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Jennifer D.

December 10, 2014
BSN1 Block A
PE 1
Training Program
To improve my Muscular Fitness specifically the Push-UP test:
1. Principle of Specificity
The best way to improve my push-ups is to do the plank position to improve my
core endurance and to have the ability to hold the push-up position longer. A weak
core can lead to a “sag” in the lower back that changes the angle of the shoulder
joints and how the muscles are being worked. Second, do the squats, squats can
impact pushups, it's hard to hold the knees in the fully extended position that a
push-up requires.
2. Principle of Overload
Doing this principle will help me push myself so my heart works at a maximum
capacity by Increasing my push up test from 1 minute to 2 minutes can overload my
duration. And doing my push up test in normal routine but in a shorter amount of
time can overload the intensity. Doing this in an over repeated sessions will improve
my muscle adaptation and can also improve my strength.
3. Progressive Principle
Progression is very important because it will help me to do push-up very well, so by
doing this I need to maintain my body position during push-ups by not giving up but
just try and try until you can do it and must continually increase the physical
demands to overload my systems. According to author Robert Sterling Rush in his
book "Enlisted Soldier's Guide," a safe level of progression can be achieved by
increasing your cardio respiratory and muscular ability by about 10 percent every
10 days.
4. Principle of Reversibility

Principle of Regularity This principle is very important because in doing my push-ups it is important to maintain consistency.To prevent this principle of reversibility from interfering with my push-up test. 5. recovery should be practiced. To practice this principle. Adequate sleep and eating fruits and vegetables helps us to operate at a peak capacity during the training. I will begin a conditioning program to rebuild my muscular fitness due to long rest intervals. Like maintaining my training that takes place between three and five times each week without missing any days. Retraining that means to increase exercise gradually and progressively after long periods of inactivity in my push-ups. I should Optimize Shortcomings by thinking ways to overcome my weaknesses as much as possible. Active participation in my push up test is also very important in order to minimize detraining effects and also avoiding long rest periods with complete inactivity. Principle of Individuality Each and everyone have unique characteristics so do not compare yourself to others. rest periods between physical training are important and also alternating the difficult training days with easier training days will help in preventing any injuries during the trainings. 6. . Principle of Recovery To prevent injuries from doing push-ups. 7. By finding my strength to the training and by encouraging and supporting myself that I can do it and not giving up with the help of my inspirations like my parents and my friends. By doing this.