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CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment China - 2013
Catalogue Number: 2717

The most in-depth analysis of this rapidly growing market.

Key Questions Answered


What is the market breakdown of network and analogue
surveillance systems in China?
Which surveillance products will offer the fastest growth
in China over the next five years?
Which verticals and regions of China will grow quickest
over the next five years?
What are the market drivers and restraints?
Who are the leading suppliers for each product type?
Who has lost or gained market share?


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X X.X% Network Security Cameras XX.X% XX.X% Sub‐Total Network Video Surveillance XX.X% XX.X% XX. HD over Coax Security Cameras HD over Coax DVRs Monitors CS-Mount Lenses Housings Positioning Mounts CCTV Controllers / Keyboards Sample Table The China Market for Video Surveillance Equipment by Product Type Revenues ($M) CAGR 12 ‐ 17 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Analogue Security Cameras XX.X% X.X X.X% XX.X X.X X.X X.X XX.X X.X% XX.X X. Aside from the technological trends shaping the market.X% XX.X XX.X X.X XX.X X.X X.X% XX.X% XX.X% XX.X% XX.X% XX.X X.X X.X X.X% XX.X X.X X.X% XX.X X.X% XX.X% XX.X X.X% XX.2013 Report Introduction China's video surveillance market has seen tremendous growth in recent years.X XX.X% X.X% XX.X% XX.X X.X X.X% XX.X% XX.X% XX.X% XX.X X.X XX.X X.X% XX.X X.X% HD over Coax DVRs XX.X X.X% XX.X% Video Management Software XX.X% XX.X X.X X.X% X.X% X.X% XX.X X.X% X.X X. Inc May‐13 By End-User Sector Airports. Product type and channel number analysis on DVRs. NVRs.X% X.X X.X X.X% XX. propelling the country to become the largest video surveillance market in the world.X XX.X X. Ports and Railways Banking and Finance City Surveillance Commercial Education Government Healthcare Manufacturing and Industrial Residential Retail Sports and Leisure Traffic Monitoring Utilities and Energy By Sales Channel Direct to End-user Direct to Installers/ Systems Integrators Security Distributors Combined SI & Distributors IT Distributors By Geographic Region Eastern China Northern China Southern China North-eastern China North-western China South-western China .X% XX.X% X.X% XX.X% Source: IHS.X% XX.X% XX.X X.X X.X% XX. Detailed analysis of 13 end-user industries and 6 geographic regions within China.X X. containing 76 tables and 44 figures.X X.X X.X X.X X.X% XX.X% XX.X% CS‐Mount Lenses XX.X% XX. By Product Type Analogue Security Cameras DVRs Hybrid DVRs Matrix Switchers Network Security Cameras Hardware NVRs Video Servers Video Management Software The report is highly statistical in nature.X% DVRs XX.X% XX.X% XX.X% X.X X.X% XX.X X.X X.X X.X% X.X X.X X.X X.X% X.X X.X% XX.X% XX.X X.X% XX.X% XX.X X.X% Sub‐Total Accessories XX.X X.X% CCTV Controllers/Keyboards XX.X% X.X% XX.X% XX.X X.X% XX. Camera market further segmented into 10 types.X XX.X% XX.X X.X% Video Encoders XX.X X.X X.X% X.X X.X% X.X X.X X.X% XX.X% XX.X% Matrix Switchers XX.X X.X% Sub‐Total HD over Coax XX.X XX.X X.X% XX.X% X.X% XX. Encoders and VMS.X X.X% XX.X X. Market size estimates for 2012 with Y-O-Y revenue.X XX.X X.X X.X X.X X.X XX.X X.X X.X X.X% XX.X% XX.X X.X% XX. China is highly influenced by regional factors such as continuous government investment.X% Sub‐Total Analogue Video Surveillance  XX.X X.X X. Market Breakdown Market share estimates for the leading suppliers of each major product type.X XX.X% XX.X% XX.X XX.X X.China .X% XX.X% XX.X% X.X X.X% X. Sales channel analysis for both analogue and network equipment market. such as the transition from analogue to network video surveillance.X XX.X X.X XX.Security & Fire Group CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment .X XX.X% XX.X% XX.X X.X X.X X.X X. The report is issued as a PowerPoint file with all tables and figures also provided in Excel.X% XX.X X.X% Total XX.X% XX. has been the driving force behind China's growth.X X.X X.X% XX.X% Hybrid DVRs XX.X% X.X% XX.X% XX.X% XX.X X. the development of infrastructure within key end-user sectors. This report is currently in its sixth edition and is ideal for senior managers or executives who need to assess how best to pursue opportunities in China.X X.X XX.X% XX.X XX.X X.X XX.X% XX.X% Positioning Mounts XX.X X. the network camera transition from standard resolution to high definition and the introduction of alliance and open standards.X% XX.X% X.X% XX.X% Housings XX.X X.X X.X X.X X.X% HD over Coax Security Cameras XX. shipment and pricing forecasts to 2017.X% Hardware NVRs XX.X X.X% XX.X% XX.X X. Detailed revenue and unit shipment analysis of 15 different equipment types.X XX.X X.X X.X X.X% X.X% XX.X% XX.X X.X X.X X.X% XX.X XX.X% XX.X X.X X.X X. and other local preferences which are introduced in this report.X% XX.X% XX.X% XX.X% X.X X.X X.X% Monitors XX.X% XX.

