light-complexioned. on being blown out it emitted a terrible stench. resulting in protracted bronchial catarrh. and inernally in dynamized form.II 1 62 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.. Silicea and several other remedies proved inefficacious. for the vascular disturbances. and opined that here was a case in which chloride of sodium was not properly assimilated. Cholera infantum. Recorder. full-flowing pulse. About once a week a thick. a tablespoonful for four days. large and small. red face. Calcarea. Ferrum phos." He was reminded. dry. morning and evening. fishy in appearance and profusely dotted with comedones. CHOLERA. Z. through an upper left alveolus. rolling of head and soft. CHICKEN POX. Natrum sulph.. or alternately with the remedy indicated by the eruption. D ) NaTrum muriaTICUM. — Dr. — In the first stage. Three weeks after having taken two doses of Kali sulph. reports a case of suppressed foot-sweat. child is greatly reduced. H. with most satisfactory results. The probe entered the antrum freely. from which a tooth had been drawn four years previous. (W. falls into a stupor. even bloody . 1883. and Silicea. dilated pupils. Case of gentleman. and the alveolus closed so that no probe entered. About a month previous a piece of carious bone was taken from the antrum highmori. Calcarea sulph. Ferrum phos. 6 in water. of Boussingault's experiments in withholding salt from animals. or Silicea. watery. — A. He used it locally in ten grains to the ounce solution. . Bull records a case of atrophic rhinopharyngitis in which the skin was "colorless. Louis A. alternating with Kali phos. P. discharges frequent. he says. — This remedy alone. of Munich. cured by Calcarea sulph. nothing more remained of the discharge. Wesselhceft. M. — Horn. cholera from checked perspiration. Dr. dark brown semi-fluid accumulation of pus formed in the left upper nostril. such as Kali mur.

appealing looks for sympathy. lateral and downward jerking of the mouth. Magnesia phos? for three months produced gratifying results. First stage. — Is. Watery diarrhoea with vomiting and cramps in calves. aggravated at stool and by emotions. Ignat. after fright or suppression of eruptions on the face. Thin body. twitchings on the right side. (See Silicea. cedema of face and extremities. — This is the chief remedy. Natrum mur. — If due to worms. failed. Better during sleep. (Schussler. cured. Acting on Dr. canine hunger. — Choleraic cramps. the remedy for cholera and cholerine. cramps in calves and rice-water discharges. — Cramps and other symptoms of cholera. Calcarea phos. Natrum sulph. irritation of nostrils. watery. — Cholera infantum. but did not fully cure. Schiissler's . Natrum phos. snapping of eyelids. constipation. Chorea during puberty in either boys or girls. especially in anaemic and chlorotic states. with thirst and fever. or if acid symptoms are present. Magnesia phos. Follow or alternate with Calcarea phos. CLINICAL CASES.Kali phos. pale face. blue countenance and low pulse. Kali sulph. spasms. — In scrofulous children. undigested and offensive. according to Schiissler. — When the stools have the appearance of ricewater.} CLINICAL CASES. sleep disturbed by frightful dreams. Magnesia phos. livid. and other irregular movements. Old man attacked with severe vomiting and diarrhoea. Involuntary movements and contortions of the limbs. slimy. ) CHOREA. — When due to the presence of worms. 163 scrofulous children. with mute. Case of chorea. — Suitable for chronic cases. Collapse. great thirst. paroxysms of jumping regardless of obstructions. Green diarrhoea in CHOREA. sudden forward motion of head. distorted eyes. face and upper part of body affected. Calcarea phos. Silicea. Kali phos. child looks like an old woman. worse at full moon.

a soft. aet. John H. She walked fairly well and could feed herself. caused by fright. D. ) H. The improvement which followed was slow. presystolic. The heart's action was accelerated. On admission she twitched all over during her waking hours. Hart. slept well at night. with but small success. sore mouth. P.. On being directed to stand up. — one of Schiissler's so-called "tissue remedies. but no abnormal sound was to be distinguished. 7. the latter twice. she did so without difficulty. Natrum mztr. Sager. S. Chorea cured by Magnesia phos.advice." No other medicine was given. by this date her remarks were quite intelligible. as if the muscular fibres of the heart participated in the general spasms. or carrying things from one place to another and then back again. drinks much water. was prescribed — two grains of the sixth decimal trituration. white tongue. 6x was given alternately with the Magnesia phos. delicate. or sitting still in moody silence. the former once daily. Chorea for two years. Magnesia phos. 6. — Gertrude S . Subsequently. the articulation improved. (Dr. Thus within seven weeks this obstinate case of a very troublesome disease yielded completely to Magnesia phos. and lost the scared expression so characteristic of the complaint. Subjected to the difficult test of walking blindfolded. and hold the arms extended. She had suffered from well-marked chorea during the preceding eight months. D.) 164 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. three times daily. on March 30th. whereas on her admission the meaning of her utterances was a matter of pure conjecture. blowing sound was at times audible. but her speech was exceedingly defective. n cured. aet. No definite cause was to be made out. M. the child took nourishment freely. and there was no history of a fright. 200 cured permanently. Whittier. Clarke. (C. .. M. but abundantly manifest. anaemic. but was quiet during sleep. B. — Horn. Calcarea phos . feverish. By May 17th no vestige of the chorea remained. Magnesia phos. Lastly her powers of speech had so much improved that. was admitted to the London Homoeopathic Hospital. (D. The pupils were symmetrically dilated. In one month the child was cured. she came through triumphantly. 1887. and the usual remedies for such conditions had been administered to her as an out-patient during the previous two months. World. July. close the eyes. 1887.) Choreic patient talking to herself constantly. pale.— By Dr. The child did not suffer from worms. The general twitching became less. however.

— Colic of children. and in a few weeks was entirely cured. warmth and belching of gas. Muscular contractions. flushing of the face and quickened pulse. aet. and Coloc. with heat. — Flatulent colic starting in right groin. (Schiissler. crampy pain. shortly after. 30th potency. — Pains resembling colic. such as green. M. C. Natrum mur. Colic in umbilical region. eased by friction. with constipation. attacks lasting several days. " Colic of newborn infants. prompt and complete success . Improvement set in in two days. — Colic at menstrual periods. with symptoms of acidity. Natrum phos. D.COLIC. with bitter taste in the mouth and grayish or brownish-green coating at the root of the tongue. diagnosing the affection as cancer of the stomach and wandering kidney. — Colic in hypogastrium. sour-smelling stools. E. fail. Natrum phos. from excitement and sudden coldness . In lead colic this remedy should be given frequently in the ix or 2x trituration. My diagnosis was oversecretion of lactic acid. Kali sulph. Woman. Pain in abdomen and small of back as if bruised. — "In cases of bilious colic presenting the belching of Carbo veg. to do excellent service. Flatulent complaints after confinement. and the pains of Diosc. gas escaping smells like sulphur . suffered for two years from gastralgia and enteralgia. Fisher. Remittent colic. 165 Natrum sulph. I have found Natrum mur. with ineffectual urging to stool . Colic forcing the patient to bend double. invariable. Magnesia phos. colic. if Magnesia phos. Morgan." (J. 50.) Colicky babies when they cry half the time . Abdomen distended with gas. better bending double. Abdomen feels cold to touch . Gallstone colic. vomiting of curdled milk. Two allopaths had treated her in vain. — Flatulent colic of children." (C. at each attack vomiting of a fluid as sour as vinegar. Ferrum phos. I use it in almost every case with absolute. with drawing up of legs. no interference with nutrition. Kali phos.) CLINICAL CASES. Incarceration of flatus. Much flatulence. ) . sometimes caused by great heat. etc. Bilious colic.

Was sent for in the night. and with numb sensations. dilated pupils. Natrum sulph. CONSTIPATION. and for particular reasons did not go. was given. About half past nine I arrived at the house. the attack yielded immediately. I gave him a different remedy. restlessness. — Asthenic conditions. however. Early in the morning her husband was again at my office. Kali phos. — Chronic effects of falls and blows on head. always running on to inflammatory character. Calcarea phos. — Hering's Materia Medica. I. Ascertaining she had vomited bile. CONCUSSION OF THE BRAIN. One of the hard-working clergy of the metropolis was for several years subject to very frequent and very severe attacks of colic. violent vomiting. and had a very bitter taste in her mouth all the time. misery. and though he has had several threatenings. Magnesia phos. in a little water. great tenderness of abdomen . sent what I thought would relieve her. — As an intercurrent sometimes. I administered a powder of Natrum sulph. Ferrum phos. and found her still suffering excruciating pains. Natrum sulph. In about five minutes she had a free movement from the bowels. but suffering terribly. depression of function of the brain-cells resulting from concussion. Constipation occurs frequently in consequence of some primary disturbance. — When optical illusions accompany. saying she was no better. he has had no colic since. More than a year ago it was ascertained that the pain generally commenced i?i the right groin and thence spread over the whole abdomen. and she continued to improve. .Case of lady with bilious colic. and was up and about the next morning. to be administered until I could get there. — Febrile disturbances depending thereon. These attacks generally lasted from three 1 66 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. anxiety. In about two minutes after taking it she said she was considerably relieved for the first time since eleven o'clock in the night. Note — No purging need be resorted to. days to one week.

hard stool with blood. persistent chilliness. (Schiissler. Pain in abdominal rings. associated with anaemia . Dose. Natrum sulph. Copious perspiration around head. Proctalgia. difficult expulsion of soft stool . Kali phos. also when fat and pastry disagree. especially in old people. emission of fetid flatus in large quantities. palpitation. Paretic condition of rectum and colon. Drowsiness and waterbrash. caused by atony of muscular fibres of intestines. — Torn. — Costive. smarting feeling after stool. face pale. earthy face. watery eyes. light-colored stools through want of bile from sluggish liver. — Inability to expel the faeces. — Constipation accompanied by a white-coated tongue." (Frawley. Constipation of poorly nourished children with pale. with great aversion to meat diet." (Donaldson. — Obstinate constipation. CONSTIPATION. — Hard. flatulence and fulness of epigastrium.) Silicea. Constipation associated with chronic scrofulous and suppurative diseases. knotty stools streaked with blood. Natrum mur. Constipation with much intestinal weakness. Habitual constipation with occasional attacks of diarrhoea in young children. with watery secretions in the other parts . " Constipation of fleshy people. dry and difficult to pass. bleeding. Soreness. stitches and shooting pain in anus. and when arising from want of moisture. vertigo and headache. Torpid liver. Hemorrhoidal constipation.) Kali mur. watery vomiting.) Calcarea phos. Faeces recede after having been partly expelled. 5 to 10 grains three times daily for a six-months' old child. excess of saliva in the mouth or on the tongue. — Rectum seems to have lost the power of expulsion. — Constipation with heat in the lower bowel.Ivook for the symptoms of this. The proper remedy will make the bowels move. especially those with weak hearts. is indicated in obstinate constipation with prolapsus ani and piles. Natrum phos. readily flushing. . accompanying paralytic diseases.) Ferrum phos. This remedy is an admirable laxative when administered with the food of infants.— Stools dark brown. Accompanied by headache. " Ferrum phos. cold hands and feet. preceded and accompanied by smarting at the anus . associated with mental depression. (Strong. streaked with yellowishgreen mucus. 167 Calcarea fluor. Dryness of the mucous linings of the bowels. Stools are hard.

noisy stomach-cough. Persistent. H. spasmodic cough at night. The stools were hard and dry. Child grasps at throat during coughing spell. short. with soreness from cold. chest sore. Kali phos. gluey albuminoid phlegm. like whooping-cough. were partially expelled with much straining. taken night and morning. patient himself mute and almost an idiot. Short. requires this remedy. no expectoration. Cough with thick. — Cough from irritation in the trachea which feels sore. P. . Expectoration thick. acute and spasmodic. tickling cough.) Dr. born of scrofulous parents. spasmodic cough. Kali mur. Mrs. dry. has an idiotic brother. Cough hard and dry. Noisy cough with protruded appearance of the eyes and white or gray-coated tongue. After a course of Natrum mur. Would go three to four weeks without stool. Short. milky-white expectoration. weary feeling in the pharynx. yellow. and fetid. (Full report of the case found in Strong's Constipation. 11. set. Short. with rattling of mucus in chest. 72. hard. the pupil of Hahnemann. three months ago. sore. or white-coated tongue. tickling cough from irritation of the windpipe.CLINICAL CASES. worse at night. relates a very remarkable case of chronic constipation cured with Natrum mur. (I. — Cough with yellow expectoration or watery matter. Johnson. hard cough. The poor creature suffered with constipation from birth. Gross. constipation since birth of last child. Silieea 30 cured in four doses.) 1 68 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Cough. milkywhite. COUGH. without expectoration. w The patient. Ferrum phos. hoarse cough like croup. aet. Mucus slips back and is generally swallowed . Cathartics had failed. Croupy.. — Acute. so the constipation was entirely cured. Kali sulph. Cough in consumption with thick. Worse in a heated room or in the evening. with feeling of soreness in the lungs. salty. croupy-like hoarseness. mother of three children. p. 26. paroxysms . a boy. painful. with grayish-white tongue. — True spasmodic cough coming on in fits. — Loud. Magnesia phos. and then receded into the rectum.

— Cough provoked by cold drinks. 30 . or dropping at the back of the throat. Dr. Suffocative night-cough. becoming inarticulate. F. short cough. and on breathing . creeping paralysis. tough lumps of mucus. 4X and 6x respectively. Calcarea fluor. and because Grauvogl says: "We know that the oxidation processes. Muco-pus. tasting salty. Soreness and weakness of chest relieved by warm. watery sputa. promptly relieved by Magnes." because the case came late under treatment. day and irritation in pit of stomach.SES. — Cough with expectoration of albuminous matter. Whooping refer the spasm to the pit of the throat. yellow. worse on lying down and at night. Biegler reports in the Trans. thick. Cough with tickling and irritation in the throat on lying down. morning cough with tough expectoration. a case of subacute laryngitis cured by Kali phos. Natrum sulph. CROUP. and other chemical transformations in the blood." Dr. the changes of gases in the respiration. pale. Southworth reports two cases of spasmodic cough. 1888. Dry. J. — Cough with sanious. The prescription was given " as a forlorn hope. (Lilienthal. liver with cough. Expectoration of profuse. Dyspnoea on stooping or lying on back. etc Speech slow. I. yellowish-green pus of greasy taste and offensive odor. Calcarea phos.) CLINICAL CA. not watery. A. phos. the leading indications being its spasmodic character.with difficulty upon lying down. In dry cough dren this remedy should always be thought cough. from — Cough with excess of watery secretions. In with watery sputa. — Cough with expectoration of tiny. — Cough with a sensation of all-goneness in the chest. Silicea. with weakness. H. from elongation of the uvula. Suffocative cough in children. moist air. must press upon chest to relieve soreness and weakness. Patients The lungs are sore in nervous chilof. from the strain of coughing. A. ropy and yellowish-green expectoration . W. are brought about by the presence of Kali phos. 169 Calcarea sulph. bluish face. Natrum mur. better lying down. consumption Stitches in night. Laryngeal. In cough of consumptives as an intercurrent remedy. winter cough.

— Spasmodic closure of the windpipe. Calcarea phos. having had a few years before a very severe attack of true croup. for nervous prostration. cured her very speedily. there exists a tough mucus in the throat causing much discomfort. — Useful after the exudation stage when." (Bradford. syncope . livid countenance . aet.. Calcarea sulph. — If Ferrum phos. alternating with Ferrum phos.. After nursing. this past autumn had again an attack. breathing short. R. Fisher was consulted by a lady {enciente) who was suffering from a cough which caused great inconvenience. Sudden shrill voice . breathing ceases. A short time ago the lady under similar circumstances was again troubled with a cough. and when given in season will sometimes prevent exudation. — This remedy should be alternated with Kali mur. oppressed and hurried. who took spurious croup when there was a sharp. The second case had spurting of urine when coughing. (From Schiissler. the head turns backward.cold air. keen. better on sitting up. 170 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. suffocative cough. "Suffocative attacks on lifting up the child from the cradle. Ferrum phos. ) CROUP. CLINICAL CASES. Dr. this time also cured her as speedily. or being raised from the cradle. Calcarea fluor. pale. Kali mur. Ferrum phos. Ferrum phos. Magnesia phos. a boy. D. with fever. — Useful if the foregoing fail to act. and Kali mur. It will change the croupous to a catarrhal cough. tightness across the chest. which have been recommended by so many authors against spurious croup. after the attack great laxation. and a loud. do not suffice. 7. northeast wind. . as with every cough there was emission of urine. Aeon. — Is the principal remedy for the membranous exudation. the face is blue. after the hard membrane has been softened. there is fighting with hands and feet.) Kali phos. — If treatment is delayed till the last stage. and liver of sulphur. after crying. The chief remedy in true croup. barking cough. produced no change whatever. in alternation with Kali mur. The chief remedy in false croup.

is the principal remedy. — Teething troubles with feverishness. — Delirium occurring at any time. rough and hard. and molecules of water in some portion of the brain. (E. I ordered Natrum mur. dilated pupils. I exchanged my Hepar sulph. Chief remedy. 171 ing of the body. for several days. sleeplessness. quite lively and well. so that on the following morning he awoke. flushed face.) DELIRIUM. fear. Give alternately with Natrum mur. the horrors of drunkards. Ferrum that I prepared myself. lost completely the barking sound. in the case of this boy. as delirium tremens is caused by a disturbance of the balance of the molecules of the Natrum mur. Delirium tremens. Ferrum phos.. H. as usual. do not be afraid of high potencies. with much coughing. — When there is present high fever. CLINICAL CASES. with start- DENTITION. Magnesia phos. frothy tongue. sparkling eyes. (Schiissler. I was consulted by the relatives of a man suffering from delirium tremens.. for a continuance of the affection. Kali phos. H. endeavors to grasp or avoid imaginary objects and images. in . so that his relatives were very anxious. ) DENTITION. — Delirium tremens . — Convulsions in teething without fever. (Schiissler ) In croup. as this remedy restores the normal consistency of the brain substance which is disturbed in this disease. wandering delirium with muttering . if it does no good give Kali phos. for Kali mur. rambling talk. and extreme restlessness and irritability. restlessness and suspiciousness. There were dry heat and great oppression present. Natrum mur. and the whole of the following night my little patient slept quietly. Natrum mur. they often do much better than the low. After a few doses the cough became loose. A complete cure followed speedily. and gave every two hours a full dose. The nights especially were very restless. able to get up.

due to malassimilation. 172 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. oversensitiveness. seems indicated. much offensive flatus. Natrum mur. Child does not learn to walk or forgets to walk and loses flesh. with green specks in it. Ferr. Especially useful in flabby. phos. fine skin. emaciated children with open posterior fontanelles. hot skin. cheeks highly flushed. Case of vomiting of food and drink during dentition. this is a magnificent remedy. — Especially suitable for children with large heads.) CLINICAL CASES. Calcarea phos} cured. — Child 18 months old. much sweat about head. C. loose bowels. the child going to sleep shortly after taking it and the cheeks becoming much less flushed. M. W. — The chief remedy in teething disorders. and Calc. pus-like diarrhoea and vomiting. head small. curdled milk. phos. A few repetitions of the remedy entirely removed all the dental irritation. For the benefit of young practitioners. incessant crying and momentary loss of consciousness. (Wilde. spasmodic colic. commencing by holding breath." (Dr. Ward. During sleep head wets pillow. — Where there is much dribbling or flow of saliva. J. Silicea. Calcarea fluor. Morgan. imperfectly nourished. — This remedy also greatly facilitates dentition. where Bellad. but does no good. It is the remedy for troublesome ailments during dentition. sparkling eyes.) Dentition. large abdomen. (Raue. "In convulsive cases. pupils dilated. undigested diarrhoea. If they appear too late it should be given to hasten development. phos. ) I have had many cases of that troublesome affection with children that I have easily cured with Magnes. 1873. open sutures. I will add that I generally prevent the recurrence of that trouble by treating the mother in the following manner: As soon as I . Malnutrition of the bones. and extreme restlessness and irritability. D. in water every hour. " Spasms. Vomiting during dentition. especially the teeth. Record. The first dose had a decided quieting effect.) Calcarea phos. 6x trit." (J. Has a sputtering..alternation with Ferrum phos.

unquenchable thirst . But while a lack of Sodium phosphate is the principal cause of diabetes. to see her offspring cutting teeth sooner and without any trouble. The results that I have obtained are: first. dry mouth and tongue . — Polyuria . D. Kali phos. to prevent the usual decay of the mother's teeth. it establishes normal function of the medulla oblongata and pneumogastric nerve.) DIABETES MELLITUS. — Polyuria. — Excessive and sugary urine. — This is the chief remedy. every morning and evening I order the pregnant woman to take a dose of Calc. Any deficiency of Sodium phosphate will cause a disturbance in the water in the system by allowing an excess of Lactic acid to accumulate. sunken abdomen . Glycosuria when lungs are implicated. — Diabetes. Natrum mur. A. Ferrum phos. This is done by the catalytic action of Sodium phosphate in the blood. loss of sleep and appetite . A writer explains the biochemic treatment of diabetes as follows: Lactic acid is composed of Carbonic acid and water. 173 or when there exists pain. . Great weakness and somnolence. flabby. Nature in her effort to eliminate the water produces the symptoms called diabetes. Schiissler gives as a special reason for its use deficiency of the pancreatic secretion. craves bacon and salt. also Kali sulph. NOTE TO DIABETES. sleeplessness and voracious hunger . heat or congestion in any part of the system. — The symptoms for which this remedy must be given intercurrently are nervous prostration. (E. Kali mur. de Cailhol. — Schussler says that this may possibly be a remedy useful for this disease .see one of my regular patients having reached the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. and must be split up on its way to the lungs. when there is a quickened pulse DIABETES. great debility and despondency. second. and. weakness. which latter acts on the digestion or stomach and on the lungs. Calcarea phos. 3X trit. M. emaciation. much thirst. Calcarea sulph. with weakness. phos. as an intercurrent remedy. Natrum sulph.

and the Sulphate of sodium. Potassium phosphate will be too rapidly consumed. and despondency. P"or the great thirst. diet cuts but little figure in the treatment of diabetes. The treatment. emaciation. causes a deficiency and consequent thickening of bile and mucus. a small dose after each meal. Sodium phosphate also gives off oxygen. and thereby prevents its reaching the kidneys as sugar. If a case of diabetes has advanced to any considerable degree. It equally distributes the water in the system and quickly restores the normal condition. Diabetic patients should never overeat. will probably draw on the nerve fluid. The main object is have the food digest. for the very important fact that it overworks the liver. better eat six times daily than overeat once. 90 necessary for the process of the decomposition of sugar. which latter acts on stomach and lungs. For the great functional disturbance of nerve centers caused by the demand made on the blood for the Potassium phosphate. This injury to the tissue of the kidney calls upon the red corpuscles of the blood for Lron phosphate. and sometimes a crystallization of . The phosphates may be combined where two or more are indicated. Nature. in her efforts to supply iron. give Sodium chloride. which will in most cases cause a deficiency in that inorganic salt. therefore. Potassium phosphate is 'the infallible remedy. except as to the amount of food taken. and the patient suffers from nervous prostration. producing sleeplessness and voracious hunger. Iron and Potassium. 174 TH E TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Where there is great emaciation or poor appetite Calcium phosphate should be given. In my opinion. It establishes normal functional action of the medulla oblongata and pneumogastric nerve. the kidneys will have become ihflamed by the Lactic acid and sugar that passes through them. but the Sodium sulphite and Sodiutn chloride should be given in separate solutions. Of course diet of fat meats or greasy food cannot be beneficial.the chief remedy is Sodium phosphate. for diabetes mellitus is : the Phosphates of sodium. because it regulates the supply of water in the blood. and also thins to its normal consistency bile that has become inspissated from a lack of Sodium phosphate.

A. ochre or clay-colored stools. Ferrum phos. — Diarrhoea after fatty food. M. Kali phos. However. M.cholesterin in the gall duct. 6x. B. in thirst. Rankin reports a case of diabetes insipidus improving under Natrum phos. painful. I have had occasion to treat many cases of that affection that I consider of a nervous origin. phos. Natr. and one in which an Italian doctor employed successfully Natrum sulph. Diarrhoea in typhoid fever. M. de Cailhol. stools like pale yellow ochre. its specific gravity was 1. Evacuations light colored. phos. D.) Diarrhoea in children. stools watery. starting in sleep. in diabetes. eyes half opened .. Prolapsus recti. .) DIARRHOEA. 6x trit. appetite and general strength." (Guilbert. communicated to him from Scotland. or bilious headache. — Diarrhoea from a relaxed state of the villi. April. consulting me. often accompanied by vomiting. I learned from her that the disease originated from a nervous shock (conjugal onanismus). and Magnesia phos. the cure was perfect and no sign of relapse. D. (E. 1886. which give rise to symptoms called hepatic colic. de Cailhol. and there is thirst. E. aged 42. the length of treatment has been from forty-eight hours to a week.040. Dentition. Diarrhoea copious. — Southern Journal of Homoeopathy. The treatment that has always succeeded with me has invariably been Natrum sulph. " Pain non-intermittent. Stools of undigested food. face pinched. etc. CLINICAL CASES. sulph. urine scanty. watery. Dr. and Magnes. also in quantity of urine. sudden. green and frequent . pale yellow. no permanent result was obtained in this case. brought on by a chill beginning with fever. given according to the symptoms that I had to fight against. the skin is hot and dry. one dose of each of these salts in alternation every hour. I cured that disease in three months with Natr. pulse and respiration quickened. or absorbents of the intestines not taking up the usual amount of moisture.. The details are wanting.. Having seen her three years after. Kali mur. declared that she passed nearly four gallons of urine in twenty-four hours.) Mrs. Schiissler notices two cures of this disease. jaundice. child rolls its head and groans . . pastry. (E. A. Stools undigested .. mucous.

Wartlike eruptions on arms and between thighs. bilious. excessive use of salt." (Bell &Daird. — Diarrhoea . often accompanied by other diseases. In typhus . — Diarrhoea yellow. " Natrum mur." (Bell & Daird. Green diarrhoea in scarlatina. — Foul diarrhoea. Chronic diarrhoea coming on sometime after rising and moving about. in young children.DIARRHCEA. or of green bile. etc. with the characteristic white coating of the tongue. Calcarea sulph. curdy masses. Kali phos. mixed with blood. Summer diarrhoea connected with a lack of digestive power. slimy. Aggravation in damp weather. Symptoms of cholera. and the peculiar desires and aversions furnish the leading indications. painful straining. Vomiting of sour fluid. Stools putrid. slimy or watery. glairy slime. Diarrhoea caused by excess of acidity . to heal the conditions causing putrid evacuations. especially at root. Natrum mur. Noisy. Prolapsus recti. Stools bloody or slimy. the greasy appearance of the face. with or without pain. Chronic hereditary looseness of bowels in old women. scanty and frequent. green. — Diarrhoea purulent. cramps. with clay-colored tongue. prolapsed. in which the stools are either clay-colored or habitually greenish.) Slimy coating of tongue with minute bubbles of saliva on tip. Transparent. where there is habitual constipation with occasional attacks of diarrhoea. frothy stools. thin. is chiefly used for chronic diarrhoea of children. Yellow coating of tongue. from maple sugar and . sore and raw anus. Kali sulph. stools watery.) 176 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. with yellow. — Itching. Diarrhoea with depression and exhaustion of the nerves. like rice water.) Diarrhoea from bad methods in feeding. Stools white or green from deficient bile. carrion-like odor. The flatulent symptoms are very characteristic. — Diarrhoea with watery." (Guilbert. where the loose morning stool is the leading symptom. Rectum burns and feels sore . dark. 175 White or slimy stools. offensive flatus. Natrum phos. stools sour smelling. bloody. " Jelly-like masses of mucus. but not necessarily present. Natrum sulph. Evacuations like rice water. Profuse. The emaciation of the neck. Also. coagulated casein. painless and imperative stool while eating. Tympanites. Diarrhoea of strong odor. Black. creamy coating of tongue. purulent stools. offensive stools. occasioned by fright and other similar causes. " This is one of the most frequently indicated remedies in cases of chronic diarrhoea. followed by unsatisfied urging.

One of our most valuable remedies for the diarrhoea of scrofulous and rachitic children. Goullon relates a case of chronic diarrhoea of two years' standing. as an intercurrent or alternate remedy. Pain at intervals. eyes turned up. (C. and one dose of Kali phos. is a specific against cholera. (W.) An old man was attacked by a severe vomiting and diarrhoea.change of weather. cm. distended abdomen.) Morning diarrhoea on rising. Horn. Calcarea phos. about two months old. accompanied by exceedingly painful cramp in the calves. with much sour perspiration on head. Green. and she had been giving it different things. coated tongue. Evacuations had the appearance of rice-water. — Infantile diarrhoea. no desire to nurse for some time. — Stools watery. cured. effected a cure. cadaverous-smelling. offensive. Lippe. undigested diarrhoea. hot. accompanied with flatulence. I told her I was afraid there was little chance . The stool splatters all over the vessel. slimy. gushing. she called me. sudden urging. W. tongue brownish-vellow. or hot applications. 75. cured by Ferrum phos. and hard. Natrmn sulph. The mother said it had DIPHTHERIA. Stools of mushy consistence. Stool is hot. Zeit. noisy and sputtering. expelled with force. 1 77 been sick for a week. I undertook the treatment about six hours after the beginning of the attack. CLINICAL CASES. P. Silicea. flatulent colic relieved by drawing up the limbs. — Allg. cured with Calcarea sulph. Magnesia phos. Intercurrently in consumption of the bowels. Among the first cases in which I tried these remedies was a negro child. The speedy cure of this case of choleraic diarrhoea would justify the belief that Kali phos. The following are about the symptoms presented: Painful diarrhoea.) Dr. constant rolling of the head. — Diarrhoea in teething children. set. Vomiting and cramp in calves of legs. profuse. but as it got worse. (Schiissler. with griping pains in the bowels. of years' standing. Chronic diarrhoea in old maid. watery. after vaccination.

J. Ferrum phos.) DIPHTHERIA.. Ordered the medicine to be continued at longer intervals. or relatively the Kali mur. every hour. and after leaving a few more powders. Kali mur. Allen cured a case of chronic diarrhoea in an old lady. perhaps only a small number. there arise a disturbance of the proper balance of the molecules of this salt and consequent loss of some molecules. to be alternated with the Magnesia phos. Kali mur. and is always indicated at the commencement. For the purpose of curing diphtheria by means of the biochemic method. Prescribed Magnesia phos. H. (N. and Calcarea phos. Dose. <?. F. — This is the sole remedy in most cases. T. every fifteen minutes. This was about nine or ten o'clock a. but I would do what I could for it. I returned about three o'clock p.. where it is recognized as the diphtheritic exudation. the exudation will derive supplies and continue to go on. When an intense irritation has attacked those cells which form the seat of the disease in diphtheria.. (E. The next morning it was considerably better. . — At the commencement and for the fever. in alternation. with morning aggravation on beginning to move. the remedy for this condition. m. molecules lasts. which latter will lessen the fever. 12 178 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. and the mouth sore. I now prescribed Kali mur. The next day the tongue was clear.for its recovery. molecules have become inharmonious in their function. So long as the disturbance of the proper balance in the motion of Kali mur. and for this reason the remedy must be given in molecular form. new molecules of this salt must be applied to the respective tissues of which Kali mur. and was sleeping. in place of the Calcarea phos. and to my astonishment found it better. molecules which are contained in them. to be continued for a day or two longer. the fibrin) as does the phosphate of lime to the albumen. It had ceased rolling its head.) Dr. to see if it were still alive. m.. the case was dismissed.. -jx. H. A. stands in the same biological relation to the albuminoid substances (z. with Nalrum sulph. At the same time a portion of the albuminoid substances (the organic basis of the cells) is set free and appears on the surface of the mucous membrane. At this visit I found the tongue covered with a thick white coating. in alternation with Ferrum phos. eyes were natural. H. had nursed once or twice.

The putrid character is well marked. Deglutition was attended with great pain and ac- DIPHTHERIA. stertorous breathing. Calcarea phos. etc. 6 every two hours. such as lime water. such as weakness of sight. creamy coating. diphtheritic exudation. and the back part of the roof of the mouth looks creamy-yellow . be used along with these remedies. — Diphtheria. give this remedy and Calcarea phos. Natrum sulph. The use of Natrum mur. and there was exceeding prostration. prostrate. the coating of the tongue is moist. and in four days every vestige of the throat trouble had disap- . — Diphtheritic throat. Kali phos. creamy or gold colored. Dryness of the tongue.. dry on the tongue. etc.10 to 15 grains of 3d or 6th trituration in a tumbler of water. alternately. or a powder the size of a pea. malignant. (Schiissler. tonsils. if the face be puffy and pale with heavy drowsiness . carbolic acid. must be discontinued with the disappearance of these symptoms. etc. Natrum phos. The following day there was a marked improvement. Natrum mur. Kali mur. falsely so called (not true). uvula and entire soft palate were covered with a thick. A white speck or patch remains after the main exudation has come off. — Under no circumstances should other remedies. — In the well-marked. watery stools. — In diphtheria as an intercurrent remedy where there is vomiting of green matter or water. when the tonsils are covered with a yellow. because they may interfere with the proper action of these salts. Such a complication is very rare when the Tissue Remedies are used exclusively. patient exhausted. as seen by the putrid-smelling odor from mouth. Also for the aftereffects of diphtheria. squinting. — When the affection has gone to the windpipe through mismanagement. 179 companied with the utmost effort. Note. Calcarea fluor. Fully developed case of diphtheria with the characteristic glandular enlargement. a dose every two hours. nasal speech or paralysis in any part of the body. flow of saliva or vomiting of watery fluid.) CLINICAL CASES. iced water. and the peculiar welling-up of mucus from the stomach. gangrenous condition. — Diphtheritic exudation spreading to the trachea.

(M. It flashed upon me that the constant welling-up of mucus in the throat is a symptom of Natrum sulph. in alternation. as paralysis. I thought perhaps it was waterbrash and gave a few doses of Natrum phos. In a few days she was well. but to no effect. The membrane had spread considerably and the tonsils were much enlarged. and the child recovered rapidly under Calcarea phos.. the chief remedy. North American Journal of Homoeopathy. Gave her lower potencies. D. and in a few hours there was a decided change for the better. I saw the case on Saturday. W. July 21. She now complained of something continually coming into her throat. Found her very ill indeed. M. Monday morning the mother met me with tears in her eyes and wanted to know if I had not better call another physician. In the latter cases there existed considerable running of saliva.. defective vision. (W. It looked like a simple ulcerated sore throat. shrivelling and coming away with the gargle and mouth-wash made with Kali mur. In three cases the patients labored under prostration from the first. the whitish-gray exudation being diminished.. she and her father were at my office. Continued the first remedies through the night. (E. I found her quite feverish and her speech considerably muffled. and Kali phos. The rising of mucus in the throat continued. When I got home. No secondary affections resulted.peared. Saw her three times on Sunday. had to be given intercurrently.) In fourteen cases of diphtheria the biochemic measures left nothing better to be desired. M. 1883.) . in two cases Natrum mur. rapidly making a change. I consequently gave it alone in the 200 (B & T. I examined her throat carefully and found a distinct grayish patch on each tonsil. I now prescribed Ferrum phos.. sulp/i. about four o'clock. The next morning much worse. H.) Last summer I had a case of diphtheria that was a little out of the usual order. D. ) potency. heavy drowsiness and watery stools. The treatment worked splendidly. About nine o'clock I called and found that she was evidently not relieved in any way whatever. or neuralgia. H. Kali mur. Left her at night on 3X. Pratt. and told the mother that if she was not better in the afternoon to let me know. and Kali mur. alternately with Kali mur. such as frequently arise under ordinary treatment. and I prescribed Calc. also occasional doses of Ferrum phos. May.

D. tonsils swollen moderately and quite red. which at an early stage was complicated by an affection of the larynx. tonsils red and swollen.) The following cases are of interest. febrile state. Diphtheritic membrane covered the right tonsil. Almost at the same time a child of another family in the village was attacked by diphtheria with the same complication. red cheeks. I know of no better remedy than Kali phos. to be taken alternately. Morgan.) . but a similar exudation appeared on the posterior wall of the pharynx. The child was treated by the ordinary method and died. for the affection of the larynx. fetid breath.Case from the practice of Schiissler: In a village a few miles from the town of Oldenberg. which he promised to do. the upper attachment looking blackish next to the tonsils. (Dr. hanging down. a child was taken ill with diphtheria. especially the right. C. effected subsidence of malignity. In diphtheria (maligna). as before. Continued prescription every four hours. on which was a tuftlike exudation about its centre and about one-quarter inch in diameter. and hastened the cure. 30 every three hours for a day and a half. a little feverish. Ferrum phos? . Became worse and sent for me. and Calcarea phos. The father of the latter child came to me. set. with. Two days after I received a letter from him. M. and the next day was perfectly well. in which he informed me that the child had completely recovered. The following day only a slight vestige of the membrane remained. vii. I prescribed Kali mur. Kali phos. Medicine given less often. 180 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. and Kali mur. Boy. Hahnemannian Monthly. Ferrum phos. and sometimes without. Ferrum phos? . vol. Young lady with sore throat. -where every known remedy failed. continued the same remedy every four hours. in diphtheria: i. being better. for the disease in the first instance. from Schiissler. glistening. The next day the membrane was nearly all gone. the following day he was well.. 5. I requested the father to inform me without fail of the result. Natrum mur. The next day the tonsil was clear. swelling and redness were better. In paralysis after diphtheria. 2. flushed eyes. (J. as showing the action of Ferrum phos. then paused. F.

Natrum mur. who used Kali mur. — Dropsy caused by heart disease. Pratt. Dropsy from obstruction of bile ducts and enlargement of the liver. — Dropsy and dropsical swellings of any of the subcutaneous areolar tissues of the body. Arsen. with much success in a swelling of the feet and lower extremities. — Dropsy from loss of blood or draining of the system. D. Quantity of urine voided in twenty-four hours was very scanty. Kali sulph. Preputial oedema or scrotal oedema. Calcarea fluor. alternately with Calcarea phos. Reclining position was impossible. — Dropsy arising from heart. and during the past forty-eight hours had ceased entirely. Digital. Anasarca. Kali mur. In twenty-four hours the child voided two quarts of urine and a speedy recovery followed. Preputial or scrotal oedema. do not well assimilate the nutritive portion of the food. Calcarea phos. without having any active symptoms of dyspepsia. — Dropsy from non-assimilation. and Apoc. 6 every two hours. CLINICAL CASES. set 4. ix. The patient was fearfully anasarcous. given after meals. l8l of the body.. Dropsy. when the prominent characteristic symptoms of this remedy are present. Fleury. Ferrum phos. M. ) Dr. Anaemia or loss of blood or vital fluids.) DROPSICAL AFFECTIONS. Jr. — Simple dropsy invading the areolar tissues DROPSICAL AFFECTIONS. failed. Calcarea phos.DIZZINESS. Scarlatinal dropsy in a child. Dropsy in which the liquid drawn off is whitish. Hydrocele of long standing.). Hydrops genu. R. Goullon.. Hydrocele. dilatation of any of the cavities. adds the following particular indications for . Gjdema of internal as well as external parts. or white mucus is deposited in the urine. Natrum sulph. There is generally a whitecoated tongue. (C. with palpitation. Dropsy from weakness of the heart (in alternation with Kali pkos. Natrum mur. Apis. Persistent white coating on the tongue. When it occurs in nervous subjects who. (W. will be found useful. — Post-scarlatinal dropsy. liver or kidney affections. M.

Magnesia phos. Kali mur. sanious stools. without pain or redness. alone cured this case in about a fortnight. Whether any epithelial sheathings were present was not ascertained. Occasionally delirious. Lastly. (Dr. but may acquire such dimensions as to cause great tension. very offensive stools. by warmth. Kidneys were now more sensitive to pressure. and was allowed to be in the convalescent room. friction or pressure. the swelling becomes less perceptible in the morning than in the evening. — When the stool consists of blood only. In most cases this remedy with Ferrum phos. the feet also cedematous to above the ankle. itchy. . being slightly turbid and containing much albumen. No pain over the kidneys on pressure. Prolapsus recti. but appetite. Cohn. — Intense pain in the abdomen. Tenesmus after stools. calls to stool every few minutes. aet. 9. Pulse somewhat feverish. ) 1 82 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. sleep and stools still natural. Ferrum phos. Aconite — without success. It is. and at one stage may be termed snowy-white and shining. with tenesmus. usually suffices for a cure.its use: The remedy in question appears indicated in chronic persistent swelling of the feet and lower limbs. had recovered from diphtheria and scarlatina rather easily. with the foregoing remedy. I gave three different medicines — amongst these. Never useful if tenesmus is present. cutting as from knives. — If affection begins with violent fever. A little girl. Urine scarcely decreased. however. and the patient becomes delirious. Kali phos. Suddenly she began to swell without any apparent cause. abdomen swollen. Pains in rectum with every stool as from a prolonged spasm of muscles. If pain is dependent on inflammation making no intervals and increased by pressure. Natrum mur. and great dryness of the tongue. from Schiissler. or when stools have a putrid odor. extorting cries. only very small quantities occasionally. purging with slimy. Dropsy (anasarca et ascites) was increasing rapidly. this. urine scanty. with a feeling as if it would burst. — Crampy pains eased by bending double. DYSENTERY. with constant desire to pass water and go to stool. Putrid. Her face became puffy. Tenesmus and tormina. cures. containing no albumen. afterwards becoming hard to the touch. when the swelling is soft at first.

The whole condition changed for the better. every 15 minutes cured third dose. I exhibited " Schiissler's " Magnes. more in rectum than abdomen. Magnes. — Stools purulent. phos.abor-like pains before and during catamenia. cm. D. Turning into a bilious diarrhoea. . in hot water. sanious (mixed with blood). — When during puberty the patient has not been careful. Merc. M. with consequent dysmenorrhoea. Lady complaining of extreme tenesmus and tormina. See also Menstruation. Diseases of Calcarea phos. Reed. Holbrook reports a case of dysentery which was greatly relieved by Calcarea sulph. being so severe as to cause fainting. of Binghampton. Natrum sulph. He gave it with equally as prompt results in spasmodic tenesmus vesicae occurring in a case of cystitis resulting from gonorrhoea. and the stools were growing less frequent. H. Y. In all my experience I DYSMENORRHEA. K. cured. Something had to be done if I held my case. and constant desire to pass water and go to stool. The tenesmus was like a prolonged spasm of the muscles employed in defecation. is a grand antispasmodic. (Dr. Nymphomania. especially in cases that persist after Kali mur. and fully as reliable as our more frequently used remedies. 1 83 never had a more prompt or pleasing result. and the only relief obtained was from hot water. sexual excitement and throbbing headache.) In treating a case of dysentery lately I was at my wits' end to control the terrible pain in defecation. E. CASES. The pain was almost entirely relieved by the first dose. and Women. Leonard. E. and I discharged my case the next day. I was led to think of it for my case of dysentery by a statemenl made to me by Dr. must rise and bend forward. cor. vertigo. L. suited the case well. phos. 2c. — If bilious symptoms are present. with violent backache. E. Dr. phos. CLINICAL. Every time this pain came on. Magnes.Calcarea sulph. N. ) DYSMENORRHEA. A hypodermic of morphia could hardly have acted quicker. Snyder. Natrum sulph. but the pain was increasing. The pain in the rectum and abdomen was very severe. (H. It certainly did me great service.

1 84 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Magnesia phos. — Homeopathic Physician. Dayton. D. Bittinger. Natrum sulph. in two months.. Warmth is soothing . J. Dr. cramping pains. with vomiting of undigested food. menses acrid.Ferrum phos. preceded by frontal headaches . Miss N. lachrymose. — Great pain at the time of menses in pale. the vagina dry and sensitive. Y. sensitive females. and frequent shivering. blood bright-red. — The chief remedy in ordinary cases of menstrual colic. irritable. — With great coldness. — Pain at the monthly periods. and during summer to urticarious eruptions. — F. T. Silicea. The menses came all right and have been coming ever since with no return of pain and perfect regularity. Vulvitis. robust and perfectly well in every other way. O. D. troubled with pains before and during the first day or so of the flow. Plethoric. Vagina sensitive. worse by motion. Trans. 1884. Kent reports a case of dysmenorrhcea of years' standing. of . neuralgic. which would confine her to bed. Great melancholy. Violent epistaxis. painful menstruation or pain preceding the flow. cured by Calcarea phos. Natrum mur. St.. Several ten grain powders of Ferrum phos. — Menses scanty and dark. sometimes acid taste. D. and then to continue the powders in water every other night before retiring during the next interval with a hot saline sitz bath at least once a week at night. too profuse and too early. Icy coldness of the whole body from the commencement of the flow. Membranous dysmenorrhoea. — With colic. . Also. Excessive congestion at the monthly periods. aged 19. Belding [N. Pinching in abdomen. often subject to fever-blisters on lips. M. R. with bursting headache. with flushed face and quick pulse. To be taken also as a preventive before the periods if these symptoms are recurrent. CLINICAL CASES. Trembling or twitching of the hands and languor of feet. to be given in hot water every half hour until the pain was relieved.) reports a case of dysmenorrhcea. which occurred after the third powder. Kali phos. Sore burning in vagina and cutting-burning in the womb. early in the morning.

1887) reports several cases of dysmenorrhcea cured with Kali phos. Dr. The menstrual pains were cramplike. and vice versa. a large dose of Magnes phos.years' standing. Some of the symptoms were: the mammae were so painful that the touch of her clothing was unbearable. D. worse lying on left side. after allopathic medicines. The pain usually lasted several hours previous to flowing. B. dry weather. at first general. and gives a case of menorrhagia cured with the 6x. November. When the suffering was most intense a sharp. phos. shooting pain would extend from the hypogastrium to the epigastrium. P. The first menstrual period following the administration of the Kali phos. EAR. Davis regards Magnes. — Dr. Kali phos. with headache and diarrhoea. has frequent cold sores on upper lip. superior to Cimicifiiga in neuralgia of the uterus and in the relief of menstrual pains. 1 85 . Dreams of robbers. mur. with severe bearing down in the hypogastrium. B. back and lower limbs. Whittier (in Hahnemannian Monthly. — Horn. acid substances. Dr. Whittier reports the cure of a dysmenorrhcea of fifteen years' standing (in a highly neurotic and hysterical woman) by a course of Kali phos. D. and apparently indicated homoeopathic medicines had failed. when the uterine pains would be increased and sometimes continue for twenty-four hours. and as very useful in uterine engorgement. 6x lessened the pain in one-half hour. m cured. was comparatively comfortable. and most severe after the flow commenced. another dose brought on a free flow. Journal of Obstetrics. and immediately succeeded by a vomiting of bile or frothy. and the patient finally cured. in Dysmenorrhcea. Patient feels best in cool. The vomiting would relieve the painful distress of the stomach. sometimes streaked with blood. When the headache was severe the pains elsewhere were lessened. and Magnesia phos. DISEASES OF. Dr. Natrum. heat applied to abdomen did not relieve. continuing over six months. soon settled over the left eye. A headache. The remedy was given as a preventive during several subsequent months with good effect. A. followed by a sensation as if something were flowing up to the stomach. July. characterized by pain and soreness in left hypochondrium going through to right scapula. Davis relates a case of dysmenorrhcea with severe pains in uterus. every summer has urticarious eruptions.

phos. 5. and the next menstrual period was painless. varying in size from one to two inches long. (J. 1886. The pains came on after the flow began. in water for two days. Magnes. EAR. DISEASES OF. The paroxysmal character of the pain.. beefy redness of the parts.. the absence of exudation. or day after a membrane would be passed. beating in the ear and head . every impulse of the heart is felt here. though she passed the membrane as before. Noises in the ears. — Inflammatory earache from cold. 1889. phos. A muco-purulent discharge and a tendency to hemorrhage. cm. The following are also indications for its use : " 1. throbbing pain. non-suppurative catarrh of the middle ear. in Proceedings of Hahnemannian Association. T. Ferrum phos. They were relieved by heat and pressure. I gave her after one of her menstrual periods Magnes. American Institute Transactions. 4. Campbell. 4x was recently reported in the ' ' Homoeopathic World. Kent. the pulse can be counted.) I had a patient with very severe shooting neuralgic pains during the menstrual period. phos. The next menstruation was easier somewhat. Magnes. night and morning. The complete establishment of the discharge is not followed by the relief of the pain. M. 389. D. . A clinical symptom is : " Noticeable pulsation in the ear . sensitiveness. especially in affections of the ear in anaemic subjects. Congestive stage of otitis. Sensitive to noise.) A most instructive case of membranous dysmenorrhcea cured with Magnesia phos. with burning.Dysmenorrhcea that had lasted for some time in which at each menstrual period a membrane was discharged.) Chronic. Commenced in the back and came directly around and centred in the pit of the stomach. Earache. arising through blood-pressure from relaxed conditions of the vessels not returning the blood properly. radiating pains. 2. ' ' It was a case of several years' standing and the cure was complete. aching — and next day. A marked tendency for the inflammatory process to be diffused instead of circumscribed. p. 3. with sharp. and there is probably anchylosis of the small bones.) Also. and she had no more pain. but not much. and were relieved by lying curled up in bed with a hot water bag on the abdomen." (Wanstall. where the membrana tympani is thickened." (Houghton. stitching pain. (Dr. Dark. the radiating pains 1 86 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. one dose dry. After that the menses were perfectly painless. The pains would last for a day — dull. 10m. The pains were in the stomach and lasted the first day or two. in the abdomen low down. one dose. Inflammatory conditions.

Its use is said to lessen susceptibility to these catarrhal states. Copeland.) Kali mur. and thick. Moist exfoliation of the epithelial layer of the tympanum. granular pharyngitis. especially the form designated 'proliferous. " One of the most effective remedies we have ever used for chronic catarrhal inflammation of the middle ear. DISEASES OF. — Earache. as seen by simple inspection. and also the condition of the tongue if coated white or gray. cracking noise in the ear when swallowing.' Stuffy sensation. 187 much an intensely red membrane as one paler in appearance which indicates its use. extend to the cavity of the middle ear itself. Deafness from swelling of the Eustachian tubes. The accompanying nasal condition is characterized by swelling of the lining membrane. tinnitus aurium from excessive flow of blood to the part. yellow discharge. C. is chiefly suited to the second or later stages of catarrhal states of the naso-pharynx and Eustachian tube which. The condition of the pharynx. obstruction. In chronic suppuration it reduces proliferation. " This same condition extending up into the Eustachian tube gives rise to such thickening of the lining membrane . C. by continuity of the mucous membrane. walls of external meatus atrophied. where pus is whitish . swelling of the throat. S.. is that of a thickened mucous membrane. " For earache after exposure to cold or wet I have no better remedy. subjective sounds. etc. giving a coarsely granular appearance to the surface. checks granulation and hastens repair. as if the more active hypertrophic condition were passing over into a less active or passive atrophic state. The presence of small spots of whitish exudation would be a further indication for its selection. Houghton. whitish mucus. naso-pharyngeal obstruction. throbbing or heat. Eustachian tubes swell. especially when the membrane is dry. Inflammation of the drum." (H.and sensitiveness. Chronic dermatitis. and the general anaemic and debilitated condition of the patient. Deafness from inflammatory action. Deafness with swelling of the glands or cracking noises on blowing the nose. F. deafness. and its vessels engorged. (R. It is not so EAR. (H. Seems to affect more decidedly the right Eustachian tube. with inflammation present in subacute or chronic form and usually centering around the follicles.) Catarrhal affections of Eustachian tubes. Diffuse inflammation of the external auditory canal and acute affections of middle ear.) " Kali mur. excessive granulations. when there are cutting pains. with white or gray-furred tongue and swelling of the glands. or later on by thick. tongue white. granular conditions of meatus and of membrana tympani . retracted membrana tympani. or suppuration. closed Eustachian tubes. tension. It is also the principal remedy for deafness from swelling of the external ear. In ulcerations.

but in cases where granulation is excessive it is sometimes employed to check the exuberance of their growth and favor resolution. as far as possible. It is also especially useful at the termination of more active and painful attacks. It will even aid us efficiently in holding in check many of those inveterate cases of years' standing which go persistently from bad to worse upon the slightest provocation. relieving thus the partial vacuum which always ensues when the tympanum becomes a closed cavity. consisting of deafness of varying degree. to clear up the remains of inflammation and prevent. while its usefulness at the termination of suppurative attacks in the middle ear has been found very great in modifying those tendencies to adhesions which constitute one of their chief dangers. and rarification of the contained air takes place. with or without subjective noises. in the external ear the use of this remedy has been hitherto comparatively infrequent. and the neck would further indicate its selection. has been largely confined to chronic catarrhal conditions of the middle ear. more or less retraction of the tympanic membrane will be visible.that the tube. The aural symptoms resulting from this condition of the tube are well understood. the angle of the jaw. if specular examination be made at such times. nent changes in the delicate structures contained within the tympanic cavity. " Finally. its indications being chiefly a dry and scaly proliferation of the epidermis of the external meatus. A swollen condition of the glands about the ear. " In the tympanic cavity itself the process of slow proliferation. and those sometimes startling and disagreeable snappings in the ear which arise from the sudden partial opening of the tube during deglutition. its evil effect in inducing thickenings in the tympanic mucous membrane and perma- 1 88 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Its most satisfactory results . is partially and sometimes wholly occluded. " My own experience with Kali mur. seems to constitute the indication for this remedy. in private practice. whereby the air is allowed to rush forcibly through the tube into the tympanic cavity. subjective noises in corresponding degree. and its action is said to be greater upon the Eustachian tube of the right side than upon that of the left. or to the less active forms of inflammation from the outset. with interstitial thickening and consequent slowly progressing deafness. and which no man living can hope to cure. In suppurative disease of the ear this remedy is less frequently required than for the catarrhal process. In this condition of the tube the remedy applies less to those states which are recent and acute than to their later effects. and after keeping a careful record of its action in nearly two hundred of these cases. Of course. for a time. with tendency to atrophy of the walls. I am convinced that it is one of the most useful agents we possess in their treatment. and without pain.

) Magnesia phos. tensive and piercing pain below the mastoid process. — Cold feeling of outer ears. Stitches in the ear. sometimes mixed with blood. noises in the head with weakness and confusion. It supplements Kali mur. Calcarea phos. tissues dry up. Sensitive swellings behind ear. causing swelling of Eustachian . or even for two or three years. D. Kali sulph. general exhaustion of the nerves or nervous system. H. S. P. bleeding easily. follow with Magnes." (Houghton. suppuration of the middle ear. Kali phos. C. — Earache with secretion of thick. 1 89 panic cavity and Eustachian tube. Catarrh of tym- EAR. Itching and burning in the ear. Deafness from want of nerve perception. Roaring in the ears. Discharge of watery matter or yellow pus.) Natrum mur. purely nervous in character. swelling of gland. F. Atrophic conditions in old people.) Otalgia. but which have not yet given rise to those permanent tissue changes which are sure to follow in the later course of the disease. The bones around the ear ache and hurt. etc. — Deafness from swelling of the tympanic cavity. Weakness.. Earache with rheumatic complaints. etc. showing lack of vitality." (Prof. favors the opening of the Eustachian tube. (Dr. flaky discharge from ear. '•'•Kali mur. become scaly. DISEASES OF. phos. Sharp. Deafness with middle ear suppurations. though indicated. cutting pain under the ears. After its use inflation becomes easy. — Deafness or dulness of hearing from diseases of the auditory nerve-fibres. saliva profuse. Calcarea sulph.) If the humming and buzzing in ears are not removed by Kali phos. associated with swollen glands in scrofulous children. yellow. pus being watery. showing little tendency to granulate or secrete laudable pus. Rounds. Proliferous disease of the middle ear. hearing supersensitive. Ulceration angry. M. brownish and very fetid. Itching in the auditory canal. with tendency to suppuration. Throat deafness with catarrh. tongue covered with bubbles. with watery conditions. C. Bellows. Chronic otorrhoeas in children associated with painful dentition. purulent discharge from ears. or greenish fluid after inflammation. " Ulceration of the membrana tympani. Stitches. cannot bear any noise. dirty. — Dulness of hearing with noises in the head.are obtained in those cases which may have been gradually progressing for months. (H.) Otitis externa." (R. It is especially valuable in old people. with thickening and narrowing of the meatus and thin. — Discharge of matter from the ear.

set. — Mastoid disease when the periosteum is affected rather than the bone itself. outer part covered with soft. Deafness worse in a heated room. Natrum sulph. C. Ringing in ears as of bells. Boy. Ferrurn phos. frequently itchy. Ears open at times with loud report. Polypoid excrescence closes meatus. CLINICAL CASES. Calcarea sulph. pus fills the meatus. Suppurative otitis when discharge is thin. relieved this. — Dulness of hearing with swelling and catarrh of the Eustachian tubes and of the cavity of the tympanum. swelling of the external meatus. .) Calcareous deposits on the tympani. thin> cream-like scabbing. A boy. Stinking otorrhoea. F. Worse in damp weather. Kali mur. and has often tinnitus. and the improvement was.) Silicea. the granular appearance of the right membrana tympani disappeared. deposit on tongue yellow. but has subjective noises. resulting from scarlet fever. with history of catarrhal disease of the ear of seven years' standing v suffers at times pain. 190 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Discharge of pus from ears. no pain.— Ears sore. phenomenal.lining and middle ear. ichorous and offensive and attended with bone destruction. At present both ears are inflamed. at present suffering with a subacute attack of catarrhal inflammation of middle ear with slight pain. (Houghton. External ear inflamed. Natrum phos. Eustachian tube is dilatable. — Earache as if something were forcing its way out. hot. and normal hearing returned. right membrana tympani is granular and left perforated. One ear red. entirely removed this. commenced at once and continued to improve. (H. In suppurative inflammation of the middle ear when the discharge is thick. Oversensitive to noise. Mastoid disease (see clinical case below). had an ear trouble of twelve years' standing. the mucous membrane of the pharynx was pale. with yellow. accompanied by gastric derangement and acidity. the next time he was seen there still remained closure of the Eustachian tube. hearing greatly diminished. 15. watery discharge and yellow coating on the tongue. pharynx thick. and suffered from suppuration of the middle ear. Foul otorrhoea. Calcarea fluor.

Chronic suppurative inflammation of the middle ear from scarlet fever,
both ears suppurating, both canals filled with pus of a dark color and
in character. Kali phos. entirely cured. (Houghton, Clinical Otology.)
Prof. Houghton, in his excellent treatise on Clinical Otology, presents,
many remarkable cases illustrative of the action of these remedies. Theabove cases were selected as those in which no other remedies or means

were employed. Numerous cases of the beneficial action of Ferruni phos..
Kali mur. and Calcarea sulph. in aural practice can be found in this
Acute inflammation of the middle ear commenced by a full feeling in the
ear and dull hearing. Pain occurred on performing Valsalva's procedure.
This condition, which grew rapidly worse, continued for forty-eight
when the physician was called and found the following conditions: The
pain was paroxysmal, there was a sensation of a plug in the ear,
tympani injected and bulged, but no evidence of exudation in the
cavity. Posterior wall of meatus auditorius bright red in color, ear
sensitive to manipulation. Ferritin phos. 6x, every hour. Improvement
was immediate. Remedy discontinued in forty-eight hours.
Mrs. , set. 45, February 16, 1887. About three years ago began to
be troubled with pain and noises in the left ear, aggravated greatly at
time of the menses, the pain severe and neuralgic in character,
over the left side of the head. The noises seem to get their character
some pronounced sound which is heard, and this persists sometimes for
hours. For the last six months there has been no further pain on left
but deafness is constant. The right side is now beginning to become
but with no pain and no noises. This has been going on upon the right
side for several months. General health excellent, with the exception of
redness, fulness and desire to rub and pull the skin about the neck, for
few days after the menses, with marked swelling of the glands of the
at the same time. This has been noticed only during the time that the
have been troublesome. The fork is heard best on the left side by bone
conduction, and best on the right side by air conduction. Meatus tympani
and depressed. Eustachian tube on the left almost occluded, on the right

more free. Frequent burning of the auricle on the left side. Kali mur.
cured. (H. P. Bellows, M. D., in N. E. Med. Gaz., November, 1889.)
A weak, cachectic woman suffered for three or four days from earache
and pain in the right side of the head. The ear has been discharging for
three days, but no mitigation of the pain, which is very severe and
from the ear, membrana tympani beefy red, swollen and perforated, discharge profuse and muco-purulent, meatus red, swollen and inflamed. Ferruni phos. 2x in water, every hour. In three days was better in
discharge and pain less. A week later all inflammatory symptoms had disappeared.
Dr. Wanstall reports three other cases cured by the use of Ferruni phos.
from the 2x to the i2x trituration, with results the most gratifying,
controlling the high fever, delirium and pain accompanying the acute middle
ear inflammation. — Transactions American Institute of Homoeopathy ,
P- 398Case of a young girl, light complexion, scrofulous, with brown,
secretions from the right ear. Polypoid growth or excrescence closes the
meatus near the opening. For eight weeks she had been entirely deaf in
this ear, the deafness having gradually increased for four months. Kali
sulph}" 1 given. In two weeks the offensiveness had entirely
On examination find polypus shrivelled to a small, hard, black mass. The

hearing has entirely returned, with a slight, whizzing noise. Every
day two doses were taken. This case was entirely cured. (W. P. Wesselhceft, M. D. From Hg.)
Otitis Externa. — Dr. Stanley Wilde reports a case of otitis externa
with subsequent otorrhcea and deafness, the latter resisting several
remedies as Merc. sol. , Hydrastis and Sulphur. The case presented a
and narrowing of the meatus, with a thin flaky discharge therefrom,
hearing 4 in. Kali mur. 3X stopped the discharge, and the hearing became
normal. Dr. Wilde has used this remedy with good effect in Eustachian
deafness in children from chronic enlargement of the tonsils. — Horn.
Dr. Goullon reports a case of an old gentleman who suffered greatly with
a buzzing in ears, which was made much worse in the noisy street. The

patient had repeated attacks of inflammatory rheumatism, and the
was probably of rheumatic origin. Mentally much depressed. Difficult
hearing. After a few days' use of Kali phos. 6 all symptoms, including
mental condition and difficult, hearing, permanently disappeared. — Pop.
Horn. Zeitung.
A gentleman wrote me the symptoms of otitis of a little child, aet. 4
months, who had a discharge from one ear of an ichorous, thin, offensive
character, producing an eruption wherever the pus came in contact with
the integument. I at once sent Kali phos. 6x, ordering it given every
hours: In three months the running had all ceased, and the hearing was
perfect. I frequently use the Silicea in alternation with the Kali
when the connective tissue is involved. (A. P. Davis, M. D.)
Another case of "otitis catarrhalis internus " came into my office to
me, after spending over $600 with the "regulars." This case was the most
remarkable that I ever witnessed or treated. The man was a tall, slim,
sanguine, nervous specimen of the genus homo, rude, illiterate,
gawky looking, seedy, cross between the ourang-outang, monkey, and
Chinaman, but possessed of sensation, motion and reflection, proving to
my mind that he was a man for "a' that" and "a' that." Well, I went
through the examination sufficiently scrutinizingly to ascertain the
pathological condition of. the trouble I had to meet. There was an enormous protuberance involving the whole mastoid region, the skin red and
glistening, soft, pappy, showing signs of an induration and broken-down
connective tissue, and the whole mass filled with pus, and emitting an
odor that was as sickening as carrion. I at once plunged a knife into
mastoid process, out of which ran about a half pint of blood and pus.
cleausing the tumor with Eucalyptus I bound up the wound, leaving in it
a drainage-tube. I treated the wound every day, putting him under the
influence of Silicea, a dose every two hours. Under the treatment I had
the satisfaction of seeing him improve from day to day, and in four
the whole trouble ceased. He had no relapse, but the cure advanced
steadily until he was well. This case was pronounced hopeless by several
allopaths. (A. P. Davis, M. D.)
Wm. McKee, set. 27, suffers from deafness, due to chronic nonsuppurative
catarrh of the middle ear. While a lad, and on to manhood, went out a

great deal at night to dances and parties, where he would dance and romp
until in a great heat and profuse sweat, when he would go out of doors

remove his coat. In this way he would contract a cold, and one cold
another, until he found himself a sufferer from chronic catarrh of the
and throat, the discharge being continual and very annoying. At this
(about six years ago) he noticed a noise commencing in his ears, and it
gradually increased until he became aware of the fact that his hearing
damaged. He then commenced treatment, and not getting immediate relief from his first doctor he changed, and soon changed again, in this
going to several doctors, a few of them old-school specialists, and then
up discouraged, and let the disease run its course unhindered. When he
came to me (last March) he said he had been unable to hear anything but
confused noises, even when the loudest tones were used to accost him,
five years. He is of medium height, rather slender, with inclination to
hair; has blue eyes, a fair complexion, and has a slightly anaemic
appearance. He describes the noise in his ears as dull and rumbling, if he
no particular heed to it; but if he concentrates his thoughts on it, he
imagine that it resembles almost any kind of a noise. One thing I wish
mention which was quite prominent, and quickly disappeared under the
remedy — viz., he would be awakened in the night by a loud bombing noise
and afterward be unable to sleep ' ' for the racket in his ears. ' '
There were
a number of nervous symptoms in the case that led me to show him to Dr.
Bartlett: I. Slight melancholia, would go off alone and brood over his
troubles for hours. 2. He would stagger while he walked. I found his
tendopatella reflex much decreased and on standing with his eyes closed
he would fall over in my arms, couldn't manage at best to take three
forward with eyes closed without falling. I have kept him pretty
on Ferrum p/ws., and the improvement is remarkable. He can hear every
word of the longest sentence by slightly raising the voice when
him at several feet away. The noises are greatly lessened, he sleeps
and the nervous symptoms are fast disappearing. I have continually inflated the middle ear by Politzer method, once a week. (Dr. F. VV. Messerve.)
Mastoid Periostitis — Siucea. — Dr. A. T. Sherman, of Minnesota, reports a case of a man who had suffered for six days with pain in mastoid
region. On examination found the membrana tympani highly injected,
tuning-fork was heard indifferently on each side when pressed against
parietal bones; hearing impaired on the affected side. Temperature 100. Very
Weak, nervous; complete rmiscular paralysis of right side of face. The

dition of the sense of hearing precluded brain disease. There was no
difficulty in swallowing, or other evidence of paralysis of the muscles of
fauces, which placed the trouble beyond the origin of the petrosal
There was no disturbance of taste or of the salivary glands, which
the trouble beyond the origin of the chorda tympani. He diagnosed mastoid periostitis with pressure on the seventh nerve immediately on its
from the duct of Fallopius. On protruding his tongue it was drawn somewhat toward the affected side. While contemplating incision, patient
mentioned that on the previous morning he had found relief and some sleep
1 3

placing the head in a warm poultice of Indian meal. Gave Silicea 200 , a
every three hours. In forty-eight hours all pain had ceased and
normal. Relief from moist warmth was the guiding symptom to the
Meniere's Disease. — Dr. Fellows reports in the " Clinique " two cases
of this disease greatly and speedily relieved by Silicea 3X and 6x,
several times daily.
Mrs. , aet. 34. March 30, 1886. For several years has been troubled
with deafness from time to time, upon the right side, accompanied by
tinnitus of ringing and pulsating character, and with occasional pain. Mt.
slightly depressed and thickened upon the right side. Nose catarrhal in
slight degree.
H. D. R. w. = 22" = 29" Cath 2 . Calc. phos. 2x N. M.
To spray the nostrils with weak, warm solution of common salt.
April 7. H. D. R. w. = 21" = 31" Cath 2 . Kali mur. 6x N. and M.
April 14. H. D. R. w. = 22" = 52" Calh x . Kali mur. 6x N. and M.
April 2i. H. D. R. w. = 36" = 6ft. Cath 3 .
Tinnitus has ceased. Kali mur. 6x N.
April 27. H. D. R. w. = 46" = 7 ft. Cath 3 .
No further tinnitus. Kali mur. 6x alt. N.
It is now three years since this case was discharged, and at the

of two years I heard that there had been no recurrence of any trouble
whatever. As another year has passed without news from the patient, the improvement doubtless remains permanent. It is needless to say that the
spraying with salt solution in this case was not sufficiently potent to
from the cure, while the catheter could have been but an aid only,
when the permanence of the relief is considered.
In closing my remarks upon the use of Kali mur. in these aural diseases,
I will simply state that my experience agrees with the observation of
that it follows particularly well after Ferrum phos. or Merc, dulcis,
and is
itself sometimes followed especially well by Calcarea sulph. (H. P.
M. D., in N. E. Med. Gaz., Nov., 1889.)
Silicea in Suppurative Otitis. — Dr. Bellows records a case of distressing and frequently recurring frontal headache, which seemed traceable to
chronic middle ear suppuration. The tympanum was perforated. Silicea
3 taken for some months dried up the discharge, healed the tympanum, and
made the hearing normal, while the headaches soon disappeared. — JV. E.
Med. Gazette, Feb., 1893.
See Urinary Disorders.
Kali mur. — The specific or the chief remedy in this disease, especially when it occurs with or after the suppression
of eruptions.

