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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree
of Master of Business Administration
Under the guidance of
Dr. M. Nagarenitha


Fatima College (AUTONOMOUS)
Mary Land, Madurai-625018
(College with Potential for Excellence)

JUNE - 2015

Fatima College (AUTONOMOUS)
Mary Land, Madurai-625018.


This is to certify that the project work entitled `A Summer Training Report on Madurai Arkay
Rock Produce Private Limited, Madurai`, is a bonafide record of work done by Juhil Susanna.C
(2014MBA21) submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of
Business Administration, 2014-2016.

Signature of the Faculty Guide
(Dr. M. Nagarenitha)

Signature of the Director
(Dr. P. Uma)

Fatima College (AUTONOMOUS)
Mary Land, Madurai-625018.
(Reg No: 2014MBA21)


I hereby declare that the project done under the title “A Summer training Report Madurai Arkay
Rock Produce (P) Ltd, Madurai” submitted for the award of the degree of Master of Business
Administration is my original work and that no part of this report has been submitted fully or
partly for any other recognition earlier.

Signature of Candidate


4 .

Sri Ram who allowed me to carry out my summer training at their esteemed organization. I express my deepest gratitude to the staffs at Madurai Arkay Rock Produce for helping me & giving necessary advices and guidance during my training period. Fatima College. I am indeed greatly thankful to my faculty guide for guiding me to successfully complete the project. Celine Sahaya Mary. Uma. I express my deepest gratitude and special thanks to the MD of Madurai Arkay Rock Produce. I also thank Dr. Department of Management Studies for the successful completion of this project work. MR.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First and foremost I would like to thank God almighty whose blessings made me to complete the training successfully. I express my sincere thanks to DR Sr. Principal. Fatima Mary Kanikai. P. Dean Professional Courses. Director. Fatima College. I wish to express my gratitude to all the staff members in the Department of Management Studies for their encouragement in completing this training. It is a great pleasure to acknowledge my sincere thanks to Sr. 5 . Madurai for giving this great opportunity. Madurai for giving the opportunity to get practical knowledge about our theoretical studies. G.



This mineral composition usually gives granite a red. pink. the blaster can create virtually any kind of artwork or epitaph. floor tiles. Granite is a hard stone and requires skill to carve by hand. Until the early 18th century. It forms from the slow crystallization of magma below Earth’s surface.1. Granite is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar with minor amounts of micas. in the Western world. numbers and emblems exposed on the stone. building veneer and cemetery monuments. The royal sarcophagus at Frogmore was probably the pinnacle of its work. Granite is used all around us . curbing. 8 . A key breakthrough was the invention of steam-powered cutting and dressing tools by Alexander MacDonald of Aberdeen. stair treads. In 1832 the first polished tombstone of Aberdeen granite to be erected in an English cemetery was installed at Kensal Green cemetery. It was not until the 1880s that rival machinery and works could compete with the MacDonald works. paving stone. Working with the sculptor William Leslie. amphiboles and other minerals.1 INTRODUCTION Granite is a light-colored igneous rock with grains large enough to be visible with the unaided eye. granite could only be carved by hand tools with generally poor results. granite memorials became a major status symbol in Victorian Britain. Leaving the letters. gray or white color with dark mineral grains visible throughout the rock. and later Sidney Field. Modern methods of carving include using computer-controlled rotary bits and sandblasting over a rubber stencil.especially if you live in a city. SCULPTURE AND MEMORIALS In some areas granite is used for gravestones and memorials. inspired by seeing ancient Egyptian granite carvings. and at 30 tons one of the largest. It caused a sensation in the London monumental trade and for some years all polished granite ordered came from MacDonald’s. These include counter tops. Many people recognize granite because it is the most common igneous rock found at Earth's surface and because granite is used to make many objects that we encounter in daily life.

flooring slabs. Water drains into these massive holes creating a large pool at the bottom. These immense blocks of granite are then hauled out of the quarry and sent to the manufacturing plants where they are then cut using precision machines and diamond tipped blades. India is also amongst the largest producer of raw stone material and the sector is quite developed and vibrant in the south as well as in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Quartzite etc. The quality deposits are outstanding and Indian stones are known for their strength and vibrancy. sculptures. Marble.. 9 .The rock known as "black granite" is usually gabbro. structural slabs. High magnitude explosives are placed in drilled holes in order to break apart the granite strategically so that it can be preserved for good use. Sandstone. To mention a few among them are Taj Mahal. while being the 3rd largest exporters of the stone in the world. which has a completely different chemical composition 1 GRANITES IN INDIA India is a treasure-trove of natural stones. the Indian Stone industry caters well to the domestic demand and rising aspirations of the growing demand of India. monuments. There are many century old monuments. forts as living examples of our art and architecture. and spread all over the country. The Indian Stone Industry has evolved into the production and manufacturing of blocks. or quarry. but the main process is essentially the same. tomb stones. cubes. Different types of granite are quarried differently and in various parts of the world. Slate. India is also among the largest consumer of stones and stone products with a well established distribution network within India. cobbles. Indian Stones confirm to the highest International standard and provide excellent uniformity and consistency and have been used in several well known buildings all over the world. covering a wide spectrum like Granite. temples. Once the granite is quarried it is transported to the manufacturing plant. calibrated ready to fix tiles. dangerous and expensive process is to excavate the granite from the ground. Red Fort. and Temple of Dilwara at Mount Ab Lengthy. artifacts. Indian Stone industry has a long history behind it. These quarries are often hundreds of feet deep with jagged razor sharp edges of solid rock. pebbles and landscape garden stones. curbs.

