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27 APRIL 2015

Synopsis No 3: URBANISM
1. Cynthia Lee Siaw Wun
2. Surayyn Selvan
3. Xavier Ooi Win Yang
4. Yaseen Syed
Text: Learning From Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form
Author: Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Steven Izenour
Year Written: 1977
Purpose of the theory (Please tick X; you may tick more than one box)

Identifying an issue or problem within the contemporary context
Analyzing an architecture to identify a problem or solve a problem
Solving an issue in a broader context outside of architecture: presenting a theory/manifesto
Solving an issue within the context of architecture: presenting a design method
Solving an issue within the context of architecture: presenting a theory
Others: Exploration of symbolism and architecture

Please complete the following:
What are the issues

1. Changing of the environment rather than enhancing it
2. Study and analyze methods instead of content
3. Communication in architecture

What are the design

1. Acknowledge the existing context – continuity
2. Communication in architecture is in relation to proximity of
users and scale
3. Symbolism over Form

Relate the text to
architectural/urban forms
by illustrating one key
Justify the selection.

1. Enhances the existing buildings through neon signs
2. Clear circulation in relation to scale
3. Appreciation of symbols over architectural form