"Kali muriaticum is one of the tissue remedies too easily
overlooked. Its delicate affinity for the nerve centres makes
it a slow acting remedy. Inasmuch as the physician too
frequently seeks palliation in epilepsy, it is not generally employed long enough. Without doubt it preserves the fibrin
factor and prevents a tissue metamorphosis. This, he believes, should be the therapeutic aim in treating this disease.
It is simple enough to relieve a fit, for it is in itself self-limiting. The real object is to overcome the morbid degeneration.
The protoplasmic fibres are surely strengthened by Kalimur.,
and such a condition tends to preserve the brain integrity.
When the brain-cells are properly nourished, they can withstand the irritation of the sensory fibrillse which surround
them. This being done, we have made the first advance
toward the removal of the cause of the disease. While he
does not make the claim of any specific, and while he admits
the difficulty in curing this terrible disease, the writer's

record book gives much substantiation of the above statement." — The Clinique, June 15, 1897.
Kali phos. — Epilepsy or epileptic fits with sunken countenance, coldness and palpitation after the fit.
Magnesia phos. — Epileptic fits, sometimes the result of
vicious habits, which must be restrained.
Ferrum phos. — Epileptic fits with rush of blood to head.
Natrum phos. — Is frequently useful as an alternating
remedy, and for intestinal irritation (worms, etc.).
Silicea. — Nocturnal epilepsy, especially about the time of
the new moon ; feeling of coldness before the attack, spasms
spread from the solar plexus upward. Exalted susceptibility
to nervous stimuli, with exhausted condition of the nerves.
Mrs. , widow, aet. 30, ever since death of husband, six years ago,
epileptic attacks at night while sleeping; groans, bites her tongue,
bloodyfoaming, bowels very constipated, no uterine trouble. Silicea 200
lessened the frequency of the attacks. (Hoyne.)
Kali Mur. in Epilepsy.— Dr. C. C. F. Wachendorf reports the case of a
man, set. 45 years, who had an eruption in September, 1888, which disap-

peared until August, 1889. In November, 1889, the eruption was
and he began to have irregular attacks of "fainting fits." He would grow
pale, a warm feeling following; then spasm, with pain in the cerebellum,
and burning in the region of the stomach. Attacks nearly always preceded
by fright or fear. Nux, Bufo and Arsenicum were each tried in turn, but
failed. Then Kali mur. 6x was prescribed on the indication, "Epilepsy
from suppressed eruptions." After the sixth day he had no attack. He
takes occasional doses of the medicine to keep up its action.
A lady, set. 32, married, one child 6 years old, has had spasms since
birth of the child, every few days, and very severe during the menses,
twenty-four hours at a time, and from a few moments to an hour apart,
these continuing three to six days, then every two to four days, in the
interim of menses. The woman was short build, heavy set, short neck, round
full abdomen, red flushed face, sanguinobilious temperament and of
mild disposition. Headache all the time in temples and back of head, as

well as constant heat on top of head; also severe pain in the lumbar
and across sacrum, numb feeling in lower limbs and cold, clammy
perspiration over the whole body. Physicians had pronounced her case "
caused by uterine trouble. Without regard to diagnosis, or former treatment by allopathic medication, I at once gave her Calcarea phos. and
phos., three doses each per day, and during menses Magnes. phos. every
two hours during the first two days of the menses. In two months from
first time I saw her, she was apparently well in every way, and became
pregnant again, and by the use of the Calcarea phos. had no further
(A. P. Davis, M. D.)
A boy of 13 had suffered since the age of 6 from trembling of the limbs,
and was gradually passing into a state of epilepsy. He received, on the
of October, 1888, Kali chlor., six powders Since the 10th of December he
has had no return of it. {Monatsbldtter. )
A girl, 23 years old, who
epilepsy, received, after
1885, six powders of Kali
" Since the 15th of June,
{Monatsbldtter. )

had suffered since her seventeenth year from
having two violent attacks, on the nth of
phos 30 . On the nth of April, 1887, she
1885, 1 have not had an attack."

Ferrum phos. — Rose and erysipelatous inflammations of the
skin, for the fever and pain and severe symptoms of inflammation.
Kali mur. — Vesicular erysipelas ; the chief remedy. Erysipelas bullosum.
Kali sulph. — Blistering variety, to facilitate the falling off
of scabs.
Katrum phos. — Erysipelas ; smooth, red. shiny, tingling or
painful swelling of the skin. Infiltrated inflammation of the

Natrum sulph. — For the smooth form, red, shiny and
coming in blotches, skin much swollen, with or without vomiting of bile. (Edematous puffy inflammation of the skin.

eccentric dilatation of the heart. brandy. After the second dose of the former she ejected a great quantity of bile. Statistics show a death-rate of 2. aet. as the pulse had become less frequent. — Inflammation of any part of the eyes without secretion of mucus or pus. It had been going on for some six weeks. — A case is reported by an Indian native practitioner in the Homoeopathic World recently. Great redness 198 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. etc. as she had become delirious. Burning sensation in the eyes. In two cases. D. and Ferrum phos. with systolic bellows' sound.. which well displays the activity of this remedy. painting with iodine. Forbes. a dose every hour and oftener. " Conjunctiva . DISEASES OF. This was on Saturday night. a widow. cured her. suffering intense pain. short-breathed on least exertion. The case was one apparently of phlegmonous erysipelas of the left thigh in a boy of 6. (Dr. W.000 per annum from this disease. without mucus or matter. Ferrum phos. Ferr. From Schiissler. 87. now only intercurrently. high fever and quite prostrate.) EXOPHTHALMIC GOITRE. The medicine was continued. when the usual treatment. Hofrichter. (M. was lying very ill with erysipelas. They appear inflamed and red. Mrs. these two remedies and a few doses of Kali phos. had no effect in arresting the disease. 6x wrought an immediate change for the better. with severe pain. Ferrum phos. CLINICAL CASES. Cured by Natrum mur. and effected a rapid cure. Her head and face so swollen that her eyes were literally closed. and was little influenced by the Mercurius iodatus. — Palpitation. alternately.' li in a few months. To the astonishment of all her friends. Natrum sulph.) EYE. In a similar case of erysipelas in a lady. Hepar sulphuris and Silicea at first prescribed. made worse by moving the eyes. Pain in the eyeball.Ferrum phosphoricum. phos. The severe symptoms subsided. on Wednesday morning she was so well that she went out to her work as usual. Natrum mur. Retinitis. were given. heart's pulsations shake the body .. voice changed. ladies with swelling on each side of the neck. The members of her family thought her dying.

" (H. Retinitis. M. fiuor. but even then it is asthenic. letters blur while reading. and surrounding inflammation is very marked. redness of the conjunctiva is not excessive. pain and lachrymation are very moderate or absent entirely. C. but is . there may be some photophobia and lachrymation. Photophobia worse from artificial lights. Dr. (See Clinical Cases. D. Robert Cooper reports as having observed three times that a stye appeared on the lower lid of the right eye in patients who were taking this remedy for debility. white coating.) Cataract after Calc. The tongue will usually have a thin. and surpasses Aconite in the majority of acute superficial inflammations of the eye. DISEASES OF. D. Ivins. Yellow.congested. with great engorgement of the retinal vessels. Photophobia. M. is especially adapted to the non-vascular variety of parenchymatous inflammation of the cornea {Aurum 7?iur. " In diffuse interstitial keratitis in which the cornea is flecked over a large extent of its surface with light deposits. Sept. often vascular. D. The pains are not distinctive. Norton communicates to us the following : Kali mitr. or where there is an insufficiency of the internal recti muscles so far as can be determined.). or if any error exists and is corrected by lenses. He has found it useful in ulcers of a clearly asthenic type. Any part of the cornea may be the seat of the ulcer. sometimes there is purulent infiltration extending between the layers of the cornea (onyx) or into the anterior chamber (hypopyon).) Dr. "Ferrum phos. even though the refraction be normal. we have found it of great value. S. but are always moderate. Parenchymatous keratitis.) In the North American Journal of Homoeopathy. 14. In chronic abscess of the cornea it has been found to do good. French. Indeed. dis- EYE. — Affections of the eye with discharge of white mucus or yellow-greenish matter (also Kali stclph. Cannabis and Merc. Sometimes the disease appears more like an abscess. active and vascular variety). breaking down later into an ulcer. we believe it will prove to possess a specific influence over many of the pathological changes in that organ. 1885. purulent scabs on the lids.) Kali mur. F.. The base of the ulcer is dirty-white or yellow. specks of matter. Geo. Dr. Redness is present.. In retinitis. Blisters on cornea. C. Of great use even in the early stage. and." (H." (H. It has been found of great service. vision dim. inflammations of a low degree. tedious cases. but it is liable to begin at the periphery and spread to the centre. 1 99 charge moderate and of white mucus . p. Inflammation of the iris. with a sensation as if grains of sand were under the eyelids. French. Norton writes of the use of this remedy in ulceration of the cornea. phos. is especially adapted to conjunctivitis with great relaxation of that membrane. Superficial flat ulcer arising from a vesicle. but never excessive as under Calc. M. Feeling of sand in the eyes.

S. — Eyelids covered with yellow crusts. Burning in eyes as if full of smoke. Natr. C. mur. White spots on the cornea.) Retinitis pigmentosa. yellow. thus causing internal pressure. strabismus. Iritis. Eyes water. daily. Ophthalmia neonatorum. a symptom of nervous disturbances during the course of a disease . is most suitable where the humors of the eyeball are increased in quantity. granulated eyelids without secretion of tears. staring appearance of the eyes. — Drooping of the eyelid. The eye may also be syringed with a solution of this remedy externally. . Ciliary neuralgia.never expressive. (R. Blister on cornea. Byes twitch.). black spots before eyes. Kali phos. F.) Magnesia phos. two or three cases of which under this remedy (3X) alone have cleared up with gratifying promptness. after diphtheria. Sensation of sand or sticks in the eyes. — Eyesight weak from an exhausted condition of the system. — Asthenopia. vision 200 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. twitching of eyelids. Photophobia. purulent slime or yellow. neuralgic pains periodically returning with flow of tears. the most important remedy. (H. and superior to Kali mur. or contracted pupils. especially from defective inervation. C. colors before the eyes. dimness of crystalline lens {Natr. — Discharge of golden-yellow. spasmodic squinting. C. C. D. watery secretions. secretion causes scalding of skin or eruption of small vesicles . Trachoma. French. affections of the eyes with sensitiveness to light. sees sparks. drooping of the eyelids. Hyperaesthesia of the retina with flashes of light and black specks before eyes. supraorbital neuralgia. F. creamy matter. thin yellow or sanious discharge with closely adherent membrane on the palpebral conjunctiva. in cases of pus in the anterior chamber (hypopyon).) Ciliary neuralgia has been frequently cured with this remedy. M. (H. Tarsi much thickened and red. dulness of vision from weakness of optic nerve." (R. Excited. strabismus not spasmodic. We have found Kali sulph. relieved by warmth. mur. discharge of clear mucus from eyes or flow of tears with obstruction of tear-ducts. The molecules of the salt which remain on the spot cause by their hygroscopic nature a gradual moistening and absorption of the spot. Natrum mur. Incipient cataract. bright-red or fiery. affected. Muscular and accommodative asthenopia and incoordination of the ocular muscles. C. muscular. S. become blurred. Soreness of eyeballs and edges of lids. Diplopia. "Is of possible value in glaucoma.) Natrum phos. It is useful where other remedies fail. squinting after diphtheria. with general nervous excitability. (H.) Kali sulph. discharge from eyes yellow or greenish matter. Cataract. a valuable agent in abscess of the cornea.

gout. to absorb the effusion of pus in the eye (after Silicea). Indurations in .) Yellowness of the conjunctivae. Phlyctenular keratitis and conjunctivitis. Photophobia. Photophobia in scrofulous ophthalmia. Allen. Calcarea sulph. 201 in chronic ophthalmias. especially in old women. presence of acid risings. Deep-seated abscess of the cornea {Silicea). Natrum sulph. Inflammation of the eyes with discharge of thick. Scrofulous ophthalmia . C. pus thick and yellow. creamy matter. sudden paroxysms of nyctalopia. DISEASES OF. if Magnes. spots on the cornea. worms. and accompanied by well-known scrofulous cachexia. Hypopyon. Inflamed canthi. etc. Burning lachrymation. creamy. note conditions of the tongue. Kernels and indurations of the lids. also use as a lotion to remove and hasten the discharge painlessly. Silicea. Ophthalmia in newborn infants . eyes bloodshot. If much inflammation. Deep-seated abscess of cornea. Scrofulous ophthalmia." (H. Boils and cystic tumors around eyelids. cataract. — Flickering and sparks before the eyes. Lids glued together in the morning. cervical glands enlarged. blister-like granulations with burning lachrymation. profuse. after injuries. also externally as a wash. sticky secretion and dim vision. Amblyopia and cataract after checked foot-sweat. Fermm phos.) Calcarea fluor. — Deep ulcers on cornea. No use where the palpebral conjunctiva is much involved. Retinitis. has such terrible sensitiveness to light EYE. also when accompanied by diarrhoea. with general characteristics of the drug. squinting caused by intestinal irritation. Ciliary neuralgia over right eye. — Spasmodic affections of the eyelids. Sensation of foreign body . Photophobia. — Stye on the eyelids. Useful in checking cataract. Parenchymatous keratitis in scrofulous diathesis. Hypopyon." (Dufneld. C. Boring pains in the eyes of rheumatic origin. — Pain over eyes. palate. Hypopyon. ophthalmia. as if a veil were before the eyes. Dim sight. Large. burning of edges of lids. " Ophthalmia." (H. Corneal opacity. Useful in non-vascular form of diffuse keratitis with more marked photophobia than under Kali mur. conjunctivitis. Graphites possibly excepted. fails. phos. Calcarea phos. Opaque cornea. has to tie up. Cataract appearing with lupus. cancer or tuberculosis. Congenital amblyopia in children of a rachitic constitution and scrofulous diathesis. " No remedy. yellow matter. etc.) Sees sparks before eyes. Granular conjunctivitis. Dry inflammation of the eyes during dentition. " Has in my hands reduced purulent discharge in ophthalmia neonatorum. etc. Pus in anterior chamber.Conjunctivitis with discharge of yellow. Hypopyon. F.

6x cured. patient could only count fingers. p. " I have prescribed Calcarea fluor. some pain. Complained of some itching and burning. p. Ophthalmology. Dimness of vision from overstraining the eyes. thin skull. Enlarged meibomian glands. did no good. Calcarea fluorica 6x. Weak child. recently in my clinic in a 202 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. fontanelles open. Epiphora from refractive error not entirely relieved from wearing corrective glasses. In the Homceopatische Monatsblatter for 1882. — Allen & Norton. Cinnabar. M. Parenchymatous keratitis. T. inflammation of right cornea extending over the whole of its surface. Kali phos. after Calcarea fluor.. 6x cured. soft cataract of left eye. In one case of senile cataract where it was used there certainly was great improvement in sight. No change in cataract. 3. floating specks before eyes. Improvement showed itself within eight days. 2. but quickly contracts again. 6x entirely relieved the following symptoms: Itching of mucous surface of lids. with instillations of Atrop. CLINICAL CASES. The following troublesome symptoms not entirely relieved by wearing proper correcting glasses for compound hyperopic astigmatism were completely cured: The glasses were prescribed in June and patient reported in November following. Copeland.the lids. is a report of thirteen cases of cataract cured — eleven with Calcarea fluor. S. Calcarea fluor. in three months' examination showed anterior fontanelle closed. Ophthalmic Therapeutics. The following cases were furnished for this edition by Dr. light aggravates all symptoms. . 95. of three months' duration. Stewart of Cincinnati: i. The other two cases required Kali mur. 106. Cases of chorioretinitis cured by Kali mur. Aurum mur. 2 years of age. Prof. number of cases. eyes water and sensation of air blowing on eyes after use of glasses. blurring of sight occasionally. University of Michigan).. pupil dilates slowly under Atrop.. slight photophobia and redness. and child much improved in general health." (R. Kali mur. This remedy has been found of use in cases of partial blindness.

in spite of all treatment it had steadily increased. (Quesse. in ulceration of the cornea: Case of ulcer of the cornea large in size. with no improvement. and in twenty-four hours a rapid recovery followed under Kali mur z .The following cases from N. show the beautiful action of Kali mur. with keratitis. steadily increasing in extent. profuse lachrymation. Improvement set in at once. moderate redness and no pain. involving the lower nasal third of the left cornea. Kali mur 3 . cornea hazy around ulcer. came to me on account of a swelling on right eye which appeared suddenly.. 1892. D. 15. Child with ulcer near centre of cornea. and a rapid cure followed. DISEASES OF. Boericke. Kali mur 6 . vascular base. A. The inflammation had existed since the previous Christmas. L. The ulcer began at once to heal. The . projecting mass. Case of ulcer of the cornea with elevated edges and vascular base. M. N. the palpebral aperture. moderate redness. 18S5. A specialist had advised operation. 203 marked. B. p. which was deep. Pus in the anterior chamber. Hypopyon disappeared. infiltration considerable. reported by George S. resulting from phlyctenular keratitis. no pain. Atrop. by Dr. instillation. corners ulcerated. September. moderately red. which was opened with difficulty. The conjunctiva was infiltrated and sight was lost. Kali sulp/1 6 . Mrs. was sent to me for treatment on May 9. removed the swelling and inflammatory symptoms completely and permanently in one and one-half days.. Ulcer of the cornea from the same cause as the above. within five days the vascularity disappeared.. and in two weeks all inflammatory symptoms had disappeared. and in ten days the eye was perfectly well. nose sore. Norton.) Mrs. J. was prescribed. H.. also a rapidly increasing purulent infiltration between the corneal layers.. slight photophobia. no pain. from C . Several remedies were administered with no benefit. Kali mur 6 . Photophobia well EYE. M. and had been subjected to rigorous allopathic treatment. aged 46. and ulcer commenced to heal. was filled with a yellowish-green.

Feeling of sand in the eye. which she had had for two years. with a decided ring of leucocytes round the border of the cornea. and covering an area of about one-eighth of an inch square. 72. set. will be found useful in cases of clear ulceration and absence of infiltration. Wesselhceft. and in three weeks the scurfiness of the eyelids. (H. on the lower edge of the left cornea. every three hours. From Hg ) Dr. Edges of eyelids are scabby. The clouded territory reached to the axis of vision. 8. There was a marked improvement during the first twentyfour hours. D. On the 23d vision was ■£$. P. 204 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. limited by the diseased area. irregular white opacity. no redness. The ulceration healed. with opacity of both corneas. C. The larger part of the cloudy area had cleared up. French. I spent my holidays at Simbach with my grandparents. had nearly disappeared. and the leucoma had almost disappeared. The corneal surface was vascular. as a student. cured the cornea in ten days. 6 .) Child aet. from which a bundle of small veins ran. and an astringent which had been given for the conjunctivitis was reduced in power and frequency. and the infiltration speedily cleared up under Kali mur. improved under this remedy rapidly. An ulcer at outer edge of cornea slightly excavated. Koch writes: An old woman came to me. 3X. There was a dense. every four hours. every six hours for three days. Kali mur}' 1 . (W. and was so continued up to the day of discharge. was given in the 6:x. with vessels running to it. and it is safe to predict a complete restoration of vision in a few weeks under Kali -mur. but had no central vision.entire bulbar and palpebral conjunctiva was intensely inflamed. She had worn a green shade over her eyes to my recollection. M. It may be that Kali mur. She could with difficulty discern large objects on the temporal side. occupying the center of the affected territory. After the seventh day the Kali mur. reaching down into the interstitial elements. . internally and externally. and finally discontinued. when. a little blister. with fresh ulceration and some infiltration. A girl had. On May 9th she was put on Kali mur. It is worth a trial. since my younger days.

Examination of the eye showed moderate photophobia. or Arsenic. Externally the conjunctiva palpebrarum was in a chronic state of inflammation. The history of the case. the surface was clear. her eyes bright and perfectly cured.) I have hitherto only given Natrum phos. 19. The vision was reduced to counting fingers six inches from the eye. One case was particularly striking on account of its being cured so rapidly. 1886. She had been treated for some time by an ordinary practitioner. but without effect. On each side of the nose there were excoriation and eczema of the skin. though not clear. set. pointed toward a strumous rather than a syphilitic origin. I ascertained that her eye affection dated from the time she had had measles. and only then when my old remedies. July 3d. He stated that his right eye had been "bloodshot" for a week. appearing like ground glass throughout its whole extent. causing a continued flow of smarting tears.. of Hoboken. but was not vascular. in regard to these excessive lachrymal secretions determined my choice. 8. in scrofulous subjects. Dr. She had much thirst. caused by the flow of acrid tears. aet. Calcarea card. some years previous. and shortly after entirely disappeared. I hesitated whether I should give Natrum mur. led me to try Natrum phos. ) Louis G . and that the vision had been steadily failing for five days. A week later on. This commenced at eight o'clock in the morning and lasted till sunset. N.. The cornea was very hazy. but the tear-ducts were unobstructed. and Kali mur. During the night it was better. (From Schiissler. came to my office. (From Schiissler. and the creamy secretion of the eyelids. and I gave Natrum mur. but Dr. In three weeks the symptoms all greatly subsided. Nichols. was instilled. but little appetite. conjunctival redness and ciliary injection. and the child was brought to me. Schiissler's special mention of Natrum mur. J. who suffered from severe conjunctivitis. Calcarea card. The enlargements of the glands of the neck. failed.. The punctae lachrymosa were dilated .This person complained of a constant burning sensation in her eyes. In May last a little girl. with great dread of light. in water. Under this treatment . one teaspoonful three times a day. etc. and other medicines proved ineffectual. was brought to me. lachrymation. The young man was of good physique and apparently perfectly healthy. Atrop. of which I administered a dose three times daily. by advice of his physician. was given internally.

The man had to keep his eye tied up. and said he could not see. under Kali mur. He had been treated for it. Rhus tox. As to the therapeutic treatment. the pain became more marked. and now his sight was quite gone. 205 the improvement continued so long that in eight weeks his vision was |f. as evidenced by moderate inflammatory symptoms. between the cornea and iris). I felt rather in a fix with the case. The cornea was dim. as if from a foreign body. alone. First of all I gave Ferritin phos... 6x was then alternated with Kali mur. and cornea hazy at the outer edge. and pulse normal. as absorption would not take place. and later became perfect. as if there were something in the eye. The conjunctiva was swollen. Now I had the task of absorption of the matter before me. a piece of wood had struck him in the eye. I found no foreign body. and conjunctivis. with vision \^. and in a week the burning pain and watering of the eye were less. DISEASES OF. and the eyelid also in an irritated and inflamed condition. the redness increased. a dose every two hours. V. August 19th. His appetite was good. e. \§. The same treatment was prescribed which had been so successfully employed before. Some time before this. Koch informed us that a farm servant came to him. I had evidently to deal with two different affections — hypopyon (matter iu the eye). as well as the clearing of the cornea. leeches and cold water applications. On December 27th he was again seen. when the vision in the right eye was found to be perfect (■ff)*. Remembering an expression . had had purgatives.But tne disease was making its appearance in the left eye. with a smoky appearance of the anterior chamber [i. the photophobia and lachrymation became excessive. and the inflammatory symptoms rapidly abated. 6x. and a continuous flow of tears. Dr.. The particulars of the case were these: The bulbus was infiltrated with vascular engorgement. when the sthenic type of the disease soon changed. EYE. To meet the rirst condition I gave Hepar sulph. after which. but for two weeks the cornea gradually grew more opaque. but after a fortnight I could recognize no special progress. and the vision decreased to counting fingers at six inches. L. and some matter could be seen floating quite distinctly. The subjective results were severe burning pain in the eye. One week after this the man complained that his sight had not improved.alone he steadily and rapidly improved until he was discharged.

which she thought did her some good. and using it steadily. Later on. to be rubbed all around the eye ( Ungl. the man came to me. E. On reaching home she sent for the doctor. she went to see him. 56. greatly delighted. iris. to be taken in water in three doses. to consult Dr. on which the sun was shining brightly. I gave some Calcarea sulph. and the other eye was becoming weaker and weaker from month to month. a still more powerful medicine. when she heard that Prof. All pointed to internal disease of the inner medium of the eye. and was quite inconsolable. aet. As the ointment affected the gum and loosened the teeth. The cause and consequent suffering were as follows: Three years ago. Positively. which seemed . who always wore blue spectacles. as she had become blind in the right aye. as also the cornea. and dimness of the cornea quite removed. etc. The pain subsided. She took some snow and held it over her eye. Scarcely a week after. and immediately discovered that she had lost the sight of it. and could observe that some of the matter had been absorbed. the oculist. Suddenly she felt a severe pain in the right eye.). she traveled all the way to Passau. Some time after. I could see but little of the retina. all the inflammation of the conjunctiva was also cured..) A woman. all seemed smoke and mist. who put a leech to the right temple and gave her a strong purgative. He gave her a laxative and some ointment. she felt no improvement. she stopped using it. The whole of the meadows were covered with snow. you will remain blind 206 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. (From Schiissler." were the Professor's words. saying he could see gleams of light in the right eye. Besides all this. her sight being no better. from Simbach. I now gave him only a dose night and morning. In three weeks absorption was complete. causing a strong refraction. she was walking from Arnstorf to Simbach. Rothmund had operated on the pastor of Landau for cataract. one noon-day in the winter. External examination showed the conjunctiva intact. that he considered Schiissler's Calcarea sulph. Quagleo.of Dr. and his sight restored. With her right eye she saw nothing. After having had the prescription made up three times. as there was a kind of mist over it. " If this medicine won't help you. His prescription was Potassium iodide. but her sight did not return. hydrarg. I found the cornea less cloudy. for life. came to see me. She had to keep her bed for three weeks.

was continued in small doses." She received a dozen. can be hypertrophied. F. I have never found it of any use where the palpebral conjunctiva was much engorged. It appeared dim and misty. the patient came back. ) Girl. not improved by glasses. Kali mur. According to Professor Rothmund's opinion." she said. Please give me some more of those powders. and found that she had really improved.) The late Dr. photophobia. caused by exposure to a strong north wind. and as this exuded substance appears of a coagulated nature. I introduced the rays of light in different directions. set. Natrum mur. each containing two centigrammes. as is well known. the veins were clearly seen. hence he has asthenopia from paresis of the internal recti muscles. I found that of the remedies I could think of the most suitable seemed to be Kali mur. and told me in great glee that on rising that morning she could see the window-sash quite distinctly. ) Bookkeeper. (R. and by this means I was better able to obtain sight of the retina. which no doubt is spread from the vitreous humor over the background of the eye. The necessary therapeutic treatment clearly indicated to me was to produce abortion of the exuded substance. 15 at fifteen feet with difficulty from blurring of the letters. " I don't think I am any worse. (T. and traversed with red vessels. some larger than others. and. inflammation of the retina always arises in the connective tissue. Calcarea phos. I tested her sight from different distances. Allen. with the same directions. and the left image is seen with the right eye. "I can see pretty well through the mist. and dependent on hyper- . the powder to be dissolved in half a wineglassful of water. T. recurring keratitis. I now gave the woman eight powders. 3X completely restored the patient. Left eye much inflamed. zonular redness. 200 cured. In some places there were indistinctly defined spots. Cooper. saying. The arteries were scarcely visible. (Erom Schiissler. and in four months her sight was restored. and seemed to me pale and more contracted than in the normal condition. One morning she called quite early. Overstrained eyes. " must wipe them often and pull at the lashes. and is capable of fatty degeneration. forming a dark network. A candle held twelve inches seems double. 28. this being the cause of the dulness of sight. appearing to me like the residue of extravasated blood. though can read No. Kafka records a case of incessant lachrymation of the right eye. " Feel like chilblains. Is emmetropic. a tablespoonful to be taken night and morning. aet. 16. slight haziness of the cornea. A fortnight after.

and warm coverings should frequently be applied and this remedy given very frequently. etc. and was equally efficacious when. (Meadow. 38. — Catarrhal fevers with quickened pulse. See also Special Fevers. Ferrum phos." Synochal fevers. Kali phos. A rapid general improvement set in. nervous excitement or great weakness and depression. Kali mur. Dry heat of palms. M. I gave a small quantity of Kali mur. all inflammatory fevers. Chill every day at 1 p. they brought no relief. sordes on the teeth and delirium. on later occasions. in water every two hours. and although he had night-sweats. quick and irregular pulse. the least cold air chills him through. the trouble returned. Better covered up in bed. He suffered in consequence from tearing pains in the limbs.. Recorder. 6 cured in four weeks. Catarrhal fever. SIMPLE. aet.— Horn. throat and chest. At this stage the patient received Silicea.. Also the habitual perspiration of the feet was still absent. this remedy has produced the grandest results. dry mouth. the chief remedy. and on the reappearance of this the rest of the . has to sit close to the fire to keep warm and still is chilly. Natrum mur. two doses daily for a week. These pains were accompanied by fever. — With constipation and a thick white fur on the tongue. L. Natrum mur.) CLINICAL CASES. In fevers of low type.aemic obstruction of the lachrymal passages. face. "The most beneficial results have been obtained from its use in the prevention of traumatic fever. great chilliness. — Hay fever with watery discharge from the eyes and nose. Jan. The appetite was poor and the tongue covered with a white coating. noises in the ears. Feverishness in all stages. a gentleman. rheumatic.. but pain and numbness in the feet were still present. with dulness of hearing and frontal headache. SIMPLE. took a chill while in a state of perspiration. FEVERS.) Kali sulph. Also fevers from blood-poisoning. M. '93. — When the blood heat rises in the evening it assists in producing perspiration. high temperature. (Holbrook. 207 FEVERS. Perspiration of feet was re-established. — Nervous fevers.

or vomiting of undigested food. if pressure aggravates the pain. Dyspepsia with flushed. awful dreams. from a relaxed condition of the villi. R. — Calcarea phos. i2x. Fleury. headache. Stomachache from chill with loose evacuations. flushed face and pain after taking food. is the treatment recommended by Dr. Does not feel rested . hot face. general exhaustion. GASTRIC DERANGEMENTS. — Painful abscesses about the anus in cases of fistula. Martin reports a case of high fever (104°). caused an immediate improvement. Puslike discharge from bowels. headache and diminished appetite. with aching in the abdomen and GASTRIC DERANGEMENTS. meat or coffee and cakes. Magnesia phos. GALL-STONES. redness or flushing of the face. Calcarea sulph. H. alternated every week. swelling. which did no good. Compare Vomiting. belching with taste of food eaten. herrings. Calcarea phos. Copious menstruation every week. G. scribed Ferrum phos. 6x. the vomited matters are very sour . lameness in muscles. — To prevent the re-formation of new stones. — Spasms from gall-stones. C. nausea and vomiting of food . epigastrium tender to touch. disgust for milk. Ferrum phos. (From Schiissler. FISTULA IK ANO. tenderness at the pit of the stomach. and health was quite restored. Stomach-ache from cold in children. Indigestion from relaxed condition of the muscular walls of the stomach blood vessels. can not take acids. especially if vomiting of food occurs. 200. — In the chilly stage of gastric fever. Sleep restless.ailments left him. caused by insufficient absorption of moisture. Acute gastritis with much pain. heat. the tongue being clean. Calcarea phos. with burning tenderness. Sometimes vomits mornings before breakfast . the patient declaring the following day that his symptoms were worse. Flatulence. Loss of appetite.) Dr. Ferrum phos. after eating. in which he pre- 208 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. a dose three times a day. Indigestion with beating or throbbing pain. which was then prescribed. ix and Silicea 3X. hammering in the forehead and temples so that she fears apoplexy. sacrum.

beside the right hip. etc. — Gastric or bilious derangement. Convulsive hiccough. pain in the stomach just above the angle of the crest of the ilium in a line toward the umbilicus. Greasy eructations. belching gives no relief. especially if fatty food disagrees or eyes look large and projecting. brandy. if caused by taking too hot drinks .) Patient craves sugar. white-coated or mapped tongue. A nervous disturbance. Indigestion with characteristic tongue. Constant pain at epigastrium in a small spot. nipping. Sick feeling after taking fat . tongue clean. and Kali the morning. Colicky pains in stomach when Magnesia phos. or drawn around the body. Kali sulph. Second stage of gastritis. with asthenic conditions. with short belching of wind giving no relief. empty gnawing sensation in stomach relieved by eating. Thirst for cold water. crampy pain. together with hot applications. Desire for some stimulant. vomiting of opaque mucus. Indigestion with white tongue. ale. water gathers in the mouth (after Natrum mtir. where there is a yellow-coated tongue. with sensation of pressure as of a load and fulness at the pit of the stomach. Bitter taste. Colic of horses.). Cramp in the stomach as if a band were tightly laced 14 2io THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. weakness of heart. with sluggishness of the liver and gray or white-coated tongue. caused by taking rich or fatty food. Painful constriction of the muscles of the coat of the stomach. Gastritis. deep within. Kali phos." Flatulence with distress about the heart or simply on left side of stomach. clean tongue. Flatulence with pain. Ulcer or cancer of the stomach. griping. " In gastralgia. with gray. Gastritis if it comes too late under treatment. — Indigestion with pain and water gathering . — Pains at the pit of the stomach. Belching of gas tasting bitter and sour. Indigestion with great nervous depression. Cannot bear tight clothing. depression or weakness . Stomach-ache with constipation. pain or heavy feeling in the right side under the shoulder. often stopping a cramping condition of the stomach when all other remedies have failed. — Excessive hungry feeling soon after taking food. Dyspepsia." (Duffield. Magnesia phos. Marked disposition to regurgitation immediately after eating. Flatulence. Kali mur. Indigestion with spasmodic. magic in effect. Very thirsty . — Chronic catarrh of the stomach. "gone feeling. give this remedy at once. Natrum mur. Stomach-ache from fright or excitement. with yellow-coated tongue. Sensation of faintness at the pit of the stomach. Indigestion with pain. does not give relief. Dyspepsia . weary pain in left side.

waterbrash. Gastric troubles after eating of fat food. or as if raw or yellow sugar had been eaten. or greenish diarrhoea. in water. Heartburn. a creamy deposit at the back. Ravenous hunger. N. greenish-brown or greenish-gray tongue. — Acidity. Indigestion and severe pain after the mouth. 1888. A.. heartburn. ham. Natrum phos. given half an hour after food. Offensive breath. with headache. — Biliousness. Feeling of great weakness and sinking at the pit of the stomach. pain in one spot after food and sometimes sour risings. with pain in stomach. Loss of desire for smoking. pain and indigestion. temporarily relieved by eating and raising wind. Sour taste. — Vomiting of undigested food . with vomiting of clear. vomiting of bitter fluid. vomiting of dark fluid like coffee-grounds. Flatulence becomes incarcerated in sigmoid flexure and ascending colon. Stomach-ache with much saliva gathering in the mouth . Waterbrash. or stringy saliva. Dyspepsia with much distress temporarily relieved by eating. yet not feverish. Dyspepsia. Aversion to bread. moist coating. Feb. frothy water. Natrum sulph. J. indigestion felt slightly. accompanied by acid risings. Flatulence with sour risings. excess of lactic acid. Red spots on pit of the stomach. Gastric derangements with symptoms of acidity.) Cannot bear tight clothing around waist. weakening and recurring during the day. excess of bile. ix. Sour eructations. (Laird. great craving: for bacon. headache. dark.. Stomach-ache when worms are present. Gastric derangements GASTRIC DERANGEMENTS. Loss of appetite. with acid-sour risings. face red and blotched. soreness of stomach on pressure. Calcarea phos. loss of appetite. watery fluid coming up in throat. copious formation of gas and aggravation from farinaceous food. stitching pains in the liver. Pain after eating even the smallest quantity of food.) Calc. Calcarea fluor. . sour risings. Bitter taste in morning. bilious stools. Natrum phos. giddiness and lassitude. On rising in the morning the tongue has a thin. bitter taste in the mouth. Heartburn and acidity. Violent thirst. or coming on two hours after. not acid. — A course of this remedy is useful in gastric fever as an intercurrent. hiccough from hawking of mucus. " Almost an infallible remedy for excessive accumulation of gas in the stomach." (Foster. 211 with bitter taste in the morning. pkos. is efficacious in non-assimilation of food. sour taste in the mouth. often accompanied with constipation. producing violent colic which is relieved by kneading and borborygmus. Gastric ulceration. Ulceration of the stomach. H. salted and smoked meats. causes the fat to become emulsified.

five grains of Mag. in Catarrh ok the Stomach. anaemic. with a corresponding interval of rest between. Silicea. O. He had a yellow coated tongue and much fulness and pressure at the pit of the stomach.Calcarea sulph. aged 38 years. had been suffering with his stomach for several years. Ferrum phos. claret and green sour vegetables. Lit. — Indurations of the pylorus. 3X was . Up to the time I saw her nothing had been given her but palliative treatment. Hot drinks made him worse. Extreme hunger. — Desire for fruit. each of which would last five or ten minutes. with acid eructations. and he never was thirsty. and repeated the dose ever}fifteen minutes. cured. D. I then prescribed the same remedy in ten-grain doses. Intolerance of alcoholic stimulants.) Kali Sulph. Her suffering was simply terrible. tea. even in sleep. after each meal. B. appetite poor. When I saw her first she had been suffering for an hour. coming on at no particular time. in hot water. and of nervous temperament has been suffering for over ten years with severe attacks of neuralgia of the stomach. and appetite became ravenous. with heartburn and chilliness. and after three mild attacks she has had no further trouble for over three years. 3x. M . Rec. and abdomen was cold to touch. principally hypodermics of morphine. Kali sulph. Mrs. phos. (Raue.. Chronic dyspepsia. burning in the stomach.— Mr. (B. I at once gave 212 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. He could not remember when he did not have pain in the stomach more or less. He had some bronchial irritation. That attack was conquered. 1875. While eating roof of mouth sore. The attacks would last from four to ten hours. Great thirst and appetite. and lasting one-half or one hour.. A. Horn. At times he would have bloating of the abdomen. Winterset. M. His skin was generally dry and often hot and rough. After the third dose the pain abated. Disgust for meat and warm food. aged 58. and would consist of a series of paroxysms. ) Sudden attacks of deathly sickness at the stomach.. Nausea with vertigo. If he got chilled he would have colicky pains in his stomach which would extend into the bowels. CLINICAL CASES. Sonders.

6x. A. 10 . Feels tired in the morning. cannot bear sour things. Z. cured the case.) . Zeit. feeling such an intense craving for food. D. (From Schiissler. H. I discovered in the mouth a thin. yellow. 213 A young man complained of an unnatural appetite. (C. Hammering in the forehead and temples so violent that she fears apoplexy. Kali sulph. p. and the abdominal distress was nearly all gone. In two weeks he was entirely cured. — Pop. Not being used to this form of medicine he was gieatly surprised when he was relieved. There were no secondary symptoms present. healed in ten days by Ferrum phos. Dec. After eating.. Notes from letter to Schiissler by a doctor in Paderborn {A. Palmer. and feels so tight in her clothes that she must loosen them. accompanied by cephalalgia. ) The following is a resume" from a case in A. Ferrum phos. The bowels were so constipated that he could only have a passage by taking a strong purgative. " Many symptoms pointed to Natrum phos . 51: Woman suffered for five years from dyspepsia.given with some directions about his living. together with pressure and fulness in the stomach and constipation. a dose before meals... three powders in water. He had been treated for three weeks by an allopath without any result whatever. Vomiting appears in the morning and after eating. yet he felt exhausted and languid. and in a few weeks he was well. After trying several remedies without effect. 1882. creamy coating on the soft palate. disturbed by anxious dreams. The tongue was clean. Menstruates every three weeks with profuse flow. H. The tongue was coated with a yellow slime. This induced me to give the patient Natrum phos. having taken only two powders. He had to eat almost every hour. after I had treated him five weeks in vain with Natrum phos. Kali phos. ) An officer suffered for a long time from pains in the abdomen. the urine was not increased. vomiting of food. p. (O. The next morning the patient had a natural stool. nausea. Hg. the vomit is so sour that it sets teeth on edge. cured the patient in the course of two days. which cured him in a short space of time.. Z. GASTRIC DERANGEMENTS. 102): I recently had a case exactly like the preceding. Troubled sleep. but the totality of the symptoms favored Ferrum phos. evacuations normal. A young man with chronic dyspepsia. M. 6 three times a day. The result was surprising. . 1885. '82. dose every two hours.

7. and asking me to forward some medicine: " My boy. (Dr. Latterly he has vomited all his food. Stools are normal. After fourteen days she informed me that the attacks had entirely ceased. My favorite beverage. The gentleman came six or seven days later to my consulting rooms to thank me for the valuable medicine.. Last week he was frequently feverish. sometimes immediately after taking it. 2." Thus far the patient's own report. My complexion is rather yellow. on account of spare diet. has been suffering from pains in the stomach for some weeks. 8. with the request to take daily three doses of this powder. 5. The child has now become very emaciated. set. but feel a constant pressure over one eye. " The powder. 4. But. All acid food caused an attack beginning with a strong chill." (From Schiissler. This has. My head is but little involved. is distasteful to me. beer. consulted me for a singular affection. and for a long time attended strictly to my diet. Bamberg. I incline to shiver. and the partaking of acid foods did not cause him the least discomfort. 44. I feel almost constantly a taste as of bile. Mossa. a child. All my ailments have disappeared as if by magic. s . I suffer from eructations of gases. My tongue is covered with a curdy. ) A landed proprietor. however. Ouesse. In spite of this. set. as it was not convenient for me person- . no thirst. The whole condition discloses that I have bile in the stomach." he said.) Dr. hitherto healthy and strong." To form a scientific diagnosis of the case on such information was clearly impossible. and at other times not till during the night. I sent him now Natrum sulph. followed by fever and profuse weakening sweats. 3. bitter coating. To this I may add that the patient in question had already taken by my orders Nux vom. but scanty. He had used the waters of Marienbad the previous summer on the recommendation of another medical man. The conditions were these: 1. and Pulsat. and I feel at last perfectly well. During the day. not returned since taking the medicine our doctor here has given him The boy complains of much exhaustion. The appetite very slight. and am somewhat faint. my trouble is no better. Natruni mur. " has really worked wonders. wrote to me a few weeks ago: " The medicine I have taken very steadily. which have either a bitter taste or are tasteless. reports: Toward the end of last year I received a letter with the following details. especially after food. 7. 6. I may almost say it has become worse.Farmer B.

stools normal. vomited all his food. The report some time after was very favorable. set. (M. 6 . the only thing I sometimes trouble myself about. The little fellow was so much stronger that he attended scoohl again. and latterly the egesta had the appearance of coffee-grounds. The fever had not returned. probably subdued by quinine. as it is now nearly two years since. Era. He continued another ten days with the same remedies. The nature of the abdominal pains pointed to swelling and enlargement of the organs of the viscera. soon after taking the medicine. whitecoated tongue and white around mouth. tongue light-gray. and he is keeping well.) . (From Schiissler. no bad taste. he said: "No. I hesitated considerably. had seen many doctors. was troubled with colic." His cure has proved permanent. 40. .1 advised him to take Ferrum pkos. and sour-smelling fluids. D. fretful. no thirst.. As to the selection of the medicine. ) W. and then decided to give Ferritin phos. 6 and Natrum pkos. but it never dees. Era. Ulceration of stomach. one night and morning. (Med. I had to do my best with the details furnished. Natrum pkos. W. and returned quite well. Everything soured on his stomach. cross and restless.) Patient with troublesome burning in the stomach after eating and continuing until next meal time. breath sour. pain develops one or two hours after meals. the burning was so troublesome as to keep him awake at night.. cured. and a tablespoonful every two hours alternately for a fortnight. is thinking after taking any kind of food. On making special inquiry if he had nothing troubling him. had little pain. vomited curdled milk. Natrum pkos. the vomiting of food and pains in the stomach had quite ceased 214 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Watson. bowels regular. From Schiissler. green stool alternating with constipation. no tenderness. all coincided with my surmises. and felt greatly better. He had suffered from vomiting and indigestion more or less for fourteen years. in usual quantities. twelve powders.) Child with indigestion after typhoid fever. spleen. also the feverish attacks. etc. liver. and taken much medicine without avail. {Med. and the vomiting of food. to examine the case. On his second visit he was free from vomiting. whether it will trouble me.

Kali mur. 6x. from a "regular. enlarged abdominal glands sometimes with diarrhoea. and had been for a year or more. goitre. Chronic swelling of lymphatic glands. — Chronic inflammation of the salivary glands. building up the nerve forces. Scrofulous GLANDULAR AFFECTIONS. D. and a pain in the stomach of a burning character after eating. and from the general character of the case. skin wrinkled and bowels retracted and shrunken. no appetite. as an intercurrent. Scrofulous enlargement of the cervical glands. ) GLANDULAR AFFECTIONS. The man had been. the Natrum sulph. excess of saliva. and was at the time." three doses a day. I at once put him on Natrum sulph. Glands of the neck are swollen (also apply externally). stools sometimes light-colored and at times costive. Calcarea phos. Davis. swarthy. M. — In suppurating glands to shorten process. some 60 years of age. so that in about three weeks he was a well man. restless. with corresponding symptoms. These two remedies perfectly cured the ' ' dyspepsia ' ' and all the other troubles.An old man. etc. infiltration of the follicular glands of the throat. (A. Natrum sulph. 6x. After surveying the situation and taking all conditions. and Kali p/ios. — Lymphatic glands discharging pus (com- . conjunctiva bluishwhite. taking Argentum in pill form. he had "dyspepsia. Swelling of sebaceous glands. also for scrofula induration and swelling of glands. Calcarea sulph. Incipient tabes mesenterica with fetid diarrhoea. correcting all the liver and stomach trouble and the Kali pkos. Natrum mur. — Chronic enlargement of the glands. three doses a day before meals. bowels inactive. assimilation was greatly at fault. came to see me." the doctors said. 21 5 enlargement of glands. with or without inflammation. as a nerve remedy. tongue thickly coated with a brownish-yellow tinge. bitter taste. pale. Silicea. — Sycotic glandular swellings. Emaciated. — This is the chief remedy in glandular swellings. P. all to no purpose except to hasten the emaciation. Bronchocele. shrivelled.

in a case of chronic swelling of the cervical glands." he said. 3X relieved pressure in thirteen cases of goitre by taking a dose three times a day. 12 years of age. Calcarea fluor. if very hard. 3X. — Acute stage of adenitis. Indurations in capsular ligaments of joints. S. and the catarrh has almost entirely disappeared. M. Skeels. Hahnemajinian Monthly. It is well to continue the medicine from four to six weeks. (J. K. every two hours. Natrum phos — Goitre. An important remedy in all glandular swellings. so extensive as to practically obliterate the neck... of Horn. but still there was induration (hardness) with an uneven surface. pressure was relieved in from three to five days. . who had an adenoid growth which caused nasal catarrh and deafness of one ear to such a degree that he could not hear the watch when pressed close to the ear. (Dr.pare abscess). " By the administration of Calcarea phosphorica." — Pacific Coast Jo urn. page 360. D. Ulceration of the glands. In some instances a cure was effected. taken for a few days. caused it to disappear altogether. CLINICAL CASES. Knots and kernels in the female breast. soon cured. Shortly after its disappearance the patient had slight conjunctivitis with swelling. H. Medical Society a case of a boy. Calcarea Phosphorica in Adenoid Growths — Dr. Natrum phos. G. gives a remarkable result from six weeks' use of Natrum sulph. Chronic adenitis. the patient can now hear the watch at six feet. 1880. Calcarea fluor. From Schiissler. — Glandular swellings. which Kali mur.. but Natrum sulph. lated at the meeting of the California State Horn.) Grauvogl. Martin re- 2l6 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. produced rapid improvement in the swelling and general health of the patient. iu his Text-book. All known treatment at the universities failed. Ganglium tendinosum. " for four months. Stony hardness of the glands. Ferrum phos.) A swelling under the chin the size of a pigeon's egg was considerably reduced by Kali mur.

the three following are presented as typical examples of its action: i. the whole mass was hard. and Silicea. Beyond a small gland at the margin of the group. under Hepar sulph. In three weeks the patient claimed a slight diminution. of the size of a hazel nut. Calcarea fluorica 5X was then given once a day. Silica and Kali chloratum controlled the suppuration. of twenty-five years. showed no inclination to inflame. An unmarried woman. was apparently about to suppurate. The time of treatment lasted from April 25th to the end of November — a relatively short time for such an inveterate affection. by their size. though they had attained their present size only four or five years ago. 3.Calcarea Fluorata in Long-lasting and Indolent Glandular Enlargements of the Cervical Lymphatics. which showed a tendency to suppurate. A robust young man of twenty years presented in the right submaxillary region. The small and suppurating gland healed. He thinks that similar results might be obtained in enlarged bronchial and mesenteric glands. Sybel speaks very highly of the fluoride of lime in the treatment of indolent and long-lasting glandular enlargements of the cervical lymphatics. had had for many years a group of enlarged glands. and especially where the hardness of the gland is pronounced. and immediately married. immediately under the jawbone. and as this gradually became more pronounced the reme ly was continued. 2. with a discharge of a caseous mass. and Calcarea fluorata in alternation with the Chlorate of potash were continued. yet the general enlargement remained unaltered. An unmarried woman of fifty years had carried for years an indurated . and was not sensitive to pressure. one at the edge. situated under the right side of the lower jaw. one of each powder daily. and at the end of sixteen months they had wholly disappeared. which finally remained of the size of hazel nuts The patient thought all further treatment unnecessary. a conglomerate of several hard lymphatic glands. Success was obtained in a number of cases. had a very deforming effect upon his entire face. which. The remainder were hard and painless. decidedly disfigured her face. which. The diminution in size of the glands was continuously noticeable. so that in six to eight weeks the conglomerate mass resolved itself into isolated glands. they had been noticed since childhood.— Dr.

— Inflammatory stage of gonorrhoea. with thick. according to Schiissler's last (25th) edition. came to me with gleet which had been constantly with him for a period of over ten years . caused the enlargement to disappear in six weeks. Silicea. a street-car driver about 48 years of age. T. a specific for cases in which swelling exists. in fact. Kali mur. going up-stairs. GONORRH(EA. fetid pus. only one a day. (N.) Even walking. — Avoid pressing along the urethra to bring out pus. Gleet combined with eczema. who for the past two had had numerous and indurated glandular enlargements in the submaxillar}' region. — This remedy is frequently condemned by homoeopathic physicians. one powder morning and evening. is a great impediment to the cure. the same drug in the fifth decimal trituration dissipated them in a few weeks. latent or visible. but which was neither red nor painful. I have jotted down a few cases which may prove of interest. Ferrum phos. even during exercise. etc. a relatively short time for a glandular enlargement which had persisted for eight 3'ears. S. and of rather slight build. Balanitis and balano-posthitis. — This is the chief remedy in gonorrhoea. GONORRHEA. with sandy hair and beard. and later. — Berliner Zeitsch) ift. — Gonorrhoea with discharge of blood. B. A. he had during this time tried all sorts of remedies ..gland in the right submaxillary region of the size of a small hen's egg. as it is very injurious. She had tried all sorts of external remedies without success. Kali phos. is the principal remedy for gonorrhoea. Hoyne has a direct bearing on the subject and therefore we give it in full : Silicea. Calcarea fluorata 5x. Mr. or a disposition to glandular swellings. Figwarts. whether from subcutaneous or interstitial exudation. Constant feeling of chilliness. Natrum phos. It is. — Gonorrhoea cases of long standing. and retards a cure. Balanitis. — This. 217 In a child of five years.. The following from the pen of the late Dr. or at least is often adjudged of little value in the treatment of chronic affections.

was persisted in until the patient became discouraged and did nothing for two or three years. B. only at the rarest intervals did he have a loose stool . the last time being followed by a right sharp attack of orchitis. some burning in the anus after stool. Injections of various compositions had controlled it for a brief period. The sexual desire was very weak. which had laid him up for a number of days. Whereas the patient had formerly been always in good spirits he was now inclined to be very irritable from the slightest cause. He had been through the regular course of treatment pursued by allopaths and some homceopathists. The urine . discharge sometimes being tinged with blood. came to consult me about his gleet which was the result of a badly treated gonorrhoea. He then tried a homoeopathic physician who gave him a number of remedies without decided benefit. a bright young clerk aged about 30.. the stool consisting of hard lumps evacuated only by great straining . A number of months afterward another driver on the same car line called upon me for some of the medicine that cured Mr. very slight in quantity. He told me that the gonorrhceal discharge had been suppressed several times by injections. 2IO. I obtained the following symptoms at my first and only interview with him : There was a slight discharge of a thin watery character from the urethra every morning. and I never saw the patient again. which had remained unaffected by all sorts of treatment.with only temporary benefit. Mr. Dilatation of the urethra helped him only for a few days. I found that the discharge was thin and offensive. there was some itching and a few moist spots about the scrotum . the GONORRHOEA. and then resorted to mild injections which were worse than useless for they converted the remnants of the gonorrhoea into a gleet. He had rather frequent emissions. A. and was frequently despondent. 2i8 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Upon the strength of these symptoms he received Sil. He said that he took cold easily. with slight benefit or aggravation as the case might be. 200. but the discharge invariably reappeared after the stoppage of the injection or even during its continuance. The usual routine of remedies. and was then liable to a nightly cough. bowels constipated nearly all the time. also a slight discharge of prostatic fluid while straining at stool . and after coition he felt as if bruised.

Sil. Hydrocele. — Gonorrhoea with a slimy yellow or greenish discharge. but there was no apparent change in his symptoms for the better. Natrum mur. Aerzte. In the Pop. — Gonorrhceal with sanious. Fen-um phos. This remedy and Calcarea phos. December 31. Calcarea sulph. 12. purulent discharge. In the morning on rising he experienced a slight dizziness. increasing the discharge and making him urinate oftener than before. — Chronic gonorrhoea with yellowish. In gonorrhoea. CLINICAL CASES. — Chronic gonorrhoea with anaemia. was given. watery discharge. Transparent. Gleet. lac. Urethra painfully sore to pressure. was prescribed for three weeks. which aggravated the symptoms for a few days and then they gradually disappeared. of thick consistency. lac. Sil. Natrum sulph. He also had a cold. Calcarea phos. After injections of nitrate of silver. Figwarts. He said that he felt tired all of the time and was disinclined to do any work that he could possibly avoid. m. Sac.. January 25. with one last persistent drop. Verein Horn. in old gonorrhoea. offensive perspiration of the feet and usually a general perspiration of the whole body every morning. little pain. Old gonorrhoeas. use the third decimal every hour or two. with scalding. four drops in a little water. his sleep was restless and filled with frightful dreams. should be given in alternation for gleet. but the symptoms remained the same day after day. The patient has had no return of the trouble.) Enlarged prostate. He was. like the former patient. Berlin. — Chronic gonorrhoea. was given for two weeks.was turbid and deposited a yellowish sand at times. if recommended in fresh cases of gonorrhoea followed by Kali mur. (Grauvogl. which was also followed by a marked aggravation of all the symptoms. which keeps up. . I gave him Sil. very sensitive to the cold air and took cold easily . 200 was prescribed. April. December 10. c. He could not hold his urine as long as formerly and had to rise once or twice at night to void it. Gonorrhoea. Zeit. On the 17th he reported that the medicine made him worse at first. Very 220 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. slimy. Kali sulph. Sac. greenish discharge. ]886. is a characteristic of this remedy .

Cured with two prescriptions of Natrum sulpk. Calcarea fluor. and Natrum mur. — Hemorrhage. K. Epistaxis on stooping. Calcarea sulph. A.) HEMORRHAGE. blackish. clotted and viscid. had had gleet for five years. secretion small in quantity. D. — " I have known this remedy in several cases to produce violent epistaxis when wrongly given. (Schiissler.) CLINICAL CASES . clotted or tough. yellow consistency. Blood putrid. when coughing. Harrison. Vomiting of blood dark. weakness or old age. — When the blood is dark. Zeit.. Horn. causing symptoms of decomposition. HEMORRHAGE.oss of blood if dark. blood pale. Septic hemorrhage. on urinating. Hemorrhage of bright red blood. 70. thin like coffee-grounds. did no good. especially in children.. The character of the pains was the prominent indication. Epistaxis of bright red blood. Natrum mur. 6 cured the case in four weeks. delicate constitutions from debility. violent burningsticking pains. whether from injury or otherwise ." (E. 1875 ) Mr. in conjunction with surgical aid. Nasal secretions tinged with blood.and Kali stilph. vomiting and purging after every dose taken. Allg. rapidly coagulating. aet. L. Tendency to nosebleed in rapidly growing children. In a recent case the 200 potency produced nosebleed. red. — Haemoptysis. A man. — Bleeding from wounds externally and internally. thin. 32. Kali phos. etc. with little or no pain. watery. Kali sulpk. suffered for three years from discharge from the urethra. 221 Natrum sulph. Ferrum phos.. black. predisposition to bleeding of the gums. Vomiting of bright red blood. — Epistaxis in weak. Magnesia phos. Kali mur. short hacking cough from over-exertion. H. discharge of a thick. not coagulating. H. not coagulating. Kali mur. bright red blood. with soreness of limbs. this generally suffices. set. (J. Nosebleed in the afternoon. M. — Epistaxis. clear mucus. nose.

where he was taken in a seemingly hopeless condition from marasmus. aged 65. summoned me hastily one day last August. ecchymosed spots on legs. Nit. however. and when she left the city. and Sil. No return of trouble at present date. presenting ecchymosed spots on legs and thighs. and he made a steady and uninterrupted recovery.. She remained strong and well. etc. effusion of blood about the gums. and had the gravest apprehension for her when she should arrive at maturity and menstruation be established. B ■. '95. a cass of scurvy. phos. I found her bleeding from the nose and uterus with purpuric . not pitting on pressure. China. acid. later for hemorrhage of the tongue and gums. applied styptics to mouth and tongue. sweating head. and presented the following symptoms: Extreme emaciation and prostration. She received Ferr. Baby B . one year ago. In December. I classed her as a bleeder.About twelve years ago I began treating a girl. phos. a teacher in public school. and continued its use quite regularly for six months. After treating her for about a year for frequent alarming hemorrhages I gave her Ferr. No attacks occurred while taking the remedy. Miss B •. and alarming nosebleed which could only be controlled by plugging the posterior nares. applied for treatment. and the slightest movement caused crying from pain. 3X.. maturing at 14 years of age with normal flow. four years of age. three grains three times a day. Ipecac. gave as best I could the indicated remedies: Ham.. and improvement was prompt. This child began to improve immediately after taking Ferr. constituting. Bell. aged two years. 3X trit. offensive and at times bloody diarrhoea and cold extremities. to my mind. was in good health and menstruating normally. and therefore I considered the swelling and pain to be caused by effusion of blood in the deeper tissues. anaemic. phos. The swelling of legs had the appearance of oedema. for frequent epistaxis. 3X. During the year I plugged the nose several times. Occasionally orange juice and grape juice were added to his diet. returned after a five weeks' sojourn at the seashore. Mrs. varicose condition of veins and cedema of feet and legs. legs and feet swollen. The epiphyses were not enlarged. Had teeth extracted without hemorrhage. and at the end of two weeks recovery complete. every three hours.