pattern etc. • The export of granite depends upon various factors such as uniform colour. Raw silk. Vellore. Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri Districts. The production of granite has shown a steady increase. it has international seaport with excellent export infrastructure. free from inherent defects viz. Villupuram. Tiruvellore. Perambalur. grain size. Blue. Pink multi and Madura gold. Kunnam black. capacity for polishing and recoverability of large size blocks. Paradiso.GRANITES IN TAMILNADU Tamil Nadu is a prominent place for quarrying in India because of two reasons. the state has some finest deposits of granite and other natural stone. The multi coloured granites are spread over southern districts and in Salem. White variants The greater part of Tamil Nadu is occupied by hard crystalline rocks. Second. • The granites of Tamil Nadu have established a unique place in the world market and realized considerable amount of foreign exchange to the country. Dharmpuari. hairline cracks. The most abundant natural stones in the state are:  Granite – Black. Thuraiyur blue. Erode. • The commercial names of granite are derived from area. colour. fractures. Colombo Jubrana. Kancheepuram. Krishnagiri. First. joints. • The mining and processing techniques of granites have improved but need further improvement / up gradation so as to enable the Tamil Nadu granite to compete in the International markets 3 . The black granites are confined to northern districts viz. Tiger skin. The state is thus bestowed with vast resources of granite deposits. Trichy and Tiruvannamalai. Salem. facilitating an effective shipment for international destinations. Some of the important varieties of granite in Tamil Nadu are Kashmir white.

the existing procedures will be simplified to offer quick decision with optimum transparency. mines and environmental protection.• The Granite Conservation and Development Rules. 4 . safety of labours. utilization and management of granite resources. 1999 was brought to ensure uniformity and stability in quarry leases for granite and facilitate scientific mining with proper planning. • Granite is an important sector which provides employment opportunities to rural people and artisans. • In order to achieve systematic economic growth in the field of granite and granite based industries and to promote private sector participation with due regard to the conservation of minerals.

1.2 OBJECTIVES o o o o To learn the functions of various departments. To gain practical knowledge. To know the organization’s culture and its environment. 5 . To observe the traits and role of the managers.


The company is exporting their products to USA. The Company is holding One Star Export House Status. MISSION STATEMENT “Your Memories + Our Materials & workmanship = Your Memorable Monuments” “we at our factory reflect your memorable memories on granite stones and our satisfaction lies in yours. Initially the firm was doing business in the local market exporting was done through merchant exporters and then it started doing direct export in the financial year 1993-1994.1 COMPANY PROFILE MADURAI ARKAY ROCK PRODUCE PRIVATE LIMITED was established as a partnership SSI firm in September 1992 with the name “ARKAY ROCK PRODUCE” by the young entrepreneurs / engineering graduates Mr. UK. sizes. Nagari. Kerala.R.SriRam and Mr. process them with the help of computer drawings and templates on appropriate machines with quality consumables imported for the purpose” 6 . Andhra Pradesh. The Company was then converted into a 100% Export Oriented Unit in 1998.Muthusankar to manufacture and export Granite Monuments. Company established twenty years back aims at perfecting their operations to give maximum satisfaction to their customers. We carefully select granite materials as required by you. Karnataka and process the procured blocks into monuments and sculptures of different shapes. Germany. Australia and New Zealand. The manufacturing unit is located in Sholavandan Road. France. It has around 270 employees. The Company procures raw granite blocks based upon orders / requirements from various parts of world or within our Country from states like Tamil Nadu.2.R. The Partnership firm became a Private Limited Company in 1997. Ireland. thickness and exports it to different countries. The skilled and dedicated work force and the advanced machineries with strict process planning and execution ensures in transformation of clients requirements to a good finish and scheduled delivery of monuments.

000 Date of Incorporation 31 October 1997 100% Export Oriented Unit 1998 Whether listed or not Unlisted Company Status (for eFiling) Active Location 4/48. Tamil Nadu. Nagari 625221.000. Madurai. Sholavandan Road.) 10.Corporate Identification Number Company Name U26999TN1997PTC039345 MADURAI ARKAY ROCK PRODUCE PRIVATE LIMITED RoC RoC-Chennai Registration Number 39345 Company Category Company limited by shares Company Sub Category Indian Non-Government Company Class of Company Private Company Authorised Capital (in Rs. COMPANY INFORMATION: 7 .000 Paid up capital (in Rs.000.) 9. India.

Ideally situated at Madurai amidst bustling quarries in south Tamil Nadu Dunite rocks is a granite slab processing plant with obsession for high quality. MEMBERSHIPS  IMMA . Complementing this is the state of the art machineries imported from Italy and skilled and trained manpower.Indian Monument Manufacturers Association. The strategic and geographic location ensures proximity to most quarries of India which are concentrated in the Deccan plateau and the Tuticorin port VIKATRAM GRANITE MINES – Granite Quarry Operations Vikatram Granite Mines export granites from their own quarries and also have processing plants for monuments and slabs in all finishes and sizes. CAPEXIL’s Certificate of Merit for Export Performance for the years from 1997-1998 to 2012-2013.GROUP COMPANIES: DUNITE ROCKS PRIVATE LIMITED (100% EOU) – Granite Slabs Dunite Rocks started few years back is an associate of Madurai Arkay rock produce. 8 . 1999 and 2003.  MBNA . increase in export in new markets and new items in SSI sector during the year 1996 from the Department of Industry and Commerce.  Government of Tamil Nadu.Monument Builders of North America. Export Award for excellence in export. Their main products include Jet Black and Visage Blue MEMORIALS AND ROCK PRODUCE UK LTD (Pvt Company formed under UK Law) Granite Monument Distribution ACHIEVEMENTS  1st prize of VISVESVARAYA AWARD sponsored by MADITSSIA-AIMO for the years  1995.

