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Question 1 Crew served weapons – Last man standing

Say you have a HMG with a gunner and loader and a Sergeant commanding. Massed fire wounds the gunner and Sergeant. If the loader passes his guts test can he continue firing. Can he move the HMG himself (Not tawards the

Yes, he can.

Also I take it if he joins another unit he loses his HMG and gets a rifle.

His weapon does not morph into a rifle. He would continue to carry the HMG.

Question 2

Pinned units for the first time. It says: Pinned units in the open but within their Command Distance of cover will move
into the closest cover available. If there are multiple choices for cover, the player must choose the cover that is away
from the enemy fire.

Say you are a unit of 6 American Infantry that fail your guts test You are in the open Your guts level is 7. You can move
7”. What if cover is 15” away? Do you move the full 7” and still stay in the open. You move a further 7” next time you
activate unless you pass your Guts test.

If the closest cover is 15" away, it is not cover within the unit's Command Distance, so they would stay where they were
with the one pin counter.

Question 3


Is this correct

If there are 3 figures in a unit you role 5D10 If there are 7 figures in a unit you role 7D10

Yes. Blast weapons roll the larger of one die per figure in the unit, or five dice. Ir keeps blast weapons from becoming
unrealistically weak when attacking small units.
Question 4

Loaders in LMG, BAR and Bren units

Say you have a LMG unit of MG34 gunner, loader with rifle and Sergeant with a SMG. It states half the unit can fire. So
do you count the MG34 gunner (ROF 4) rifle man (ROF 2). Or is he serving the MG34? You might not be able to count
the Sergeant as his SMG would be out of range.

The controller chooses which models fire, and can change which models count as firing each time they fire. The three
man unit referenced could fire the MG34 and rifle during one activation, and the MG34 and SMG during another. So
long as the number of models firing did not exceed half the unit's total (rounded up). Weapon range does not come
into play when considering which models to fire with.

Question 5

AFV info sheet and DM

On some of the IFV info sheet, you have a DM in the top right corner. +1 or -1. You add or take off when you are Pene-

trating the target after getting a hit. Is this DM added or taken off the Vehicle Penetration Result chart listed on page

23. Also some Guns have a DM factor. Example Tiger I E (DM -1 in top corner) and (DM +1 for Gun)

The number in the top right corner shows units that are harder (-1) or easier (+1) to destroy. It is added directly to the

penetration roll number, so the Tiger's -1DM makes it harder to destroy, while an early Sherman's +1DM would make it

easier to destroy. The weapon modifier is also added to the roll directly, so an HMG's -3DM would make it far less

likely to destroy a vehicle than a main gun with a +1DM.

A single crewman could man the main gun. so it loses the bonus. Question 8 Panzerfaust 60 How do you use an infantry antitank weapon? Say one unit activates. As an anti-tank weapon. What is this and were is it listed? The tree burst bonus is the Blast Weapons and Enclosed Spaces AP bonus referenced on page 10. What about the hull MG. A crew trying to survive will pull a corpse out of position to fight for their lives. Do you scrape the dead gut out of the gunners or drivers position and off you go? I see Loading and unloading the vehicle may then make a Slow speed movement. A direct fire round can get the bonus from overpressure and extra shrapnel in a building. while artillery rounds come in as air or ground bursts centered on the area. and it may not Fire any weapons. so one could fire the panzerfaust at the tank while two others could engage the infantry. Do you re-role for that. . Question 9 Tree burst bonus This is on page 24 under HE and AT rounds. A unit of 8 American infantry with a Sherman tank is moving within 12” of the Germans? The panzerfaust would count as one of the weapons the unit was able to fire. A hull mounted MG would be in a separate ball mount that could engage a target the main gun was not firing at. Question 7 AFV hull MG Acquisition Main gun with Co-axial MG must fire on the same target as they come under one acquisition. If they rally. but doesn't create as much extra casualty effect in the woods. A burst centered on an area throws out fragments that create extra frag- ments from the shrapnel that misses people but hits the trees. and cannot fire at a different target because it has no play outside the aiming of the main gun.Question 6 Bailing out and re-crewing vehicles I understand that if you fail a guts test you bail out and are placed behind the vehicle with one red pin marker. Because main gun rounds are fired directly. The coaxial MG is mounted directly alongside the main gun. they get the bonus while main guns do not from trees. A corporal and 5 privates all armed with Kar-98K. In your example. and are not assigned to specific unit members. A vehicle may be re-crewed if the crew rallys. and remaining crew will be assigned to different positions. First if it is the same target or if it is firing at another target in its ark. the six members of the unit would allow three models to fire. One of the privates has a Panzerfaust 60. then spend a turn re-crewing the driver's position to move the vehicle. Positions without crew cannot be operated. it can engage a vehicle while the rest of the unit fires at something else. can they re-crew the vehicle? What if some of crew have been wounded. then spend a turn re-crewing the gunner's position to fire on a later turn.