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1) Two aircraft, one with a sharp wing profile (S), and the other with a thick
profile (T), are flying through the same cloud with same true airspeed. The
cloud consists of small supercooled droplets. Which of the following
statements is most correct concerning ice accretion?
2) When the temperature and dew point are less than one degree apart the
weather conditions are most likely to be: FOG OR LOW CLOUD
3) For a given airfield the QFE is 980 hPa and the QNH is 1000 hPa. The
approximate elevation of the airfield is: 160 METRES
4) A dry, sand- and dust-laden North Easterly wind that blows in winter over
large parts of North West Africa is known as a: HARMATTAN
5) On a clear summer day, turbulence caused by solar heating is most
6) Which of the following statements about lightnings and lightning strikes is
7) Which of the following phenomena should be described as precipitation at
the time they are observed? SN
8) What altimeter reading would you expect when landing at an airfield 3000 ft
above MSL, altimeter setting is QFE for the field and local temperature is +
25°C? 0 ft.
9) Which of the following statements concerning airborne weather radar is
10) Which of the following is correct regarding a warm anticyclone? IT

the most likely weather conditions in winter are: POOR VISIBILITY IN MIST AND DRIZZLE 15) In which of the following changes of state is latent heat released? GAS TO SOLID 16) The prevailing surface wind in the area of the west coast of Africa north of the equator (gulf of Guinea) is a: SW MONSOON IN SUMMER AND NE TRADEWIND IN WINTER .11) If you have to fly through a warm front when freezing level is at 10000 feet in the warm air and at 2000 feet in the cold air. away from the vicinity of the fronts. at which altitude is the probability of freezing rain the lowest ? 12000 FEET 12) In which cloud type can a turbulence with the greatest intensity be expected? Cumulonimbus (CB) 13) At the same latitude the geostrophic wind is less than the gradient wind around an anticyclone with equal pressure gradient because the: CENTRIFUGAL FORCE IS ADDED TO THE PRESSURE GRADIENT 14) (050-21) For an aircraft making an approach to an airfield located in square 3B.

Assuming that the altimeter subscale setting remains unchanged at 1012 hPa.QNH 1012 hPa) to B (930 FT/AMSL .17) An aircraft maintains a constant indicated altitude of 6500 FT from A (600 FT/AMSL . 23) Which statement is true? AIR DENSITY GENERALLY DECREASES AS ALTITUDE INCREASES. MIST. the actual height of the aircraft above the surface at B will be: 4625 FT 18) The geostrophic wind depends on: DENSITY. GEOGRAPHIC LATITUDE 19) With respect to high and low pressure systems : A LOW PRESSURE AREA AND TROUGH ARE AREAS OF RISING AIR 20) Why are indications about the height of the tropopause not essential for flight documentation in the tropics? THE TROPOPAUSE IS GENERALLY WELL ABOVE THE FLIGHT LEVEL ACTUALLY FLOWN 21) The air mass type advected from a direction indicated by arrow number 6 is designated: MARITIME POLAR >>> 22) Which of the following is a possible consequence of subsidence? AN INVERSION OVER A LARGE AREA WITH HAZE. EARTHS ROTATION.WIND SPEED 30 KT AND STEADLY INCREASING WITH HEIGHT .QNH 977 hPa).AN INVERSION JUST ABOVE THE CREST LEVEL WITH LESS STABLE AIR ABOVE AND BELOW 25) The Bora is a: COLD CATABATIC WIND WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF VIOLENT GUSTS 26) Regarding stratus (ST) and nimbostratus (NS): ST DOES CAUSE DRIZZLE AND NS RAIN . 24) The conditions most favourable to the formation of mountain waves are: WIND DIRECTION APPROXIMATELY AT RIGHT ANGLES TO THE MOUNTAIN RANGE.