B. B. He Plans for the future of the company. To develop new business ideas.DIRECTORS:   Mr.Sriram. how to have potential customers and how to increase the   organizations profit. Conduct meetings and reviews report. He Provides recommendation. Maintain business relationship with customers and suppliers.E.K. Provide the updated information about the company’s annual objectives and goal. 9 . Roles and Responsibilities of Managing Director  To lead and promote the welfare of the company and motivates employees for better       operation. Managing Director of the Company is in-charge of the overall management of the company including organizing staff.Tech. strategic planning. MANAGING DIRECTOR Mr. M. budgeting and other operational needs to support the company.Geetha Sriram. provides better opportunities for the employees.SRIRAM. Mrs..R.R.. business planning.E. Keeps an eye on his workforce and provide facilities to his employees to retain them. develops and implements plans He directs his subordinates.


S v c R n e m ip h s d r o t 2.2 WORK FLOW CHART: 10 .


neotgm lcrnitaM eavn E T s gxam enE ea gcnE hignrce nigurae eintgr ceni irev asre nsr s 11 .3 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE P O A H C D IS E F M rD cpX R ielanuA rnIob tceipD d M koarC thcneuE eathrxun nreavytcd sinrcteo unrie cagsm s a.2.



tools. machines.3. The main work done in purchase department includes placing orders. negotiating deals.1 PURCHASE DEPARTMENT Hierarchy: PURCHASE DEPARTMENT: Purchase department works in collaboration with other departments to purchase the required raw materials. finding suppliers. Personnel in Purchase Department researches sales records and inventory levels of current stock. and state any changes in supply or demand of products and materials. 12 . grant contracts that ensure that the right amount of the product or service are received when it is needed. and equipment etc for smooth running of business. find foreign and domestic suppliers.

sources of supply will be located. Price.Functions of purchase department:  Analyze the requirement: The purchase department receives demand/requisition of material from various departments. Quantity Transport and packing charges and shipping instructions. price. availability of material. Name and address of the supplier.  Verify invoice: the purchase department check the invoices and accordingly advise the accounts department for clearing the payment to the parties concerned.  Selection of vendor: Selection of vendor is mainly based on the timely delivery of the required material as the company follows Just In Time inventory control. time and place of delivery.  Place order: Next step is placing the order.  Delivery: it’s the purchase department's responsibility to follow-up the order and takes delivery of goods on time. It’s also based on the proximity. quotations from prospective suppliers are obtained.  Receive Quotation: As soon as the purchase requisition is received in the purchase division.  Maintain purchase records and report to top management. other services provided by the vendor. After receiving the indent from departments it examines in details and takes action according to the need and urgency of any item. Date.  Inspect: On receipt of the materials from different suppliers. discount and terms of payment. 13 . the name and address of the buyer. It must contain details regarding specifications of the material. they are to be inspected as per specifications indicated in the purchase order to verify their quality and quantity.

cost and delivery.  significant expediting charges and expensive downtime Managing the shipping. Without a complete and accurate BOM. resulting in excess inventory levels. He supervises assembly process thoroughly to ensure that the material is delivered JIT He forecasts the needs of materials and relates those to production programs and stock  required for the daily production round. decisions regarding material planning and replenishment are often made in an information vacuum. 14 .Managers Duties and Responsibilities:  He aims to find the best merchandise at the lowest possible purchase cost. He represents purchase department in Board meetings to chart out strategies aimed at  improving overall integration of purchasing assets and accounts payable. Negotiates and      executes contracts with the vendors as per requirement of quality. He Reviews purchase orders to ensure adherence to quality and procedures He ensures required stock is maintained at the workplace. He maintains constant touch with the regular suppliers and alternative suppliers to ensure  that the required material products remain in constant stock as required. and cost forecasts to achieve the most cost effective component delivery. supplier timing plans. handling and storage requirements on components to ensure high  quality items are received and issued to the appropriate departments. Supports the Product Design Group with supplier negotiations. stockouts. Manages the creation and maintenance of Equipment Bill of Materials. He manages day-to-day functioning of purchasing department.


Manufacturing System: The company follows intermittent production system where the goods are manufactured specially to fulfill orders made by customers rather than for stock. 15 . material and equipment. The production system requires high skilled operators and high investment. Plant layout: The company follows Functional or Process Layout where the machines and equipments performing similar operations are grouped together in the same department. It is the fabrication of a physical object through the use of men.2 PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Hierarchy P r o D e S I O d u p r h e t t e C p c u p n u y a i r t o n M v a r i a s o g o M n r a a n g a e g r e r s s e r s PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT: Production is an intentional act of producing something in an organized manner.3.

exhaust fan. That’s how they save water. and first aid. If mounted on the truck they can move the goods from one location to another. gloves. BLACK MATERIALS     Black Black . the workers are provided with goggles. shoes. GRANITES USED IN PRODUCTION. apron.E Black Galaxy Regal Black IMPORT MATERIALS       Amadeus Balmoral Red Butterfly Blue Emerald Pearl Karin Grey Lanhelin GREY MATERIALS 16 . mask and fire securities Cleanliness: To maintain cleanliness and avoid dust the firm follows a dust clearing mechanism with the use of exhaust fans and water spraying Water Treatment: Water treatment plant is installed in the company to recycle the used water and again use it in the process of production. The material handling equipment used by the company is Forklift Truck. They also use crane to load and unload goods from the container or Lorries. ear plug. Maximum safety and in the shortest Time. Safety Measures: To prevent accident and health hazards.Material Handling: Material Handling refers to the movement and storage of materials effectively with minimum effort.