) HEMORRHOIDS. Has taken different remedies from the family physician without permanently arresting the trouble. The bleeding ceased after the third dose of Fe7'r. Gave him at once China off. unconscious low. (M. M. reports a case of hemorrhage of the bowels. for a few hours. 6 . D. The same remedy has been used in subsequent attacks with the same results. was found in apoplectic state. 6x.. which he took in solution for some weeks. Note. she tells me her general health is better than it has been for many years. and found him much prostrated and blanched from loss of blood. D. of dark. No change was made in her diet. 3X. (C. Ferrum phos. I was called to see bim after a very severe attack. dark eyes and hair. teaspoonful every half hour. E. (F.. attention must . till I could send him some powders of Ferrum phos.. I wait anxiously to see if the purpura comes next year. viscid and profuse. Bleim. T. a few doses each day. Was up the next day. E. Rankin. ix. M. The purpura disappeared in about ten days and has not returned. American Journal Homoeopathic Materia Medica. Patient states that never before had she been relieved so soon and effectually. in the Southern Journal of Homoeopathy. ftuor. 6 . head hot and livid. with result of permanently arresting the hemorrhage. Gorham. clammy sweat on forehead and face. 72. cured by Kali mur. which she has done to the present time. Hemoptysis which had continued in spite of remedies was arrested by Calc. consciousness returned in two hours. During this time he became very anaemic.spots on the thighs and legs. (C. with cold extremities. Albany. M. phos. subject to attacks of apoplectiform cerebral congestion. set. in water. 12. get. I875-) Dwight H. and prevailed upon her to take one dose a day of the remedy. black blood. large and corpulent. stertorous breathing. — In the treatment of hemorrhoids. ) Dr.J. has been subject to nosebleed for past few years. B. I learned that for some years she had had one attack yearly.) 222 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Lady. Rockwith. A.

alternate with such remedies as are indicated HEADACHE. the digestive organs. stitches in rectum and in urethra after micturition.. Kali mur. relaxed elastic fibres.. otherwise a radical cure of hemorrhoids cannot be insured. Ferrum phos. clotted. Bleeding hemorrhoids. burning at anus. — Internal or blind piles. etc. Natrum mur. — Internal and external piles may require this remedy in alternation with Calcarea fiuor. protruded. fibrinous. — Chronic hemorrhoids in anaemic or weakly patients. Internal blind piles with constipation. which will indicate the alternating remedy. bright red blood following a short hacking or hemming cough from over-exertion. 3X and Kali mur. — Cutting. etc. fluid. darting pains. Much itching. as a rule. — Bleeding piles when the blood is dark and thick . very acute. difficult and crumbling . Silicea. 6x .). accompanied by chronic constipation. present and stand in close connection with the former . and pain running into rectum and testicles. Bleeding piles. Kali phos. which are. Piles with pressure of blood to the head. the chief remedy when the tongue has a yellow. herpes about anus. Magnesia phos. Kali sulph. 223 by the color of the blood. become incarcerated and suppurate. Intercurrently with Calcarea fittor. frequently with pain in the back. often like lightning. fluor.. also as a tepid lotion. In external piles. great pressure of blood to head and flushes of heat. — With smarting. CLINICAL CASE. soft mass. Note appearance of tongue. Calcarea phos. Tumors. — Inflamed piles. stools hard. etc. Calcarea fluor. Bleeding piles. but with a tendency to form a thick. bleeding piles. slimy coating. confined state of the bowels. tongue mapped or covered with grayish white coating. Much straining at stool. — Hemorrhoids. paid to disturbances in the function of the liver. so sharp and quick. painful and itching. Fistula in ano {Calcarea phos. blood bright red. A young man of 28 had been troubled with hemorrhoids for some years. beating and protrusion of the rectum. or discharges or secretions of the characteristic type are present. generally far down in the sacrum. Before induration. sore. — Intensely painful hemorrhoids.

Headache of students and those worn out by fatigue. Headache from gouty predisposition (alternately with Natrum sulph. pains worse on stooping and moving. better during eating. nervous. Noises in head on falling asleep. tongue furred. . this is an additional indication. humming in the ears. Kali mur. Dull right sided headache from vertex to right supraorbital region. loss of strength. worse right side. open air. If furred tongue be present. HEADACHE. with inability for thought. irritability. sun-heat. feeling of inability to remain up. arising from sluggish liver. with feeling of weariness and exhaustion (after Ferrum phos. Nervous headache. cannot bear to have hair touched. Sick headache with white-coated tongue. and indeed every motion of the body. gray or white at base. Kali sulph. better while eating. Headache with a throbbing sensation . Menstrual headaches with hunger. Kali phos. Neuralgic headache with nervous symptoms. Magnesia phos. Headaches of children require this remedy. Congestive headaches especially when at the menstrual period. and sore to the touch. Pains and weight at the back of the head and across the eyes. worse by motion and in open air. also if the headache be the precursor of an attack connected with bilious vomiting. Blind sick headache. Neuralgic headache. a bruising. undigested. stooping.completely cured. relieved by gentle motion. — Excruciating headaches with tendency to spasmodic symptoms. — Headache from cold. Congestive. — Headache which grows worse in a heated room and in the evening. The tongue is sometimes found to be coated brownish-yellow like mustard. empty feeling. Headache with vomiting of undigested food. prostrate feeling.). with pressing pain. Ferrum phos. Pressing a cold object against the spot seems to relieve the pain. Top of head sensitive to cold air.). associated often with foul breath. want of appetite. noise. hawking up of milk-white mucus. pressing or stitching pains. Rush of blood to head. and is better in cool. Severe pain in left mastoid . yet better under cheerful excitement. Headache with red face and suffused redness of the eyes. hysterical headaches. or vomiting of white phlegm. when no gastric symptoms are felt. Headache with a weary. sensitive to noise. jar. depression. 224 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. sleeplessness. Headache with weariness. Neuralgic or rheumatic headaches. " goneness " at the pit of the stomach . confusion. — Headache with vomiting. with vomiting of food as taken. or despondency. Headaches made worse by shaking the head. yawning and stretching. — Headache. irritability.

and constant while attending school and after mental labor. sensation of pressure in and through the head . nervous and rheumatic headaches. Natrum sulph.) Hemicrania. 225 Headache worse in occiput. as if crushed in a vise or as if something were gnawing there. Headache begins in the morning on waking. HEADACHE. vomiting. heat in vertex. ' to cephalalgia of school girls who apply themselves too closely to their lessons . bitter taste in the mouth. during and after the menses . diplopia. lasting till noon. Natrum mur. Headache with vomiting of transparent phlegm or water. periodically. mind depressed and melancholy .' to headache commencing in the morning after walking. — Headaches with concurrent appearance of small 15 226 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. sleep not refreshing. Congestive. The characteristics are : congestion of blood to head. Occipital headache^ Violent pains at base of brain. Pulsating headache. A. every spring. Silicea. of Huntsville. loss of consciousness and twitching of limbs. Beating pain in both temples when walking. shifting pain. — Dull. Several cases of chronic headache with these symptoms are reported by Dr. vertigo and dulness . increases till noon and subsides about bed time. Ala. as if it would split. or going off with the sun . on the scalp. Nausea and vomiting. It is adapted to chronic and to sick headache . as having been cured by this remedy in the 200th potency. Headaches from optical defects. heavy headache. from nervous . stringy mucus coughed up. ameliorated by quiet. " Is applicable to cachectic persons and to those who have lost animal fluids. to catarrhal headache and to migraine. has frothy edges. Nervous headaches with sparks before the eyes . much saliva. watery mucus. aggravated by motion and reading. Cannot tolerate noise. — Sick-headache with bilious diarrhoea or vomiting of bile. with giddiness. to headaches before.shooting or stinging pains. lumps or nodules. The attacks occur during the menses. size of a pea. from overheating. with profusion of tears and drowsiness. greenish-gray coated tongue. Colicky pain. Has to go to bed in a darkened room. with fulness . gastric. M.." (King. Duffield. and are frequently sudden in their onsets. when the tongue is clean or covered with clear. intermittent or paroxysmal in character. Headaches from excessive mental exertion. Indescribable pain on top of head. Headaches with constipation from torpor and dryness of a portion of the internal mucous membrane.

(Chas. — Headache with vertigo and nausea. M. Sickening headaches. Headache. does not suffice). Headache after taking wine or milk. In two hours the dose was repeated. fifty-five years HEART. yellow moist tongue. had some visual disturbances. irritable persons with dry skin. restless. AFFECTIONS OF. caries. had such excruciating headache that she was partially insane. anaemic conditions. fine skin. dulness with every headache. and feeling as if eyes were sunken. D. profuse saliva. Persons who are oversensitive. Forgetfulness . CLINICAL CASES. A lady. and the result was perfect relief. Some four weeks later she . Useful in peevish and fretful children. Weakly persons. — Headache on the crown of the head on awaking in the morning . Pain around whole head. and the head feels cold to the touch (Ferrum phos. imperfectly nourished. Nervous. among other symptoms. phos. It is characterized by vertigo when walking or on motion. especially at night. not from want of food but from imperfect assimilation. and when the headache was worse and vision most disturbed he had a sense of fear.). Fulness and pressure on the head. worse from pressure of the hat. and an eruption about the ankles which began with itching. which acted like a charm." (King. Very severe headache. and in those whose fontanelles remain open too long. 227 old. pale face. Mohr. Rachitic. I gave her Kali phos. Pains worse with heat or cold. night-sweats. worse forehead.exhaustion. creamy appearance of back part of the palate . 3X. * Natrum phos. severe pain as if the skull were too full. — Headache with a cold feeling in the head. with nausea or sour. with intense pressure and heat on top of head as if it would open (if Ferrum phos. Scrofulous diathesis. lax muscles. She had been suffering for some days. ejection of sour froth.) Calcarea sulph. diarrhoea. Frontal or occipital. Illhumor and want of disposition to do anything. A yellowgray curd was exuding from her eyes. Patient who. light complexions. 6x and that was the end of his sufferings. she claimed her brain was ruptured and running out of her eyes.) A very interesting case came under my treatment. etc. Headaches of children and schoolgirls. Calcarea phos. " Suitable for gastric and rheumatic headaches. Difficulty in performing mental operations. who are nervous. slimy vomiting. I gave him Nat.

6x cured. dissolved in water. iox dil. D. 4. cured the young lady entirely. I called in two hours. Ferrum phos. preceded by burn- . She said: "That was not the same medicine you gave me before. L.. and of a boring nature. These symptoms are only felt at night. I gave her Kali phos. if so. general soreness of the vertex. From Hg.. immediately after taking it. (From Sch ussier.) 1. (Selected. I have always been in favor of high potencies. with great sensitiveness to noise. relieved by nosebleed which followed. characterized by boring pain in right temple. 6x. Natrum sulph. Ferrum phos." I then gave 3X. M. Magnesia phos.) 5. the patient is quite unable to attend to any ordinary duties. but this experience seems to indicate that quantity comes in as a factor. 3. the action is barely perceptible. has suffered for years from periodically returning headaches. and wishing to watch the case. Now. soreness of scalp. 16. (Translated by S.had another attack. Frontal headache. a great increase of the menstrual flow with sudden relief of the headache. Wesselhceft. seemed as if blood rushed into the eyes. or in the morning. Rec. 6x gave speedy relief.) Case of young lady with excruciating nervous headache. 6x cured. daily. during the second day of menstruation..) M. 16. Ferrutnphos. Generally vomiting of bile follows. (W. bitter taste in the mouth and lassitude. The pain is concentrated in the right temple. suffered for years from periodical attacks of sick headache. P. 2.) Young lady. cured. (Raue. When the attack comes on. Severe headache. the size of a bean. it should be noted that one dose of 3X is equal to one thousand of 6x. set. Kali phos P produced. aet. Preceding this pain there are burning sensations at the pit of the stomach. Lit. as if a screw were being driven in— as the patient expresses herself. Dull pain on top of head during menses cured as by magic by a few doses of Ferrum phos. Headache beginning every night at ten o'clock with chill or congestive symptoms. Patient could not see.. cannot bear to have hair touched. K. and in two hours she was well. Horn. 1875. and then improvement sets in. great nervousness at night. and taken repeatedly. but not so bad.

grief or care. Calcarea fluor. darting pains in region of heart. Rapid. — For that condition of the blood that favors embolus. 6 . Hydraemia and scurvy. with shortness of breath. — Dilatation. boring pain over crest of ilium. Pain comes on at night or in morning. sadness.). Natrum mur. cured permanently. In pericarditis as a second remedy and it may complete the cure. Palpitation with anxiety. Weak heart action. Kali mur. Magnesia phos. Calcarea phos. Endocarditis. effects of violent emotions. on ascending stairs. watery blood. Palpitation of the in stomach. Dilatation of the heart with enlargement of the organ. followed by trembling weakness. Ferrum phos. bitter taste. dropsical swellings. sense of constriction. — Functional complaints of the heart. intermittent with palpitation after rheumatic fever with exhaustion. from weak action of the heart. AFFECTIONS OF. Intermittent action of the heart with morbid nervous sensitiveness. — Sudden palpitation. chief remedy to restore contractility to the elastic fibres. Fluttering motion of the heart. heart or of blood vessels (in alternation with Calcarea fluor. Natrum sulph. carditis. HEART. Palpitation from excessive flow of blood to the heart in hypertrophic conditions. Kali phos. sleeplessness and restlessness. disinclination to speak. intermittent pulse with morning headache. Kali sulph. languor. Palpitation from slightest mental emotion or walking up stairs. followed by vomiting of bile. . melancholia. Sharp pain around heart during inspiration. when a purely spasmodic affection. — Pulse quick with slow. palpitation from direct excitement. pallid face. the chief remedy). daily doses. Palpitation from effects of heat. Weak action of heart. Heart disease causing dropsy (also Kali mur. — Non-closure of foramen ovale. etc. Fainting from fright and fatigue. etc. Palpitation with nervousness. enlargement of blood vessels . Palpitation with anxiety. anxiety. with subsequent relief. — Palpitation with anaemic conditions. throbbing. weakness of the heart. — First stage of all inflammatory affections of the heart. dilatation of 228 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Shooting. which acts as a plug. pericarditis.

and the next day he was very much improved. worse from dampness. Natrum mur.. Journal. burning pains in small spots. . Natrum sulph. D. Cerrum phos. Calcarea phos. stinging. — Hiccough after abuse and in consequence of quinine. CLINICAL CASES. Other remedies were tried without effect. heat and inflammation of soft parts. California Med. — To prevent or control suppuration and heal the parts. Hiccough very obstinate. Burnett.) Natrum phos. Kali mur. — In the third stage this remedy may stop the further destruction of bone and the suppuration and promote new organization.HICCOUGH. — Idiopathic or reflex after morphine and other remedies failed. prescribed Magnesia phos. etc. M. and speedily yielded to the continued use of the reme ly. sore pain in the hip-joints. Silicea. — Affections of the left hip joint in sycotic patients with hydrogenoid constitutions. itching. almost continued. throbbing. The result was remarkable: within an hour the difficulty was modified. cured permanently by Natrum mur. Dr. when swelling of abscess has commenced. Obstinate case of singultus in a patient suffering from typhoid fever. in his work on Natrum mur. in scrofulous and rachitic children. " In the third stage. Magnesia phos. so violent in character that the patient was sore for three days. Calcarea sulph. brought about by abuse of quinine and renewed after every dose. and to promote new organizations ." (Arndt. relates a case of singultus of ten years' standing. causing long lasting soreness. — Second stage. August. — Pain.) HIP DISEASE. (John Fearn. to limit suppuration and the destruction of bone. 229 HICCOUGH.. — Hip disease in scrofulous subjects. 1S87. — Discharge of pus.

which minimum.— American 205. for the was taken. Head totters. loss of voice from cold. CLINICAL CASES. Follow with Kali mur. Calcarea phos.) A man suffered from a herpetic eruption. Calcarea phos. Kali phos. Guernsey. Ears and nose cold. Silicea®® cured two cases of hydrocele. Calcarea sulph. But at the same time a sarco-hydrocele of he had carried about for years. and with nervous depression. HYDROCELE. Kali sulph. very large head. especially the posterior one. Hoarseness coming on in the evening. — Both recent and chronic forms. was reduced to a Journal Homoeopathic Materia Medica. also from over-exertion of vocal organs. (Dr. one left-sided in a babe four days old. p. HOARSENESS. Fontanelles. set. — Hoarseness. In obstinate cases follow with Calcarea sulph. Calcarea fluor. — Dropsy and induration of the testicles and scrotum. vol. HYDROCEPHALUS. Chronic hydrocephalus . — Hoarseness from cold. — Hydrocele as intercurrent. 4. — This is the first remedy to be thought of in this disease. Silicea. the other right-sided in a child. Ferrum phos. cure of which Silicea large dimensions. HYSTERIA. or if rheumatic affection. Eyeballs protruding. — Obstinate hoarseness. Silicea. See also Meningitis. wide open. Bones of skull thin and friable. colds and wet.230 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. — Hoarseness with exhausted feeling from overexertion of the voice. — Painful hoarseness of singers or speakers from over-exertion of the voice. Screaming and grasping the head with the hands. ii. from draughts. 231 . — Hoarseness with irritating cough.

Fermm phos. and not since. All symptoms relieved as soon as she gets into a perspiration. — Delaying or decreasing menses. — Hysteria in females. F. set. as she was so extremely nervous and hyperaesthetic all over. but much thirst. had been suffering many years from an excessively nervous condition. At first I thought that I had a case of nervous dyspepsia to deal with. even the lightest food. When I was called to see her she was not able to retain her food. Hysterical yawning. and suffered much with her stomach. bowels constipated. complained of great pain in the stomach immediately after eating. D. and it would be vomited as soon as taken. and often had to use the catheter. I2x relieved the stomach trouble in one week. nervous attacks from sudden or intense emotions. with unconsciousness and low muttering delirium. Hysterical spasms. aet. CLINICAL CASES. tall.. water. fears. and she has been all right since. Great sadness. (Geo. (Lilienthal. S. abdomen tympanitic and very sensitive to the slightest pressure. Somnambulism. until three months before she consulted me. Natrum mur. 50. Miss R. 16. I also found that she had the convulsions whenever her plans were thwarted in any way. slender and dark.HYSTERIA.) Hysterical spasms and debility. and Kali phos. also a feeling as of a ball rising in the throat. H. became pale. and much given to tears when any one was around. on several occasions the pain caused severe hysterical convulsions. ) Miss B. M. and upon my threatening to put her in cold water if she had another she stopped them. One day she came to me. Hysterical fits of laughter and crying. or from smothering passion in the highly nervous and excitable . but finally concluded I had a case of true hysteria. and my patient was soon as strong and healthy as before her illness. .. The tongue was but slightly coated white. was ejected as soon as swallowed. She lost flesh. like food. menstruated once when thirteen years old. when she began to decline. Menstruation returned two months after. languid and weak. She also suffered much from spasmodic retention of urine. no fever. and would become hysterical upon the slightest provocation. i2x relieved all of the other symptoms in two weeks or more. Martin. much mucus in urine.. Was a remarkably health}' and well-nourished girl. Kali phos.

. she sent for me.saying that the end of the catheter had been broken off while she was using it. six hours after the removal of the catheter. I gave Belladonna 3X and returned next morning. When I saw 232 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. and Kali phos. Silicea. She had not taken but a few inhalations when the tympanitis disappeared. although I advised it. that of resolution. S. — Riper yellow. There was no fever. — In the second stage. and the other symptoms of hysteria were also much modified. I gave her a little Chloroform. suits also the lower nerve-irritability. so concluded she was suffering from hysteria. Attempted to drain urine. indifferent as to the organ involved and regardless of cause. I determined to examine and find out. fatty. but could not introduce the soft rubber catheter. Gave Magnesia phos. recent cell-proliferation and opaque. with purulent. her I found her very nervous. . As she was so sensitive. Ferrum phos. Kali sulph. with a great desire to urinate. Calcarea sulph. — In the hypersemic stage. I examined uterus and bladder. Morgan. (J. white discharge.) INFLUENZA. Always before exudation has set in. and soon recovered it. Two hours later returned with silver catheter. profuse secretion. — In the third stage. as the pain was intense. Martin. The abdomen was enormously distended and very sensitive. Thinking there might be some uterine trouble. C. I dilated the urethra with my forefinger. Symptoms all worse. and found nothing abnormal. D. — Lower form. Kali mur. the bladder at the time being well filled with urine. She would not take an anaesthetic. F. I2x. but only got a few drops of urine. M. introduced it. She has had no more return of the trouble since. i2x cured the case in about ten days. saying that she was in great pain and very ill. ) INFLAMMATIONS IN GENERAL. degenerated secretion. as the spasm of the urethra was so great. That evening. and suffering much from pain in the bladder and abdomen. H. but still no fever. and the end was still in the bladder. which very shortly relieved bladder symptoms. (Geo.

twitching of various muscles and neuralgic pains. sour masses. buttermilk. Chills run up and down the back at 7 p. Ague with violent cramps and blueness of extremities.). fat and fish. they are enabled to remove from the organism the cause of the ague — be it marsh-gas (miasma). The applicability of Natrum sulph. When by its action the proportion of water in the corpuscles has been reduced to the normal condition. Kali mur. Dry mountain air." (Duffield. bloody stools . worse in damp weather. In the sequelae of this disease brought on by treatment with other remedies Natrum sulph. spasmodic in character. — Intermittent fever in all its stages requires this remedy chiefly (3X trit. and consequently the amount of oxygen taken up by the blood is diminished. conjunctiva yellow.La Grippe.. m. " Intermittent fever. — Nervous weakness and prostration following an attack of La Grippe. (In alternation with Natrum sulph. which is rich in oxygen. because the organism takes up a large amount of oxygen and disposes of much water by evaporation. greenish or bronze colored coating on back of tongue. Tired in the morning. — Intermittent fever with vomiting of acid. Numerous cases have been reported as cured with this remedy. Kali phos.) Natrum phos. 233 INTERMITTENT FEVER. — Intermittent fever with cramps in the calves. a very constant symptom . the corpuscles are again able to take up the full amount of oxygen and distribute it to the tissues. M. INTERMITTENT FEVER. eggs. Tertian form. Hydrogenoid constitution.') . — Neuralgias following La Grippe. Since the disease is caused by an excess of water in the cellular tissues. is curative. is shown by the following physiologico-chemical considerations. Natrum sulph. Natrum sulph. also severe chill at 9 A. Natrum sulph. or bacteria (fungi). — This is the remedy for influenza. As the tissues are in this way brought back from their pathological to their normal physiological condition. Magnesia phos. bilious. can cure ague spontaneously. Great prostration. In ague patients the quantity of water in the blood-corpuscles and in the blood serum is increased. periodical and relieved by warmth. Magnesia phos. Ague patients must abstain from milk diet. promotes the removal of excess of water from the organism. — Intermittent fever when the fur at the back of the tongue is of a grayish-white or white appearance.

chills and fever for three months. profuse perspiration. 234 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.) Dr.) Masked intermittents appearing as neuralgia of head and face. Fever all the afternoon. (S J. — Intermittent fever with vomiting of food. Sherbino. pain in the neck. AFFECTIONS OF. Natrum mur. Calcarea phos. Next chill light and no return. — In Bright's disease. m. Quartan form. during chill. thirst before and during chill. (H. Ferrum phos.. Allen. — Intermittent fever with debilitating. Fever-blisters around lips. with no thirst during chill. — Chill about 10 or n o'clock a. The indications were: Before chill. Inflammatory stage of nephritis. after the abuse of quinine. Great thirst throughout all stages.) KIDNEY. even if not present later. with forenoon attacks. with bursting headache and intense thirst for large quantities of cold water. C. If hydroa be present in first onset of the fever. Allen. pain down the spine. reports two cases of ague cured with Magnesia phos. Little or no perspiration. " Urine has a profuse mu- . Texas.. Nalrum mur. and next day resumes his occupation. or sweat relieves. — Chronic intermittent fever of children. Iv. In nursing children. with severe pain in limbs and small of back . ameliorated by some one taking hold of the foot or feet and drawing on them or extending them [which will relieve any cramp in extremities. 13X. Mr. slimy coated tongue. — Intermittent fever with yellow. C. cramps and vomiting at same time during chill. 30 trit .]. stiffness. during theapyrexia.— Eds. m. cramps in lower limbs. chill lasts nearly two hours.Kali phos. when feverishness is present. CLINICAL CASES. hydroa on the lips and later the ulcers which succeed them. none during heat. H. are guiding. Had quinine and other remedies. (H. of Dallas. Paroxysms every other day at n a. every four hours. eats and sleeps well. Violent headache relieved byperspiration. Ferrum phos. Kali sulph. as an intercurrent remedy. all inflammatory pain is relieved by this remedy.

CEdema pulmonum. and as the cases also presented a profuse desquamation. Cardiac asthma with sensation as if the heart and lungs were constricted. Dirty. Natrum phos. and an increase in the amount of urea. general anasarca. Kali sulph. he was also forgetful and quite nervous.. (C. in fact. Albumen. at first sight. Kali mur. M. S. The case seemed. Bright's disease." Urine was. — Diseases of the kidneys after scarlet fever. Tube casts were present.) Natrum mur. 6xtr. There seemed to be extensive destruction of tissue. for the albumen. to be a hopeless one." (Arndt. D. an old man of 77. and a very marked increase in the quantity of chlorides eliminated. Fisher. Brickdust sediment . consulted me for what he called a " laziness of his kidneys. I have had two cases of Bright's disease following scarlatina. Calcarea sulph. Retinitis albuminurica. Menninger claims that this drug will produce a decrease in the amount of albumen. intermittent action of heart. Natrum sulph. After six weeks' treatment. E. — Albuminous urine calls for the use of this remedy in alternation with Kali phos. CLINICAL CASES. — Tension and heat in renal region. in alternation with Calcarea phos. blood is red and charged with blood corpuscles. which speedily brought about a cure. PREGNANCY. Croupous nephritis. for the swelling. — Zwingenberg cured a case of nephritis scarlatinosa with this remedy. — Inflammatory diseases of the kidneys.cous sediment .. I gave them Calcarea sulph. Kali phos. Nephritis parenchymatosa with much albumen in urine. In Bright's disease LABOR. haematuria. 6x. — For the great functional disturbance of nervecentres. Heart weakness. yellow sediment.) G. I gave him Calcarea phos. a dose every two hours in alternation with Kali phos. Calcarea phos. very scanty and loaded with albumen. — Gravel in the kidneys. albuminous urine. — Aids in the throwing off of gravel by increasing the secretion of urine. urine was nor- . 235 he recommends it as an adjunct to all recognized modes of treatment. ETC. Dr.

child will not take it. restless. — Spasmodic labor pains with cramp in the legs. and I seldom have to give the third dose. first stage. — " I am in the habit of giving this remedy after parturition with marked relief of after-pains.mal. April. May. — Chief remedy in puerperal fever. de Cailhol. Prolapsus in debilitated persons. American Journal Homoeopathy. Menstruation during lactation. Calcarea phos. 1887. patient restless." (Dr. hardness and soreness in mammae. Morning sickness with vomiting of food." (W. dry on the tongue. M. — Mastitis. " For three years I have employed Kali phos. D. If given steadily several weeks before labor. — Burning pains. My practice is extensive . with flushed face. A. Rigid os. a dose daily. Soreness in sacro-iliac synchondroses. * in doses the size of a bean. this remedy gives vigor and helps materially. has done well for me. Decline after puerpera. anxious and impatient.. Kali phos. his memory was somewhat restored. doughy lips. — After-pains if too weak. Kali mur. Metritis. Ferrum phos.. contractions fee- . Magnesia phos. when matter is discharging after prolonged nursing. (E. D. tearful and nervous. Pratt. Labor-pains weak and irregular. salty and bluish. M. Puerperal convulsions. Calcarea fluor. Rozas. As to diet. PREGNANCY. Silicea. confinement is less painful. It has never failed me. excessive expulsive efforts.) LABOR. in spasmodic pains and eclampsia. every ten or fifteen minutes. Zeit. they feel enlarged. — Feeble and ineffectual labor-pains. thin lips. North 236 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. with thick. Vomiting of white phlegm. Weariness in all limbs during pregnancy.) Mastitis. Mastitis to control the swelling before matter has formed.) ' After pains usually the best remedy. Calcarea sulph. Especially suited to rheumatic patients. 1883. I only recommended to him to eat asparagus just as much as he could at his meals. have had over ninety cases in six years. ETC. M. and preventive of the fever of lactation. Morning sickness. Magnesia phos. or during pregnancy. Tedious labor from constitutional weakness . spurious labor-pains. Pains weak and short. to avoid inflammation. vomiting of undigested food. and since six months he has not complained. Rigid os. Rigid os.. first stage. Pop. I give generally after the birth Ferrum phos. Spoiled milk of mother. as a remedy to excite labor-pains. and continue the use of the aforementioned medicines.

D. CLINICAL CASES. Magnesia phos. For spasmodic. Hard lumps in breast. Hogan. Silicea. and gave her Kali phosphoricum 6x to help her along. H. — Eelectic Medical Journal. had not been well from the beginning of her fourth pregnancy. I also use as a wash 3X to the vulva and abdomen. crampy pains. undersized child which lived three days.. M. Hemorrhages. E. . making parturition easy.) Natrum mur.ble. and Act. This remedy if given early in mastitis will prevent suppuration. I give Ferrum phos. The parts heal quickly under this treatment.. A Portuguese house servant. Nipples crack and ulcerate. This remedy IvEUCORRHCEA. C. Natrum sulph. M. J. Natrum phos. the patient makes a good recovery. and for syringing the vagina morning and night. 237 strengthens the elastic tissue of the gravid uterus. In labor. After a delivery. Had passed water and blood. mother of three healthy children. and with the use of other remedies. — Suppuration of mammae. or vomits as soon as taken. to be followed or accompanied by whatever may be indicated. the oswas dilating and I felt so positive that labor was unavoidable that I advised her to keep about her duties. M. I have seen nothing act more promptly and effectually than Kali phos. — Lessens the secretion of milk. Hard knots in the breast. when the pains are too weak and irregular. (S. is a gem. as indicated. — Morning sickness with vomiting of sour masses. rac. vomiting of frothy watery phlegm. where I used to give Aeon. the pains were severe and well directed. Wiggins. To my great surprise the pain ceased. D. " The better acquainted I become with this system the more pleased I am with it.) LEUCORRHCEA. milk watery and bluish. — Morning sickness. I then delivered her of a scrawny. (T. About six weeks before full time she was threatened with a miscarriage. chronic fistulous openings. and she went on to full time. Child refuses milk. Holbrook. D.

After topical application of nitrate of silver. (Dr. weakly women. 238 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. — Leucorrhoea. and bearing-down pressure. so that I could not but wonder at the patience and perseverance of the patient. consulted me on account of an obstinate acrid leucorrhcea. a discharge of albuminous mucus. inflames part. whose constitutions are imperfectly nourished owing to deficient or imperfect assimilation. In this case Schiissler again helped me out of the dilemma. Kali sulph. M. Leucorrhcea worse after menses. aet. corrosive. mild. smarting after or between the periods. I tried the whole series of remedies indicated for such cases. AFFECTIONS OF. with headache. — Leucorrhcea instead of the menses. — Leucorrhcea. in the morning. — L. non-irritating mucus. Parts pulsate with voluptuous feelings. — Leucorrhcea. Silicea. or acid and watery. CLINICAL CASES. whom I saw once a week. Kali phos. Deficiency of animal heat. scalding. Patient takes cold readily. worse after stool and urination. scalding and acrid.See also Women. — Discharge of milky-white. Kali mur. discharges from the uterus soursmelling. as a constitutional tonic and intercurrent with the chief remedy . blistering. preceded by colicky pains. colic. Natrum phos.) . from Schiissler. See also Gastric Derangements. greenish. — Leucorrhcea. Greenish. Natrum mur. Diseases of.eucorrhcea. with feeling of weakness in sexual organs. slimy or watery secretions. after walking. irritating discharge. a watery. — Leucorrhcea. acrid. looks like white of egg.. Especially for over-sensitive. orange colored. All were without effect. discharge of yellow. effected a quick and permanent cure. itching of vulva. Kali mur. yellowish. S. M. acrid. also during micturition and following obstinate constipation. Natrum sulph. LIVER. a young lady. 17. Calcarea phos. . discharge creamy or honeycolored.

.). After she had taken a few doses of the Kali mur.) MARASMUS.Ferrum phos. CLINICAL CASES. light-yellow color of the evacua- MECHANICAL INJURIES. bilious attack. She became deeply jaundiced and grew worse while taking this remedy. MECHANICAL INJURIES. white-coated tongue. Natrum mur. H. too much bile. Kali phos. Bitter taste. with soreness and sharp. Natrum phos. — Irritable liver. Kali sulph. if the disease has been caused by a chill resulting in a catarrh of the duodenum . if after excessive study or mental work (also Kali phos. Throbbing and ulcerative pain in hepatic region. ( E. sometimes pain in the right side. with bilious. Kali mur. Purging. See Atrophy. — In lowest potencies for sclerosis of the liver and the hepatic form of diabetes. I then changed to Kali mur. which I took to be of a bilious nature. Vomiting of bitter matter or bile. H. In a few days she was taken quite ill with fever. — Jaundice from gastric catarrh. in right side of pelvis. yellow eyeballs. Natrum sulph. Calcarea sulph. 239 tions denoting want of bile. Silicea. — Abscess of liver. or sallow skin . — If nervous system be depressed. followed by weakness. Pain in region of liver. and she began to improve immediately and was well in a few days. especially when there is a succession of boils. Chief remedy. — Jaundice with drowsiness and any of the symptoms present peculiar to this group of ailments. nausea and pain in stomach. sticking pains. — Jaundice. Jaundice arising from vexation. — Pain in region of liver. stools light-colored. Last summer my second daughter returned from a visit to New Jersey with an immense wart on her hand. — Inflammatory stage of hepatitis. sluggish action of the liver. the jaundice began to abate and the wart fell off. green evacuations or greenish-brown coated tongue. gave Natrum siclph. accompanied by white or grayishfurred tongue and constipation. Congestion of liver.

has had no more mental trouble and no more fits. The dairymaid of a farmer there spoke to me. Sara J. proud flesh. shins. The first remedy in cuts. Allen. reports gratifying results in the use of Ferrum phos. swelling or feverishness. — Neglected cases of injuries. — This is the first remedy in bruises and in fractures to meet the accompanying injuries to the soft parts.) Calcarea sulph. H. — Bruises. Mich. Kali mur. He struck his head. Strains of ligaments or tendons.. Prescribed according to the above indications. J. falls or blows. They were epileptiform in character. (Kent. cuts. etc. On pressure there was a whitish-yellow discharge. Never knew when they were coming on. Following this for five or six months he had fits. This fact . — Bruises of the bones. 1886. the second remedy in sprains. saying she had hurt her thumb while sharpening a scythe. Tenalgia crepitans. etc. when neglected and suppuration sets in.) CLINICAL CASES. last autumn. incorporated with cocoa butter efficacious. Both phalanges were easily displaced. and very painful when touched. Natrum sulph. which I had observed before in similar cases. Was very irritable. and of a bluish-red color. Natrum sulph. Calcarea fluor. " To remove the ecchymosis remaining after a bruise I have found Kali mur. T.Ferrum phos. Can also be used externally. also deep-seated suppuration. — Injuries to the skull and effects therefrom. It prevents pain. Dr. mixed with white shreds. was given. yellow matter . 6x in injuries. Mental troubles from a jar or knock on the head. Kent. wanted to die. Silicea. Young man hurled from a truck in the fire department. exuberant granulations.. congestion. much inflamed. and a peculiar noise was heard. then Calcarea sulph. The case proved to be this: The whole thumb of the left hand was swollen. Wounds when discharging thick.) In September. He has never had any pain about the head since. wounds." (E.. fresh wounds and 240 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Medical Advance. wound discharges pus. and the first dose cured him. and there was a small wound at the extensor side at the joint above the nail. I was in the Highlands. Sept. His fits drove him to distraction. Had constant pain in the head. sprains. — Swelling of contused parts. of Charlotte. festering and threatening suppuration. (Prof. This should be given first. much photophobia. cuts with swelling. H.

I use it more than any other remedy and get good results. were given. She took cold very easily and had much soreness in her throat and chest. and her recovery was remarkable. D. I used it in a very satisfactory way in the following case : Mrs. "—Mr. I gave her instructions in a general way in regard to diet. aged 42. She had more or less pain in her eyes. Within four months she had no soreness and tenderness. She had frequent headache. 3X. congestion.. She said they were tender. M. | From Schiissler. whom the farmer had consulted. aged 40 years. The pain in her head was generally throbbing and beating. A. and wanted " tonics" all the time from her former physicians.. Her sexual organs were tender and sore. It can be relied upon in all injuries of the soft tissues. and could truthfully say she was enjoying better health than she ever expected to do. when he informed me that the servant's thumb was quite well. ) "Silicea in Neglected Injury. MECHANICAL INJURIES. — If biochemistry had only developed this remedy it would have given mankind the greatest blessing in the Materia Medica. irritation. 241 the farmer had occasion to see me. as I have proven to myself many times in my surgical work. and her tongue was clean and red. Head always sore to the touch. G. baths and exercise. said amputation was the only thing that could be done for the case. which caused the limb to be- . and some time after. D. which was worse in the temples. which were always worse on motion.. She took Calcarea fluor. also full directions about the care of her bowels.) Ferrum phos.made me decide on giving Calcarea fluor. Her face was flushed and burning. She said she had dyspepsia for years. I always think of this remedy in cases that have either tenderness. Her flesh was always sore and tender. The soreness and tenderness of all the parts called my attention to the remedy. with a tenderness in her stomach and bowels. The medical man in the village. Ferrum phos. (O. two tablets every two hours. fever or inflammation of any part or parts. never had been a strong person. Palmer. injured his limb below the knee about eighteen years ago. ix Soreness axd Tenderness.

1S93. taking two doses daily instead of four as formerly. There had been a steady and marked improvement during these three weeks.come in this when when room inflamed and suppurate in two or three places. The ulcers discharged free!}. aged 24. An hour of shopping would lay her aside for days. I looked to see if the remedy might be responsible. Palmer. and she returned in very good condition. This being unusual. had injured her coccyx by falling astride a boulder while walking in the bed of a dried-up stream. She then went to Chicago and did as prolonged and faithful work at the fair as any of her party who were supposed to be well. which occurred after slight exertion about the house. he would have pain shooting up and down the leg. especially if the would get cool. she complained of much distress in the occiput and had severe pain in the spine if she became fatigued. and also improve his general condition. I soon found that Silicea was the only remedy that would govern the pain and give comfortable sleep at night. because her period was delayed." I directed that Kali phosphoricum should be continued after the period was over. and it is certainly a great victory for the remedy. After this she was quiet in the country until October. with an occasional attack of heartburn and chilliness. I commenced to treat him. until I saw him four months ago. Warm applications would relieve the pain. A. D. . when I gave her Pulsatilla. His improvement has been very satisfactory. and I found him very low just after he had had a severe chill of one hour. but if it were kept forward she had a sense of faintness.) Miss J . On resuming her old life the same symptoms returned after a time. His symptoms were always worse at night. He was badly afflicted with chronic dyspepsia and acid eructations. being better and worse. or after a short walk. She took nothing but Kali phosphoricum 6x till June 16th. M. (O. 16 242 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. His general health was very much impaired. Had to move her head forward. as everything in the medicine line had been used without any material benefit. and found that it produced a "retention or delay of the monthly flow. He carried the limb condition. He had one or two fistulous abscesses of long standing that were surrounded by a dark bluish border. May 22.thick yellow pus.

and again she came under my care. or ears. Conjunctivitis and intolerance of light along with it were the more prominent symptoms. of Munich. only to show its power to relieve many disturbing symptoms arising from so profound a disturbance to the nervous system. Kali phosphoricum always benefited her. if there be an excessive secretion of tears or of saliva. with white or gray deposit. I . For the glandular swelling. — For the hoarse cough. external redness and painfulness. 243 the blush of the rash or the fading of it. Ferrum phos. white tongue.. Kali sulph. reports: In thirty-five cases of measles which came under my treatment. coryza and bronchial catarrh were very slight in the premonitory stage. Diarrhoea. Natrum mur. D. Within a few days after. C. loose stools. I do not cite this case to prove that Kali phosphoricum will make sound an injured coccyx. the rash appeared. and then disappeared. Wiggins. Deafness from swelling in the throat. but it was not until after galvanism had been applied directly to the seat of the injury. Kock. whitish or light-colored. But either during MENINGITIS. it is the second remedy. and she had had rest for another summer. as an intercurrent remedy. Dr. eyes or nose. — Measles. Kali mur. especially in the initiatory and prodromic. M. for all the glandular swellings and the furred tongue.) MEASLES. — Measles in all stages. rash suddenly recedes with harsh and dry skin. The remedy which I now chose was Ferrum phos. This remedy will assist the returning of the rash. — Suppressed rash. painful swelling of one or both glands below the ear set in. according to the violence of the fever. and when I saw that it proved very satisfactory. and were crying and moaning both day and night. (T. lasting five or six days. CLINICAL CASES. I ordered a spoonful of the solution every hour or two. etc. I looked for no other remedy. and. that she found herself quite restored. For the after-effects of measles. The children again become feverish. also for the symptoms of inflammatory affections of the chest. I gave it at the premonitory stage.

Kali mur. when effusion takes place. temperature over 40 . Ferrum phos. high fever. Som- . quick pulse. etc. or something gnawing there. To hasten the convalescence I gave Calc. as if base of brain were crushed in a vise. D. loss of courage and hope. — Consequences of anger.used the same medicine. Give a powder of the second trituration morning and evening. or great impotence. Crushing pain. with loss of appetite. ( From Schiissler. suffered from meningitis. At the time I was called the patient had been nearly two days in a frightful delirium. When already developed. — Violent head-pains. nit. CLINICAL CASES. crying and screaming.. that had increased almost to madness. depressed spirits. especially at base of brain and back of neck. depressed. Kali phos. and nothing was prescribed. 244 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. acute and chronic. 6 (Grauvogl. and eight days later the patient was able to be out and at his calling(Dr. Indifference to ordinary matters. After a week I found the patient free from fever. Hydrocephaloid conditions. ill temper often arising from nervous disturbances. from Er. — Brain-fag from overwork. still somewhat weak. Mr. Consciousness had disappeared. Fear. but subjectively fully recovered. — The second remedy..) MENTAL STATES. etc. — The chief remedy in hydrocephalus. alternate with Argent. loss of memory or sleeplessness.) Natrum sulph. open fontanelles. and his nearest male relatives had died of it. — First stage of meningitis. After injuries to the head. Quesse. Ferrum phos. trifles annoy. phos. I ordered Ferrum phos. ) MENINGITIS. and my cases ended very satisfactorily. fretfulness in children. flat. since in his family there was a history of hereditary brain disease. delirium. stupor. The case was especially severe. Crossness and irritability in children . Prevents hydrocephalus in families predisposed thereto. Calcarea phos.. and a prognosis of the attending allopath was designated as at least doubtful. irritability. and Kali phos e .

or at sudden noises . which are also aggravated about the time of full moon. Natrum phos. excessive blushing from emotional sensitiveness. Anxious and apprehensive. Prostration and nervous weakness. timidity. Hypochondriasis. whining disposition. Sighing and depression. Hypochondriasis. irritable. — Nervous. Indisposed to any mental effort. Silicea. Too keen sensitiveness. avoids company. Despondency about business and pecuniary affairs. Sighing and moaning in sleep. Very forgetful. Oversensitiveness to noise. makes " mountains out of mole-hills. Restlessness and irritability. false impressions and fancies. obstinate. depressed state. Very nervous. Sadness with palpitation. restlessness and heavy dreams accompany symptoms. Music unbearable. Wakes easily. pensive.nambulism. irascible." Aftereffects of grief. — Great sadness. Melancholia from overstrain of the mind. Natrum sulph. lack of controlling force over the nerves of the coats of the vessels. Loss of memory. — Illusions of senses. Indisposition to mix with people. apprehension for the future. melancholy. being too easily vexed. starts at the slightest sound. want of energy. Imagines that pieces of furniture are persons . Morbid activity of memory. homesickness. Starts on being touched. Shyness. — Suicidal tendency. feeling of faintness. vexed at trifles. 245 makes matters worse. from falls and injuries to head. accompanied with dryness and irritable conditions of mucous membranes. Makes him melancholic. talks while asleep. Dread of noise. Melancholy accompanying exhausting drains affecting the nerve-centres of the spinal cord. Mental troubles arising. that he hears footsteps in the next room. like to dwell on unpleasant occurrences. Dulness and inability to think clearly. Low spirits. in change of weather and during a storm. Mania in its various stages and degrees. haunted by visions of the past and longing after them. with inclination to look at the dark side of everything. ill-humored from nervous exhaustion. consolation only MENTAL STATES. wants to be carried while awake from room to room. must exercise great restraint. Night terrors in children . loss of correct reasoning faculty requires this remedy. Monomania about pins. Madness. and constipation with hard stool. Hallucinations. Magnesia phos. Rambling talk while awake. — Imagines he is in two places at the same time. want of energy. Mental illusions (an abnormal condition of the gray nervous matter). Natrum mur. Dulness. Lassitude. they awake screaming and in fright. L-onging for home and relatives. .

— In January. she had always had a quiet and happy life. and that one side of his head. He was very nervous in his demeanor. with groundless fear of financial ruin. for the treatment would be a long and tedious one. and when these spells of nervousness reached the paroxysm. the only one. but absolutely nothing seemed to interest him. appetite good. I prescribed for this patient: Magnesia phos. I recommended that the patient be brought to me every week. etc. as also were the father and mother.. the left. he seemed to have some fear or respect for his old mother. However. His appearance and his manner of acting was that of a child only a few years old.. 5 feet 8 inches tall and although pretty strong physically. of course.Calcarea fluor. Her boy C. 246 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. following her all over the house. Indecision. I inquired if during the pregnancy of the mother with this child she had been subject to any accident or fright. Calcarea phos. but without any success. all the others were healthy. After a month of the above treatment. in 5-grain doses to be taken in alternation every hour during the day. From time to time for several years. and even these answers were stupid. was a great deal smaller than the right. he generally tore off all his clothing and flung it in every direction about the room.. but warned the mother to be patient with the poor boj'. able to handle him He was not addicted to masturbation. the mother reported that the bad nervous spells of tearing the clothing were stopped. — Great depression. 1S91. this boy had been treated by several physicians of the old school. the boy usually sleeping very quietly at night. a lady came to consult me about the mental condition of her youngest boy. until he was completely naked. and seeming to take interest in her . unable to answer any questions except by yes or no. CLINICAL CASES. on the contrary. I remarked that all his teeth were decayed. he was a perfect idiot. S. indeed. the boy was more quiet. was then 26 years old. unable to remain quiet on the chair for five minutes. She answered no. Idiocy. both in the 3x tr. This patient was the seventh child of the family . I did not promise a cure..

. and see whether he could make himself useful for them in their work. The improvement of that idiot has been permanent until now. but he is no more a burden as before to the great satisfaction of his poor old mother. He is still working steady. But as years passed on. in a woman. Another case of religious melancholia.. Finally. melancholia. and Calcarea phos. ast. M. The result was most satisfactory. always under Magnesia phos. MissM. without experiencing any dislike. he was entirely restored by Kali phos.) Patient. week after week he became more and more interested in their work. like a man of poor intellect. of three weeks' standing. would do her good. four doses daily for weeks. they gave it very steadily. he was able to do eight hours of common carpenter work for his brothers. Los Angeles. Zeit. Two months after the beginning of the treatment. has been suffering since her eighteenth year from occasional attacks of aberration of the mind. So he did. (Dr. Allg. tediousness of life.. 6 . 89.household work. After the fourth month of treatment. 6 in one week. After the failure of the ordinary homoeopathic remedies. particularly in looking at images or photos. getting interested in many different other things. suffering from deep hypochondriasis. that were carpenters. downhearted and morose. E. As a last recourse. de Cailhol. and pointing correctly that such and such were pictures of his brothers and sisters. his intelligence seemed to develop in some respect. of course. After taking it . fatigue or laziness. This was four years ago. he helped the mother sweeping the rooms and washing the dishes without breaking them. Cal. he commenced by helping them in carrying boards and sometimes planing them when necessary. etc. the daughter of the late Dr. these attacks of insanity became worse and more frequent. was entirely cured by Kali phos. until it was deemed advisable by her brother to make arrangements with the doctor of the lunatic asylum in the district to have her removed there. a friend called to see if new remedies could be of any service in such a hopeless case Having assured him that Kali phos. I advised the mother to let him go with his brothers.) Detailed description below. Horn. mistrust. i88t. fear of death. and to make $2 a day.. A. (Dr Arnberg. after eight months' treatment.

44: "I saw. showing itself in irritability. aet. But he was rapidly cured by the continuous use of Kali phos. as her condition.. He suffered from mental derangement. (M. and that night he had a quiet sleep. receive callers and make calls.. terror. and was unable to sleep.. D. which she had not been able to do for years. and is completely cured. but had a fear of death. I prescribed Kali phos. therefore. Religious melancholy was at the root. although before this occurrence she had not inclined to religious excitement. 80. nervousness. Only by holding her nose and by force. From Schiissler. with excellent results. " On that occasion it was in the case of an old man. W. wrung her hands and tore her clothes. on the 7th of February. was originally one of depression. a little food or medicine could be put down her throat. Several cases of a similar nature have been treated with equal success— two of these puerperal mania. Schiissler says in his book: "A functional disturbance of the molecules of this salt causes in the brain mental depression. or pieces of paper which were laid about to prevent her tearing her garments. " a lady suffering from mental derangement.she never had another attack. a certain feeling of calmness was experienced. He was tired of life." She took Kali phos. as Nux vom. which showed itself in the form of intense hypochrondriasis and melancholia. " I have seen my previous patient frequently. of Arns- MENSTRUATION. as the improvement continued steadily. apt. Brotnide of potassium in allopathic doses. I had. and frequently it required two persons to hold her down.. no reason to regard the treatment I selected. Dr. busily engaged in her home . on account of feeling so nervous and shy during the intervals of the attacks. to which Kali phos. able to superintend home duties. etc. cried. A former experience gained by this remedy led me to select it. so that on the 25th of February I discontinued my professional visits. is suited. 247 berg. For weeks he had been treated to no purpose with many remedies apparently called for. weeping. Her eyes had an unconscious stare. Aurum. She now declared she was lost forever — lamented. ) The following is a case of a lady. though one of excitement. as well as softening of the brain. She did not know those around her." writes Dr. A. Even after eight hours from the commencement of the treatment.

flow dark and fibrous. sometimes acid taste. — Thin discharge. . with vomiting of undigested food. If periods last too long." (Sulzer. — The monthly periods are too late or suppressed. checked. — The chief remedy in ordinary cases of menstrual colic. yellow-coated tongue. Menstrual colic or great pain at the times of the periods in pale. if the menses do not appear. etc. too frequent. Pains severe. vomiting of food. Ferrum phos. dark. weakness and faint feeling. or when very scanty and at long intervals. Menses too early. nausea. sensitive females. lachrymose. stringy. lassitude and general nervous debility. " In young girls. too profuse discharge. Too early menses. menses too late in some. excessive discharge. intense sexual desire after menses. watery or pale. etc. too scanty in similar conditions. Natrum mur. — Pain at the monthly periods with flushed face and quick pulse. This remedy must be taken as a preventive before the periods if these symptoms are recurrent. Bearing-down sensation and constant dull ovarian pains. Dull headache with menses. 248 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. and of offensive odor. vaginismus. worse on right side. — Retention or delay of the monthly flow. with a feeling of weight and fulness in the abdomen. white tongue. Magnesia phos. water}' blood.) Very gloomy during menstruation. desire for sour things. Painful menstruation or pain preceding the flow. Twelve to 30 are the most useful potencies. thin and not coagulating. Headache and pain in small of back on rising. very tired and sleepy. relief from heat. Diseases of. and she speaks quite calmly of her past illness ' ' ( From Schiissler. black like tar. Kali phos. better by lying on something hard. irregular. ) MENSTRUATION. deep-red or blackish-red. Kali mur. sometimes with strong odor. See also Dysmenorrhcea. Menses every three weeks with pressure in abdomen and small of the back and pain on top of head. clotted or tough. blood bright-red. and Women. with headache every morning. Menses premature and too profuse in nervous subjects. bread and cooked food. with depression of spirits. irritable. External parts swollen. aversion to meat. with disturbed sleep. Pain in the stomach. excessive congestion. Too late and too scanty. thin.with her usual cheerfulness. Menses too profuse and too early. backaches. dreams of robbers. intermittent.

— Excessive with bearing-down pains. Silicea arrested the hemorrhage almost immediately. short. 22. Rheumatic pains. Sexual organs inflamed. round body. Backache with paralytic sensations. with aching pains in the joints. twitchings and great weakness. pinching in abdomen and burning of the palate. discharge makes thighs sore. MENSTRUATION. set. shrunken. — Menses too late and too scanty. — Menses too late. After disappointments. Metrorrhagia. with tendency to sigh. (A. always icy cold during menses with constipation. For flabby. as if raw and sore. stools partly recede.. Calcarea sulph. sore. Calcarea fluor. Protracted menses during lactation. accompanied by an afternoon headache over eyes. hates to get up and move about. corrosive. with colic. was since puberty troubled every month with dysmenorrhcea. too late in adults. Teste. and during the first day of flow. brunette. — Menses acrid. Natrum phos. Silicea.Calcarea phos. but rarely profuse. with a feeling of weight and fulness in the abdomen. plump. — Menses too early and pale. This person. active brain. flooding. preceded by violent. long-lasting. with great weakness and sinking sensation after menses. Metrorrhagia of six weeks' standing. Menses early but scanty .) Miss S. — Menses too early in young girls. — Menses smell strong. emaciated patients. cold at every change of weather. chilliness and restless sleep. CLINICAL CASES. 249 Natrum sulph. Menses flow freely while walking. large. and pain in knees as if cords were shortened. and effected such an improvement in one week that I scarcely knew her again the second week. with . Kali sulph. intermitting epistaxis. who was a washerwoman at Grenille. in the case of a fat and robust woman of brown complexion. attributed her sickness to her constantly standing in cold water. swollen and covered with vesicles. patient wants constantly to sit down. intellectual. Insatiable sexual desire before. also sore wrists. with headache. Menstruation during lactation. beginning several hours previous. and headache and yellow-coated tongue. She did not take any other medicine. and whom I saw only three or four times at my office.

the whole vagina filled with indurated uterus.uys reports the case of a physician . cm. 1S89. {Med. No pain. in a few moments the patient was easy. Dec. A. After one of her periods I gave her Magnesia phos. No pains this month. had every month menorrhagia. outside congested.) MORPHINE HABIT. in water.) Dysmenorrhea. 6x. twice the flow was so excessive as to cause fears of death. and no return of pain for over three years. and these so severe that they seemed unbearable and hysteria seemed threatening. patient is now well. a dose night and morning. Kimball. Next month I advised patient to begin the day before period and take three doses. With this exception was in very good health. stretched open about half an inch. three to four doses a day.severe pains in the uterus. J. back and lower limbs. when she got her feet wet just before her menses. I immediately gave her a large dose of Magnes. and dismissed patient cured. 1889. The next menstrual period was nearly free from pain. Before this she had always stayed in bed without any relief. and on the day period was to come on take a dose every two hours. and the next or the following day a membrane passed. orifice of os tender. In less than half an hour the pains lessened. I began treatment with Magnes. Painless menstruation went on for six or eight months. When the severe pains were > a dull aching for a day or two followed. Found the patient in bed. phos. no more 250 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. — At each menstrual period a membrane. severe. Dec. red. Advance. Natrum phos. but the usual membrane was passed. No hemorrhage next month. sharp.) "Married lady. This process was repeated the third month. Advance. Her symptoms were. L. 6x. " {Med. cm. inside filled up. having one child. phos. trouble. In one of these attacks I was sent for. Upon examination found the uterus low down and swollen. after the flow began. shooting pains low down in the abdomen. It relieved her. (S. and she has had no trouble since. phos. I repeated the dose. and in three months the organ was reduced to its normal size. and received Magnes. the feet had been bathed in hot water and hot cloths applied for hours to the lower abdomen. pains no better. the flow began. and the succeeding ones were painless. for two days. > by lying curled up in bed with a hot water-bag on the abdomen. — M. and went on the usual time. was discharged. varying in size from one to two inches in length.

the morphine was progressively diminished. destined to die. and that horrible sinking. Ferrum phos. Gums . I had used one after another all the nerve tonics I could find in any school of medicine. I was defeated and felt thoroughly discouraged. Ohio. got a supply of it. and then the doses were progressively diminished. — Aphthae. wild. D. " all gone " sensation rapidly yielded to the cell-salt. without the least desire for the opiate. dry tongue. sleeplessness. due. healthy and happy woman. and she made a good recovery. handsome. a remarkably vigorous. moving in the upper circles of society. But my patient was. I could push the anti-morphine treatment and could sustain the nerve force." I ascribe all the credit of the cure to Kali phos. (I used the 3X potency). hot and inflamed. to the extreme prostration of the nervous system. M. — Gums sore. and as they were gradually increased. I followed MOUTH. There remained no desire for the morphine. and finally stopped altogether in two weeks more. The mouth is red and swollen. four years later. red. for the other treatment could not have been completed had it not been for the cell-salt. excoriation of the mouth. as she expressed it. Great fetor from the mouth. Winterset. She is now. after I had resolved to relinquish the treatment. Gumboil. Sonders.who had been accustomed to take about seven grains of morphine daily. aged 20. as I afterwards learned. amounting to almost total collapse. Small doses of Natrum phosphoricum were given subcutaneously (with glycerin and water). DISEASES OF.. staring eyes. Two general practitioners of prominence and a specialist had attempted to cure her but failed utterly. brown. I happened to think of Kali phos. apparently. DISEASES OF. intense headache. Redness. (B. thrush. dryness or heat of the mucous membrane of the mouth. and has. watery secretions. In two months the morphine was discontinued entirely. At the same time I stopped all other heart and nerve " tonics. I returned to my office." The change was wonderful. thick. Canker. and started her taking a dose every fifteen minutes. intelligent. ulcers of the mouth. white ulcers in the mouths of little children or nursing mothers. Kali phos. 25 1 the mode adopted by our most noted and successful practitioners. A. "a perfect terror of morphine.) MOUTH. On my way to the patient's home. Kali mur. The sharp. soft swelling before matters form. nevertheless a confirmed morphine fiend. — Young lady. I began the treatment with fear and trembling.

Kali phos. easily when there exists a red line or seam on the edges . Mucous patches. — Gumboil. Saliva profuse. Syphilitic ulceration of gums. Hydroa sore crusts and pimples on lips. Inflammation of the tongue when excessive dryness occurs or exhaustion sets in. with ashy-gray ulcers. water-canker. See also Catarrhal Affections. salivation.. etc. Professor Dr. CLINICAL CASES. — Inside of lips sore." MUCOUS MEMBRANES. {S. Gums bleed on brushing teeth. gums bleed 252 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. sign of anaemia. with swelling of the gums. fetid breath. thick and salty. " Canker sores " of the lips and cheeks yield to this remedy in the 3X or 6x attenuation where Borax. Cold sores at corners of mouth. Pale appearance of the gums. have failed to cure. Upper lip swollen and painful. Gumboil with throbbing and boring pains. it peels off in flakes. eruptions on chin. has given very satisfactory proofs of its value. Natrum phos. Gums bleed easily. — Cancrum oris. J. Natrum mur. Baptisia. At a meeting of medical men at Schaffhausen. Lips swollen . Gums spongy and receding. — Gums painful and inflamed in teething children. and Magnes. with mortification of the cheek. Stomatitis. — Dryness and desquamation of the lower lip. hard swellings on the jaws or gums. — Thrush with flow of saliva. gangrenous canker. True gangrene of the mouth. Schiissler's method lie in the introduction of Kali phos. deposit on the teeth and foul breath. phos. In ordinary stomatitis. raw sores on lips. Edges of tongue red and sore. of H. Indurations.puffed. Kali phos. Kali chlor..) Calcarea sulph. white or yellow in color.. Rapp said: " In my opinion the greatest merits of Dr. Calcarea fluor. — This remedy has few equals for ulceration of the buccal mucous membrane. Kali sulph. Blisters like pearls around mouth. The color and consistency of the secretion must decide the . Antim. Calcarea phos.

from chill or cold. — With much saliva or swelling of the testicles occurring as a metastasis with mumps. feeling of weight and pressure. Kali mur. Kali mur. or to remain up. Secretion albuminous : Calc. phos. burning or diffused heat. Tic douloureux. slimy: Kali sulph. transparent : Natrum mur. The fever was entirely reduced within five or six hours. worse from warmth of bed. unless there is fever. great deal of swelling.) NEURALGIA. — Lancinating. Two cases in one family.. Faceache with febrile symptoms... fluor. with pain as if a nail were being driven in. MUMPS. CLINICAL CASES. If this does not suffice. Kali phos. Neuralgia of the mammary glands. at least a dozen cases of mumps. and I have never had such satisfactory results with other remedies One case had violent fever. (S.. Powell Burdick. D. Blinding pain. I have treated. one-sided. feeling of inability to rise.. 253 Magnes. failing of strength.. within three or four days. clear. depression. Neuralgia along inner orbit and nose.. temples. . even to delirium. nightly pains from small of back to feet. in the head. and Kali mur. sulph. phos. and the swelling and all the other symptoms were entirely relieved. purulent : Calc. with similar conditions. > Ferrum phos... golden-colored : Natrum phos. during the past year. — This remedy alone will cure. Must rise and sit in chair for relief. or in the jaw-bone. yet the pain is felt less when standing or walking about... lumpy : Calc. greenish : Kali sulph. and note the tongue symptoms. by the alternate use of Ferrum. MUMPS. or over eye. were in a like manner treated with the same results. etc. causing soreness and chafing : Natrum mur. — Congestive or inflammatory. phos. Natrum mur.. fibrinous : Kali mur. give Calcarea sulph. Natrum phos. — Initiatory stage with the febrile symptoms. M. yellowish. Ferrum phos.choice of the remedy. Neuralgia accompanied by flushed face. Silicea . pain. — Neuralgic pain in any organ. offensive-smelling : Kali phos.