27) In Zurich during a summer day the following weather observations were taken: 160450Z 23015KT 3000 +RA SCT008 SCT020 OVC030 13/12 Q1010 NOSIG = 160650Z 25008KT 6000 SCT040 BKN090 18/14 Q1010 RERA NOSIG = 160850Z 25006KT 8000 SCT040 SCT100 19/15 Q1009 NOSIG 161050Z 24008KT 9999 SCT040 SCT100 21/15 Q1008 NOSIG =. THE CREW MAY BE BLINDED AND TEMPORARILY LOSE THE HEARING . 161250Z 23012KT CAVOK 23/16 Q1005 NOSIG = 161450Z 23016KT 9999 SCT040 BKN090 24/17 Q1003 BECMG 25020G40KT TS =161650Z 24018G35KT 3000 +TSRA SCT006 BKN015CB 18/16 Q1002 NOSIG = 161850Z 28012KT 9999 SCT030 SCT100 13/11 Q1005 NOSIG = What do you conclude based on these observations? A WARM FRONT PASSED THE STATION EARLY IN THE MORNING AND A COLD FRONT DURING LATE AFTERNOON 28) To what extent is Zurich covered by clouds? 5 to 8 OKTAS 29) Which statement regarding aircraft and lightning is correct? AIRCRAFT MADE BY COMPOSITE MATERIAL MAY GET SEVERE DAMAGE.

Regardless of setting it can generally be said that it indicates: ALTITUDE CORRESPONDING TO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REFERENCE PRESSURE AND THE PRESSURE WHERE THE INSTRUMENT IS.30) Which of the following statements is an interpretation of the SIGMET ? LSAS SIGMET 2 VALID 030700/031100 LSZH. WIND 250°. 36) Which one of the tracks (dashed lines) is represented by the cross-section shown on the right? TRACK D-A 37) Subsidence is: VERTICALLY DOWNWARDS MOTION OF AIR 38) Air masses which are being cooled from below are often characterized by: FOG. MAIN CLOUDBASE 3000 FEET. INTENSITY INCREASING. POOR VISIBILITY AND LAYERED CLOUDS .SWITZERLAND FIR/UIR MOD TO SEV CAT FCST N OF ALPS BTN FL 260/380 STNR INTSF = MODERATE TO SEVERE CLEAR AIR TURBULENCE TO BE EXPECTED NORTH OF THE ALPS. TEMPERATURE 18°C\ 34) Due to the diurnal variations of temperature the following types of wind arise: SEA AND LAND BREEZE 35) A pressure altimeter can indicate different altitudes depending on the setting. 31) The height and the temperature of the tropopause are respectively in the order of: 16 KM AND -75°C OVER THE EQUATOR 32) CAP clouds are one three groups of mountain waves clouds : BOTH A) & B) ARE CORRECT 33) Which of these statements best describes the weather most likely to be experienced at 1500 UTC?. TAF LSZH 211322 22018G35KT 9999 SCT012 BKN030 BECMG 1315 25025G45KT TEMPO 1720 4000 +SHRA BKN025TCU BECMG 2022 25015KT T1815Z T1618Z = VISIBILITY 10 KILOMETRES OR MORE. DANGER ZONE BETWEEN FL 260 AND FL 380.

Which of the following interpretations of the scope is correct? THE CLEAR AREA INDICATES AN AREA FROM WHICH NO ECHOES ARE RECEIVED. the radar scope is clear between heavy echoes. HIS RADAR SCOPE PROVIDES NO ASSURANCE OF BEING IN VMC WHILE FLYING IN THIS AREA 47) An area on a synoptic chart appearing as a “V-shaped” extension of a low pressure area is called a: TROUGH . HOWEVER. The centre of the depression passes from west to east and north of the observer.39) The dry adiabatic lapse rate has a value of: 1°C/100M 40) The isohypse 5700m can be expected at the constant pressure chart for the following pressure level: 500 hPa 41) What are the most common characteristics of a cold air mass moving over a warm surface: CUMULIFORM CLOUDS. TURBULENCE AND GOOD VISIBILITY 42) Which cross-section of air mass and cloud presentation is applicable to the straight line A-B? 3 43) Fallstreaks or virga are: WATER OR ICE PARTICLES FALLING OUT OF A CLOUD THAT EVAPORATE BEFORE REACHING THE GROUND 44) A stationary observer in the northern hemisphere is situated in front of a depression. For this observer the wind: VEERING 45) With what type of cloud is GR precipitation most commonly associated? CB 46) While using the airborne weather radar in order to circumnavigate thunderstorms.