White Mist White BLUE MATERIALS 17 .     Colombo Juparana Mudugal Grey Sadahalli Grey Wavy Mist Sira Grey RED MATERIALS             Himalayan Blue Red Indian Aurora Indian Juparana Lillet Mapple Red Paradiso Raw Silk Red Multi Red Samuka Romantica Ruby Red Twilight Red GREEN MATERIALS         Classic Green Hassan Green Kerala Green Kuppam Green Mint Green Soft Green Star Green Orissa Green WHITE MATERIALS     Imperial White Kashmir White M.P.

Yellow Vyara Gold Yellow Clouds BROWN MATERIALS      Cats Eye Brown English Teak Indian Mahogany Sapphire Brown Tan Brown SAND STONE   Rainbow Teakwood 18 .      Lavendar Blue Lavendar Light Ocean Blue Osiris Silk Blue Vizag Blue YELLOW MATERIALS      Madurai Gold Millenium Cream T.L.

He must use break-even analysis for capacity planning. 3. Plan Production Capacity Production management must select the right production capacity to match the demand for the product. the production manager decides about the routing and scheduling. Routing and scheduling are planned by the following mangers with the help of their subordinates Deputy Manager – Primary Cutting Deputy Manager – Edge Cutting Deputy Manger – Polishing Deputy Manger – Quality Control Deputy Manager – Packing . Production Planning Production manager main function and responsibility is production planning. Here. This is because more or less capacity will create problems. size and color of granite is chosen by the production department and they start producing the product with the help of man and machine. Materials movement and handling are done with the help of crane and forklift.FUNCTIONS OF PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT 19 1. Procurement of required colour of rough Granite Blocks As per the customer’s order specific type. The production manager must plan the capacity for both short and long term's production. 2.

then production will not take place as per schedule. If there is an under stocking. he must also take essential steps to reduce the cost of his products. Production Control 20 The manager has to monitor and control the production. Along with this. If there is an overstocking. They inspect the quality of the product. The company follows Just in Time Inventory Control – it’s an inventory strategy that companies employ to increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving goods only as they are needed in the production process. Customers all over the world want good-quality products at cheapest prices. 7. To satisfy this demand of consumers. 6. then the working capital will be blocked. thereby reducing inventory costs. Inventory Control The production manager must monitor the level of inventories. There must be neither over stocking nor under stocking of inventories. the production manager must continuously improve the quality of his products. and the materials may be spoiled. He has to find out whether the actual production is done as per plans or not. He has to compare actual production with the plans and finds out the deviations. Quality and Cost Control Production manager also includes quality and cost control. Just-in-time manufacturing goes hand in hand with concepts such as Kanban. Quality and Cost Control are given a lot of importance in today's competitive world. reject the damaged or defected product for rework. 5. wasted or misused.And every Deputy Managers have some subordinates depends upon their work load who may call supervisors and in-charges. He then takes necessary steps to correct these deviations. continuous improvement and total quality management (TQM) . and deliveries will be affected.

The large blocks of granite are sawn to smaller pieces by cutting machines depends upon their sizes. ten and twelve inches. There. Next. The stones are then cut into the proper shape. Some granite is allocated for uses such as street curbing. The next stage is smoothing or polishing the stone. A drawing needs to be made beforehand of where everything will go on the stone. This is then approved by the customer to guarantee . An unpolished (steeled) stone also needs to be taken through this process in order to smooth it down. are visible. but some are still done using architectural tools. This saw can be adjusted to cut in many different thicknesses.THE MONUMENT MANUFACTURING PROCESS 21 The granite procured by the Purchase department is ready for further monument process. but it would not go through as many levels of the grinding and buffing stages. it does not have the colorful hues that one see in the finished product. This is often done on computers now. blacks. This process consists of buffing and grinding the stone with large machinery and water. architectural and monumental uses. blues etc. For the monument industry the typical thicknesses are four. If once these slabs are cut. a diamond wire saw is used to cut specific shapes. eight. What many people don't know is when granite is in its natural form. and then move to finer and finer grit abrasives until polished. Only when this step is completed are the reds. six. Then there is a final buffing. they add the designs and engraving to the stones. they pass under polishing heads which begin with very coarse diamond abrasives. The granite is then separated into categories of granite quality and purposes. which make the piece glossy and show its luster. It requires many stages before it shows the glossy shine that we see on many memorials. they need more detailed cuts as required by designs.

These sculptures can take many 22 man hours depending on the intricacy of the design. This stencil is attached to the stone using a light adhesive. a rubber stencil is made of the design. . transported and delivered to the cemetery plot. a foundation must be dug and built days in advance so that the cement is solid to eliminate sinking and tipping.accuracy. vases and vigil lights may be installed. It is at this point of setting the stone when porcelain portraits and any other additional features like display cases. It is also a dangerous process that includes jagged rocks. The design can then be put on the stone using sandblasters. hazardous dust and heavy lifting. This lengthy process starts with a raw material and ends in a beautiful work of art. For the designs that are able to be sandblasted. This is generally done by the cemetery. it is also delicate and needs to be handled with care. The letters and design parts are peeled off and a sandblaster is used to penetrate the stone and create the depth and shadowing of the letters and design. deep quarries. it must be handled using cranes and dollies. The immense and heavy product still needs to be washed. Since the granite weighs hundreds and even thousands of pounds sometimes. The monument is now ready to be installed. Even though it is heavy. Some designs are too intricate to use sandblasters and therefore must be hand-carved by quality craftsmen. crated. but before it can be installed. lasers or hand carving tools depending on the design.