— Neuralgic pains deep-seated in the bones. Irritation of the fifth pair of nerves. Neuralgia in the head. from reading. yellow. paroxysms of neuralgic pains with subsequent exhaustion. long-lasting. Natrum phos. pains in the ends of nerve-fibres. in schoolgirls. Neuralgia from exposure to a strong north wind. pains felt most when quiet or alone. sensitiveness to light and noise. and especially dry warmth. J. pains darting and very intense. . Neuralgia commencing at night. Faceache with constipation. Neuralgia every night. with a feeling of lameness or numbness. Magnesia phos. This remedy is required to tone up the gray nervous substance. NEURALGIA. of New York. improved or not even felt during pleasant excitement. 255 Dr. — Intercostal neuralgia of a drawing.254 TH H TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Faceache. Shocks like electric sparks. Neuralgic pains in the nervous substance threatening paralysis. Tongue thick. Pains worse at night and in bad weather. — Facial neuralgia. Warm applications relieve. A contraindication for the use of the remedy is amelioration by cold. Pains with sensation of crawling. cellars. Pains coming on periodically. being very acute. with flow of saliva or involuntary tears. constrictive kind. Neuralgic pains and humming in the ears. recurring periodically. pain excruciating or spasmodic. Neuralgia with ill humor. Darting. Tics. Pains better with gentle motion. also the facial nerve. Neuralgic pains in any part of the body. when the phenomena of sensation are too acute . worse on rising . — Neuralgic nerve-pains recurring at certain times. coldness and numbness. reports a cure with this remedy. writing and talking. darting. soreness of right lower jaw. worse in the morning. O'Connor. Spasms from cold without fever. Calcarea phos. Neuralgia ani. Right-sided neuralgias relieved by cold applications. stitching pains. etc. Orbital neuralgia with lachrymation. This remedy is right-sided. well during the day. Natrum mur. brown coated. or shooting along the course of the nerves. Typical facial neuralgias. Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve (see Sciatica). worse after stool. — Attacks of neuralgia from being in damp dwellings. shooting. Spasmodic pains and affections of almost any kind. Natrum sulph. T. shooting along the nerve-fibre with these accompaniments. Pains aggravated by mastication or any motion. failure of strength. Stitches from upper teeth to ear.

orbital neuralgia of the right side. Nimier assured us that this remedy finds an application in supra-orbital neuralgia of the right side with a morning aggravation. and the paralyzing ones of Kali phos. She did not come until two months afterward. I advised her to continue the treatment for a week longer and then report. Obstinate neuralgia caused by dissipation. Nimier was absolutely exact. Neuralgia Dr. and who for months had had attacks of right-sided . who. owing to the tenacity of her affection. and I had the surprise and satisfaction to note that scarcely two days after the administration of the first dose a certain amelioration was produced. but several experiments of this kind having been followed by absolute failure. Naturally I continued the remedy. Parenteau in the Societe Francaise d'Homoeopathie at the last meeting read a paper as follows: In 1887. In the second case observed. — Pain mostly in teeth. Dr. At that time I had a young patient of 15 years. I therefore resolved to give her Ferrum phosphoricum in the 6x potency. it was not a young girl but a young woman of 27 years. However. I was about to believe that my first observation was a simple case of spontaneous cure. I hastened to give this remedy. if there be a want of regenerative force for the nervous tissue). for three months caused me dispair of curing. Lumbo-abdominal neuralgia. hard work and close confinement. an anaemic girl with imperfect menstruation. Silicea. but the cure was absolute and without relapses.Calcarea sulph. when recently I had successively two cases of cure which convinced me that the explanation given by Dr. and at the end of eight days the amelioration was such that the patient thought herself cured. (more in aged persons. Better from wrapping up warmly. modiste. which resisted all remedies prescribed. in discussing Ferrum phosphoricum in this society. CLINICAL CASES. — This remedy occupies a ground between the very acute pains of Magnesia phos. It is unnecessary to state that whenever I found a supra.

they. I tried Fer rum phosphor icum. Medical Monthly. We likewise find these pains in headache. Belladonna. The patients suffer from irregularities in menstruation and often have special uterine troubles with tendency to hemorrhages. moreover. drawing and tearing. C. I continued the remedy in the 6x dilution for eight days. in faceache. Huff. Stomach-pains . as the earthly constituent of muscles and nerves. etc.. D. which may be more or less marked. T. Dalton says the salts of magnesium have been found to be in larger quantity than those of lime in the muscles. then Chamomilla. then.. They are described as being of a shooting character. As in the first case three days had not passed before the patient returns greatly relieved. of Huron. followed by the I2xand the i8x. but it exerts its influence especially on the female sex and notably in young persons. of the Minn. As he has said Ferrum phosphoricum is useful in supra-orbital neuralgias of the right side with morning aggravation. neuralgia of the stomach and bowels.256 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. From this condition there almost always results persistent cephalalgias and an anaemia. The following from the pen of Dr. and we have Magnesia phos. 9. of the ovaries and often in the limbs. according to the case. however. i. Colocynth. generally frontal. from vol. inclined to move from place to place . etc. illustrates the use of one of these remedies in neuralgia : ' ' Schiissler describes Magnesia phos. like lightning. assume a periodicity of recurrence. The third case was similar to the two others and I believe that I am able to complete the indications furnished by Dr. C. Ignatia. After having vainly tried Nux vomica. and at the end of three weeks the cure was complete without relapse. and any disturbance of the system causing a molecular change in the nutritive elements of this salt would produce the characteristic pains of this remedy. supra-orbital neuralgia with morning aggravations or coinciding with the menstrual periods which were very irregular and with uterine hemorrhages. Grant this fact. acting as a nerve remedy. Nimier. No. having any regard for regularity. not.

" The above cases have been taken from my note-book and are illustrative of the action of this remedy in neuralgia of the fifth nerve and its branches . I found the patient much prostrated.. frequently extorting cries. nervo-bilious temperament. pain was left-sided and involved the supramaxillary portion of the trigeminus. cured this case in twelve hours. cured promptly. and was under the so-called ' regular ' treatment for three days before I was called. In England the farmers use the remedy with prompt results for flatulent colic in horses. aet. was given and resulted in a speedy recovery. On being called to the case. crampy. darting and shooting. Miss S. aet. tall and slender. Magnesia phos. Nux vom. 24. from exposure to a strong north wind. I found her in bed. Magnesia phos. with a high degree of photophobia. paroxysmal. She was taken suddenly with acute pain in right side of the face. the principal remedy being morphia. almost frantic with pain. best applied by means of an inverted hot plate.frequently radiate from the umbilicus. 257 "Case 2. slight build. darting nature. MissB. has neuralgia. and seemed to affect different parts of the head and face on different days. flushed face. The following is my experience with the remedy. nervous temperament. 20. the pain involving the supra. tearing character. clerk. and Sulphur) and warmth. of a darting. and had taken massive doses of Bromide of potash and Chloral hydrate. She had been under treatment for facial neuralgia for two weeks previous. 22. Aloes. In character the pain was lancinating. the right side of the face and supraorbital region somewhat swollen. of a crampy.. dark complexion. without relief. shooting. " Case 3. occupation topographer. lined with flannel. NEURALGIA. Miss S. Iris vers. nervous temperament.. and all my results have been from I2x trituration : "Case 1. Caustic. especially dry heat. with no relief.and infraorbital region. dark complexion.. set. and are relieved by pressure (resembling in this respect Coloc. pains very severe. Magnesia phos. There was also much tenderness over the affected side. brunette. The pains were of an intermittent character. eyes injected.

suddenly appearing and disappearing. Goullon: "On April 13th a patient wrote me that for nine days she had been in bed without medical help. lightning-like pains. Magnesia phos. i2x cured in three weeks. also the frontal.f There were indications for it. Spigel. lightning-like. The pain is maddening. cured by Magnesia phos. spasmodic. H. discharging pus and now water. 46. which didn't help. darting. What should I give her? Silicea ? The nightly aggravation would suit this remedy. Through catching cold she got a severe trouble in the ear and then a prosopalgia on the left side. Also. and there is high fever with sleeplessness.. relieved by heat and pressure. as I already knew she had a ten17 258 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. suffering from a maddening pain. — Allg... I was unable to see the patient. She perspires freely. . Prompt curative action of Magnesia phos. the prosopalgia remains as before. Horn. Zeit. 88. She went to an apothecary for Bryon. Deep within the ear an abscess developed. Nux vom.I have also cured one case of neuralgia of the stomach where the characteristic pains were present. which broke two days ago. as she. quick. she doesn't sleep at night and only one or two hours in the day. The ear still pains. yet the facial pain remained. relieved by heat and pressure. at that time. and Coloc. Yesterday she had a severe pain in the right hip. but he advised Bellad. lived at Leipsic. accompanied by prostration and night-sweats. and yet she needed help at once. at the same time an annoying constipation disappeared." Case of prosopalgia of several weeks' standing. which is quite irritating. vol. p. I have relieved colic in young children with the same remedy when Chamom. back to the nape of the neck. Dr. 200 after several other remedies had failed to give permanent relief. which is unusual with her. relieved by warm cotton and aggravated by cold.. C. another case cured by the same remedy and potency where the pains were intermittent. affecting the lower maxillary bone. resulting from a bath. sensitive to touch. for it has produced an eruption wherever it touched. and involving the whole left side of the head. Allen reports a case of right facial neuralgia with sharp. had failed. by Dr. but the abscess in the ear was gone.

which has lately been extolled as a specific. (W. The embarrass de richesse still increased. I had the satisfaction of reading the following lines: ' My hearty thanks for your kind and quick assistance. and down the forearm into the thumb. . Horn. Then there is Arnica. the trouble was cured in about three or four weeks. and Arsenic. She described it as if the heart would be twisted out. has for a week or two a severe tearing. Right facial neuralgia. Quinine. jerking. set. troublesome as well daytimes as nights. f. Zeit. XVII. The horrible pain is gone from my face. with dread of uncovering. Again there was Mercur. ought to be given for the unbearable pain. without benefit. but even here Spigel. 6 for a few days. 13 and 14.dency to heart trouble. and being continued. principally Rhus tox. with a throbbing as if something were unwound. Wesselhceft. Magnesia phos. and is only relieved by hard rubbing and pounding of the flesh. and I am happy and thankful.' " — Pop. M. a teaspoonful to be taken every three hours. gave no relief. I had immediate relief. moistened a powder of milk sugar with the 6th dilution and directed it to be dissolved in half a wine-glassful of water. particularly of the thumb. cutting pain. extending into the right upper arm. in the arm and side. but without loss of motion or use of arm. gnawing pain in region of right scapula. teeth sensitive. which had cured for me many neuralgias that even the great nerve remedy.. M. profuse sweat. and had electricity each day for a week or more. with numbness. It produced. located in the face. P. and one place which is certainty connected with the ear still pains. most severe at the heart. Merc. From Hg. On April 17th.. Perhaps it was a rheumatism. The ear itself pains somewhat and runs yet. worse after going to bed.. the pain and numbness were much relieved. on account of the tendency to sweating. Has taken several remedies.. had left untouched. The pain comes in paroxysms. This remedy given in another case of left-sided facial neuralgia did no good. in water gave prompt relief. the scalp is still sensitive.) Chas. however. on account of sleeplessness. After taking Calcarea phos. would be called for. 47. and has acted equally well twice since. She had formerly had pains in the articulations of the hand. Further. D. Chamom. I had some reliance on Stannum. "Yet in preference to all these remedies I selected Schussler's Magnesia phos.

Wesselhceft. (C. after a few minutes spreading over the whole right side to the lower jaw. NEURALGIA. removed the pain in three days. lightning-like and extremely sensitive to touch. She had suffered intermittent!}" for . probably because there was no relief from warmth.and infraorbital. relieved by cold applications. M. D. Lady. often omitting. Magnesia phos. M. boring over the right eye.) Kali phos}. driving out of bed. ast. 200 promptly gave relief. suffered since several weeks with pains in face and teeth. Worse when body gets cold. Magnesia phos. was cured by the same remedy. every three hours. ( \Y. Dec. This remedy regulated the catamenia and all subsequent attacks. proceeding from hollow teeth. — Med. relieved by heat and pressure. set. T. Stool torpid. Appears every two or three hours and rushes about like lightning. with a hectic appearance. though she had almost complete paralysis of the hand. u . P. 20. a dose every three hours. Plate. intermittent. Advance. Unlike Phosphor.) Neuralgia. little appetite. radiating over one-half of the face. Magnesia phos. coming and going suddenly and attended by prostration and night-sweats. but similar to Pulsat. D. Magnes. darting through her head along the nerves. 259 right side. aet. A similar case in a young lady. suffered from neuralgia. changing locality. catamenia scantv. 42. relieved in two days. Warm wadding relieves. stabbing. nipping. p/ios. Lady. overcame all complaints in four days. true nerve-fibre pain. 12 . A lady of healthy appearance suffered since several weeks with faceache. extending to all the front teeth of right side.Any return of it would be at once relieved by this remedy. M. Magnesia phos. Pain supra. (A. Since two years. 1889. lasting five or six hours. ) Miss Margaret S. or Kali. given at first did not relieve.cured a case of neuralgia in the right side of the face. 30.

The treatment was continued. D. H. unmarried. aet. inclined to angularity. The pain was all gone. and was compelled to go to bed on account of the pain. cured her completely. and the external conditions were all removed She complained of a tooth that . Presented himself at the office. complaining of a very agonizing pain in his face. ) Mr. and not very well nourished. ) A severe case of neuralgia in the head. on the right side. S. slender woman. dry applications. and somewhat sallow.. seemingly involving the malar bone. sensitive to the touch. Calcarea phos. Her only symptom was a severe pain at the lower part of the sacrum.) Ada D. a tall. a dose every ten minutes (E H. a healthy robust child. The face is swollen and very hard. After suffering for sereral hours. D.. He described it as boring. Hale. next day.) Magnesia phos. and about 35 years old. T. until she goes to bed. P. piercing. and changing from one part to another. a small. 1 M. 8. gave immediate relief. this being very common with her. phos. when it ceases. brown hair. She has a severe attack of neuralgia in the inferior maxillary of the right side. Cooper. I was called. namely. sensation as though a stream of cold air were blowing on the eye. and very susceptible to the cold air. was given. The pain is sharp. Mag. except that they were like shocks. the swelling very much reduced. dark hair. and he went to work the next day and has not been troubled since. M. Miss C. relieved a case of ciliary neuralgia involving the left eye extending downwards into neck. with lightning-like pains.three days. M. While waiting for me he had a severe paroxysm. a hard worker. phos. G. coming on after stool and lasting the entire day. 30s. and relieved her completely in an hour with Magnesia phos. Two doses of Magnesia phos. 6x. I gave her Mag.. relieved by pressure and heat. (R. like an auger. and the suffering of the man was intense. 30X. . undersized man. From Schiissler. with dark complexion. darting. The lady had come sixty miles to attend a musical entertainment. W. The pain is so severe as to prevent her walking or even standing. This case presented a symptom similar to Mezereum. and a marked improvement was manifest. D. and after that came pains that he could not describe. and called to see her 260 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. and very dark eyes. can get some relief from hot.

but had none for two years. aged 48. C. but without effect. Mc. an attack of right-sided neuralgia. M. She was kept in bed for ten days. Case 2. Tenderness on pressure. married. chiefly below the waist. gr. there was tenderness over the affected parts. aged 58. p/ios. down right sciatic nerve. and had greatly reduced her strength. After a slight attack of influenza. and when she pressed down on it there was a throbbing sensation. Mag. The pains shift their position. and that each dose relieved. saying that it was very loose. The patient was given Silicea. and Phos- . Case r (January 21. 30X.. affected various nerve tracts. cm. They shifted about. X. 1895). Mrs. and at any time if the pains were severe... D. when she suffered whilst abroad from vague neuralgic pains about body. located over the eye. her pulse is weak and vitality depressed. then lightning-like shocks from the supra-orbital region down into the upper lid were very frequent. — Miss G.ction of Magnesia Phosphorica as an Anodyne in Neuralgias. and involving the upper eyelid. Then Magnesia phosphorica 3X trit. — Mrs. The pains at once abated. with a numb sensation in affected parts. and the condition suggested commencing deep-seated spinal mischief. are better by rest. Arsenicum.gave her some trouble. and Arsenicum. Been subject to attacks of neuralgic pains in spine. Sometimes they seize her in paroxysms. Quinine. ) Cases Illustrating the A.. with a sore feeling. There was numbness of the toes. delicate-looking brunette. but walked about weeping and wringing her hands in despair. and up spine.. obliging her to call out. relieved this case in a very short time. was given. and treated with Rhus. pregnant four months. severe pains developed in lumbar region. She was about again in a few days. They were much worse at night. an apparently healthy. worse at night. a slender. Actcza racemosa. and patient observed that this powder had done her good. (Chas. and she has since remained free from all neuralgic attacks. very dark hair. has had much worry lately. While suffering from an attack of influenza she had. and finally she got no sleep at night. keeps a boarding-house. Huff. as a complication. and this removed all the remaining trouble. which would twitch and quiver when the pain was severe. vigorous lady till two years ago. which gradually increased until when I saw her in June last they had become very severe. night and morning. Bryonia. v. Patient is much distressed and in great anxiety about the pains.

This gave her several good nights' rest. and I hear is getting worse. B. A fortnight afterwards she reported the pains had quite left.. and continued for a time to lull the pains. Case 5. had lasted a week. Case 4. both to the patient and her friends. and this powder had removed far more promptly than anything previously prescribed. and when very severe by occasional antipyrin powders.— Miss F. radiating from an upper molar. Magnesia phosphorica 3X. and no other remedy was required. 5 grains taken in hot water two or three times a day when the pain was worst. (EDEMA OF THE LUNGS. She has been under treatment for two years. There has been frequent supra-orbital neuralgia of the right side. worse by least cold The pain was grasping and ticking. but its effect in temporarily relieving the pain and ensuring sleep was unmistakable. she complained of frantic neuralgia in upper jaw and face.. gave immediate relief. Although the pain recurred occasionally for some days. Phosphorus at first removed the pain. It was worst at night. a sufferer from chronic nephritis. — Mrs. 26 1 Case 3. Magnesia phosphorica could not have been expected to cure such a condition. an old lady of 74. a few doses of this drug always removed it. but soon lost its effect. and no other remedy was required. and she could read large print until nine months ago. which had given trouble before. . In September last the pain returned with great severity. W. and along right molar bone. worse by talking.. from which she is now quite blind. and for a time by various remedies the progress of the disease was arrested. Since then nothing has availed. Magnesia phosphorica relieved almost at once. — Mrs. She has been under treatment for slight eczema with constipation and stomach pains. These are better. This neuralgia was benefited by Actcza racemosa.phorus helped the general condition. The pain ran down from infra-orbital foramen into upper malleolus. aged 36. which has much improved under treatment. in reduced circumstances. Magnesia phosphorica was then given. severe leftsided facial neuralgia set in. relieved by warmth. aged 50. which greatly relieved. The patient has now left Bournemouth. After some mental upset. On September 10th. Progressive optic neuritis. CEDEMA OF THE EUNGS. from recurrent inflammation of the root. The sight of the left eye had been lost before I saw her. But nothing touched the pains until Magnesia phosphorica was given. The pain was better by warmth and pressure on the affected side.

Muscular paralysis caused by a disturbed or diseased condition of the different nerve-fibres which convey the motor stimulus to the muscles. Creeping paralysis in which the progress of the disease is slow . numbness. Calcarea phos. an affection of the muscles. being drawn over to the unparalyzed side. serous. Infantile paralysis. (Farrington. The mouth is distorted. or of the head. Calcarea fluor.Kali phos. — May be required later. — Orchitis after suppression of gonorrhoea. such as partial. Calcarea phos. . Bruised feeling in the back after exhausting diseases and from standing in wet. loss of voice through relaxed or paralyzed conditions of the laryngeal muscles. there is tendency to wasting. Wandering pains. Magnesia phos. for dyspnoea and livid countenance. crawling and weakness in lower extremities. — Weakness of lower limbs from the knees down. Natrum phos. Legs give under her when she walks. ORCHITIS. Debility. Trembling in limbs. Pennsylvania Homoeopathic Medical Society. — Paralysis from tabes dorsalis.) Silicea. serous masses brought up in excess. Paralysis agitans. 1875. paraplegia. involuntary shaking and trembling of the hands and limbs. loss of motor or stimulating power. frothy. — (Edema. hemiplegia. in which the vital powers are reduced and stools have a putrid odor. Natrum mur. PARALYSIS. Paralysis of the vocal cords. All varieties of paralysis require this. Locomotor paralysis. — Languid and exhausted. Acute oedema. spasmodic cough. — Coldness. threatening suffocation. with loss of sense of touch. — Induration and hardening of testicles. Paralysis that comes on suddenly. Nervous prostration. Kali phos. the chief remedy. 262 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Paralytic weakness of the joints. unable to sit up. — Facial paralysis. Complaints from standing in cold water ( Calcarea). Kali mur. etc. — (Edema pulmonum. — Primary remedy if from suppressed gonorrhoea. Paralysis of white nerve-fibres. Progressive sclerosis of the posterior column. Atrophic paralysis. Excessive accumulation of watery mucus in the lining of the lungs and bronchi. loss of stimulating power over some muscles. frothy secretions. Ferrum phos. facial or ptosis.

involuntary sighing. Alternating or associated with anal fistulae. Silicea. — Shortness of breath on the least motion. cured a case of facial paralysis from working in the water. Patient always worse near the seashore. She received six more powders. sanious. Night-sweats of phthisis with cold extremities. chronic coryza with total loss of taste and smell. sleepy by day. rattling cough. Spasmodic periodical cough with rattling in chest and expectoration of bloody sputa. Accumulation of transparent mucus in the larynx in the morning. and four weeks later she wrote me that she could go around the room by taking hold of the furniture. as intercurrent. — General malaise after the least exertion. Cough with soreness and dryness of throat. 263 hah phos. Empty swallowing causes cough.) PHTHISIS PULMONUM. In phthisical coughs with greenish yellow expectoration. took poison. congestion to head with hectic flush. suffocative attacks. especially about neck and head. in order to kill herself. (Monatsblatter. Phthisis mucosa. — Expectoration white and thick. I gave her six powders of Calcarea phos. — Hydrogenoid constitution. PHTHISIS PULMONUM. and. Cough with muco-purulent sputa. which completed her recovery. In diarrhoea and chronic forms with but little fever. dull aching in chest. — Sputa purulent .CLINICAL CASES A. Chronic coughs of consumptives. putrid sputa.. All-gone feeling in chest. give also cream. with a few doses of Calcarea phos. profuse sweat. — Profuse discharge of fetid pus — nightly paroxysms of cough with tickling in suprasternal fossa — tuberculous deposits on skin. Hoarseness. which left her with paralyzed hands and feet. Calcarea phos. worse in the evening after lying down. Lower lobe of left lung affected. small doses of cod-liver oil and carbonaceous food. showing themselves as lumpy tumors. Calcarea sulph. Kali phos. mixed with blood. Kali mur. restless at night. — Incipient phthisis in anaemic patients. Natrum sulph. Ema- . To lessen the emaciation. G had a love affair. Natrum mur. koumiss.

accompanied by heat and feverishness. T. with copious expectoration of thick. CASES Mr. oppressed and hurried. and he was drenched with ." (Ivins. Haemoptysis profuse. of a sanguine. and had constantly declined from that time.. and such was my opinion on seeing him. — Breathing short. Great constipation . Much. Patient is al- 264 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. weight in health 166 lbs. set. five feet ten inches high. there were heavy rales in the left bronchi. epistaxis. Phthisis fiorida." (F.) " Laryngeal phthisis. accompanied by slight or even severe bronchial or laryngeal hemorrhages. family consumptive. Ferrum phos. and cavernous lesions there.ciation. Dr. this remedy. skin had a cold. acute dry tickling cough from laryngeal and tracheal irritation. leaving a brother still enjoying tolerable health. yellowgreenish pus. and hence it recedes after partial evacuation.) CLINICAL. he having passed through the hands of several physicians. two sisters and a brother having already died. clammy feel. profuse night-sweats. Holcombe has used the 6000th potency with wonderful curative power in the last stages of phthisis. especially feet. rattling cough. 30. frothy . prostration and loose. and at that time was so low that his physician said he could not live six weeks. arytenoid cartilages pyriform. ways cold. bilious temperament. with decided indications of breaking down of the parenchymatous structure. there was the odor of the cadaver already present. even in the 300th potency. Terribly offensive foot-sweat. There was a large cavity in the right lung at the second intercostal space at about three inches to the right of the sternum. bright-red. become prostrated and have a bloodstreaked expectoration. " If patients take cold. musty and offensive enough from septicaemic influences. This remedy embraces most of the symptoms that belong to the phthisical dyscrasia. Saw him the April following. also the sputa was very heavy and largely purulent. the rectum lacks power to expel stools. Hoarseness from overstraining the voice.. he had no appetite and sat up hardly longer than to have his bed made. consequently it is a remedy of value for the constitutional condition in congenital or hereditary cases. Cough worse in open air. will quickly quiet the pulmonary congestion. Had several haemoptyses in the summer while in the hay field. rather dark complexion.

but is it not full of suggestions? (G. and so treated him till June. She would often rather spend the night on the sofa than venture to go through the fatigue of going to bed. Case was marked with absence of vital warmth. By patiently adhering to Dr. every other night with Sac. on page 193. At the stage she came under the new treatment. which was worse from motion. contains the record of another case of phthisis. especially the right lung. McH. he was steadily gaining in flesh and strength. The case is exceptional. no man could be more surprised than myself at these results. Were we all deceived ? Three good physicians of the leading school of medicine agreed about the diagnosis. and I don't think there is left a possible ground for doubt. indeed. I sent so that he got a dose of Silicea twice a week. Nevertheless. was given up by four doctors as beyond medical treatment. 265 ligence that the medicine acted like a charm and wanted more of the same kind. The professor's diagnosis ran thus: Both lungs diseased. lac. and ordered to report by mail in a week. especially the right cavity. he was furnished additional medicine and went home. so forbidding was the case that I refused his brother when he asked me to visit him again in a week. it took sometimes an hour and more before she could find the right position to rest in.. Her cough and expectoration were very bad.) The same excellent work. we agree. night sweats no longer troubled him. and rarely slept. and I do not know but he is to-day. four years ago. when he paid me a visit. where Kali mur. The heart is greatly dilated. in the right lung there yet remained traces of the vomica. N. The lung disease produced by neglected cold. B. she was also suffering from dropsy. Left lung appeared to be cleared up. and by the middle of July was on his mowing machine Patient was alive for four years after and enjoying fine health. appetite was good. Schiiss- . She did not know what it was to have a good night. When her case was brought under treatment by biochemic measures. He had been very much harassed with his night sweats and cough. breath extremely short and palpitation constant. was the remedy. He was given a dose of Silicea 200 . The first mail brought me the intel- PLEURISY. in Brigham's Phthisis. Case of a lady who had been bedridden for nine months. Mrs. which now was much smaller and secreting only a small amount of muco-purulent matter.night siueats. he lived forty miles away.

with right-sided pleuritic stitch. . Snader emphasizes the importance of Silicea in night sweats. ) Dr. and her dilatation of heart almost removed. — For the fever. Breathing short. (From Schiissler. catch in the breath and short cough. a diagnosis was made. — The second remedy. and Dr. The potencies used were from the 3d to 30th. pus forming in the cavity of the pleurae or in the lungs. a specialist. is now fairly healed up. so that she was able to nurse her husband during a severe illness. 5. concurred in the statement that her right lung. Dr H. Ferrum phos. Ferrum phos? 2 . Boy. stitch in the side. Calcarea sulph. Kali mur. — Empyema. PLEURISY. Snader thinks that the higher potencies. — When serous exudation has taken place during and after its course. She now lives in comparatively fair health. I noticed an unnatural excitement about the child the day after having taken Ferr.. and dilatation of heart has almost entirely disappeared. relieved entirely on the second day.ler's remedies she had recovered greatly. but was too weak and fell over. very talkative and hilarious. Bryon. oppressed and hurried. Natrum mur. phos. pain. every two hours. To reassure all concerned. where night watching was necessary. in forty-three the perspiration was stopped. her lungs are wonderfully healed up. did no good. Rheumatic pains in right shoulder joint. It will complete the cure. act best. when there is plastic exudation. Of sixty-two cases treated. worse when coughing and on deep inspiration. He desired to get out of bed and wished to run around. very little thirst. General heat of the body. of which a large portion is gone. CLINICAL CASES. as a rule. and in thirteen it was lessened. aet. 266 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.

Lawrence.. pain still severe. — Inflammation of the lungs with wheezing. High fever. Called at four p. called at nine p. involuntary urination and lachrymation. Gave her Bryon? in water. set. the fever had abated. but pain not relieved. T. It should be given in the first stage until free perspiration is established and health is restored.) PNEUMONIA. R. PNEUMONIA. I found her to be suffering from the symptoms common to an acute attack of pleurisy. clear.A similar excitement I noticed in a lad aet. rattling phlegm." (G. continued the Bryon?. Was called about midnight to see this young lady. M. iu solution. Rattling: cough. loose. if yellow. — Inflammation of the lungs. no fever and pain nearly gone.) Kali mur. and the pain was much less. gave Ferrum phos. Secondary congestion following pneumonia. D. P. Natrum mur. and after a few days was up and about as usual. to whom I had given Kali mur. desire for cool air. 20. Sputa profuse. (C. Silicea. neglected pneumonia. W. She continued to improve. during a gastric fever with great benefit. it is the first and chief remedy. high fever and severe pain in the left side of the chest. — Chronic. especially in children. . (W. D. or watery mucus. about the same. Called the next morning. if there be much loose. rattling phlegm be coughed up. fetid. congestive stage. Kali sulph. M. Sputa rust-colored. Suffocative feeling. Pneumonia. Crepitant rales. Cough with beating headache. serous and frothy in character and coughed up with difficulty. From Hg. " This remedy and Veratrum viride give me better success in the treatment of pneumonia than any remedies I have ever tried. dyspnoea when lying on back. M. . 267 The tongue is generally white-coated. Expectoration is clear blood. breathing short. — Fibrinous exudation into the lung substance. 7. — Inflammation of the lungs . Ferrum phos. m. The mucus is white and viscid. passing over into suppuration. greasy. Deep-seated pain in lung. worse in the morning. who was said to be suffering from a pain in her side. ) Miss G. The well lung suddenly becomes congested. Wesselhoeft. Called next morning. oppressed and hurried. found the fever somewhat less. m. .

produced immediate improvement.. complicated by bronchial affection. rusty-colored. free from inflammation and bronchitis. expectoration tenacious.CLINICAL CASES. cough distressing. a pain deep-seated in the right side. and as this condition was remedied. As the color of the sputa changed to yellow. had an attack of pneumonia. with well-marked crepitation and profuse expectoration of frothy. The improvement every way was very marked in two days. about ten days with the ordinary remedies. did nothing.. Journal 0/ Obstetrics.. (W.. suffering from chronic bronchitis. although we considered her moribund (she had tuberculosis). in alternation. Bryon. Archibald Herbert.. ( From Schiissler. yellowish expectoration. was taken for twenty-four hours. given on account of thick. then every hour. every two hours. etc. Ferrum phos. He returned to work. An iron moulder by trade. and inflammation in the right lung was the result. Aeon. Fisher quickly relieved a child of lobular pneumonia. the diarrhoea and vomiting were unaffected... yellow. Ferrum phos. Lycop. From Hg. speedily cured the case. in alternation with Kali mur. took a severe chill. with Ferrum phos. completed the cure in a little more than ten days. Goodno. In twenty-four hours a marked and amazing improvement resulted. he had lain down on a form in a state of perspiration. instead of Kali mur. a dose every half hour. little or no sleep. and Kali mur. The case was a grave one. hard and exhaustive cough.) Dr. great pain. L. Kali sulph. were taken now and then. with characteristic expectoration. which continued to the termination of the disease with rapid convalescence. Phosphor. For his prostration and sleeplessness a few doses of Kali phos. he was exposed to great heat. His case was a bad one. A. watery diarrhoea. pink mucus. with high temperature. C.. and Phosphor. D. Natrum mur. green vomiting. After being treated for 268 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.. Case of pneumonia of left upper lobe. M. and as the case was assuming graver proportions than I have had for years. he took Kali sulph.. I placed him upon Ferruni phos. with solidification. — Horn. for the reason that he had been laid . Laches. and Calcarea phos. without improvement. fever high. ) A case presented itself with the following conditions: Extensive extravasation.

is an in- RHEUMATISM. and was in a very reduced condition when the pneumonia appeared. milk and urine. 6 hourly a dose. when illusions. Ferrum phos. D. — If this remedy be taken steadily from the onset. stiff back. especially the joints. or violent madness set in. Acute articular rheumatism. worse on motion. Lumbago. Halbert. Stiff neck from cold. patient cheerful and comfortable. Kali phos. etc. Natrum mur. In ten hours all urasmiform symptoms had subsided.) PUERPERAL FEVER. or. muscular. A. Hilarious delirium. at first. CLINICAL. in alternation with Fermm phos. V. cure set in and progressed under the steady administration of Ferrum phos. which is very painful. Rockwith. bowels confined and extensive tympanites over abdominal parietes. followed by fever. See also Arthritis. especially of the shoulder. — Puerperal mania or fever. Kali mur. profuse critical diaphoresis without thirst or much coated tongue. and urine had been voided freely. Worse on motion . attacks one joint after another. better by warmth. relates a case in which.up three months with a fractured arm. American Journal Homwopathic Materia Mediea. Chill. Acute rheumatism when any movement sets up the pain or tends to increase it. — Dr. 6x. CASES. Powell Burdick. M. though. . Ferrum phos. A good recovery followed. H. absurd notions. it is often the only one required in rheumatic fever. D. Lochia and milk secretion returned. The first remedy in all acute rheumatic troubles. acute or subacute. (S. Ferrum phos. M. — A useful intercurrent remedy in puerperal convulsions. for the exudation.. Articular rheumatism. 269 flammatory febrile disease in its first stage. Specific remedy. Suppression of the lochia. of Chicago. — This remedy alone may suffice for this disease.. (F. 1875. Soreness in every part of the body. RHEUMATISM.) REYNAUD'S DISEASE. Case of puerperal fever. pains extend to upper part of chest. amputation of the fingers and toes seemed inevitable.

" Pains especially severe at night, preventing sleep. Marked
stiffness on first moving after rest." (Arndt.) Aggravation by
motion or idea of motion. Hands swollen and painful.
Kali mur. — Second stage of rheumatic fever, when exudation takes place around the joints. This remedy removes
swelling by restoring the non-functional cells of the excretory
and absorbing structures to normal action. Rheumatic, gouty
pains if movement makes them worse and if there be a white
or gray-furred tongue. Swelling of the parts. Pains which
are only felt during motion or increased by it, if Ferrum phos.
does not remove them altogether. Chronic rheumatism with
swelling, or when all movements cause pain. Gray or whitecoated tongue, or white discharges.
Kali phos. — Acute and chronic rheumatism with pains disappearing on moving about, severe in the morning after rest,
and on first getting up from a sitting position. Very painful
rheumatism, the parts feel stiff on first attempting to rise up ;
improves slowly, but is increased by all exertion or fatigue.
Stiffness, paralytic tendency. Laming pains, better on gentle
Natrum phos. — In a recent note to Dr. Goullon, Schiissler
calls attention to Natrum phos. as a remedy for inflammatory
rheumatism, having successfully used it in several cases with
rapid curative results. While Fermm phos. corresponds to
simple, uncomplicated cases, there can be no doubt Natrum
phos. corresponds more nearly to such cases as are characterized by yellow-coated tongue, acid symptoms, or where there is
a scrofulous basis. Rheumatic pains in the joints, with profuse sour-smelling sweat. Acute gout, chronic gout, chronic

articular rheumatism. Natrum phos. acts upon the uric acid
of the cells and renders it harmless. " Great stiffness and
cracking of joints. Aggravated towards evening." (J. W.
Ward, M. D.)
Kali sulph. — Rheumatic fever when the articular pains are
shifting, wandering or flitting. Rheumatic headaches. Pains
in the joints, chronic or acute, that change about. Acute
articular rheumatism of a shifting nature, settling in one part
and then in another. Chronic rheumatism of the joints, pains
worse in the evening and in warm air, better in cool air. Pains
in the back, nape or limbs. " Kali sulph. I have repeatedly
tested in wandering rheumatism, and have had very favorable
resiilts." (Dr. Schlegelman.) Rheumatic or neuralgic cases,
patients complain of soreness from three A. M. until they get
Magnesia phos. — Acute rheumatism of the joints, for the
violent pains, as an intercurrent remedy. Excruciating, spasmodic pains during rheumatic fever. " The pains are aggra-

vated by the slightest touch and are improved by warmth and
hard pressure." (Puhlmann.)
Natrum mur. — After the second remedy {Kali mur.\ if the
symptoms correspond. Symptoms of tongue, etc. Chronic
rheumatism of the joints ; joints crack.
Natrum sulph. — Rheumatic pains, pains and stiffness in
nape and back, pain in joints, especially of toes and fingers
and wrists, pain in hip joints aggravated when rising from a
seat or moving in bed. (Perkins.)
Calcarea phos. — Rheumatism, which is worse at night, aggravated by heat or cold, worse in bad weather (also Ferrum
phos), worse from change of weather. Rheumatism of the
joints with cold or numb feeling, creeping feeling in parts
affected. Sensation of ants crawling on the affected parts.
Numbness, lameness. Every cold brings on rheumatic pains in
the joints. Pains in sutures. Stiffness of neck from exposure
to dampness ; aching and soreness in limbs. Pains in sacroiliac synchondroses, worse with every change of weather.




Mrs. R., aged 22 years, had suffered for years with debility and
indigestion. She was very much subject to colds and rheumatic pains which
wandered and shifted around over the body. She was generally worse in
the evening, in a warm room, but better in the open cool air. She
much with neuralgia of the face, which was intermittent and shifting,
better in cool air.
Tongue generally coated a little yellow. She had had a great many skin
boils which usually came after a rheumatic spell. Kali sulph. was so
satisfactory that she keeps it in the house all the time for use if any
of the
old symptoms return. (O. A. Palmer, M. D.)
Kali mur.— This is a great remedy, and all its indications should be
mastered. The following case well illustrates its ability:

Mr. M., aged 78 years, had been sick for four or five years, and the
of his suffering was in his digestive organs. He had a poor appetite and
white coat on his tongue, most of the time. Eyes were large and
Could not eat fatty or greasy food without increasing his trouble. He
flatulence and stomach-ache, with constipation and diarrhoea,
every three or four weeks.
He has suffered with chronic rheumatism for years, and many of his
joints were more or less swollen, all the time, and worse when moved. He
was badly troubled with indigestion, and vomited every few days, which
gave him relief for awhile. In his prime he was a strong man, and now he
is nothing but a grumbling wreck. After giving him general directions in
regard to his foods, baths, etc., I gave him Kali mur. 3X, three tablets
two hours, which not only relieved his general catarrhal condition, but
relieved him every way, so that within six weeks he could walk around and
feel comfortable. He gave me to understand that it was the first
that had done him any good. (O. A. Palmer, M. D.)
Dr. Feichtman, of Also Lendra, in Hungary, reports fifteen cases of
articular rheumatism quickly cured by Ferrum phos. — Allg. Horn. Zeit.
Dr. Schlegelman reports the following cases: L., of Regensburg, a
healthy man, aet. 26, had taken cold during a state of perspiration and
contracted acute rheumatism of the joints (rheumatic fever). At first the
shoulder was attacked, the patient had violent pains and high fever.
which seemed decidedly indicated here, had no other effect except that
pain on the next morning had changed its seat, and had appeared in the
knee. In this way he continued for several days, under the use of
medicines. Either the one or the other of several joints was affected.
most distressing pains continued day and night, and evidently the
was greatly reduced. At last I decided to test Schiissler's medicine. I
Kali sulph. The result was very favorable. The wandering pains ceased
changing their location, and the pain confined itself to the right
again, but was far less violent than before. Under the continued use of
medicine, the fever and pains gradually disappeared. Sleep and appetite

returned, and no other joints were implicated. Eight days after giving

first dose of Kali sulph. the patient was dismissed as convalescent. No
relapse occurred. ( From Schiissler. )
Dr. Schlegelman writes, January, 1876: " I was attacked with rheumatism
the latter part of November, traveling by rail, sitting close to the
of a draughty carriage. My whole right side was affected going, and, on
returning, the pains were very severe; especially worse on every
I made. Bryon. eased me temporarily. I only reached home at midnight,
and had a very bad night. Bryon. was of little use now. I applied the
electric current next morning repeatedly, but it was of no avail. I then
took a pinch of the Ferrum p/ios., and, as if by magic, the pains disappeared and did not return." (From Schiissler.)
In the year 1875, Dr. Schlegelman reported from Regensburg: " D. A.,
aet. 20, a delicate lady, who suffered in her childhood a good deal from
scrofula, was attacked last winter by a severe pain in the back, in
consequence of catching cold. The third to the fifth ribs were very sensitive
pressure. Violent trembling of the right foot, and at the same time of
right arm, set in the moment she attempted to move the arm or extend
the hand, and thus made all work impossible. The patient was all the
more depressed about this, as in her vocation she had a good deal of
to do. I gave many remedies, Pidsat., Rhtis tox., Bellad., Nux vom.,
Platina, etc., all without effect. I sent the young lady into the
her condition remained the same. New remedies had no better results.
At last I thought I had found her remedy in Zinc, met., as I had heard
nothing from her for four weeks. How astonished I was to find my
whom I thought cured, entering my consulting room on the 30th of September, trembling worse than ever. On my inquiry why she had not called
sooner, she told me somewhat timidly she had gone to Mariabrunn to see
a herbalist, and used the cure during the time. The result, as I could
plainly see, had not been successful. Consequently she placed herself
under my treatment again. I told her I was willing to treat her, and
Schiissler's Therapy. I chose Magnesia phos., and had no reason to
my choice, for after the first few doses (three times a day, ten grains)
decided improvement was noticed, of which I heard on the nth of October,
when I saw her again. At this date not even a trace of the trembling
be observed. She had written repeatedly after this, and even then had

perienced no trembling whatever. The cure was complete, as up to date
had been doing all kinds of needlework and a great deal of writing,
any recurrence of the affection." (From Schiissler. )
Dr. Brisken was called to a case on the eighth day after seizure. All
joints were swollen, and the patient had not been able to stay in bed a
night. In the morning he received Kali mur. with such good results that
during the next night he was able to stay in bed, and in twelve days was
completely cured. (From Schiissler.)
A gentleman, aet. 70, had acute rheumatism in the shoulder and elbowjoints. He had been cupped, which made it worse. His joints were wrapped in waldwolle (turpentine wool), with no effect. He had not been in
bed the last two nights, as on lying down the pains were worse. On the
third day he came under Dr. Brisken 's treatment. After giving him Fer-



rum phos., the fever ceased in a few days, after which Kali mur. was
In a short time complete recovery resulted. (From Schiissler. )
Dr. Brisken mentions three cases of rheumatic fever. One case was that
of a bookbinder, middle-aged, whom Dr. Brisken had treated three years
previously for this malady. On that occasion his recovery took from
to ten weeks. The patient was again attacked in the joints of the hands
and knees, when he received Ferrum phos. every hour; and as the fever
had abated, Kali mur. was given the same way. On the fifth day he was
able to return to his work. (From Schiissler. )
Edward B., set. 12, had been complaining a few days, when pains began
in all the principal joints, but mostly in wrists and elbows, attended
redness and swelling, with some fever; there was most pain on moving,
he had to sit quiet to be in any comfort. Gave him Ferrum phos*
in one glass and Kali mur* dissolved in another, to be taken alternately
every two hours while fever lasted, then continue Kali mur. alone. These
remedies soon relieved him, and he was out in a few days. A second
the next year was cured by the same remedies in a short time. (C. T. M.)
Robert D., set. 34. This patient lives on the bank of the lake and goes

frequently into the water, and often gets wet while fishing and
Has had pains about him for a year or two, at times. They are sometimes
in one joint and then in another, seem to shift about, and are becoming
very troublesome, hindering him from work, and he desires a remedy if
possible. I gave him Kali sulph. 6 , several powders, one to be
dissolved in
water, a dose four times each day. This remedy, after a few weeks, completely cured his trouble, and he has not complained now since a year or
more. (C. T. M.)
May, 1879. J. D., a man aet. 69, had been complaining for several weeks
of pains in the limbs, which settled in the right leg, from the hip down
the ankle, but were worse at the joints, being of a shifting nature —
intermittent — sometimes shooting and darting like lightning, causing the
patient to
change his position frequently. Warmth gives him relief. He is unable to
leave his bed; is almost in despair, thinking he is dying. Magnes.
a dose every three hours. The improvement on taking this remedy was
marked and rapid, but whenever he stopped with the medicine he felt
again. By continuing steadily with Magnes. phos. a complete cure was
effected. . (From Schiissler.)
I was called to attend a girl, set. 12; she had had, some time ago, an
attack of rheumatic fever. I found the little patient, who had been
ill the previous day, in bed. The joints of both knees were swollen,
somewhat red, and very painful. The joints of the vertebrae at the nape of
neck were implicated, and every movement out of the constrained position
of the neck and back was very painful. Her friends expected that
acid would be applied, which they had already seen used, but I gave
Ferrum phos. and Kali mur. alternately every three hours. Next day, to
the astonishment of the friends, the fever and pains were less, and
were quite free from pain. Now I ordered Kali mtir. to be given alone
the swelling, and the next morning on my return I found all the symptoms
worse. I repeated the Ferrum phos again, and there was a rapid improve18

ment. But in the same degree as the pains were leaving and the swelling
decreasing, spasmodic pains in the abdomen set in. There was also an
occasional vomiting of bilious matter. As soon as these latter symptoms
came on, I ordered the little patient some Magnes. phos. dissolved in
in frequent sips, which removed all these symptoms in twenty-four hours.

Ferrum phos. and Kali mur. were continued in less frequent doses. Six
days after my first visit the patient was able to leave the bed, and was
well. (Dr. Schlegel.)
July 29th, 1879. From the reports of a Medical Congress at Dortmund,
by Dr. Stens, Jr. : "I should like to report on a case of rheumatism
was cured by Ferrum phos. in a very short time, after having tried
of the most reputed remedies which seemed indicated. A lady, aet. 42
(catamenia normal, though scanty), had been treated by me for the last
years. She suffered from digestive derangement, and sometimes from violent attacks of megrim. This lady awoke one morning with a violent pain
in the right upper arm and region of right shoulder, being of a tearing
nature. She had walked the previous evening through a damp meadow,
getting her feet wet. The pains were worse if she moved her arm quickly,
but easier on moving it very gently. She was, therefore, keeping it constantly in motion. The parts affected were painful on being touched.
Several nights perspiration had been excessive, and afterward made its
appearance every morning between two and three o'clock, when the pains were
always worse. The patient also complained of a pain in the right hand
and powerlessness, which prevented her from lifting anything heavy. She
often felt rather exhausted, and had to lie down. I gave her no less
five remedies which seemed to suggest themselves, but without success.
The lady's anaemic condition, and partly Dr. Schiissler's
made me think of iron. I prescribed his own preparation of Ferrum phos.,
as much as would cover a sixpence, to be taken night and morning. The
result was that, after taking the medicine for six days, the pains, with
accompanying symptoms, did not return, even though soon after this wet
weather set in, when she had generally felt her pains to be much worse.
(From Schiissler. )
Miss A. W., aet. io}£, was taken with a chill on January 1st, 1884. The
next day I found her with very high fever, pulse 120; severe pains in
and limbs; nausea and vomiting; joints, small and large, greatly
hands, feet and limbs cedematous. Could not bear to be touched or moved.
Great sensitiveness in every part of the body and limbs. Pains became
very much worse at night, increasing to such an extent that her screams
could be heard by the neighbors on each side of the house. Constant cry
for cold water; vomiting of food and drink almost as soon as swallowed.
Tongue coated yellow, with horrible bitter metallic taste. Great
prostration. Hereditary, gouty-rheumatic and dropsical diathesis. Has had for
some time back a ravenous appetite, especially for sweet things, which
freely indulged. Treatment: After wasting much of the first week with
various remedies with no improvement, I determined to adhere to the sys-

tem of Schiissler. For the fever, vomiting of food and drink, and the
inflammation, I gave Ferrum phos. 6x. Pains aggravated at night, Calcarea



phos. 6x; for rheumatic gout, cedema, dropsy, yellow coated tongue with
bitter taste, Natrum sulph. 3X, about ten grains in half a goblet of
water, a
teaspoonful every other hour in alternation with the first two, which
given dry and at the same time. From the commencement of this treatment, decided improvement began, and by the fourteenth day of her sickness she was able to sit up. Previous to her sickness she had become so
stout that she could not stoop to button her shoes, and her cloak could
scarcely be buttoned around her. Indeed, it was so uncomfortable
that she would go with it open almost all the time. After her recovery
was able to stoop, and her cloak could be lapped several inches. — E. H.
Holbrook, M. D., in Eclectic Medical Journal.
Dr. Sulzer, of Berlin, reports a case of fever and violent pain in the
shoulder joint, high temperature, full and rapid pulse, thirst and loss
appetite. Shoulder red, swollen and sensitive to pressure. The pressure
the pillow was unbearable. Fer rum phos. 6x cured. — Allg. Horn. Zeit.

Calcarea phos. — In delicate children, caused by soft sponginess of the bone, from want of phosphate of lime molecules.
Skull soft and thin, with crackling noise when pressed upon,
delayed closure of fontanelles, sallow, earthy complexion, face
pimpled, retarded dentition, emaciation, lateral curvature,
swollen condyles in both extremities, spina bifida, non-union
of broken bones, systematic dyscrasias. Pott's disease,
shrunken children, hard lumps on the cranium, diarrhoea during dentition with much flatus, cold tremors, child cannot
hold head upright. Its principal indications are the fontanelles which remain wide open, the diarrhoea and the emaciation of the child.
Kali phos. — Atrophy of the bones, with putrid-smelling

discharges from the bowels. Indigestion with nervous depression.
Natrum mur. — Particularly useful when the thighs are
notably emaciated and the disease is in its early stages, with
slight pliability of the bones. (Gilchrist.)
Silicea. — Open fontanelles, head too large and rest of body
emaciated, with pale face, abdomen swollen, hot; ankles
weak, profuse head sweat and body dry, likes wrapping up

warmly, offensive diarrhoea, stools contain undigested food,
with great exhaustion, but painless ; inflammation, swelling
and suppuration of glands and bones, ulceration and necrosis,
cellular inflammations, boils. Abscess, etc., with tardy recovery and subsequent induration.
Natrum phos. — This remedy is highly recommended for
poorly nourished children who are threatened with rachitis
and continually pass clay-colored stools. Dose 10 grains, four
times a day. Rachitis with excessive acidity.
Dr. Kniippel, of Madgeburg, reports (Allg. Horn. Zeit., 1882, p. 4)
in which children had formerly been born rachitic, but through the
maternal ingestion of Calcarea phos} during last months of pregnancy all
subsequent children were born perfectly healthy.
Child, set. 2 years, with right thigh swollen to three times its natural
from hip-joint to knee, stony hard, having existed for six weeks;
promptly to Calc.Jluor. In this case even touching the limb was followed
by the greatest distress, even prolonged crying. (J. W. Ward, M. D.)
Ferrum phos. — Simple cases of scarlet fever. (In alternation with Kali mttr.)
Kali mur. — Often suffices in mild cases with Ferrum phos. ,
brings rash out and prevents sequelae. Lymphatic enlargements, etc.
Kali sulph. — Desquamation, skin peels off, it assists desquamation and formation of the new skin, also for the development of the rash. Discharges of foul, offensive, ichorous pus
from ears, fetid discharges from all mucous surfaces.

Kali phos. — Post-scarlatinal dropsy.
Natrum mur. — Drowsiness, twitching and vomiting of watery fluids.
Silicea. — Scrofulosis, glands swollen and threaten to suppurate, boils, abscesses, subsequent induration of glands from
tardy reconvalescence.
Natrum sulph. — Rash rough and pimply, rising of mucus
in the throat.




A. S., the child of a post official visiting here, was taken ill with an
of very slight scarlatina. The rash had disappeared after scarcely
twentyfour hours. The throat symptoms, at first threatening to be severe,
disappeared in three or four days. On the seventh day almost complete
of urine set in, as in twenty-four hours only a very small quantity was
although the child drank a good deal. The urine contained some albumen,
the feet were swollen, the abdomen very much distended. As the child was
all this time in high fever, and at night delirious, I advised the
parents on
my visit on the morning of the eighth day to consult a second physician.
Dr. Gerster, who was called in to consult with me, agreed completely
my diagnosis. When I told him that I had not had any results from any
of the medicines, such as Bellad., Canthar. and Arsenic, we agreed to
Kali mur. , every two hours a small powder. In the evening the little
was already better. She had passed a tolerable quantity of urine free
albumin, the pulse steadier, the skin moist. The following night the
girl slept quietly for several hours. In the morning almost free from
and could be considered convalescent. We continued the use of Kali mur.,
and a few days after she was able to return home perfectly well. (From
Schiissler. )

neurasthenic type. though with the sick one nearly constantly. nervous exhaustion." writes the pastor in W . H. and my child. and. " A few days ago. lack 278 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.) Several cases of scarlatina this winter did not do well under the usual remedies but were speedily relieved and cured by Natrum stdph.) SCIATICA. and in some cases rising of mucus in the throat. dragging pain. Pop. — Tensive pain in the right hip joint and knee. — Sciatica when symptoms of constitutional gout exist. pains renewed or increased in a recumbent posture. relieved by heat. H. relieved by heat. the result was striking. was the remedy indicated.Dr. of motor stimulus. " two of my children had the scarlatina. Natrum mur. I continued the remedy. of a remittent character. moving gently for a time gives relief. Kali phos. worse when rising from a seat or moving in bed. I at once made use of it. making a good recovery. The convulsions and typhoid symptoms did not yield to any remedy. I employed several remedies without result. That which most frightened me was the complete insomnia day and night. limb emaciated and painful to touch. Natrum sulph. — Sciatica with excruciating. m alone. stiffness. Magnesia phos. and slept quietly all night." (Jour. but with little confidence. after the first dose the child had a peaceful sleep. painful contraction of hamstrings. prevented their having it. de Horn. Holbrook reports a case of scarlatina {Southern Journal of Homoeopathy*) treated with Kali mur. Chronic cases after quinine. The rash instead of being smooth was rough and pimply. . in looking over Schiissler's work. — Affection of the sciatic nerve which extends down the back of the thigh to the knee. (E. even in daytime. was cured in a few days. given to the rest of the children in the home. spasmodic pains. torpor. Pain in hip joint. declared hopeless. The allopathic physician pronounced the latter case hopeless. one of them being complicated with diphtheria. I found that Natrum mur. However. more toward noon. great restlessness and pain. At last.

and hot applications to the right sciatic nerve alone relieved. The next day she could move without much pain. Pain worse on motion. in half a glass of water. Pain in hips. prepared a small powder of Kali phos. The next night gave Kali phos}' 1 . (E. extending the whole length of the sciatic nerve of the left leg. Mr. Tongue was coated greenish-yellow. found patient suffering with a dull. the pain was very severe and fast undermining his health. gave same remedy. Gave Ferruin phos. and was soon convalescent. I found suffering with an intense pain down the sciatic nerve. who had to be brought home from campmeeting. until the physician himself gave up the case and said that he could do nothing more. chronic cases. shooting in hip bone. I was called. but with no result. A year has passed and there has been no return of the trouble. H. There were some fever and extreme soreness to the touch or movement. worse on slightest motion. CLINICAL CASES. Tearing.' 200 and Natrum sulph. Martin. (G. continued Kali phos? 1 every two hours. M. 20 " in water alternately. — Sciatica. once during that time he had a slight attack. ) A lady. Magnesia . She would cry out with pain from the slightest movement. D. The third day she was able to sit up. Next night the pain returned. tensive pain. and giving a teaspoonful ever}' ten minutes for awhile. has been suffering for seven months with sciatica in left leg. — Crawling and tingling with the pain. B. he had been treated by a very skillful physician all this time. H. On walking calves feel too short. which was soon stopped by putting one of the powders in a half glass of water. and gave a teaspoonful every ten minutes for an hour. and was able to shift herself from one side of the bed to the other. 6x. patient then slept until morning. All the sleep he got was in a chair. when the pain was much better.Silicea. 279 Sciatica cured by Magnesia phos. and then four times a day for a month. H. A man who had been washing sheep had sciatica and could not lie down. Attacks return in cold weather. Calcarea phos. and almost every known remedy was tried. and very soon the pain was relieved. a small powder dry for a week.) SCROFULA AND TUBERCULOSIS.

is the state after such degeneration. and the latest experience endorses it as a remedy for lupus. we find the following.] Tuberculin . In regard to tuberculosis. Koch's Tuberculin cannot effect such results. Magnesia phosphorica deserves special attention. selected according to their characteristic indications. [The following is taken from Schiissler's 24th Edition. which we append as a note to Scrofula and Tuberculosis. As long as no cheesy degeneration is present Natrtim phos. while tuberculosis. Every healthy cell possesses the property of recognizing and repelling inimical substances. (H. published in 1897.phos. The expulsion of a tubercle by means of the normal cell action is the expression of Nature's power of healing. Perfectly healthy cells are not found in the neighborhood of tubercles. [In a former Edition. is able to release the imprisoned leucocytes. and hence must be cast off and eliminated as a foreign body by normal cell action.] Magnesia phosphorica and Natrum phosphoricum. NOTE. 30X cured him without much trouble. will yet have to undergo many metamorphoses before it is discovered that .) SCROFULA AND TUBERCULOSIS. The possibility of such a natural recovery can readily be conceived by any rational man. which bring about their new cell formation and also enter into their composition. A conglomeration or mass of leucocytes that has not yet undergone cheesy degeneration constitutes scrofula. P. the 20th. 2 So THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. from which the tubercular lymph has lately been manufactured. Holmes. Such must be formed through the action of the indicated phosphates. A mass of leucocytes undergoing cheesy degeneration furnishes a nutrient soil for bacilli. Hence scrofula is the first tuberculosis the second. — The possibility of leucocytes undergoing cheesy metamorphosis is due to the fact that they contain albumen and fat. Much can be accomplished in almost any stage and in all scrofulous diseases by the use of the phosphates. since it is a substance foreign to the cells and hence is repelled.

would not . the patient. infatuated with the bacteriological fad.they who use it. It is not excluded from possibility that bacilli might be found in the sputum of any one suffering from a simple bronchial catarrh. are on the wrong track. adhere and thrive therein. seek to cure by means of tuberculin diseased tuberculous conditions. then they would soon undermine the whole organism and tuberculosis. An enthusiastic follower of Koch affected with the bacillus mania will at once upon the discovery of the bacilli in the sputum conclude that tubercles are present in the lung tissue and. believing himself to have been affected with tuberculosis. indeed. when the catarrh under favorable influence of external conditions has cured itself. It becomes their breeding place. following this erroneous conclusion. Bacilli which. if this nutrient soil. Bacilli which are found on healthy cells will be cast off and eliminated. " Man dreht sich rechts. Man dreht sich links." There are still to be found. After the cure has been accomplished. which had just been inhaled and retained in the thick secretion. being inactive.* and the bacilli act as the cause of disease. which have undergone cheesy degeneration. They point to their successes. they are unwilling to doubt. cannot throw them off. physicians. but otherwise perfectly healthy. even in the face of their numerous failures. but that these rest upon errors. who. Doch hangt der Zopf stets hinten. here and there. if they could breed in healthy places. Bacilli meeting in a mass of leucocytes. If the bacilli did not require this mass of cheesy degenerated leucocytes for breeding ground. or be left to the same fate as the cheese mites — when consumed. in consequence of rational means. because this mass. which is to say. willingly pays the expenses of the hunt for the bacilli. However. is cut off and eliminated then the bacilli will go the same path. meet on a catarrhal secretion in the air passages will be expectorated with the secretion. as above mentioned. will bring at once tuberculin to the field.

and they are proportionately quickly cast off and eliminated hy healthy cell action. but several cases. shortening the patient's life. on the other hand. It is different with the germs which cause acute infectious diseases. typhus. which prove nothing to the practical physician. effect favorable changes in certain affections of short or long duration. produce an increase of expectoration. but no cure. However. small-pox. measles. The 22 sick children of his division which were treated with Koch's lymph with the utmost care and precaution. and with good appetite and proper care he will gain in weight. it is different with the marked aggravations as he observed them. Recently in the Berlin Medical Society Dr. Improvements or apparent improvements can be easily explained. with which not only does he seek to cure hydrophobia. scarlatina. Henoch reported his experience in the children's ward of the " Charite " He first alluded to the incompetence of statistics and statistical tables. Even also the term improvement signifies nothing. like any other expectorant. . Tuberculin can. Here the experience of individuals only can be decisive. etc. SEPTICEMIA. and perhaps a quantity of bacilli will be separated from their soil. and in many cases aggravations are produced. *As no one can with certainty say whether such a pathological condition is present or not in his organism.* Tuberculin may. in some cases. but even epilepsy. and naturally a decrease of expectoration follows the so-called secondary action. it is wise to avoid conditions which may lead to such conditions. If such secondary action lasts for some time then the general health of the patient will improve. not a single case of even a doubtful improvement could be traced. 28l A wise Daniel may yet prepare a remedy from measles or scarlet fever germs which will be just as worthless and perhaps as harmful as tuberculin. were made worse in consequence of new complications brought on by its use. and the antihydrophobic virus of the French Pasteur. since the very meaning of "improvement " is subjective and involuntary.have time to become chronic and the patient would die before both lungs would have been undermined by the bacilli. These germs cannot find a pathological ground whereupon to breed.

— Septic hemorrhages of putrid blood. but no physician. who was a celebrated chemist. and reminds one of the tailor of Louis XIV. heat. scurfy eruptions on the head and face of little children. caused by a disturbed action of the follicular glands. DISEASES OF. who one day handed to that monarch a memorial on the condition of domestic economy and internal politics. Kali mur. pimples. throbbing or redness . Ferrum phos. Chemistry alone is not sufficient. pain. SEPTICEMIA. SKIN. The endeavor to eradicate the infected soil by means of tuberculin recalls a proverb of the Poet Haller.. — Acne. und du gebrauchst sie nie. And this will soon occur.. because the nutrient soil of the bacilli cannot be eradicated by tuberculin but still remains present. It is self evident that one must be well grounded in physiology. arising from vaccina- .The joy caused by such a favorable turn will last until the secondary action is exhausted and new colonies of bacilli settle in the infected soil. Pimples on the face with thick white contents. Dandruff. pathology and pathological anatomy in order to discover rational methods of cure. 282 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. This is the principal remedy in alternation with Ferrum phos. Kali phos. physiological and pathological chemistry. it has other problems to solve. — Inflammation of the skin when there exists either fever. was ignorant of pathology and therapeutics. who says of mankind: Unselig Mittelding von Engel und von Vieh. heat and congestion of the skin. Eczema. *Pasteur. Crusta lactea. Du prahlst mit der Vernunft.

Dread of hot drinks. Greasy scabs with offensive smell . — Dryness of the skin from suppressed skin diseases. gentle friction agreeable. dry.tion with impure lymph. white tongue. chafed skin. Shingles. excessive. albuminoid secretions or contents. Discharge of yellow. — Eczema. offensive perspirations. Malignant Pustule. white tongue accompanied with deranged menstrual periods. Sycosis. interrupted growth. Suddenly receding through a chill or from other causes. 283 Kali sulph. Yellowish or white scales on the scalp (also . Vesicular eczema. Eczema. sero-fibrinous secretions. irritating. itching. watery contents. Kali phos. Psoriasis. Bunions. pimples. WarTS. Chilblains and lupus. vesicles encircling half of the body like a belt. DISEASES OF. Eczema resulting from deranged uterine functions. If nervous irritation and oversensitiveness accompany it. principal remedy. effete matter. back of head sore as if hair was pulled. with a crawling sensation. hands and ears. Diseased condition of the nails. also externally. Primary remedy. flourlike scales on the skin. Chilblains. IyUPUS. characteristic tongue. not suppurating. eczema suddenly suppressed with other symptoms of this drug. On the hands. watery secretions. SKIN. skin withered and wrinkled. skin scales freely on a sticky base. watery secretion on limited portion. After Ferrum phos. Acne. causing soreness of tbe parts. etc. with yellow. connected with stomach derangements. Sores on the skin. with peeling off of skin. Itching of scalp . excess causes sore. Dandruff. tingling and itching pain. if swelling be present. pustules. Albuminoid discharge from the skin with white tongue.. Carbuncles. secretions of the skin. Eruptions. Herpes Zona. On toes. Eruptions. Blisters and blebs all over the body. bloody. Recent. Several cases of this affection are reported as having been cured with this remedy. Erythema.

white scales on the scalp. eruptions with watery contents from eating too much salt. Urticaria and miliary eruptions. Blisters. Burning." (A. worse about knees. honey-colored. has invariably cured every case of tinea capitis. With symptoms of acidity. Soreness of the skin in children with watery symptoms. falling off of hair. itching papular eruptions. White scales on the scalp. a dose every four hours. ankle and elbows.. IvUPUS both internally and externally.) Effects of ivy poisoning. chafing of the skin in children. Dandruff. forming into thin scabs or crusts which fall off and readily form again. Swelling of the sebaceous glands . Second remedy. P. Skin of hands. Rupia. " The internal use of Kali sulph. Pustular eruptions on forehead. Dandruff. not pustular eruptions. 284 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. herpetic eruption with white scales. eruptions from vaccination. With clear. watery contents. I rely upon this remedy exclusively. especially about nails. secretions creamy. Effects of bites of insects (externally). Herpes Zoster. Natrum mur. Warts. golden-yellow scabs. Magnesia phos. Davis. Eczema. — Eruptions. herpetic eruptions occurring through the course of any disease. Rash like insect bites. Eczema. a wash). lower lip dry and scaly. If watery symptoms correspond. Intertrigo between thighs and scrotum with acrid discharge and excoriation. Crusta lactea about ears of little children. using no wash or greasy ointments whatever. . About the joints especially. Goitre. Pemphigus. warts in the palms of the hands. pustules and pimples on scalp. White scales. Natrum phos. In palms of hands. — Soreness. dry and cracked. Sycosis. — Barber's itch . small vesicles or blisters with colorless. watery contents. Fluid from blisters and blebs like water. Intertrigo. Nettlerash.