2.8.2 2.7 Video Matrix 2.2 2.3.1 Market Outlook 2.1 1.10 Analogue Boxed (Bullet) IR LED Cameras 2.6. The transition from analogue to network surveillance is ongoing.2.3 1.2 2.2 Analogue Boxed Internal Zoom Cameras 2.3.5 2.2. This will be the key driving force for China's video surveillance market in the future.3. the network market will grow more quickly with revenues expected to exceed those of analogue in 2017.3.2 2. Scope and Method 1.9.2 1.12 2.2.9 3.1 2.11 3.7 Video Encoders 2.3 Analogue Positioning System Cameras 2.2 2.12 Network Camera Onboard Storage 2.8 Network Camera Product Type 2.2 2. IHS Table of Contents Executive Summary Chapter 1 .3 3.3.1 2.10 2.3." Harry Cai.1 Analogue Boxed Cameras 2.7 3.9 Network Camera Resolution 2.12 Introduction Changes to the Supplier Base Market Share Estimates Total Market Security Cameras Analogue Cameras Network Cameras DVRs NVRs Video Encoders Video Matrix Analogue High Speed Domes Video Management Software Analogue Video Surveillance Equipment Network Video Surveillance Equipment .4 Hybrid DVRs 2.2 Analogue PTZ/Speed Dome Cameras 2.6 Hardware NVRs 2.2.2. The new trend is the transition from standard resolution network solutions to high definition.2.2.11 Megapixel Network Camera HD Compliance 2.3.3 3.3. Although the revenue of analogue surveillance equipment is still twice as large as that of network surveillance equipment in China.2 Source Type Channel Number Monitors Product Type Flatscreen Monitor Screen Size CS-Mount Lenses Housings Positioning Mounts CCTV Controllers/Keyboards Analogue Equipment Sales Channel Network Equipment Sales Channel End-User Industry Geographic Region Chapter 3 .Competitive Environment 3.1 Product Type 1.14 Network Camera Price HD over Coax 2.10 Megapixel Network Camera Resolution 2.3 DVRs 3.2.Introduction. Analogue Fixed Dome Cameras Day/Night Capability 2.2.Market Statistics and Forecasts 2.4 3.8 VMS 2.2.2 Introduction Market Definitions Enhancement to the Previous Edition Factors Affecting Growth Economic Outlook Government Investment & Legislation City Surveillance Traffic Surveillance Other Industries Technology Development System Trends Camera Trends Recorder Trends VCA IOT Standard & Alliances H.1 Product Type 2.6 2.3 2.3.1 2.3.5 & Fire Group "China has become the largest video surveillance market and is expected to maintain its high growth over the next few years.3.5 2.3.1 Price Trend 2.2.2 Channel Number 2.9 2.13 Network Camera Onboard Audio Capability 2.2 Channel Number 2.2.6 2.5 Analogue Fixed Dome Cameras Resolution 2.2 2.3.11 2.13 2.3 Scope Product Definitions End-user Industry Definitions Distribution Channel Definitions Geography Region Definitions Research Method Information Source Forecasting Method Exchange Rates Chapter 2 .3.3.1 Cameras 2.1 2.3 CCTV & Video Surveillance Market 2.

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