MntuaiEgdeDyrCvPlhso 1. the cutting head of main drive in Manual Edge Cutting Machine can rotate 45 degrees. the great strength and high efficiency of the Special-Shaped Edge Cutting Machine makes it possible to process various granite edges. EDGE CUTTING In this process. Manual Edge Cutting machine is the unique equipment for accurate dimension and specification. cut the rough granite blocks at an average rate of 25 square feet per hour. MAIN CUTTING 23 In this process. With combination structure. including straight and smooth edge with flexible movement of blade. This is accomplished by utilizing diamond rotary saws with blades up to 11 feet in diameter and containing 140 or more industrial diamond segments. A total mass is cut into lot of small slabs. the irregular slabs obtained from the previous process are cut to the required regular sizes taking into consideration of allowances and minor defects. the raw granite block is cut into many slabs of different thickness using diamond saw blade. rotatable cutting head. and oil-immersed sealed rails. The Manual Edge Cutting . The manufacturing process begins by sawing the rough granite blocks into slabs that are 6 to 12 inches thick. using tons of water as a coolant. 2. These saws.

The unit manufactures mainly monuments which involve numerous shapes. This is a process semi machinery work. slab bars and thick slabs. 3. the sawn and carved slab is polished to obtain mirror polish by using different grades of diamond abrasives. HAND POLISH In this process. which can’t be polished on a polishing machine are polished using a hand-held machine fitted with tools. DRY CUTTING Granite blocks after primary cutting and edge cutting then goes to Dry Cutting department.Machine is compact in structure and applicable for edge trimming and chamfering of small slabs. . In making these shapes. CARVING This functions subsidiary one of dry cutting. Each employee runs one machine for polish. this process take care of very special designs through carving. This section takes care of drafting the final design of the products as per orders. MACHINE POLISH In this process the slabs are polished on surfaces and sides to the based on design and sizes of the monuments. a). The company had well trained employees for doing this. b). process of Carving is involved. This is also called as sculpturing work. In this process some skilled labours takes care of the process with help of some man handling machinery. 4. 5. the intricate/inner sides of the slab. POLISHING 24 In this process.



finance. and their role required within the organization. The documents prepared by the department includes       Shipping schedules Letter of Credit Licenses Declarations Packing Transport and safety documents The documents must be prepared timely with error. tariffs and duties.3 EXIM Department As the company is mainly engaged in export business. administration. tariffs. procedure. Online forms are also filled for the efficient. Licenses etc. cost-effective and lawful execution of all import/export activities. in which the role can have emphasis on any or all of the following aspects: sales. Secure information: The department collects information related to changes in Government laws. and to comply with relevant local. share with colleagues as appropriate. duties. policies. licenses and restrictions will help the company to sustain in the market. legal. Maintain personal ability in. the role of EXIM department is vital in carrying out various activities that are crucial for its survival. and 26 . Duties of EXIM Manager Shipping activities: The EXIM department manages the movement of products/equipment/materials in and/or out of the country in accordance with organizational policy and procedure. country and international law and process. The import/export manager must be aware of the import/export laws and procedures. related to export and import. purchasing and buying.3. personal knowledge of all relevant import/export law and procedures. Prepare documents: The necessary documents are prepared by the EXIM manager with the help of his subordinates.

positive and lawful relations. and to optimize cost-effectiveness of activities. analyze and report on activities.appropriate use of. motivate. Forecast: The manager anticipate research and report on future changes in import/export laws and in relevant local territory practices. record. delegate and monitor their activities. Foreign Exchange: EXIM Department manages the financial and currency processes and transactions in accordance with policy and law. all relevant ICT (Information & Communications Technology) and other systems within the import/export function. trends. and customers and suppliers. resources and procedures. Government. and ensure such knowledge is factored into the planning of the department's own strategy. evaluate. purchase and marketing department to carry out the business activities smoothly. support and activities. The department Manage/liaise with stock control. Plans and Implement: 27 . train. warehousing and distribution activities influenced by or reliant upon import/export activities. The EXIM Department integrates with all departments mainly accounts. The department Communicates with export and import and related authorities. Liaise: Manager is the liaison link between the top management and external authorities. as necessary to ensure efficient. results and recommendations relating to import/export activities. Monitor. shipping authorities in all relevant territories and countries. Manager manages all staff reporting to the position so as to effectively recruit.

(for example handling instructions. 28 . operating manuals. sizes.The manager plans and implement import/export strategy and activities consistent with overall aims and requirements of the organization. operations and customer/supplier relations. etc). plan and implement strategically effective and relevant transport methods. Communication: The department Negotiate contracts for sales/purchases and manage renew. equipment within the supply chain of importer and exporter. Also manages language and communications translation issues and activities as necessary to enable effective relations. and quality standards interpretations between importing and exporting systems and territories. product. Insurance: Maintain effective and lawful insurance provisions relating to import/export activities. values. review contracts as required to enable effective trading. Investigate. distribution and integration of imported/exported material. which meet optimally the needs of the organization and its suppliers and customers. He Plans and manage the effective and necessary conversion of weights.