SKIN. small pustules filled with lymph. suppurating purulent scabs. Acne.). Eczema. with yellow-white scabs and vesicles (albuminous. all over itching of . In young people during puberty. Diseases of the finger nails. itching all over the body like insect bites. eruptions containing yellowish. Rose-rash (with Ferrum fikos. Eczema. intercurrently. — Itching exanthema. Pemphigus. suppuration of the skin. brittleness.). tubercles on the skin. festers. Wheals. sores discharging pus or sanious matter. — Pruritus. Watery vesicles or blebs all over the body. especially if about the head. yellow. Freckles. if matter forms on their heads. — Chafing of the skin in children with bilious symptoms. Herpetic eruptions. dying quickly. pustules. burns by day. If partial manifestation of scrofulosis. Natrum sulph. Itchings acute or chronic. Warts. — Scald-head of children. anaemia. Lessened by this remedy. etc. Phagedenic ulcers. sore patches on the skin. Chilblains. Containing a yellow watery secretion. nodules. excoriation. Vesicles. Too frequent or excessive. itching of the skin. Acne. Malignant pustules. alternately with Kali phos. Small wounds suppurate profusely. Erysipelas with suppuration. etc. often in old people (4X tr. Eruption of the skin. rhagades. hives. if there be purulent discharges or yellow purulent crusts. Calcarea sulph.Erythema. creamy discharge. Boils come in crops. Silicea. rose-colored blotches. Pimples. DISEASES OF. zona. Prurigo. vesicular blisters with albuminous contents. bloodlessness of the skin. white of egg contents). HERPES. Pemphigus. watery secretions. troublesome itching of the skin. 285 IvUPUS. Yellow scales. — Chafed skin. Perspiration. carbuncles. Calcarea phos. Suppurative process in the skin. It abstracts water from the base of the warts and causes a shrinking of the same. CEdema of the skin.

in quantities as large as a bean. but without much benefit. Discharging pus. B. Arsen.. Calcarea fluor. Chilblains. which had done her no good. a case of cycosis cured by Calcarea sulph. Pustules developed early.soles. worse in damp weather. ) Case illustrative of the beneficial action of Calcarea sulph. in pemphigus foliaceus. who had been suffering for several years from lichen. better at night. etc. and she . Horn. Gave her at first Kali mur. S. Dr. set. and the lichen was worse than ever. which are kept covered to prevent scratching. Squamous eczema with thickening and cracking of the skin. p.— Chaps.. Julia C. in solution. suppurations with callous. D. 24. 3. every four hours. S. (From Schiissler. Eczema in a child. My former remedy had no effect. Whittier. has been afflicted eight months and been under the best allopathic treatment without benefit. 6 . Gave her then Calcarea phos. ) Dr. and at last cured her. chin and behind ears. 6 . cured in one week by Kali mur. also use externally with vaseline. had used various well-known medicines. I tried various remedies. in solution. eruption all over the face and on the hands. This remedy was continued for some time.. set. fissures in the palms of the hands. The heat of the following summer seemed to produce a relapse. (D. hard edges. Goullon reports in the Pop. night and morning. 1882. Zeit.— Allg. writes: Mrs. This remedy produced a change for the better in a week.. cracks of the skin. 286 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Eczema. 6 . 1885. fissures of the anus. and with several others. I gave her Calcarea sulph. it was no better. M. H. Carbuncles. A few months ago she came again. of Regensburg. the case presented the yellow purulent conditions calling for this remedy. and in a fortnight the cure was complete. on cheeks. skin swollen and inflamed and underneath it indurations. CLINICAL CASES. 42.. Due to venous hypersemia. if any. April. 6x. when the same remedy again cured it.. fur Horn. and it being continued cured the case in two months. Zeit. Eczema of anus consequent to hemorrhoids. horny skin.

after which the skin was better than it had been for years. commenced having boils and had a great many. which allayed the itching and redness. ) Lady. after this exudation the inflammation subsides. fair skin ordinarily. but increased very markedly the dandruff on the head. D. In another case. a few days. except on the face. Consulted the writer for erythema. In thirty minutes the burning fiery redness was gone.) Case which had suffered from effects of ivy poisoning (Rhus lox. forming into a thin scab. brought relief. London Homoeopathic Worlds 1883. Rhus and Sepia had no bene- . fiery-red.remains well. M. Very vivid dreams. 12 . mostly on arms. He has also used Acetic acid. bowels also better. a great deal worse. relieved by hot water. (C. and there was no return. (Swan). The attacks are worse in the fall and spring. with itching and some moisture. The eruption appears in the left axilla. which fell in small white flakes over the coatcollar. entirely disappeared. ) Kali mur. the pimples run together. hard herpetic vesicles. given for gleet. but returned a year after.) for eight months. the discharge having a milky appearance. and the eruption is mostly on the face. Sulphur. arms and chest. about the neck and on the backs of both hands. One dose Ferrum pkos. T. eruption or roughness. and. the scaly eruption. having lasted twenty-five years. but without relief. After using Kali sulph. For two days cheeks were swollen. the cure being perfect. aat. M. fearing to lose her reason. when very severe. produced no visible effects upon the flow. 20. She has a sensation of faintness at stomach and befogged feeling in head. finally the 200th. and burnt like fire. M. (C. accompanied by itching. when the same remedy in repeated doses of the 30th. consisting of a recurring eruption of fine red pimples. no itching.. P. From Hg. and the cuticle comes off in fine scales. and although formerly relieved by cold water the irritation has become relieved lately by heat. a strong alkaline fluid oozes out copiously. (Boardman. Eruption itches and stings intensely. but has repeatedly broken out again with small. Was formerly treated by external remedies. Constipation is present. blonde. Wesselhceft. He has taken in the last year Fowler's solution of Arsenic. (W. the surface presenting a red swollen appearance. Hg.) Case of skin disease lasting for years. M.

Restless at night. A. Kali mur. and the bald spot is covered with hair. restless sleep. robbers. Yawning. Somnambulism of children requires a steady course of this remedy. cured the case in four weeks. P. Cooper. — Sleeplessness after worry. business troubles. all over SLEEP. From Hg. red looking. (J.. set. (W. D. 287 the head. itclies and burns in daytime only. Hair falls out easily when combing. DISTURBANCE OF. From Hg. Came on after gonorrhoea a year ago. Night terrors of children.) SLEEP. — Startled at the least noise. Drowsiness in the afternoon. Two doses of Kali sulph}" 1 .) Insomnia from nervousness and emotions. thick crop of papules on forehead. M. anxious dreams. Often accompanied by irritability. C. and from nervous causes generally. ) Case presenting the following symptoms: Bald spot as large as a silver dollar on left side of the head. or at night. etc. screaming with fright. P. After taking Kali sulph}" 1 . of ghosts. stretching and weariness. awaking from sound sleep. Ferrum phos. (W. DISTURBANCES OF. Constant dreaming of fire. Natrum mur. Wesselhoeft.) Th. of falling. and consequent contraction of the arteries. every third day a powder for three weeks. A beautiful hypnotic. The entire eruption vanished in less than a fortnight under Siliced m . Lycop. Wesselhceft. and natural healthful sleep results. — Sleeplessness after exhaustion or lack of brain nutrition. Lascivi- . and has probably taken much potash. Magnesia phos. Sleepless from overexertion. taken in water morning and evening for four days. great despondency and frequent urination. — Insomnia from hyperaemic conditions. D. 15. Kali phos.. Somnolence. face and both hands. excitement. The trite remedy restores normal stimulating power in the gray nervous matter. were of no avail during four or five months. The spots on forehead are much worse when he takes off his hat. Morgan.ficial effect. the hair ceased falling.. Sometimes a course of this remedy is needed. (R. also of beard. which diminish the flow of blood to the brain. Not at all annoyed in the evening when warm. M. but those who usually sleep well are kept awake by it.

of sleep is unrefreshing. not unpleasant. — Vivid dreams. for the sleeplessness and nervousness. His fever did not run high. children cry out at night. He had been running down for nearly two years. aged 51 years. S. and Ferrum phos. etc. Kali phos. During his sickness he had had a great deal of headache and depression of spirits. Kali sulph. Sleepiness. Sleeplessness with great nervous irritability. Constant and excessive desire to sleep. Palmer. says when she has a severe pain in back of neck and head. Sleep restless and setting in late — frequent starting during sleep. The result was he slept well from the first and wanted to know what he took. I experimented some by not giving it every day. — Mr.) " Mrs. Awakened by asthma. Drowsiness. Calcarea phos. yet not sleepy.ous dreams. — Excessive sleep traced to an excess of moisture in the brain substance. hard to wake in morning. had been sick five weeks with what the doctors called typhoid fever. I gave Kali phos. A. places. of new scenes. (O. Calcarea fluor. Natrum sulph. and varied about two degrees from morning to night. with gloomy thoughts. but with sense of impending danger. for the fever. — Drowsy feeling. M. and I found that he could not rest without it. when there exist a grayish or brownish-green coated tongue and other bilious symptoms. death. constant stretching and yawning.. D. with considerable flatulence. and his breath was very offensive. CLINICAL CASES. in SLEEPLESSNESS. Twitching of muscles on falling asleep. the natural amount 288 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Natrum phos. associated with coldness of legs. He had lost nearly all of his strength and flesh and could not sleep. The stools were putrid and foul. It proved to be the remedy for him. Natrum mur. even though he had taken all of the old remedies When I was called he was badly alarmed and very nervous. His tongue was coated a dark brown. and . He complained of a" gone sensation " in his stomach. — Very vivid dreams. C. — Drowsiness often the precursor of jaundice. — Drowsiness in old people. saliva dribbles from the mouth.

as it keeps me right.. very faithfully. aet. confluence of pustules and drowsiness. and she would sleep as if she had taken morphia. J. A. Ferrum phos. much sleeplessness with great nervous irritability and SMALLPOX. mur. would relieve her in a few minutes. exhaustion and stupor. overcame the difficulty after half a dozen teaspoonfuls have been nervous she could not allow any one to talk to her. ) SMALLPOX. C. it controls the formation of pustules. — Medical Advance. D. Kali mur. da Cailhol. M.phos. 6th trit. — This is the principal remedy . I have taken the Kali phos. C. Burnett. "soothed her nerves. Nothingham. where I suspected the cause to be of a nervous origin. — Pustules discharging matter. depression and occasional tendencies to suicidal mania. Calcarea sulph. but not objective. M. (E. W. Kali phos. ) Mrs. Generally a good dose of that medicine in two or three tablespoonfuls of water. and would feel sleepy for the entire day and night following the dose. alternately with Kali mur. 3X tr. could not lie still or sleep. teaspoonful doses every four or five minutes. believes the symptoms were due to sexual excesses. — To promote the formation of healthy skin and the falling off of the crusts. Natrum mur. She cannot keep them warm in any manner." Dr. and will continue to do so.) I have treated many cases of that affection with Magnes.. (J. 60. D. who prescribed the Kali phos. writes: I do not know how to thank you for the medicine you gave me. A gentleman. Natrum. — Salivary flow. heavy odor. . it has done me so much good. and occasional doses of Kali mur. promptly cured the insomnia. Kali sulph. Adynamic symptoms indicating blood-decomposition. — If the fever be high. coldness is subjective. — Putrid conditions. 2 8q coldness of extremities for three months. one powder of Kali phos. who has suffered from great sleeplessness. (From Schiissler." and cured the other symptoms.

Syphilitic sore throat . Granular pharyngitis. French. of the clinging sputa. — When the pustules become purulent. pain on swallowing. Ferrum phos. — Enlargement of the throat. Goitre. Adenoid elevations . worse swallowing liquid. — Throat dry. transparent mucus covering the parts. secretion of mucus which is white and tough . C. desire to swallow all the time.Natrum phos. Burning of the throat with pain. cheesy small lumps. Follicular pharyngitis. Secretion as of a lump in the throat. — When swelling of the glands or tonsils sets in. and the characteristic white tongue. reduces congestion. Hawks up offensive. tenacious secretion and cough.. last stage. also in posterior nares. fever. with tough. moist deposit on the tongue mornings. — Gangrenous sore throat. after great effort. — In chronic pharyngitis with choking on attempting to eat fast. Throat very dry . Tendency to evening hoarseness. We have found it more frequently usefiil than Kali bichromtcum. alternately. In follicular pharyngitis. Calcarea phos. pain and throbbing in ulcerated sore throat. with very much pain (very frequent doses). — Tonsils coated with a yellow creamy mucus. Calcarea sulph. inflamed. raw feeling. (H. SORE THROAT.) Kali phos. Patient hawks and snuffs to get it out. Sore throats of singers and those who use the voice daily. of Vienna. Natrum mur. heat. especially in smokers after nitrate of silver treatment. Natrum phos. looking yellow. Throat ulcerated with whitish or grayish patches or spots. sore and inflamed palate. and great dryness of throat. acute stage of laryngitis. . temporarily relieved by removal. recommended this remedy as a wash *9 290 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. yellow matter. Kali mur. ulcerated sore throat. Chronic sore throat with feeling of plug or lump. Inflammation of the mucous lining of the throat. relaxed uvula. red. Magnesia phos. M. — Suppurating sore throat (see Tonsillitis). Professor Wertheim. Constrictions and stitches in the throat. as intercurrent. — Clergyman's sore throat. if with watery secretions. Salty mucus raised from throat. give this and Ferrum phos. D. and gargle in sore mouths and throats.

informed me that he was fully recovered. consulted me for a severe irritation in the throat that interfered much with speech. M. — Relaxed condition of the uvula. ) SPASMS. legs. — Sore throat with feeling of lump on swallowing dry. with pallid or livid countenance. Tetanic spasm. Ferrum phos. — Convulsions.. — Fits from fright. etc. violent contractions and rigidity of the muscles during longer or shorter intervals. with fever in teething children. An actor. ETC. Tetanus. On the evening of the second day Mr. Hysterical spasms with unconsciousness and low muttering delirium. Calcarea fluor. Kali phos. E. spasmodic stammering. — Cramps in any part of the body. throat. fingers clenched. as he was obliged to appear in a role. Ulcerated sore throat. Palate burns during menses. Hawking of mucus early in morning.Natrum sulph. lockjaw (rub it into the gums). and so I ordered this remedy. in which proximity with his fellow actors was necessary.) . SPASMS. CONVULSIONS. Exciting cough. thumbs drawn in. Quesse. larynx.. Magnesia phos. etc. Mr. Overstimulation of nerve fibres. Muscular contraction. E. Writer's cramp. From an examination I concluded that it resulted from a deficiency of Kali phos. Spasm of the throat on attempting to swallow. (Dr. CLINICAL CASES. ETC. Convulsions with stiffness of the limbs or body. and on account of an exceedingly bad breath. C. CONVULSIONS. Diphtheria with vomiting and welling up of mucus from the stomach. tickling in the larynx. like Bellad. Convulsive twitchings of the corners of the mouth.. three days later. He also stated that he was able to notice an improvement even after the second dose. Burning in throat better by warmth. twitchings and spasms. of the foul breath there was not a trace to be perceived. (J. where the latter does no good. Tonic spasms. 291 This was especially disturbing.

Injections of morphium. on the contrary. aet. 18. telegraphed requesting a visit from me. therefore. the feet forced against the foot of the bed. the back of the head pressed deeply into the pillows. V. Spasms with contractions of the fingers. instead of the blooming healthy girl she had been. the cramps increased in violence and frequency. which set in daily and continued after 292 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. a young lady. A. along with her mother. In ansemic. The parents were afraid that their daughter would not live to see the spring. drawn up almost half a yard. emaciated figure whom I should not have recognized. cured.. that she would not be fit to be removed. In this unnatural position she was suspended several seconds. Suddenly the trunk of her body was contorted in an indescribable manner. — Convulsions from teething without fever. The medical men in attendance finally declared that there was no chance of improvement until the patient would take some steel-baths in the spring. open eyes. as the disease increased in spite of the different medicines she took. the eyes turned upward. during intervals has a spasmodic cough. had visited. fails. in youth or in old age. G. Without being ill. — Raue's Record Homoeopathic Literature . and the poor sufferer was tossed about for some . a hydropathic establishment. A medical man was consulted. I had known her formerly and was astonished to see. Immediately after this she took violent spasms or cramps.. she had used the baths. such as I had never seen before.Calcarea phos. if Magnesia phos. froth came to the mouth. in the strumous and scrofulous. R. who quite agreed in the diagnosis as well as the treatment adopted by his colleague. Fits during development in childhood. A second doctor was consulted. but the distressing ailment could not be removed. Suddenly the whole body jerked upward with a bound. During my presence she had an attack. This was only the commencement. They. where the lime salts are at fault. her features were distorted. CLINICAL CASES. were the main remedies applied. pale patients. even during her catamenia. 9X. Cramps and convulsive movements of all kinds if Magnesia phos. very strong and repeated several times daily. and then a fearful paroxysm of beating and striking with the hands and feet. in the past summer (1875). having returned home. her chest and abdomen became arched like a bridge. a pale. Magnesia phos. fails. and if she did. On the 6th of September last I saw the patient for the first time.

" Ah! . Next da}-. I chose the latter. remembering Schiissler's injunction to use Calcarea phos. When at my visit on the 4th of October. where Magnes. though indicated by the symptoms. The spasms darted through her body like an electric shock. I found the old lady walking about the room... Ipecac and Pulsat. the spasms came on again with such violence that the bedstead gave way. The attack lasted a few minutes. She had been treated by her first doctor with Flor. She met me with a smile. I gave here Calcarea phos. met. under the circumstances. but rather exhausted. (From Schussler. neither did they decrease in the least degree. Immediately the spasms became less frequent. which was preceded by short slight attack. which lasted several minutes.. she was quite unconscious. Cupr. weak and of short duration. She told me she was entirely cured of her attacks.. Ignat. which deserves the attention of the profession. but only temporarily. She had been suffering for nearly five weeks from fearful attacks of convulsive spasms. the day of the return of the catamenia. 293 A very interesting case came under my treatment. the pupils were quite insensible to the light.. After taking this remedy on the 10th of October. who wished to consult me for a slight bronchial affection. I thought of trying Schussler's functional remedies. The morphium injections. are prescribed for allaying spasms. to the astonishment of those about her. From this date she had peace till the 6th of November. pinching and slapping had no effect. zinci. after which she felt well enough. acted better. dashing cold water in the face or applying burnt feathers to the nostrils was ineffectual. On the 14th of December I had a call from the young lady. Knowing that Magnes. but her condition otherwise was in no way changed. too. a full dose every two hours. and friction. phos. I was called to a lady advanced in years. looking well and blooming. on the 16th of October. Fowler's solution. exclaiming. afraid of being injured. Kali phos. On the sixth day there was an attack. which I ordered. DISEASES OF. so that she fell to the ground. When I saw the lady. The attacks did not increase. phos. ) SPINS. The sufferer did not venture to leave her bed now. and Calcarea phos. proves ineffectual. had no effect.. Be/lad. Then.. Calcarea phos. During the last twenty-four hours she had thirty attacks. The spasms continued with the same violence. During the whole attack. were continued at the desire of her friends.seconds with her spine contracted. the catamenia appeared. phos. I consulted Schiissler's Therapy and ordered Magnes. but without success. (the latter for suppressed catamenia) were of no use. and at the beginning of December she had been quite regular. without experiencing any inconvenience.

She had not another attack. — Spinal anaemia. disposition to furuncles and ulcers. flabby. " Paralytic weakness of the lower extremities. Subcutaneous injections of morphia. so as to be unable to progress farther. tabes mesenterica. shrunken children. peevish and fretful children. Calcarea fluor. of Als6. — Tabes dorsalis. such as diphtheria. to the astonishment of all those present. friction with chloroform and sinapisms (mustard poultices) were all of no use.) Inflammation proceeding from disease of the bony structure of spine.) Natrum phos. in half a tumblerful of water." (Arndt." And so it was. Fechtmann. Spinal ansemia. Kali phos. I gave him a powder of Magnes. it returned with more violence than ever. emaciated. backache and pains in the lumbar region. Kali mur. F. (Dr. Spinal curvature. worse in the open air. or ascending steps. with general prostration. reports: I was requested to go into the country to see a man who had b en suffering the last three days from spasmodic. From Schiissler.Doctor. (From Schiissler. Although the sobbing was mitigated for two or three hours. " Cramplike pain in the neck. — Idiopathic softening of the spinal cord with molecular deadening of the nerve centres. spinal weakness. SPINE. ) Dr. abscess near the lumbar region. wasting of the spinal cord.) Calcarea phos.. between the scapulae. heaviness and sensation of fatigue. reflex paraplegia. worse from bodily exertion. rachitis. especially after a short walk. ) Frequent reports of writers' cramp cured with Magnesia phosphorica have been published since the former edition of this work was issued. phos. but most manifest on beginning to move about. . my spasms are cured. open fontanelles." (Arndt. myelitis. curvature of spine in the lumbar region. — Spina ventosa. with laming pains aggravated by rest. Hungary. He was lying in bed. convulsive sobbing. "Spinal anaemia from exhausting diseases. legs give way. After the second tablespoonful the sobbing ceased altogether. coccygodynia. — When the bony structure of the spine is affected. spondylitis. pains and aches 294 TH E TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. — Spinal anaemia. DISEASES OF. Posterior spinal sclerosis." (Arndt. Silicea.

he strained his back. while digging a well. McNish. four doses daily. p/ws. soon passed off and he believed himself well.. which he had not mentioned before because he believed it incurable. Thos. This was continued regularly for four years. It was an aggravated and aggravating case. the effects. and occasionally the interval was two weeks. but the insistence of the patient decided me. and this single remedy effected a perfect cure. 30th trituration. Pa. M. however. The effect of the medicine was remarkable. sixty years old. about a dyspepsia of three years' standing. and indeed hesitated to undertake it. was repeated several times. D." The spasm. (I neglected to say. Two years ago I was consulted by a farmer. but the successful treatment of his dyspepsia gave him hope that the other disorder might be cured. during which time the attacks decreased in frequency (but not in intensity). He received treatment from many physicians (all of the old school) with very slight benefit. '97. There was very slight tenderness over the first lumbar vertebra. which was very painful. spare. His general health did not seem to suffer. in American Homceopathist. and from that time forward the}' increased in frequency until he had one or more daily. so that they did not recur oftener than once a week. After an interval of some weeks he had another attack.CLINICAL CASES. Allegheny. 6x trituration. The history of the case was briefly this: Nineteen years before. From the time of taking the . October 15. but I am not going to detail it further than to say that I gave Sepia. which twisted him around until he " faced to the rear. that the patient was always twisted toward the right side. and at last placed himself in the hands of a specialist who gave him electrical massage once or twice a week.) You will readily understand that I was not enamored of this case. when he was suddenly seized with what he called "a cramp" in the lower dorsal and upper lumbar region. T. of nervous temperament. The patient then informed me he had another complaint of far older date. and after two weeks' stud)' and reflection I prescribed Mag. in the proper place.. This was continued for one month.

It is from this stimulating action that salt is so effective when applied locally with friction to weak muscles. Silicea. exhausts the nerves. it may readily occur that the bladder becomes weak . even though the prover had no such association. from this atonic effect of salt. We ma)' regard both spinal and cystic atony as a part of a general tendency in salt to produce ex. digestion. Sleepless. — Spinal irritation alternating with offensive footsweat. Back feels as if broken. phos. and develops asthenia and anaemia with emaciation. Feels better from warmth in general. Now. trembling . 295 first dose the spasms ceased. or with scanty. because such a combination is quite in keeping with the genius of the remedy. especially from sexual excess. With all this. Burning in back. troublesome dribbling of urine after a normal stool. — Easily fatigued. Spinal irritation with stiffness of nape of the neck and headache. Coccyx painful. Spinal irritation of children depending on worms 296 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. at times only half of object visible. Feet heavy as lead. every little injury suppurates. etc. Later. {Natr. especially in the morning. The skin is dry. mucous membranes are dry. Unhealthy skin.). Headache on walking. restlessness of limbs.SPINAL IRRITATION. Vision becomes dim after reading. hence not a symptom of paralysis. causing muscular contractions very much like those induced by galvanism. Legs weak. Great complaints are made that the mouth is dry. worse in the morning. cracked and glazed. Salty taste and repugnance to food. . has rough and yellow finger-nails. Patient is very sensitive to the least noise. however. pain in back and sensitiveness of spine. we observe spinal neurasthenia.. diminishes glandular activity.. restless and weak. Natricm mur. constant aching in centre of back. with smarting and rawness. stimulates the nervous system. on arising. Natrum mur. and though more than eighteen months have since passed they have never returned. corroding discharges. Kali phos. glandular secretions. It also increases the red corpuscles. The small of the back feels paralyzed. etc. SPINAL IRRITATION. — Neurasthenia. icy-cold feet even in bed. when in reality the annoyance arises from the stickiness of the secretions . weakness from slightest exertion. they are not normally fluid. in its first effects. Weak back and paralyzed feeling in lower extremities. barsh and sallow . but rather of neurasthenia. Natrum mur. haustion. And we may admit this vesical symptom as a concomitant of spinal weakness. markedly aggravated at the time of the new moon.

temporary cerebral congestion. Natrum phos. In the provers it produced seminal emissions every night . Silicea. dragging. SUNSTROKE. It cuts short the disease surprisingly when it is the truly indicated remedy. I would take Natrum sulph. Natrum mur. T. Natrum sulph. if all the remedies in the Materia Medica were taken away from me and I were to have but one with which to treat that disease. Bowels confined. Calcarea fluor.'* (J. often nocturnal emissions. watery. down-bearing pain. together with mental irritability and delirium. lassitude and increased sexual desire. with weak. Painful emissions at night. at first there seemed to be erethism with lascivious dreams. — Constant dribbling of seminal and prostatic fluid. Engorged venous sinuses with tendency to extravasation . — Violent pains in back of neck and head. — Emissions every night. Natrum mur. Kent. followed by chilliness. with paralytic disease. sexual desire almost gone. because it will modify the attack and save life in the majority of cases. These were followed by weakness of the back and trembling of the knees. Prostration and weak vision after coitus. without any sensation whatever. (Nottingham. (Farrington. — Nervousness growing out of excessive sexual excitement. " In the spinal meningitis of to-day.. but later emissions took place. which felt as if they would give way. whether indulged or suppressed. Pollutions.) SUNSTROKE.) Intense sexual desire. SPERMATORRHEA. clinically.) Kali phos. — Sexual erethism. is the chief remedy in these conditions. Impotence. 297 Drawing back of the neck and spasms of the back. smells like stale urine. . one or two in a night. Calcarea fluor. Persistent sexual thoughts . is readily relieved. — Backache simulating spinal irritation. — The pathological conditions of this affection arise from sudden abstraction of moisture in the tissues at the base of the brain .characterized by severe spinal irritation. Semen thin. Natrum mur. — Discharge of prostatic juice. SPINAL MENINGITIS. The violent determination of blood to the head that we find in the disease. Impotency and nocturnal or other discharges with these nervous indications. with dwindling of the testicles.

pain. — CEdema of the scrotum and prepuce (also Natrum stdph. Ferrum phos. Hydrocele in little boys. Kali mur. 6 every three hours. Indurations of same. — Bubo with heat. etc. evening aggravation. — Soft chancre. Calcarea fluor. — Orchitis. serous exudations. — Phagedenic chancre and bubo. etc. Ulcerated cutaneous affections where mercury has been given to excess. Kali phos. In bubo for the soft swelling. (F. Improvement soon set in. the principal remedy throughout (3X tr. nodes in tertiary syphilis . Spermatic cord and testicles painfully sore . A. — First stage of orchitis. — Condylomata of anus. — Syphilis with the characteristic symptoms. Natrum mur. Calcarea fluor. syphilitic in origin. — Dropsy of the testicles. Ferrum phos. Chancroid ulcers surrounded by congested areola. DISEASES OF. Chronic suppurating stage of syphilis. Kali mur. wider at bottom. — Chancres hard and indurated. Kali sulph. — Chronic syphilis with suppurations or indurations. chronic stage of syphilis.SYPHILIS.) TESTICLES. etc. Chronic syphilis. Natrum mur. Silicea. — In bubo to control suppuration (with Silicea). Calcarea phos. inflammatory conditions. the pain on urinating disappeared. Kali mur. throbbing or tenderness. caries and necrosis with discharge of offensive pus. Deep excavations. hydrocele. Natrum sulph. — Primary remedy if from suppressed gonorrhoea. CLINICAL CASES. Mucous patches. — Chronic syphilis. grayish exudation covering surface. Calcarea sulph. sometimes after Natrum mur. externally and internally. and the ulcers rapidly healed. Rockwith.) and also externally as a lotion . 298 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. painful micturition. Syphilitic ulceration of gums.).

brownish. Coating like stale. Cancer. pimply. grayish-white. Children slow in learning to talk. Calcarea phos. or exhaustion. L-oss of hair from pubes. numb. Natrum phos. clear and watery. as if it would cleave to the roof of the mouth. burning blisters on tip. — Coating at the base moist. Calcarea sulph. yellow at base. Edges of TONGUE. 299 tongue red and sore. TONGUE. Kali mur. Calcarea fluor. Blisters and sensation of hair on tip of tongue. Tongue excessively dry in the morning. slimy. Insipid. slimy. — Swollen. Magnesia phos. with or without pain. Brown tongue. hardening. — Coating slimy. excessively dry in the morning. — For the swelling in glossitis. white-furred. — Coating. — Cracked appearance of the tongue. liquid mustard. — Yellow. dry. Red tongue. stiff. — Inflammation of the tongue when excessive dryness occurs. . — Coating yellow. more a sensation. Inflammation of the tongue when suppurating. creamy or golden-yellow. especially when small bubbles of frothy saliva cover the sides and tips. Ferrum phos. Aching in testicles. mapped tongue. taste sour. sometimes with whitish edge. pappy taste. Violent itching on scrotum. moist tongue. Cancer. Tongue numb and stiff. Natrum sulph. Taste bitter and sour. Kali phos. Flabby . Clean. Ivoss of taste. especially with pain in bowels and pressure in stomach. Slimy tongue. Dryness of tongue and mouth. Coating white. — Induration of the tongue. Induration of the tongue. Natrum mur. soapy. Silicea. clay-colored.and painful. — Inflammation of the tongue with dark-red swelling. Inflammation resulting in suppuration. acrid. Kali sulph. — Coating dirty brownish-green or grayishgreen. Sensation of a hair on tongue. shiny coating. Cancer. hardening after inflammation.

head aches and is flushed.. from an acid condition of the stomach. with white.) 300 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. causing pain on opening mouth.. — Tonsils red and inflamed. — Tonsillitis. — Tonsils large and sore. like diphtheritic membrane. Calcarea phos. when matter discharges or abscess forms. CLINICAL. — Catarrh of the tonsils with a golden-yellow tinged exudation.Note. D. is the remedy. Chronic swelling of the tonsils. Magnesia phos. repeatedly. in most cases. Natrum mur. here the mucous cells are the seat of the disease. CASES. Patient is chilly and tired. — Chronic swelling of the tonsils. — Uvulitis . in the 2x trituration we have found a faithful and protracted use of the drug in many cases to produce a marked diminution in the size of the tonsils.) Calcarea sulph. French. guide in the choice of an appropriate remedy. Kali mur. but Natrum mur. M. — The second remedy. Chronic enlargement of the tonsils has been cured by the remedy in the 30th potency. (Schiissler. the coating of the tongue will not always have that peculiar appearance which will indicate the remedy suited to the acute disease. — Tonsillitis worse right side. This remedy at first alone. painful on swallowing. TONSILLITIS. then the coating of the tongue will. If any disease. with excellent results. If any one. suffering from a chronic catarrh of the stomach. Chronic or acute tonsillitis with much swelling. Natrum phos. as soon as there is any swelling of the throat. — The coating of the tongue does not always wholly influence the choice of a remedy in all affections of the tissues. and especially in obstinate cases of salivation. Kali phos. One case in particular was cured with . intercurrent." (H. Throat spotted white or gray. particularly of a chronic nature. shows itself without decisive symptoms. Hence not Kali mur. last stage. " In spongy hypertrophy of the tonsils in children. Ferrum phos. C. take also another (acute) disease. deafness and difficulty of swallowing. I have used Natrum mur. Throat veryred and puffy. Husky voice. solid deposit on them.

which caused fearful and long-continued salivation. Both tonsils were swollen and red and formed an almost complete embankment between the mouth and throat. In twentyfour hours the swelling of the glands had distinctly diminished. with which I had often before sue- TONSILLITIS. — Monthly Homoeopathic Review. so that she could scarcely swallow milk or water. D. Symptoms are worse after coming in from open air and in damp weather. for two years suffered from partial deafness. ) Enlarged tonsils with partial deafness. and in three days a complete cure was effected. from the external swelling and the history. so that in three days throat could be examined.. and the doctor had given her a good deal of calomel. set. 1867. from the excessive pain it occasioned. I thought of curing this affection also with Mercur. J.. She was afraid the evil would again become very tedious. The gums were loosened. . by R. violent salivation. Now I ascertained from the patient that in the previous summer she had been ill at N. very tall for his age. but it was evident. had an immediate beneficial effect. The inflammation of the tonsils was reduced very quickly. 20. Calcarea phos. but another evil set in — namely. that after much constitutional disturbance. or rather could. 5. fearing he is becoming incurably deaf. A young lady.remarkable rapidity by this remedy.. aet. where the true cause of the dysecoia lay. eruption subsided. Cooper. had received from me a preparation of mercury. D. September. I now stopped the Mercury and ordered Natrum mur. but by continuing this remedy the evil was only increased. The tale his mother tells is that he was vaccinated when three years old. to examine his throat (he was then suffering from an exacerbation). T. and the teeth were slackened. bleeding easily and standing back from the teeth. At first he would. who suffered from severe inflammation of the tonsils. In three weeks hearing was quite restored and swelling subsided. not allow me. a dose the size of a bean every two hours The success surpassed my most sanguine expectations. as it had been so bad at N. which has much increased since he came to Southampton. 301 ceeded in such cases.. delicate-looking boy. two months since. leaving the tonsils in their present swollen condition. a thin. His mother is frightened. M. (From Schiissler.

pulse. continued the remedies. As he stood before me. Saw the patient in six hours and all symptoms were much worse. in spite of all we can do. I called and to my astonishment found him sitting up in bed quite bright and breathing naturally. In six hours found the patient very much improved. quite early. and the tongue was coated white. patient exceedingly nervous. and suppuration did not take place. 6x. Temperature. immediately after every dose. (E. aged 8 or 10 years. i2x and Kali mur. had a severe attack of tonsillitis. which were very much enlarged. I2X. ) One evening a gentleman brought to my office his son. I looked into his throat. The next morning found that the patient had passed a hard night. W. less swelling. M. and found both tonsils inflamed and so much enlarged that there was scarcely space enough between them to insert a slip of writing paper. less pain. 6x instead of Kali phos. His chest had assumed a more normal form. The patient remarked that he could feel the effects of the last remedies all through the body. This was as truly a case of quinsy. 102. D. as any case I ever saw. The next morning.Dr. and the tonsils were considerably diminished in size. which usually goes on to suppuration and runs a seven days' course. . (G. then gave Kali mur. H. in alternation. m (B. and then every hour through the night. and Kali phos. and the next morning the little fellow met me in the parlor. temperature 100. H. comparatively well. I prepared some powders 3<D2 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. ) TOOTHACHE. 130. The aggravation caused by the remedies given in the 6th potency and the improvement which took place after their administration in the I2x were interesting facts. & T.. Martin. and that his chest was bowed out like a chicken's. 6x. of Kali mur. quieting and soothing the nervous irritability. every fifteen minutes. I noticed that he labored terribly in breathing. and in two days the patient was out. Then gave Ferrum phos. pulse 100.) and ordered them to be given dry every half hour for three hours. He was slightly feverish. H. The same remedy was continued through the next day. continued Ferrum. involving both tonsils. Gave Ferrum phos. causing difficult and painful deglutition.

S. Great soreness of teeth. Odontalgia. very intense and shooting. inflamed gum. when neither heat nor cold gives relief. — Toothache with involuntary flow of tears. strumous conditions. — Toothache of highly nervous delicate or pale. Copeland. great soreness of tooth to pres- . Pains relieved by pressure. " Where the use of Calcarea fluor. Kali phos. — Toothache with swelling of the gums and cheeks. Worse with hot. Toothache with looseness of the teeth .). emotional persons. feel elongated. Teething ailments during pregnancy. Natrum mur. Toothache when the pain is deep-seated in the periosteum or fibrous membrane covering the root of the tooth. grinding of teeth .Ferrum phos. Calcarea fluor. Kali mur. phos. Teeth feel sore . Looseness of the teeth. 6x. unnatural looseness of the teeth. suggesting its possible use in caries of the teeth. Kali sulph. Teeth ache worse at night. or root of tooth. — Toothache with hot cheek. Toothache caused by sudden chill to the feet when damp from perspiration. Neuralgic. eased by heat. — Toothache if hot liquids ease the pain (if cold eases the pain. gums sore.) CLINICAL CASES. red and inflamed. — Toothache aggravated in the warm room and in the evening. but increased by slight movement. Non-inflammatory toothache. — Toothache if any food touches the tooth. in filled teeth. I have observed bad effects on the teeth. especially in children. — Too rapid decay of the teeth. 303 Calcarea phos. The gums have a bright red seam or line on them. Toothache worse after going to bed and from cold washing and cold things generally . and when caused by chilling of the feet. Three cases of odontalgia were relieved in a few hours by Ferr. Toothache with easily bleeding gums. but is better in the cold open air. to carry off the exuding effete albuminoid substance. Ferrum phos. or great flow of saliva. rheumatic toothache. TUMORS. has been continued for many weeks. Silicea. Magnesia phos. irritable." (R. better with cold liquids. The symptoms were: Elongation of tooth. — Toothache when very intense at night. and abscess forms. enamel of the teeth rough and deficient. severe pain in decayed or filled teeth.

cystic tumors. which is hard. Knots. could not sleep. hardened glands in the female breast. Calcarea phos. Kali sulph. 1883. but threaten to suppurate. p. Uterine cancer. It had lasted over six months. TUMORS. J. round swelling of encysted tumors. etc. Excessive granulations and suppurations. A. kernels. Icy coldness and fetid. Cancer of tongue has been benefited by it. pain. Scirrhous induration of upper lip and face. CLINICAL CASES. — Cancer in scrofulous constitutions. Goitre when there is an acid condition producing it. capsular ligaments or on tendons. Ganglion. Chronic enlargement of lymphatic glands. with discharge of thin. Tumors of the eyelids. Enlarged meibomian glands. Indurated lumps in csecal region. Acute or chronic cysts require this remedy. continued pain. Cancer on the skin near a mucous lining. — Cancer. of Toledo. — Enlarged glands. no swelling of face or gums. offensive discharge and discoloration. cysts. Bursae. Swelling on the jawbone.sure. 1893. — Epithelioma. Silicea. H. which are indurated. Swellings. 54. Ferrum phos. — Blood-tumors on the heads of newborn infants. Broncholcele. goitre. — Ranula. purulent secretions. not relieved by heat or cold. tumors. — A maiden lady of 60 came to consult me on the 13th of October. Kali phos. Natrum phos. — Has proved of use in cancer of tongue. Housemaid's knee. brownish. Calcarea FLUORiCA. telling me she had a shiny swelling on her left index finger . Calcarea sulph. — An excellent alternate remedy for excessive pain in cancer. Calcarea fluor. 304 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. — N. such as are found on the back of the wrist from strain of the elastic fibres. Natrum mur.. ichorous leucorrhcea.. Phillips. serous. It cured an epithelioma for Dr. — Serous swellings. a hornylike scab with a dark swollen inflamed areola. Nsevus. yellow. S. purulent. Ohio. Hard swellings having their seat in the fasciae. lumps. situated on the left side of the nose.

) Sanguineous cyst on the right side of the occipital bone. was healthy. h. and about the size of a florin. The hole in the bone gradually filled up. with the exception of double inguinal hernia. was about 7 em. 305 Kali sulph.. A. I prescribed Calc. to be changed frequently. on account of an epithelioma seated on the right cheek. Careful examination showed that the parietal bone was defective below it. Compton Burnett. 70. a widow. — Beebe. in diameter. with hard base.) Calcarea phosphorica. It was evidently a meningocele of moderate size.. A few days later the lady left to return home. cured. for external application. three times a day. — An infant.. It was situated on the left tuberosity of the parietal bone. and of about the size of a small split walnut. and on May 23d the ulcer had cicatrized to the size of a six-penny piece. — Raue. patient nervous and depressed. a powder every evening. (From Schiissler. From this the tumor issued. reaching from the lower eyelid to the nostril. 65. not fluctuating. Calcarea phos. There were no signs of pressure on the brain. 2c. (Frohling. It felt doughy. After taking this medicine three days the tumor was evidently smaller and in 10 days it was quite gone. with open posterior fontanelle. (J. which had continued to grow larger. and its height was about 3 em. Trans. aet. Orth relates: Elizabeth F. It was almost circular. The epithelioma had existed for some years. Improvement set in at once and in two and one-half months was entirely well. ) . The lump was hard and painful. consulted me on April 5th. American Institute. but rather flatter. a fortnight old. 1886. Immediately after birth a swelling was noticed on its head. cxxxii.which had been there for about 18 months. On May 6th I noticed that the ulcer had visibly diminished. was brought to me. and callous edges. Z. and was at the stage of forming an ulcer. Case of polypus of left nostril cured by Calcarea phos. and the child. phos. and I regret I have not heard from her since. I ordered TUMORS. Prognosis w y as doubtful. and lint saturated with a lotion made of Kali sulph. and at the end of three and a half weeks was completely closed. Record Homoeopathic Literature. 1873. Dr. 6th trit.

was not greatly destroyed. giving the froglike appearance to the face. who had suffered for a considerable time from an effusion in bursa of the knee-cap. I cured a lady. of Santa Rosa.* and Silicea. ) A hard swelling under the chin. C. For eight months. F. After only a few days the inflammation disappeared.Dr. greatly ameliorating the case. which was situated on the right side of the nose. This spread slowly but steadily. The ulcer at the side of the nose had existed for four years. resembling scirrhus. Silicea 6 was given. H. At first there was a slightly red spot. eutirely cured by Calcarea fluor. discharging a fetid. Both old and new school medicines had failed to cure.. almost clear fluid. The patient had. Thompson. The patient was afflicted with a large sarcoma on the superior maxilla. two doses per diem. consulted a great number of doctors. almost immediately below the corner of the eye. 40. old-school physicians had tried to establish suppuration. (Dr. except the appearance of two protuberances in the median line of the tumor. furnishes us a case of neuralgic node in the mammary gland. which might have found its way into the eye from the edge of the eyelid. came to me on September the 4th. Twelve doses of Calcarea phos. ) Dr. By the 8th of October the sore had cicatrized so that only a speck was left. and the next day a profuse suppuration began. He suffered from epithelioma. relates a prompt effect from Calcar . of Regensburg. The ulcer began also to heal under the steady treatment. after it had become implicated. Kali sulph. a dose night and morning. reports: In August. which. which was a little raised and swollen. aet. which after a time fell off and left a little sore. there were conjunctivitis palpebrarum and bulbi. when the patient was able to resume work again on the 9th of October. The prompt action of the remedies was very striking. William W. Later on it became covered with a horny scab. was used.. Calc. fluor. Without much hope of producing suppuration. (From Schiissler. From Schiissler. a factory worker. 1875. however. 6 was now given. was now given him. about the size of a pigeon's egg. and externally a lotion of Kali sulph. during the whole time of its existence. with dulness of the cornea. accord- . but failed. except to produce several fistulous openings. Dr. perhaps through the irritation of the discharge. of Lubeck. Be that as it may. Fuchs. disappeared completely in about four weeks under the use of Calcarea fluor. fluor . The eye itself seemed to be sympathetically affected. but all without effect. No change occurred for two weeks. He had also been treated for two months by a specialist for the eye. and about the size of a two-shilling piece. Spiethoff.

which appeared after the excision of a tumor. was opened. gray and bleeding easily. I believe I could remove the hard lump with medicine. — Mrs. Byres Moir and Epps had both frequently had similar cases of strumous dactylitis. The gradual disappearance of the growth under this treatment was one of the prettiest things I have ever seen in medicine. Schiissler. who had injured his index finger two years previously. It was excised at St. till the to Dr. Gerard Smith exhibited a child. This set up primarily periostitis and abscess. under a prolonged course of Silicea. August. and must have it cut out immediately. in the scar." I made a 4 oz. Gilchrist. came to me badly alarmed because a leading surgeon had said that she had a cancer of the breast. removed this chronic condition of housemaid's knee. but rapidly returned and increased in size. The finger again greatly improved. and on probing no sequestrum was found. solution of . C. G. and taking her history. I said to her. the smaller ones were absorbed. (From Schiissler. Bartholomew's Hospital. in which complete recovery had taken place under Silicea. "Calcarea fluorica in lumps and chronic hard swellings in the female breasts. Strumous Dactylitis. had nasal polypi in both nostrils. The third week reported entirely free. At the end of a second six months. At the end of this period. in Homoeopathic World. — At the London Homoeopathic Hospital. Mrs. Cheloid. — John H. After a few moments thought she said. night and morning. R. and became smaller under a course of Hepar and Silicea. 1885. and a probe passed into a soft mass. After a careful examination of the breast. Nasal Polypi. " Go to work on it. but without symptoms of necrosis. The swelling of the finger increased during six months until the bone was almost globular. age 52. the bone became much smaller. Calcarea p/ios so ." I know whereof I speak when I state that these swellings can be easily handled with this remedy.fluor. ( J.) 20 306 the twelve tissue remedies. a powder every morning for a week. was put on Silicea 3 . Calcarea and Calc. Clarke. a girl. ) Multiple. large. an abscess again formed. aged four years. The larger ones came away entirely.

which she did. causing stupor during the course of the disease. Internally I gave her 3 cones of the 3X every three hours. putrid odor of stools. offensive breath. Palmer. This remedy has never failed me in hard swelling of the jaw caused by toothache or injury. presented herself for treatment for a hard lump that had been growing in her right breast for three or four years. ochre-colored stools or flocculent evacuations. initiatory stage for chilliness. when affecting the brain. and obtained very good results. I used it in one case of rapid decay of the teeth. and told her to keep the swelling wet most of the time with it. Kali phos. with light-yellow. Debility. The one week's treatment had reduced the lump one-fourth. frequent hemorrhage. Sordes on the teeth. of soft water. and she now fully believes that she is going to recover. (O. stupor.the remedy by putting 4 oz. Typhoid. and she was unable to use her arm for any length of time without the whole organ becoming sensitive and painful so as to prevent her from sleeping. Ferrum phos. and for abdominal tenderness and swelling. and had her report in one week. D. Case 2. She was a dyspeptic. when the system seems full of typhoid poison and the disease is not located in any single organ. for gray or whitecoated tongue and looseness of the bowels. which she did in six weeks' treatment. sleeplessness. 42 years of age. — Typhoid or gastric fever. A. An excellent remedy in extreme vitiation of the blood. It was painful. or with symptoms of putrid blood. weak action of 'the heart. where the enamel scaled off. Offensiveness of discharges is a very marked symptom for Kali phos. — A lady friend of the above. indicating disorganization of the blood. of the 3X tablets into 4 oz. and after correcting this trouble she received the same treatment as the above. Kali sulph. M. and fully recovered in three months. and for chaps and cracks of the lips. Kali mur. — Typhoid or gastric fevers.) TYPHOID FEVER. with a rise of tem- . 307 TYPHOID FEVER. — Typhoid or malignant symptoms. — Typhoid or gastric fever when commencing . with extreme prostration .

. Ignatia. and he received no other remedy throughout the fever. Calcarea phos. the 308 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. (Monroe. molecules of several elements must receive our special attention. Some have claimed success by the use of Baptis. Phos. and the remedies that I have found to do this most certainly are Ferrum phos. — After typhoid or gastric fevers as the disease declines. or Natrum phos. Typhoid fever in young gentleman with a very active brain. Kali phos.. of Dallas. others by Rhus tox. a prominent symptom was that he became very hysterical. given in alternation every hour during fever.. all failed to relieve. such as twitchings with great drowsiness. Ferrum phos. tinct. the best eliminator in such condi- . P. ) The following from the pen of Dr. Texas. Watrum mur. and is of interest. and Kali mur. Hyos. watery vomiting. Natrum mur. and some success has followed this method of procedure. cured this symptom. since it illustrates the value of these remedies in this disease: "The most rational course to pursue is to supply deficiencies. Bryon. Stram. appeared in the Southern Journal of Homoeopathy.. Cimicif. is the question that demands special attention. the remedy seemed to act as a tonic. — Typhoid or malignant conditions during the course of any fever. and as this depression is the result of molecular change. Rhus tox.perature at night and a fall in the morning. China. and the reined} 7 that cures these glands cuts short the disease. It is a conceded fact that the inflammation in the glands of Brunner and Peyer keep up the fever... A. etc. sopor. ac.. There is depression. and Coffea.. and the Kali mur. After the patient got up. Whether this molecular change can be brought about by the use of Baptis. The Ferrum is the best fever remedy. as their sheet anchor. where there is a white or grayish coating on the tongue. Davis. giving incidental treatment as they thought symptoms called for.. and to assist nature remove excesses. CLINICAL CASES. perceptible in all cases of typhoid fever. or what not. would cry like a child and sob whenever he became nervous.. parched tongue.

Last of all. TYPHLITIS. I can see no reason as yet to change off into the intricate mazes of supposed pathogenetic provings of polypharmacy. I advised Kali phos. Under the use of this remedy she rallied. While I still use many polychrests." Miss Nettie W. 6 . M. finish up the treatment with Calcarea phos. These remedies are especially indicated in this condition of the tongue. in solution. Another similar case was given the same remedy when others seemed of no avail. If the tongue has a golden-yellow coating. they have proved abundantly sufficient. In all cases where these tissue remedies have been used by me. — For constipation.. with the same good result of producing a change for the better within a few hours. I usually give them the 4x to 6x potency. If the tongne assumes a yellow.. give Natrum sulph. and in the more malignant form of the disease. They supply the inorganic elements that are disturbed or lacking in all diseased states. Kali mur. T. give Natrum phos. If the tongue should become brown. as a connective tissue and blood-cell constituent is needed. (C. set.. the physician will certainly cure any diseases that can be cured at all. — The first stage in alternation with Kali phos. found the patient apparently in last stage of the disease. shiny coating. Should the tongue have a dirty brownish-green coating. and will cure. stools light-colored.. 309 . Ferrum phos.tions. when the patient begins to convalesce. and while many may consider me dogmatic in the use of these remedies. and if a strict observance is had in their selection. and it was continued some days. and especially in those cases where the patient is delirious or nervous. and especially when there are pain in the bowels and a sensation of pressure in the stomach.) TYPHUS FEVER. I lend a decided preference to the proper use of the Tissue Remedies where indicated. give Kali phos. followed by recovery. creamy. As other remedies had been tried and she seemed sinking. with the symptoms usual in such cases. with the result that she ultimately recovered. 23. Was called in consultation. then resort to Magnesia phos. moist. if given as indicated.

that it is reported in full as furnished by the Doctor: "I was called on the morning of April 14th. TYPHLITIS. of Oakland. Kali sulph.) Abscess. furnished by Dr. also for the pain. Ferrum phos. — Golden-yellow coating of tongue . The chief remedy for brown tongne. beginning in the region of the right groin. CLINICAL CASES The following case. California. with hereditary tendency to phthisis pulmonalis. B. D. high temperature and pulse.. (F. who . E. D. M. a young man.) " Dull pain in right ileo-caecal region.) Vomiting. D. Calcarea sulph. which is persistent. colicky pains from the excessive secretions which are not carried off and keep filling up around the appendix. moist. Tenderness to pressure and coated tongue. sanious matter. a characteristic symptom. D. — Relieves the pain in right side of pelvis. petechiae. M. Shifting flatus. — To aid the absorption of any secretions and to lessen tendency to inflammatory conditions in abdomen. Natrum sulph. camp fever. — Swelling and exudation. delirium. Nicholson. tends to counteract and cure the ulceration if any in the intestines and prevents disintegration of those tissues. etc. is so beautifully illustrative of the action of these remedies in typhlitis. Kali mur. to attend to Mr. stupor. — Typhus fever when the stupor and sleeplessness are very great. putrid fever. I. K. D. (F. Ward. — Flatulent colic. yellow. farm fever.) Silicea. Bittinger. B. W. nervous or brain fever. sleeplessness. (F. removes distention. Natrum mur. — Formation of pus. — Fever. Torpidity of bowels and general bilious conditions sometimes superinduce or predispose to this trouble.Kali phos. tones up the weakness. E. 22. inflammation. 310 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. creamy. etc. abnormal brain function. etc. Natrum phos. — Malignant fever. 1887. set. Tenderness and distention with tendency to perforation. hardness." (J. abscess.

and both acquiesced in the treatment. as a fever remedy. and the inflammatory symptom steadily improved and the size of the tumor gradually lessened. Burdick. — Ulcerations of glands. thus bringing about resolution and aborting perityphlitis and the consequent suppuration. of San Francisco. This treatment was continued without intermission. m. The result in this case is. as hot as could be borne. and had vomited several times before I saw him. of Oakland. and pulse to 90. and had passed a quantity of currant seeds in one of his movements. There could be no doubt as to the diagnosis— typhlitis — and that a currant seed was the casus mali. whether idiopathic or symptomatic. and both agreed with me as to the disease. and was sojourning in our city for the benefit of his health. Ulcers if there be fever. to cause the absorption of infiltrations. I think. to relieve the throbbing pain. extending from the caecum to the lower border of the liver ULCERS AND ULCERATIONS. so tender to the touch that he could not bear even the weight of the bed clothing. the other causing the absorption of the infiltration. For several inches around the tumor the belly was as hard as a rock. and Dr. and Kali mur.. ) to be taken every half hour in alternation. the one removing the inflammation. I at once gave him Ferrum phos. His temperature was 103 F. We have no medicine which is the peer of Ferrum phos. since in this class of cases the prognosis is always unfavorable. were both called in consultation.. with this pain. showing a great amount of infiltration. and the credit of the case can be clearly given to the Iron and the Potash. or redness and congestion. and found him suffering with agonizing pain in the right iliac region. the tumor had entirely disappeared. redness. (6x trit. and pulse 120. His bowels had moved twice within a few hours. Ferrum phos." Calcarea fliwr. He had been attacked suddenly at 2 o'clock a. 3X rapidly absorbed an indurated and sensitive tumor. At the end of a week the temperature and pulse became normal. and none better than Kali mur. or heat. heat and congested condition. Upon examination I found a tumor in the right iliac fossa. the belly was soft and a mere trace of the tenderness remained. I learned that he had eaten of a mince pie at dinner the day before.resides in Connecticut. soreness. . Dr. phenomenal. day and night. to alleviate the pain. At the end of thirty -six hours his temperature had fallen to 100 F. poultices of flaxseed were kept constantly applied. He took no other medicines. Brigham.

Kali mur. — Ulcers with fibrinous discharge. — Ulceration of the stomach or bowels. sanious matter. fistulous ulcers. Ulceration following abrasion of the skin over the shin-bone. breaking out. three doses each per day. wounds. yellow fluid. Three fistulous ulcers secreting a thick. in hard-worked and ill-fed people. Syphilitic ulcers. Calcarea fluor. ichorous secretion. M. who had sores on both legs. A girl came into my office. yellow coating having appearance of halfdried cream. — Tuberculous ulcers. — Ulceration of bone substance. then taking on inflammation. partially healing. ichorous. the sores were seemingly very severe. flour-like scaly surface. Davis.. — Ulceration of the glands. with a discharge of yellow. ) A. readily bleeding. pimples. Purulent sores which may result from abrasions. — Ulcerations of bones. with a continuous oozing of yellowish pus and lymph. or a mealy. D. CLINICAL CASES. very much swollen. cheerful and happy. 311 Kali sulph. Silicea. or infusion of hay. glandular swellings with suppuration. for three years had indolent ulcers on lower half of left leg. (A. which is red. Pains prin- . mild secretions . scalds or bruises. Ulcers open. set. Sluggish ulcers. so that sleep was disturbed. which had been bothering her for four years. in fact. will often yield to this remedy. Natrum phos. all ulcerations where there is swelling or a dirty-white tongue. white. Ulcers of the lower limbs. S. P. as an intercurrent. Calcarea phos. proud flesh. callous edges. burns. with torpid.) ULCERS AND ULCERATIONS. Calcarea sulph. massive and repeated doses in scrofulous. Ulceration of cornea. exuberant granulations. which contains Silicea. 16. (See Bye. then scabbing over. fetid. red. I at once gave her Silicea 6x and Calcarea phos. yellow pus and which have thrown off many splinters of bone. Diseases of. angry and painful. with thick. secreting a thin. bound up the limbs with flannel roller bandage. running a thin. Varicose ulcers. locomotion produced severe pains. Use also locally. Ulceration of the os and cervix uteri. Suppurative processes. — Ulcers of the lower limbs when deep-seated and the periosteum is affected. Silicea has ulcers that are spongy. or a fibrinous discharge. and in four weeks all the sores were healed up and the patient well. 6x.

Cystitis. with thick.) 312 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Magnesia phos. where there exist torpor and inactivity of the liver. Externally only glycerine. affecting the sphincter muscle. which had the appearance of half-dried cream. aggravated by standing and accompanied by pain along the urethra and neck of the bladder. Hg. In treating a chronic syphilitic ulcer. M. Frequent urination. I observed a yellow coating on the surface of the ulcer. alternating with intervals of four days without medicine. Zeit. especially in children.cipally at night. Wetting of the bed. Ferrum phos. Itching in urethra. Lungs normal. Enuresis in older children. The principal remedy in chronic cystitis. second stage. Child passes large quantities of urine. Cutting pain in bladder and urethra." (M. or passing large quantities of water. causing inability to retain the urine. After Natrum phos. yellow expectoration. Diurnal enuresis depending on irritation of neck of the bladder and end of penis. . Hansen. Urine dark-colored. as well as involuntary spurting of urine with every cough. and considerable weakness in morning. morning and evening. Emaciation. often seen in women. — Incontinence of urine. Polyuria simplex. deposit of iiric acid. " Irresistible urging to urinate in the daytime. Kali mur.) Some varieties of red wine will cure nocturnal enuresis in children. Allg. heat or feverishness. owing to the iron contained therein. white mucus. if from weakness of the sphincter muscle. — Cystitis. Spasmodic retention of the urine. Paralysis. — Constant urging to urinate whenever the person is standing or walking. the coating disappeared within four days and the patient was otherwise much improved. — Cystitis in asthenic conditions with prostration. Urine quite yellow. Gravel. first stage. Excessive secretion of urine. with pain. bleeding from the urethra. Pain after the use of the catheter. and discharge of thick. when every cough causes the urine to spurt. Enuresis nocturna. No enlargement of the limb was noticeable after six months. when swelling has set in (interstitial exudation). Incontinence of urine from nervous debility. Cured in five months. Deschere. for eight days. Calcarea fluor. a sensation as if the muscles did not contract. (Dr. D. Frequent scalding . Suppression of the urine with heat. 6x. Frequent cough in morning. Med. from weakness of the muscles. ) URINARY DISORDERS. Retention of urine with fever in little children. (C. Kali phos. nervous weakness. Dose night and morning. poor appetite.

Incontinence of urine. Nephritis scarlatinosa. excessive secretion if diabetic. coughing. Involuntary urination when walking. hsematuria after scurvy . brickdust-like coloring matter in the water. Red urine with hectic fever. gravel. S. Urine dark-red. Polyuria simplex. as an intercurrent after Natrutn sulph. — Inflammation of the bladder. of Abington. Frequent micturition. — Copious urine with frequent urging. — Incontinence of urine in children with acidity.. Cystitis. Gravel. Wetting of the bed at night. 313 Natrum phos. Natrum mur. Schiissler in his last edition claims that this is the chief remedy in catarrh of the bladder.— Urine loaded with pus and mucus. for enuresis. To check the reformation of stone in the bladder. Ferrum phos. Schiissler. and emits a pungent odor. — Polyuria. Dr. — Urine copious. he seldom wet the bed at night. Urine loaded with bile. Cutting in urethra after urinating. 200th. 1882. A pustular eruption near the corners of the mouth appeared. Calcarea sulph. pus forming. Must get up at night to urinate. reports a case of enuresis cured with Ferritin phos. associated with gout. (S. with arthritis.) Calcarea phos. Flocculent sediment in urine. For gravel. Urine scanty and high colored. in chronic stage. Silicea. — Sandy deposit or sediment in the urine. wetting the bed in young children and in old people. 181. Atony of the bladder. calculous. Case of incontinence of urine due to loss of muscular power. Enuresis from worms and in chorea. The enuresis occurred in the daytime. p.URINARY DISORDERS. without effect. Red sandy deposit of uric acid. Dr. Diabetes. or retention of urine. Calcarea fluor. lithic deposits. etc. Dickerman. also buttermilk or koumiss as a dietary help. cutting pain after urinating. Natrum sulph. Lilienthal. The guiding symptoms emphasize its use in diurnal enuresis. B.— Transactions American Institute. cured by Ferrum phos. with much emaciation . Mass. Polyuria. phosphatic deposit. CLINICAL CASES. in a private communication to Dr. mentions the case of a lad to whom he had given. Zoeppritz. for . Enuresis.

was given. as Dr. I gave it three or four times daily in a little water. which relieved somewhat. Dr Cornelius Oldenburg reports a case of spasmodic retention of the urine. (C. two of which I treated without good results. and could assign no cause thereto. Whoever has been occupied with the study of psychology is naturally ready to suspect paralysis everywhere. Some months after treatment he called back to say that he was perfectly cured. 10. General health good. even the catheter failed to bring any away. Horn. 7. — Lady. Schiissler recommends this against paralysis and paralytic conditions. when she passed large quantities of water involuntarily. for on the following day the patient was well. a powder in hot water three times daily. as I was desirous to find out what it could do. 60. In five cases. Schiissler's preparations I was very anxious to test the effects of Kali phos. I had until lately to repeat the remedy every time it was given up. suffered with enuresis. The most successful case was that of an old gentleman.. Dr. cured. aet. which he prescribed Natnim ntur. (From Schiissler. I acknowledge I may have given Kali phos. too frequently. and accordingly Calcarea phos. All. Zeit. had had trouble for three years. Some two mouths later another attack came on. 1885. W..314 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. 3X. some urine was passed. Hakes. Kali phos. p. simply by way of precaution. aet. which cured both the eruption and the enuresis. In five days. as the incontinency always returned when it was discontinued. which was likewise immediately cured hy Calcarea phos.. brought about amazingly rapid improvement.. Magnesia phos. but desired to have some of the powders. was given. four times a day. Schiissler's advice was followed. A week later she reported that she could now retain the urine much better during the day. No urine was at first excreted.) Lad. aet. The medicine was continued for three weeks longer. after homoeopathic treatment had been unsuccessful. no permanent or decided results being obtained from this remedy. 70. when she in- . Ferrum phos. 6x. which cured in one day. D. watery and very profuse.) Incontinence of Urine. urine pale. Criiwell reports on incontinence of urine: When I became acquainted with Dr. was able to retain the urine at night but not in daytime. With a young girl. M. 35. For various reasons it led me to give it for incontinency. Ferrum phos. No doubt in this case there existed a sub-paralytic condition of the sphincter muscle. set.