48) Which of the following statements is true concerning orographic fog? IT IS FORMED WHEN AIR IS FORCED TO RISE UP A SLOPE 49) Which of the following is correct regarding a cold high pressure area? IT WILL DECREASE IN INTENSITY WITH INCREASING ALTITUDE 50) In the Southern Hemisphere. What is the best time of day to conduct this flight? MORNING 57) The warm sector is indicated by letter: C . INDIAN OCEAN EAST OF MADAGASCAR. 55) Which of the following processes within a layer of air may lead to the building of CU and CB clouds? CONVECTION 56) You intend to carry out a VFR flight over the Alps. surface friction causes the geostrophic wind to: VEER AND DECREASE 51) Low level windshear is likely to be greatest: AT THE TOP OF A MARKED SURFACE-BASED INVERSION 52) Cumulus clouds are an indication for: UP AND DOWN DRAUGHTS 53) Under which of these conditions is radiation fog most likely to form? LITTLE OR NO CLOUD 54) Over which areas can tropical cyclones occur? CARRIBEAN SEA. GULF OF BENGAL. on a fine and hot summer day.

during the next hour? A DROP IN PRESSURE .58) What is the optimum flight level between Rome and Paris according to the significant weather chart? FL 220 59) An aircraft is flying at FL 80. After the second altimeter has been adjusted to the local QNH. the reading will be approximately: 7650 FT 60) Katabatic wind is: A FLOW OF COLD AIR DOWN THE SLOPE OF A MOUNTAIN 61) Snow grains: FALL FROM STRATUS OR SUPERCOOLED FOG 62) What change in pressure. will occur at point F. The local QNH is 1000 hPa.

reported in the METAR.63) What weather conditions in the region of the Alps would you expect with Foehn from south? CLOUDS. is the height above: AIRFIELD LEVEL 72) Which of the following best describes Zone B? COL 73) The possibility of significant icing at altitude. should be expected when on ground you observe: ICE PELLETS . ON THE SOUTHERN SIDES OF PASSES IN THE ALPS 64) A Foehn wind occurs on the: LEEWARD SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN RANGE AND IS CAUSED BY SIGNIFICANT MOISTURE LOSS BY PRECIPITATION FROM CLOUD 65) In a METAR message. the wind group is 23010MPS. This means: WIND FROM 230° TRUE AT 20 KNOTS 66) What does RVR stands for: RUNWAY VISUAL RANGE 67) How does moderate turbulence affect an aircraft? CHANGES IN ALTITUDE OCCUR BUT THE AIRCRAFT REMAINS IN POSITIVE CONTROL AT ALL TIMES 68) The validity of a routine TAF is: STATED IN THE TAF 69) Considering the North Atlantic region between 30°N and 65°N and the adjacent land areas during mid-summer. the predominant pressure systems are: AZORES HIGH AND WEAK LOW OVER NE CANADA 70) Which FL corresponds with the 600 hPa pressure level? FL 140 71) The cloud base.

The field is not situated close to the coast. followed by a long clear night. you take-off from an airfield at mid-latitudes an hour before sunrise.74) The percentage concentration of gases in the atmosphere is constant from the surface of the Earth to a certain altitude with the exception of: WATER VAPOUR 75) Between which latitudes are you most likely to find the region of travelling low pressure systems during summer? 45°-70° 76) The position of the intertropical convergence zone: SHOWS MORE VARIATION OVER THE CONTINENTS THAN OVER THE OCEANS 77) During the late afternoon an air temperature of +12°C and a dew point of +5°C were measured. NIL ICING 79) The most frequent wind direction in a valley caused by thermal effects is toward the: MOUNTAIN DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS 80) After a sunny day. the easterly surface wind is weak and makes: A SUDDEN STRONG INCREASE IN WIND SPEED AND STRONG VEERING OF THE WIND A SHORT TIME AFTER TAKEOFF 81) On which side of an easterly wave are thunderstorms most likely to develop? ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE WAVE 82) Which thunderstorms generally develop in the afternoon in summer over land in moderate latitudes? AIR MASS THUNDERSTORMS 83) What is the lowest visibility that may be expected during an approach into Dhahran at ETA 0600 UTC ? TAF OEDR 280000Z 280110 VRB08KT CAVOK BECMG 0103 7000 TEMPO 0410 28014G24KT 4000 SA = 4KM 84) Hoar frost forms as a result of: WATER VAPOUR TURNING DIRECTLY INTO ICE CRYSTALS ON THE AIRCRAFT SURFACE . Though the pressure gradient is rather large. What temperature change must at least occur during the night in order to induce saturation? IT MUST DECREASE TO +5 °C 78) What flying conditions are normally encountered when flying in cirrus clouds? AVERAGE HORIZONTAL VISIBILITY MORE THAN 1000 M.