3.4 MARKETING DEPARTMENT Hierarchy MPSL oar u a i gc bc r k i ko e r t i n igdsa n t gi gin c i na t esg xs e c u t i v e 29 31 .

shapes and sizes are produced according to the customer needs. packing and logistics are the main activities carried out by the marketing department.  The managing director travel oversees to find customers around the world. Selva Stones.  The company follows relationship marketing by building long term mutually satisfying relations with key parties. France. CUSTOMERS: Their main customers are from UK. Germany. SVG Exports Private Limited etc. New Zealand.MARKETING DEPARTMENT: Marketing is communicating the value of a product.  Pricing. for the purpose of promoting or selling that product. Ltd. or brand. COMPETITORS: A Blue hill Granites (India) Pvt Ltd. Wonder Granites Private Limited. Himalaya Granites Ltd. structure.. agents. 32 30 . Arkay Glen Rock Pvt. service or brand to customers. suppliers. service. bankers etc  They use mail communication to connect with their customers around the globe.customers.  The demand for the product is constant as death is inevitable. Europe and USA.  Memorials and sculptures of different designs. Ireland..

quantity. recipient details. size and colour. DESIGN: Customer determines the design. company seal. Quality control persons also monitor the method of packing. modeling.a statue or structure established to remind people of a person or event PACKAGING: Once the products are ready for shipment. The MD travels overseas to find customers and get orders. So they first receive the order then the manager works price for the monuments depending upon the design. or otherwise producing figurativeor abstract works  of art in three or four dimensions. LABELLING: The labels are pasted with the company’s seal on the packages that contains information about product or seller. Both the parties confirm price before the sculpture or memorial is produced. size. shapes and colour of the granite required by them. 31 33 . The company’s label consists of the type of granite. they are packed very carefully by covering the bubble sheet then by wooden crates. welding. PROMOTION The company follows direct marketing where there are no Intermediaries involved in promotional activities. quality. PRICE Granite Monument industry is different from other industries. size.PRODUCTS  Sculptures - the art of carving. colour and special works involved in the production. Prices are different for each and every pieces of monument as it depends upon the design. serial number. Memorials .

Since its inception Madurai Arkay Rock Produce follows the direct marketing. Ireland. It has customers from USA. The finished products are sent through containers to port to be shipped in case of exports. TARGET CUSTOMERS Target customers of Arkay Rock Produce are who make funeral arrangements. Network or distribution channel is the process or steps undertaken by the firm. LOGISTICS: The sized blocks are carried from the suppliers place or from port through Lorries or containers. etc DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL Production is for consumption..e. business firms. M C a u n s tu f o a m c e rrtt u s r e 32 34 . Having produced the products these need to be made available to the final users of the product i. France.PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION The company loads the finished goods into the containers and sends it to Tuticorin Port for shipment. UK. Australia and New Zealand. which includes the movement of finished goods from production point to the consumption that is to the final consumers. the consumers scattered in large geographical areas. They have competitors around the world. Germany.



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Finance Team
Finance Team is headed by a manager who is in charge of the deputy mangers and a team of
accounts executives. The duty of accountants is to prepare spending reports, wages and expense
accounts for different departments. These executives report back to the Accounts manager so that
he may use the information to ensure that no one is using departmental funds inappropriately and
that all applicable laws are not being violated. The information will be integral when the
accounts manager submits his annual report.
Functions of Finance Managers
Finance Manager is one of the members of the top management team, and his or her role, dayby-day, is becoming more pervasive, intensive and significant in solving the complex funds
management problems.
   Allocate Resources
Managers may allocate resources to each department according to their needs and
requirement to carry out smooth functioning of business activities without delay.
   Reporting of Financial Transactions
Finance Managers are in charge of reporting to the government authorities and the company’s
top management regarding financial activities in the company.
Finance managers prepare account statements, profit and Loss statement and balance sheet to
take crucial investment decision, to know the fair position of the company and to submit such
statements to the government. The manager must carefully prepare them and avoid errors
which could lead to fines against the business.
Finance managers compile spending reports from supervisors and others for budget review
meetings. These meetings may include monthly budget updates, quarterly meetings and
yearly reviews. Such reports are important for taking crucial decisions.

   Budget preparation


Finance managers are in charge of overseeing and employing company's operating expense,
which includes analyzing the spending pattern in various departments to determine the
company’s worthiness to meet its financial goals. His role is important in determining the
financial needs in future. Mangers prepares monthly and yearly budget and reviews it.
   Asses Risks
The Finance managers assess the risk factors involved in the transaction. The company’s
financial risk management policy seeks to ensure that adequate financial resources are
available for the development of the Company’s Business whilst managing its risks. The
company operates within clearly defined guidelines that are approved by the Board and the
Company Policy is not engage in the speculative transactions.
The main areas of financial risk, faced by the company are as follows:
a) Foreign Currency Risk
The company is exposed to foreign currency risk as a result of its normal trading
activities where the currency denominations differ from the local currency.
b) Credit Risk
The credit risk is controlled by monitoring procedures and by internal credit review
where credit risk is material.
c) Liquidity & Cash Flow Risks
The company ensures that there are adequate funds to meet all their obligations in a
timely and cost effective manner.
d) Interest Rate Risk
The company’s interest rate exposure arises principally from borrowings. The interest
rate risk is managed through the use of fixed and floating rate financial instruments.

Other functions of Finance Team


Sales & Income Tax and Insurance are calculated and paid to   the Government at the proper time and date. 36 38 . Custody and safeguarding of Securities. The Collection from the Debtors are calculated and collected. All Banking activities like Monetary Transaction and Normal Banking activities are  carried out by the finance team In case of Long Term Expansion the Finance Department helps the organization in    arranging a Term Loan. The creditor’s payments are calculated and notifications are sent to them. Insurance Policies and other Valuable Papers. Duties like Central Excise. Record keeping and reporting Software used Tally is the software used by the company to record and process all the transactions happening in the company.