Young man. (Schiissler. Porter recommends this remedy in varicose veins about the vulva. while Silicea is worse from cold. Ferrum phos. Ferrum phos. lacerations of the cervix. with a considerable amount of scar-tissue. though its action on the arteries is its prime sphere. complained of daily pain in left testicle. Varicose veins in young persons. and. indicating the fluoride of lime in affections of the lower tissues. incapacitating hiin for work. both on legs and arms. and in distention of the ovarian and sub-ovarian plexus of veins. Calcarea fluor. daily one dose.) VACCINATION. Healed in fifteen days. 315 VEINS. he finds that the latter medicine has a greater affinity for muscular tissue. VEINS. fluor. Mayer.formed me that the power over the bladder was now complete. again completely stopped the incontinence. Examination showed a varicocele.) If necessary follow with Silicea. relates a case of varicose ulcers of some standing. and that she was better than she had been for two years. patients can not be on their feet. This is a powerful vein remedy. Little vesicles form around scars . 6x was given night and morning. although she was then enciente. Dr.. (Dr. will give entire satisfaction.. ) A physician of Bogota.. He quotes several symptoms from Farrington. — Varicose veins. CLINICAL CASES. VERTIGO. Should any bad results show themselves Kali mur. . well developed. Differentiating Silicea from Calcarea fluor. cured. Stuttgart. Ferrum phos. A. Sharp piercing pains. — Giddiness from rush of blood to the head. The chief remedy for varicose veins. — Varicocele with pain in testicles. Nine months afterwards the patient came to me again with a return of the malady. DISEASES OF. It has cured a small aneurism and the great indication for it is throbbing. (Wilde. After five weeks' use of Ferrum phos. and has relief from cold. 18. probably caused by constant heavy lifting. S. with flushing. varicose ulceration of the veins (as a lotion also). DISEASES OF. aet. throbbing or pressing pain. Calc.

and weakness. Vertigo from anaemia. reports in the Southern Journal of Homoeopathy. a case of vertigo of several weeks' standing. Natrum sulph. ) VOMITING. not gastric. notwithstanding. but have. Schiissler's Kali phos. excess of bile. 1875. came under my treatment. Natrum phos. CLINICAL. and is almost completely cured of her painful sensation of giddiness. in one week. who had been for many years treated without success. accompanied by vomiting of acid substances cured by Natrum phos. when from cerebral or nervous causes. — Giddiness with gastric derangements. she can go out alone. — Dizziness. felt mostly 011 rising from a sitting position. acidity and want of appetite. of Dr. tongue. April. set. or bitter taste in the mouth . I gave her all the usual remedies without any benefit. creamy coating on the tongue. of Washington. — Vertigo from optical defects. Schiissler's Kali phos. Vertigo with inclination to fall on the right side. a great many steelpills and drops and quinine. Rankiu. two doses daily of Dr. The patient can attend to her domestic duties. — Vertigo. in May. Vertigo. I have made but little use.Kali phos. I had the pleasure of seeing a rapid and decided cure following this. She had taken steel baths. with bilious coating on the 316 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. (From Schiissler. as yet. 64. 1886. and did not venture to leave her room. She was constantly in dread of falling. Magnesia phos. . and on looking upward.. A woman. — Giddiness. B. Kali sulph. D. gastric derangement . swimming of the head. gold-colored. She complained of a severe vertigo. E. especially on looking up and rising. effected a few very interesting cures. worse rising and looking up. At last I gave her. CASES. even to distances. Dr. C.

A young girl about 18 consulted me (so writes a student of medicine) for painless vomiting. W. — Vomiting of sour. — Vomiting of blood. which had existed for a long time. Dark substance VOMITING. J. Calcarea phos. Horn. — Vomiting after cold water and ice-cream. Natrum phos. accompanied by pain in the abdomen. — Bilious vomiting. Vomiting of curdled masses and acid fluids. Constant nausea. The color of her face and the visible mucous membranes . in the Transactions Pcnna. sooner or later. Calcarea fluor. 12 after the ordinary homoeopathic remedies had failed. — Vomiting of acid. — Vomiting of undigested food. dark. sour fluid. — Vomiting of blood. reports a case of persistent vomiting. M. CLINICAL CASES. Society.. Vomiting of watery. not food. with tendency to form a gelatinous mass.Silicea. after taking it. curdy masses with yellow. Kali phos. viscid. — Child vomits as soon as it nurses. Natrum sulph. the food returning undigested. if Ferrum phos. Infants vomit often and easily and want to nurse all the time. Vomiting with teething troubles. Kali mur. and occurred after almost every meal. Med. 1886. morning sickness and bitter taste in the mouth. Vomiting of thick. — Nausea and vomiting of sour. 3*7 like coffee-grounds. stringy. cured by Mag ties. vomiting of food. Vomiting in morning with chilliness. Vomiting of the food with sour fluids . white phlegm. does not suffice. creamy coating of tongue. D. Vomiting of greenish matter. clotted. bright-red blood. Vomiting during dentition. Martin. fluid. transparent mucus. Natrum mur. phos. Ferrum phos. bitter food and of blood.

sometimes vomiting and much accumulation of water in the mouth. H. stitches in the side and palpitation of the heart.. also Natrum and Nux vomica. Medium height. Since that time. Ferrum phos. heart. healthy. Closer examination showed his liver. Sickly build and delicate. 4. This relieved the condition at once. however. had for several weeks vomiting of food immediately after eating. twenty-four years.. third every hour. every hour. poorly-nourished aspect. Had suffered for eight months from weight in stomach about an hour after each meal. Vomiting ceased after twelve hours' use of Ferrum phos. Scrawny and anaemic. S.. 2.. in a few days markedly improved the condition. and received the pleasing news that the vomiting had entirely disappeared from the commencement of the use of the remedy. On the twenty-sixth of October she received Ferrum . Ferrum phos.. with pressure. R. R. Six weeks ago a marked aggravation set in. 6x. 5. In three days the patient was all right. No other symptoms of importance. vomiting had entirely ceased and the remaining symptoms had lessened markedly. Examination showed the region of the stomach to be swollen and sensitive. vomiting of food immediately after each meal. forty-two years. pregnancy was not present.) 1. L. many eructations.. These for the past eight weeks have been much worse. thirty-five years. I ordered Ferrum phos. Ferrum phos. Menstruation was scanty and delayed. heart and kidneys to be healthy. Pulsatilla had been given with little or no result. 3x. etc. Patient is weak and sleepy in day-time. with nausea. 6. often redness of the face. has 318 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. suffered from stomach disorders for years. E. four years ago had a gastritis and was cured by Homoeopathy. L. His condition became worse. Vomiting of food set in after each meal some three or four hours. Ferrum phos. the vomiting disappeared and the other conditions were beneficially influenced. and never returned. E. kidneys. fifty years old. suffered for a long time from vomiting of food. cured in four days. rush of blood to the head and cold feet. F.. Feeling of fullness in the epigastrium. There is present vomiting of food and patient feels in consequence thereof weak and exhausted. Suffered for several weeks from stomach disorder. pale. eleven years old. 3. E. liver. {Monatsblaetter. vomiting. After a time I accidentally saw the patient again.. Weakly and of slim build. thirty years. B. had a weakness of the digestive organs which troubles him from time to time.were pale.

Also when exhaustion sets in. . Under this treatment the cough may be modified.phos. Magnesia phos. — Whooping cough in weakly constitutions. — Cramp-like pain in fingers and wrist. decidedly yellow. the paroxysms lessened in severity and frequency. cured the vomiting. Inflammatory catarrhal stage. and in obstinate cases with emaciation. WHOOPING COUGH. — Is often to be used with benefit. ending in a whoop. For fourteen days had suffered from vomiting of food after each meal. Kali phos. — Whooping cough in very nervous. convulsive fits of nervous cough. beginning as a com- WHOOPING COUGH. Kali mur. — While writing. timid. Four days later her condition was improved. — Whooping cough with vomiting of blood. or in teething children. — When the mucus is frothy. Ferrum phos. CLINICAL CASES. spasmodic cough. Kali mur. and the duration of the disease very materially shortened. Natrum phos. F. — Whooping cough. Kali sulph. Aching in wrists. Natrum mur. A. Magnesia phos. has been quite satisfactory to me especially since adopting the biochemic treatment of Schiissler. Rheumatic pain in joints of fingers. clear and stringy. Calcarea phos. short. which did not return. vomiting occurred less often and the case progressed to complete recovery. Give this remedy steadily. Crampy pain. while not extended. slimy expectoration. In twenty-four hours Ferrum phos. hand trembles. — Whooping cough. — Hands get stiff while writing. — If there be white-coated tongue and a thick white expectoration . 319 mon cold. 7. sensitive children (intercurrent). WRITER'S CRAMP. My experience in the treatment of whooping-cough. Calcarea phos.

and the left shoulder raised. was given for whooping cough. F. B. offensive stools five times a day. is the remedy par excellence. 18 months. Child. developed a high temperature and symptoms showing that pneudeveloping. (W. M. thin. (C. 3X in hot water. Knerr. black. Ohio. ending in the characteristic whoop of nervous origin. the character of the expectoration guiding in the selection of the remedy. Beane. but can move it forward without pain. Eldorado. Great pain on moving head from side to side. hard and tympanitic abdomen. D.The treatment is substantially as follows: In the earlier stages of the disease Ferrum phos. cured with Kali inur. The second day after taking the medicine he complained of stiff neck. and repeated whenever a paroxysm of coughing comes on. If the disease has reached that stage when the cough has become spasmodic in character. indeed. M. is given for the febrile symptoms. which had monia was was prompt in Frawley. P. Wesselhceft. of Cleveland. with blistered lips and mouth. O. I add the required quantity to water in a tumbler. The dose will be equal to that recommended above for Magnesia phos. for the fibrinous expectoration. in the last stage of whooping cough. set. ( Dr. Very often.) Dr. its action allaying the acute symptoms. then Magnesia phos.) . or when the lime salts seem to be deficient. is often used in winding up the treatment as a general restorative. a vial of this remedy with directions to give a quantity the size of a pea in hot water every four hours regularly. which immediately improved. I have never used the higher potencies. or backward. B.) Case in which Kali sulph. The head is inclined toward the left. though sometimes a lower is demanded. and as this stage is usually reached before the doctor's services are sought this remedy will form the basis of treatment in nine-tenths of all cases. generally. Indeed. D. T. got completely well from Kali sulph. J. and give a teaspoonful of the solution at a dose. Calcarea phos. I usually use the 6x potency of these remedies. In severe cases other remedies are used according to indications. alternated with Kali mnr. wasted to a shadow and given up to die by parents and physicians. quite frequently constitutes the whole treatment. This continued seven days. reports a case of whooping cough.

pain and congestion. — In the spring of 1881. Too early menses. Menstrual. with or without acid taste. phos. blue and swollen. Excessive discharge. Dysmenorrhcea and Menstruation. which occurred about ten times in the course of the day. If periods last too long. — Excessive congestion. as the paroxysms grew only worse for want of Magnes. spasms of vagina. (From the Rundschau. — First stage to remove the fever. with vomiting of undigested food. Morning Sickness. Metritis. It prevents menorrhagia in those predisposed thereto. white tongue. and in a very short time the spasms and whoop were gone. too frequent. DISEASES OF. blood bright-red. and it had no good effect. Vaginitis. the food returns undigested. dark. Ferrum phos. 10 months. was given up by the family doctor. clotted or tough. Excessive dryness and sensitiveness. Magnes. then Calcarea phos. with flushed face and quick pulse. Kali mur. — In pregnancy. and the child recovered rapidly. black. phos. phos. for Whooping Cough. set. He mentioned that the spasms. etc. vaginismus.320 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. — Dysmenorrhcea. when there was an epidemic of whooping cough amongst the children here. sometimes acid taste. . — Inflammation of the vagina. — The monthly periods are too late or suppressed.. Five days later I gave some Kali phos.) WOMEN. and the attacks were quite mild. One single powder moderated the spasms so forcibly that they returned only occasionally. like tar. pain in the vagina from coition. but without beneficial effect.. checked. — Menstruation. I heard this from the father of the child. I ordered it to be taken again. See also Leucorrhcea. who was in great grief. I at once gave Magnes. were so severe that the little face became quite livid. with vomiting of food as taken. a little child. This remedy must be taken as a preventive before the periods if these symptoms are recurrent. — Pain at the monthly periods.

— Threatened in nervous subjects. oversensitive women. mild. lassitude and general nervous debility. Kali phos. lax muscles. mild secretions (glan- WOMEN. Kali sulph. irritable women with dry skin . white. 321 dular or follicular) from the mucous membrane (alkaline). thin and not coagulating. Intense pain across sacrum. too profuse discharge. with the characteristic discharge of thick. Puerperal mania. IvABOR. non-irritating. yellow-coated tongue. — Scalding and acrid. greenish. sensitive females. Pain in left side and ovaries. Child-bed fever. chronic. — Too late and too scanty. chief remedy. LeucorrhcBA. with a feeling of weight and fulness in the abdomen . Hypertrophy.Morning Sickness. night-sweats . Silicea.^ LeucorrhcEA. for nervous. — Amenorrhea. — Retention or delay of the monthly flow. orange colored. Menstruation. — Weak and deficient pains. second stage. sometimes with strong odor. — Ulceration of the os and cervix uteri. — In pregnancy. — Is especially adapted to weakly. slimy or watery secretions. too scanty in similar conditions. light complexion. blistering. — Menstrual colic or great pains at the times of the periods in pale. with depression of spirits. Uterine hemorrhage. Menstrual. Miscarriage. Puerperal fever. irritable. Menses too late in same. lachrymose. deep-red or blackish-red. UTERUS. Congestion of the uterus. — Discharge of yellowish. scrofulous constitution . also vomiting of white phlegm. Yellowish. DISEASES OF. — Discharge of milky-white mucus. — LeucorrhcEa.

of relaxing a contracted uterus. Hard lumps in breasts.for constitutions with imperfect assimilation. Icy coldness. watery blood. smell strong. corroding. watery. Morning Sickness. " In young girls. especially of feet during menses. Prolapsus Uteri. All symptoms better from warmth. scalding. Offensive foot-sweat. bread and cooked food. irritating discharge. After local use of nitrate of silver. by its physiological action. — The chief remedy in ordinary cases. or pale. Discharge from the uterus sour-smelling. Leucorrhceal discharge instead of menses. desire for sour things. — Acrid. — Thin discharge.eucorrhce. Slimy. aversion to meat. or when very scanty and at long intervals. Pain in the stomach.) Pressing towards genitals in morning. Chronic fistulous openings. Labor. — With vomiting of sour masses. — L. smarting after or between the periods. — Leucorrhcea. — Discharge creamy or honey-colored. Natrum phos. vomiting of food. Nymphomania. Backache with a sense of paralysis of the limbs. Menses. Pains radiate from spine. — With weak. Natrum mur. — Vomiting of watery. It is a new development of the virtues of Magnes. 1 5 grains in hot water produced the effect in five minutes. or acrid and watery. Painful menstruation or pain preceding the flow. sweet risings. — A watery. Nausea during sexual intercourse. Constipation. Morning Sickness. Vaginismus. Painful. . Magnesia phos. sterility with acid secretions. weakness and faint feeling. Membranous dysmenorrhoea. Menstruation. Twelve to thirty are the most useful potencies. 21 322 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Nipples crack and ulcerate. sinking feeling worse after defecation. acid." (Sulzer. Too profuse and too early. enabling a retained placenta to be removed. DeucorrhcEA. generally too profuse. stool slips back. — Instead of menses. relieved by warm clothing and pressure. — Menstrual Colic. nausea. etc. aggravated by cold. great sadness. thin. Profuse discharge of whitish water with itching of parts. Child refuses milk or vomits as soon as taken. frothy phlegm.a. — Suppuration of mammae. to find it capable. with splitting headache. if the menses do not appear. excoriating. smarting leucorrhcea during micturition. phos.

. Mich. Horn. Miscarriage. contractions feeble. — Flooding. — Daborlike pains before and during catamenia. Nosebleed before menses. of Lansing. associated with great mental anxiety. — Excessive. Menorrhagia. long-lasting with headache. Menses too early. Calcarea phos. Throbbing in genitals with voluptuous feelings. CLINICAL cases. Uterine Displacements. — Weakness and distress in. Pregnancy. Menstruation. Prolapsus of the uterus. M. dragging down of the uterus. (B. to tone up the contractile power of the uterus. Dr. with bearing-down pains.) Menses too early in young girls. Nymphomania with heat and weight on vertex. Patient pale and weak. Calcarea sulph. Connor. — Menses late. — Displacement of the uterus. W. V. — After-pains. Betts. vomiting with bitter taste.) Natrum sulph. — Dysmenorrhcea with colic and chilliness. Calcarea fluor. F.Uterine Region. with voluptuous feelings. Uterine spasms after stool or micturition. often amounting to metrorrhagia. acrid menses. Dysmenorrhea. Allg. 323 too long-lasting and profuse. — If too weak. — As a constitutional tonic and intercurrent with the chief remedy. where the patient had been bed-ridden for nine . especially rheumatic patients. Chronic interstitial metritis. " In cases where menstruation is too early. Zeit. especially in slender and weakly women. Calcarea sulph. too late in adults. — W T ith rheumatic pains. worse before menses. profuse with vesicular vulvitis. reports an interesting case of chronic pelvic cellulitis. every two weeks. WOMEN. Dragging pains in the region of the uterus and in the thighs. Discharge of albuminous mucus." (Mossa. DISEASES OF. D. 1883. twitchings and great weakness. — IvEucorrhcEA. 6 is the best remedy for extravasation of pus within the pelvic tissues unconfined by any pyogenic membrane or when a pus-bag is formed by rupture of an abscess wall without pus finding an outlet into the pelvic viscera. Displacements. and flooding.

M. (W. Only food was vomited. M. no tangible symptoms. Society. Case of dysmenorrhcea with neuroses. — Clinique. S. and that soon . D. cured with Kali mur.. in which the local symptoms were accompanied by a dyscrasic condition. D. North American Journal of Homoeopathy. Upon examination I found the uterus hard aud so large that it completely filled the vagina. Porter reports a case of papillomatous erosion of the cervix with Calc. P. His prescription was based upon the constitutional changes. no pain or local tenderness — in fact. Mass. headache. etc.years. since the birth of her child. this had doubtless been coming on for six years. Trans. 1883. enlarged cervical glands. D. two weeks pregnant.) Mrs. every four hours. 6x. the flow was depleting. painful and intense. the 324 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. 1886. the local conditions (the fissured appearance of the cervix). Kaliphos. menses late and scanty: Kali sulph. M. Intense suffering during menses. (A. P. Bailey.. State Horn. 1886. with no permanent relief. a dose every four hours. 3X.) Doctor Phil. Improvement began at once and she gained 35 lbs. (D. 3x. D. ) A lady called to see me just after a severe hemorrhage from the womb — in fact. I at once began to give her Calcarea fluor. — Hahnemannian Monthly. Whittier. reports a case of menorrhagia cured by Ferrum phos. W. emaciation and weakness. B. and five years have passed and no return of the trouble. every time she menstruated she almost flooded to death. condition of anaemia representing the cause in this case. had been vomiting nearly everything that she had eaten for these two weeks... This reduced the induration in four to six weeks to its natural size. as she complained of an increasing weight in that region all the time. Davis. Med. presenting recurring neurotic outbursts. fluor.374Dysmenorrhcea. had had nearly every homoeopathic remedy. E. and an abundant yellowish leucorrhcea. 6x cured. Pratt. The case presented a history of profuse menstruation. cured permanently and completely.... M. M.

and is well and strong. being so weak that she could not get about. H.after eating. when she was free from pain. a few days the vomiting was very much controlled. night and morning. While we cannot absolutely say that she would have been the same as at other times. has had four children. and with every one had commenced vomiting almost at the moment of conception. set. when she was obliged to go away. The remedies were then given every hour for several WORMS. We called late one night to see her and found her suffering with severe pain in the left ovary. had been stiff ering for the past two years with severe ovaralgia at the menstrual period. temperature. Martin. and in a month had ceased entirely. (G. when patient went to sleep. D. I2x four times a day. dragging character. and but slightly intermittent. and she went to term in splendid condition. She would have subacute attacks. when the pains were somewhat less. 38. Was nervous and much depressed. 20. 325 days. of a dull. in alternation for two hours. yet it is natural to suppose that she would have. at the next menstrual period was again called and found her . She commenced the same way this time.. aet. 120. which she had had for so many years. She had been under the treatment of several physicians and the only relief that they were able to give her was by the use of Morphine. not awaking until morning. The last four or five months of the time she would have to remain in bed. D. H. One evening was seized with very severe pain in the uterine and left ovarian regions. Ferrum phos. M. for a month. but after giving the Ferrum phos. and would continue all through pregnancy. and now two years have passed. a small powder dry. hysterical and very excitable. What I wish to say of this case is this: Mrs. 104. and she has never had the slightest sign of the trouble. I2x were given in water every fifteen minutes. She gradually grew stronger and better. in water every ten minutes. which was very sensitive to the slightest touch. Gave her Kali phos. W. hardly would she be well of one attack before another would be induced by a cold or some slight overexertion. Patient.) Miss B. Pulse. uutil all pain and sensitiveness had gone. M. E . i2x and Kali phos. suffered for many years from chronic peritonitis and ovaritis. 6x. for half an hour. that being only temporary. The patient was kept under treatment for two weeks longer. Gave Ferrum phos. 6x. Martin. Gave her Kali phos. (G. extending over the whole abdomen.) Mrs. confining her to her bed or room. which would last for several months.

Kali mur. This remedy probably acts by destroying the excess of lactic acid which seems to be necessary for the life of these worms. especially at night in bed. i2x every ten minutes and after two doses was relieved. New York. Kimball. M. It is believed that the entire worm was passed. Natr. or picking of the nose. much to the astonishment of all interested. weak. Smith. D. Gave Kali phos. face white about the mouth or nose. round. producing such a result. After using Natr. Schiissler recommends this drug as efficient in verminous affections. Pain in the bowels. a boy aged five years. phos. Thread-worms.. and now. phos? for six weeks. there being no evidence of any remaining. Irritable and easily displeased. — Small white thread-worms. white tongue. predisposition to passing undigested food. CLINICAL CASES. in alternation. This is the first recorded case of Natr. C. give Natrum phos. or thread-worms with characteristic symptoms of acidity. had spasms and had been treated b}' several physicians without benefit. Natr. Kali phos. (Sarah N. long. i2x. 326 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. causing itching at the anus . and is feeling better in every way. Calcarea fluor. restless sleep. has had no more pain.) Lady about 40. o)ice a day for a month. which condition made her utterly miserable most of the time. occasional squinting. a Worm Remedy. Neb. Gave Kali phos. Ferrum phos. Dr. H. A. Hypersemia of the brain and hyperesthesia. he passed four feet three inches of tapeworm. Martin.suffering much as before. phos. (G. three times a day. Grinding of the teeth in children. — Dr. after eighteen months. exhausted with slight effort. Had suffered many annoyances. Very solicitous about health. which was unnatural to her.) WORMS. Pin-worms. reports a case in his practice with the following results: The patient. Itching of the anus. of Barteville Station. phos. — Intestinal worms. entirely cured. anteflexion of uterus with very peculiar nervous condition. is especially efficient in . — Intestinal.

Blushing. Consolation. and there is excess of bile. phos. difficult to fix: Silicea. — For the fever in alternation with the preceding. Changeable mood: Calc. yellow-brown or black. Natr. vexation: Calc.. PART IV. Kali phos. Natrum sulph. REPERTORY. Carries things from place to place: Magnes.. At the beginning of the attack. Mental States and Affections. Anxiety: Calc. from emotions: Kali phos. Natr. Also for deep green. vucr. in general: Ferr. mur. mur. Natr. Natr. Silicea.. phos. Crossness. phos. — For collapse and depressed vital forces. phos. Dark forebodings: Kali phos. Ambitionless: Natr. phos. mur. Kali phos. Attention.. Kali phos. phos. Kali phos. in children: Kali phos. Ferrum phos.. phos. phos.. Cretinism: Calc.. from overwork: Kali phos. Amelioration after sleep: Ferr. phos. Brain-fag. Delirium. Kali phos. phos. Aberrations. mental: Kali phos.. fright: Kali phos. phos. Apprehensiveness: Natr. bluish or black vomit and hemorrhages. Crying mood: Kali phos. grief: Calc.. YELLOW FEVER. After-effects of — disappointment: Calc. . Angry. Kali phos. aggravated by: Natr. Vomit greenish.. mur. sulph. phos. — If it assumes the form of a severe bilious remittent fever. Dejection of spirits: Natr. mur. tremens: Ferr. mur. Kali phos.cases of pinworms.. irritable: Natr. Natr.

Kali phos. Fright. Fretfulness: Calc. phos. mental: Kali phos. effects of: Kali phos. Fearfulness: Kali phos. sulph. Disinclination to converse: Kali phos. . wantot: Kali phos. grief: Calc. mur.. sulph. phos. fright: Kali phos. Derangements. Fears financial ruin: Calc. Silicea. phos. . phos. phos . phos.. Depressed mood: Calc. Despondency about business: Kali phos. Disheartened: Natr. Forgetfulness: Calc. mix with people: Kali phos. Natr. Natr. Energy. fluor.. after: Calc. Magyies phos .fluor.. very talkative. 328 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Natr... False impressions: Kali phos. sudden hysteria from: Kali phos. Fear of falling: Kali sulph. being wide awake: Natr.. Effects of. phos. phos. phos. Kali phos. nervous: Kali phos. Ferr. Dread. Calc. Emotions. mur. Natr. Disappointment. mur. mur. Excessive shyness: Kali phos. mur. Kali phos.low muttering: Kali phos. Fancies: Kali phos. phos. of noises: Kali phos. Magnes... Difficulty of thought: Silicea. blushing from: Kali phos. disappointment: Calc. vexation: Calc. Dulness: Kali phos. nervous: Kali phos. Disgust of life: Silicea. Excitement. Gloomy moods: Kali phos. wandering: Natr. salpli. Frolicsome: Natr. Despairs of getting well again: Natr.

. Inclination to dance and sing: Natr. Kaliphos. Longs for past visions: Kali phos. Hallucinations: Kali phos.Grasping for imaginary objects: Kali phos. mur. Mania: Ferr. Imagines furniture to be persons: Natr. of senses: Kali phos. mur. Illusions. from injuries to head: Natr. Natr. Melancholic at puberty: Natr. Hears footsteps on awaking at night: Natr. Homesickness: Kali phos. sulph. Laughter: Kaliphos. sulph. after effects of: Calc. Looks on dark side of everything: Kaliphos. Mental abstraction: Silicea. phos. Kali phos. mur. .. Natr.. Ill-humor in children: Calc.. phos Impatience: Kali phos. Hopeless about the future: Natr. Impaired memory: Calc. sulph.. phos.. . phos. Loss of consciousness. Loss of memory: Kali phos. phos. Imaginary objects. phos: Hypochondriasis: Kali phos. Grief. Natr.. grasping at: Kaliphos. Insanity: Ferr.. he must starve: Kali mur.. phos. Lamenting: Magnes. Kaliphos. REPERTORY. Indifference to everything: Ferr. from sudden emotions. sulph. Melancholia: Kali phos. sudden: Calc.. Kali phos. Natr. Silicea. sulph. phos. Kaliphos. phos. phos.. derangements: Kali phos. of sensation: Magnes. Haunted by visions of the past: Kali phos. phos. Irritability: Kaliphos.. 2 Q Hysteria. puerperal: Kali phos Maniacal mood: Ferr. Silicea.. Kaliphos. Indecision: Calc fluor. sudden: Calc. phos. phos. Natr. phos. Great impatience: Kali phos. phos. Ferr.

mur. Past visions haunt: Kali phos. Senses. Silicea. phos. changeable: Calc. crying: Kali phos. phos. Calc. brain-fag from: Kali phos. Magnes. mur. Nervous dread: Kali phos. depressed: Kali phos.. Necessity for restraint: Natr. Screaming: Kali phos. Noise. Music aggravates: Natr.. phos. gloomy: Kaliphos. Passionate outbursts: Natr. hypochondriacal: Kali phos. in children: Kali phos. Playing with pins and needles: Silicea. Silicea. Sensation.. Natr.. sulph. Omits letters or words in writing: Kali phos.Memory. Mood.. sulph. mur. Natr. illusions of: Magnes. mur. phos.. Sensitiveness: Kali phos. illusions of: Kali phos. Mind. over-trained: Kaliphos. hysterical: Kali phos. lamenting: Magnes. Magnes. mur. Overwork... sulph. loss of: Kali phos. . grasping at: Kali phos. 330 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Kali mur. Rambling in talk: Kali phos. Objects. maniacal: Ferr. Night terrors. oversensitiveness to: Kali phos. imaginary.. phos. Peevishness in children: Calc. phos. Natr. Sadness with beating of heart: Natr. phos. Silicea.

Terrors at night in children: Kali phos. Slow comprehension: Calc. mur. Vexation. phos. Kali phos. Anaemia. Sudden emotions. phos. mur. causing hysteria: Kali phos. Wants to be carried: Kali phos. Talk. phos. Thought. Kali mur. . Want of energy: Kali phos. Natr. phos. Tendency to suicide: Natr. Stupor: Kali phos. phos .Shyness. mur. rambling in: Kali phos. phos. sulph.. Tired of life: Silicea. Wildness: Natr. Weeping. Startings. Talks to herself constantly: Magnes. desires: Calc. haunt: Kali phos. mur. while asleep: Kali phos. vex : Natr.phos. Sensorium and Scalp. nervous: Kali phos. cerebral: Kali phos. Sobbing: Magnes. Trifles seem like mountains: Ferr. Somnambulism: Kali phos. Talkative: Ferr. Suicidal tendency: Natr.. Whining: Kali phos. phos. effects of: Calc. Sighing: Kali phos. Visions of past. Stupid: Calc phos. Head. sulph. Natr. difficulty of: Silicea.. excessive: Kali phos. Suspiciousness: Kali phos. Sopor and stupor in acute diseases: Natr. Timidity: Kali phos. Solitude. disposition to: Natr. sulph. REPERTORY. 231 Uses wrong words in writing or speaking: Kali phos.

Natr. Bruising pain in head: Ferr. Brain.. phos. fluor. Silicea. Cerebral apoplexy: Silicea. Excrescences on scalp: Calc. Kali phos. water in: Kali phos. fluor. Effects of falls or injuries to head: Natr. violent pains at base of: Natr.Bald spots: Kali sulph. Better under cheerful excitement: Kali phos. Crown of head aches: Natr. sulph. on scalp: Calc.. Eruption on scalp. sulph. mur. Natr. Excruciating pains in head: Magnes. Congestive headaches: Ferr. softening of: Kali phos. . yellow. effects of: Natr. Fontanelles remain unclosed: Calc. first stage: Ferr. phos. on margin of hair at nape: Natr.. fluor. 332 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.. Blood rushes to the head: Ferr. Silicea. mur... Bruises of cranial bones: Calc.. phos. right-sided headache: Ferr. inflammation of. feels as if loose: Natr.phos. Silicea. sulph. phos.. sulph. Fulness of head: Calc. mur. sulph. Silicea. phos. Dandruff: Kali sulph. phos.. mur. offensive: Silicea. Craniotabes: Calc. sulph. troubles of children: Magnes.. Burning on top of head: Natr. Gnawing at base of brain: Natr. sitlph. Natr. Crusts. itching: Natr. Dull.. Cold feeling in the head: Calc.phos. phos. sulph.. tumors on scalp: Calc. Falls or injuries. on occiput. mur. Natr. Natr. Concussion of the brain: Kali phos. sulph. Kali mur. Falling out of hair: Kali sulph.. Brain-fag: Calc. phos. Natr. after effects of: Natr. phos. mur. phos. Calc.. Cephalaetoma: Calc. phos. concussion of: Kali phos. Silicea. fluor. sulph. sulph..phos. Calc. Crusta lactea: Kali mur. Natr.. Magnes. phos. sulph.

Ferr. neuralgia: Kali phos. painful on combing it: Natr. phos.. dulness: Calc. sulph. shifting pains: Kali sulph. sensitiveness to noise: Kali phos. phos. phos. . excruciating pains: Magnes. colicky pains: Natr. appearance of lumps on scalp: Silicea. drowsiness: Natr. back of. Kali phos. phos. bitter taste in A. mur. despondency: Kali phos. cool feeling in head: Calc.. Headache. sore: Kali phos. mur. sulph. fluor.. optical defects: Magnes. phos. fulness of: Calc. faintish nausea : Calc. empty feeling in stomach: Kali phos. phos.. forgetfulness: Calc. irritability: Kali phos. prostrate feeling: Kali phos. phos. shooting pains: Magnes. phos. REPERTORY. phos. phos. feels cold to touch: Calc. sleeplessness: Ferr. phos. phos. Silicea. phos. pressure and heat on vertex of: Natr. sulph. phos. constipation: Natr. Natr. mur. profusion of tears: Natr. sulph.. phos.. : Natr. accompanied by. bile. dizziness: Natr. mur. sulph. falling out of: Kali sulph. Magnes.. walking: Natr. Ferr. phos. nods forward involuntarily: Natr. Headache. pulsation on top of head: Natr. furred tongue: Ferr. mur. flatulence: Calc. sweats in children: Calc. after and before menses: Natr miir. phos. sulph.. large bones separated: Calc. Magnes. much saliva in mouth: Natr. mur. nausea: Calc. mur. and chilliness: Magnes.. bilious diarrhoea: Natr.. phos. Silicea. watery mucus: Natr. . phos. vomiting of: Natr. phos. accompanied by fulness of head: Calc. phos.Hair. red eyes and face: Ferr. Head. Natr. hawking up of white mucus: Kali mur. sulph. mur. sulph.. phos. phos.. exhaustion : Kali phos. m. Silicea. pressure upon: Calc.

phos. moving head from side to side or backward: Kali sulph.. throbbing sensation: Ferr. ameliorated by cheerful excitement: Kali phos. pressure of hat: Calc. stinging pains: Magnes. Natr. phos. slimy: Natr. phos. transparent phlegm: Calc. phos. yawning: Kali phos. light: Silicea. tendency to spasmodic symptoms: Magnes. sulph. undigested food: Ferr. Headache. phos. vertigo: Ferr. phos. vomiting: Kali mur. phos.. phos. aggravated by change of weather: Calc. Silicea. Magnes. phos.. stooping: Ferr. phos. phos. warm room : Kali sulph . aggravated by heat: Calc. sparks before eyes: Magnes. motion: Natr... noise: Silicea. mur. exertion : Silicea . mur.soreness to touch : Ferr. cold: Ferr. Ferr. sulph. weariness: Kali phos. phos. phos. phos. . mental exertion: Calc. shaking head: Ferr. sour matter: Natr. reading: Natrum sulph.. phos. phos. Silicea. phos. / cold: Calc. phos. Natr. of bile: Natr. walking: Natr. phos. mur. cool open air: Kali sulph. Silicea. stretching: Kali phos.. phos. white mucus: Kali mur. after menses: Natr. sulph. 334 TH E TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. evening: Kali sulph.

dull heavy. phos. mental exertion: Magnes.. Natr. phos. mur. beginning in the evening: Kali sulph. phos. loss of animal fluids: Calc.eating: Kali phos. sulph. mur. mur. eating: Kali phos. chronic: Calc. Natr. quiet: Natr. as of nail driven in over eye: Ferr. nervous exertion: Silicea. cold: Ferr. gouty predisposition: Ferr. mur. mur. phos. commencing in morning: Natr.. phos. phos. beginning in: Kali sulph. phos. hunger: Silicea. Natr. phos... during dentition: Calc. 335 Headache from above downward: Calc. mur. Natr sulph. REPERTORY. Natr. cool open air relieves: Kali sulph.. congestive: Ferr.. from abdominal irritation: Silicea. nosebleed: Ferr. phos. cold aggravates: Calc. phos. evening. menses: Natr. wrapping up head warmly: Silicea. Silicea. phos. ■ external warmth: Magnes. Silicea. phos. phos. . catarrhal: Natr. sulph.... phos. phos. phos. sulph. before and after menses: Natr. gentle motion: Kali phos. Natr. blind: Ferr. sulph. in morning: Natr. in top of: Ferr. Silicea. dull: Natr.. mur. ameliorates: Ferr. Silicea. mur. injuries to head: Natr.

phos... Natr. mur. phos. phos. Natr. phos. sulph. Silicea. mur. phos... on awaking in morning: Natr. frontal: Natr. occipital: Kali phos. Magnes. Magnes. Silicea. Kali mur. Headache sudden in its onset: Natr. phos.. nervous: Kali phos. phos. right side: Ferr. neuralgic: Kali phos. Calc. Natr. Magnes. sulph. phos. paroxsymal: Magnes. worse near sutures: Calc. sulph.. Magnes.phos. phos. lasting until noon: Natr... children: Calc. phos. during profuse menses: Ferr. 336 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. with hunger: Kali phos. mur.. phos. Silicea. phos. phos. sulph. phos.. phos.. mur. hammering: Natr. sick: Calc. Ferr. mur. sulph. menstrual. phos.. rheumatic: Calc. on crown of head: Magnes. mur. migraine: Natr. Natr. phos. phos. Natr. gentle motion relieves: Kali phos.. Natr. intermittent : Magnes. Magnes. right-sided: Ferr. Kali phos. Natr. Ferr. vertex: Ferr. phos. Silicea. phos. of cachectic persons: Natr. quiet relieves: Natr. Magnes. sulph. students: Kali phos. phos.. sun heat: Ferr. . phos.. phos. sulph.. Natr. mur.. Silicea... phos . phos...overheating : Silicea . school-girls: Calc. phos. nape and vertex: Silicea. Natr. Hemicrania: Natr. extending to spine: Magnes.. phos. Silicea.. Kali sulph. sulph. mur. sensitive persons: Kali phos. pale.. Ferr. scrofulous people: Silicea. heavy: Natr.. Heat in vertex: Natr. Natr. gastric: Calc.. mur. phos.

. Kali mur.. phos. Kali mur. mur. Saliva profuse.. sulph. phos.. sulph. mur. worse forehead: Calc.. Noise. occipital: Kali phos. Kali phos. ameliorates: Kali phos. REPERTORY. Natr. -mur. Kali mur.. Itching eruption on scalp: Natr. phos. phos. as if a nail were being driven in: Ferr.. Mouth full of saliva: Natr. Silicea. phos. Silicea. phos. sensitive to: Kali phos.. on top of head: Natr. phos. moving and stooping: Ferr. .. Natr. phos. periodical: Natr. mur. Natr.7 Scalp. Silicea. Nosebleed relieves headache: Ferr. Nodules on head: Silicea. phos. copious scaling of: Kali sulph. shooting. sulph.. Noises in head: Kali phos. phos.. coughed up: Natr. pressing: Calc. Meningitis: Ferr. mur. Ferr. Kali sulph. mur. phos. with head symptoms: Natr. .Hydrocephalus: Calc. cold: Calc. Rush of blood to head: Ferr. phos. across eyes: Kali phos. Mucus. beating and bruising: Ferr. phos. phos. shifting. phos. yellow secretion: Calc. Menstrual headache with hunger: Kali phos. phos. phos.. 0. watery. Motion aggravates: Ferr. pressure of hat: Calc. Scald-head of children. Pain. stitching: Ferr. dandruff: Magnes. phos. around head. aggravated by heat: Calc. Kali mur. phos. Kali phos. mur. sulph. mur. Migraine: Natr. Silicea. Kali sulph. Natr. .. Open fontanelles: Calc. stinging: Magnes. Occipital headache: Natr. phos. skull were too full: Natr. Lumps on scalp: Silicea.

phos. itching eruption on margin of hair: Natr. sulph.. phos. itching of: Calc. with callous edges: Calc. phos. phos. sulph. Ferr. cephalalgia of: Calc. phos. Silicea. tinea capitis: Kali sulph.. Natr. sensitive: Natr. scrofulous: Calc. phos. Kali phos. Top of head sensitive to cold air: Ferr. fluor. phos. Soreness of head to touch: Ferr. phos. phos. Sunstroke: Natr. mur. ulcers of: Calc. Natr. .. Spasmodic symptoms: Magnes.. moist eruptions on: Kali sulph. Silicea... Natr. phos. Scrofulous ulcers of scalp: Calc.. phos. sulph.. mur. mur.eruptions on: Ferr. phos. phos. Stitching pains: Ferr. mur. Natr. Unrefreshing sleep with headache: Kali phos. phos. stick}' eruptions on: Kali sulph. sore: Calc. Throbbing in the head: Ferr. with callous edges: Calc. phos. phos. Silicea. phos. phos. phos.. headaches of: Kali phos. Sweat of head in children: Calc. Silicea. Students. Transparent phlegm... phos. Ferr. Silicea. mur. mur.. Sun-heat. of pressure in and through head: Natr. Kali phos. Sensation as if head would open: Natr. feels rough : Magnes. to cold and touch: Ferr.. Suppurations of the scalp: Calc. throbbing: Ferr. phos. Tearing in bones of skull: Calc. itching pustules on: Silicea. white scales on: Kali sulph. fluor. phos. mur. suppurations of: Calc. nodules on: Silicea. ill effects of: Ferr. Vertigo: Calc. School-girls. vomiting of: Natr. sulph. Tendency to spasmodic symptoms: Magnes. phos. Ulcers on scalp.

Vertigo from nervous exhaustion: Kali phos. phos. phos. phos. . gastric derangements: Natr. sulph. phos. phos. Kali mur. labyrinthine: Silicea.. undigested food: Ferr. Yellow crusts on scalp: Calc. sulph. phos. Agglutination of lids: Natr.. staring.. Kali phos. Amaurosis: Calc. Blepharitis: Natr. Vomiting of bile: Natr. Calc. excited: Kali phos. Affections... sour froth: Natr.. with deathly nausea: Calc. Bloodshot eyes: Natr.. Natr. transparent slime: Natr. Silicea. phos. Silicea. mur. Kali mur. Ferr. . Kali phos.. Amblyopia after suppressed foot-sweat: Silicea. mur. mur. sulph. with rush of blood to head: Ferr. Asthenopia. Blister-like granulations: Natr. in old age : Calc. looking up: Kali sulph. anaemia: Kali phos. After injuries to eye: Calc. Silicea. Weight at back of head: Kali phos. diphtheria: Kali phos. phos. Boils around lids: Silicea.. Ferr.. phos.. Natr. Eyes. mur. phos.. Abscess of cornea: Calc. sulph. Magnes. Anterior chamber. phos. Black spots before eyes: Kali phos. Appearance. rising: Kali sulph.22 338 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. pus in: Calc. phos. phos. tendency to fall to left side: Silicea. phos. fluor. sensation in eyes: Ferr. Watery mucus coughed or vomited up: Natr. mur. muscular: Natr. phos. spasmodic. Silicea. Kali sulph. Burning of edges of eyelids: Natr. sulph.. Mag?ies. sulph.. of eyelids: Calc. on motion and when walking: Calc. Blisters on cornea: Natr. phos. Blurring of eyes: Kali phos. sulph.. mur. phos. Kali phos.

smoky pus. mur. mur. greenish: Natr. Calc. phlyctenular: Calc. Kali mur. strabismus or squinting after: Kali phos. phos. Kali sulph.. . yellow. . Kali sulph. Kali mur. Calc.. mur.. Diplopia: Magnes. . Silicea.9 Canthi inflamed: Calc. phos. sulph.. phos. sulph. mur. Deep abscess of cornea: Calc. mur.. REPERTORY. ulcers. Contracted pupils: Magnes. Silicea. fluor. Cornea. 2. sulph. Chromatopsia: Magnes. Kali mur. phos. phos. over right eye: Silicea. Natr. sulph.. phos.. . Kali phos. phos . superficial. Natr. Kali sulph. on: Calc. fluor. white: Natr. . sulph. Natr. phos. blisters on: Natr. flat: Kali mur.. phos.. on eyelids: Kali sulph. deep. first stage: Ferr. Natr. mur. Dark spots before eyes: Magnes. Dimness of crystalline lens: Kali sulph. phos.2. scrofulous: Calc. chronic: Natr... spots on : Calc. white mucus: Natr. sulph. phos. Dimsightedness: Natr. discharge. yellow.. phos. creamy: Natr. sulph. after suppressed foot-sweat: Silicea. mur. opaque: Calc. Diphtheria. Natr. . sulph. Silicea. abscess of: Calc. Kali mur. Magnes. Cataract: Calc. smoky: Calc. phos. phos. Natr. Conj unctivitis : Calc. mur. sulph. phos.Cannot use eyes by gaslight: Calc. sulph. sulph. granular: Natr. Crusts.. Cystic tumors around lids: Silicea. fluor. Ciliary neuralgia: Natr. in anterior chamber: Calc. Ferr. phos. Conjunctiva reddened or yellow: Natr..

phos. Eruption of small vesicles about eyes: Natr. phos. sulph. creamy matter: Natr. Natr. Kali phos. cannot use by gas light: Calc. sulph. phos.. bloodshot: Natr. Kali mur. phos. phos. Edges of eyelids burn: Natr. phos.. without secretion : Ferr. dry: Calc. phos. Excited. staring appearance of: Kali phos. phos. Diseases of lachrymal apparatus: Silicea. white mucus: Kali mur. mur. Eyes. Dull vision: Magnes. discharge of thick. affections: Silicea. green pus: Natr. Natr. Ferr. phos. pain over: Natr. red: Ferr... phos. yellow mucus: Calc. Drooping of e3^elids: Magnes. become blurred: Kali phos. Jluor. . 340 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. mur. Discharge of yellow. phos.. Kali phos. inflammation of. mur. phos. sulph. angles.. clear mucus: Natr. gauze before: Natr. feeling of sand in: Kali mur. with acute pain: Ferr. Kali phos. flickering before : Calc. phos.Discharge of thick. phos. sees colors before eyes: Magnes.. greenish matter: Kali sulph. phos. burning sensation in: Ferr.. mur. golden-yellow. sulph. yellow matter: Calc. staring appearance of eyes: Kali phos. Magnes.

REPERTORY.. phos.. burn: Natr.. .. Magnes... Silicea. Eyeballs ache: Calc. pain in. smarting of: Nair. jluor. styes on: Silicea. sensation of foreign body in: Calc. Natr. Calc. phos. phos. sore: Kali phos. phos. sensation of: Calc. Kali phos.. soreness of: Kali phos. mur. fluor. mur. phos. twitch: Kali phos. mur. specks of matter on: Kali mur. Calc. Flickering before eyes: Calc. Jluor. phos. Flat ulcer on cornea: Kali mur. glued together: Natr. yellow crusts on: Kali sulph. 34 1 Eyes. mur. Silicea. Gluing together of eyelids: Natr. Gauze before eyes: Natr. Calc. phos.. Glaucoma:' Natr. phos. edges of. sulph. mur.. phos. phos. Magnes. sensitive to light: Magnes. Natr. Eyeball. itching: Magnes. sulph.fluor. aggravated by moving lids: Ferr. Eyelids. spasmodic affections of: Calc. phos. Foreign body. fluor. . twitching of: Magnes.sparks: Calc. drooping of: Kali phos. burn: Natr. Kali phos. phos. boils around: Silicea.. Magnes. granular: Natr. mur. sparks before eyes: Calc. mur. cystic tumors around: Silicea. sulph. sulph. pains in. Ferr. aggravated by motion: Ferr. Granular conjunctivis: Nair. phos. Magnes. sulph. phos. .

Silicea . parenchymatous: Calc. phos. Letters run together when reading: Natr. sulph. dry: Calc. Silicea.eyelids: Natr.. burning: Natr. Natr. Greenish discharge from eyes: Kali mur. Natr. Kali mur.. diseases of: Silicea.. with neuralgia: Natr. Lachrymation: Magnes. phos.. stricture of: Natr. mur. Natr. Kali sulph. phos. duct. Natr..) Loss of perceptive power after exhaustion: Kali phos... phos. Natr. Iritis: Kali mur. mur. mur. sulph.) Light. Kali mur. 342 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Calc. mur.. white: Kalimur. worse after nitrate of silver: Nair. sulph. Hypopyon: Calc. mur. Lens. mur. Lids. Moving eyes aggravates pain: Ferr. sensitive to. Granulations look like small blisters: Natr. acrid: Natr. sulph. mur.. mur Muscae volitantes: Silicea. without secretion : Ferr. mur.. pustular : Calc. eyes: Calc. diphtheria: Kali phos. Mucous discharges. phos. . Hemiopia: Calc.. phos. sulph. phos. dimness of: Kali sulph. sulph. clear: Natr. phos. mur. Natr. Keratitis. (See Eyelids. sulph . Ferr. with acute pain : Ferr. s?tlph.. phos. (See Photophobia. Inflammation of canthi: Calc sulph. phos. Lachrymal sac. phos. Kali sulph. discharge of yellow matter: Calc. with eruption of small vesicles: Natr.

phos. Magnes. REPERTORY. Pupils contracted: Magnes. Kali mur... Onyx: Kali mur. phos. Magnes. Ptosis: Kali phos. sulph. Natr. over right eye: Silicea.. Opaque cornea: Calc. mur. ciliary: Natr. Purulent discharge from eyes: Calc. Neuralgia. mur. in eyes: Ferr. phos.. Calc. sulph. Nystagmus: Magnes.. phos. pressure and soreness in: Silicea. t Ferr. Kali mur. with lachrymation: Natr. aggravated by moving them: Ferr. phos. Kalimur . discharge creamy: Natr. mur. Silicea. A T air.. neuralgic: Magnes. sulph. Pain. Sand. Kalimur. neonatorum : Kali sulph . Orbits. in eyeball. sulph. in eyes: Ferr.. Ophthalmia. sensation of. periodical: Natr. phos. phos. Natr. phos. Natr. relieved by warmth: Magnes. Parenchymatous keratitis: Calc. Pus in anterior chamber. Photophobia: Calc. phos. Kali phos. phos. Silicea. mur. phos. phos.. Calc. sulph.) Pustular keratitis: Calc. Magnes.. mur. Retinitis: Calc. phos. as of splinter: Calc. Kali sulph. phos. phos. scrofulous: Natr. ... mur. phos. fluor. Photopsia: Magnes. Kali phos. phos. Perceptive power lost: Kali phos. sulph. phos. thick and yellow: Calc. mur. . (See Hypopyon. . 343 Redness of eyes: Ferr. caries of: Silicea... Ferr. supraorbital : Magnes.Muscular asthenopia: Nat. sulph. phos. worse right side: Magnes. phos.. Obstruction of tear-duct: Natr. phos.. mur..

Calc phos.. phos. phos.. 344 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Styes on eyelids: Silicea.. Vesicles. mur. Spots on cornea: Calc. Scrofulous ophthalmia: Natr. Natr. mur. weak: Kali phos. flat: Kali mtir. letters run together: Natr. mur. mur. white: Natr.. blurred: Calc. dim: Natr. sticks in the eye: Kali phos. phos. Sight. excited look: Kali phos. phos. Sensation of foreign body in eye: Calc. phos. ulcers of cornea: Natr. phos. Magnes. after diphtheria: Kali phos. phos. phos. . White. Tarsal tumors: Silicea. mur. mur. phos. Trachoma: Kali mur. Sensitiveness to light: Magnes. Spasmodic affections of eyelids: Calc. Strabismus: Kali phos. spasmodic: Magnes. sulph. Magnes. sulph. fluor.. sees colors: Magnes. mur. Magnes. Twitching of eyelids: Magnes. eruption of: Natr. Natr.. deep: Calc. Soreness of eyeballs: Kali phos. scrofulous. Specks of matter on eyelids: Kali mur. fluor. fluor. fluor. phos.. phos. mucous discharge from eyes: Kali mur. phos. phos. phos. dark : Magnes. dull: Magnes.. Staring. Weakness of sight: Kali phos. "When reading.. Yellow conjunctiva: Natr. Calc. Vision. sulph. from intestinal irritation: Natr. Superficial flat ulcers: Kali mur. superficial. Natr. Natr. phos. Ferr. phos. Squinting. phos. phos. sparks: Calc. Warmth relieves neuralgias: Magnes. phos. Sparks before eyes: Calc.Scalding of parts about eye: Natr. phos. Ferr. phos. Supraorbital neuralgias: Magnes. Ulcers on cornea. Magnes. mur.. affected.. Natr.

ear troubles in: Ferr. Congestive stage of otitis: Ferr. phos.. Anaemic subjects. Calcareous deposits on tympanic cavity: Calc.. from inflammatory action: Ferr. sulph. Kali mur. Silicea. Chronic catarrhal conditions of middle ear: Kali mur. mur. Jlnor. Natr. mur. phos. sulph.. of ears: Calc. phos. Bones around ear ache: Calc.. external ear: Kali 7nur. phos. rheumatic. Confusion in ears: Kali phos. swelling of Eustachian tubes: Kali mur.. nerve troubles: Magnes.. Cracking noises when swallowing: Kali mur.. swollen: Silicea. Kali sulph . Kali mur. chewing: Natr. blowing nose: Kali mur. Magnes.. under ear: Kali sulph. Complaints. Ferr. phos. Blowing nose. phos. REPERTORY.... throat: Kali sulph. phos. Natr. Catarrh of Eustachian tube: Kali sulph . phos. Kali phos . phos. Auditory canal. Aching of bones around ear: Calc. sulph. phos. mur. phos.. mur. inner ear: Kali sulph. phos. phos. glands about ears: Kali mur.. Kali mur. Natr. Ears. Kali mur. tympanic cavity: Kali sulph. Atrophic ear troubles: Kali phos.crusts on eyelids: Kali sulph. Kali mur . 345 Deafness from swelling of tympanic cavity: Natr. Damp weather aggravates earache: Natr. phos. Silicea. cracking noises on: Kali mur. Kali sulph. golden and creamy: Natr. phos. suppuration: Calc. discharge from eyes: Calc. Dark redness of internal parts: Ferr. Buzzing in the ears: Kali phos. Deafness. itching in: Kali phos. Cutting pains in ear: Ferr. Natr. Anchylosis of small bones: Ferr. . mur Cold feeling of outer ears: Calc. Silicea. mur. Kali sulph. Burning of ears: Natr.

Deposit of calcareous matter on tympanum: Calc.. phos. bright yellow: Kali phos. pulsations: Ferr. giving no relief to pain: Ferr. white tongue : Kali mur. fluor.. in anaemic people: Ferr. phos. troubles of : Kali phos. purulent: Calc. phos. worse in damp weather: Natr. discharge of yellowish matter: Kali sulph. from nerve troubles: Magnes. affections of. phos. sulph. mixed with blood: Calc. want of perception: Kali phos. phos. phos. Earache with burning pain: Ferr. Kali phos. atrophic. stitching pain: Ferr. burn: Natr. rheumatic people: Calc. covered with thin scabbing: Natr. worse in a heated room: Kali sulph. buzzing in: Kali phos. throbbing pain : Ferr. Ears. Kali sulph. phos. phos.. Natr. mur. fetid: Kali phos.. Discharges from ear.. phos. Kali phos. phos. cold feeling of outer: Calc. phos. Diffused inflammation: Ferr. . Natr. swelling of the glands: Kali mur. sulph. sharp. pus-like: Calc. Silicea. phos.Deafness. sulph. Dulness of hearing: Ferr. phos. nervous conditions: Magnes.. phos.. mur. phos. phos. phos. thick. sulph. dirty: Kali phos. scrofulous children : Calc. muco purulent: Ferr. Discharges from ear. watery matter: Kali sulph. sensation of something forcing its way out: Natr. Calc. phos. offensive: Kali phos.

stitches in: Natr. sulph. sharp. phos. sulph. swelling of: Kali mur. Silicea. Kali sulph. Kali phos. ringing in. mur. snapping in : Kali mur. mur. one ear red. sulph. closed : Kali mur.. roaring in: Natr. phos. Ears dry and scaly epidermis: Kali ?)iur. tension and throbbing in: Ferr. phos. tendency to atrophy of walls: Kali mur. mur. . mur. suppuration of: Calc. Kali mur. Ferr. pimples around: Calc. middle. hot. catarrh of: Natr.. phos. humming in: Kali phos. heat in: Ferr. excessive flow of blood to ear: Ferr. phos. phos..cracking in: Kali mur.. phos.... cutting pain under: Kali sulph. after bathing: Silicea.. phos. Kali phos.. mur. Kali mur.. sore external : Natr. Eustachian tubes. itching: Natr. as of bells: Natr. Natr. open with loud report: Silicea. Natr. Silicea. external. in: Natr. noises in: Ferr. inflammation of: Silicea. phos. stuffy sensation in: Kali mur. 346 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. sulph. pulsation noticed in ear: Ferr. inflammation of. itching of: Natr.

REPERTORY. Silicea. periosteum diseased : Calc. closing ear: Kali sulph. sore: Ferr. excessive: Kali mur. mur. diseases of: Silicea. fluor. Silicea. beefy-red: Ferr. phos. proliferous: Kalimur. in auditory canal: Kali phos.. phos. fluor. Natr. . of external ear: Kali mur. Membrana tympana.. pharyngitis: Kali mur. Fetid or foul discharges from ear: Kali phos. throbbing pain: Ferr. fluor. Mastoid process.swell and cause deafness: Kali mur. Natr. granular conditions of : Kalimur. Granulations. phos. Low forms of ulceration: Kali phos. Kali mur. Inflammatory earache from cold: Ferr. caries of: Silicea. phos. External meatus swollen: Silicea. Ferr. Kali sulph.. dark. pains below: Kali sulph. with burning. of tympanum: Kali mtir. granulations within ear: Kali mur. Hammering in the ears: Kali phos. swollen. calcareous deposits on: Calc. phos. mur. moist. Excrescence.. Meatus closed by polypoid excrescence: Kali sulph. moist: Kali mur. walls atrophied: Kali mur. Exfoliation. phos. Glands about ear swell: Kali mur. Itching of ears: Natr.. Excessive flow of blood to ear: Ferr. phos. Hearing supersensitive: Kali phos. calcareous deposits on: Calc. inner. 347 Inflammation. middle ear. polypoid. phos. diffused: Ferr. Granular conditions of tympanum: Kali mur. granular: Kalimur. Heated room aggravates deafness: Kali sulph.

348 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Otitis.. chronic catarrhal conditions: Kalimur. fluor. phos.. mur. Kali mur... Periosteal affections of mastoid process: Calc.. stitching: Ferr.retracted: Kalimur. Noise. M agues phos. sulph. phos. Parts within ear dark-red : Ferr. Noticeable pulsation in the ears: Ferr. Naso-pharyngeal obstructions: Kalimur. phos.. burning: Ferr. Otalgia. Silicea. paroxysmal. phos. throbbing: Ferr.. Natr. thickened: Ferr. Muco-purulent discharges: Ferr. Kali phos. Noises in ears: Ferr. offensive: Kali sulph. phos. Pimples around ear: Calc. Kali sulph. Nervous otalgia: Magyies. phos. phos.. phos. hot and itching: Natr. sulph. Otitis. Kali pkos. Outer ear covered with thin deposit: Natr. phos. suppuration of: Calc. Kali phos. Pain. phos. Kali phos. ulcerated: Kali phos. noises: Kali phos. On falling asleep.. Magnes.] Kali phos. congestive. on swallowing. suppurative: Calc. cracking: Kalimur. Ferr. on falling asleep: Kali phos. nervous: Magnes. Middle ear. Calc. Proliferous inflammation of middle ear: Kali mur. tensive below mastoid process: Kali sulph. phos. Silicea.. Silicea. inflammatory: Ferr. sulph. phos. proliferous of : Kali mur. phos. phos. . phos. Polypoid excrescence closing meatus: Kali sulph. phos. Kali phos. phos. on blowing nose: Kali mur. inflammation. foul. stage: Ferr. One ear red. Otorrhcea.. radiating and sharp: Ferr. . Ferr.. cutting under ear: Kali sulph. oversensitive to: Silicea. phos. Oversensitive to noise: Silicea.

. phos. Natr.. phos. Throat swells: Kalimur. Stuffy sensation in ears: Kali mur. Sharp pains in ear: Ferr. phos. . Tissues dry up: Kali phos. glands about ears: Kali mur.. external ear: Kali mur. Silicea. cracking noises on: Kali mur.. Kali phos. phos. mur. Snapping in ear: Kali mur. Soreness of ears: Natr. tympanic cavity: Natr.. mur. Tympanum. Calc. Silicea. mur.. phos.. Silicea. Pulsations in ear can be counted: Ferr. phos. Kali sulph. Silicea. Kali mur. Ringing in ears as of bells: Natr. Silicea. granular: Kali mur. phos. retracted : Kali mur. phos. 249 Swelling of throat: Kalimur. REPERTORY. Tendency to hemorrhage: Ferr. cavity of.fluor. Kali phos. Natr. sulph.. phos.. become scaly: Kali sulph. mur.. Silicea. mur. Stinking otorrhcea: Kali phos. Throbbing pain: Ferr. Magnes. Kali mur.. mur. Tympanic membrane.. Kali sulph. catarrh: Natr.. Rheumatic ear complaints: Calc. calcareous deposit on: Calc. .. Natr.phos. Calc. phos. Silicea.. sulph. Swallowing. mur. phos. Tension in ears: Ferr. Radiating pains: Ferr. mur. Kali sulph. Kali phos. Purulent discharge from ear: Natr.. Silicea. Swelling of Eustachian tubes: Kali mur. Retracted tympanum: Kali mur.... Kali sulph. Kali mur.. Roaring in the ears: Natr. swollen: Natr. phos. offensive: Kali phos.. Stitching pains in ears: Ferr. moist exfoliation of: Kali mur. under ear: Kali sulph.. ear complaints in: Calc. meatus: Silicea. phos. Natr. sulph. Scrofulous children. Tinnitis aurium: Ferr. sulph. Suppuration of middle ear: Calc. . Kali sulph.

phos. Bones of nose. Natr. Coldness of point of nose: Calc. phos. Ulcerations... . dry cold. phos. Congested nasal mucous membrane: Ferr phos. phos. . in pharynx: Kali mur. . phos. whitish discharge: Kali mur. Ulcerations. chronic: Natr. . mur. predisposition to: Ferr. with general morning aggravation: Natr. phos.. Calc. Colds cause vesicular eruptions: Natr.. Ferr. phos. phos. Kali sulph.. mur. with loss of smell: Natr. in anaemic subjects: Calc. in the head: Calc. posterior nares: Natr. angry: Ferr. Nose.ulcerated: Kalimur. Catarrhal fever: Ferr. Adherent crusts. Kali mur. diseased: Calc. Kalimur. stuffy: Calc.. sulph.... mur. Natr. fluor. Albuminous discharge: Calc. Natr. colds in: Calc. Kali sulph. Acrid discharge from nose: Silicea. fluor. caries of: Silicea. Coryza. Silicea. clear watery: Natr. phos.. mur. . phos. chronic: Silicea. Kali mur. dry: Calc. Magnes. mur. mur. Kali phos. Calc. Anaemic patients. Burning in nose: Natr. Kali sulph. of low form: Kali phos. phos. Calc. sulph. 350 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. phos. membrana tympani: Kali phos. Caries of nasal bones: Silicea..fluor. oid nasal. sulph. naso-pharyngeal: Natr. fluor.. phos. trickling sensation: Ferr. Catarrhs: Ferr. phos. mur. phos.

lumpy : Calc.. purulent: Calc. fluor.. Kali phos. Kali phos. Kali sulph. fluor. mur. opaque. Silicea. taste salty: Natr. slimy: Kali sulph. tinged with blood. yellow: Kali phos.. mur. mur. offensive. Coughing produces nosebleed: Natr. Kali sulph. fluor.. gushing: Magnes. fluor. viscous: Kali sulph. Crusts adhere to vault of pharynx: Kali mur. greenish: Calc. Silicea. phos. Silicea. white: Kali mur. offensive: Calc. Kali mur. Kali phos. mur. sulph. phos... in nose: Natr. albuminous: Calc. Discharges. Calc. Natr. slimy: Kali sulph... sulph. Kali mur.. Calc. Kali sulph. phos. yellow. Silicea... phos. fetid: Kali phos... acrid: Silicea.. sulph. white: Kali mur.. one-sided: Calc. mur. watery: Kali sulph. thick: Calc. Calc. REPERTORY.alternating dry and loose: Magnes. clear: Natr. non-transparent. Natr. fluor. mur. sulph. 35 1 . sulph. yellow: Calc. Natr.. corroding: Silicea.

phos.fiuor. Loss of sense of smell: Magnes. mur. sulph. . Kali mur. Kaliphos. Kali mur.. Excoriations in the nose: Silicea. phos. phos. Eruptions. mur. phos... sulph. sulph. Influenza: Natr. sulph. sulph. mur. Natr. Dryness of mucous membrane: Natr. mur.fiuor. bright red blood: Ferr. Nose. fiuor. phos. First stage of colds in the head: Ferr. Kali sulph. in children: Ferr. During menses. Kali sulph. from stooping: Natr. Silicea. Natr. phos. Mucus tastes salty: Natr.. Natr.. affections of: Calc. thick discharge: Calc. Edges of nostril sore: Calc.. Mucous membrane congested: Ferr. Natr. nosebleed: Natr. swollen: Silicea. Natr. Epistaxis: Calc. hawks up salty mucus: Natr. Silicea. osseous: Calc.. mur. Ineffectual desire to sneeze: Calc.. Hawking of mucus from posterior nares: Kali phos. . sulph. vesicular. Ferr. dry: Silicea. mur. Fetid discharge from nose: Kali phos. Itching of tip of nose: Silicea. mur.Dry coryza: Calc. mur. Silicea... caries of: Silicea. with colds: Natr. Natr. phos. from coughing: Natr. herpetic. fiuor. polypi.. posterior nares: Natr. predisposition to: Kali phos. sulph. mur. . sulph. around nose: Silicea. old catarrhs: Kali sulph. Nasal bones. Growths. Natr. phos. phos.fiuor. Hay fever: Natr. during menses: Natr. Greenish discharge: Calc. cold at point: Calc. catarrh.. mur.fiuor.. large and pedunculated: Calc. sulph. phos. wings of nose: Natr.

fluor. sulph. phos. Obstruction of nose: Kali sulph.. stuffing up of: Calc. fluor. wings of: Natr.. after blowing thick yellow crusts from nose: Kali phos. sulph . Natr. Kali mur. sulph. fluor. phos. phos. mtir. mur... Kali sulph. . in children: Ferr. Nose.. during menses: Natr. Kali mur. Ferr. Natr. Kali phos. sulph. ulcerated in scrofulous people: Calc. Silicea. itching of: Silicea. Natr. sulph. Calc.. afternoons: Kali mur. mur. one side numb: Natr... from coughing or stooping: Natr. sulph. . redness of. mur..crusts in: Natr.. Silicea. mur. excoriations in: Silicea. soreness of: Calc.. phos. Kali sulph. picking at: Natr.. Kali phos.. phos.. Kali phos. Natr. Natr. Calc.. fluor. feels numb on one side: Natr.. Kali sulph. mur. phos. sulph. sulph. phos. bright-red blood : Ferr. phos. offensive. swollen and scabs and scurfs in: Natr. phos. Calc. from nose: Calc. Ozaena: Calc.. mur. Kali mur. Odor. Nosebleed: Calc.. dryness and burning in: Natr. itches at point: Silicea. obstructed: Kali sulph. Osseous growths: Calc. sulph. predisposition to: Kali phos. phos. with pimples: Natr. Natr. syphilitica: Natr. Nostrils. 352 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Natr.. phos.