hiring. Training is given at all levels. conducting test and interviews. Specification of skill. and salary range of each position at work. experience. HR executive sees to that all the HRM activities are carried out in accordance with the government and company’s policies. He acts as a bridge between the top management and the employees. maintaining proper relations with labour. Local labour is mostly preferred. The entire process of recruitment is monitored by Personnel manager. Selection is based on skill. 38 . Promotion is on the basis of merit.3. his duties consist of job posting. welfare and health by complying with labour laws of concern state or country. Workers work on 3 Shifts. JOB DESCRIPTION The Human Resource Manager determines the job description for each class of work after thorough analysis of Job. selection of employee. educational qualification and values. maintaining employees’ safety. educational qualification. providing proper orientation and induction. He determines the roles. providing proper compensation and benefits. providing proper training and the developing skills. He also plays a vital role in solving disputes and providing fair compensation to the employees. HR POLICIES          No child Labour. motivating. responsibilities. No female employees. selecting and appointing suitable candidates for the job in an organisation. Salary is paid on 7th of every month. Sunday is a Holiday.6 HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT Human Resource Management is the process of recruitment. assessment of employee (performance of appraisal). RECRUITMENT 37 Recruitment refers to the overall process of attracting.

engineering colleges. Labour Contractors: Machine operators are recruited through contractors who  maintain close contacts with the sources of such workers. medical Colleges etc. educational information can be screened to weed out unqualified candidate for the job 39 . b) External sources:  Educational institutions: Various management institutes.  Application scrutiny: The application that consists of personal. are a good source of recruitment. Unsolicited Applicants: Job seekers who send their requests for appointment against a vacancy are appointed.  engineers.Recruitment Process: The HR manager identifies the need for recruitment. The selection process is as follows. vacancy and gets into the process of Recruitment after MD’s approval. Identifying the Vacancy in the recruitment process begins with the receipt of requisition for recruitment from different departments. a) Internal sources:  Promotion: The employees are promoted from one department to another with more  benefits and greater responsibility based on efficiency and experience Employee referrals: employees can refer their friends and relatives for some position in their organization and the Management select suitable candidate for the job. can be selected by conducting test and interviews. Well qualified executives. SELECTION 38 Selection is the process of picking up individuals (out of the pool of job applicants) with requisite qualifications and competence to fill jobs in the organization. Sources of Recruitment The sources within the organization itself to fill a position are known as the internal sources of recruitment. Recruitment of candidates from all the other sources is known as the external sources of recruitment.

The Personnel manager conducts sessions and lectures that keep the employees aware about the growing competition in the market and the need to constantly upgrade the skills of the employees. Personnel File Creation: Details about the employees are stored in the company’s database. TRAINING Training is given at all levels of employment. Reference checks can be through formal  letters. Both On the Job and Off the Job training are given to the employees. Joining formalities: Contract of employment is signed. Induction and orientation are the initial periods of training.g. reasoning. gifts. MD Approval : If a person gets through all the above his selection decision is made  with the MD’s approval Issue the Appointment Letter: Job offer to those applicants who have crossed all the   previous hurdles.. Rewards. Selection test: Cognitive ability tests are conducted to assess abilities involved in thinking (e. wherein the employees get to know about the work culture of the company. at the time of AYUDHA POOJA celebrations. It is made by way of letter of appointment. telephone conversations. memory. Interview: one to one interview is conducted by the HR manager and the department  managers to select a candidate Reference Check: Reference checks and background checks are conducted to verify the information provided by the candidates. verbal and mathematical ability. and  problem solving). Off the Job training are given by experts in the form of lectures when new technology is introduced. perception. On the Job training is given by the superiors. 40 . MOTIVATION AND PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL 39 Motivation triggers the performance of an employee. The performance of employees is constantly monitored over a monthly or yearly basis by their superiors. and prizes are distributed for exceptional performances.

Manager tries to solve it smoothly. EXIT INTERVIEW 40 The exit interview is not required by law. experience. B. EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS A graduate level degree in labour laws. and skills of the employee. Local Labours are trained and used to operate machines. Courses related to humanities. psychology. It is conducted by the HR Manager. settlement of accounts. but the company uses it as a means of determining reasons for losing employees. sociology. political science.SALARY AND PAYROLL NEGOTIATIONS Payroll is prepared by the HR department that contains the list of employees and the amount of money they are to be paid. HR accepts feedback from the employees and this leads to an efficient management of the workers. Fair amount of work experience is also considered before hiring. and industrial laws is considered for entry-level jobs in the firm. The personnel manager also asks questions regarding working experience with the company.E. like public administration. and economics are also considered by the firm. EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION AND FEEDBACK HR manager handles important matters related to employee satisfaction and any issues that are causing unrest among the employees. EMPLOYEE BENEFITS 41 . social sciences. human resources. Any issues related to salary and payroll is handled by the HR manager in collaboration with Finance Department as he is more aware about the ability. Salary is paid to the employees on 7 th of every month. even Certificate courses in Auto CAD also accepted for CAD Designing department. at this time. Salary is credited to the employees’ bank account. A master's degree or an MBA in this field with 3-6 years of professional experience are eligible for senior level positions. the personnel manager explains rights regarding issues such as health insurance. Diploma in IT.

Benefits under the Act include the following. Employees during their illness can avail such leave with full pay. II. 42 . The various health benefits are provided under Employee State Insurance Act. and Educational Allowances are paid to their employees. Holidays: There will be weekly holiday i. Health Benefits Various health benefits are provided by organizations not only to its employees but also to their family members. Awards 41 Awards are given at the time of AYUTHA POOJA celebration like safety awards. health and unemployment insurance. IV.e. V.I. he will be given a compensatory holiday. survivor. pension. Monetary Benefits Monetary benefits such as Bonus. Sick Leave: Sick Leave is given to employees for certain number of days in a year say  15 days a year. III. Transport Allowances. incentives and allowance like Food Allowances. 1948. Overtime Allowances. Payments as per the Workmen’s Compensation Act. accident insurance. Payments for Time not Worked Rest Period: Normally Rest period known as “Coffee break” is allowed to employee to  allow them to relax. provident fund and gratuity payments. Retirement benefits such as pension.  Besides. Contributions to health and welfare funds etc. Sunday as per factories Act 1948. Security Payments HR department monitors Employers’ contributions to old age. disability. Suggestion awards etc. certain days in the year are stipulated as paid holidays. When a worker comes to duty even on a weekly holiday. On Duty Pay: Employees may not be involved in work actually but will undergo training for which pay will be given.