Sneezing: Silicea. mur. Swelling of mucous membrane: Silicea. sulph. adherent crusts in: Kali mur. Pharynx. inveterate: Silicea. Acne: Calc. Point of nose cold: Calc. After quinine. Silicea. phos. Natr. sulph. nasal affections in: Calc. phos.. red and itches: Silicea. ineffectual desire for: Calc. phos. Perverted sense of smell: Magnes. phos. Syphilitic ozaena: Natr. Polypi. 353 Predisposition to nosebleed: Kali phos. phos. neuralgia: Natr. Magnes.. Stooping produces nosebleed: Natr. mur. Tip of nose cold: Calc. Scrofulous children. phos. phos. Scurf in nose: Natr. sulph. Natr. Pimples on nose: Natr. sulph. Ulcerated nose in scrofulous children: Calc.fiuor.. phos. Calc. large and pedunculated: Calc. phos.. Pricking in nares: Natr. phos. mur. Kali phos. Wings of nose itch: Natr. Stuffy colds: Calc. in right nasal passage: Ferr. from slightest exposure: Kali phos. Ferr... Silicea. Smarting: Magnes. mur. REPERTORY. mur. phos. White around nose: Natr. Kali sulph.. Smell lost or perverted: Kali sulph.Periosteum of nasal bones affected: Silicea. Redness of nose: Natr.. phos. Scabs in nose: Natr. Posterior nares dry: Natr. Kali mur. Kali mur. mur. Picking at nose: Natr. mur. Vesicular eruption with colds: Natr. Kali phos. mur. Ulceration of nose. phos. hawking of mucus from: Kali phos. phos. Predisposition to catch cold: Ferr. .. phos. mur. Swollen nose in scrofulous children: Calc.fiuor. yellow discharge from: Kali sulph. phos. Face. Running colds: Natr. at point: Silicea. mur.

phos. Blotched face: Natr. Earthy face: Calc. Cutting pains in face: Magnes. anaemic: Calc. Natr. sulph. Cracking of skin of face: Silicea. hard swelling of : Calc. Silicea. swelling of: Calc. Ferr. Silicea. phos. phos. mur. Dirty look to face: Calc. Eyes. phos. Chlorotic face: Calc. phos. 23 354 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.. Chin. phos. Countenance. phos. sycotic: Natr.. phos.) Contortions from loss of power of facial muscles: Kali phos..Aggravation of face symptoms at night: Calc. small: Calc. Bluish face: Natr. Anaemic face: Calc. phos. chlorotic: Calc. phos. phos. Complexion.. Ferr. mur. Cold applications relieve: Ferr. hollow: Kali phos. mur.fiuor. eruptions on: Natr. blotched and bluish: Natr. phos. sulph. (See Face. Kali mur. Epithelioma: Kali sulph. Ferr. Caries of lower jaw: Silicea. hot and sore: Ferr. phos. phos. . phos. hippocratic: Kali phos. herpetic: Calc. Cold sores on lips. phos. Ferr. phos. Face.. Cheeks. Eruptions... burning: Kali phos. fluor. sunken.

greasy: Calc. sulph. phos.. mur. Ferr. Kali phos. Kali phos. mur. REPERTORY. Kali phos.. sweats while eating: Natr. florid: Natr.. Calc. red: Natr. with distorted features: Kali sulph.. sulph. Natr. Ferr. phos. Natr.. Natr. Silicea. sulph. sulph. full of pimples: Calc. mur. Silicea. Ferr. swelling of: Kali mur. sallow: Kali phos. Kali sulph. phos. pale: Kali phos.. Natr. Silicea. itches: Natr. pustules on: Calc.. phos.. Natr. phos... forehead: Natr. sulph.. Natr. Calc. mur. . Kali phos. prominent parts cold: Calc. sickly and sunken : Kali phos. Natr. sulph. sulph. earthy: Calc.. Kali phos. Natr. Kali phos. . vesicles over: Natr. herpetic eruptions on: Calc. . if matter forms: Calc. cold : Calc.. greenish -white: Calc. mur. flushed: Ferr. phos. phos. mur. pimples on: Kali phos. Natr... mur. phos. dirty-looking: Calc. phos. features distorted: Kali sulph. mur... phos. phos.. phos. phos.. mur. c c Face. phos. . livid: Kali phos. . phos. phos. phos. red. waxy : Calc. Ferr. Ferr.. phos.. jaundiced: Natr. phos.covered with vesicles: Natr. leaden: Natr. cracked: Silicea. sulph. sulph.

yellowish: Calc. Ferr. phos. mur. Greasy-looking face: Calc. fluor. fluor. Herpetic eruptions on face: Calc. Falling out of whiskers: Natr. Heated room aggravates faceache: Kali sulph. great exhaustion: Kali phos. in heated room: Kali sulph. right side of lower jaw: Natr. neuralgic: Kali mur. Kali phos. Freckles: Calc. sulph. Jawbone..white about nose: Natr. by warmth: Magnes. phos. Induration of cellular tissues of face: Silicea. with constipation: Natr. mur. sulph. in the evening: Kali sulph. phos. phos. sulph. phos. caries of: Silicea. phos. Forehead. mur. Kali phos.. Silicea.fiuor. phos.. mm. after going to bed: Magnes. from swelling: Kali mur.. phos. phos. Hard-swelling on the cheek: Calc.. in superior maxillary bone: Calc. phos. j awbone : Calc. mur. on moving: Ferr. sulph. pain in zygoma: Natr.. Natr. phos. ameliorated in cool open air: Kali sulph. mur. necrosis of: Silicea. phos. mur. Natr. phos. pustular eruption on: Natr. Lachrymation with neuralgia: Natr. phos. Hippocratic countenance: Kali phos. Jaundiced face: Natr. Hot cheeks: Ferr. . aggravated when body gets cold: Magnes.. 356 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. lumps or nodules on face: Silicea. flushing: Ferr. on right side: Magnes. Itching of face: Natr. Kali phos. coldness of nape: Ferr. cold applications: Kali phos. phos. Inflammatory neuralgia: Ferr. hard swelling on : Calc.. Greenish.white face: Calc. mur. phos. phos. Natr. Faceache. Jerking pains in face: Magnes. phos. Leaden face: Natr.

sulph. Pimples and pustules on face: Calc. Calc. Natr. ) Pain aggravated after going to bed: Magnes.ry Prosopalgia: Magnes. swollen: Kali sulph.. hydroa on: Kali phos. . mur. cold: Kali phos.. Lupus: Silicea. Lumps or nodules on face: Silicea. phos.. sulph. mur. after quinine: Natr. sulph. phos. Calc. Neuralgia. Necrosis of jawbone: Silicea.. Natr. Natr.. Sallow face: Kali phos. . fluor. mur. Natr.. phos. Natr. phos. phos. phos.. Pale face: Kali phos. Natr. Rheumatism in face: Calc. phos. phos. pressing: Ferr. phos. I jerking: Magnes.Lips.. Calc. upper. phos. phos.. cutting: Magnes. relieved by warmth: Magnes. sulph. phos. skin peeling off: Kali phos. . Silicea. phos. phos.. Kali sulph. Calc. Natr. Livid face: Kali phos. throbbing : Ferr. in superior maxillary bone: Calc. tumors on: Silicea. ... Kali sulph.. Kali mur. cold sores on: Calc. REPERTORY. Ferr. phos. phos.. phos. Loss of power of facial muscles: Kali phos. like lightning: Magnes. mur. Kali phos.. (See also Faceache. in cheeks: Kali mtir. mur.. phos. Red face: Natr. Natr. lower. Natr. Natr. white: Kali sulph. phos. swollen and painful: Calc.. Kali phos. mur.

on lips: Calc. Sores. Bitter taste: Natr.. Natr. Suppuration of cheek threatens: Calc. mur. Whiskers fall out: Natr. Spasmodic neuralgia: Magnes. phos. mur. hard: Calc. Blisters. Tic douloureux: Ferr. Sunken face: Kali phos. phos.. mur. fiuor. Silicea. Throbbing of face: Ferr. cold: Calc. sulph. Natr. cheeks: Ferr. phos. Burning cracks in lips: Natr. phos.. Aphthae: Kali mur. fiuor. phos. Superior maxillary bone. szilph. submaxillary gland : Calc. sulph. on: Calc. Ashy-gray ulcers in mouth: Kali phos. White about nose: Natr. phos . caused by using borax: Natr. Vesicles on face: Natrum mur. mur. fetid: Kali phos. at corners: Natr. Silicea. j awbone : Calc. Breath. . Mouth. Acid taste: Natr. phos. Yellowish face: Calc.Sickly face: Kali phos. upper lip: Calc. . pearl-like. phos. pain in: Calc. Calc.. mur.. Sweating while eating: Natr. parotid gland: Calc. with much salivation: Natr. Natr. fiuor. Kali mur.. cold.. offensive: Kali phos. mur. . Kali phos..fluor. phos. sulph. phos. mur. sulph. Natrum mur. heat in: Kali sulph. Kali phos. Swelling of cheeks: Kali mur. mur.. mur. phos.. phos. phos. Natr.. hard. Sweat. Warmth relieves faceache: Magnes. herpetic. Skin of face cracks: Silicea. Sycosis: Natr. 358 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. phos. Natr.

Jawbone. 359 . fluor. bleed on brushing teeth: Calc. fluor. mur. humid sores at: Natr. Silicea. Insides of lips sore: Calc. sulph. gangrenous: Kali phos. Corners of mouth. mur. mur. Silicea. cold sores at : Calc. painful and burning: Natr. Coating. Dryness of lips: Kali sulph. Excoriation of mouth: Kali mur. Kah mur. Natr. Kali mur. Lips. hard swelling on: Calc. phos. mur. hot and inflamed: Ferr. ulcerated: Silicea. mur. Desquamation of lips: Kali sulph. ?nur. on roof: Natr.. suppurate: Silicea. Silicea. Glands.. white ulcers in mouth of: Kali mur. swollen: Natr. Gum. phos..Canker: Kaliphos. Disgusting taste: Calc. Fetid breath: Kali phos. salivary. Natr. white: Kali sulph. convulsive twitchings of: Magnes phos. cracks in: Natr.. mur. inflamed gums: Ferr. Hard swelling of jawbone: Calc. cracked: Natr. phos.. Hot. sulph.boil: Calc. phos. spongy and receding: Kali phos. Lockjaw: Magnes. sulph. phos. sulph. water: Kali phos. Inflammation of glands. blisters on: Natr. Drooling: Natr. sore inside of: Calc. mur. Gums. REPERTORY. Children. phos. salivary: Natr. gums: Ferr. fluor. yellow and creamy. Epithelioma: Kali sulph. Gangrenous canker: Kali phos. Cold sores at corners of mouth: Calc.. mur. Hydroa on lips: Kali phos. fluor. fluor.

yellow. Mouth. phos. sulph. Twitchings of corners: Magnes. Offensive breath: Natr. Salivation: Natr. Natr. while eating: Calc. Kali mur. Kali phos.. sulph. ulcerated: Silicea. mur. canker of : Kali mur. vesicular eruption around: Natr. swollen: Kali sulph. heat in : Kali sulph . Ulcers in mouth. dryness of: Kali sulph. phos. Noma: Kali phos. mur.. fluor. inflammation of: Natr. Stomatitis : Kali phos. Ranula : Natr. pimples and sore crusts around: Kali phos. Salivary glands. Thrush: Kali mur. phos. Rawness of mouth: Kali mur. blisters around: Natr. Perforating ulcer of palate: Silicea. rawness and redness of: Kali -mur. mur.. full of slime: Natr. Nursing mothers. Silicea. ulcers in mouth of: Kali mur. mur. sulph. twitch: Magnes. creamy coating on roof: Natr.. roof of.. phos.. . corners of. Sores in commissures: Natr. phos. Kali mur. Trismus : Magnes. on jawbone: Calc. reddened: Ferr. Kali phos. welling up of mucus in: Natr. water: Kali phos. hard. suppuration of: Silicea. mur. mur. Kali phos. Mouth. Redness of mucous membrane: Ferr. Mucous membrane. mur. sulph.. gangrenous: Kali phos. white ulcers in: Kali mur. sulph. Natr. phos. mur. cracked: Natr. sore to touch: Natr. Painful cracks in lips: Natr. phos. desquamation of: Kali sulph. mur.Lower lip. Swelling. ashy-gray: Kali phos..

sulph. phos. Coppery taste: Natr. grayish: Kali mur. Yellow. phos. dirty: Natr. yellow: Kali sulph. clay colored: Calc.. sulph. Clay-colored tongue: Calc. sulph. creamy: Natr. white-furred: Calc. at base: Calc.. Bright red. Kali mur. mur. Acrid taste: Calc. Ulcers in mouth. phos. sulph. brownish: Kali phos. Natr. Natr. Kali mur. sulph. Natr. sulph. sulph. sulph. Brownish tongue: Kali phos.. on edges: Kali sulph. Acid taste: Natr. phos. White ulcers in mouth: Kali mur. Natr. Uvula relaxed: Natr. phos.. mur. golden-yellow : Natr. .. mur. Uvulitis : Natr. Blisters on tip of tongue: Natr.. Kali phos. mur. perforating: Silicca. phos.. green: Natr. mur.. with rawness: Mag?ies.. moist: Natr. Natr. sulph. Kali sulph. phos. Natr. Natr.. mur. phos. Natr.. grayish-green: Natr. in morning: Calc. Coating on tongue.. frothy: Natr. mur. white: Kali mur. phos. Kali phos. phos. creamy coating of roof of mouth: Natr... sulph. sulph. Tongue and Taste. Coating on tongue. phos. sulph. slimy: Kali sulph. Kali mur.. Natr. phos. corners: Silicea. 360 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. phos. Bitter taste: Natr. Clean tongue: Ferr..

phos. sulph. Kali sulph Dry tongue: Kali mur. mur. phos. phos. Talk. 361 Edges red and sore: Kali phos. phos. bitter: Natr. mur. Inflammation. . Natr. Taste. mur. sulph. on: Silicea. Red tongue : Ferr. Mapped tongue : Natr. mur.. sulph. Kali phos. Hair. of hair on: Silicea.Cracked tongue: Calc. phos. fiuor.... phos. Flabby tongue: Calc.. tip: Natr. mur. swelling: Kali mur. Swollen tongue: Calc. phos. Frothy saliva on tongue: Natr. Silicea. Grayish tongue: Kali mur. Speech difficult : Natr. dark-red. Inflammation of tongue: Ferr. Greenish tongue: Natr. Dark-red swelling of tongue: Ferr. Sensation as if tongue would cleave to roof of mouth: Kali phos. acid: Natr. sulph. phos. mur.. sulph. suppuration: Calc. phos. Kali mur. fluor. sulph. swelling in: Kali mur. Slimy coating on tongue: Natr. Dirty tongue: Natr. Sour taste : Calc. Edges covered with froth: Natr. Natr. suppuration in: Calc. Natr. phos. mur. sulph.. Furred tongue: Ferr. slow in learning to: Natr. mur. Glossitis : Ferr. REPERTORY. Insipid taste : Kali sulph. Induration of tongue: Calc. Kali mur. Natr. sulph. phos. creamy coating on tongue: Natr. Swelling. phos. . with dryness: Kali phos. mur. sulph. Pappy taste : Calc. of tongue: Ferr. sulph. on tongue: Natr. Kali phos. sulph... Natr. white: Kali sulph.. sulph. Soapy taste : Calc sulph. phos.. sensation of. Stiff tongue : Calc.. tip: Natr. phos. Kali sulph. mur. mur. Numb tongue: Calc. Kali mur. Moist. Natr. Loss of taste : A r atr. Golden-yellow coating on tongue: Natr. mur.. phos. Natr. acrid: Calc. bubbles of. Natr. Saliva. phos. Creamy coating on tongue: Natr.

. phos. dirt} 7 : Natr. Kali phos. sulph. fluor.. Kali sulph. sulph. phos. phos. Silicea. phos.. phos. dry: Kali mur. Calc. Natr. phos. mur.. Natr. bitter in the morning: Calc.. phos. sulph. soapy: Calc. phos. covered with saliva: Natr. brownish: Kali phos. vesicles on: Natr. clay colored: Calc.362 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. mur. phos. mur. Natr. flabby: Ferr. loss of : Natr. phos. Natr.. fluor. Magnes. mur. Calc. Silicea. insipid: Calc. Natr. fluor. phos... phos. Natr. creamy coating on root: Natr. Kali sulph. Natr. phos. . furred: Ferr. induration of: Calc. cracked : Calc . sulph. coppery: Natr. mur.. Kali sulph. disgusting: Calc. blisters on: Natr.. clean: Ferr. mur. sulph. phos. sour: Calc. sulph.. edges red and sore: Kali phos. inflamed : Ferr. sulph.. sulph.. sulph. golden-yellow: Natr. greenish: Natr. Tip of tongue. Kali mur. sensation of hair on: Natr. Tongue. Taste. pappy: Kali sulph. phos.. dark-red swelling of: Ferr..

numb: Calc. . Teeth and Gums. vesicles on: Natr. sensation of hair on: Silicea. . moist: Natr. Natr. mur. sulph. phos. Natr. White coating on: Calc. scalded. sulph.. Kali sulph. edges: Kali sulph. Magnes. Yellow at base: Calc. yellow at base: Calc.. mur. mur. Vesicles on tip of tongue: Natr. Kali mur. sulph. Natr. toothache: Ferr. phos. phos. mur. After warm food. swollen: Calc. suppuration: Calc. Kali mur. phos. slimy: Kali mur. Kali phos. Kali mur. sulph. phos. Bleeding of gums: Kali phos.. ulcers on : Silicea . 363 Tongue. Natr. pimples on : Calc. phos. mur.. saliva. covered with: Natr. Natr. phos. as if: Magnes. mur.. phos.... mapped: Natr. Brown deposit on teeth: Kali phos. phos.. phos. swelling: Kali mur.. mur. mur.. Articulation slow: Kali phos. REPERTORY. mur. Natr. red: Ferr. phos. . sulph. Natr.. Ulcers on tongue: Silicea. on edges: Kali sulph. Natr. Kali mur. white: Calc. stiff: Calc.with dryness: Kali phos. phos.

Dentition. predisposition to bleed: Kali phos. mur. receding: Kali phos. convulsions during: Magnes. inflamed : Calc. phos. difficult: Silicea.. pale: Calc. Calc. Easily bleeding gums: Natr. Complaints during teething: Calc. rough : Calc. sensitive: Natr.. cramps during: Mag?ies. painful: Calc. cold or water: Magnes. Calc. Kali sulph.. to touch. sulph. Gums. phos. mur.Chattering of teeth.fluor. Gums. .. mur.. mur. sulph. phos. Decay of teeth. red seam on: Kali phos. Kali sulph. Enamel of teeth deficient: Calc. spongy. mur. Grinding of teeth: Natr. complaints during: Calc. Kali phos. Drooling: Natr. Dental fistulae: Silicea. Kali phos. burn: Natr. phos. phos. phos. fluor.. fever: Ferr. with dribbling of saliva: Natr. phos. 364 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. phos. Kali phos. phos. Magnes.. phos. Cool open air relieves toothache: Kali sulph. blisters on: Natr. Cramps during teething: Magnes. sulph. phos. phos.. phos. phos. pain in: Kali phos. Silicea.. Convulsions during teething: Fen. phos. delayed: Calc. Fistula dentalis: Silicea. bleed easily: Natr. nervous: Kali phos.

Sensitive gums: Natr. Inflamed gums: Calc. . too long: Ferr. mur.. phos. by cold things: Magnes. mur. grinding of.. mur.) Teething ailments during pregnancy: Calc. Malnutrition of teeth: Calc. Looseness of teeth: Calc. with hard swelling: Calc. loose: Calc. inflammation of: Natr. Tobacco-smoke relieves toothache: Natr. fluor. Natr. Gum-boil before matter forms: Kali mur. suppuration: Calc. Ferr. Magnes... Pale gums: Calc. fluor. (See Dentition.. phos. phos. fluor. nervous chattering of: Kali phos. phos. phos. Inarticulate speech: Kali phos. Soreness of teeth: Kali phos. sensitive: Calc.. phos. fluor. white: Kali sulph. phos. Natr. Speech slow and inarticulate: Kali phos. Red seam on gums: Kali phos. sulph. sulph. phos.g.. phos. Silicea. mur. sulph. mur. Painful gums: Calc.. sulph. Natr. Kali phos. Salivary glands. Smoking relieves toothache: Natr. fluor.ulcerated: Natr. Toothache. Kali phos. Silicea. to pressure or touch: Ferr.. Silicea. Silicea. Nervous chattering of teeth: Kali phos. Teething. Ranula: Natr. ailments of. develop slowly: Calc phos. during sleep: Natr. REPERTORY. mur. malnutrition of: Calc.. during pregnancy: Calc. viur. sulph. Rheumatic toothache: Calc. mur. Salivation with toothache: Natr. phos.Teeth.. . aggravated at night: Calc. phos. decay rapidly : Calc. Teeth. phos.. phos. feel sore: Kali phos.

phos. Magnes. neuralgic: Magnes. Clergyman's sore throat: Calc. phos. sulph. Adherent crusts in pharynx: Kali mur. water: Ferr. in warmth: Kali sulph. phos. Natr. hot cheek : Ferr. hot liquids: Magnes. phos. shooting: Magnes. Calc. mur. salivation. Calc. swollen cheek: Kali mur. looseness of teeth: Calc. Throat. tobacco-smoke: Natr. fluor. sulph. mur. involuntary flow of tears: Natr.. sulph. cool air: Kali sulph. caused by chilling of feet: Silicea. phos. with dental fistula: Silicea. 366 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Silicea. phos. sulph. phos. food : Calc. mur. phos.. phos. mur.. phos. phos. Abscess of tonsils: Calc. phos. pains. phos. sulph. congestive: Ferr. Burning of throat: Ferr. mur. boring: Calc. Natr. tingling: Calc. phos. changes place rapidly: Magnes. phos. Choking sensation in throat: Magnes. phos... phos. pharynx: Ferr.. ameliorated by cold : Ferr. Magnes. inflammatory: Ferr. Chronic sore throat: Natr. Ulceration of gums : Natr. rheumatic: Calc. phos. alternates with frontal headache: Kali phos. after going to bed: Magnes. . phos. easily bleeding gums: Kali phos. phos. fluor. in the evening: Kali sulph. boring pain : Calc. . shift: Magnes. with: Natr. dryness of throat: Natr. sulph.

Calc. Natr. . Laryngismus stridulus : Magnes. Croup : Ferr. phos. watery stools: Natr. Natr. Natr. suppurate: Calc. phos.. Jluor. Hawks up offensive. Follicular pharyngitis : Kali mur. . . phos.. phos. cheesy lumps: Kali mur. spasmodic: Magnes. phos. sulph. Natr. Natr. phos. phos. Heat in throat: Ferr. phos. phos. phos. Calc. Silicea. phos. Enlargement of throat: Natr.. must swallow: Magnes.. phos. external. Glands swollen: Ferr. phos. submaxillary.. Goitre: Calc. with watery secretions: Natr. painful: Calc. sulph. fluor. Natr. spasms of: Magnes. REPERTORY. salty mucus: Kali phos. sulph. phos. Crusts in pharynx: Kali mur.. Feeling of lump in throat on swallowing: Natr. sulph. mur. Kali rmir.. phos. tonsils: Ferr. phos. Natr. false: Natr.. Desire to swallow. mur. phos. phos. Deafness in tonsillitis: Calc. ■ 367 Glottis. pale face: Natr. Kali phos.. mur. Dropping from posterior nares: Magnes. phos. Natr. phos. mur. mur.. . Calc. when it goes to trachea: Calc.. with green vomiting: Natr. . . painful: Ferr. puffy. Constriction of throat. of soft palate: Calc. phos. Dry throat: Ferr. Calcflzior. swollen: Calc. phos. . p/ws. with drowsiness: Natr.Congestion of throat: Ferr.. mur. first stage: Ferr. Kali sulph. sulph. mur. phos. Gangrenous sore throat : Kali phos. throat: Ferr. Natr. Inflammation of fauces: Ferr. phos. swollen: Natr. Natr.. Silicea. constant: Kali phos.. Silicea. Kali mur. sulph. phos.. phos. mur. red : Ferr. phos. mur. Deglutition painful: Ferr. Calc. phos. mur. sulph. principal remedy: Kali mur. Diphtheria: after-effects of: Kali phos. Fauces inflamed: Ferr.

constant desire to: Kali phos. follicular: Kali mur. when swallowing: Natr. swelling of parotids: Kali mur. Natr. Painful deglutition: Calc. Syphilitic sore throat: Kali mur. Red fauces : Ferr. Pharyngeal abscess: Ferr. phos. Sensation of choking: Magnes. Swallow. Membranous exudation in throat: Kali mur. phos. phos. causes cough: Calc. Mucus... Calc. Mumps. Calc. adherent crusts in: Kali mur. mur. salivation: Natr. slow: Kali phos. Ferr. phos. Kali mur. Spasms of glottis: Magnes.. Natr. Paralysis. Magnes. mur. constriction: Magnes. with hawking up of salty mucus: Natr. painful: Calc. phos. liquids. 368 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. fauces: Ferr. feeling of lump: Natr. Kali mur. chronic: Silicea. dropping from: Natr. phos. nasal. mur. Speech.. phos. sensitive: Natr.. in throat: Kali sulph. mur... phos. phos. sulph. Malignant conditions of throat: Kali phos. Pharyngitis.. velum pendulum palati: Silicea. Suffocative feeling in throat: Magnes. Pharynx. Relaxed sore throat: Calc. phos. phos.. On swallowing. Palate inflamed: Ferr. . throat : Ferr.Lump. sulph. fluor. periodical: Silicea. Swollen glands: Ferr. Salty mucus raised from throat: Kali phos. phos. Posterior nares. must: Magnes. phos. mtir. phos. post-diphtheritic: Natr. Quinsy. phos.. phos. of vocal cords: Kali phos. Kali mur. phos. phos. yellow coating on: Natr. uvula: Natr. phos. sulph. discharging pus: Calc. sulph. phos. feeling of. phos. fluor. tough. Ferr.

. phos.. Silicea. sore. Ferr.. Calc. phos. heat in: Ferr. Tonsils enlarged: Calc. relaxed : Calc. Kali mur. burning in: Ferr. gangrenous: Kali phos. phos. mur. sulph. phos. sulph. sulph.. pains: Calc. sore and stiff: Magnes.. phos. phos. phos. phos. throbbing in: Ferr.. mur. of singers: Calc.. Natr. tickling in : Calc. phos. Kali phos. Natr.. Calc. phos.. Thyroid gland enlarged: Silicea. Natr. dry: Ferr. Natr. phos.. tough mucus in: Kali sulph.. mur. covered with transparent mucus: Natr. mur. . fluor. tough mucus: Kali sulph. sulph. mur. congested: Ferr. Natr. phos.Throat. phos.. stitches in: Natr. ulcerated: Ferr. mur.. malignant conditions in: Kali phos. Natr. phos. Natr. mur. phos. hysterical. fluor. Natr.. Ferr. sulph. Kali phos. ball. inflamed: Ferr. swollen: Kali mur. phos. grayish patches in: Kali mur.. fluor. phos. phos. constriction in: Magnes. in: Kali phos. feeling of plug or lump in: Natr. mur. spasmodic constriction of: Magnes. phos.. Natr.. Natr.. red : Ferr. Calc. phos. sensation of lump in: Natr. . Natr. suppuration of : Calc. phos.

inflamed. Gastric Symptoms.. sulph. . mur. meat: Ferr . Natr. phos. loss of: Kali phos. mur. Uvula elongated: Calc. sore: Kali phos. Kali phos. phos. to acids: Ferr.. yellow coating on : Natr. Uvulitis: Natr. Appetite. After eating. hot drinks: Kali sulph. milk: Ferr.. Voice. regurgitation of food: Magnes. fluor. phos. alcohol: Silicea. 369 Tonsils inflamed: Ferr. loss of: Ferr.. Silicea.. sulph. mur.. white deposit on: Kali phos. phos. fiuor. Silicea. phos.. phos.. Ulcerated throat: Ferr. phos. phos. Silicea. warm food: Silicea. increased: Calc phos. much swelling: Kali mur. Natr. Acids. phos.REPERTORY. Acidity: Natr. Kali mur. causes cough: Calc. pain on opening mouth: Calc. periodically: Silicea. mur. Kali phos. . Kali mur. Calc. bread: Natr. phos. Natr. phos. mur.. suppuration: Calc.. Band around body. mucus drops from posterior nares: Natr. Yellow coating on palate: Natr. sulph. phos. phos. phos. phos. herrings: Ferr. Kali sulph. with deafness. Magnes.. sensation of: Magnes. sensitive to: Magnes. phos. mur. coffee: Ferr. Natr. phos. Biliousness: Natr. Aversion. sulph . sudden and shrill : Magnes. relaxed: Natr. Calc. phos. phos... phos. Natr.. with deafness: Calc.fluor.

mur. Breath offensive: Kali phos. phos. green and sour vegetables: Calc. Calc. salted food : Calc. alcohol: Ferr. sulph. phos. Calc. Dyspepsia. heartburn and chilliness: Silicea. flatulent: Magnes. Bilious colic: Natr. Natr. chronic: Silicea. spasmodic: Magnes. mur. phos.with gray tongue: Kali mur.. fruit: Calc. thirst: Kali sulph. . sulph. Dread of hot drinks: Kali sulph. pain after taking food: Ferr. Cannot bear tight clothing: Ferr. bitter things: Natr. phos.. Deathly sickness at stomach: Ferr. Natr. Colicky pains: Kali sulph. sugar: Magnes. sulph. nervous: Kali phos. phos. phos. Natr. phos. indigestible things: Calc. mur. sulph. sulph. ham: Calc. Burning heat in stomach: Kali sulph.. phos. Natr. Desires ale: Ferr. phos. phos. Silicea. stimulants: Ferr. sulph. phos. phos. phos. 24 370 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. sulph.. phos.. sulph. acid: Natr. bacon: Calc. smoked meats: Calc. . claret: Calc. phos..

Silicea.. pain.. sour: Natr. . bitter: Kali phos. pain in. much flatulence: Calc. Fulness. Silicea. phos. Natr. relieved by eating: Kali phos. waterbrash: Natr. Gastritis: Ferr. Kali mur. Calc. phos. no relief from belching: Magnes. greasy: Ferr. from too hot drinks: Kali mur.. Fatty food causes indigestion: Kali mur. burning. phos. pain and salivation: Natr. Eructations. Calc. mur. sulph. sluggish liver: Kali mur. Natr. Kaliphos..phos. phos. sulph. Kali phos. mur.. phos.with flushed. phos. Gastralgia relieved by warmth and bending double: Magnes. phos. Epigastrium tender to touch: Ferr.. phos. gone feeling in stomach: Natr. excessive accumulation of gas in stomach: Calc. with disturbance about heart: Kali phos distension and constipation: Magnes. phos. phos. brings back taste of food: Ferr.. constant: Kali phos. chronic: Kali sulph. white.. Excessive hunger: Kali phos. REPERTORY. phos. Natr. phos.. phos. sensation of: Kali sulph. Flatulence. Empty. mur. pressure as of a load in stomach: Kali sulph. Natr. phos. grayish tongue: Kali mur. phos. sulph. gaseous: Kali phos. after eating : Calc. Kali phos. Faintness at stomach: Kali sulph.. sour risings: Natr. tasteless: Magnes. 37* Eructations. hot face: Ferr. phos.

with drowsiness: Natr.. Intolerance of stimulants: Silicea. ) Loss of appetite: Ferr. sulph. Mag?ies..... mur. phos. desire for smoking: Natr. Pressure in stomach: Magnes. wants to nurse all the time: Calc. sulph.fluor. mur. Natr. Natr. Natr. Jaundice.Gastric abrasions: Natr. right side under shoulder: Kali mur. mur. Natr. Heat in stomach: Kali sulph. . sulph. Ferr. Natr.. Hemorrhage from stomach: Kali mur. excessive: Kali phos. phos. phos.. mur.. Kali mur. Hiccough: Magnes. Longing for salty food: Natr. with vertigo: Calc. phos. (See Dyspepsia.. Natr. and vomiting: Magnes. Non-assimilation of food: Calc. with bitter taste and constipation: Kali mur. phos. and flatulence: Calc. Hunger. from vexation: Natr. fever: Ferr. Ferr. phos. phos. phos. Natr. mur. Pain in abdominal ring: Natr. after taking food: Natr. Calc. Silicea. Heartburn after eating: Natr. Indigestion. Kaliphos. phos.. phos. sulph. phos. at epigastrium. phos. phos. Calc. phos. of sour food or blood: Kali phos. mur. (See Desires. Nausea: Kali sulph. Natr... Silicea. sulph. Natr. phos.. 372 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.. ulcerations.. phos. Induration of pylorus: Silicea.) Infant vomits as soon as it nurses: Silicea.. after fat food: Kali mur. phos. mur. Jaundice after gastritis: Kali sulph. Natr.. Gone sensation at pit of stomach: Kali phos. Kali phos. mur. Natr.. phos. sulph. constant: Kali phos.

empty feeling in: Natr. fulness and pressure in: Kali sulph. Natr. chronic catarrh of: Kali sulph. sulph. sulph. pit of.. heavy: Natr. from chill : Ferr. food: Calc. Calc. aggravated by pressure: Ferr. with constipation : Kali mur. Magnes. phos. ulceration of: Natr. . colicky pains in: Kali'sulph. mur. phos. sulph. weakness and sinking at: Natr. induration of: Silicea. welling of mucus from: Natr. Stomach. phos. gas in. cramps in: Magnes. regurgitation of food from: Magnes. relieved by eating: Kali phos. burning heat in: Kali sulph. phos. painful: Ferr. swollen: Ferr. phos. distended: Natr. due to worms: Natr. phos. Regurgitation of food after eating: Magnes. gone feeling in: Kali sulph. sulph. sulph. phos. phos. phos. mtir. phos. red spots on: Natr. excessive: Calc.73 Stomach ache. hemorrhage from: Kali mur. tender: Ferr. phos.Pylorus. beating in: Ferr.phos. REPERTORY. phos. deep-seated pain in: Kali sulph. fright or excitement: Kali phos. .. . phos. phos.

. 374 TH E TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. after cold water: Calc. morning: Silicea. pendulous: Calc. tender: Kali mur. fiuor. Tight clothing about waist unbearable: Natr. sunken: Calc. phos. Ulceration of stomach: Natr.. phos.flatulence: Magnes. greenish water: Natr.. mur. Silicea.. before breakfast: Ferr. Calc sulph. Kali phos. for cold water: Ferr. Kali phos.. swollen: Kali phos. Magnes. sulph.. mur. Vomiting.. immediately after nursing: Silicea. icecream: Calc. phos. acid: Natr.. stringy mucus: Natr. Kali phos . Abdomen feels cold to touch: Kali sulph. greenish: Natr. Abdomen and Stool. mur. mur. Thirstlessness: Kali sulph. saltish. Natr. phos. mur. Natr. sulph. phos. sulph pain and salivation: Natr. phos. sulph. water. infantile: Calc. Natr.phos. phos. phos. thick. flabby : Calc. phos. Thirst.. phos. coffee-grounds: Natr. phos. Calc. Natr. Natr. watery mucus: Natr.. large in children: Silicea. Kali phos. mur. clotted blood : Kali mur.phos. bile: Natr. undigested food: Ferr. Natr. sulph. phos. Calc. fluor. sulph.. Natr... mur.. sour: Ferr.. curdled masses: Natr. bright-red blood: Ferr. during evening: Natr. sulph. phos. viscid blood: Kali mur. bitter food: Kali phos.. Waterbrash: Natr. transparent mucus: Natr. Kali mur. phos. burning: Kali sulph. mur. mur.. dark blood: Kali mur. mur. white phlegm: Kali mur. phos.

Calc. phos. Calc. protrudes: Kali phos. Natr. phos. sulph. Children draw up legs in colic: Magnes.. phos. Natr. Kali sulph. mur. Cholera: Ferr. lining membrane of. phos. sulph. sulphurous odor of gas from: Kali sulph. at every attempt to eat: Calc.. sulph. itching at: Natr. Magnes.tense and tympanitic: Kali sulph. phos. mur. wartlike eruptions on: Natr.. Calc... phos. belching gives no relief in: Magnes. mur. pain in: Natr. painful abscesses about: Calc.. Kali phos. herpetic eruption around : Natr. disposition to: Ferr. diarrhoea: Silicea. Colic accompanied with belching: Magnes. Kali sulph. phos. soreness of: Natr.. Anus.. mur.. phos. Kali phos. mur. phos.. Cholera infantum: Calc. fluor. phos. phos. Ferr. Calc. Calc. mur. Calc. . phos. mur. neuralgia of: Calc.. sulph. phos. flatulent: Natr. sulph.. fistula in: Silicea. Choleraic cramps: Magnes. REPERTORY. sulph. phos.7c Colic. phos. phos. After stool. . prolapsus of: Calc. phos. large abdomen in: Silicea. bending double: Kali phos. phos. Kali mur. phos. looseness of. phos. phos. Natr.. Natr.. great torpor of: Natr. crampy : Magnes. torn. in old women: Natr. fluor. vaccination. bleeding and smarting feeling: Natr. Natr. rawness of: Natr. begins in right groin: Natr. Belching gives no relief in colic: Magnes.. Burning pain in rectum: Natr. fissured: Silicea. phos. ameliorated by rubbing and warmth: Magnes. sulph. Bowels.

sulph. vaccination: Silicea. excessive acidity : Natr. phos. sulph. producing fissures: Natr. phos. mur. phos. sulph. phos. from want of moisture: Natr. dark brown: Kali phos. mtir. phos. hemorrhoidal: Natr. Cramps: Magnes. phos. phos. mur. sulph. heat in lower bowel : Ferr. Calc. Diarrhoea. pains radiate from umbilicus: Magnes. remittent: Magnes. mur. obstinate: Kali sulph. dark.. inactivity of bowels: Natr. . Kali phos. fright: Kali phos.. Magnes. sulph. hard stool in old people: Calc. Kali mur. caused by chill: Ferr. Calc. fatty food : Kali mur. of children: Calc. alternating with constipation: Natr. Diarrhoea caused by change of weather: Calc. wet weather: Natr. mur. infantile: Magnes. phos. phos. with spinal affections: Silicea...fluor. aggravated by fruit : Calc.. flatulent fetid: Calc. phos. sulph. phos. phos. sulph. from worms: Natr. phos. phos. sulph. after maple sugar: Calc. relaxed intestinal villi: Ferr. lead: Natr. Natr. 37^ THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. in hypogastrium: Kali phos. stools light-colored : Kali mur. Natr. bilious stools: Natr. phos. phos . Natr. furred tongue: Kali mur. phos. Congestion of liver: Natr. alternating with diarrhoea: Natr. with weakness of intestine: Natr. habitual: Kali sulph. Constipation. inability to expel faeces: Calc. Silicea. hectic fever: Calc.. bilious: Natr. mur. excoriating: Natr. phos. phos.. phos.sulph. mur. mur.. Kali sulph. forcing patient to bend double: Magnes.

involuntary: Natr. phos.. relieved by bending double: Magnes. infantile: Silicea. Duodenal catarrh: Kali mur. REPERTORY... spasmodic retention of urine: Magnes.. Flatulence and colic. purulent: Kali sulph.... phos.. with cramps in calves: Magnes. phos. Cak. febrile stage: Ferr.. watery: Natr.. rice water: Kali phos slimy stools: Calc. Kali mur. sulph. phos. phos. distress about heart: Kali phos. Calc. phos. Natr.. slimy. Natr. Calc.. watery: Kali phos. phos... sanious: Calc. Kali phos. lack of pain in : Cak.. Silicea. phos. phos. very painful: Magnes. phos. phos. 377 Fissure in anus: Silicea. Calc. Calc. foul. cutting pain in abdomen: Natr. . phos. sour smelling: Natr.. phos. watery. phos. green stools: Natr. phos. phos. phos. phos.. Kali sulph. mur. fluor Fistula in ano: Silicea. phos. Calc. . sulph. Enteralgia. phos. Ferr. purulent: Calc.. Calc. mur. Enteric fever: Ferr. Calc. phos. jaundice: Natr. Natr. warmth: Magnes.. Kali mur. painless: Kali phos. Kali sulph.. mur. phos. white stools: Natr. sulph. phos. pure blood: Kali phos. Calc. phos. putrid color: Kali phos. . yellow. . Calc. Kali phos.. slimy: Kali mur. Kali sulph. exhaustion: Kali phos.. Dysentery. sulph. Calc. Natr. Magnes. Calc. abdomen swollen: Kali mur. . mur. sulph.frothy: Natr. Natr. Kali sulph. sulph. fetid: Calc. sulph. Magnes. with purging: Kali mur. Natr. stools purulent: Calc. sulph. imperative. phos. undigested: Ferr. sulph. Natr. with depression: Kali phos. phos. sulph.. Kali mur. mzir.. phos. sulph.

phos. intensely painful: Silicea. sulph. to prevent reformation of: Calc.. inflamed: Fe?y . phos. phos. Jaundice after vexation: Natr.. stinging: Natr. bleeding: Kali mur. phos. blind: Kali sulph. Hemorrhoids. inguinal. external: Kali sulph. Calc. Forcible expulsion of stool: Magnes. . shifting of: Silicea. Heat in lower bowels: Natr.incarcerated: Magnes. Gall-stones. abdominal: Calc. internal: Kali sulph. sulph. itching: Kali phos. mur.. phos. Kali phos. offensive. noisy: Kali phos. Herpes about anus: A T atr. 378 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. phos. sulph. mur. Jaundice caused by gastro-duodenal catarrh: Kali mur. phos. Calc fluor. phos. cutting. sulph. mur. phos. incarcerated and inflamed: Ferr. caused by a chill: Kali mur. smarting and stinging: Natr.. enlarged: Silicea. Hereditary looseness in old women: Natr. phos. like lightning in: Magnes. Hernia. Itching in anus aggravated at night: Natr. fluor. mur. Ferr. phos. gastric catarrh: Kali sulph. oozing: Calc. spasms from : Magnes. Natr. fluor. odor of sulphur: Kali sulph. Ineffectual urging to stool: Kali phos. Calc. chronic : Calc. Glands. beating in: Natr. phos.. Calc. Intestinal ulcers: Calc.. phos.

Piles. Magnes. phos. sulph. mur.mur. Mesenteric glands enlarged: Calc. Painful abscess about anus: Calc.. Marasmus in teething children: Calc. in lower part of sacrum: Calc. sulph. with diarrhoea: Natr. pain in. mur. phos. irritable: Natr. Sacrum. abdominal ring: Natr. Liver. Natr. pain in. phos. mur. mur. Noisy offensive flatus: Kali phos. phos. Navel. Kali sulph... Kali phos. painful: Calc. Natr... congestion of: Natr. Large abdomen in children: Silicea. Neuralgia of the anus: Calc. complete torpidity of: Kali mur. phos. sulph. Kali phos. Ferr phos. phos. mur. stitches in: Natr. phos. stitching pains in: Natr. Natr.. (See Hemorrhoids ) Proctalgia: Natr. .. phos. phos. Kali mur. Rectum. mur. Ferr. sharp.. soreness to touch of: Natr. phos. sluggish action of: Kali mur... in the bowels: Natr phos. Prolapsus ani: Calc. Perityphlitis: Kali mur. phos. mur. with every stool: Magnes.. sulph. empty feeling about: Calc. phos. prolapsus of: Calc. sulph. sulph. Magnes. in liver and spleen: Natr. about region of liver: Calc. sulph.. abscess of: Silicea. disposition to: Ferr. Rawness of anus: Natr. Kali phos. sclerosis of: Natr. through right groin: Natr. Calc. sulph. Pain around navel causes crying: Calc. after stool: Calc.. phos. burns: Kali phos. phos. sulph Paretic condition of rectum: Kali phos Peritonitis: Ferr. phos. region of. phos. phos. phos.

Natr. Stitches in rectum: Natr. mur. Ferr. frothy and glairy: Natr. coagulated casein: Natr... Calc. bilious: Natr. Calc. REPERTORY. phos. phos. phos. phos. sulph. phos. phos. jelly-like masses: Natr.. . Kali phos. inability to expel: Calc.. fetid and foul: Kali phos. clay-colored : Kali mur. black: Kali sulph. phos.Sinking in epigastrium and about navel: Calc. phos. mur... difficult to expel: Natr. creamy: Natr. sulph. phos. Kali phos. flocculent: Kali mur. phos. crumbling: Natr.. mur. mur. mur. Calc. bloody: Kali mur. frequent: Natr. phos. sidph. copious: Ferr. cadaverous-smelling: Silicea. hard: Natr. mur. expelled with force: Magnes. phos. phos.) retain : Natr. pain in: Natr mur. sulph.. Natr.. Natr. Kali phos. phos. dark: Natr. sulph. fluor. knotty: Natr. Stools. dry: Natr.. sulph. Kali phos. involuntary: Natr. 370 Splenic troubles.. green: Natr. Spleen. hot. mur. sulph. (soft. Calc. sputtering: Calc.

Kali sulph. profuse : Calc. Natr. Calc.. phos. sulph.. recede when partly expelled: Silicea. rice-water: Kaliphos. Calc. Calc. sulph. Natr. white: Kali mur. phos.. Calc. of liver: Kali mur. painful: Ferr. Kali sulph.. Straining at stool: Natr. phos. sulph.. phos. sudden: Ferr. phos. .. watery: Ferr. phos. scanty : Natr. sour-smelling: Natr. offensive: Kali phos. Natr. Calc. undigested food: Ferr. Natr. sulph. Tabes mesenterica: Calc. phos. Kali sulph. sulph.. sulph. loose. morning: Natr. mur . Natr.. while eating: Kali phos. phos. phos. phos. pale-yellow: Kali mur.light-colored: Kali mur. Magnes. phos.. mur. phos. purulent: Calc. Natr. noisy: Calc. phos.. phos.. Stools slimy: Kali mur. Natr.. sulph . Summer complaint in teething children: Calc... Kali phos . phos. phos.. phos. Tenesmus: Kali phos. Calc. Calc.. Tympanites: Kali sulph. phos. phos.. sputtering: Calc. putrid odor: Kali phos. phos. Torpidity. streaked with blood: Natr. Calc. mur. mur. phos. Silicea. yellow: Kali sulph. Magnes.. complete. 380 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.

Ulcers. phos. Calc. acute cases: Ferr. sulph.. phos. sulph. mur.. Kali mur. Bright's disease. during urination: Natr. diurml: Ferr. phos. phos. Natr. in children: Silicea.. Kali phos.. Kali mur. Typhlitis: Ferr. Bleeding from urethra: Kali phos.. sulph. cutting pain in: Calc.. Ferr. catarrh of: Natr. ■Waist. phos. Kali mur. Typhus with constipation: Kali mur. neck of. for albumen: Calc. old people: Calc. Urinary Symptoms. Kali mur. Natr. intestinal: Calc. phos. Kali phos. phos. long: Natr.. phos. sulph. phos. phos. Undigested stools: Ferr. phos.. Calc. Worms. Atony of bladder: Natr.. Ferr. phos. phos. chronic: Kali mur. Diabetes mellitus: Calc. Kali phos. nocturnal: Magnes. cannot bear tight clothing around: Na. mur. phos. sulph.. mur. phos. febrile disturbance: Ferr. sulph. stone in: Calc. Calculous phosphates in urine: Calc.. phos.. Kali mur. . 381 Burning after urination: Natr. Wart-like eruptions on anus: Natr. suppurating: Calc.. sulph.. spasm of: Magnes. phos. with asthenic conditions: Kali sulph. Ferr. phos. Weakness in epigastrium: Kali phos. bilious fever: Natr. phos.... phos. phos. phos. Ferr. thread: Natr. Enuresis.. Cutting after urination: Natr. phos. phos. intestinal: Natr. Kali phos. Calc. pains in urethra and neck of bladder: Calc. Cystitis. sulph. phos. Calc. Natr.. phos . sulph. Kali phos.

in children with acidity: Natr. in urethra: Calc.. sulph. Natr. phos. paralysis of sphincter: Kali phos. Ischuria: Ferr. itching in: Kali phos. Natr. mur. Retention of urine: Magnes. phos. phos. Nephritis scarlatinosa: Calc.Frequent urging to urinate: Calc.. Paretic conditions: Kali phos.. Natr. cutting. phos.. Calc. Urging to urinate. Hsematuria: Ferr. phos. sulph. phos. Natr. phos. phos. frequent: Ferr. Lithic deposits in urine: Natr. etc. urination : Kali phos.. sulph... ... phos. phos.. phos. with waterbrash: Natr. inflammation. phos. sulph. phos. Stone in the bladder: Calc. Nocturnal enuresis: Magnes. phos.. phos. Kali sulph. phos. simplex: Natr. Natr. Kali phos. suppuration of: Silicea.. sulph. Increased urine: Calc. Spasmodic retention of urine: Magnes. pains in: Ferr. Ferr. Calc. . phos. Urethra. Secretion of urine. Pains. phos. Kali phos. Gravel: Calc. phos. Natr. Natr. phos. sulph. mur. phos. Silicea. mur. sulph. sulph.. Natr. phos. Incontinence of urine: Calc. Kidneys.. Natr.. coughing. nervous debility: Kali phos.. phos. effects of: Kali mur.. Suppression of urine: Ferr. phos. phos. Polyuria.. cutting pains in: Kali phos. Kali phos.. Natr. phos.. phos. Ferr. . . Natr. phos. Ferr. sulph. Natr. Intermittent flow: Natr. chronic: Natr. phos. Ferr. phos. bleeding from: Kali phos. . while walking.: Natr. Magnes. mur. 382 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. mitr. Natr.. neck of bladder: Calc. phos from scurvy: Natr.. from weakness of sphincter: Ferr. phos. phos. Irritation at neck of bladder: Ferr. Magnes. excessive: Ferr. phos.

sulph. phos. flocculent sediment in: Calc. phos. sulph. phos. yellowish green: Natr. sulph. Natr. spurts out with every cough : Ferr.. Kali phos. gravel in: Calc. bloody: Natr.. Natr. intermittent. secretion excessive: Ferr.. calculous phosphates in: Calc. sulph. Natr. Magnes. Silicea. pus and mucus. sulph. fluor. Natr. phos. phos.Urine. mur... sulph.. phos. REPERTORY. increased: Calc. painful urging: Magnes phos. scalding on: Kali phos. dark-colored: Kali mur.. Natr.. phos. phos. incontinence of: Natr. red with hectic: Calc.. . brickdust sediment: Natr. sulph. phos. sulph. Natr. uric acid. Natr. phos. Natr. mur. fiuor. . phos.. Natr. Calc. phos. yellow like saffron: Kali phos. Silicea. mur. lithic deposits in: Natr. Vesical neuralgia: Magnes. copious: Calc.. involuntary: Ferr. mur.. spasmodically retained: Magnes. scanty : Calc. mur. mur. Silicea. excess of : Kali mur. with: Natr. sulph.. emits pungent odor: Calc. mucus and pus: Silicea. 383 Urination. loaded with bile: Natr. phos. sandy deposit in: Natr. fluor. needs straining: Natr. phos.. sulph.

sulph.. Kali phos. Desire. inflammatory stage: Ferr. Natr. soft: Kalimur. Natr.. phagedenic: Kali phos. Natr. sulph. Discharge of prostatic fluid: Natr. scalding in: Natr. transparent: Natr.. combines with eczema: Kali mur Gonorrhoea. Kali phos. Male Sexual Organs. Silicea. phos. Kalimur. hard: Calc. Silicea. phos. phos. mur. Chronic syphilis: Silicea.. syphilitic: Silicea. itching of: Natr. mur. sulph. Kali sulph. sexual. .Wetting of bed in children: Calc. Gonorrhoea.. phos. phos. . syphilitic: Natr. phos. Erections: Kali phos Epididymitis: Ferr. mur. Erethism. Natr. prostration after: Kali phos. gone: Natr. Calc. with chilliness: Natr. phos. Condylomata. mur. Caries. cutting in bladder and urethra: Kali phos. nightly: Natr.fluor. Natr. Ferr. Natr. without dreams: Natr. phos... Gleet: Natr. Coitus. mur. phos. phos. Balanitis: Kali sulph. Magnes. mur. phos. sulph.. Ferr. mur. 384 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. .. . mur. purulent and sanious: Calc. Kali phos. greenish: Kali sulph.. discharge bloody: Kali phos. after injections of nitrate of silver: Natr. Kali phos. slimy: Kali sulph. watery: Natr.. sexual: Silicea. chronic: Natr. mur. Far. phos.. mur. Natr.. mur. yellow: Kali sulph.. interstitial exudation in: Kali mur. Silicea. subcutaneous exudation: Kali mur.. phos.. sulph.. Kalimur. Drawing in testicles and spermatic cord: Natr. Chancre. Genitals. . Emissions. phos. sulph. Bubo: Calc.

itching: Calc. Natr. 385 Spermatorrhoea: Calc. sulph. sulph. Calc. . mur. mur. Scrotal oedema: Natr. Hydrocele: Silicea.. Sexual erethism: Silicea. Impotence: Kali phos. preputial: Natr. Natr. mur.. Natr. phos. Prostate. phos. Itching of scrotum: Silicea. Ferr. Natr.. Masturbation: Calc. phos. Sexual desire gone: Natr. Natr. phos. Calc. Ferr.. sulph. . suppurative: Silicea. Calc. phos. Persistent sexual thought: Silicea. with anaemia: Calc. Silicea. Calc.. loss of. phos. fluor. phos.. Scrotum. in urethra: Kali phos. phos. Natr. phos.. phos. itching of: Silicea. mur.. phos. phos. sulph. Phagedenic chancres: Kali phos. Nodes in tertiary syphilis: Silicea.. Calc. Seminal emissions without dreams: Natr.. Semen thin and watery: Natr. REPERTORY. sulph. phos. enlarged: Natr. phos.suppressed: Natr. from suppressed gonorrhoea: Kali mur. Natr.. Calc fluor. Natr. sweating of: Silicea. Natr. CEdema.. Natr. phos. Induration of testicles: Calc... mur. Natr. Preputial oedema: Natr. sulph. Hair. Natr mur. phos. phos. mur. with chilliness: Natr. . Orchitis: Calc. Kali phos. scrotal: Natr.. Magnes. Loss of pubic hair. sulph. inflammation. phos. Kali phos. Necrosis. mur. syphilitic: Silicea. abscess of: Calc... phos. Natr. Kali sulph. Si I ice a. mur. .. sulph. from pubes: Natr. increased : Kali phos .. swelling in: Kali mur. mur. sulph.

swelling of: Calc. Kali phos. Calc. Ferr. fluor. phos. phos. mur. Ferr. nodes in tertiary : Silicea. evening aggravations in: Kali sulph. "Weak vision after coitus: Kali phos. mur. phos. phos. Burning in uterus: Natr. Calc. with rheumatic pains: Calc. mur. fluor.. Urethra sore to pressure: Natr. Breast.. mur. labor-like pains: Calc. mur. hard knots in: Calc. Natr. suppurating stage: Calc. fluor. mur. Amenorrhcea: Kali rrncr. fluor. phos.. nosebleed: Natr. phos. aching in: Natr. Varicocele. Female Organs. phos. Natr. phos. Dragging in uterine region: Calc. Kali sulph. Chronic congestion of uterus: Kali mur.. phos. mur. at periods: Ferr. phos. mur. after urinating: Natr. Dryness of the vagina: Natr.. .. Sweat on scrotum: Silicea. pain in testes: Ferr. Testicles. Suppurating prostatitis: Silicea. headache: Natr. excessive. . mur. Bearing-down pains: Calc. Natr. mur. phos. Natr. chronic: Silicea. cutting in. labor-like pains: Calc. Kali phos.. Congestion. phos. pain : Magnes. Calc. Voluptuous feelings in genitals: Calc. indurated: Calc. Kali mur. mur. vagina after urinating: Natr. sulph. mur. Ferr. fluor. 25 386 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Before menses.Spermatic cord painful: Natr. Sycosis: Natr. Displacements of the uterus: Calc. fluor.. mur. fluor. phos. phos. Cutting in the uterus: Natr.. . Chlorosis: Calc. During menses.. mur. Backache with uterine pains: Calc. phos. Ferr.. sadness: Natr. sulph. sulph. Syphilis..

phos. mur. Magnes. External parts tingle: Calc. acrid: Silicea.fluor. mur. Hypertrophy of uterus: Kali mur. frequent urging to urinate: Ferr. Hysteria: Kali phos. acid: Natr. Great dryness of vagina: Natr. orange-colored : Kali phos. mur. mur. abscess of: Silicea. sulph. mur. . phos. Ferr. creamy: Natr. phos. phos. phos. Natr. mur.. phos. p/ios.Dysmenorrhea: Calc. Natr.. sulph. swollen : Magnes. Natr. smarting: Natr. phos. phos. Ferr... scalding: Kali phos. corroding: Natr. Hardness of mammse: Calc. Labia. Flooding: Calc. sulph. phos. like white of egg: Calc. mild and milky : Kali mur. phos. with vomiting of undigested food: Ferr. mur. Kali phos. mur. greenish : Kali sulph . Natr. phos. honey-colored: Natr. slimy: Kali sulph. as a preventive: Ferr... phos. Calc. ' with icy coldness: Silicea. phos. Kali phos. profuse: Silicea.. phos. Natr. irritating: Natr. Silicea. Itching of vulva: Natr. Icy coldness at commencement of flow: Silicea. .. Leucorrhcea.. albuminous mucus: Calc. membranous: Magnes. phos. itching: Silicea. Genitals inflamed and swollen: Natr. phos.

sulph. laborlike pains: Calc. phos. phos. phos. phos. clotted: Kali mur-. phos. phos. -g 7 Loss of hair from pubes: Natr. Kali phos. phos.. Kali sulph. Masturbation in children: Calc. white: Kali mur. last too long: Kali mur. phos. phos. phos. phos. bright red: Calc. Natr. mur. . nosebleed: Natr. phos. yellow: Kali sulph. during bearing-down pains: Calc. acrid: Natr. three weeks: Ferr. hardness of: Calc.sour-smelling: Natr. intense sexual desire: Kali phos. sulph.. Calc. sulph. Silicea. mur. Ferr.fluor.. Calc phos... Natr.. lactation: Calc phos.. not coagulated: Kali phos. Magnes.. Mammae. sulph. phos. Ferr. laborlike pains during: Calc. checked: Kali mur. mur.. mur. worse mornings: Calc.phos.. with headache: Natr. during headache: Natr.. deep red: Kali phos. phos. corrosive: Natr. after. sadness: Natr. blackish-red: Kali phos. Calc. mur. fluor. Natr. watery: Natr. every two weeks: Calc. Kali phos. sulph. Ferr. Kali phos. REPERTORY. Kali sulph. delayed. Calc. phos... sulph. Menses. sulph. chilliness with: Natr. before... irregular: Kali phos. phos. dark: Kali mur.. Natr. black: Kali mur. . Calc.phos. sulph. colic: Magnes. Calc. phos. headache: Natr. fibrous: Magnes. excessive: Kali mur. mur..phos. Ferr.fluor.. thick: Kali mur. offensive: Kali phos. copious: Natr. . pain: Magnes. . mur. . Kali mur.

colic: Magnes. Natr. Natr. Magnes. terrible sadness: Natr.. phos. Calc.. mur.. sulph. Silicea..fluor. phos.. phos. weight of fullness in abdomen: Kali sulph. • with coldness like ice: Silicea.. frequent: Kali mur. . retention of: Kali phos. phos. Natr. Menses. Metritis: Ferr. congestion : Ferr. mur. strong odor: Kali phos. profuse: Kali phos.. . sulph. mur. phos. phos. thin: Kali phos. phos.. Kali snip k. premature: Kali phos. Kali phos. phos. Ferr. Calc. phos. intense: Kali phos. morning diarrhoea: Natr. rheumatic pains: Calc.. Kali phos. sidph. Menstruation. phos.. phos. sulph. long-lasting: Kali mur. sulph. dull and constant: Ferr.. phos.. mur. too early: Kali mur. Ovarian neuralgia worse on right side: Magnes... headache: Kali sulph. mur. sulph. 388 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Kali mur. Kali sulph. mur.) Metrorrhagia: Silicea. Natr. Silicea. Calc. ovarian pain: Ferr. constipation: Silicea. fetid foot-sweat: Silicea. Calc. phos. Natr. suppressed: Kali mur. Natr. phos. Calc. fiuor. Natr mur. Kali phos. Nausea during and after embrace: Silicea. phos.. mur. Natr.. watery: Natr. mental depression: Natr.. mur. Natr. (See Menses. sulph. preceded by sexual excitement: Calc. phos. swelling of labia: Magnes. mur.. stringy: Magnes. Kali sulph. . shortening of knee-cords: Natr...pale: Natr. Calc. phos. late: Kali mur. great weakness: Calc. scanty: Kali phos . Calc sulph . . Calc. phos.. Natr. Pain across sacrum. tough discharge: Kali mur. Kali sulph.. phos. sulph. Nymphomania: Silicea. Kali mur. Calc. phos. phos. Calc. excitement and sleeplessness: Natr. twitchings: Calc.. . Natr..

sulph. phos. vesicular inflammation of: Natr. itching of : Natr..REPERTORY. Pulsation of sexual parts: Calc. phos. phos. phos. Ferr. After-pains: Kaliphos. mur. phos.. Weakness in uterine region: Calc. great dryness: Natr. weak. phos. Fever. with sinking feeling: Calc.fluor. Calc. Ulceration of os and cervix: Kali mur .. phos. Decline after childbirth: Calc. Silicea. Prolapsus uteri: Calc. phos. Ferr. phos. Kali mur. relieved by sitting: Natr. Sterility: Silicea.. Childbed fever: Kaliphos. phos sensitive: Silicea. Natr. soreness and lameness of: Silicea. burning and soreness in vagina after urinating: Natr. inflammation of: Ferr . Excessive expulsive efforts: Magnes. Sensitive vagina: Silicea. phos. phos. Ferr. mur. phos. 389 Pressing towards genitals in morning: Natr. Magnes. Vulva. phos. puerperal: Kali mur. Calc. prolonged nursing: Calc. phos. Vaginal pruritis in old women: Kaliphos. Vaginismus: Ferr. Uterine displacements with rheumatic pain: Natr.. due to feeble contractions: Calc. phos. Cramps in the legs: Magnes. phos. phos... Silicea. phos. Sensation of a ball rising in throat: Kali phos. Throbbing in genitals: Calc. Natr. Serous cysts of vagina: Silicea. . phos. mur. phos. mur. puerperal: Magnes. Vaginal serous cysts: Silicea. phos. Kaliphos. Uterus. Natr. Feet. mur. phos. Voluptuous feelings: Calc. Vagina dry and hot: Ferr.. Burning in mammae: Calc.. Convulsions. phos.fluor. phos. phos during pregnancy : Calc.. Magnes. weakness and distress in: Natr. Pregnancy and Labor.. phos. Kaliphos.

phos. miir. offensive pus: Kali phos. in the breast: Calc. white phlegm: Kali mur. sulph. aggravated in warm season: Kali sulph. Asthma. Calc. phos. fluor. . Ulcers of mammae. Loss of hair during childbirth and lactation: Natr. fluor. vomiting of sour masses: Nair. Magnes. Threatened miscarriage: Kali phos. vomiting of food undigested: Ferr. Nipples crack and ulcerate easily: Silicea.. Kalitmur. Miscarriage threatened: Kali phos. Scirrhus of mammae: Silicea. Ka li phos. awakes at night with. phos. discharge of brown. attack of: Natr. fluor. phos. fistulous ulcers in: Silicea. Respiratory Organs. sulph. Mastitis: Silicea. phos. ineffectual and tedious: Kali phos. sulph. . Silicea.39° THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Pain in feet during pregnancy: Silicea. phos. Pains. phos.. humid: Natr.. Morning sickness. Mammae feel enlarged: Calc. fever : Kali mur. Knots. in children: Natr.. Weariness in all limbs during pregnancy: Calc. fistulous: Silicea Vomiting with bitter taste: Natr. Kali mur. nervous: Magnes. frothy. false. sulph. spasmodic: Magnes. Calc.. . Puerperal convulsions: Magnes.. phos. Mother's milk salty and bluish: Calc. Magnes. mur. Mania. hay: Kali phos. phos. phos. puerperal: Kali phos. fluor. hard. Calc. Fcrr. Abscess of lungs: Silicea.. sulph. mania: Kali phos. sulph. feeble: Kali phos. phos. from the least food: Kali phos. Phlegmasia alba dolens: Natr. Asthma. hard lumps in : Calc. watery phlegm: Natr.. bronchial: Kali sulph.

sulph.. Natr. across: Calc. causes headache: Natr.. Breathing hurried and oppressed: Ferr.. . phos. hectic fever: Calc. croupy: Kali mur.. Ferr.. loose rattling: Silicea. sulph.. Silicea.. Catches cold easily: Ferr.. mur. Natr.. better lying down: Calc. Natr. profuse. pains deep-seated: Silicea. 392 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. dry: Ferr. phos. Kali phos. Calc. Bronchitis: Ferr. rattling of mucus in: Kali sulph. phos. phos. Natr. sulph. by pressure: Natr. Silicea. convulsive: Magnes. chronic.fluor. phos. spasmodic jerking: Natr. morning: Natr. phos. phos. Burning soreness in chest: Ferr. Calc. lumpy expectoration: Calc. Magnes.. short: Ferr. barking: Kali mur. phos. pains aggravated by deep breathing: Natr. expectoration.... sulph.. sulph. phos. soreness. with gastric derangements: Kalimur. acute: Kalimur. phos. sulph. Chest. phos. worse change to damp weather: Natr. phos.REPERTORY.fluor.. Congestion of lungs: Ferr. Catch in breath: Ferr. of consumptives: Calc. phos. weakness in: Silicea. Coldness of feet with chest troubles: Calc. Kali sulph. Cough.. Kali phos. mur. sulph. sulph. Kali mur. when flatulence is troublesome: Magnes. phos. phos. phos. phos. phos. phos. mur. tickling behind sternum : Natr. Calc. chronic: Natr. Natr. watery mucus: Natr. yellow. aggravated in evening: Kali sulph. contraction of: Calc. phos. yellow: Kali sulph. mur. sulph. Kali mur. sore to touch: Calc. Cough from cold drinks: Silicea.. mur. mur. darting: Magnes. ameliorated by pressure: Natr.. sulph. mur. 291 Asthma. phos. constriction of: Magnes. mur. phos.. Natr. Natr. Natr. mur..

Calc. sulph. mur. Empyema: Calc.. fetid: Kali phos.phos.. Calc. Silicea suprasternal fossa: Silicea.. phos... involuntary emission of urine: Ferr. Kali sulph.. Kali phos. phos. Croupy hoarseness: Kali sulph. better lying down: Calc. in trachea: Ferr. periodical: Natr. Kali mur.. mur. Natr. painful: Ferr. Calc. phos. fluor. mur. nervous: Magnes. suffocative in children. phos. Kali larynx: Calc. clear: Natr. Natr. whooping: Ferr. phos. harsh: Kali mur... coughed up with difficulty: Natr. phos. phos. Natr. on lying down: Magnes.. mur. spasmodic: Magnes. phos.. Silicea. mur.. Kalisulph. Kali phos. Kali mur. phos... hacking: Calc. phos. fluor.. with bursting headache: Natr... Calc. phos.. Kali mur. Calc. Kali mur.fltcor. Expectoration absent: Ferr. tickling: Ferr. mur. Kali sulph. Calc. phos. loose rattling: Kali sulph. sulph. sulph. night sweats: Silicea. Magnes. Natr. Silicea.. mur. mur.. Natr. phos. Kali phos. short: Ferr. hoarse: Kalisulph. phos. .. . throat: Calc. Croup: Ferr.. phos.. Kali phos. fiuor. sulph. loud and noisy: Kali mur.. paroxysmal: Magnes... mur.. Emaciation in phthisis: Calc. Magnes. during damp weather: Natr. irritating: Silicea.. Kali sulph. frothy: Natr. sensation of goneness in chest: Natr..phos.. Epiglottis feels closed: Calc. phos.. Magnes. REPERTORY.. Silicea. phos. phos. phos. Natr. fluor. Kali phos. Dyspnoea: Ferr. hard: Ferr. Ferr. phos. fluor. phos. Calc.Q2 Expectoration copious: Silicea. -. fluor. mur. mur.

purulent: Natr. Calc. offensive: Silicea. Calc. Heat in chest: Ferr. Calc.granular: Silicea. Calc. phos.. Natr. Haemoptysis after concussion or fall: Ferr. Natr.. mucous: Calc.. Magnes. Kali phos. spasm of: Calc. sulph. Silicea. Hectic fever: Calc... phos. Silicea. mur. Ferr. phos. sulph. Hay fever: Kali phos.. Kali mur. sulph. mur.. ropy: Natr. fiuor. Silicea. sputum slips back: Kali sulph. Intercostal mUscles sore: Natr. phos.. scanty. profuse: Kali sulph.. sulph.. viscid and whitish: Kali mur. Kali phos. fiuor. phos. phos. Natr. phos.. salty: Kali phos. with chest troubles: Calc.. Kali phos. rattling: Natr. Silicea. milky: Kali mur. Kali sulph. Silicea. loose: Natr.. Calc. s?ilph. Kali sulph. sulph. thick: Natr. phos. sulph. phos. Huskiness after singing or speaking: Ferr.. lumpy: Calc. mur. Calc. sulph. Kali sulph. Hoarseness: Kali phos.. blood streaked: Ferr. Frequent hawking: Calc. slimy: Kali sulph.. serous: Natr.. Calc. .. Silicea. Kaliviur. phos. sulph. phos... fiuor.. sulph.. Fistula in ano. phos. Silicea.. mur. sanious: Calc. from cold: Kali sulph. yellowish: Calc..fluor. phos.. watery: Natr. Silicea. Silicea.. phos. Natr. mur. Holds chest while coughing: Natr.. greenish: Natr. mur.. Silicea. phos. Kali sulph. Glottis.

mur. Kali sulph. on going up stairs: Kali phos. Ferr. aggravated by breathing: Natr. Profuse night sweats: Calc. phos: CEdema of lungs: Natr. phos. Lungs. Silicea.. . Calc. phos. .. Kali mur. lungs: Ferr. Kali sulph. phos. Mucus slips back and is swallowed: Kali sulph. phos. Calc. Kali mur. Calc.. sulph.. sulph.394 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES.. congestion of: Ferr... phos. phos. Silicea. phos. tendency to: Natr. Suffocative cough in children: Calc. Natr. Rattling of mucus in chest: Natr. Speaking is fatiguing: Kali sulph. phos... Sore pain above sternum: Calc. Natr. Natr. shrill voice: Magnes.. phos. Night-sweats profuse: Silicea. mu r. Natr. phos. Natr. Calc. Sighing. Kali phos. Soreness of chest. Kali tmir. Pains in chest.. phos. phos. phos. phos... mur. phos. phos. painful: Ferr. Calc. Spasmodic closure of windpipe: A/agues. Kali mur.. Shortness of breath: Ferr. Stitches in sides: Ferr. piercing: Natr. mur.. Silicea... phos. Calc.. Spasm of glottis: Calc. phos. Kali mur. Larynx. leftside. phos. Calc. sulph. mur. intercostal muscles: Natr. phos. Sudden. florida: Natr. Pneumonia: Ferr. pressure: Natr. phos. Involuntary urination when coughing: Ferr. phos. sulph.. sulph. fluor. sore: Ferr. phos. fluor. phos. Pleurisy: Ferr. relieved by pressure: Natr. phos. Natr.phos. . Kali phos.. to touch: Calc. phos.. phos.. phos. sulph. Ferr. Natr. sulph. irritated: Ferr. mur. mur:. Ferr.. Laryngitis: Ferr. Phthisis: Calc. Oppression of breathing: Ferr. phos. . phos. Natr.. across: Calc. Kal sulph.

. fluor. phos. from paralysis of vocal cords: Kali phos. Calc. mur. Faintness from fright or fatigue: Kali phos Hands cold: Natr. Extremities numb: Natr. phos. Natr. Kalimur. Dilatation of bloodvessels: Calc.. Chronic heart disease: Silicea. Natr. Dizziness from weak heart action: Kali phos. phos. mur.. Endocarditis: Ferr. phos. Anaemic conditions with heart troubles: Kali phos. Magnes. Magnes. Silicea. Natr. Kali phos. Embolism: Kalimur. Heart. Voice. Action of heart intermittent: Kaliphos. dilatation of: Ferr. Calc. phos. Ferr. 295 Trachea. Calc.. "Weary feeling in pharynx: Kalisulph. "Wheezing rales: Kali mur. phos. phos. mur. mur. Arteritis: Ferr. Aneurism: Ferr. Circulation sluggish: Kali phos.. Tracheitis: Ferr. mur. phos... phos. fluor.. Kali mur.. mur. Angina pectoris: Magnes. phos. Circulatory Organs. Calc.. Kali si/lph. Sweat. phos. ... loss of: Ferr. phos. Whooping cough: Ferr.. sudden. phos. phos . phos. fluor. shrill: Magnes. phos. Blood vessels. irritated and sore: Kaliphos. heart : Ferr. profuse about head and neck: Calc. fluor. constriction about: Natr. phos . Carditis: Ferr. night: Calc. phos. REPERTORY. fluttering about: Natr. fluor.feeling: Kali sulph. Kali phos.. enlargement of: Calc.

Telangiectases: Ferr. from excessive flow of blood: Kali mur. Ferr. Tumors. around. during inspiration: Calc. Pulse felt all over body: Natr. phos. full. mur. phos. Kali phos. phos... phos. phos. mur. Natr mur. 396 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. fluor. Ferr. intermittent: Natr. feels pulse in different parts of body: Natr. Trembling about heart: Natr. mur. phos. fluor. Back and Extremities. phos. Calc. Intermittent action of heart: Kali phos. Vascular tumors: Calc. Varicose ulcerations: Calc. phos. Natr. phos. Calc. violent motion: Silicea. phos. Kali mur. phos.. fluor. vascular: Calc. phos. pain at base: Natr. fluor. quick: Kali sulph. around. phos. phos. scarcely perceptible: Kali sulph.. phos. Ferr. during inspiration: Calc. Calc.. Phlebitis: Ferr.. Pains at base of heart: Natr. phos.hypertrophy: Natr. phos.. Pericarditis: Ferr. sulph. mental emotion or going up stairs: Kali phos. sleeplessness: Kali phos. round.. fluor. phos. veins: Ferr. Silicea.. . phos. rapid: Natr. irregular: Kali phos. not rope-like: Ferr. mur.. nervous and spasmodic: Magnes.. mur. Lymphangitis: Ferr. with anxiety: Calc. phos. Naevi: Ferr. Palpitation after rheumatic fever: Kali phos. Natr. Non-closure of foramen ovale: Calc.

phos. Ankles feel as if dislocated: Calc. phos. Burning of soles : Calc. warm room : Kali sulph . Calc.. fluor. phos. phos. sulph. weak feeling in: Natr. darting in: Magnes. mur. Blistering festers on fingers: Natr. Back.. Anchylosis of knee: Silicea. phos. Natr. low down: Calc. mur. aggravated in the evening: Kali sulph. in open air : Kali sulph .Aching of limbs: Calc.. fluor. phos. pain in back: Natr. phos. rheumatic pains: Kali sulph. phos. Bunions : Kali mur. sulph. of shoulders: Calc. carbuncles on: Calc. Kali phos... phos. crick in: Ferr.. spinal: Kali phos. Silicea. Bowlegs in children: Calc. REPERTORY. soreness in: Nalr. spasms in: Nalr. Magnes. acute boring pain in: Magnes. mur. phos. mur. phos. Bursse : Calc. sulph. .. relieved by motion : Kali phos. phos.. asleep: Calc. Ferr. ameliorated by lying on something hard: Natr. pain in. pain: Natr. Backache. Silicea. Natrum mur. mur. Bruised feeling all over: Kali phos. phos. Calc.. sulph. phos. between scapulae: Calc. stimulating spinal irritation : Calc. phos. cold: Natr. phos. neuralgic pains in: Kali sulph. Silicea. phos. Arthritic rheumatism: Natr. sulph. mur. 397 Back. sulph. Natr. between scapulae: Kali phos. Anaemia. in the lumbar region in the morning: Calc. swellings: Natr. phos. weak: Natr. Arms feel heavy: Silicea tired: Natr. fluor..

. Magnes. phos. Feet. itching of soles of: Calc. Caries of bones of extremities: Silicea. phos. phos. phos. neck: Natr.. Kali phos. phos. mur. Extensors. sulph. mur. Chilblains: Kali Chronic swelling Coldness in back fluor. phos. phos. Coccyx hurts after riding: Silicea... weakness in: Natr. languor and cedema of: Natr. extremities: Kali sulph. Kali phos. Cracking of joints: Calc. Contraction of extensors: Natr. phos. fiuor. Calves. Carbuncles on the back: Calc. fluor. contraction of: Natr. Silicea. tendons: Kali mur.... tender. sulph. mur. Coxalgia : Natr.. fall asleep: Natr. Dragging down in back: Calc. phos. Elbow-joint swollen: Calc. of legs: Kali mur. tired: Silicea. mur. of limbs: Calc. fiuor. Epipheses swollen: Calc. hands while writing: Calc.. phos. phos. Crick in the back: Ferr. Excruciating pains in joints: Magnes.. phos. Natr. and extremities: Natr.. Calc. mur. Ferr.. Cramps in calves: Calc. Calc. Calc. sulph. Extremities numb: Natr. swell: Kali mur. indurated: Calc. cramps in: Calc. phos. 398 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Magnes. Natr. phos. sulph. cold by day.Buttock asleep: Calc.fiuor. mur. phos. Emaciation of neck in children: Natr. phos. burning of: Kali phos. Crawling and creeping in the limbs: Calc. phos.. phos. Cervical glands enlarged: Kali mur. warm at night: Natr. Magnes. mur. Exostoses on fingers: Calc.. Natr. sulph. phos. mur. phos.

sulph. Fistulous ulcers: Silicea. phos. phos. phos... sulph.. Hamstrings. mur.fiuor. Goitre: Calc. phos... mur. Natr. Gout. sulph. get stiff while writing: Calc. Fetid perspiration of feet: Silicea. fluor. phos. pains in: Kali mur. Natr. inflamed: Natr. phos. mur. enlarged: Kali mur. phos.. Kali mur . Fidgety feeling in feet: Kali phos. mur.. Natr. Silicea. Natr. itching blisters on: Natr. phos. phos. phos. Ferr. involuntary shaking of: Magnes. mur. Natr. fiuor. fall asleep: Calc. phos. fiuor. phos. rheumatic. indurated: Calc. aggravated at night: Calc. feel heavy: Silicea. palms of. mur. phos. enlargement of joints by: Calc. sulph. acute: Natr.. phos.. Ferr. hot : Ferr. Gait unsteady: Natr. chronic: Natr.. Calc. Fungoid inflammation of joints: Kali sulph.tender: Magnes. Felon: Calc. skin of.fiuor.. Natr. phos.. stiff: Calc. Natr. phos. cervical. Ganglion at back of wrist: Calc. Natr. sulph. hard and sore: Natr. painful contraction of: Natr. dry and cracked: Natr. sulph. Finger-joints enlarged: Calc. phos.. sore: Natr. REPERTORY. mur. phos. Glands. Calc.. sulph. . tonic spasms of: Silicea. Ferr. Hands cold: Natr. phos.. 390 Gout. about the feet: Calc. phos. periodical attacks of: Natr. Natr.

. mur. knee-joint: Calc. stitches in: Natr. left.. fluor.. swollen and painful: Ferr. sulph. fluor. Indurated cervical glands: Calc. gouty enlargements of: Calc. sulph. Inflammation of joints: Ferr. phos. . Ferr. shaking of hands: Magnes.. 400 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. sulph. Natr. cracking in: Calc. fluor. Ingrowing toe nails: Silicea. Itching of legs: Kali mur. Joints. Natr. sulph. Natr. sulph.. phos. Hip-joint disease: Calc. Idiopathic softening of spinal cord: Kali phos. mur. Calc. Calc. phos. Hips. phos. sulph. Joints. sulph. Magnes. Kali mur. mur. herpes in bend of: Natr. fungoid inflammation of: Kali sulph. phos. phos. Natr. palms: Kali phos.. chronic synovitis of: Silicea.. phos. Kali sulph.. swelling around: Kali mur. Kali mur. Natr. pains in: Kali phos. phos. phos. Natr. Hangnails: Natr.spasms of: Silicea.. phos.. chronic rheumatism of: Natr. Kali phos. fungoid: Kali sulph. Housemaid's knee: Calc. Silicea. fluor. mur. Silicea.. sore pain in: Natr.. Kali phos. toes: Natr. Kali mur. Knees. mur.. soles: Calc. like insect bites: Natr.. mur. tremble: Natr. mur . Involuntary jerkings during sleep: Natr. phos. warts in palms of: Kali mur..

Nape. Lumbago from strains: Calc. from cold: Ferr. Natr.. Kali phos. Neuralgic pains in limbs: Kali sulph. phos. phos. acute.. Muscular weakness: Kali phos. phos. Silicea. fluor. phos. pains in: Kali sulph. phos. trembling of: Calc. fluor. Natr. ameliorates pain: Kali sulph. mur. Silicea.. phos. phos. phos. Neck. Limbs fall asleep: Natr. Ferr. in children: Calc. crippled and brittle: Silicea. Kali phos.. Osseous tumors: Calc. sulph. sulph. phos. 401 Pains in the back or extremities. aggravated by fatigue: Kali phos.. Calc. phos. mur. phos. Ferr.. Magnes. Calc.. Kali sulph. Numbness of limbs: Calc. Locomotor ataxia: Natr. . aching between scapulae: Calc. drawing in: Natr. Ferr. . phos. phos. Kali sulph. Kali mur... phos. REPERTORY. phos. Motion aggravates pains: Kali mur. phos. fluor.. pains at roots of: Calc. acute: Magnes. Oversensitiveness of spine: Natr.. phos. sulph. phos. phos. .. itch: Kali mur. sulph.. mur. spinal: Natr.inflamed: Calc. (Edema of feet: Natr. Meningitis. phos. jerking of: Natr. mur. phos. Nails. weakness of: Natr. feel tired: Silicea. aggravated by exertion: Ferr.. Magnes. pain : Natr. Lameness.. Pains in back or extremities. paralytic and rheumatic: Kali phos. phos. stiff from cold: Ferr. numbness and coldness of: Calc. emaciated. mur. Calc. mur neuralgic pains in: Magnes. Natr. Legs give way while walking: Natr.

Ferr. neuralgic: Kali sulph. Natr. raw and sore: Natr. itch: Kali phos. phos. soles of feet: Kali phos. in open air: Kali sulph. phos.. Magnes. Ferr. gouty pains: Kali mur. Calc. phos. ameliorated by gentle motion: Kali phos. . wrist: Natr. Natr. phos. in shin-bones: Calc. phos. periodical: Kali sulph. exertion: Kali phos. knees: Calc.. Natr. suddenly go to heart: Natr. fluor. phos.. mur.. acute: Calc. phos. Ferr.. warmth of bed: Kali mur. Paralytic lameness: Kali phos. phos. Calc. Pott's disease: Calc. Magnes. phos. phos. Psoas abscess: Silicea. Natr. sulph. shoulders: Silicea. Kali mur. phos. phos... Paralysis agitans: Magnes. Kali mur. Natr. shifting: Kali sulph.. boring: Magnes. Rheumatic fever.. tendency: Kali phos. sulph.. phos. . phos. phos. lightning-like: Kali mur. phos. sulph. aggravated by change of weather: Calc. coccyx: Calc. Magnes. Silicea. low down in back: Calc. roots of finger nails: Calc... phos.. Natr. fluor. darting: Magnes. Calc.. through feet: Silicea.. sacro-iliac synchondroses: Calc. sulph. Panaritium: Calc. lameness: Kali phos. phos. phos. Phalanges easily dislocated: Calc. phos. Kali phos. phos. Rheumatism. when rising: Kali phos.. phos. warm weather: Kali sulph. rheumatic: Kali sulph. spasmodic: Magnes.. in the evening: Kali sulph. sulph. phos. phos. stiffness of neck: Calc. phos. phos. phos. phos. phos... Natr. Kali mur. Palms of hands hot: Ferr. . phos.motion: Ferr. Rheumatic fever: Ferr. Silicea. 26 4<32 " THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Proud flesh: Kali mur.

Natr. fluor. Soreness between shoulders: Silicea. Calc. phos. Natr. Kali mur. violent pains: Kali sulph. Natr. flying about: Calc. ameliorated \>y gentle motion: Kali phos. in the morning: Kali phos. Natr. phos. Natr.. phos. subacute: Ferr. sulph. sulph... phos. of thighs: Calc. Silicea. Slow in learning to walk: Calc.. Magnes. sulph.. irritation: Calc.. REPERTORY. Kali sulph.. phos. Ferr. chronic: Calc. Sciatica: Kali phos. phos. phos. Silicea. phos.. phos.. fluor. Sensation of ants creeping over parts: Calc. . 403 Spinal anaemia: Kaliphos. sulph. itch: Calc. Natr. insect bites: Natr. Natr. Natr. sulph.. ... phos.fatigue: Kali phos. muscular: Ferr. sulph. Silicea.. Shifting pains in back: Kali sulph. Kali siclph. curvature: Calc. phos. phos. mur. mur. felt during motion: Ferr.. phos. Calc.. ventosa: Calc.. phos. phos. mur.. drawing in: Kali phos. phos. Natr.. phos. Natr. phos. oversensitiveness: Natr. night: Calc. sulph. Shooting through elbows: Calc.. Magnes. Kali mur. Silicea. phos. phos. Calc. Kali phos. phos. Calc.. Kali phos. articular: Ferr. mur. pains in: Calc. sulph.... Spina bifida: Calc. Natr.. Natr.. Kali phos. phos. softening of: Kali phos. Calc. mur.. of joints. phos. phos... motion: Ferr.... warmth: Ferr. phos.. mur. phos. Ferr. warmth of bed: Kali mur. mur. Silicea. phos. Magnes. cord. meningitis: Natr. Natr. Sacro-iliac synchondroses. Stiffness of body: Kali phos. phos. phos. Soles burn: Calc. phos. Kali mur. Spine sensitive to touch: Magnes. heat or cold: Calc. phos...

Toes. Thighs. phos. indolent: Silicea. feet or toes: Silicea. Bladder. draw: Natr. Kali mur. phos. phos. 404 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Ferr. phos. Magnes. phos. sulph. Ball.. Calc. mur. Calc.. Natr. phos. Clenched fingers or fists: Magnes. phos. phos.. Bodily pains felt too acutely: Kali phos. phos... Calc.. sulph. chronic: Silicea. phos. phos. fluor. Anaemia. Stumbles easily: Kali phos. Tonic spasms of hands. itching of: Natr. Weariness : Natr. phos. sulph. Congestive neuralgia : Ferr. phos. Chorea: Natr. general: Natr. 'Weakness. Urticaria about joints: Natr. Tenalgia crepitans: Ferr. Warts in palms: Kali mur. Tired feeling in back: Calc. phos. Wrists ache: Natr. fluor. with retarded stools: Natr.. after cold: Ferr. inside of. phos. Natr.. sulph. in throat: Kali phos.. Silicea. sensation of. . Sweat of axillae or feet offensive: Silicea. Wounds suppurating: Calc. Alcoholism : Magnes. sulph. mur. fluor.. Synovitis... phos. Natr. mur. Nervous Symptoms. Natr. Silicea. Atrophic paralysis: Kali phos.. Calc. syphilitic: Calc. Whitlow: Calc. mur. phos. Calc. spinal: Kali phos.. chronic: Kali mur. Stiff neck from cold: Ferr. phos. Contortions of the limbs: Magnes. mur. Natr. phos. paralysis of: Kali phos. Natr. Silicea. phos.. mur.. Strains of ligaments or tendons: Ferr. Natr.. Calc. sulph. Convulsions during development: Calc. from worms: Silicea. Ulcers of extremities : Kali mur. Kali mur. phos. Toe-nails grow in: Silicea. Ferr. Kali sulph.after rest: Kali phos. Swelling of legs. phos..

phos. nervous: Kali phos. as if paralyzed: Natr. Languor: Calc.. phos. Calc. phos. occuring at night: Silicea. phos. Magnes. REPERTORY.. Magnes. . Natr. sulph. Magnes. Calc. Crawling sensation. Hands tremble when writing: Natr. mur. phos. obstinate: Silicea. Calc. phos. Facial paralysis : Kali phos. phos. with colic: Natr. Lockjaw : Magnes. Calc. Hemiplegia: Kali sulph. with rush of blood to head: Ferr.... from vicious habits: Magnes. Convulsive sobbing: Magnes.. Fingers clenched : Magnes. nervous: Kali phos. Gait unsteady. phos.. erethism: Silicea.. hysterical: Natr. phos. Failure of strength: Kali phos. Involuntary movements : Magnes. phos. with stiffness: Magnes. Fidgety feeling: Kali phos. Cramps. phos. Debility after acute diseases: Calc. phos. Lightning-like pains: Magnes. phos. Depression.. Epilepsy after suppressed eruptions: Kali mur. mur. phos. phos. phos. from fright: Kali phos. mur. phos. phos. writer's or violin player's: Magnes. sulph. Inflammatory neuralgia: Ferr. Easily fatigued: Kali phos. Loss of motor power: Kali phos. Creeping paralysis: Kali phos. Hysteria from sudden emotions: Kali phos. 405 Infantile paralysis : Kali phos. Globus hystericus : Kali phos. with debility: Natr. mur. phos. sitlph. Exhaustion. phos. phos.. teething children: Ferr. as of ants: Calc. Hiccough: Natr. Ferr. nervous: Kali phos. phos. Fears burglars: Kali phos. Magnes.

phos. of any part: Kali phos. Kali phos. Ferr. Neuralgia.. Natr. phos. phos. sulph. intercostal : Magnes. mur. locomotor: Kali phos. obstinate: Silicea. bladder: Kali phos.. Nervousness at night: Fe?'r. phos. congestive: Ferr. phos. occurring at night : Calc. from tabes dorsalis: Silicea. of anus: Calc. Ferr. Natr. Sciatica: Kali phos. Silicea. coming on suddenly: Kali phos. atrophic: Kali phos. like electrical shocks: Calc. Nervous exhaustion: Kali phos. shifting: Kali phos.. phos. Magnes. Magnes.. phos. phos. phos. rheumatic: Calc. .sense of touch: Kali phos. . Neuralgia. Restless. desire to move: Natr. and creeping over parts: Calc.. Natr. phos. mur. Paralysis agitans: Magnes. Magnes. phos. phos. . creeping : Kali phos.. Magnes. Calc. facial: Kali phos. from sexual excess: Kali phos. phos. infantile: Kali phos.. Sensitive to noise and light: Kali phos. Night terrors of children: Kali phos. inflammatory: Ferr.. recurring: Natr. phos.. phos. Sensation of ball in throat: Kali phos. phos.. phos. phos. worse from change of water: Calc. phos. of numbness: Natr. of trembling: Kali phos. mur. sulph.

phos. phos. Children cry out during sleep: Calc.. phos. Desire to sleep constant: Natr. spread from solar plexus: Silicea. Kali phos. Thumbs drawn in : Magnes. Tabes dorsalis : Kali mur. Silicea. facial muscles from worms: Natr. phos.. phos. phos. phos. Calc.. Shootings along nerves: Natr. mur.. phos.jluor. Calc. Natr... mur. phos. Weakness: Calc. Weary feeling : Natr. Silicea.. phos. Startled at least noise: Kali mur.. Squinting from worms: Natr. Magnes. Trembling of the body: Natr.. Natr. Natr. Stammering. of hands during sleep: Natr. Calc.. Silicea. . Natr. sulph. . Natr.cold air: Silicea. phos Spasms from slight provocation: Silicea. phos. phos.. Kali phos. mur.. Twitchings : Calc. Tired feeling : Natr. mur. Calc. phos.. Magnes. phos. phos... Spinal anaemia: Kali phos.. phos.. Sleep and Dreams. Tetanic spasms: Magnes. . Ferr.. Kali phos. Teeth clenched : Magnes. Spasmodic closure of sphincters: Silicea.. Calc.. phos. sulph. in morning : Kali phos. phos. irritation: Kali phos. of glottis: Calc.. Calc. Magnes. Tic douloureux: Ferr.. sulph.. phos. Writer's cramps : Magnes. mur. Singultus: Natr. phos. sulph.. sulph.. phos. sulph. tetanic: Magnes... Stiffness: Kali phos. phos. limbs: Calc. mur. -mur.. spasmodic: Magnes... Magnes.. Ferr. Magnes. mur. Kali phos. Natr. Calc. Constant stretching and yawning: Calc. Magnes. 406 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. phos . Natr. Kali phos.. phos. phos. Magnes. mur. phos. phos. Magnes. Kali phos. sulph. Natr. Natr. phos. phos. phos. . phos. Awakes screaming: Kali phos. phos. Awakened by flatulent pains: Natr. sulph.. Natr. Natr.

Natr. . Magnes. Jerking of limbs during sleep: Silicea. places.. sulph. . Insomnia : Natr. restless: Natr. jerking of limbs: Silicea. heavy: Natr.. phos. mur. unrefreshing: Natr. orgasm of blood: Silicea.. Natr. Sleeplessness after worry: Kali phos. sulph. nervous irritation: Natr. ghosts: Kali phos. Ferr. Natr. phos. Natr.. phos. phos. Excessive sleep: Natr. itching: Natr. phos. Falls asleep while sitting: Natr. sulph. vivid: Kali sulph.. from exhaustion : Magnes.. from exhaustion : Magnes.. sulph. mur. Ferr. hyperaemia: Ferr. sulph. sulph.. Feels tired in the morning: Natr. mur. Natr. 407 Dreams. mur. phos. Natr. phos. excitement: Kali phos. falling: Kali phos.. phos. Somnambulism: Kali phos. phos. with sense of impending danger: Calc. lascivious: Kali phos. new scenes. with sense of danger : Calc. phos. phos. mur. Drowsiness: Natr. Sleep.REPERTORY.. Natr. Magnes.. Sleepy during day. Natr. old people: Calc. etc. mur. phos. mur. phos. mur. from business worry: Kali phos. of convulsions from fright: Calc. sulph. anxious: Natr. fluor.. phos. fluor. robbers: Natr. sexual : Natr. in the afternoon: Ferr. wakeful at night: Calc. Restless sleep : Natr. Starting during sleep: Natr. : Calc. Startled at least noise: Kali mur. phos. phos. During sleep children cry out: Calc.. mur. fire : Kali phos. mur. Kali phos. Hard to awaken in the morning: Calc. mur. sulph. phos. phos. Kali mur. phos. Spasmodic yawning: Magnes. Kali phos. mur. 4-08 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. Magnes. fluor. excessive: Natr.

. Calc. ?nur. on lips: Natr. gastric: Kali sulph. from blood-poisoning: Kali sulph. mur. phos.. Magnes. .. mur. Chilliness: Silicea. Fever. Ferr.. Blisters. phos. sulph. mur. phos.. Tired in the morning on awaking: Natr. phos. Natr. Unrefreshing sleep : Natr. Febrile Symptoms. Kali phos. burn at night: Natr. Natr. sulph.. Chill from morning till noon: Natr.... sulph. Camp fever : Kali phos.. Feet icy cold : Natr. after dinner: at 7 p. Calc. phos. mur. Catarrhal fever: Ferr. Kali mur. Calc.. Natr.. Kali mur. hay: Natr. phos.. phos. hysterical: Kali phos. sulph... phos. every day at if. m. camp: Kali phos. Kali mur.: Ferr. Ferr.. Bilious fever: Natr. Natr. Kali mur.Stretching: Kali phos. enteric: Kali sulph. mur.. Kali mur. Ferr. Calc. phos. Magnes. Calc. phos. Enteric fever : Kali sulph. phos. Kali phos. hectic: Silicea. Cold sweat : Kali sulph.. Fever. mur. Chills run up and down the back: Magnes. Wakeful at night: Calc. phos. K.. phos. Brain fever : Kali phos. bilious: Natr.: Magnes. Kali mur. phos. Kali phos.. Twitching of muscles on falling asleep: Kali phos. catarrhal: Ferr. inflammatory: Ferr. phos... Yawning. mur. Silicea. phos. phos. Ague : Nat) . Silicea. phos.. fever. brain: Kali phos.. phos. phos. spasmodic: Magnes. Kali phos.

phos.. Petechiae : Kali phos. remittent: Natr.. Kali phos. Kali mur. Kali phos.) after quinine: Natr. phos. . rheumatic: Kali mur. mur. phos. Ferr. Calc. (See above. Natr.. mur. debilitating perspiration: Kali phos. Ferr. Perspiration about head: Silicea. phos. REPERTORY. with acid vomiting: Natr. Kali mur.. Natr. phos. puerperal : Kali mur. Natr. vomiting of food: Ferr. Ferr.. debilitating: Kali phos. malignant and putrid: Kali p ho s.. Natr. Natr. sulph. sulph... Night-sweats.. mur.. vtur. . 409 Fever. scarlet: Kali sulph. Kali sulph. Rigors : Ferr. Calc. phos... sulph.. phos. Ferr. Natr. sour and acid: Natr. phos. yellow: Natr. profuse: Na. phos... typhoid: Kali sulph. Ferr. nervous: Kali phos. sulph..intermittent: Magnes. Kali phos.. phos.. Kali mtir. yellow slimy-coated tongue: Kali sulph.. cramps: Magnes. phos. Silicea. profuse: Kali phos. fetid: Kali phos. chronic: Calc. phos. while eating: Kali phos.. cold: Kali sulph.. phos. Calc. Natr. Intermittent fever. mur. phos. phos. sulph.

phos. Typhus fever: Calc.. Kali mur. fistulous: Silicea. Ferr. sulph. Sweat sour and weakening: Natr.. Temperature rises during evening: Kali sulph.. sulph.. Silicea. while eating: Kali phos.. mur. rosacea : Calc. mur. Kali phos. night. Blisters on skin: Kali phos. Calc... Silicea.. fetid: Kali phos. Ferr. Bunions : Kali mur.Scarlet fever: Kali sulph. phos. .. Ferr. .... phos.. sulph. phos. Kali phos. Burns : Kali mur. . Boils : Magnes... Kali phos. Calc. Barber's itch: Magnes.. phos. . Kali mur. profuse: Kali phos. debilitating: Kali phos. sulph. Kali mur. tendency to: Silicea. Ferr. Abscess : Kali mur. Sweat about head: Silicea. Alopecia areata : Kali phos. Skin. phos. phos. 4-IO THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. . sulph. Yellow fever: Natr. Natr. Beard falls out : Natr. Calc. . sulph . sulph. mur. sulph.. Natr. cold: Kali sulph. phos. Calc.. Ferr.. without thirst: Natr. phos.. Ferr. Calc. Natr. mur. mur.. Nat?'. Calc. phos. mur. Natr.. Natr.. Kali phos. Natr. Kali phos. Chafed skin: Calc. profuse at: Natr. Silicea. Silicea. Anaemic eruptions : Calc. Natr. mur. phos. phos. Calc. Kali sulph. Magnes. Natr. Acne: Ferr. phos. as preventive: Kali mur. phos. Kali mur. Blebs on skin: Natr.. phos... phos. phos. Kali mur.fiuor.. Calc. . sulph.. Natr. Sensitive to cold air: Silicea. phos. sulph. sidph. sulph..

Kali mur. herpetic: Calc.. Eruptions. Calc. symptoms of acidity: Natr. REPERTORY. mur. with stomach and menstrual affections: Kali mur. Eruptions on flexor surfaces: Natr... sulph. Natr. Chaps: Calc. between toes: Natr. . with fine scales: Natr. Calc. mur. white scabs: Calc. Dandruff: Natr. Silicea. behind ears: Natr. phos. Kali mur. sulph. mur.. Silicea. mur. scaly: Kali sulph.. Coppery spots : Silicea. mur. 41 1 Eczema from eating too much salt: Natr. whitish: Kali mur.. suddenly suppressed: Kali sulph. oversensitive: Kaliphos. Cracks on skin: Calc.. squamosum: Silicea. Silicea. Kali sulph. Chicken pox: Ferr. Kali phos. phos. anaemic and gouty: Calc. jluor. Chilblains: Kali phos.. Epithelial cancers : Kali sulph. mur. yellow-greenish secretions: Kali sulph. Chronic skin diseases : Natr. in the bends of joints: Natr. mur. phos. sulph.. mur... Kali mur. to promote: Kali sulph. suddenly receding: Kali sulph.fiuor. mur. Erysipelas. Desquamation.. Eczema after vaccination: Kali mur. scrofulous: Calc. sulph.. phos. sulph.. Kali mur. Crawling sensation on skin: Kali phos. Silicea.from rubbing: Kali phos. phos. Natr. mur. burning and itching: Kali sulph. mur. Crusta lactea: Natr. vesicles. blistering: Kali sulph. eyebrows: Natr. miliary: Natr. phos. water}' vesicles: Natr.

. Exudations. fluor. Ferr. skin: Calc.. in palms: Kali sutph.. mur.) Fissures of anus: Calc. mur. Kali phos.. zoster: Natr. mur. Irritating secretions : Kali phos. phos. all over body: Natr. hands and feet: Kali phos.. Kali phos. and shining: Natr. phos. sulph. Hair falls out: Kali sulph. phos. Erythema: Natr. smooth. Natr. phos. phos. mur. mur. sulph. Kali pfios. fluor.. circinatus: Natr. phos. Natr. phlegmonous: Silicea. fluor. Silicea. after violent exertion: Natr. Silicea. Hives: Natr. fluor. acute: Calc.. soles: Calc sulph. (See under Tissues. Insect-bites : Natr. sulph. Kali mur. rash-like. sycotic: Natr. Fungus haematodes : Natr. in bends of knee: Natr. . Ferr.. mur... red. phos. vesicular: Kali mur.. mur. Ingrowing toe-nails : Kali mur. Hang-nails: Natr. about knees and ankles: Magnes.. sulpli. sulph.. Silicea.. Freckles : Calc. phos. Inflammation of skin: Ferr. Kali sulph. Kali sulph. Herpes... phos. Herpes.. Silicea. phos. Intertrigo : Natr. phos. Natr.. mur.. Ferr. Natr. chronic: Calc. mur.. occasional : Calc. mur. Excrescences. Excoriations : Calc. mur.deep-seated : Silicea . Felons: Calc. Silicea. in elbow: Natr. 412 THE TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES. phos. Itching of skin: Calc. Kali mur.. Magnes. phos. Calc. phos.

Scrofulous eruptions: Calc. (Edematous inflammations: Natr. Silicea...senile: Calc... Kali mur. Palms fissured: Calc. Calc. . Silicea. Rose-rash : Natr. crippled and brittle: Kali sulph.. Measles: Ferr. Silicea. Silicea. phos. Calc.. sulph.. Rubbing agreeable: Kali phos. vaginal: Calc. Kali sulph. Nails. sulph. Poison oak : Kali sulph.. malignant: Kali phos. . Moist skin affections : Natr. phos. Pruritis : Calc. sulph.. mur. Silicea. Silicea. phos. Silicea. sulph. mur. with crawling: Kali phos. malignus: Kali phos. REPERTORY. mur. sulph. mur. diseased: Kali sulph. phos. Natr. while undressing: Natr. Kali mur. sulph.. phos. sulph. sulph. phos.. Natr. Rhagades : Calc... Lepra : Silicea. Lupus : Calc. Jaundiced skin : Natr. phos. Kali mur. scaly tetter in: Kali sulph. sulph. Pustules : Calc.. interrupted growth: Kali sulph. Ivy-poison : Kali sulph. Natr.fluor. Kali phos.. Kali mur.. Miliary eruptions : Natr.. raw and sore: Natr. Rupia : Natr. sulph. phos. . Natr. Silicea. fluor. phos. violent: Natr.. Nsevus : Ferr. Kali mur. Nodes : Silicea. Nettlerash : Kali sulph. phos. phos. Prurigo : Calc. 413 Pimples on skin: Ferr.. Kali sulph. Pemphigus : Natr. Scarlet fever: Ferr. mur . phos.

. Kali phos. . 414 TH E TWELVE TISSUE REMEDIES... Natr. Shingles : Natr. torpid: Natr.. phos.. Kali mur.fluor. sulph. dry: Kali sulph. Skin. sulph. sulph. greasy: Natr. . phos. Kali mur... Kali phos. mur. mur. sulph. mur. Natr. papules on: Silicea. Kali phos. Calc. burning: Silicea.. bleeds when scratched: Calc. phos. phos. inflamed: Ferr. mur. sulph. Natr. Skin. Calc.. itches: Calc. Natr. scabs on: Calc. Kali sulph. phos. phos. phos.. mur.ulcerations: Calc. phos. sulph. pimples on: Ferr. Kali phos.. golden-yellow scabs on: Natr. scales on: Natr. Kali mur.fluor... chaps on: Calc. phos. Silicea. mur.. mur.. Kali phos. mur. cracks: Calc. sore: Natr. flaccid. . sensitive: Silicea. peels off: Kali sulph . Natr. heals with difficulty: Silicea. chafed: Calc. phos. Natr. Natr. dirty: Natr.. tubercles on: Calc. Natr. mur. phos. Calc. . blebs on: Natr. blisters on: Kali phos. sulph.. Kali sulph. Kali mur. harsh: Kali sulph....

phos. Natr. sulph. sulph. Silicea. wheals: Natr. fiuor. phos. scrofulous: Calc. Tubercles on skin: Calc. sulph. sulph. wrinkled: Kali phos. phos. Tinea capitis : Kali sulph. Vaginal pruritus : Calc. vesicles: Calc. mur.. Urticaria : Natr. phos. Natr. Wheals : Natr. imir. Natr. V^arts on palms: Natr. Natr. sulph.. phos. 415 . mur. inflamed: Ferr. mur. mur. Yellow scabs: Calc. Natr. phos. Smallpox: Kali phos. Ulcerations... Whitlow : Calc. sulph. fiuor. Silicea. of gums: Calc.. Kali phos... phos. mur. Kali mur. Natr. Sycosis: Natr. sulph. Natr. phos. scales: Natr. phos. Natr. sulph. sulph. inflammatory: Ferr. White scabs: Calc. sulph. Silicea. Swelling of skin : Natr. Kali mur.. Silicea. fiuor. sulph. Kali mur. sulph. Calc... indolent: Calc.. phos. fistulous: Calc.. Natr. sulph. sulph. Silicea. watery vesicles: Natr.. Natr. proud flesh: Silicea. phos. Kali mur. sulph. Tingling of skin : Kali sulph. Wrinkled skin : Kali phos. phos. Calc. mur... Abscess. rmir... phos. Suppression of eruptions: Kali sulph.. Tissues. scales on scalp: Natr. REPERTORY.. Natr. Calc. Kali sulph.. phos. Ferr. sulph. about anus: Calc.. excrescences in: Natr. Watery secretions: Natr.vesicles on: Calc.. purulent: Calc.. Kali mur. fiuor. vesicles: Calc..

Abscess, pelvic: Calc. fluor.
swelling: Kali mur.
to shorten suppuration: Calc. sulph.
with fistulous openings: Silicea.
adynamic symptoms: Kali phos.
Addison's disease : Natr. mur.
Adynamic conditions: Natr. mur., Kali phos.
Anaemia: Calc . fluor ., Calc . phos., Ferr. phos., Natr. mitr., Kali
phos. , Kali mur.
in infants: Silicea.
Anaemia, spinal: Natr. phos.
Anasarca : Natr. mur.
Atrophy: Calc. phos., Kali phos.
Basedow's disease : Natr. mur.
Blows, effects of : Kali mur., Ferr. phos.
Boils : Silicea, Calc. sulph., Kali mur., Ferr. phos.
tendency to: Silicea.
Bone, bruises on: Calc. fluor.
brittle and thin: Calc. phos.
exostoses on: Calc. phos.
fractures of: Calc. phos., Ferr. phos.
inflammation of soft parts about: Ferr. phos.
necrosis of: Silicea.
osteophytes: Ferr. phos.
rough, uneven: Calc. fluor.
suppuration of: Calc. fluor., Calc. sulph., Silicea.
to favor deposit of lime in: Natr. phos., Calc. phos.'
ulceration of: Silicea, Calc. fluor.
Breasts, knots in: Calc. fluor.
fistulous sinuses in: Gale, fluor.
tumors in: Calc. fluor.
Bronchocele : Calc. phos.
Bruises : Calc. sulph., Kali mur.
Burns : Calc. sulph. , Kali mur.
Bursae : Calc. phos. , Calc. fluor. , Silicea.
Cachexia, from ague plus Quinine: Natr. mur.
Cancer: Kali phos., Calc. phos., Kali sulph.
Carbuncles : Silicea, Calc. sulph., Kali mur., Ferr. phos., Kali

Cellular suppuration: Silicea, Calc. sulph.

Chlorotic conditions: Natr. mur., Calc. phos.
Condyles swollen: Calc. phos.
Croupous exudations: Kali mur.
Cysts: Calc. phos., Calc. sulph.
Debility : Kali phos.
Diathesis, phosphatic: Calc. phos.
scrofulous: Silicea, Calc. phos.
Discharges. (See Exudations.)
Dropsy: Silicea, Natr. mur., Calc. phos.
from heart disease: Calc. fiuor., Kali mur.
loss of blood: Ferr. phos., Calc. phos.
obstruction of bile-ducts: Kali mur.
Dropsy from weakness of heart: Kali mur.
simple: Natr. sulph.
Ecchymoses: Kali mur.
Elastic fibres relaxed: Calc. fluor.
Emaciation: Calc. phos., Kali phos.
while living well: Natr. mur.
Enchondroma : Silicea.
Encysted tumors: Calc. fluor.
Epistaxis in children: Ferr. phos.
Epithelioma: Kali sulph.
Exhaustion : Kali phos.
Exudations, albuminous: Calc. phos.
causing soreness, excoriating: Natr. phos. , Natr. mur.
creamy: Natr. phos.
fibrinous: Kali mur.
hardened : Calc. fiuor.
honey-colored: Natr. phos.
irritating: Kali phos.
lymph: Kali mur.
offensive: Silicea, Kali phos .

purulent: Kali sulph., Calc. sulph.
sanious: Calc. sulph.
serous: Kali sulph., Natr. mur., Calc. phos.
watery: Kali sulph., Natr. mur., Natr. sulph.
yellow: Natr. sulph., Natr. phos., Kali sulph.
Felons: Calc. sulph., Ferr. phos., Silicea, Natr. sulph., Calc.
fiuor., Kali phos.
Follicular infiltrations : Kali mur.

Fungi, easily bleeding: Silicea.
Ganglion: Calc. fluor., Calc. phos.
Gangrenous conditions: Kali phos.
Goitre : Calc. phos., Natr. mur., Calc. fluor., Natr. phos.
Gout: Natr. mur., Natr. phos., Natr. sulph.
Glands, hardened: Calc fluor.
inflamed: Ferr. phos.
scrofulous infiltration of: Kali -mur.
sebaceous, suppurate: Silicea.
stony hard: Calc. fluor.
suppurating: Calc. sulph., Silicea.
swelling of : Kali mur.. Natr. phos., Silicea.
ulceration of: Ferr. phos., Calc. sulph.
Granulations excessive: Calc. sulph.
Growths, osseous: Calc. fluor.
Hemorrhages black: Kali mur.
bright-red : Ferr. phos.
clotted : Kali mur. , Ferr. phos.
dark: Kali mur.
not coagulating: Kali phos.
septic and thin: Kali phos.
Hydrogenoid constitution: Natr. sulph.

Indurations : Calc. fluor.
Inflammations, first stage: Ferr. phos.
second stage: Kali mur.
gangrenous: Silicea.
malignant: Silicea.
sero-purulent exudations: Kali sulph.
stage of exudations: Kali mur.
Injuries, mechanical: Ferr. phos.
neglected cases of: Calc. sulph.
Kernels and knots in breast: Calc. fluor.
Leucosycosis : Natr. phos.
Leucaemia: Natr. phos., Calc. phos., Natr. sulph., Kali phos.,
Ferr. phos.
Malignant pustules: Silicea, Kali phos.
Marasmus : Calc. phos. , Natr. phos.
Mortification : Kali phos.
Necrosis of bone: Silicea.
Nodes on shin: Calc. fluor.

Nutrition defective : Calc. phos.
CEdema : Natr. sulph.
Offensive discharges : Silicea, Kali phos.
Osseous growths: Calc. fliior.
Ostitis : Ferr. phos.
Pancreatic diseases : Calc. phos.
Phosphatic diathesis : Calc. phos.
Polypi : Calc. phos.
soft: Kali sulph.
Proud flesh : Kali mur., Silicea, Calc. sulph.
Putrid states : Kali phos.
Pyaemia: Natr. sulph.
Rachitis: Silicea, Calc. phos., Kali phos.
Ranula: Natr. mur.
Scalds: Calc. sulph., Kali mur.
Scrofulosis : Natr. phos., Silicea, Calc. phos.
Scurvy: Kali mur., Kali phos.
Secretions, albuminous: Calc. phos.

fibrinous: Kali mur.
greenish: Kali sulph.
honey -colored: Natr. phos.
irritating: Kali phos., Natr. mur., Natr. sulph.
offensive: Kali phos.
purulent: Kali sulph., Calc. sulph.
sanious: Calc. sulph.
serous: Natr. mur.
yellow: Kali sulph.
watery: Natr. mur., Natr. sulph.
Serous swellings: Calc. sulph.
Spina bifida : Calc. phos., Calc. jluor.
Sprains : Ferr. phos.
Strumous conditions: Kali mur.
Suppurations, dirty, foul: Kali phos.
of bone : Calc. fluor.
glands: Silicea.
in general: Calc. sulph., Silicea.
with callous edges: Calc. fluor.
Sycosis: Natr. sulph.
Syphilis : Kali mur.
Tissues unhealthy: Calc. sulph.

Tumors, albus: Silicea, Calc. phos.
blood : Calc. fluor.
encysted: Calc. fluor., Calc. sulph.
of breast: Calc. fluor.
Ulceration, indolent: Calc. fluor.
fistulous: Silicea, Calc. fluor.
of bone: Silicea.
purulent : Silicea .
with proud flesh: Silicea, Calc. sulph., Kali mur.
Vaccination, bad effects of: Kali mur., Silicea.
Varices: Calc. fluor., Natr. mur.
Varicose veins in young persons: Ferr. phos.
Wasting diseases : Kali phos., Calc. phos.
Wounds suppurating : Calc. sulph.
Aggravation, after rest: Kali phos.
washing and working in water: Calc. sulph., Natr. sulph.
at night: Silicea.

by continued exercise: Kali phos.
exertion: Kali phos.
motion: Kali mur., Ferr. phos., Calc. phos.
noise: Kali phos.
rising from sitting: Kali phos.
during full moon: Silicea.
thunderstorm: Natr. phos.
from change of weather: Calc. phos.
cold: Silicea, Calc. phos., Magnes. phos.
air: Kali phos., Magnes. phos.
chilling of feet: Silicea.
eating fatty food: Kali mur.
fish: Natr. sulph.
fruit (diarrhcea): Calc. phos.
rich food: Kali mur.
salt plants: Natr. sulph.
getting wet: Calc. phos.
insect-bites: Natr. mur.
lying on left side: Natr. sulph.
nitrate of silver: Natr. mur.
pastry: Kali mur.

Aggravation from quinine: Natr. mur.
sea side: Natr. mur.
suppressed foot-sweat: Silicea.
touch: Magnes. phos.
water: Natr. sulph.
working and washing in water: Calc. sulph. , Natr. sulph.
in afternoon (menses): Natr. phos.
cold weather: Natr. mur.
damp weather: Calc. fluor., Natr. sulph.
evening: Kali sulph., Natr. phos.
heated room: Kali sulph.
morning: Natr. mur.
open air: Silicea.
of pains and itchings, 2 to 5 p. m.: Kali phos.
on right side: Magnes. phos.
periodical: Natr. mur.

when alone: Kali sulph. , Kali phos.
Amelioration, by bending double: Magnes. phos.
change of weather: Natr. sulph.
cold: Ferr. phos., Calc. fluor.
company: Kali phos.
eating : Kali phos.
by excitement: Kali phos.
fomentations: Calc. fluor.
friction: Magnes. phos
gentle motion: Kali phos.
heat: Silicea, Magnes. phos.
lying down : Calc. phos.
on something hard: Natr. mur.
moist warmth: Silicea.
pressure: Magnes. phos.
rubbing: Calc. fluor.
warmth: Silicea, Magnes. phos.
wrapping up head: Silicea.
in cold open air: Kali sulph.
warm, dry weather: Natr. sulph.
warm room: Silicea.


Abscess, 138.
Addison's disease, I4r.
Albuminuria (kidney affections),
234Amenorrhcea (menstruation), 141.
Anaemia, 142.
Aneurism, 144.

Angina pectoris, 145.
Aphonia, 145.
Aphthae (mouth, diseases of), 251.
Appetite, loss of (gastric derangements), 208.
Apoplexy (hemorrhages), 220.
Arthritis, 145.
Asthma, 147.
Atrophy, 149.
Backache, 150.
Hites of insects, 151.
Bladder (urinary disorders), 312.
Bones, diseases of, 151.
Brain, 154.
Brain-fag, 155.
Bright's disease (kidney affections),
Bronchitis, 158.
Bronchial patarrh, 158.
Burns, 159.
Calcarea fluorica, 35.
Calcarea phosphorica, 41.
Calcarea sulphurica, 51.
Cancer (tumors), 303.
Carbuncle (abscess), 138.
Catalysis, 31.
Catarrhal troubles, 159.
Cataract (eye, diseases of), 197.
Chicken pox, 162.
Chlorosis (anaemia), 142.
Cholera, 162.
Chorea, 163.
Clinical cases — ■
abscess, 139.

Clinical cases —
amenorrhcea, 142.
anaemia, 144.

170. 197. cough. 230 hysteria. diabetes. 207. epilepsy. 176. 154. 215. dropsical affections. colic. hemorrhoids. bones. diseases of. delirium. erysipelas. 153. 422 INDEX. brain. constipation. gonorrhoea. ear diseases. 163. 229. 159. bronchitis. gastric derangements. cholera. dysentery. 146. 182. croup. 171. chorea. 181. 220. 211. 169. kidneys. . 163. 149. asthma. 197. 172. burns. 231. 190. catarrhal troubles. atrophy. labor. dysmenorrhea. 167. 235.arthritis. hydrocele. fevers. exophthalmic goitre. dentition. 148. hiccough. headache. 165. 202. 234. diphtheria. hemorrhage. 161. 194. 237. 159. eye diseases. affections of. 226. Clinical cases — intermittent fever. 221. 184. 178. simple. 155. 174. brain-fag. 223. glandular affections. diarrhoea.

294. 264. sore throat. sciatica. mumps. 298. meningitis. 277. 268. 302. . 271. 262. neuralgia. rheumatism. skin. liver. measles. 253. tonsillitis. mechanical injuries. spine. 255. pleurisy. 285. 278. puerperal fever. mouth diseases. 291.leucorrhcea. rickets. 240. 276. scarlatina. pneumonia. 288. toothache. 266. tumors. phthisis. 300. 245. diseases of. 243. syphilis. 242. 304. paralysis. sleep. spasms. diseases of. 239. disturbances of. menstruation. 23S. mental states. 249. 290. 267. 252.

Doses. worms. Diarrhoea. 180. 174. vertigo. 172. 325. whooping cough. Epistaxis (hemorrhages). urinary disorders. 164. Constituents of human organism. diseases of. ulcerations. women. 168. 15. Dropsical affections. 159. 171. Ear. . 3 r r . 315. Colic. note to. Concussion of brain. Coryza (catarrhal troubles). Croup. 313. 220. Diabetes mellitus. diseases of. 21. 169. 309. 282. Enchondroma (bones. 317. Dysentery. Dizziness. Diphtheria. vomiting. diseases of). Dyspepsia (gastric derangements). diseases of). Constipation. 170. Dentition. diseases of). 185. 166. 20S. 312. Enuresis (urinary disorders). Eczema (skin. typhlitis. 182. 173. Dysmenorrhea. Delirium. 227. veins.typhoid fever. 177. 166. 323. 183. i5 T Endocarditis (heart. 307. Cough. 316. 180. diseases of. 319.

affections of. 232. diseases of. 17. General theory. 56. 232. 222. Hoarseness. Gout (arthritis). 194. 208. Hemorrhage. 214. 13. Gastric derangements. 223. Hip disease. Hepatitis (liver. 227. Formation of tissue-cells. 238. Fistula in ano. Eye. Glandular affections. Insomnia (sleep. 208. Goitre. Frequency of doses. 207. 208. Flatulence (gastric derangements). 14. 229. 230. 230. Hysteria. Health and disease. 17. Hiccough. Influenza (catarrhal troubles). Hemorrhoids. 231. Inflammation in general. 197. 208. Indigestion (gastric derangements). Ferrum phosphoricum. INDEX. Gall-stones. 196. diseases of). 220. 27. Heart. 197. Hydrocephalus. 159. Exophthalmic goitre. Fevers. 217. Hydrocele. Headache. 208. 287 .Epilepsy. 230. simple. 19. Gonorrhoea. 423 History of the tissue remedies. 214. Erysipelas. 229. 145. disturbances of). Inorganic constituents of cells.

Meningitis. Natrum muriaticum. 155. Qjdema of lungs. Leucorrhcea. 320. Kali muriaticum. 159. 235Morning sickness (women. diseases of). Kali phosphoricum. 252. 235. Mental states. 237. 75. Measles. Lumbago (backache). Mechanical injuries. diseases of). 185. diseases of). 242. (kidneys. 67. 234- Nephritis. 250. Menstruation. affections of. Magnesia phos. etc. Otalgia (ear. La grippe (catarrhal troubles). 86. 235. Materia Medica. Jaundice (liver. 150. 253. 112. Kidney affections. 234. diseases of). Mucous membranes. Neuralgia. 251. Morphine habit. Liver. diseases of). 232. Marasmus. 99. 260. Natrum phosphoricum. Mouth (diseases of). diseases of). 261. 232. 149. 243. . 261. Neurasthenia (see brain fag). 242. in neuralgia. 238. diseases of). 197. Natrum sulphuricum. 235. Nephralgia (kidneys. 243. Magnesia phosphorica. 234. 120. 92. Orchitis. Metritis (women. 253. Mumps.. Kali sulphuricum. ' Labor. Ophthalmia (eye. diseases of). 238. Miscarriage (women.. 35. pregnancy. 239.Intermittent fever.

face. 363. 185. 365. Pneumonia. 31. 262. nose. teeth and gums. 327. third edition. 360. 338. 159. eyes. gastric. Ozaena (catarrhal troubles). 344. Pleurisy. Pharyngitis (sore throat). Preface. Prosopalgia (neuralgia). 331. Pruritis (skin. 263. diseases of). 28. 268. 253. 267. tongue and taste. 357. Relations of Biochemic and Homoeopathic treatment. head. 264. Puerperal fever. 282. first edition. Preparation and dose. and scalp. ears. diseases of). 3. 349. 369. Repertory. 353. mouth. 227. 26. 327. 235. . 289. Phytolacca analysis.Otitis (ear. 5. Pregnancy. second edition. throat. Paralysis. 9. mental states and affections. sensorium. Palpitation (heart. 7. diseases of). Phthisis pulmonum.

Skin. 276.. febrile symptoms. 390. diseases of). back and extremities.abdomen and stool. Rickets. 385. 419. Scrofula and tuberculosis. circulatory organs. 406. 268. Schiissler's own procedure. 396. 383. etc. 279. diseases of. skin. 424 INDEX. 403. modalities. 282. Repertory — sleep and dreams. 410. 408. 291. pregnancy and labor. Retinitis (eye. 129. male sexual organs. respiratory organs. Silicea. tissues. 287. 281. Rheumatism. convulsions. 277. 268. 289. nervous symptoms. Scarlatina. 414. 289. 380. Sore throat. 26 Sciatica. urinary symptoms. 374. 275. female sexual organs. 395. Spasms. . Smallpox. 197. diseases of). 251. Sleep. Reynaud's disease. Stomatitis (mouth. Septicaemia. 389. disturbances of.

diseases of. Typhlitis. Veins. 318 Whitlow (abscess). 298. 138. Table. 298. 29. 296. Yellow fever. 15. Spinal irritation. 320. 11. 314. Table of contents. diseases of. Tuberculosis.Spine. 316. 303. Tinnitus aurium (ear. diseases of). 299. Therapeutical application. 309. 171. Typhoid fever. Toothache. 312. Spinal meningitis. Whooping cough. 296. 295. diseases of. Vaccination. Writer's cramp. 307. 13S. Vertigo. 31. Tonsillitis. Vitus' dance (chorea). Tissue-building. 308. diseases of. St. Warts (skin. 302. Tumors. 185. Theory of Schiissler's method. 326. 300. diseases of). Teething (dentition). 310. Sunstroke. 16. Ulcers and ulcerations. Vomiting. 293. 315. 297. 282. m% i*'£ . Urinary disorders. Women. Syphilis. 163. Typhus fever. Testicles. Worms. 318. 325. 279. Tongue. Spermatorrhoea. 315. remedies.