Participating and Discussing with Management regarding the new policies. OTHER IMPORTANT DUTIES OF HR MANAGER           Job Posting. Talent Management. accommodations. uniform are some of the other welfare activities provided by the company. Monthly updating of the Leave records of all the Employees on the Biometric System. Payroll. Medical Benefits. Query and grievance handling of the employees. Statutory Activities. Liaison with Government. 42 43 . Sickness Benefits. employee Counseling. Dependents Benefits. Welfare and Recreational Facilities Canteen. Disablement Benefits. Safety Policy implementation. Office Time Management.    VI. Benefit and Compensation management. & follow up for the Leave applications with the Employees.


There are two separate teams in the company to ensure smooth running of machines i.3. Mechanical Team and Electrical Team. They carry out predictive and preventive maintenance strategies.e. Maintenance engineer’s Job description 46 43 .7 MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT Hierarchy MFE i l t ea t ic e n ht r t r sa e i c n . a i a c l n a cl TEe e n E c g nh i ng ei nc e ie ar e s n r s s MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT The maintenance department takes care of all machineries either electrical or mechanical.

fittings or components. safety. To preserve the value of assets by reducing the rate at which they deteriorate. 47 . To plan and schedule maintenance work so as to anticipate and prevent interruptions  in operations.Maintenance engineers are responsible for the continuous running of equipment and machinery. quality and sustainability. Functions of Maintenance department 44             They inspect the machines and equipment regularly. They Design maintenance strategies. They must be prepared to deal with emergencies. They must identify or design new systems that makes the work better. Asses the capacity of machines and maintain it accordingly. They Diagnose breakdown. Maintenance costs is monitored and controlled by them. They safeguard and Control the maintenance tools. focusing on economy. They work to Improve health and safety policies and procedures. stores and equipment. They do the fitting. develop and maintain electrical control systems and/or components to required specifications. reliability. repair. procedures and methods. Electrical Engineer’s Job Description Electrical engineers design. unplanned problems and repairs. Arranging specialist procurement of fixtures. Objectives of Plant Maintenance  To maximize the amount of time the assets will be available for use for the purpose  for which these were procured. They use computerized systems to oversee routine maintenance and organize repairs. erection. They Carry out routine scheduled maintenance work and responding to equipment faults. lubrication and overhaul work.

45 48 .  Reading design specifications and technical drawings are done by them. They Research suitable solutions and estimate costs and timescales.


once the template is done it is sent to the customers for approval. The customers may prefer a catalogue model or they may send a customized detail regarding the shape. 46 49 . Some of their CAD Templates. size. letter design etc.3.8 DESIGN DEPARTMENT: Design department is where the product takes shapes based on the specifications given by the customers. design. This department receives orders from the customer and the design is drawn in templates with the help of AUTO CAD by engineering professionals. If they get the approval they will proceed on to the next work.


 Update the Assets List of the company. Utility Payments.  Handling complete Facilities and infrastructure of office and liaising with contractors and interiors for the same. Keeping records of Visiting Cards. AC.  Vendor Management & Office Administration (Adequacy of Stationary / Provisions / Refreshments / adequacy of Sub Staff) Courier & Dispatch (Inward / Outward /     Outstation) / also making record of local maintaining. Hotel bookings & Car arrangements for employees & guest.3. Managing vendors and keeping track of cycle of all maintenance contracts and AMCs. .  Liaison with external agencies (police / municipalities / corporation / premise security agencies / Premises Co-op Society) and government bodies. Maintaining record of AMC (Computers.9 ADMINISTRATION Role of senior administration manager  Supervise and manage all day-to-day office administrative activities. 47 51 . Printing of Stationary.  Coordinate with Travel Agencies for Airlines & Railway bookings. and Insurance) & taking care of corporate office & Branch Office. Pest Control. Co-ordination and maintenance of systems related to Housekeeping. Cars.


4. There is less social interaction among the employees during working hours. Direct marketing is carried out by the company.       goggles.1 OBSERVATIONS  They carry out intermittent manufacturing system as they produce products based on    customers order and not for stock. coats. inventory control method is followed. Preventive and predictive maintenance is carried out by the maintenance department. to relieve them from doing monotonous job for a long time which may result in Job dissatisfaction. The plant location is suitable for cheap labour and procurement of raw materials as there    are many quarry’s in and around Madurai. gloves. Biometric system is used for attendance purpose.2 SUGGESTIONS:  48 Job rotation for machine operators can be given. equipments and machines are stationed in a uniform order. They use water treatment plants to recycle the used water to avoid wastage. Workers work on 3 shifts so the employees are not overloaded or exhausted. They machines are arranged in process layout. Workers are on time at their workplace. 54 . Employees strictly adhere to the safety measures by wearing masks. JUST IN TIME. ear plug while they work. free from dust and wastes The tools.4. The working environment is kept clean and neat.

3 CONCLUSION: 49 Sculpturing is an art which has been in the veins and blood of the Indian Culture from the ancient times. thought process and it’s a continuously evolving industry 54 . 4. Grievance addressal system can be implemented to make the employees feel that they are cared by their employer. Being a part of a company which belongs to monument industry is a something to learn about as it involves lot of focus.

with the development in technology and demands. 50 54 . The summer training report is believed to have portrayed the functioning of various department of Madurai Arkay Rock Produce (P) Ltd.